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One of the reasons why I stan Dabi and Hawks so much is that they both strike me as those guys who went through lots of shit in life so they’re, like, ultra nice and soft towards their s/o-s bc they’re the only people to whom they can show their vulnerable side and treat them like literal queens.

The only difference is that Dabi isn’t so affectionate when being outside bc he likes to keep his punk aesthetic at check while Hawks continues with his shenanigans and isn’t embarrassed of PDA around other people.

On the other hand, if someone says “take your business somewhere else” or “you’re embarrassing us”, Hawks will stop and apologize.

Dabi would just continue bc fuck them, him and his babe can do whatever they want so if it’s bothering someone, that someone should leave them the fuck be.

And I think that’s legit.

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honestly don’t understand the slander towards hawks. he was a hero to begin with, and yeah maybe he shouldn’t have killed twice. but all of you villain fuckers can forgive dabi for burning people?? shigaraki??? but when it comes to hawks all of u are like “how dare he”


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Why do you like dabi?

Because he ie awesome!

He might be a murderer and a borderline psychopath but I still love him.

He’s character design is my favourite one from the anime. (That’s why I’m trying to cosplay him)


Also have you seen other cosplayers do him????? Just look at them!


I think I like Dabi even more after seeing all of these amazing cosplayers!

Can we all just appreciate how long it takes to actually apply all of his scaring? Because it usually takes me at least 40min and sometimes even more …

Also, his quirk is my favourite one since it’s not a murder if they can’t find a body… right? 😉

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Hey dabi are your titties getting bigger?

Not really, no. At least, not that I’ve noticed.

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How much longer until it’s time for the egg to be born?

A couple months.

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has Stain appeared yet?

Yeah….Shu’s handling it well.

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Anon Dw, both Ash and Shiggy made a withdrawal wish to help Dabi. All we can do now is support him. Or like, base boost their spells for a stronger effect, maybe?

No, this is good for me. If I go back, I’ll just have to do this all over again, won’t I? Just let me deal with it, I’ll live.

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Alright, so I’m gonna go off for a moment. If you aren’t prepared for a lot of me being pissed off and shitting on Hawks, move on before you read this because that’s all this is. You’ve been warned and I’m not gonna be nice if you complain about it when I fucking warned you.

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Do you have any sick dabi headcannons?

There isn’t enough dabi sickfics and it makes me sad because he probably has an awful immune system and gets sick all the time.

  • Hes the type of person who will get horribly sick but not tell anyone cause he doesn’t wanna seem weak.
  • So he’ll go the extra mile to hide that hes sick because he wants to still be useful to the league.
  • They usually don’t find out unless he gets so sick he actually throws up or collapses from a fever in front of them, then they’re like “wtf dude? Why didnt you tell us?”
  • He doesn’t want anyone taking care of him when hes sick, ever, and even if hes so sick he has no choice he grumbles about anyone taking care of him.
  • He constantly feels terrible basically 24-7 so he doesn’t even notice hes sick until its real, real bad.
  • Hes the type of person when hes sick he just chugs an entire bottle of cough and cold medicine and thinks he’ll be fine.
  • He also gets extremely dehydrated and malnourished when sick cause he doesn’t eat or drink enough to replace what hes losing.
  • The league has to literally lock him in a room and forbid him from leaving when they find out he’s sick.
  • With his scars hes prone to infections so he has to take really good care of them and keep them clean, otherwise he’ll get extremely sick and almost die.
  • He does what he can to avoid getting sick because he doesn’t wanna end up being so sick he has to go see creepy ujiko.
  • Jin makes him soup when hes sick and insists he eats it, and can and will nag him until he does.
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Okay Horikoshi, you gotta explain something to me



Were you trying to make me go crazy with how ungodly beautiful he is? Did you do this on purpose or are you unaware youve accidently created the most prettiest thing ive ever laid eyes on? DID YOU DO IT ON PURPOSE OR WHAT? TELL ME!

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I know the whole "dabi's ultimate move: calling his opponents by their full name" is supposed to be funny, but I think it is a legit move, kind of? I mean, he can't trust his body that much, makes sense that he has come up with some more mentalist-like strategies.

I think it is kind of a type of psychological combat to spook the person. A lot of things dabi does in fighting mentally aside from being sarcastic is intimidation tactics to unnerve the other person. Calling them by their name, especially when no one can figure out who he is and where he came from, is a good way to really freak the other person out and make them feel uneasy.

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