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#Damian Wayne

Flying with you by my side

Damian always knew he is special. He was meant to be special and the rare colour of his wings was the proof for it. But why does he feel like there’s something else?….🐦

Marinette was far from special. The colour of her wings was normal and she was just a baker’s daughter but why does she feel like she’s missing something, something that makes her special?….🐞

All the miracles will unite

and change the destiny of the vary earth they live on….

(aka daminette wings au)


Long ago, when men were wreaking havoc on earth, and Mother Earth was suffering from the inevitable doom that was war between two men, brothers by blood, but their greed made them enemies. As the people on earth were mercilessly killing all creatures alike, an angel and the only sane man were sitting on top of a mountain. 

“Our days together are ending fast,” the angel sighed sadly, silently weeping in despair as she held onto her lover. The mortal tilted his head in worry, gaze concerned, “Why?” 

“God has decided the men are not worth it. So they will have to die. He is going to flood the whole earth. Only humans will drown,” She looked at him with tears in her eyes, wings drooping down with the weight of her anguish.

“It’s going to be fine, my love, ”He spoke softly hugging her close to his frame as if to protect her from the world below.

That night the angel cries within the arms of her lover, both heartbroken by God casting aside his creations and the lack of love amongst the Mortals of Earth. The next morning the earth was cleared of humanity, even the sun seemed to weep for the lost souls, shining a deep crimson as it rose upon the horizon. Silent red dawn in the wake of mass genocide.

After some time a baby was born, the perfect blend of an angel and a man. A child born from a union of love and hope for a better future. He didn’t have a halo, but he did have brown wings, wings that changed colors. He had the power to alter reality, a power too large for such a small body. 

So the angel went to God for help. God split the baby into hundreds of parts. Each part possessed a distinctive power. Each part was given a jewel, to concentrate their energy, then the kwamis were formed to assist the parts during their journey that is life.

After that many more babies were born, each having the same mother/father, the baby. They settled on Earth. They started living a human-like life. From then on, every person has wings, brown. But there are always some miracles among them: their wings are the color of their significant miraculous, also known as true souls.

Some true souls never know that they are special because they can only harness their powers with the help of the jewels, also called miraculous, or them finding their true potential. Until then, their wings remained brown, though the rarest color ever found was gold.

Humans long forgotten, Nephilims now ruled the earth.

@nathleigh @togetherwekill @jalaluvsu
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Magical Girl, short one-shot

I’m working on an outline for Use Your Brain but my brain got stuck on this.

Still silly!



Marinette has spent several months in Gotham, doing her very best to stay safe and under anyone’s radar. Luckily, the new environment and the onslaught of college in a foreign country has helped her stay out of trouble.

Until now.

She had transformed with Kaalki so she could stretch her legs and have the hope of a quick get away. Marinette had hopped into Paris for a small pick me up with the help of her maman and papas macarons. She was able to sneak in the back and grab a box without any issue.

She stood in the alley, the box to her nose, enjoying the wonderful smell of home. Alya and Nino walk past her and in a panic Marinette opens a portal, the only clear thought being ‘Gotham’ and 'safe place’ and 'secret’.


The bats had finished patrol and debriefing and as they were removing their various capes, boots, and weapons a circle of green light appears in the middle of the cave.

Out of it pops a petite woman, bent over with one hand on her knee, the other holding a large pink box.

“That was way too close!” She’s covered in a bright flash of light and her appearance changes. Where there was once a suspicious uniform is now a set of black boots, dark skinny jeans, a red tee, and a short black leather jacket. Her dark hair falls in a curtain around her face. Next to her floats a tiny creature that is giggling.

“What’s so funny?”


Marinette looks up at Kaalki when she doesn’t answer and is met with the realization that she has no idea where she is or if it was safe to drop the transformation. She’s getting sloppy.

When she turns around she’s looking at a group of very angry vigilantes. Her blue eyes grow as big as planets.

“Umm..hi?” She ventures with a small wave.

“Who the hell are you and how the fuck did you get in here?”

Marinette face flushes as she looks at everyone in the room. Batman. Mon deiu, it’s Batman. So that meant the one approaching her is Robin. And the one pointing a gun at her knees is Red Hood. At least Nightwing, Red Robin, and Black Bat look relatively calm. Maybe not calm, just not murderous.

“I did not come here on purpose! I don’t even know where exactly here is!” She starts in a panicked voice then turns to the floating creature. “This is not home! Why are we in the batcave?!”

“You didn’t ask for home, Guardian. You asked for Gotham, safe, and, secret. I wanted to meet someone famous. The batcave is all four!”

“I don’t mean to interrupt, but are you a magical girl?” Nightwing practically squeals.


“What does that matter dickface?”

“It’s so cool! I want to be a magical girl, too!”

“What’s in the box?”


“Ooo! Will you share?”

“Stop it you imbeciles!”

“Where are your parents young lady?”


“So you’re not open to adoption?”

“What? No!”

“What about joining our team?”

“I’m not sure that’s the best idea…”

“I will not stand for this!”

“But she’s so cute! Small and magical, like a pixie!”

Robin makes a move to subdue her. She springs away and hands the pastry box to Nightwing, he seems the most trustworthy.

Robin is quick to follow her and what happens next is strange and hilarious.

Marinette flits and dances about, Robin chases her full of threats. She starts to laugh when people clap for her backflips and parkour. When Robin gets close enough she ducks underneath him and tries to flip his cape over his head.

But Robin is fast and after a short struggle he has pinned her to the ground. Marinette is giggling, face red, and eyes sparkling.

Red Hood wolf whistles and Robin removes himself quickly. Marinette stands up and Kaalki floats over, finishing a macaron.

“Ready when you are, Guardian.”

Marinette transforms in a burst of light.

“Until next time!” She gives a wink and a two finger salute. Then she opens a portal to the roof next to her apartment building. And she’s gone.

“Magical girls are so magical.” Dick says on sigh, now holding a mostly empty pastry box.

Red Robin has already examined the logo and found Tom and Sabine’s Bakery in Paris. Then their daughter enrolled in Gotham University on a scholarship. Then her ex boyfriend, Adrien Agreste, his father a convicted terrorist, and the disappearance of a superhero named Ladybug.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng, winner of the Wayne Foundation Scholarship, receives an invitation to have lunch with Bruce Wayne himself.

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Okay I’m looking for a fic.

It’s a soulmate fic. The pairing is Damian x Marinette

Adrien gets the ring taken and it goes to Damian, him becoming the black cat.

In this fic, the miraculous stopgates soulmates by having the first words they say to each other only counting outside of the miraculous.

Marinette’s words that are the first words her soulmate says to her (Damian) are: You kissed me

With Damian’s words being: You kissed me back

There is a side pairing of Luka X Kagami.

Please help me find this.

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Bio!Dad Bruce

Day 17: Pets

First ~~~ Previous

Just got to shout out  @thebookwormfairy because i love your Captian the Retired Police Dog Au and pet_foolery of Pixie and Brutus who were an inspiration for this


Damian was looking everywhere for Titus and Ace to take them for a walk. Unfortunately for him he couldn’t find either of them anywhere. He checked the kitchen, the cave, the living rooms, his room and they weren’t there.

As he was passing Mari’s room and her sewing room, he heard her sewing machine stop.

“Hey Qamri have you seen” he started as he walked in and he saw them “Titus and Ace” he finished in a huff crossing his arms still holding the the leads.

“They’ve been here all morning” she gave a small laugh as she secured a new bandana on Ace.

“They always are” he grumbled. “You need your own pet”

As soon as he said it a huge smile was on his face as well as his sister’s. Once they made eye contact they raced out of the sewing room Ace and Titus close on their heels.

They ran through the manor looking for their father. They stopped at his study but he wasn’t there. They turned around bumping into Drake but none of them said anything. They passed through the gym but to no avail and as they rushed through Todd seemed to eye them.

They went trough the living room but no one was there. So they went down to the cave, where they found him.

“Father/Dad” they called out at the same time.

He turned around from the monitor.

“Yes Wh..” he was cut off by Todd.

“What the hell is going on” Todd yelled “You two tore through the manor and Demon spawn is smiling so this can’t be good.”

“Wait what is going on” Grayson asked from next to their father.

“I would like to know that as well” Father finally answered.

“Can I get a pet?” Mari asked “I’ll be responsible I swear. I already take one of the Kwamii. Please” as she then unleashed her puppy eyes.

“Please Father” he asked as well.

“Of course, only another pet could get that Demon to smile” they heard Todd grumble.

“At least he’s asking” Drake seemed to responded.

“Fine” Father relented with a sigh. “But only one and Mari gets to pick them out”

As soon as he said that they heard Jason leave the cave grumbling.

“Yes” Mari cheered running up to father giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek before they both ran out of the cave.

He and Mari got to the garage where they saw Jason.

“I’m driving” he responded “I don’t trust that Demon here to not come back with just one” he finished as Mari got in the car.

The drive to the shelter was mostly filled with suggestions and debate between what pet she would choose. As well as mumbled grumbles from Jason

Whether it would be dog or a cat. A cat to be a friend with Alfred or a dog of her own.

She also thought of possibly a bird or hamster. Both were rejected on the premise of Alfred.

Then she thought of maybe a rabbit. At this point she just seemed to quiet down and was lost in thought.

As the three exited the car and made their way in Jason’s grumbles continued “Maybe it’ll be a bunny, their quiet, with flappy ears” Damian just had to chuckle of that.

Stepping into the shelter she couldn’t believe how many animals were there. She knew that she wanted to find every one of them a home. But she also remembered that Dad said only one pet.

“Do you guys mind if I walk the kennels alone?”

“Go for it” Jason replied almost immediately.

“But "Damian started but Jay-Jay pulled him away before he could argue.

The puppies and kittens were the closest to the entrance. She crouched down and they excitedly went up to her before playing with one another again.

She continued down until the end of the hall way she turned around and that was when she saw him. The name on the information sheet was Sentinel. He was a German Shepard which may have been why he was isolated.

He was curled up on the bed in his kennel, his head down watching her.

She didn’t know why but she sat down in the hallway.

"Hi there” she spoke softly smiling. “I’m Marinette” he perked up and seemed to study her before standing up and walking over to the gate.

At this they watched one another before he sat down. She reached towards him and offered to have him smell her hand.

He sniffed her and licked her hand as well.

“How did you do that” she heard a voice behind her. She turned to see her brothers and an employee who was the one who spoke.

“Do what?” she asked for clarification.

“Sentinel here wouldn’t let anyone near him and here he is licking your hand.”

“Oh” she could only answer.

“Why wouldn’t he let anyone near him?’ Jason asked worried.

"He was a military dog who lost his handler”

“Why didn’t he get a new handler then?” Mari asked.

“We think they tried but he didn’t respond to them well. So he was placed here”

She looked back at the dog in-front of her. the seemed sweet and quiet, but also fiercely loyal.

“Do you want to come home with us?” she asked placing her hand just inside the gate. He looked over at Damian and Jason and seemed to size them up.

After which he hugged my band with is nose and licked her again. Now having her attention he stood up wagging his tail and gave a short bark.

“I believe that means yes” Damian almost seemed to laugh.

The employee went to take him for grooming while we went to fill out the adoption papers. Sentinel looked over at her, to which she nodded, and he left without a hassle. Much to the relief of the employee it seemed.

Afterwards they went to the pet store to get him a few chew toys, collar, lead, and a dog bed. After that they went to the vet to get him chipped and to double check his vaccinations before heading home.

Once at the Manor he seemed to get along well with both Titus and Ace. Alfred, the cat, gave him a lazy glance before returning to a nap. But the entire time he didn’t leave her side.

He took a quick liking to Dick and Damian, Dick she’s pretty sure it’s cause she laughed at something he did. And Damian because he respected Sentinel’s space and possibly a bit of bribery.

He seemed natural with everyone else.

Except when anyone seems to need or loose something, which he finds faster than you could even ask.



@mochinek0 @justafanwarrior @abrx2002 @ranger-gothamite @fantasiame @moonystars14 @mochegato @bigbeautifulandfullofsugar @maribat-is-lifeblood @iglowinggemma28 @miraculous-ninja @talutah0 @vixen-uchiha @danielslilangel @witchsblackfox @pawsitivelymiraculous @lizziejay @marinettepotterandplagg @colorfulmongerpsychicranch @dast218 @sassakitty @miyla-lokidottir @lilkymilky @tazanna-blythe @tired-butterfly @lozzybowe @smolplantmum @queencommonsense @loopingtangent @chez-pezeater @paintedhope7 @technicallyburninggarden @meme991001 @wannajointhecrabcult @melicmusicmagic @trippingovermyfeet @greatcatblaze @fidget-eep @miraculouslydumb @iamablinkmarvelarmy @laurcad123 @hauntedwintersweets @fc-studios @fusser90 @madking-warqueen @buginetye @little-lady-bird @thebooki3h @iamabrownfox @galla02006 @syrencall @gimpedmercy

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you wanna join the batfam?? well here are your backstory options!*

  • watch your both of your parents die before you are ten years old
  • be raised in poverty and have a criminal father and a mother who can’t protect you until you’re forced to fend for yourself
  • be raised as a tool for an elite group of assassins that deny you personhood until you make your escape and use punching criminals as a way to cope with your trauma 
  • your parents get killed/damaged by one of the many rouges running around this stupid city 

*or you can be the daughter of the police commissioner but only one person can have that one & it’s already taken

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Hello again and welcome back to another rec list! This week we’ve got ten mostly gen Cass based fics and series for y’all to enjoy, as requested by an Anon.

Yes I know it’s late, blame the disparity of Cass-centric fics out there. On that note, another disclaimer that there are some fics here I haven’t read, sadly.

As always absolutely no bat*est here. Leave a rec list request in our askbox and we’ll get to it soon :) Without further ado….

Unspoken by Arsenic

7k+ | G | Complete | Gen | No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: Bruce & Cass

“Instead of beginning his adoption spree with Dick, it is Cass who lands on Bruce’s radar–and in his home–first.”

I’m Still Breathing by DontTouchTheSun

1k+ | T+ | Complete | Gen | Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

Relationships: Bruce & Cass, Cass & David Cain

“"You’re fourteen and there’s blood on your hands. The knife’s on the ground and the body’s in front of you and your face is stained with tears.“

Cassandra Cain’s life from age 3 to 21.”

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Speeding arrow

Lian: for a big nerd, Jai can actually be pretty smooth when he wants to be.

Jai: *snorts* I’m your nerd, babe. Lian does talk in her sleep actually. She once rolled over, curled up against me, and said ‘I’m going to murder you.’

Lian: and how did you respond?

Jai: ‘it’s too late, but you can try in the morning.’


Mar’i: Jon can ice skate really well, which confused me the first time I saw it.

Jon: *laughs* star, I am capable of doing more than heavy lifting. I think something sort of surprising about Mar’i is that she pole dances.

Mar’i: different kind of work out that gets me out of my head.

Colin X Milagro

Milagro: Colin turns red when I call him mi cielo. It means my heaven and, for some reason, it makes him blush.

Colin: yeah, a pretty girl calling me her heaven. Can’t imagine why I’d be blushing. Something about Mil….hmmm….she sings a Spanish nursery rhyme when it’s our turn to clean the kitchen.

Milagro: I sang it once and I hum it occasionally—

Colin: Mil.

Milagro:…..shut up.


Damian: Irey runs much warmer than a normal human since she’s a speedster. Apparently it’s common in her family and ‘why they give good hugs’

Irey: Damian is a huge cuddle bug. Like if I’m reading or watching TV on the sectional, he’ll lay his head on my lap and fall asleep. Most nights he’s curled up right against me, even in the middle of summer when it’s really hot.

Damian: Love, how do you think I learned my fact?

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Halloween blurb #4 - Damian Wayne

Prompt: “Did you seriously injure yourself carving a pumpkin?”
“I hate Halloween.”

Warnings: mentions of blood

Paring: Damian Wayne x reader

“I hate Halloween.” Damian said for the millionth time, making you roll your eyes at him “There is no point in any of this, it’s just stupid.”

You knew your boyfriend very well, you knew he didn’t have a normal childhood like you did, and it was part of your plan to make sure he did the things he didn’t get to do as a kid, such as enjoy Halloween. Last year you took him trick-or-treating, he didn’t enjoy it very much, he said it was pathetic that he had to knock on unknown people’s houses, say that cliche stupid phrase, and be told he looked adorable in his costume. 

This year you were craving pumpkins together, you asked Alfred to get you some and there you were, sitting in the backyard of the manor. For someone who said this was all very stupid, he did look very concentrated in his craving. You had a good idea that he was enjoining himself, but he was never going to admit it. 

You smiled at him when he wasn’t looking. You just wanted him to enjoy his time, and do something other than spar, and go out on patrol. His only hobby is drawing, and still, he is very reserved about it. Maybe if he finds out he enjoy other things like Halloween will make him be a bit more open to his family. You wanted to cry in joy just thinking about him going trick-or-treating with his brothers, or throwing a costume party. 

In daydreaming about Damian, you didn’t really think about what you were doing until you cried in pain and looked down to your head, watching the red liquid pulling around the wound you just created.

“What’s wrong, beloved?” Damian asked, looking up from his pumpkin 

“Nothing.” you shook your head, hiding your hand for him 

He was less likely to like craving pumpkins if you hurt yourself in the process, he hated anything that involved you getting hurt, and you were not about to make him hate this time of the year more than he already does on his own.

But, as stubborn as always, he didn’t believe you and stood up to see what was wrong. He frowned as he watched the blood pulling around your hand.

“Did you seriously injure yourself craving a pumpkin?” he asked grabbing your had to inspect it closer “Tt, we need to clean this before there is an infection.”

You allowed him to guide you inside the house.

“It isn’t that bad.” you smiled, even if it did hurt a lot where you had cut yourself “I’m fine.”

“You’re bleeding, that’s the opposite of fine.”

You decided not to argue anymore, you knew it was a lost battle. 

Damian cleaned your hand, and bandaged it up, muttering incoherent things under his breath. When he finished, he looked you in the eyes before saying.

“I hate Halloween.”

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Irey: I think most our fears are pretty rational, but I absolutely hate snakes. Like I’ve told Damian he can keep any other reptile or animal, but not snakes.

Jai: I, a more or less fully grown man, hate needles. I am still a wuss when it comes to shots.

Lian: spiders. They can fuck right off.

Colin: I’m fucking terrified of drowning. Just—kill me any other way, don’t drown me.

Milagro: Mannequins, but usually if it’s late and dark. Because my brain plays a game of ‘is that the wind or are you going to die.’

Jon: I have a fear of falling. But more like, my powers all completely give out and there’s no way I’m going to survive? I’m not sure if that makes it better….

Damian: I hate admitting this….but clowns make me nervous. Mostly if I’m in civilian mode because of the pyscho that tortures my family.

Mar’i: thanatophobia

Colin: what’s that?

Mar’i: fear of death.

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Request: Hey honeypot! how are you darling? are you comfortable with writing older damian kinda smut? because i just had this idea where he has this super sweet girlfriend and one day batfam sees her with bruises on her neck and they think mayb damian hits her or something? and Tim mentions that he has seen bruises on her hips as well and they confront him and her and they tell the fam that’s from sexy times and they are like “two days ago you were a baby. how are you an adult now?

Warning: mentions of sex, bruising from s e x, Older!Damian

A/N: since someone wanted a requested post, here ya go :)

Word Count: 2.1k


Originally posted by playboybatman

Damian’s brothers always saw him as the child of the family, even when he had grown up to be a fully functioning twenty-two year old. He was still treated like a kid when he saw his family and it drove him crazy. His whole life he had been just as old as them mentally and now that he was, they still treated him like a twelve year old.

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Characters: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne
Summary: Damian didn’t mention he was infected.
A/N: mumble-mumble disease/virus that is a mix of the dceased virus and being a zombie or whatever, or just kills you painfully but you remain incredibly infectious. Tim noticed because Damian stretched his arms and his shirt rode up. they’re not their hero personas at this moment. everyone else is probably already dead. plotholes I don’t care. They do as Damian ask. Dick does not recover, not that I think any of them do.



Keep reading

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nearly witches (ever since we met)

prompt: witches / hay ride

words: 1.8k

Everyone knew about the coven of witches living in Wayne Manor. It was Gotham’s most open secret. They weren’t exactly subtle.

(Alternatively: the bats are witches, and it’s the gossip of the gala every damn time.)

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New Outlaws/DC OC

Normal Mom who did martial arts son got murdered.

The kid was a teen gamer and knew slang and would acasunally teach it to his mom.

After he died his mom killed the people responsible.

Jason was on that case and helped her out so she wouldn’t be arrested.

He was just going to send her somewhere with a fake ID but she decided she wanted to be a vigilante Antihero “I want to protect kids and kill the bastards for the parents who can’t”.

She want’s to Literally be a BAMF.

She and Jason don’t know how to use slang (Jason know old time ones and she knows some from when she was younger) but they still try.

She hooks up with Talia (or another Assassin mom)

When she meets Damian Jason warns her he stabs she says “Aw do you like stabbing. I do too. You’re so cute”

I don’t know if she’s married or single but she’s in her 30

Feel free to add your thoughts. I want more info on her but I don’t know how much I’ll make

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