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#Damsel in Distress

Karma tries to subdue the reality-altering mutant with mind-probing but it doesn’t work. Chamber tries to telepathically break the mindlink connection from Karma but he and Karma get snared by the tendrils instead. 

- New Mutants v4 #9, 2020

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Stinger (Cassie Lang), Ant-Man (Scott Lang) and Black Cat are attacked by the monster in the tunnels. Spider-Man frees Black Cat while Stinger manages to defeat the monster which in turn, crumbles and scatters into itty-bitty pieces of itself. Then, Black Cat cuts the tendrils away from Ant-Man. 

- Ant-Man v2 #3, 2020

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As Iron Man flies by, he finds a smug Goliath (Erik Josten) looking over a cage he had thrown into the water with Hawkeye and Mockingbird trapped inside it. The couple are doomed to drown in the waters that Iron Man has to rush and save them. 

- Iron Man v1 206 

(2nd pic is a close-up of doomed Hawkeye and Mockingbird)

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Invisible Woman, Franklin Richards and the rebel alien are captured by a group of alien soldiers who parade them on the streets. Poor Invisible Woman is blindfolded, dragged on a leash and pelted by jeering crowd. 

- Fantastic Four v1 #363, 1992

(3rd pic is a close-up of tied-up and blindfolded Invisible Woman)

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As Crystal had been taken hostage by Belasco, the remaining Fantastic Four - Thing, Human Torch and She-Thing (Sharon Ventura) try to save her but they get held back by his barrier spell. When Human Torch charges at Belasco impulsively, he gets turned into a pig. Meanwhile, Thing and She-Thing managed to knock out Belasco, saving Crystal and turning Human Torch back to normal. 

- Fantastic Four v1 #314, 1988

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Favorite Fem Protagonist?

Revy - Black Lagoon


Im not really like damsel in distress female character (or the “omg-i-op-but-the-male-lead-more” kind), so im not really fond of the 80% of the female lead characters, but some still have guts. Just Like Revy. 

If someone read the manga, she had a looong history of darkness, started with her own family. But she manage to live as a trigger happy, full mouthed walking death, yet she still manage to be human. Not much emphatic, like Rock (that why he just a mascot to me), but more realistic. She seen the cruel world, know that and use to live with it. And not accept the most fake “happy reality”, but deep inside, she want to te blindly happy, like most of the peoples.

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Also on my Masterlist, there is @evanpeters-petermaximoff‘s aesthetic for ‘Professor’ and @thatcanadianfangirl‘s aesthetic for ‘Damsel in Distress’.

Please go and check them out as they were made by two brilliant people who are super talented! 

There is also the gala outfits for Jason and Y/N in ‘Kitty Cat & Tweety Bird’ which @ninergirl1d helped me select - give her a follow, she’s super cool and a such a nice person!

‘Curiosity Killed the Cat’ also has its own masterlist now as well.

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