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tediousreviews · 3 years ago
The War of the Lance
Tumblr media
Dragonlance time again.
Ten stories and a poem. The opening and closing stories this time are both from Weis and Hickman. By having the stories set around the time of the War of the Lance, the authors have a chance to dig into some of the events that didn't quite make it into the original trilogy. It's a nice touch, and made nicer by only touching a few of the stories.
Raistlin and the Knight of Solamnia, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Raistlin's an interesting character. He was morally ambiguous from the start, and hardly anyone trusted him. And it wasn't terribly surprising when he betrayed his friends and joined the forces of evil. What was surprising, in a way, was that he wasn't motivated by jealousy or resentment or bitter anger over the mistrust he faced. No, his friends were right about him all along, it was pure ambition. He never went through a dramatic change, he just grew a bit more firm in his convictions.
That means stories like this, that take place before his turn, let the authors show off his softer side a bit more than normal without fundamentally changing his character.
What can I say? I liked it.
Dead on Target, Roger E. Moore
Our hero dies. And then he gets angry. And then he gets revenge. And then he rests in peace.
War Machines, Nick O'Donohoe
A teenaged girl with a massive crush on a Knight of Solamnia risks her life to find the gnomish weapons that could destroy their dragonarmy enemies. She gets all that and a nice little bonus besides.
The Promised Place, Dan Parkinson
It's a gully dwarf story. Actually, it's the story that set up The Gully Dwarves. And it works much better than that did for me, mostly by virtue of being shorter.
Clockwork Hero, Jeff Grubb
Gnomes are terrible inventors. In many more senses of the word terrible than one. But they're not that bad at inventing stories when it comes right down to it. And really what's a hero but someone with a sword and the right story? It turns out there's at least one gnome with a real talent for inventing heroes.
I shouldn't have liked the thing with the love interest. It was a bit too cute. But I liked it.
The Night Wolf, Nancy Varian Berberick
With enough magic, you don't have to be a werewolf to be a man who turns into a wolf. But that doesn't mean it isn't still a curse.
It's a good story. But there's nothing about it that needed to be set near the War of the Lance, or needed to be a dragonlance story, or even a D&D story at all. I don't know if it was written for this collection or not, but if not then good job finding a home for it.
The Potion Sellers, Mark Anthony
The placebo effect is a wonderful thing. Sometimes even if it shouldn't be effective, a medicine can still be exactly what you need.
The Hand That Feeds, Richard Knaak
In a world where there are multiple, jealous, vindictive gods who can each grant some but not all miracles, it can be difficult to know how to balance your reverence and your tithes for best effect. A merchant gets an object lesson on that topic that he'll never forget.
The Vingaard Campaign, Douglas Niles
One of the things that didn't make the cut in the Chronicles trilogy was the story of how exactly Laurana almost single-handedly turned around the war. This story, told in bits and pieces of collected history from journals, only gives a view from 10,000 feet. But it's still a nice view.
The Story that Tasslehoff Promised He Would Never, Ever, Ever Tell, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
I think I'm supposed to sympathize with everyone's frustration over Tasslehoff's complete inability to keep a secret. But honestly those idiots should have all known better. And if instead of spouting off cryptically and then nodding at each other's shared understanding, they'd actually spelled things out for him, then his inability to keep a secret wouldn't have been a disaster in the making.
Final Thoughts
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kitmarlowe · a month ago
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old-deerstalker-hat · a month ago
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Stills from "The Vanquishers"
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thedoctorwhocompanion · 2 months ago
Title and Synopsis Revealed for Doctor Who: Flux Episode 5
Title and Synopsis Revealed for #DoctorWho: Flux Episode 5
The episode title and synopsis for episode 5 of Doctor Who Series 13 has been released, and begs the question, who are the Survivors of the Flux? Ye, it makes for the slightly awkward title, Flux: Survivors of the Flux, but it’s a decent name in itself — and leaves just one title from Flux to be announced. We’ve also been treated to a synopsis, but if you’d hoped to learn something from it,…
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downthetubes · 5 months ago
In Review: Beano and Dandy Annuals 2022
In Review: Beano and Dandy Annuals 2022
Review by Peter Duncan It’s that time of year again, the nights are drawing in and the long hot days of summer are coming to an untimely end. All there is to look forward to now is the cold and wet of autumn and the long dark nights of winter… well, that, and the Beano and The Dandy Annuals! I always tell myself that I’ll leave the annuals to read as a Christmas treat, but I never do. As soon…
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deifiliaa · 2 years ago
pairing: harry potter + pansy parkinson notes: yee (and i cannot stress this enough) haw.
He pulls up to her house just as the sun peers over top the massive hedges along her equally massive front yard. It’s a little after 6 AM, a little after he’s had his first coffee of the day, a little after he’s packed his second and third cup in a stainless travel mug, and a little after Draco Malfoy’s sent him the text that proves the asshole is absolutely The Worst. 
5:38 AM - so...
5:38 AM - man of honor.
5:38 AM - Hermione tells me that I’m allowed to have you do some last minute errands before you leave
5:47 AM - just one thing, really
Pansy Parkinson is not a light packer.
Knowing her, he wouldn’t be surprised if he opened up her luggage to find the entire shopping mall complex.
Or a body.
“We’re up there for--” Harry grunts, bringing his knee up to help hoist the weight of her pink Samsonite into the back of his Corolla “--a weekend.” The front wheels of her suitcase ding his back bumper, and Harry winces at the not-good sound of something sharp. Of something scraping.
From the front seat, Pansy glances at him through the sun visor’s mirror before returning her finger to the second layer of cocoa butter gel on her bottom lip. She puckers, tilts her head from side to side to examine, and flashes his hardened glare a smile much too sweet. “Plenty of time, then, to work on that upper arm strength,” Pansy offers, snapping shut the lid to her travel-sized Vaseline. “There’s a gym at the hotel.”
Harry grimaces before slamming down his trunk door, staring regretfully at the scraggly streaks defacing the Barcelona red.
He reminds himself, gingerly, that the Malfoy-Granger union itself is unconventional enough and that the couple certainly doesn’t need (certainly wouldn’t appreciate) the added wildcard of the Best Woman and the Man of Honor showing up at each other’s throats.
“I’ll take aux,” she volunteers brightly-- as if she’s doing him a service-- when he slides himself into the driver’s seat, and a moment later, the start of a redneck twang that just cannot be real and the blare of an exaggerated electric guitar and overly compensating drum line make Harry simultaneously wince and inhale sharply.
Agreeing to give Pansy a ride is his worst life decision yet.
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#believewomen #believevictims
Remember, women would never lie about domestic abuse or rape...
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emilyblame · 3 years ago
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My Mad Fat Diary 2x02 - “Radar”
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thecraggus · a month ago
Doctor Who - Flux Chapter 6: The Vanquishers (S13E06) Review
With a Chibnallian sense of timing, I finally get around to delivering my thoughts on #DoctorWhoFlux Chapter 6: The Vanquishers #Review
*SPOILERS* And so, with THE VANQUISHERS, THE FLUX ends as it was always likely to – with a whimper, not with a bang. Chibnall’s proclivity for starting things he can’t finish returns in full force as he doesn’t so much stick the landing as throws everything at a wall and sees what sticks. There’s spectacle, of course, and a few satisfying beats but much of it feels haphazard and – perhaps…
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kelasim · a month ago
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tediousreviews · 3 years ago
The Cataclysm
Tumblr media
I kind of feel like the cover art to this needs to captioned. There's just such an odd dynamic. There's the evil undead knight on the vampire horse from hell taunting everyone, the knight on the ground trying to draw her sword and strike him down challenge rating be damned, and the unarmed and very blue pacifist cleric who is restraining the good knight because she's not following the rules of civilized discourse. Nevermind that given his track record, the fact that Lord Soth there isn't murdering anyone during the half-second depicted here means absolutely nothing about what he's going to do in the next ten minutes or been doing for the last ten.
Michael, just between us, what you're supposed to do in this situation is cast a few buffs on your wife and then grab something heavy and armor-breaky and back her up. I'm pretty sure your vows against violence don't apply toward the undead.
Anyway, Dragonlace, Tales, Cataclysm, Anthology. Reviews below.
Mark of the Flame, Mark of the Word, Michael and Teri Williams
I mean, there's a story here. But honestly, if you wanted me to pay attention to it you shouldn't have had your viewpoint character get free plastic surgery via a dragon's stomach acid. Or maybe you should have kept that and made it a comedy.
The Bargain Driver, Mark Anthony
A knight meets a travelling merchant. One teaches the other to compromise their morals for the greater good. Sometimes the easiest lessons to teach are the ones you never intended.
It was a nice bit of romance as well as a very nice portrayal of a paladin.
Seekers, Todd Fahnestock
The title made me think this would be about the origins of the Seeker cult. It may actually be, but that isn't made explicit.  Instead it's a look at a man losing faith and a boy finding it.
No Gods, No Heroes, Nick O'Donohoe
Amazing. Every word of the title you just read was wrong. But gods and heroes are both rarely what people expect.
It's fun. And the horrible horrible people who become heroes here are my favorite characters in the book. And they’re pretty high up on the list of my favorite Dragonlance characters
Into Shadow, Into Light, Richard A. Knaak
The man who betrayed Huma gets a brief break from his eternal torment so he can help another knight avoid his own fate.
A decent story, spoiled a bit by my distaste for the idea of eternal torment.
Ogre Unaware, Dan Parkinson
Not content with causing the cataclysm, a band of wandering gully dwarves adopts an amnesiac ogre and sets out to fight slavery, their own.
I think I've said it before, but gully dwarves mostly exist as a joke. A joke I don't actually find funny.
The Cobbler's Son, Roger E. Moore
When a kender runs around 'just asking questions', they're probably not actually trolls. On the other hand, they're still using a troll's methods and getting a troll's results.
I just realized I should point out that I'm talking internet troll here, not flesh-eating regenerating giant troll.
The Voyage of the Sunchaser, Paul B. Thompson and Tonya R. Carter
A ship travelling to Istar isn't actually interrupted by the Cataclysm.
The Cataclysm put Istar on the bottom of an ocean. That's the joke.
The High Priest of Halcyon, Douglas Niles
Astinus apparently had lots and lots of journalists wandering the world after the Cataclysm. One of them managed to find what he thinks is a cult of evil clerics. He's technically incorrect. Which is the best kind of incorrect.
True Knight, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
It's the follow-up to The Silken Threads. A true cleric and the sister of a dead knight search for faith and hope in a world that they technically saved. Along the way, they meet what's left of the knight who very definitely did not save the world. And they find what they were looking for.
As the distant ancestors of Riverwind, these two are actually pretty impor... Umm... They technically saved the world so that counts right?
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filmnoirsbian · 9 months ago
Things read in April
Essays & Articles:
When You Give A Tree An Email Address
Even Without A Home, We Always Had A Family Meal
The "Intolerably Putrid" Making of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre
The Travel Edit
Zombie Worms Crave Bone
What Happens After A Whale Dies?
The New Frontier of Fashion Criticism Lives On Black Twitter
Will the Millennial Aesthetic Ever End? (I originally read this last year but it's always worth a re-read)
Peter Gudrunas Has Been Blowing Glass Since the 1970s. Now His Daughter is Helping to Bring Their Practice Into the 21st Century
The Ecological Imagination of Hayao Miyazaki
‘We are witnessing a crime against humanity’: Arundhati Roy on India’s Covid catastrophe
This Artemisia Gentileschi Painting Spent Centuries Hidden From Public View
Jenna Gibbon on Neon Nipples and Wrestling Women
A Conversation with Curator Tam Gryn Unpacks the Innovative Mix of Art and Retail Behind SHOWFIELDS
Robin Williams and Why Funny People Kill Themselves
How to Save Yourself Another Pointless Guilt Trip
Social Ecology: An Ecological Humanism
Mystery Tree Beast Turns Out To Be Croissant
How To Cook Onions: Why Do Recipe Writers Lie and Lie About How Long It Takes For Them To Caramelize?
Breaking Myths About Black Fatherhood
A Sociologist Explains Why Wealthy Women Are Doomed To Be Miserable
Henrietta Lacks: A Doctor's Immortal Legacy
"Drop It like It's Hot": Culture Industry Laborers and Their Perspectives on Rap Music Video Production
Cairo, Illinois Was Once A Booming City — Until Racist Violence Destroyed The Entire Town
Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police
Trial By Trauma
Praise Song for the Kitchen Ghosts
Dead Man Laughing
Dudes, We Did Not Go Through The Hassle Of Getting These Fake IDs For This Jukebox To Not Have Any Springsteen by Hanif Abdurraqib
Parkinson's Disease: Autumn by Andrés Cerpa
Preparing the Body for A Reopened World by Ada Limón
Hypochondria Fights With Poseidon by Emily Paige Wilson
Whales Weep Not! by D. H. Lawrence
Ardana II by Kyriakos Charalambides translated by A.K. Petrides
This Is A Photograph of Me by Margaret Atwood
One or Two Things by Mary Oliver
One Sister I Have in Our House by Emily Dickinson
I Have Not Had One Word From Her by Sappho
Underland: A Deep Time Journey by Robert Macfarlane
Persephone in A Motel Room by Lana Rafaela Cindric
Disaster in My Skin by Colleen Dunlap
Losaida by Dan Chordokoff
They Never Learn by Layne Fargo
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thedoctorwhocompanion · 27 days ago
“Who’s Your Friend?”: Which Doctor Who Flux Character Are You?
“Who’s Your Friend?”: Which #DoctorWho Flux Character Are You?
Are you flummoxed by The Flux, or are you flush with the facts? Or, like the Doctor, are you in three minds about it all? Try our fun-filled time-filler to find your Flux-Buddy – are you Fam, Friend or Foe? (If you want to play, just keep track of how many of each letter you choose) 1. Why were there so many characters? A) Because Chibnall is so good at creating them, or using ones someone…
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rebel4you · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
warnings: angst, swearing, kind of insecure&ass theo, fluff and smut at the end <3
summary: theo is feeling insecure, but since he doesn't wanna feel like a fool, he treats reader horribly and makes her feel insecure, and she writes a song for him, even though she wasn't planning on giving it to him, he finds it and it has a cute ending <33
note: the song sang in the fic is called limon y sal by julieta venegas !! it's such a pretty song, and i guess that this was meant for a hispanic/latino/spanish reader ??
Tumblr media
theo was acting differently for the past month, and as much as you wanted to pretend that it wasn't happening, the signs were far too loud to be ignored.
everytime you took his hand, he would slowly push yours away, pretending not to even notice his actions that were slowly tearing you apart, and broke your heart little by little.
you caught him sharing lighthearted banter with astoria greengrass or pansy parkinson, ocasionally making your blood boil, but most of all making your heart hurt. it was the way it came out so casually from him, how he didn't really care about the fact that his actions just tore your heart more by the day, by the hour, by the minute, by the second.
and so, this is how you're here, writing your shitty boyfriend a stupid song, telling him all the words you can't distinctly say.
"yo te quiero con limon y sal, yo te quiero tal y como estas, no hace falta cambiarte nada." you sang melodically, a few tears threatening to spill from your eyes. "yo te quiere so vienes o si vas, si subes, si bajas, si no estas. seguro de lo que sientes." but as you're singing this, you're not sure if this is true anymore. you're not very sure of how theodore feels for you, and that is the sickening reality.
theo told you he was going to a party with draco and blaise tonight, for the fourth time in a row. but you could practically see him dancing with pansy, feeling her up, and your heart couldn't break much more by then.
and, still.
you were writing this song for him, showing how even though he treats you the way he does, that you still love him.
"tengo que confesarte ahora, nunca creí en la felicidad. a veces algo se le parece, pero es pura casualidad." and as you sing this verse, you remember teaching theodore spanish, him tripping over the spelling of the vowels, clipping some words then and there, but being overall perfect. he would speak it then and there to you, a little thing between you too, although he much preferred calling you french petnames, because they made you blush as you writhed underneath him.
"i love you, ma belle." he would say, although it felt like centuries ago when you two had that intimacy.
"luego me vengo a encontrar, con tus ojos me dan algo mas. solo tenerte cerca, siento que vuelvo a empezar." and that's when the tears can't hold themselves back anymore, even with the thick, brick wall you'd built years ago.
pansy and theo. astoria and theo. him breaking up with you. insecure. not pretty enough. not funny enough. not interesting enough. not enough.
and then the breakdown starts, but it ends as suddenly as it begins. you will not cry over someone who doesn't love, nor even care about you. not ever. you are not giving him that power over you. and so, you wipe your face, and put the peice of paper with the lyrics and melody in your box of things. only theo knows about it, but you are certain he has forgotten about it already, so you're safe.
you fall asleep, not letting theo know in the morning that you were up waiting for him. waiting for him to take you in his arms and apologize. because these things are too good to be true, so you fall asleep.
Tumblr media
you wake up with the sound of rustling in your bedroom, and for a moment you're alarmed, but as your blurry gaze adjusts, you see the dazzling silhouette of your boyfriend. it takes a moment to register that he's reading a piece of paper. and at the edge of the paper, you read limon, and you get up all too quickly and snatch it from him, but too little, too late because it's clear he's already read it.
"stop being such a snoop." you snap, flustered.
"i fucking knew it." he says, frustratedly.
and at this, you are very confused.
"knew what, exactly?" you ask hurriedly.
"that you'd found someone else. it's clear with this song, poem, or whatever it is." his gaze is stuck at his feet, and you know he does this when he's about to cry.
and you can't help it, you're angry. he is so abnormally stupid if he thinks the song is about anyone but him. and you're also angry that he's mad at the thought that you might've found someone, when all he's been doing is flirting with other girls and practically ignoring you every chance he gets.
"merlin, what?" is all that comes out from you.
"what're you on about, theodore? that i 'found someone else', you daft dimbo. that is very rich coming from you. very rich." you say, anger bubbling out of you uncontrollably.
"what do you mean?" he asks, confused.
"what do i mean? hm, let's see. you blowing me off to hang out with pansy every other fucking day, ignoring me every fucking chance you get. throwing my hand away every single time i try to hold yours, making me feel shitty and worthless and as if i'm not fucking good enough. is that a good reason? because of recent times, i haven't heard yours. i've done nothing but love you, theo. and my sob story is that you can't do the same." you sob unexpectedly, wanting to throw everything in the room.
"ma belle." he says, crying as well. the term of endearment making your heart flutter ever so slightly.
"stop, theo." you warn him, although your tone isn't so convincing.
he gets down on his knees, and you sit down on the bed, his hand gripping your thigh, as if for forgiveness.
"i'm sorry, my love. i've been stupid and careless and a very horrid boyfriend to you these past weeks, and i am truly sorry. but, please. love me. be with me. forgive me, ma belle. i will never behave as poorly as i have this month. never. i promise. i need you. don't leave me, mi amor. please. forgive me. i love you." he sobs into your nightgown, gripping the fabric ever-so-slightly.
"now, mi amor. no one is here to say that i don't love you. and if you promise to never behave like that again, i do forgive you. of course i will. i love you. but can you at least give me a reason explaining just slightly why you treated me that way?" you say cautiously.
"well. i guess it kind of started when i saw you talking, smiling and laughing with harry potter. now, you know i don't have nothin' against the lad, but the way i saw you talking to him, just broke my heart." and you knew this meant a lot coming from theo, because although he did get jealous, he would almost never feel insecure.
"i just kind of felt like you deserved more. someone like 'the chosen one'. and i just didn't want you to leave me, knowing i was giving my best. i thought that the better bet was you leaving me giving my worst, if that makes sense." he explains slowly, wanting to get every word correctly.
"mi rey." is all you say, wrapping your thighs around him, embracing him.
he cries into your gown, and you brush his hair with your hands, and the moment is absolutely perfect.
"let me make it up to you." he says at last, placing kisses in the fabric that covers your inner thigh.
"theo." you whine slightly, not enough friction.
"yes, ma belle?" he asks innocently, smirking slightly.
"yes. yes you can make it up to me." you sigh breathlessly.
"that's a good girl." he smiles.
he gets your nightgown in his hands and pulls it up to your waist slowly and agonizingly.
"theo." you whine once more, needing friction.
"let's be patient, belle." he taunts, and you nod.
he pulls your underwear down, and he brushes your bud in circular motions, making you let out a moan.
"theo, please, i need more pl-" you get cut off my his tongue diving deep inside you, making your back arch violently, at the sudden spasm of pleasure.
he swirls his tongue in your heat, his eyes never leaving yours, and there is a certain intimacy there, one you can't clearly define, but you absolutely adore it.
"fuck, fuck. theo, baby, you're doing so good. making me feel so well." you praise, mostly babbling, lost in euphoria. and he lets out a sound; whines exactly.
his movements go faster and faster, thrusting his tongue in ant out of you, whilst his hand reaches out to rub your clit in a rapid pace, begging for your release, which you feel coming as the knot in your stomach forms.
"theo, amor, please i'm so close." you moan, slightly screaming.
"do it, ma belle. cum all over my tongue like the little whore you are." he pulls away slightly to speak those words, and when he dives back in, the knot in your stomach explodes, and it is such an ethereal feeling, you can't even think straight.
he pulls away and licks and leaves your heat clean once he's done.
"i wanna take your cock now theo." you say breathlessly.
"are you sure, my love?" he asks, noticing the fucked out state you're in.
"yeah, please. i promise i can take it." you look up at him and smile warmly.
"such a good girl." he says, leaning in to kiss your forehead. he unbuttons his pants, and pulls out his cock from his boxers, making your pussy throb at the sight.
"ready for me to fill you up, baby?" he asks, rubbing his erection.
"mhm, yes, amor, i am." you nod eagerly.
with all that being said, he aligned himself with your entrance, and teased you for a bit, and then went all in.
his thrusts were slow at first, teasing and agonizing. but after a few minutes, he went in deeper, faster.
after a while he was fucking you mercilessly, making you see stars.
"can harry potter fuck you this good, slut, huh? could he get you fucked out in minutes?" he grunts out.
"no, baby, no he couldn't." you babble.
"that's right. could he eat your pussy that good?" he asks once more.
"no. no." you scream out as his tip abuses your cervix, not enough for it to hurt, but enough to have you on the brink of your orgasm.
"be a pretty little slut for me and cum, huh? can you do that f'me love? cover my cock with your pretty cum? i'm gonna fill you up. taking me so well." he says, babbling just the same.
"please fill me up with you cum, theo, please. i wanna have your babies." you say, screaming, the knot in your stomach dying to come loose.
"you're so big baby, i feel you in my tummy, theo. so good." you say, making him let out a loud moan.
"i'm gonna cum, theo. please let me cum." you say, orgasm threating to spill out.
"come for me, my good little slut. 'm gonna fill you up soon enough." he says, fucking you sloppier, harder.
your orgasm washes over you like a tide wave, electric shocks going through you, making you lose your mind.
"fuck, baby, i'm gonna cum. gonna fill this pretty tight pussy out, huh?" he grunts.
his cum spills into you, coating your walls. he rides out his orgasm, making yours intensify even more.
when it is over, you both lay naked in your bed, whispering sweet nothings in one another's ears, and everything is so fucking perfect, you just can't imagine a moment more perfect than this.
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billpottsismygf · a month ago
Wow, so that’s Flux all finished. I have to say, while I definitely had fun for most of the episodes, the end result is kind of messy. I was hoping this final episode would clarify everything, but instead it just sort of weakly wrapped things up, with no real satisfying conclusion to what the hell’s been going on.
Some questions!
What’s happened to the rest of the universe that was destroyed to such an extent by the initial flux event? How has humanity reacted to another Sontaran invasion, and presumably sunlight being blocked off for quite a while when the Lupari shield was in place? These aren’t plot holes or anything, it’s just that the impact of everything that’s happened feels muted because we haven’t been given any tangible consequences from the aftermath (yet, anyway).
What was Grand Serpent’s actual endgame? He seemed like a really important villain, but actually had no impact on the story whatsoever. I loved Craig Parkinson’s performance, but why include him in an already overfilled story?
If Time is a sentient entity, why did they want Azure and Swarm to utilise the flux for destruction? Had they communicated such a desire to them somehow? Where do Azure and Swarm come from? Why did they bother with anything, since Division were about to do the exact same thing anyway? I guess because they wanted to gift it to the “saviour”, Time, but we’re given no indication of what that means, why they want to serve Time, who/what Time really is or how they would benefit from such destruction...
Other thoughts
It was a very bloodthirsty ending. I’m not necessarily against the Doctor doing morally questionable things, but it really should be interrogated more by the characters and the narrative, particularly by the Doctor themselves. You have Ten yelling at Tentoo for destroying all the Daleks when they were on the back foot already, as well as Thirteen herself yelling at the general a few episodes ago for doing the same thing with the Sontarans, and now you have Thirteen gleefully throwing (supposedly) every single Cyberman, Sontaran and Dalek into the flux. There’s also a strong indication that the Passenger forms are in some way sentient, but she just goes ahead and throws them in with no question too.
Again, I’m not saying that the Doctor can’t commit little a genocide every now and then, but it completely contravenes their very nature for that not to fuck them up both before and after.
Some things I liked, since this has been all negative so far!
Performances in general were all great - I love Swarm and Azure mainly for the pure camp and fun they bring. 
Joseph Williamson is an incredibly fun character. I think it’s mostly down to such a brilliant performance (side note, I happened to find out he’s played by Steve Oram the other day, and I absolutely would not have recognised him - I still continued to forget even though I now know), but he definitely brightened up every single scene he was in.
Kate Stewart is always awesome, though definitely underutilised. From their discussion at the end, and also set spoilers, it looks like we’ll be getting more of her, so hopefully she’ll have more to do next time!
I continue to adore Jericho, and am absolutely gutted by his death. Although he didn’t get official companion status, honestly I ended up caring for him more than Dan and would have loved to see him either travel with the Doctor or pop up occasionally in future.
I loved Yaz and the Doctor reuniting. Finally a proper hug for them! There was also a really charged moment at the end there. I’m not personally a shipper, just because my preference is for the Doctor to be pretty much asexual, but I am very much here for it if anything actually happens. All the other modern Doctors have got to snog a woman, so it would only be right for Thirteen to do so too. (Side note, the Doctor talking about having a crush on herself was great. Again, not usually a fan of that sort of thing, but I can’t deny having enjoyed it in this instance.)
I did really like the storytelling device of the Doctor being split across three different versions of herself. It was satisfying that that’s what allowed her to overcome the Grand Serpent’s powers, as well.
Final thoughts
Idk, I’m sure I have other things to say, but this is so long already so I may leave it there for now. Overall, Flux has been good fun and a great visual spectacle. There have been some really cool high concept ideas and characters thrown into the mix, but I do feel like it ended up lacking. I will reserve final judgement until I’ve rewatched the whole thing, though. I may end up changing my mind on some things if I’ve forgotten important details, but for now I am a little disappointed.
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kaktus-tajam · a year ago
Sebenarnya aku hari ini cukup frustrasi. Dengan viral load yang cukup tinggi, gejala covid per hariku sangat bervariasi. Awalnya nyeri tenggorokan, lalu demam dengan nyeri orbital, lalu sakit kepala yang analgesic resistant, lalu pilek. Tapi satu gejala yang bikin benar-benar frustrasi justru: anosmia dan ageusia. Yakni, kehilangan kemampuan mencium dan mengecap. Iya, bukan demam yang bikin lemas dan menggigil yang mengganggu. Bukan juga nyeri kepala yang buatku tak bisa lihat gadget. Tapi anosmia dan ageusia.
Awalnya hal ini unik lalu kujadikan bahan eksperimen. Tapi... per hari ini hilang sudah nafsu makanku. Bahkan, untuk memikirkan makan saja jadi mual. Teh terasa seperti air, susu terasa seperti air, sup juga... air. Roti terasa teksturnya, tapi tidak rasanya. Makanan pedas? Rawit pun ketika digado, tidak terasa. Yang ada, sakit perut setelahnya.
Akhirnya sakit kepala muncul lagi, karena hanya berhasil makan setengah porsi cream soup dan seporsi sereal (yang terasa garingnya, tapi tidak rasanya). Lemas.
Baca-baca artikel, malah semakin stress: "dapat kembali normal pada 6 bulan". ENAM BULAN? Moodku langsung drop. Belum lagi semua orang yang memaksaku makan. Padahal mereka tidak paham, mengerikannya makan tanpa rasa. Tambah bad mood.
Lalu.. Allah hadirkan kepadaku beberapa video-video di sosial media tentang ustadz yang terkena covid. Lalu Allah ringankan tanganku membaca buku. Astaghfirullah...
Wahai penderita sakit yang selalu mengingat akhiratnya! Sesungguhnya derita sakitmu itu mempunyai efek seperti sabun; membersihkan kotoran jiwamu, serta menghapus dosa dan kesalahanmu.
(Badiuzzaman Said Nursi)
Ya Allah.. maafkan aku yang lemah dan terus mengeluh.
Alhamdulillah, dua indera ini Allah ambil tapi Allah sisakan indera lain: pengelihatan, pendengaran, perabaan. Semua intak. Selepas shalat, aku duduk termenung dan merefleksikan: gimana ya kalau yang Allah ambil itu pengelihatanku? Aku jadi sangat akan tergantung pada orang lain, padahal dengan covid harus isolasi mandiri. Bayangkan tak bisa melihat tulisan Alquran.
Gimana ya kalau pendengaran yang Allah ambil? Aku mungkin akan bicara dengan amat keras atau bahkan memilih diam. Aku tak bisa mendengar ayat suci-Mu.
Ya Allaah. Mudah sekali bagi-Mu untuk mengambil nikmat-nikmat itu. Bahkan, hilangnya pengecapan dan penciuman ini seperti switch on/off yang tiba-tiba hilang begitu saja! Ibarat dalam satu jentikan jari. Kun fayakun!
Tapi Rahmat-Mu begitu luas.. Allah mengambil sedikit, untuk memberikan pengajaran padaku. Di luar sana, pasien Parkinson, pasien Alzheimer, pasien Multiple Sclerosis, kanker, pasien geriatri juga kesulitan mencium dan mengecap.. semoga Allah beri kekuatan.
Huff.. astaghfirullah..
Doakan ya, semoga yang menulis ini dimudahkan mengambil hikmah. Dimudahkan mengucap syukurnya.
- day 6 with covid
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rapeculturerealities · 9 months ago
Kristin Smart, the California college student who disappeared in 1996, was killed during an attempted rape, and the father of the man who was charged this week with murdering her helped hide her body, prosecutors said on Wednesday.
Paul Flores, who was the last person to see Ms. Smart alive and whom investigators had declared in recent months to be a “prime suspect” in the case, was arrested at his home in the San Pedro section of Los Angeles on Tuesday and was charged with murder, the authorities said.
His father, Ruben Flores, was arrested at his home in Arroyo Grande, Calif., on Tuesday and was charged with being an accessory after the fact, said Ian Parkinson, the San Luis Obispo County sheriff.
Dan Dow, the San Luis Obispo County district attorney, shared details of the investigation at a news conference on Wednesday.
“It is alleged that Mr. Flores caused the death of Kristin Smart while in the commission of or attempted rape,” Mr. Dow said during the news conference, referring to Paul Flores.
He added that “the allegation against Ruben is that he helped to conceal Kristin’s body after the murder was committed.”
The men, who have yet to enter a plea, are to be arraigned on Thursday morning, Mr. Dow said.
“These charges mark a major milestone,” Mr. Dow said, adding that “today we mark the very first move to bring justice to Kristin Smart, her family and the entire community of San Luis Obispo County.”
Ms. Smart, 19, was a student at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo when she vanished as she was walking back to her dorm room from an off-campus party on May 25, 1996.
Paul Flores, 44, who was a Cal Poly student at the time, has denied any involvement in her disappearance. But the Sheriff’s Office, after previously describing him as a person of interest in their investigation, began to refer to him in recent months as a “prime suspect” in the case.
Asked on Wednesday if he knew where Ms. Smart was killed, Mr. Dow said that “the last place where Kristin was seen was close to the dorms and near Mr. Flores’s dorm.” He added, “We certainly believe that Mr. Flores’s dorm room was a crime scene.”
Ms. Smart’s family had her declared legally dead in 2002. Her remains have never been found.
In March, the Sheriff’s Office said it had obtained a warrant to search for evidence at Ruben Flores’s residence, and they used cadaver dogs and ground-penetrating radar to canvass the property. Additional evidence related to Ms. Smart’s case was discovered at the site, according to the Sheriff’s Office.
The authorities had previously searched the homes of both Ruben Flores and Paul Flores. In February 2020, investigators executed search warrants at four locations in California and Washington State and recovered “some items of interest,” Tony Cipolla, a spokesman for the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office, said at the time.
Sheriff Parkinson said on Tuesday that the search warrants were sealed and that he could not discuss what evidence had been found. On Wednesday, Mr. Dow declined to elaborate on what the new evidence was.
“What I can tell you,” he said, “is that significant new information has come in to the Sheriff’s Office that we’ve reviewed over the last two years, and some very important information just a month ago. We’ve got physical evidence, we have witness statements — things that, in our view, in the totality, have brought us to the point where we believe we can go forward and prosecute Mr. Flores for the murder of Kristin Smart.”
Robert Sanger, a lawyer for Paul Flores, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Wednesday.
Asked about the charges on Wednesday, Harold Mesick, a lawyer for Ruben Flores, said, “I don’t believe there is any evidence, any objective physical evidence that my client has committed any crime, and I certainly don’t believe he has sufficient evidence to convict my client of any crime, primarily because my client has not committed any crime.”
Paul Flores was booked on Tuesday at the San Luis Obispo County jail, where he was being held without bail, the sheriff said. Ruben Flores was also booked at the jail, with bond set at $250,000, according to jail records.
The sheriff said that, after the arrests, he had turned over the case to the San Luis Obispo County district attorney’s office.
Mr. Dow said that he could not charge Paul Flores with rape because the statute of limitations had expired.
“But the allegation that he was committing or attempting to commit a rape when he killed her is the basis for which we are able to file first-degree felony murder charges,” he said.
At the news conference on Wednesday, Mr. Dow asked for the public’s help “in providing any information about this case or information on other potential crimes believed to have been perpetrated by Paul Ruben Flores, including assaults or other acts.”
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