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#Dance: Ice Princess

Honestly Ice Princess took the “Pretty Blonde Good Skater Is The Enemy” trope and threw it out the window when they made Gen down to earth and a supportive good friend. She cheered Casey on from the start, saw her talent, and became her friend. She was never degrading to Casey on the rink AND was even really nice to Casey’s best friend. Like DAAAAAAMN. Cheesy movie still hittin hard.

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My Thoughts On Ice Princess:

  • It is one of the great Disney Channel Movie masterpieces
  • There is a lot of lesbian subtext that isnt even really that subtle.
  • I don’t ship Casey and Gen, I actually ship Gen and Casey’s best friend who Gen asks for math tutoring.
  • If you don’t believe that Tina (the coach) and Casey’s mom will end up married at some point then we clearly weren’t watching the same movie.
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The main character of the movie Ice Princess is played by the same actress as Dawn from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I don't know what to do with this information.

*lol* Yeah, if actors are lucky, they get to play more than one part in their life ;D

I mean… you watch the movie and enjoy the hell outta it because it’s an awesome movie? *grins amused*

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Ice Princess is a beautiful movie.

Just finished watching and I’m FLOORED. Enemies to friends? A cute romance? Fighting for dreams? An interesting dynamic between a mother and daughter duo? And it CHANGES? Ugh. Not to mention that last bit with Kacey’s mom, Tina and Kacey. Hilarious.

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Meet Jacqueline Wells. She is the princess of the snow kingdom. She has ice and water powers in which are her weapons/powers of use. She has pyrophobia, since fire may cause damage to her powers. She is also nicknamed “The Winter Princess” because of her ice powers and her appearance resembling the winter season.

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Royal Ice Holiday Dance Camp 2019!

Stand your FROZEN ground, and be brave and kind like the royal ice sisters. Your little one will have a chilling blast of fun dancing, making an exciting craft, and great friendships at our Royal Ice Holiday Dance Camp! We will have a special royal guest visit who will sing songs, read a story and play games with our dancers. Snack is included in the camp. Half-Day Camp 9am-12pm on Monday, December 23, 2019. Ages 4-9 years $30.00 + HST.

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