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#Danny Fenton
agentianlegend21 minutes ago
Last Line Tag
GameRules: Write the latest line from your WIP and tag as many people as there are words in the line. Make a new post, don鈥檛 reblog.
Sorry @tytach I know you're supposed to tag a bunch of people but I don't have that many friends 馃槣 And you've already taken @arken-99 sooooo... @dp-marvel94 what do you have in the works?
Anyway, here's a line I just wrote for an upcoming chapter of Fire with Fire: (and since my last line isn't a single word, I'll give a little extra for a hint of context)
MJ resettled into her seat, a knowing smirk teasing the corners of her mouth. "So you're in on it, too... Huh."
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this-is-z-art-blog51 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Anyone can dream through the night But only some can dream with eyes wide There lies the fight inside It resides in everyone聽
DannyMay 2021, Day 13
鈫 Daydream
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murphy-kitt2 hours ago
Scars - Day Twelve
Her eyes catch a few indentations in his arms, it鈥檚 just out the corner of her eyes, a split second, and then it鈥檚 gone. Her son is sitting at the dinner table, trundling through an assignment of his. Maddie thinks this is the longest her son has sat still, or just even been in her presence.
But Danny is fine. He鈥檚 still her little baby boy, with sweet china blue eyes and a heart of gold. So why is his track record so bad at school?
She avoids a growl of frustration, as if not to alert Danny, she doesn鈥檛 want to scare him off. Where would he even have scars from?
What has he been doing?
Her eyes preen on the nicks on his arms, just sticking slightly out below his shirt sleeves. The fabric ruffles up, and Maddie can see they鈥檙e much bigger than what she first thought. Slashes, even.
Horror floods her as the woman turns away, trying to not distract the teenager from the little work he might actually do. Haphazardly, Maddie stacks the dishes in the sink, images of scars flashing through her mind.
How haven鈥檛 I noticed them before? Revolt swirls around her mouth, and nausea springs up. God. Her own child, and she hadn鈥檛 even noticed him being injured. Is she that bad a parent?
She feels she doesn鈥檛 even know who her own son is anymore.
鈥淒anny, are you okay?鈥 She asks her son, not making eye contact with him.
鈥淯h - yeah?鈥 His voice is twinged with surprise and there鈥檚 a ruffle of paper as he shuts his schoolbook. Well, it sounded like he鈥檇 stopped doing the work.
There鈥檚 no other reply, and Maddie turns and faces him. Straightaway, she can see something is wrong. Her son is clenched to the table as if it鈥檚 a lifeline, trembling as if he鈥檚 being interrogated. She wants to run and hug him, sweep him up and tell him how much she loves him, but she pulls back.
You鈥檝e ignored him for so long, why would he want a mother like you now?
鈥淵ou have scars.鈥 Gesturing faintly to his arms, which results in Danny tucking his arms around the back of his chair.
鈥淚鈥檓 clumsy. Just stupid, shy and clumsy Fenton.鈥 His blue eyes dart down to his arms, but it鈥檚 so fast that Maddie swears it didn鈥檛 happen.
Her heart sinks. By his remarks, it鈥檚 clear that it鈥檚 the school bullies that are the bother. But 鈥 wounds to cause scars that deep? Maddie feels sick. How many times has he had to bandage himself up after school, sneak medical equipment from their first aid kit (who was she kidding, she鈥檇 seen the disappearing equipment for months but never cooked it till now).
鈥淲ho, who did this?鈥 Whoever did this to her baby boy, they would pay.
鈥淚t wasn鈥檛 anyone! It鈥檚 okay. I鈥檓 okay.鈥 The boy denied.
鈥淧lease, Danny, just tell me. If it鈥檚 gotten too bad that you鈥檝e gotten scars, then I need to know who is injuring my baby boy!鈥
Danny shrinks into the chair, hiding behind locks of thick black hair, bringing his knees to his chest and wrapping his arms around them. He looks small. Scared.
But Maddie needs to know. This has been going on for months. And if he doesn鈥檛 tell her, and she鈥檚 still aware, what sort of parent would she be then, to continue to allow her son to get into danger?
No. It stops now.
鈥淵ou really, really don鈥檛 want to know.鈥 Danny lisps.
Maybe it鈥檚 traumatic to talk about? Was it that bad鈥
鈥淚t was the portal accident.鈥 Danny firmly states, sweeping his hair out of the way and staring her straight in the face.
鈥淵ou got the scars from the portal accident? But you didn鈥檛 have scars then.鈥 Maddie is confused. What does this have to do with the portal accident?
鈥淎ll of this started from the portal accident.鈥 Her son responds, then dips down a little, 鈥淚 know you鈥檙e gonna want to interrupt, but please just let me speak.鈥
Maddie nods, a sign for him to continue.
鈥淔irstly, I walked inside the portal. I was electrocuted.鈥
She almost collapses. In - inside the portal?!
Her boy should be dead! How was he even still alive? Thousands of volts of electricity, and here he was sitting in front of her. It shouldn鈥檛 be possible.
Danny pauses, then continues, giving her time to process the information.
Not enough time, Maddie thinks.
鈥淚 woke up and I was a ghost. I 鈥 I had a ghost form. I 鈥 I have ghost powers.鈥 Any sense of stability that was in Danny鈥檚 voice breaks and he splutters out each sentence continuously from the next.
Maddie feels like each extra added sentence is a bullet in her chest. Leaning against the table, she breathes in a few times, wondering how the hell she鈥檒l even begin to process this.
Her son is a ghost. An evil, ectoplasmic remnant of post human consciousness and ectoplasmic remains. But 鈥 he鈥檚 here! Looking the same as ever before, doing schoolwork (albeit distractedly). Was his schoolwork worse because of being a ghost?
It can鈥檛 be true. It鈥檚 not.
But somehow, amongst all the ridiculousness a tiny voice reminds her about all the weapons that went off around Danny ever since Day One.
鈥淭he weapons went off around you!鈥 Maddie says, consumed by guilt. Danny was in danger by their own weapons, which were meant to keep them safe.
鈥淚t鈥檚 fine.鈥 Danny shrugs, strangely quite relieved that this is her reaction, 鈥淭hey don鈥檛 hurt.鈥
鈥淭hey鈥 they don鈥檛 hurt? What do you mean?鈥 Maddie blinks. He鈥檚 been hurt by their weapons before?
鈥淯h well, kind of, you 鈥 it鈥檚 not your fault I wanna say 鈥 not yours at all, but um, you might鈥檝e shot at me 鈥 once 鈥 or twice 鈥 or various times鈥︹
Maddie feels her heart break.
She shot at her own son.
Not just once 鈥 but multiple times.
Who knows how many times she鈥檚 faced off at her son as a ghost, insulted him, shot at him, threatened to dissect him.
And them scars on his arms were her fault, her doing.
But she has to wonder 鈥 if he鈥檚 a ghost, then which one is he? The woman feels uncertain about considering her son with another, ghostly appearance and blanches.
鈥淲ho are you?鈥 Maddie speaks, pulling a seat back and perching infront of her son.
The teenager slides down in his chair, averting his gaze and rubbing his hands through tufts of hair. God, this is the closest she鈥檚 gotten, he can鈥檛 shut down now.
Danny must鈥檝e guessed what she thought, as he straightened slightly, looking at her out of the corner of her eye. 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna tell you, if you were thinking I wasn鈥檛.. I just need some time to figure out how to show you.鈥
Suddenly, her son squeezes his eyes together for a second, and Maddie feels concerned as she watches, helpless. What is he doing?
When he open his eyes and looks back up at her, his eyes are green.
A very familiar green, of Danny Phantom, that is.
Still a day behind.. don鈥檛 think it helps that I decided that the next one-shot is gonna be a social media fic (I鈥檓 honestly gonna die at formatting that). Hope everyone is having a nice day/night!
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dani-halfa53 hours ago
Does anyone know where i can find that very popular meme that has Vlad looking really scary with the word 篓The villain篓 and then Danny looking like a dork kid with the word 篓The hero篓?
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itsalrightmeow4 hours ago
Tumblr media
DannyMay day 10: Shadow(s)
I don鈥檛 have any answers for you
Thank you to my very best friend @redsunlight鈥 for drawing Shadow for this, ily
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unrealghosts5 hours ago
fanart for one of the COOLEST mdzs fics out there
Tumblr media
so I made this really rough sketch for silvermoonphantom鈥檚 fic on ao3, which i highly recommend you guys read. like seriously, go read it right now.聽
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unorthodoxica5 hours ago
Mon' Capitaine!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A fan mini-comic for the wonderful @eight-bitanarchist!
Oh, and may I just say, I love how varied the ways people communicate "ghost" with art. It's so fun to see.
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tinydragontoons8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Dannymay Day 13: Daydream
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dp-ghostzone10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Day 13: Daydream
he's just thinking about being astronaut...
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707-art10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
have my man in a cyberpunk AU (im definitely not opssesed with that game no sir)
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spectral-detector11 hours ago
*hides partly phased through a wall* sorry if my first posted fan art is terrible... I drew it all myself then obviously colored it in & I take an awfully long time.
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daltheznadofart11 hours ago
Tumblr media
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spectral-detector12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Dannymay 2021 || Candlelight
I wanted to recreate one of my favorite fanart pieces but make it so Paulina summoned Danny in her locker but forgot to say bye?....
Always make sure you say goodbye...
You never know where the spirits may lead you. 馃懟
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bubblegumbeech12 hours ago
Shadows and Souls
Dannymay day 10: Shadow
Crossover with Solo Leveling
It had been a bit of a cliche really, when Clockwork showed Danny around the zone, introducing him to different places and realms and explaining what was important to know about each. There had been an area, far away from the backwater section of the zone the Fenton portal called home and further still from more densely populated areas like the Timeless Realm or the Drowned Quarter, that had been covered entirely in shadows with little light to see by.
Normally that would be ominous on its own, but many of the different places in the ghost zone followed their own rules and laws of reality. Sure, most of it was a swirling void of greens and purples due to the constant presence of rich ambient ectoplasm, but that didn鈥檛 mean the environment wouldn鈥檛 twist and shape to the desires of whoever existed. Afterall, the drowned quarter wasn鈥檛 really underwater any more than anywhere else in the zone was. But it damn well felt like it.
That鈥檚 when the cliche happened. Once Danny鈥檚 eyes roamed over the shadowy abyss Clockwork had pulled him back from it, just slightly, just enough that Danny could feel the threat. He鈥檇 said to not go there, at least not yet. He鈥檇 said there was a powerful being in the realm, one that was dangerous and unstable. He鈥檇 pretty much told Danny the whole entire area was completely off limits and that it was a risk to his afterlife if he accidentally wandered in.
He said pretty much everything he could to make a fourteen year old half ghost curious as hell and then stole them away to go look at something boring and safe and horribly mundane while Danny did everything he could to plot a way into the realm of shadows.
It was dark. Obviously it was dark. Danny just hadn鈥檛 been quite prepared for how dark it was. The shadows were ever present, it almost felt like they themselves had form and were pressing down on Danny himself. Then a light flickered. Something bright in the swirling dark, a deep purple unfamiliar from any natural color Danny was familiar with. It sparkled to life and faded just as quickly before coming back just a little bit farther away.聽
Danny followed it. What did he have to lose? There was no real way for him to get back on his own, unable to see through the oppressive wall of shadows, and it was the first thing even close to a path he could try and take. The closer he got to it the brighter the light got until it was swirling all around him, a river of light and power and Danny marveled.
鈥淟ost little Ghost?鈥 A voice came from behind and Danny quickly turned around, startled. It sounded like Korean, but Danny didn鈥檛 know Korean yet he didn鈥檛 have any trouble understanding what was being said to him. Which鈥 only happened when ghosts weren鈥檛 really using their words to communicate.
He hadn鈥檛 expected whatever was here to have enough sentience to speak, or even take form. Much less to be able to communicate despite what should have been an obvious language barrier.聽
There was someone, half hidden in the shadows with bright neon eyes the same color of the lights that Danny had followed, that flowed around them even now.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 not little,鈥 Danny argued, insulted. Was this the threat Clockwork had warned him of? He didn鈥檛 seem more threatening than the average ghost. In fact, if it wasn鈥檛 for the obvious flow of his eyes and the countless shadows around them Danny probably would have thought he was human.聽
He smiled, at least, Danny thought it was a smile. It was barely there and didn鈥檛 quite reach his eyes, but his expression had softened just a bit.聽
鈥淏eru, lead him out of here before he gets more lost,鈥 he said and Danny balked.聽
鈥淲ait! I just got here! I haven鈥檛 even figured out who shaped this realm!鈥 Danny was waving his hands frantically in front of him, trying to dissuade him. Something formed out of the shadows, the bright purple light collecting inside until a monster stood before him, large insect pod pincers and thin translucent wings. It almost looked like an ant, if ants were twice the size of a person and bipedal.聽
The man blinked, and cocked his head slightly in confusion. 鈥淚 am the only one here, these are my shadows.鈥
Holy shit. 鈥淵ou鈥 wait there aren鈥檛 any other ghosts? This place is huge. Isn鈥檛 that a ghost?鈥 Danny pointed at the bug-ant-person thing that was frantically waving at him to follow it. The man only looked more confused.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e the only ghost here,鈥 he said, in a horribly ominous way.聽
Danny shook his head slowly, trying not to think about the implications behind that. 鈥淎re you saying you aren鈥檛 a ghost?鈥 Also, was he saying the shadows weren鈥檛 ghosts? Even Johnny鈥檚 shadow was considered an actual ghost right? Or was there a difference? Come to think of it, Danny had never asked. He鈥檇 always just assumed they were a packaged deal, but if Johnny鈥檚 shadow was just an extension of himself, then what did that mean for a single figure that had an entire realm of shadows tied to him?聽
He shivered, maybe he should have listened to Clockwork this time. He was usually right about things now that Danny thought about it.
鈥淚鈥檓 not a ghost,鈥 the man said, his eyes glowing in a very distinctly ghostly way, 鈥淚 never died.鈥
Oh, terrifying actually. Wait, 鈥測ou鈥檙e human?鈥澛
The man flinched, turning his head away and pointedly not answering. 鈥淔ollow Beru, he鈥檒l lead you out.鈥澛
鈥淲ait, just one more question,鈥 Danny pleaded, ignoring Beru鈥檚 increasingly desperate gestures.聽
It was something that had been bothering him for sometime actually, ever since he saw the realm formed here. Realms like this, distinct as they are, didn鈥檛 come from nothing. And according to Danny鈥檚 calculations and the sheer amount of time he鈥檇 spent studying the infinity map with Frostbite, there should be a mortal plane tied here to the realm.聽
That usually meant thin spots, a vague connection through the membrane of the zone and possible portals, but the entire area was dead. Flat. Lifeless. As if there was nothing living on the other side.
鈥淭he world you鈥檙e from鈥 what happened to it?鈥
The man鈥檚 eyes went dark, something heavier than even grief weighed behind them. 鈥淚t鈥檚 gone. The only thing left are shadows.鈥澛
Ah, maybe Danny should leave. It would probably be the safer option, definitely the smarter one. But his core ached at the thought of leaving him alone, surrounded by what must be shadows from his own world.聽
Shadows that aren鈥檛 full ghosts, that are an extension of him. He鈥榮 powerful, Danny can tell, there鈥檚 very few ghosts that are as powerful as this man and he (apparently) isn鈥檛 even a ghost. But he鈥檇 also flinched when Danny asked if he was human so he probably wasn鈥檛 that either, not anymore.聽
Neither living nor dead, Danny鈥檚 heart clenched, how unbearably lonely.聽
鈥淢y name鈥檚 Danny, what鈥檚 yours?鈥 It never hurt to have another powerful friend, and Danny鈥檚 obsession wouldn鈥檛 let him leave when someone so clearly needed help. Even if that someone didn鈥檛 realize it.聽
鈥...Sung Jin-Woo,鈥 the man said, suspicious.聽
Danny just smiled, he鈥檇 never thought he鈥檇 be grateful for being frozen at fourteen all these years, but it did wonders for building trust. 鈥淲ell Sung Jin-Woo, why don鈥檛 we be friends?鈥澛
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coffeecakecafe14 hours ago
Tumblr media
dannymay2021: day 13 - DAYDREAM
Valerie dreams of vengeance, always
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murphy-kitt16 hours ago
Midnight - Day Eleven
In the raven skies of Amity Park, a clock murmured midnight as Jazz Fenton stared worriedly out her bedroom window, scanning the streets and pavement.
The house was silent, her parents downstairs and obliviously working away in the lab. And Danny?
Well, Jazz didn鈥檛 know where he was.
It had been the past few months, her brother had been acting out of character. Then again, he鈥檇 had a what could鈥檝e been potentially fatal accident in the lab a couple months ago. Jazz hadn鈥檛 asked what it was like.
Her brother had spluttered out that he鈥檇 touched a loose wire and gotten a small shock, but was otherwise unharmed. It was clear Danny was lying through his teeth.
And where Mom and Dad would take parental responsibility 鈥 Jazz had to step in. Because their parents were too busy marvelling over the 鈥済host portal鈥 than to care about the welfare of their son.
She鈥檇 seen. Now Jazz Fenton was an observant person 鈥 she鈥檇 be quick to whittle down someone鈥檚 problems and give them the support they needed. But Jazz was utterly lost.
At first the girl had thought maybe he was traumatised by the incident, but Danny seemed perfectly fine to go down in the lab. The blue eyed boy did flinch at their ghost weapons, however.
Her hands curled around the windowsill, eyes scanning the still empty streets. A few figures walked on the pavements below, but none were her brother.
As time passed on, the teenager slouched into her window, and worry began to settle in her mind. Where was he? Had something happened?
That was it.
She shook out of her stupor, grabbed her jacket from the back of her bedroom door, and marched through the house, trying not to disturb her parents as she snuck out the front door, and gently closed it.
Everything was dark. Stars twinkled in the night sky, and Jazz shivered in the cool breeze that wavered in the air. Wrapping her jacket firmly around her shoulders, Jazz found herself lost.
Where would Danny even go?
He couldn鈥檛 be staying at Sam or Tucker鈥檚 鈥 he鈥檇 left his bag at home, and it was a school night (not that it would matter much to Danny, since he skipped so much school).
Briskly, Jazz began heading in the direction of the Nasty Burger and Caspar High, they were the best two places to start looking, even though it was past midnight.
Suddenly, a cry of shock and a loud clatter that sounded like someone falling in a dustbin echoed from the alleyway just a bit ahead of her. The sixteen year old froze.
Someone could be injured! She braced, worrying that perhaps some poor soul was injured and bleeding out, and some nagging in her head told her that this could be a trap.
A few moments passed, Jazz swallowed nervously, and stepped forward.
Whatever she had been expecting 鈥 an injured person, spots of blood, someone dazed in a hangover, it was not this.
Neon green flares streaked on the floor, and not subtly, either. They looked unnatural and irradiated the alley in an almost familiar greenish twinge. She didn鈥檛 step forward.
Up ahead, was a strange white glowing, Jazz couldn鈥檛 tell what, or rather who it was. It was a lean teenager, dressed in a black and white jumpsuit eerily similar to her parents, with a bird's nest of pebble white hair. Green dribbled down their outfit, which was torn in places.
鈥淭here it goes again...stupid powers鈥 always losing control.鈥 They鈥t? murmured, sitting up slowly in the pile of rubbish, which rustled beneath their weight.
Jazz blinked in surprise. That voice sounded so young. The, thing, ahead of her couldn鈥檛 be any older than Danny.
Suddenly, the figure turned to face her, and virulent green eyes met hers. He suppressed a gasp, stumbling off the dumpster faster than any human could. A small dribble of green something trailed down his cheek, and he wiped it away tentatively.
Fear pitched in her heart and Jazz urged herself to run, but her feet glued to the floor in trepidation. She couldn鈥檛 stop the visible quiver of her lip as green eyes pierced into hers.
Whatever this thing was, it wasn鈥檛 human.
鈥榃-What are you?鈥 trembled the teenager, even more confused by the hurt expression that fell upon his features.
鈥淛a鈥 you wouldn鈥檛 believe me.鈥 The teenager shrugged, folding his arms and turning away slightly.
Was he assuming things about her that soon? Was it something about him that was so unbelievable 鈥 that he instantly assumed she would think he was lying 鈥 even though they鈥檇 never met before?
鈥淗ow do you know that? You don鈥檛 even know me.鈥 The girl countered, a firm tone in her voice, but not challenging. The last thing she wanted to do was come off as threatening.
鈥淚鈥斺 He went to speak, but closed his mouth, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e right.鈥
The two remained in silence until he spoke again.
鈥淏ut I do know your parents.鈥
Wait 鈥 what?
She鈥檇 never met this (person?) before in her life, and now he was claiming he knew her parents? Jazz wondered if it had something to do with their job as ghost hunters鈥
Ghost hunters.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e a ghost.鈥
鈥淭hat I am, I鈥檓 glad we could get that out of the way.鈥 The now identified ghost announced dryly, raising an eyebrow to her, 鈥淲hat are you doing out this late?鈥
She swore she could see a glimmer of worry flash in the ghosts eyes. Was he concerned for her?
Every single lesson her parents had taught her, not to go near ghosts, that they were mindless, unintelligent beings devoid of any emotions. Jazz had never been a rule breaker, and when it came to her parents strictest rule, it was 鈥 never approach a ghost.
鈥淚鈥檓 looking for my brother. He鈥檚 been acting weirdly for the past months or so and now I just can鈥檛 find him.鈥
The ginger haired girl felt nervous disclosing this information to a stranger 鈥 no matter a ghost or not 鈥 Danny was her baby brother, and he could be in trouble!
鈥淲hat does he look like?鈥 The ghost questioned, a strange look upon his features, that Jazz couldn鈥檛 quite decipher.
鈥淏lack hair, blue eyes, his name is Danny.鈥 Jazz only prayed that she wasn鈥檛 sending an aggressive ghost who could potentially hunt her brother down 鈥 but she also didn鈥檛 want to lead this ghost into her parents clasp.
鈥淒anny, huh鈥 I鈥檒l keep a look out for him, uh?鈥 Holding out a hand, Jazz shook the appendage, trying not to wince at the ice cold that the ghost gave off.
鈥淭he name's Jasmine.鈥 She said curtly.
The ghost nodded, then paused, 鈥淢y name is鈥︹
Perhaps he couldn鈥檛 remember? She could recall her parents saying that ghosts forgot memories of their past lives 鈥 if so, that must mean that this ghost was a very recent ghost.
鈥淧hantom. How about that? You can call me Phantom.鈥
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