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#Danny Phantom
dhdrawings · 2 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Danny may 2021 day 9: candlelight
I did this for @danny-phangirl 's drabble but thought to post it myself XD
Commissions and kofi requests are open
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katphantom69 · 8 minutes ago
So, this little fic came of inspiration of a post I saw from @goodfish-bowl and some add ons from @floralflowerpower about Nocturns scar being formed after Clockwork got his from the Observants. This is just my take on how it could have happened.
On rainy nights like these, past memories come by.
Nocturn sits upon his bed, hand over his scared eye.
Painful memories make him shudder wanting to cry.
Hurting over memories past, here's the story why.
Way back then in olden days, Observants payed their toll.
Sacred oath binding their powers, they needed other power to control.
Needed someone they could use as a tool.
No matter if their methods could be rather cruel.
Young Time Master powers were wild and on the loose.
Visited the Observants, for their help he could use.
Observants promised to help, if Time Master in kind,
Would lend them some power now and then, to them be bind.
Time Master, though unwilling, to the deal said yes.
Anything to help control his powers, and stop his distress.
Observants were glad he accepted the deal.
Now to make it official,  they needed a seal.
A seal to bind
A seal to hold
A seal to have the Time Master
Fully under their control.
The zone was soon filled with a painful scream.
One that still haunts Nocturns dreams.
Dream Master open the door that night.
And what he saw was a horrifying sight.
Time Master bleeding from his left eye.
Blood mixed with tears as Nocturn helped him inside.
Nocturn helped clean the wound, with trembling hands,
as CW explained what happened, so Nocturn would understand.
Nocturn was furious, but left jarred
When he noticed that CW, had been left scared
A wound such as this would take ages to heal.
Time Master got the short end of the deal.
Time heals all wounds or so they say.
But Nocturn keeps hurting to this very day.
Enraged and upset by the Observants wicked deed.
Nocturn made sure to be there for CW in his time of need.
Dream Master had nightmares, seeing CW get scared.
Unable to help as he looked from afar
He could feel his friends pain, even when awake it would dwell.
Till he too developed a scar, over his left eye as well.
A sign of pain he now has to share.
To ease CWs burden, that he now must bare.
For now, dreaming of revenge is all Nocturn can do.
After all, in due time... all dreams come true.
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dannyphantombot · 14 minutes ago
Then why do you say here?
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bookeatingworm · 26 minutes ago
(DP prompt) He smacked his face, but what he was seeing didn’t change. His feet were no longer touching the floor.
The surprised faces around him should have been a clear sign that something was wrong, he doesn't know how it went straight past him, and by the looks of Sam and Truckers faces, they are disappointed too, what a way to reveal you have powers.
He dropped to the floor with a thump, there's no way out of explaining to his parents that he didn't have ghost powers, he just hoped they wouldn't kick him out or try to experiment.
He opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted, "Danny did you eat ectoplam again?"
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sammansonbot · 37 minutes ago
Well, I can't believe this is going to stand it and going to say it is really the hero and done back to the stupid page.
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reallydumbdannyphantomaus · 38 minutes ago
danny phantom au where everything the same but danny is also a barista who hates his job
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agentianlegend · an hour ago
Last Line Tag
GameRules: Write the latest line from your WIP and tag as many people as there are words in the line. Make a new post, don’t reblog.
Sorry @tytach I know you're supposed to tag a bunch of people but I don't have that many friends 😜 And you've already taken @arken-99 sooooo... @dp-marvel94 what do you have in the works?
Anyway, here's a line I just wrote for an upcoming chapter of Fire with Fire: (and since my last line isn't a single word, I'll give a little extra for a hint of context)
MJ resettled into her seat, a knowing smirk teasing the corners of her mouth. "So you're in on it, too... Huh."
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vladbot · an hour ago
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princess-of-the-corner · an hour ago
Phantom Chloé: On the topic of Halfa (im)mortality, there's now four of them and none of them are 100% sure one way or the other. Did they speak of the possibility with someone not Halfa before? If so, who all did they confide in? Who's the first person Chloé shares the possibility with and how does that conversation go?
So I have answers for that and I'm gonna talk on it in general but like
I mentioned in Truths that other Halfas existed before. The rarity of a natural Ghost Portal opening up on top of a Human, and then the resulting powers being written into stories of demigods or accusations of witchcraft and all that.
Obviously they're not around now.
No one is sure if they could die of natural causes. If one side of them is damaged, usually the other will keep them functional enough to recover.
But they can be killed, or at least destroyed. If you manage do damage to both Halves that they can't recover from. They don't even become a full Ghost at that point they're just gone.
None of them are sure. Vlad is the one who has done the most research on this stuff, and he wasn't even sure if Halfas could age until he met Danny and saw him grow up a bit.
This will be brought up though!
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this-is-z-art-blog · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Anyone can dream through the night But only some can dream with eyes wide There lies the fight inside It resides in everyone 
DannyMay 2021, Day 13
↳ Daydream
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Jack and Maddie and Vlad do not appreciate a blatant lie.
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princess-of-the-corner · an hour ago
I don’t shit about Danny Phantom, but so far I’m imagining the Ghosts’ view on Danny is just “There’s a horse loose in the hospital”
There is a child, loose in the Ghost Zone!
Nobody knows what the child is going to do, least of all the child!
He's never been in the Ghost Zone before!
Sometimes it's not a bad thing, just surprising. Like "Today, the child defeated Undergrowth with Ice Powers." And everyone is like "Huh. I didn't know he knew how to do that."
And then for a second we're like "maybe the Warden will catch the child" and the child is like "I have organized a prison break!". He can do that??
The creepiest days are when you don’t hear from the child at all. Those are the days when everyone is like “I think the child has finally calmed down,” and then the child is like "Hey I defeated the Ghost King. I stole some weapons from my parents, but don't tell them that because they'll fuck me up." And you're like "that's what I thought you'd say you dumb fucking child!"
And then, for a second, it seemed like maybe we could survive the child, and then, all the way in Wisconsin, a Vampire was like "I would like the child as an evil apprentice!". And before we could even say anything the child was like "If you even fucking look at my family I will punch you with my fists! I dare you to do it, I want you to do it! I want you to do it so I can take some of my misplaced agression out on you I'm that fucking crazy!!"
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fioxis · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Claw hand >:Dc
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liminalhollow · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This character here... This version of Danny from the Dan timeline... We only see him for a few moments.
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murphy-kitt · 3 hours ago
Scars - Day Twelve
Her eyes catch a few indentations in his arms, it’s just out the corner of her eyes, a split second, and then it’s gone. Her son is sitting at the dinner table, trundling through an assignment of his. Maddie thinks this is the longest her son has sat still, or just even been in her presence.
But Danny is fine. He’s still her little baby boy, with sweet china blue eyes and a heart of gold. So why is his track record so bad at school?
She avoids a growl of frustration, as if not to alert Danny, she doesn’t want to scare him off. Where would he even have scars from?
What has he been doing?
Her eyes preen on the nicks on his arms, just sticking slightly out below his shirt sleeves. The fabric ruffles up, and Maddie can see they’re much bigger than what she first thought. Slashes, even.
Horror floods her as the woman turns away, trying to not distract the teenager from the little work he might actually do. Haphazardly, Maddie stacks the dishes in the sink, images of scars flashing through her mind.
How haven’t I noticed them before? Revolt swirls around her mouth, and nausea springs up. God. Her own child, and she hadn’t even noticed him being injured. Is she that bad a parent?
She feels she doesn’t even know who her own son is anymore.
“Danny, are you okay?” She asks her son, not making eye contact with him.
“Uh - yeah?” His voice is twinged with surprise and there’s a ruffle of paper as he shuts his schoolbook. Well, it sounded like he’d stopped doing the work.
There’s no other reply, and Maddie turns and faces him. Straightaway, she can see something is wrong. Her son is clenched to the table as if it’s a lifeline, trembling as if he’s being interrogated. She wants to run and hug him, sweep him up and tell him how much she loves him, but she pulls back.
You’ve ignored him for so long, why would he want a mother like you now?
“You have scars.” Gesturing faintly to his arms, which results in Danny tucking his arms around the back of his chair.
“I’m clumsy. Just stupid, shy and clumsy Fenton.” His blue eyes dart down to his arms, but it’s so fast that Maddie swears it didn’t happen.
Her heart sinks. By his remarks, it’s clear that it’s the school bullies that are the bother. But — wounds to cause scars that deep? Maddie feels sick. How many times has he had to bandage himself up after school, sneak medical equipment from their first aid kit (who was she kidding, she’d seen the disappearing equipment for months but never cooked it till now).
“Who, who did this?” Whoever did this to her baby boy, they would pay.
“It wasn’t anyone! It’s okay. I’m okay.” The boy denied.
“Please, Danny, just tell me. If it’s gotten too bad that you’ve gotten scars, then I need to know who is injuring my baby boy!”
Danny shrinks into the chair, hiding behind locks of thick black hair, bringing his knees to his chest and wrapping his arms around them. He looks small. Scared.
But Maddie needs to know. This has been going on for months. And if he doesn’t tell her, and she’s still aware, what sort of parent would she be then, to continue to allow her son to get into danger?
No. It stops now.
“You really, really don’t want to know.” Danny lisps.
Maybe it’s traumatic to talk about? Was it that bad—
“It was the portal accident.” Danny firmly states, sweeping his hair out of the way and staring her straight in the face.
“You got the scars from the portal accident? But you didn’t have scars then.” Maddie is confused. What does this have to do with the portal accident?
“All of this started from the portal accident.” Her son responds, then dips down a little, “I know you’re gonna want to interrupt, but please just let me speak.”
Maddie nods, a sign for him to continue.
“Firstly, I walked inside the portal. I was electrocuted.”
She almost collapses. In - inside the portal?!
Her boy should be dead! How was he even still alive? Thousands of volts of electricity, and here he was sitting in front of her. It shouldn’t be possible.
Danny pauses, then continues, giving her time to process the information.
Not enough time, Maddie thinks.
“I woke up and I was a ghost. I — I had a ghost form. I — I have ghost powers.” Any sense of stability that was in Danny’s voice breaks and he splutters out each sentence continuously from the next.
Maddie feels like each extra added sentence is a bullet in her chest. Leaning against the table, she breathes in a few times, wondering how the hell she’ll even begin to process this.
Her son is a ghost. An evil, ectoplasmic remnant of post human consciousness and ectoplasmic remains. But — he’s here! Looking the same as ever before, doing schoolwork (albeit distractedly). Was his schoolwork worse because of being a ghost?
It can’t be true. It’s not.
But somehow, amongst all the ridiculousness a tiny voice reminds her about all the weapons that went off around Danny ever since Day One.
“The weapons went off around you!” Maddie says, consumed by guilt. Danny was in danger by their own weapons, which were meant to keep them safe.
“It’s fine.” Danny shrugs, strangely quite relieved that this is her reaction, “They don’t hurt.”
“They— they don’t hurt? What do you mean?” Maddie blinks. He’s been hurt by their weapons before?
“Uh well, kind of, you — it’s not your fault I wanna say — not yours at all, but um, you might’ve shot at me — once — or twice — or various times…”
Maddie feels her heart break.
She shot at her own son.
Not just once — but multiple times.
Who knows how many times she’s faced off at her son as a ghost, insulted him, shot at him, threatened to dissect him.
And them scars on his arms were her fault, her doing.
But she has to wonder — if he’s a ghost, then which one is he? The woman feels uncertain about considering her son with another, ghostly appearance and blanches.
“Who are you?” Maddie speaks, pulling a seat back and perching infront of her son.
The teenager slides down in his chair, averting his gaze and rubbing his hands through tufts of hair. God, this is the closest she’s gotten, he can’t shut down now.
Danny must’ve guessed what she thought, as he straightened slightly, looking at her out of the corner of her eye. “I’m gonna tell you, if you were thinking I wasn’t.. I just need some time to figure out how to show you.”
Suddenly, her son squeezes his eyes together for a second, and Maddie feels concerned as she watches, helpless. What is he doing?
When he open his eyes and looks back up at her, his eyes are green.
A very familiar green, of Danny Phantom, that is.
Still a day behind.. don’t think it helps that I decided that the next one-shot is gonna be a social media fic (I’m honestly gonna die at formatting that). Hope everyone is having a nice day/night!
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sammansonbot · 3 hours ago
(looking at her eyebrown) Who kind of a boy are the bad guys. You know the book stupid page in the green.] I thought we're going to the girl down the world of a little like a sun.
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shinygoldstar · 4 hours ago
Midnight Snack
DannyMay Day 11: Midnight (Also DannyMay Shadow, Scars, Power, Nature, Seasons, Teeth can you find them all?) Word Count: 2271 (not beta’d. experimental writing)
Warning: mentions of ghost cannibalism, nothing explicit
@floralflowerpower​ – for that ghost cannibalism post
(it’s 1 am so i’m gonna sleep now. might post on AO3 later)
It was mid-October. The leaves are starting to turn yellow heralding the approaching autumn. Danny was happy because that meant the unusually hot weather is almost over. It wasn’t that he’s melting from the heat- quite the opposite, he’s probably the only person in Amity that isn’t sweltering under the sun with his cold core. But due to this exact same reason, his cooler body temperature also drew in water vapor which condenses on his skin, pooling into beads of water dripping down his shirt, making him appear extra sweaty. He can’t wait for the temperature to be cool enough to not change clothes every few hours. Good thing his clothes are purchased by the dozen; no one really noticed him wearing new sets of clothes throughout the day.
It was the contaminated fridge foods that disappeared first. No one missed them. At least until they can’t find the mutated turkeys for their annual Thanksgiving hunting event.
Danny yawned as he and his friends entered Fenton Works. Autumn is comfy. Just the right temperature where he can wear loose clothing and not be stared at for being underdressed for the weather. No ‘sweating’ either. His mouth closed with a click, a bit too fast on his new fangs. Danny winced. The fangs seemed to have grown longer overnight again. At this rate Danny won’t be able to pass them off as normal pointy canine teeth for much longer. It didn’t hurt but the itch is annoying. Danny took a detour to the fridge, grabbing an ice cube from the freezer and popped it into his mouth, absentmindedly chewing on the cubes to take the edge off the itch as they walked down to the basement lab. His parents are at a paranormal convention at a nearby city and won’t be back until tomorrow. Danny and his friends gladly took the opportunity to do their ‘Danny’s quarterly fitness test’.
Danny flipped on the light switch and walked to the center of the lab, transforming into his ghost form. “Okay I’m ready. What’s first on the list?”
Tucker dropped his bag and took out a piece of notebook paper, “Okay, first we gotta do the baseline measurements. Height, weight, temperature, and the ecto reading.” Sam dug through her sports bag, pulling out the measurement tape. She held it against Danny, eyes scanning the tape measurement numbers. “Still the same height.”
Tucker nodded, noting down the measurement in Danny’s health notebook. “Next, weight.” Danny stood over the scale. “Yup, still the same weight too.”  
Then it was the ecto-samples that Jack misplaced in the kitchen fridge. Jack warned everyone a few days later (everyone knows to avoid glowing food on normal basis so the delayed warning is mostly just courtesy), but no one could find where it went and assumed it grew legs to join the other tiny ecto-samples lurking as their equivalent of household pests. (No matter how often Maddie tried to patch up the mouse hole it keeps reappearing in the same shape but in a different part of the house as if the original mouse hole got transplanted from its original location)
“Lunch Lady’s right. You need to eat more. You’re still as skinny as ever.” Sam remarked as Danny took the thermometer out of his mouth. “76 F. The ghosts keep attacking me all day and night. You’d think my parents would notice when a ghost sneaks pass them while they work in the lab but I triggered all their ghost alarms just by being in the house so they deactivated the system when I’m around. They must’ve kept it turned off during the day too.”
“Tough luck dude. Ecto scan next.” Tucker passed the scanner to Sam while Danny stood still for her to scan. The machine beeped, “Wow 6.8, that’s quite a jump from last quarter’s 5.1”
“Maybe it was from all the ghost fighting I did over the summer?”
As the leaves began to fall from the branches, ghost attacks lessened in frequency. Not looking the gift horse in the mouth Danny happily enjoyed the lack of ghost attacks to focus more on his studies. If he did well enough, he might even get Bs for his efforts. He also managed to avoid getting detention for the entire week much to the relief of everyone involved.
Two days before Thanksgiving, the Fentons finally remembered their turkeys. But by then it was gone. In a rush, they quickly purchased a pre-made turkey instead. While Danny enjoyed the fact that they’re having a normal family dinner for once, he can’t help but feel like there’s something off about the chicken. As if it’s missing a particular tangy or zingy flavor that would’ve made it richer in flavor. ‘Must’ve been because it’s overcooked.’
"Honey? Have you seen the new ecto-samples I placed in the basement lab fridge?" “Again Jack? This is the third time this month. Have you checked the upstairs fridge?” “I-ah was pretty sure I placed them in the correct fridge this time. Must be some no-good thievin’ ghost.” “I’ll set up the ecto-anti-theft, that’ll get ‘em good! No ghost can escape Jack Fenton for long!”
*Intruder Alert* *Intruder Alert*
Red lights peppered with robotic voice and alarm noises lurched Maddie into full alert mode. She quickly took stock of her surroundings and tried to wake Jack up. But Jack had his earplugs on and continued to snore blissfully. A loud knock on the door caught her attention. “What’s going on mom?” Jazz’s voice floated through the door. Maddie quickly rose to open the bedroom door, swiftly pulled Jazz in and locked the door. “Jazz dear, try to wake your dad up. I’ll go check on the intruder.” Maddie strode quietly to the door then paused, “Have you checked on Danny?” Jazz bit her lips and looked away for a moment “-ah yeah! Danny’s snoring so loud he can’t hear the alarm.” Maddie twisted the doorknob but paused, hesitating. “He’s fine mom.” Jazz reassures her. “If Danny wakes up, he’ll come here first. I’ll let him know what’s going on.”
The alarm rang loudly in her ears as she walked down the stairs to the basement lab, its loud ringing noise effectively covering up the sound of her footsteps. Reaching the basement floor, Maddie quickly crept over to hide behind the shelf on her left, eyes scanning the lab for the intruder.
The glass jars clinked as a shadow moved about the fridge. A very familiar shadow. That didn’t glow. Maddie turned on the lab lights. “Danny?” she started, carefully walking over to face him, her eyes still scanning him to check if he’s really her Danny. The faint, barely noticeable scar on his eyebrow from his attempt to fly off the tree when he was five is there confirming his identity.
“What are you doing down here-?” Maddie noticed the glowing jar in his hand, “and what exactly are you doing?” Danny hazily stared at her; eyes half-lidded. Maddie snapped her fingers to get his attention. Danny didn’t blink. “He's still not awake, Danny come on wake up!”, she shook his shoulders. “Huh? Wuzzat?” Danny groggily woke up. He blinked in confusion.
Finally aware of his surroundings, Danny looked down at his right hand that still held the glowing sample. “Aah!” Danny yelped dropping the sample, then realizing he dropped the sample, tries to catch the jar, fumbling clumsily. Maddie would’ve laughed if it was anywhere else but in this situation. “Danny, do you remember what you were doing?”
“I was doing my homework and was craving for a good cheeseburger?”
“And the half-opened jar of ectoplasm?”
“Dude are you for real? That was priceless!” Tucker crowed with laughter. Sam leaned away from Tucker to avoid the meat spittle, “Urgh! Gross Tucker! Swallow it before you speak!”
Danny grumbled into his glass of milkshake, “’s not funny Tuck. you didn't see her face. She was about ready to scan me for signs of ecto-possession. Good thing my lie about craving cheeseburger and opening the wrong fridge worked. Otherwise I’d be in big trouble if she scanned me now with my latest ecto-reading. Anyways I'm banned from the lab now.” Danny bit into his burger.
“So what really happened there dude? Did you seriously sleepwalk into the basement lab?”
“I think so? I don’t really remember anything before Mom found me in the lab. Only that I was feeling a bit hungry.”
The ghosts stopped coming. Everyone in Amity held their breath when there were no ghost attacks for two weeks straight, then a month. Then two months, three. No ghosts. They let out their collective breath. It might be too soon to hope but for now they will enjoy their ghost-free, perfectly ordinary life. It feels a bit strange to not have ghost related interruptions as part of their daily routine but they didn’t miss the ghost-related reconstruction expenses. The local insurance company employees received a nice bonus for the ghost-free month.
By the time March rolled in, Danny is restless. “Guys, there's definitely something big going on.”, he waved his hands for emphasis. “The Fenton portal is still open yet no ghost came through? Not even Boxy since the North District warehouse thing last month. There’s definitely something big going on. I've been taking the ghost-free break for granted for a while now and it helped save my grades but this is too big to ignore.”
“Dude, maybe it’s because you’re much more powerful now? Your latest reading last week is 8.2. None of the ghosts we’ve met so far is above 6 except for Vlad and the Ghost King.” Tucker suggested.
“You might have a point there, Tucker. We haven’t seen any of the ghosts bothering Vlad so far and he’s definitely higher than 6.” Sam added.
Danny frowned, “Maybe you’re right but I just have this nagging feeling that that’s not quite it.”
Danny entered the Zone with little fanfare. The area around the Fenton portal looked normal enough, the usual rocks and clouds of debris are still floating around in their usual areas. Danny aimlessly passed through the nooks and crannies, ducking under the endless spiral staircase, not entirely sure of what to look for. The Zone felt a bit quiet today but Danny haven’t been to the Zone that frequently to be certain about it.
The Ghost Zone, while still filled with random bits of odds and ends felt empty somehow. It wasn't until he sighted Skulker that he realized he hasn't seen any of the tiny blog ghosts nor the occasional passerby ghosts through his trip.
Luckily or unluckily, Danny quickly spotted someone he knew in the distance. As if called, Skulker turned his head towards Danny, then veered sharply to the left and flew fast in Danny's opposite direction, a first for the self-proclaimed hunter to not hunt his favorite prey. ‘Something's not right and Skulker definitely knows something.’ Danny thought.
Danny quickly chased after him; Skulker could never beat Danny at speed chase even at his best, and he won't be winning today's unplanned race either. “Hey Skulker! What’s going on?” Danny yelled over the gap between them but Skulker gave no reply, diving down deep into the reddish forest ravines of the island below. Not to be deterred, Danny did a quick aerial flip, adjusting his flight angle to follow down Skulker’s path. Danny soon caught up to Skulker and launched him into a nearby rock with sticky ectoplasm to hold him still long enough to talk. Skulker ejected from his metal suit but Danny was faster and caught the real ghost before he can escape.
(Why is Skulker fleeing?)
"Hey Skulker, not hunting me for once?" Danny asked teasingly.
Skulker paled (Danny never knew ghosts can turn pale) and squirmed even more. Danny's smile dropped.
"What’s going on Skulker?" he asked worriedly. “None of the ghosts have appeared in the human world and the Zone looks empty somehow”
Skulker squirmed a bit more but realizing he’s stuck finally said, “Ghost Child, haven’t you ever wondered why the Infinite Realms is never overcrowded?”
Danny frowned, puzzled as to where this leads to. “How is this related to this situation?” Skulker stared at Danny stunned.
“What?” Danny asked, suddenly self-conscious, “-was there something I was supposed to know about?”
Skulker sighed, unconsciously loosening a bit of his tension, “You’re so young. So very young. We Ghosts don’t fade as fast as Newcomers arrive from your world. In the Realms, there's a natural system that keeps the population under control. An ecosystem. There's predator and there's prey. And then there's the Apex Predator. There's a reason why Dark was feared. It wasn't just for his harsh rule. It was because he was the Apex Predator.”
Danny struck at the odd wording, "’Was’? Was that because he got sealed?” Danny paused, “But wait- if he's sealed, he would still be the Apex predator. So how-? Wait. Did I?"
Skulker nodded, "Good you're catching on fast. By defeating Pariah Dark, you have proven to the Realms that you're the best candidate for the Apex Predator. And with the new status comes sets of conducts, one your body instincts know well. You've been culling down the uncontrolled excess from Pariah Dark's sleep quite fast. Your hunger would settle down soon of course once balance has been re-established in the Realms."
“But- How- Wait- What-?” Danny looked down at his hand “Hey Skulker--!” but his hand is bare.
Danny’s lips tasted oddly tangy, energized.  
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