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#Danny Phantom

And if you’re the only thing standing between me and that…

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Not me fading back into existence on AO3 and only to post an author’s note for Offers

Fanfiction | AO3

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Someone who doesn’t know Danny’s identity is condemned by Danny’s death.

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me drawing danny politely asking to take a photo of some long boys instead of doing owed art? highly likely 

anyways i like eels and long bois 

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The ghost was a ghost on the room on Sam, the cords [Cut to Sam’s parents and reads to the phony one.

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where the fuck did vlad come up with the name plasmius

like danny obviously chose his ghost name because it was a pun based off his actual name and he’s a damn nerd

but what on god’s green earth made vlad go “hmm yes the only LOGICAL and NORMAL thing to name my edward cullen vampire ghost half is fucking PLASMIUS because THAT is a NORMAL CONCLUSION to come to”

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Really Sammo? You don’t say?

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Re: this AU

I am completely on board with this idea. I figured Spooky would be doing that anyway, which is one of the reasons I had him as a gift from Wulf in a ficlet, but it makes a lot of sense that all the owls bred in the wizarding world would be able to do this. They’d already need to be more sensitive to magic, so it’s perfectly reasonable that they’re sensitive to the supernatural over and above the norm for animals, which would help them navigate safely through the Ghost Zone and find the right portals to fly in and out of. 

It makes more sense than what I’d been thinking for the rest of the owls (or, let’s face it, messenger birds, because any bird flying for a long period of time over water should be suited to that), which was utilizing something akin to waystations. That would required some strategically-selected islands to be designated rest points along the way–all uncharted by muggles due to the warding put up, of course, that keeps them a safe distance away.

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Three Halves - Page 03

An Undertale/Danny Phantom Crossover Comic

Cover [x]

Page 02 [x]

Page 04 [TBA]

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What if we did something the second?

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See, I’d buy that if the focus of the narrative Clockwork made was about being kinder to himself or finding outlets for anger and stress, Instead the narrative Danny was handed was basically ‘If you take one shortcut, step over the line of right and wrong once, even if it’s in a way that shouldn’t have any real consequence, everyone you love dies and you’ll become the monster that destroys the world”

That’s not going to do anything to relieve stress, paranoia, or depression. It’s going to add to it. Only it will ensure it’s all aimed inwards, magnifying a low self-esteem Danny’s already shown previously, and enforced by those around him (Parents expect him to get A’s because ‘He’s a Fenton.’, bullies can target him with impunity, with the most response the faculty gives is “I should at least pretend to be fair’, the Entire Spectra Thing, Vlad’s repeated comments on his intelligence.) 

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The Far Frozen people and Johnny 13 are locked in an epic battle about a GIW facility. This happens late at night.

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Villains are so much fun I will only be drawing villains from now on

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