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currently-haunted · 2 days ago
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I'm very normal about dp x dc crossovers
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krossan · a day ago
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Au where all the ghosts hide thier real names on instinct, not only because knowing a ghosts name gives you power over them but because you could use thier name to potentially find thier grave through magic or Google.
Once you find thier bones there's no shortage of what you could do.
Due to the nature of Embers obsession she isn't able to hide her name and during a fight she reveals to Phantom she lives in a constant state of anxiety fearing someone might find her body and use it against her
Phantom knocks on her door a week later with not only her body but her entire casket floating behind him. She's oddly touched. This is probably the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her. Word, of course, spreads of this and other spirits ask him to do the same for them and are willing to make deals
Another week later Batman is investigating all the robbed graves and trying to figure out wtf is going on
Edit: Yes the removal of the caskets cause the graves to sink in and thats how Batman is alerted to the issue. I had left this as an implication but felt the need to clarify due to people talking about it in the notes.
Edit 2: You could also have a grave keeper see Phantom stealing caskets and alert authorities. Whats more this is likely happening in more than just Gotham. You could also have another ghost/ a magic user see this super powerful spirit robbing graves and being like, "Well that seems ominous. I should tell someone about that."
Please forgive me for adding more, I have no control over myself
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letswonderspirit · a day ago
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Fourteen-year-old Dani with an i
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tourettesdog · 2 days ago
Post no-one knows au where, once Sam and Tucker do find out, Danny realizes just all of the crazy bullshit he's been through as he starts unpacking the laundry list of ghost info to his friends in small intervals.
He realizes he has to explain Dani to them, but she's off on a cross country trip to Europe and said she won't be back again for at least a month so Danny has time.
Danny decides to fill that time by name-dropping Dani into comments and conversations whenever he can. Just small things like "Dani likes that candy," or "Dani once got stuck phasing through the ceiling."
Sam and Tucker just assume he's talking in third person whenever he does it. They don't know why he's doing it-- and boy does it annoy Sam. She's going to strangle him if she hears "Dani doesn't like that" one more time-- but every time they point it out, Danny just gives a blank look and a "What?"
Then a month later they're all hanging out at the Nasty Burger, Danny just staring out the window, and he suddenly goes "Oh, shit! Dani's back!" with a big, goofy grin.
Sam and Tucker start questioning if the ectoplasm Danny drinks has finally driven him insane, before the door opens and a tiny, pre-transition Danny just comes hurtling at him in a crushing hug.
Shit-eating grin in tow, Danny's just like "Guys, meet Dani! My sister-- sort of. Long story."
Sam and Tucker just blue screen. Sam recovers first and asks why the hell he never mentioned having another sister-- a twin possibly.
"I don't know what you're talking about; I literally mention her all the time."
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phanboyo · 2 days ago
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In light of the whole "eating ectoplasm" thing,
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thebubblesareevil · a day ago
So I’ve read a lot of Danny was adopted by the fentons but he’s always the twin or younger brother of one of the bats but I just kept thinking what if he was the older brother.
So Haley’s circus has had a really hard year and the newlywed Graysons end up pregnant with a baby boy. Unfortunately they know that at this point they could not take care of him the way he would need and so they reluctantly put baby Danny up for adoption. A few years later they welcome dick and we know how that goes.
Fast forward to young justice age dick investigating a string of thefts committed along the route of Haley’s circus but before he leaves Haley pulls Dick aside and tells him about his older brother. He doesn’t know how to react at first and doesnt tell anyone but Wally but eventually Dick decides to track down his brother and finds this sleep deprived mess of a brother who is basically a trash panda who for some reason has been left in charge of a child.
Danny is super excited to be a big brother and they end up bonding. Either Danny ends up going to college In Gotham or he gets a job there so he can get to know his brother. He of course takes his “cousin” with him.
A few years pass we hit season 2 of young justice and miraculously Dick has managed to keep being nightwing a secret from Danny (mostly Danny was avoiding the Batfam and dick was avoiding Danny when I’m costume) Danny has become like an older brother to both Tim and Jason. Now end of season 2 hits Wally has been dragged into the speed force and Zatanna finds a time to summon the king of the infinite realms in hopes of finding a way to get Wally back.
So they do the whole summoning and as the magic circle is lighting up Shazam or Constantine or dr fate rush in freaking out because pariah dark was locked up for a reason. And then everybody is on edge a figure starts to form in the center and a there was a great big flash (couldn’t help it) and there sitting in the middle other of the circle is Dicks half asleep older brother consuming cheerios out Tupperware with a fork. Everybody is staring at him he stares right back. And says something like oh like you’ve never forgotten to do the dishes before.
Anywho this got out of hand but enjoy 😊
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wastefulreverie · a day ago
revelations week day 5: no choice
"That can't be right, Jack," Mom hissed. "I mean, listen to what you're saying! We can't just give up!"
Dad's face was grim in the low, red emergency lights of the Specter Speeder.
"I don't know what you want me to say. If we want to get out of this, Phantom's the only one who can save us now." His laugh was bitter. "I mean, what ghost in their right mind would go out on a limb for their sworn enemy? It's hopeless."
Danny gulped. "Why's it have to be Phantom? Why not any of the other ghosts out there?"
"We had the Speeder keyed into Phantom's ecto-signature. It was supposed to be tracking him, but something in the code was scrambled when we crashed. How it happened is beyond me. It's less than one-in-a-millionth chance, but now the Speeder is refusing to unlock without Phantom's biometrics. Meaning we can't leave, and we can't start it up again."
"Can't we pry open the doors, though?"
Mom shook her head. "The doors are titanium and the locking mechanism is powered with a super magnet. It'd be no use."
"What about our biometrics? Aren't they programmed in too?"
Dad took off his glove again and pressed it down on the scanner.
The lights flashed and there was a high trilling alarm.
"They're all scrambled." He replaced his glove and the alarm stopped. "I tried reentering it manually, but Phantom's the only administrator the system recognizes. I'm not sure how long it will be until we run out of air, but chances are even if Phantom finds us in this corner of the Ghost Zone, he won't be able to enter the Specter Speeder because it's impenetrable for ghosts. He'd have to be on the inside."
Mom put a hand over her mouth. "No…"
"There's no way out of this one. I'm so sorry. I should've never—should've never brought us out here." Dad's eyes watered. "This is all my fault."
"No. It's not your fault," Mom said. "We all agreed to make this trip. This was nothing but a freak accident."
Danny jumped down from the stool he'd been sitting on. "Yeah, speaking of freak accidents—"
His parents turned to look at him, fear etched across their faces.
He walked across the Specter Speeder and pressed his thumb against the biometric scanner. Moments later, the engine roared to life.
"—there's a few things about mine I haven't told you about."
His parents' expressions were dumbstruck.
"I mean, of all the expeditions you could have roped me on you had to choose 'tracking down Phantom.' It was sort of funny at first, flying around in circles, but I guess it's sort of a fortunate thing that I was inside the Speeder instead of outside when we crashed?" He shrugged. "And to think I almost blew you off today and hung out with Sam and Tucker instead."
"Danny," his Mom's voice was low. "What did you do?"
"I unlocked the Speeder. I mean, all that business about suffocating to death didn't sound good."
"That shouldn't be possible," Dad said. "I mean, you're not Phantom."
"Sure. I'm not."
Mom sounded uncertain.
"... are you?"
He shrugged. "I mean, not on purpose. It sort of just happened?"
"Um." Dad looked uncomfortable. "What does that mean?"
"Look, if today's taught us anything it's that accidents happen, right? That's all it was. Just an accident." He lowered his voice. "Where I may or may not have turned the Ghost Portal on from the inside and died just enough to become a ghost but not enough for my body to shut down, so now I'm a walking philosophical problem walking the line of life and death and somehow—it's beyond me—got roped into teenage vigilantism."
Neither of his parents said anything for a good half-minute.
"I can't tell if you're joking or not," Mom said.
"Oh," he clapped. "I wish I was. But that's just my life. Half-life. You could say half-death too, but Jazz gets mad at me when I frame it like that because she says it's better to place the emphasis on the glass half-full approach." He shook his head. "I don't care which. So, are we getting out of here, or what?"
Dad's voice was hoarse. "Uh, alright. I—I can set coordinates for home."
"Cool." He leaned back onto his stool. "I wouldn't have told you like this if I had no other choice. Not ideal, I get it. But we're good, right?"
His parents stared as if they were seeing straight through him. He checked to make sure he hadn't turned invisible again and found that he was still quite visible.
Ah. That was the shock setting in.
"Mm. Looks like you still need time to process."
It was a good thing that the ride home was a long one, because they'd need it.
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livmadart · a day ago
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I’m a sucker for poignant epitaphs
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Billy Batson and Danny Fenton be like:
Overpower children that could fucking destroy the world but choose not to
Both being self-sacrificial idiots
Gremlins energy
Having adult villains that wants to kill them
Can and will fight gods
Both black hair and blue eyes
Both are burden with huge responsibilities (Billy with protecting the Rock of Eternity and Danny being the Ghost King)
Both hiding their identity from the JL
Did I mention that there children
Oh and Batfam
Tumblr media
There the same person
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new-revenant · 2 days ago
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@ocearnawrites i drew the alternative alternative thing of jason and danny looking like freaks to each other(thought it was the funniest option). it took me forever to draw this for some reason so i only got jason freaking out about our favorite teen ghost hero :’D
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going-getting-got-ghost · 2 days ago
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Yep, had to do it
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Phantom has been having some problems with Satanic cults that are popping up around Amity and he has no idea what to do. Sure, nothing they've tried has affected him, but he's afraid that might change.
It was just another ordinary night in the most haunted city in America when he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. "More magic. Great." Danny muttered to himself before flying off in the direction he felt it coming from.
Unfortunately he arrived too late and a young man appeared in the middle of a summoning circle. He looked confused, the cultists seemed confused, and Danny was definitely confused. This man was alive he was sure of it, even if he was dressed really strange. Not that he had any right to speak.
Phantom snapped out of his confusion when one of the cultist-A local redheaded girl named Mindy- shouted, "ALL HAIL THE BIRD GOD!!!"
This caused the man to whip out a bo staff from seemingly nowhere and start beating them up. Fair. Danny decided he kinda liked the guy and joined into the frey. After the cultists had been defeated the man actually tied them up and made an anonymous call the the police.
"So, are you really a bird god?" He asked.
If the man was startled by the ghosts echo-y voice or white glow he must have been really good at hiding it. "No, sorry, I'm just a normal vigilante. My names Red Robin, nice to meet you." The vigilante held out his hand for him to shake.
Danny quickly obliged, fighting back a smirk when the vigilantes hand twitched. It was the only tell that indicated the man was bothered by how cold his hands were. Most people outright flinched from his icy touch (ha) but not this guy. This guy was cool. "I'm Phantom, Amity Parks own ghostly superhero! Nice to meet ya!" Danny said with a smirk before flashing finger guns at him.
"You're a ghost?!" Oh no. He thought, Here it comes, Bird guy is gonna run for the hills like so many others-
"But you're so young..." the sympathy in his voice caught Danny off guard, "How old were you when-" the ghost cut him off, "You should never ask a ghost about thier death. Ever."
Red Robin paused before nodding.
They ended up talking about how to best get Red home before his family freaked out too much. Danny suggested the Infinity Map and they went to ask if they could use it, only for the people of the far frozen to refuse, stating that Clockwork himself came to them and told them to refuse.
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theghostwithcats-stuff · 2 days ago
Here some danny and spooky it's been a while since I drew the boy and I really enjoyed making these
I'm always in a bit of an art block so feel free to suggest a sketch of him doing whatever you want even a crossover I'm open to all❤❤❤
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pricklenettle · 9 hours ago
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dreamwraith · 11 hours ago
Ghost King Danny idea mixed with college au
Danny needs a cheap place to stay and the Ghost Zone needs their king to at least pretend to govern. So, Danny makes his home in the Ghost Zone palace and portals to college every morning for classes. Win-win for everyone. Danny gets a free place to stay and the GZ representatives can begin organizing a government around him while he's distracted doing human things.
What could possibly go wrong?
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reanimatedgh0ul · a day ago
when you accidentally type 😂😂💀😂
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captain-krow-drozdov · a day ago
A Bit Late But Meh Quality Vertical Limit Memes Time Gents
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
As Always Link To The Beloved Fic Itself Give It Some Love
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inked-spirit · 2 days ago
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Just realised I can post this now:)
(Click for better detail the file is quite big)
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new-revenant · a day ago
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this is 100% how i imagine how Val would get the name red huntress, she asks danny for a superhero name and he says red huntress because his favorite hero is red hood. i like to think that val knows next to nothing about heroes so :)
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