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#Danny Rand x Stark! OC

Summary:When people hear ‘Maya Stark’ everyone would think about the perfect, smart. good looking, rich, student body president of Midtown High.Nobody but her childhood friend Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man and her new team of heroes. Ava, Sam, Danny, and Luke AKA  white tiger, Nova, Iron fist, and Power Man knows about her secret of being Queen’s very own Mistress, soon to be ULTIMATE Mistress

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Originally posted by zacksfairest

{Peter’s POV}

“Leap, forward leap. Flip!” Batroc laughed as I raced after him up the building with my spider-cycle. “C'est bon. C'est magnifique.”

“Your suckatude knows no bounds, Batroc.” I said as I slinged a web on his foot as I tried to slow him down but instead he managed to pull me off my Spider-cycle and make me hit places as he leaped around like a giant frog. Soon I was face flat on the back of a billboard as Baltroc got away.


Batroc the Leaper. So off the radar, SHIELD doesn’t have a real file on him. What’s to know? He’s French. He leaps.

Another thing you guys must be wondering,Where the heck is Maya? Well, She’s at home getting work done early.

Why? You’ll see later


“And zee bug goes splat.” Baltroc taunted. “But where is zee witch?”

{At Stark Household}

Maya sneezed as she suddenly felt ticked off. She stopped typing her report.

 "I feel like somebody just called me a witch…?“ Maya shivered slightly as she went back to typing. "Probably just my imagination.”

{Back with Spiderman}

“Taunting me is one thing, Baltroc” I said as I got down. “But calling names on my favorite partner is a whole nother level of wrong” I felt irritation, mixed with confusion. Why was I having such a strong reaction to this? Maya’s been called a witch plenty of times, but I never felt this overprotective. I quickly pounced on him as he was about to getaway.

“Spider-Man. Nick Fury says get back to SHIELD HQ for training.” I hung upside down next to White Tiger.

“Just because he’s the director of SHIELD doesn’t mean he can boss me around. Besides, Fury would be the first to say going solo on B-listers like Batroc is good training. Don’t be so official, White Tiger.” I said as I got on my feet and began walking. “When life gives you Batroc, make French toast.” Baltroc then kicked my face hard, sending me flying as he got up with a laugh.

“A boot in the face!” White Tiger tried to pounce on Baltroc with her claws but he moved away just in time as he bumped me hard, hitting the billboard playing J. Jameson.

“Way to go it alone,” I said annoyed as I sat there, a bit stuck.

“Get lazy and even the lame ones can splatter you. That’s what training’s for.” White Tiger said mockingly. “That and mastering new tools like electric claws.” White Tiger bloated as she activated her electric claws. I managed to get out of the billboard as Baltoc chased white Tiger. I quickly made a giant web as White tiger clawed a water plant as Baltoc hit the web and slinged far, defeating him.

“Is Spider-Man and Mistress a student at Midtown High? - Recently it was attacked” J.Jameson said before Baltoc hit the billboard making it explode.

“Where does he get that stuff?” I asked myself before White Tiger and I made our way back to S.H.I.E.L.D.

***{Maya’s POV} ***

I sighed as I closed my laptop. Finally finished my essay reports, school check-ins, and tomorrow night’s homework while also making sure I have free time tonight to catch that Sci-Fi movie with Danny.


Why am I getting things done early? You may ask. 

Well, today is my annual every 19th of a month, a training session with the great powerful Sorcerer, Dr.Strange. 

My training with him is once a month since he’s always busy, and he is special because since I’m a sorceress I can learn to be better with my mind and magic with a great Sorcerer like Dr.Strange.


I yawned as I fell on my bed. Man, I’m tired.


I was at school in my student office since I got here really early to check up on everything and leave a detailed schedule on what the Vice President, Gwen Stacy. I checked the time. 7:59. I gasped and quickly gathered my things as I quickly made my way to the cafeteria. I seemed to have made it just in time as I saw Danny saved me a seat next to him and Ava. I gratefully thanked him as I sat down to listen to Principal Coulson.

“all city campuses run on high alert. Report any suspicious persons immediately.” Coulson said as Peter dashed in here.

“I think I see one now” Flash joked at Peter as I frowned before smiling at Peter as he made his way to the seat next to Ava.

“Pretty good show with Batroc ze Leaper, huh, Ava?” Peter asked nudging her as she seemed unamused.

“Lapse training, and late for school? Good show, Parker” Peter sighed as he sat on the opposite side with Harry and MJ.

“Hey, Pete. They’re saying Spidey goes to the school. Girls love heroes, so help me spread the rumor it’s me, huh?” Harry slyly said.

“It probably is you, Harry. Who else could afford all those webs he squirts all over everything?” MJ stated.

“How could he be spiderman when you were both there at Harry’s party at the same time Spider-Man arrived? Harry can’t be in two places, can he? Plus he could just be having a sponsor.” I inputted.

“Maya’s got a point, And Spider-man doesn’t squirt, he shoots,” Peter said demonstrating it “And I don’t think it’s a good idea for anyone to pose as him right now.” He added on before Flash pushed him off his seat, sitting in his place.

“Speaking of squirts” Flash mockingly said as Peter got up and frowned at Flash.

“Thompson, Parker, pay attention” Principal Coulson snapped as I looked over at the man next to Coulson. Almost no hair, white strap around his head. Skinny yet muscular figure. And, his aura seemed off. It doesn’t give off a normal aura, but instead a darker one. He’s harboring evil intentions, but what is it? “Your gym teacher, Mr.Molskin will be out due to a freak accident after last night’s game. Mr. Jager will be your substitute until further notice.” I wonder how freaky.

“I look forward to the challenge of unlocking your …hidden talents,” Mr.Jager said with an accent as he looked at our group specifically as if searching us for something. I eyed him suspiciously, not trusting him at all now. I felt my magic senses go off as I saw him lock eyes with me.

‘bad intentions are being harbored, Stark’

Peter and I’s senses are sorta different in a way. His only alerts him of danger that is seconds away from occurring, mines comes with a voice that tells me something that hints me towards potential danger.


Awkward phrasing or veiled threat? You be the judge.

The answer is pretty obvious



We were in the gym now, we were arranging the teams in dodgeball when one of the Office helpers came in and gave Mr.Jager a pass, he didn’t seem so happy. I wonder why? He grudgingly made his way towards me and gave me the pass with a frown.

“Go, Miss Stark” I took the pass as I packed my things, while also stealing glances at Mr.Jagar. Why is he so upset about me leaving early?

“Annual Magic session?” Peter whispered as he handed me my phone-which I lent him earlier since his was dead.

“Yeah. Doctor Strange may be patient, but he doesn’t like being kept waiting, besides I learn a lot from him since he’s the only other person I know that shares practically the exact same abilities as I do” I whispered back as I placed my shoulder bag on. 

“Text me later, you know what time I get off training”

“I hate gym without you, Maya”

“One a month Peter, Once a month. I’ll make it up to you”

“Tonight?”“Got plans with Danny, Tomorrow night?”

“What are you two doing?”

“We’re going to watch a Sci-fi movie”

“Oh, Okay”

“Got to go, remember. Text me later” Peter nodded as I left the room, Feeling Mr.Jagar’s deep stare as I left.By the time I made it to the office, I saw Doctor Strange sitting there waiting, in his casual clothes. I grinned as I made my way there.“Mr.Strange,” I said with a grin. He looked up with a small smile.

“Let’s get going, shall we? Maya” I nodded as we made our way to a dark alley. “You remember the group transportation spell from our last lesson, don’t you?”

“I’ve been practicing a lot”

“Did you torture your father?” Dr. Strange chuckled as I nervously chuckled, remembering how annoyed and irritated dad was by the number of times I had purposefully accidentally teleported him all over the Avengers Tower whenever I practiced.


“Why don’t we put the spell into use? Teleport us in our usual spot in the forest clearing in the Amazon.” I nodded as I focused my mind on that location.

“Cali mon ta rēn fooloo belaga.” I chanted the spell. I opened my eyes to see we were in our clearing…except I was on the grass and Doctor Strange was in the lake soaking…oops? I helped Doctor Strange out mumbling sorry a lot of times as he brushed it off as he snapped his fingers drying himself quickly.

“Except for that misfortune of me being in the lake, you seem to have successfully brought us here” I grinned as he waved his hand as we were soon in our cloaks. “Since your strongest point is your mind, we’ll start with meditating to sharpen your focus and to get you relaxed. I can sense you’ve been stressed recently.” I sighed as I sat down with my legs crossed as Dr.Strange did the same.

“Yes. With school going haywire, New team, and stark internship. I do have a lot on my plate”

“Seems your a very well relied on person”

“it’s an honor and a curse”

“You know the drill” I nodded as I took a breath in and closed my eyes. I focused on clearing my mind. I felt my body go light as I took slow breaths. I focused my mind on my breathing. I sensed Doctor Strange was doing the same. “Free your mind of worries,” Doctor Strange said in a low, calming tone. “Let go of any doubts or regrets” I sighed in relaxation.

***{Peter’s POV}***

20 minutes in and I already miss Maya a bunch. We played dodgeball and I allowed myself to get hit in the face by a ball I could have easily dodged but I didn’t, for the sake of my identity. Even though I got snarky responses from Ava, Maya not only gave me snarky responses about how I shouldn’t be getting myself hurt to hide my identity and just dodge simple things like that, she would also secretly place her hand on mines to use a bit of her magic to make the pain go away when nobody is noticing us, which makes getting slammed by a dodgeball in the face by Flash Thompson all worth it.

“I’m looking for finalists for the citywide athletic achievement contest. I want to see everything you’ve got in this obstacle course. Push yourselves to the limit. Don’t give me less than 110 percent.” I never even knew those things existed! Couch Jager walked down the line us students had stood in. He made us all look him in the eye which was pretty creepy.

“You could learn a thing from him,” Ava said as she glanced at me from her spot next to me in line.

“How to creep people out?” I asked as I glanced back at her oddly.

“Mr.Thompson!” Couch Jager yelled as he turned around. “Go!”

“I’ll show you how it’s done,” Flash said cockily. “And make sure to record it people, I want Maya to see this!” I rolled my eyes. Maya wouldn’t be interested in him even if he walked through fire. Flash ran through the obstacle course only stumbling a bit before falling face flat in front of the couch, not bad for a rookie. “Good, huh, coach? - Am I in?” Flash asked excitedly as Couch Jager turned his back.

“Okay, next one up.” He yelled. “Go! Ayala, next.” Ava went through the course with her swiftness through being white Tiger. “Rand, next!” Danny went through with ease with incredible balance. “Osborn, next!” Harry went through the course stumbling and tripping, obviously not meant for these kinds of stuff. “Cage! Go!” Luke went through the course before getting stuck in the tire instead of going through it.

“Can we get some man-sized tires up in here people? Seriously.” He said annoyed.

“Mr.Parker, your last” Couch Jager said in a deep tone as they finally got Luke out of the tire.


How sweet would it be to show them all what I can really do? Move on to the citywide championships?


“You can begin anytime today.” Couch Jager said, pulling me out of my daydreams. “The course doesn’t run itself, Mr.Parker.” I purposely made myself fail as I pretended to struggle climbing the wall before falling down, fake of course. Man I wish Maya was here to take the pain away. Couch Jager grunted as I got up and went up to the others. “I’ll see three of you tomorrow” He said to us. “Rand, Osborn, Thompson. The rest of you, anemic.”

“Tomorrow? Saturday?” Danny exclaimed as Couch Jager walked off.

“Did I stutter?”

“Danny, Flash, and Harry? Harry? I aced that thing.” Ava complained. “Why am I not a finalist? Because I’m a girl?”

“Are you the only person on Earth who sees school on a Saturday as a good thing?” I asked.

“Maya and Fury were right. You are too soft” Ava said. “You know, I say we show Mr.Jager who can do what. You and I are going to come back tomorrow anyway, list or no list and run that course again. You know what, I’ll even bring Maya along to do it too” By this point the others already walked off.

“If I’m late, you can start without me. Finish too. I’m beat. I have tomorrow set aside for sleep and a movie marathon with Maya by night ” I yawned out. “Doesn’t that Jager creep you out?” I said as we looked at him doing Jumping Jacks facing the wall.

“I work with a guy whose feet stick to walls. No one creeps me out.” Ava said before she walked off. I stared at Couch Jager stretching suspiciously before walking off myself.


I was having an amazing dream of J. Johnson proclaiming every day to be Spiderman Day with me sitting on Iron Man and Thor’s shoulders as the crowd cheered my name with confetti everywhere before my phone began to rang waking me up as I groaned. I picked up my phone to see Ava calling.

“Hello? Peter, have you heard from Harry?” Ava asked, “It’s noon, and no one’s come out from the gym yet.”

“I’m not late for training,” I said as I rubbed my eyes.

“Something’s wrong. We can’t get into school. The fence is electrified.” I heard Maya’s voice. “I’m almost certain it has to do with Jager”

“It’s Saturday. Why are you-Did you say the school’s electrified?” I said as I bolted up from my bed as I went to get my Spider-man suit.

“Get here now!” the girls yelled as they hung up before I smirked and got there quick in my Spider-man suit as I stood next to Ava.

“That quick for you?” I smugly said as Ava had to take a double look as Maya sighed. “Yeah, I’m that good”

{Maya’s POV}

Ava and I quickly changed into our own hero selves as I levitated myself over the gate as the other two leaped over.

“Something’s up.” White Tiger said. “We should call Coulson.” White Tiger began to call on her com wrist before Spidey interrupted.

“No.” He said stopping her. “We should go solo on this!” We raised our eyebrows at him as he began to explain himself. “Eh, you know, together, the three of us. We can handle this.” Spidey placed his hand on her shoulder before she glared at him with a warning look as he soon let go before we looked at the school. “SHIELD added security to protect the school from well, for us. Probably just a misfire.”

“Or Jager took them captives” I inputted as I glared at the school. “My senses gave off a warning when I looked into his eyes the other day.”

“Yeah, maybe but, who electrifies a fence and leaves the door unlocked?” Spidey said as he opened the door as we moved in the dark hallways.

“Dark, creepy, dank.” White Tiger complained as she stepped in a puddle.

“I told you not to come to school on a Saturday” Spidey said.

“Hello? Is anyone there? Help!” We got serious as we ran towards the source. “Help! Can anyone hear me? Oh, I sure could use a hand. I’ve got myself in quite a pickle here.” The Janitor said as we stopped to see him pinned to the wall by a robotic arm, the security system. “Oh, if Irving Forbush could see me now.” He gushed.

“Hang tight, Janitor Guy. We’ll get you out” Spidey began to pull on the arm as I sighed. I focused my mind on levitating the arm off.

“Movere.” I ordered the robotic arm as my eyes began to glow purple as I moved the robotic arm from the Janitor giving him time to move out before I let go of the arm as did Spidey as it clammed itself back in the wall. Spidey walked back to us as he wiped his hands.

“Mucho malfunction security system.” He said as the Janitor took out a handkerchief to wipe his forehead before we heard a click

.“Don’t move” White Tiger said as we froze in place.

“Oh my,” the Janitor said still a bit shaken from the robotic arm, he moved a bit before he fell down a pit as we quickly went around the pit as we heard a thud, guessing he had a rough landing. “Wow, there’s a lot of wax build-up down here.” Guessing he’s fine. The pit closed on us as we stood up.

“Who built the security? Dr. Doom?” Spidey questioned before we began searching around. Once we passed Coulson’s office White Tiger snapped.

“I’m calling Coulson” She attempted to call him as I noticed something green shining from his office as I looked through the window to see him.

“No phone needed,” I said as Spidey took a glance behind me. “He’s already here”

“On a Saturday? Agent Coulson?” White Tiger questioned as she walked up to the door. Spidey slowly opened the door.

“Don’t come into my office” Coulson said before we opened the door to see him upside down, hanging on top of his desk with nothing but a white men’s tank top and his underwear.

“I can see why he wanted to be alone.” Spidey jokes. “Nice tighty whities.” I cringed as I looked somewhere else. Seeing my dad in his underwear is one thing, seeing my principal in them is a whole nother story.

“The whole school is rigged,” Coulson informed us. “Taskmaster corrupted the SHIELD security tech.”

“Who?” White Tiger asked.

“Assassin. Hates me. Hates Fury”

“We have to contact Fury” White Tiger exclaimed as she tried to but seemed to fail.

“You can’t. He jammed the frequencies.” Coulson said. “You shouldn’t have come to school today.”

“Told you.” Spidey mocked as I slightly sent a shock at him as he began to rub his arm. “Oww! Maya!” Should’ve watched his mouth. If there was one thing us Starks hate, it’s being proven we’re wrong.

“Work on getting yourselves out of here, and then find Fury. Don’t waste time on me, and definitely don’t go after Taskmaster alone.” Coulson commanded. “He’s a combat chameleon. Do you understand?”

“Wait,” Spidey said. “He was bitten by a radioactive chameleon?”

“Not everyone is bitten by a radioactive living thing to gain powers,” I said as I sweatdropped before we all heard a yell as I soon recognized it as,

“That’s Harry!” Spidey exclaimed. “I remember that scream from slasher movie night at camp Maya and I went to a summer ago! Let’s go!” Before I can object the two ran off as I sighed and ran as well.

“If Taskmaster sees you do it, he can do it. Fight him once, he’s as good as you, you hear me?” Coulson yelled as Harry yelled again. Bet a million the two didn’t hear him as well as I heard his warning.

“What did Coulson just say?” White Tiger asked as I caught up with them as we turned a corner.

“I don’t know. I couldn’t hear him.” Spidey said confirming my statement. I should tell them, but I’d rather make things interesting and see how long it takes before they realize it themselves. My senses began to go off as did Spidey’s.

“My senses! Get down!” I yelled as we slid down as rockets went past us quick before we began running again.

“If Flash and Harry are here at least they’ve got Danny to protect them,” Spidey said as one of the two hallways were closing.

“I’ll take this way! You guys check the other!” I yelled as I slid under the closing gate as they did the same in the other. I had a feeling Danny would have to separate from them to really fight, he might need backup. “O me ducere ad Rand” I muttered as I soon began to sense Danny’s aura nearby as I followed the arrow I conjured. By the time I made it to him, I seem to have been too late as I saw Danny unconscious. “Danny!” I gasped as the wall behind me shut as well leaving the two of us trapped. I kneeled down as I placed his head on my lap as I checked him out.


AND NO! Not the way you perverted readers. I’m 16 and Danny’s just a friend I care a lot for, okay?________________________________________________________________________________

I saw how beaten up he looked as he kept groaning in pain. Taskmaster must’ve used all his moves on him, and let me tell you this, his moves are NOT ones that are little pain. His injuries are really major but there’s no blood and it seems like his pulses are still there. Even healing this would take a bit of my core magic…but it’s for the sake of Danny, right? He’s done a lot to hold us all together. It’s my turn to return his generosity. I took a deep breath as I lifted my hands to hover above him as I closed my eyes.

“Curare patiens, nunc autem poena inops dolor, maneant modo poena, et non reverta!” I chanted as I felt a glow surround me and Danny. “Curare patiens, nunc autem poena inops dolor, maneant modo poena, et non reverta!” I kept chanting as I slowly healed Danny. Curare patiens, nunc autem poena inops dolor, maneant modo poena, et non reverta!“ Danny began to wake up as I soon noticed and stopped chanting as I felt faint a bit.

"Maya?” He said with a husky tone, which strangely made me flush slightly.Maybe it was just me being exhausted. I smiled as I soon collapsed as he- now fully recovered- caught me. “Maya!” I felt him remove my mask and placed down the hood of my cloak as he kept yelling my name.

“I’m weak, but I’m not deaf” I joked as Danny sighed.

“You didn’t have to exert yourself in that way, You had me worried”

“Don’t ugh, worry. I used less than Venom and since this is the second time since last week, I think I’ll not faint as much.” I saw the lights go back on and doors open.

“Guess Taskmaster was taken care of”

“We missed the fun” I chuckled breathlessly.

“Can you still change back to your average clothes? I think I hear sirens”

“Can you help me up?” Danny nodded with a small blush as he placed my arm over his shoulder as his other arm supported my back as he wrapped it behind my waist. "Should I wrap my leg to cover up I’m just magically exhausted?“

"Probably” Danny joked as he slightly chuckled.


“No one in this school is cool enough to be Spidey or that cool chick Mistress, so forget that rumor. “ Flash excitedly said to a newscast. "That said, I totally helped Spider-Man save the dump. I had no clue where Mistress was but I bet you I helped her out too,” We all including Coulson watched from afar as Flash and Harry get interviewed. I had my leg wrapped up with a bandage from the Nurse’s office which conveniently was where we were trapped in as I let Danny support me.

“Flash Thompson finally did me a favor.” Peter joked.

“Taskmaster never even suspected Peter Parker was Spider-Man and since Maya was absent, Mistress wasn’t suspected either,” Ava said. “Your creativity was just as strategic as my training.” She praised Peter. “More even.”

“Really?” Peter raised his eyebrow a bit confused from the sudden praise.

“Going solo paid off, okay?”

“ There’s still one thing I don’t get at all,” Peter said as he turned to Coulson. “The tight briefs. Really?”

“I swim,” Coulson said sternly as he turned his head.

“Leave the man’s underwear alone, Pete, or he’ll get short with you.” Ava joked as we all laughed while Coulson walked away having quite enough jokes from us.


Does SHIELD have some kind of mind wiper, because I really need that image out of my head.

Don’t need to tell me twice. I’ll be in SHIELD’s laboratory creating a memory potion if you need me.







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