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close my eyes

Blacknes and numbness fill my body to the breaking point.

Do you feel that?

Are we falling?

The world went dark and suddenly everything touching me disappeared.

Feeling like hours but only taking a second.

I open my eyes you are there.

I cant feel you i can only see you.

Squeeze me till i cant take it anymore.

I need you to convince my body that you are here with me.

Lasting hours.

My body hurts i cant move.

I dont want to move or it may come back.

If i close my eye everything will disappear again.

I stay awake exhausted but terrified to sleep.

Hold me till i have the courage to sleep.


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there are always ups and downs in life. Sometimes the downs a severe, sometimes they are short, sometimes they hurt you more than you could have ever imagined, but and that should never be forgotten, there will always and I mean always be better days to come. There will always be a light at the end of the tunnel, a tiny glimmer, because even during the darkest nights, there will always be stars flickering above our heads, even when we can’t see them.

11:50pm midnight thoughts

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