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#Dash Baxter | AO3

  • Fandom: Danny Phantom (DP)
  • Summary:   AU. When Danny was five years old, he went missing for 2 weeks. In the years that follow, his family tried to make sense of what happened, only for the truth to be discovered years later.
  • Warnings: rated T for violence, mentions of death, language. Be prepared for some very weird things. 
  • Chapter warning: there be death and blood. Tread at your own risk
  • Parings: Danny/Sam
  • Notes: originally uploaded to Cross-posted to AO3 and tumblr. This fic is very heavily inspired by folklore surrounding mysterious wilderness disappearances

Chapter 5

“Yo, Fenturd, funny seeing you here.”

“Last time I checked, our entire class is supposed to be on this trail. I don’t know why you’re so surprised,” Danny quipped before he could stop himself.

Dash grabbed him by the front of his shirt. “What was that?”

“Could you deal with your beef with this loser later? I’m all sweaty and getting covered in dirt. My designer clothes will get ruined at this point,” the one girl, Paulina whined. The other girls in the group, her satellites, quickly tried to comfort her.

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Yes, though I see it technically as a rivalry because Danny gives as good as gets. But that poor boy has some aggression to work out. And for the ghosts, most reoccur though not regularly. None of the ghosts get bumped up to secondary characters.

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parental bonding but jock rights

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I vote that we redub the Dash x Kwan ship Slam Poetry.

Think about it. Dash is a bully who relies on physical force, i.e. slamming people against/into things. Kwan canonically writes poetry (still sad we didn’t see more of that).

Is it fancy? No. Is it better than T*ght *nd? I sure think so.

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Dash, playing into some customer’s fantasy:

I’ve never done this before…

Also Dash:

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[scribbling as fast as i possibly can] i call this the popularity au its where dash is new to amity and fenton throws a raging party during which dash falls into his parents ghost portal and also the alisters and nerds are reversed

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lmao ok so my initial thoughts on this:

  • dash and danny are paired together on a project. it’s….. going. dash is a bit of a tool, like always, and keeps rummaging around danny’s house instead of working.
  • eventually he finds his way into the lab and danny follows him to drag him back out because seriously bro its not safe down there get out
  • “dude do you dare me to get in this weird hole in the wall”
  • “no, i think i’ve actually been pretty clear about you leaving the room"
  • “don’t tell me what to do”
  • anyway dash goes into the portal, bing bang boom a new halfa is born!
  • danny freaks out a little bit, because holy shit did one of his parents’ inventions just kill his classmate?
  • dash, however, is king of repressing shit so he just chooses to go with “fuck yeah ghost powers” and ignore his potential state of undeath
  • danny convinces dash to keep it all secret somehow and promises to work with him on his powers in return for not potentially getting his parents arrested
  • anyway sam and tucker are confused as to why danny and dash keep talking and the a-listers are confused as to why dash keeps disappearing why does this sound kinda like switch ok i swear its gonna be different
  • then ghosts do start coming through the portal and dash says “you know what actually i crave violence and maybe this is a better outlet than nerds”
  • and he had to quit the football team because he kept turning intangible at the worst possible moments so he has even more pent up anger
  • so he starts fighting them but unlike nerds the ghosts fight back
  • sometimes, the ghosts win
  • danny has to yell at him eventually that hey, if you’re going to fight ghosts, don’t do it for the fucking thrill of it. do it to save people, asshole
  • they argue about that for a while
  • then another ghost attacks and dash pointedly does not get involved because its not his problem why should he care
  • so instead danny jumps in, armed with an ecto-gun and a thermos and he tries his hardest but he doesn’t have powers and he’s just some kid who can barely do a chin up
  • he gets hit and goes down
  • and dash realizes suddenly that maybe he doesn’t hate fenton
  • maybe they’re something like friends
  • maybe even……
  • everyone else has long since dispersed, but dash doesn’t even notice as he rushes in, transforming along the way, and beats the ghost back
  • danny grins from the ground, eyes swollen and face bloody
  • “so you can fight to save someone”
  • “shut up until you stop bleeding, idiot”
  • they work together again starting there, but someone else also saw dash transform at that moment
  • (it’s my boy kwan. he joins danny and dash because i say so)
  • sam and tucker are still confused. the other a-listers are still confused.
  • dash slowly develops to be a real hero, someone who legitimately cares about people
  • but danny and kwan will always be his #1 priorities no matter what. he’ll let the world burn to keep them safe, and his enemies take advantage of that
  • anyway i’m sure i’ll think of more later but here’s my beginning thoughts
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okay this mornings hot take is brought to you by a post I saw that said “fuck all that ‘if you fight back you’re just as bad as they are’ bs in Splitting Images”. I know what you’re saying and it was a bad episode.

however danny literally fucking possesses dash, makes him say things he doesn’t mean (the Toenails line in parental bonding), violates his privacy (the stuffed teddy bears in a locker in attack of the killer garage sale), uses him for literal slapstick comedy (having dash just run into lockers and beat himself up) and otherwise degrade his own reputation at school. not to mention that we canonically know being possesed isn’t a good feeling; when danny goes to possess tucker (what you want I think) he says to get out, and jack is immediately distraught when vlad posseses him (bitter reunions) (I also think it’s safe to say that, the worse a ghost’s intentions are, the more painful a possesion is, cause jack didn’t notice Danny’s possession in parental bonding but he did notice vlads, despite vlad definitely being more experienced). also when Danny has him throw his lunch tray onto Paulina; it looks like a very deliberate act and now all his friends are going to think he did that shit on purpose even though dash didn’t mean to so like that’s sorta life ruining right there

(also dash in good writing isn’t a one dimensional asshole right like we all saw micro management and pirate radio and reality trip where he a) is willing to work seriously with phantom b) is willing to put aside a student rivalry to save half a population c) has his respect for phantom outweigh his petty hatred for Fenton and also minor things like “dash I’m too weak and pathetic to open my locker can you do it for me” (which was a setup to him getting blasted by Skulker which idk I think getting shot with a ghost gun filled with otherworldly energy is a little worse than shoving someone in a locker but that’s just me) where dash just Does It to be helpful even though he could have not etc etc like dash sucks but he still HAS redeeming qualities but I digress)

it would be one thing if phantom just showed up and physically beat dash up but danny invades his whole ass mind and suppresses his bodily autonomy and betrays some of his closest guarded secrets to the entire student body. like dash sucks but he ONLY ever bullies danny at school and only ever in slapstick. dash can’t BREAK INTO DANNYS HEAD and make him say he eats paint chips. even WHEN dash coerces danny into doing stupid things it’s clear that Danny is being FORCED into it. but when danny reciprocates it’s like he’s fucking gaslighting dash with this like how is dash supposed to think he DIDNT just decide to run into a wall and slam his head against it when the student body tells him that happened and he wakes up with a concussion. danny just uses Dash’s entire body and mind for his own amusement and while it is born out of vengeance it’s fucking Uhhh terrifying (I don’t think danny knows any of this cause he’s dumb as hell but my point stands)

listen dash will grow out of being 14 (and so will danny) and therefore out of being a little shitstain. who among us was not the worst version of themselves in 7th grade. but you know what he won’t grow out of? the perpetual fear that he’s going insane and every time he has a lapse in his memory it’s because he decided to reveal something he wanted to keep private or said something he didn’t mean or took his own hands and beat himself half to death

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the original post is too long to just rb

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Silent Night Sky

Christmas truce gift for @tsubaki94

Angsty Dash and Danny Christmas with a hint of space, fresh out the oven.

Sorry this is out a day late oop- just wanted to make sure it was perfect!

Anyway, I hope you like it!!

TW: Implied / referenced child abuse

Words: 1366


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pov you go to casper high

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a collection of some of the “””content””” i found while looking for kwan

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@constellaj seemed to be having fun this morning so

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