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"1994 Ferrari 512TR Coupe"
By Dave Grr
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Follow me, Follow me, I have something to show you...
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tsealion-gone · 4 years ago
do u ever think about what your TC does on a snow day?
do they spend time with their kids? or maybe they dont have kids, so do they spend time with their significant other? or are they single? what do they do??
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pleasereadmeok · a year ago
A Goode Year? Review of 2020
Can’t believe it’s that time again.  What a weird year.  Despite Covid and Lockdowns we have actually seen quite a lot of Matthew Goode this year - so this is a long post to save for when you are bored of eating over the holidays!    I’m not adding links to vids, etc. like previous years because tumblr doesn’t like them anymore [Grr] but all of them are still available and I’ll signpost them. 
In January Matthew was finishing filming A Discovery of Witches Season 2 in Turin and we had some glimpses of his leather clad bod in some Teresa Palmer instastories - 
Tumblr media
...and in Sky’s ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ Excellent sneak peek. 
Tumblr media
... and Joshua’s uncle Lee gave us a few gorgeous pics ...
Tumblr media
In February we saw Matthew and Sophie having fun at the Pre - BAFTA party 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[Pics - Dave Benett] 
The rest of that month was all about Leap Year’s 10 year anniversary and we drooled over Declan all over again ....
Tumblr media
In March Matthew was finishing filming Silent Night with Keira Knightley when the world changed.  We were introduced to ‘social distancing’.    We had to keep a full Matthew Goode length away from other people - a handy reference is below to remind you -
Tumblr media
[Pic - Ellen Von Unwerth]   On the upside the news broke that Matthew would be playing Keira’s husband in Silent Night (as we suspected) and that they had finished filming before lockdown in the UK.  
In April Matthew had his 42nd birthday.  Check out all of the fabulous birthday tributes posted on here around 3rd April.  As a special birthday present Sky released ‘Four Kids and It’ on their cinema channel on the same day with Matthew playing the role of slightly harassed parent David.  It was a goode family movie and just what we needed in lockdown. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[Pics - Sky Cinema] 
In May we got our first glimpse of Matthew in lockdown when he made a poignant contribution to Bletchley Park’s VE Day celebrations - 
Tumblr media
[Vid available on Bletchley Park You Tube] 
It was perfectly judged - just Matthew filming himself on his phone, in his garden, complete with birdsong.  
Tumblr media
“This is your finest hour.”
According to James Purefoy and Joe Fattorini Matthew shaved off his hair with the dog clippers in lockdown so he looked a bit different the next time we saw him in June!  
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Matthew appeared via zoom on ‘Dan Nicholls Really Likes Wine’ show - ‘Drinking the Goode Stuff’.  It was great seeing these old friends bantering away and drinking wine.  Of course Goode fans immediately campaigned to get Matthew on The Wine Show @ Home and we got our wish a few weeks later when Joe and Matthew had a virtual wine tasting on zoom - 
Tumblr media
The whole session was hilarious.  Matthew was completely adorable and funny as usual.  Amongst other things Matthew told us that Sophie had gone off pork (not a euphemism) and we got another peek at his beautiful home with Sophie’s interior design skills on show.   This is also still available on The Wine Show @Home You Tube. 
June also gave us the new trailer for ‘The King’s Man’.  We heard Matthew’s unmistakable voice as the Scots bad guy and there were some tantalising peeks of his character’s mysterious alter ego ‘Shepherd’ - 
Tumblr media
In July we finally got to see one of Matthew’s Q & A sessions for actors in training at Bow Street Academy in Dublin that he had recorded in May - 
Tumblr media
Matthew gave frank, funny and very practical advice on auditions, preparation for roles and demonstrated how to be scary with a knife! 
Tumblr media
August was a bit quiet - we got news that A Discovery of Witches Season 2 would now be aired in January 2021 but a new promo image helped soften the blow of that delay. - 
Tumblr media
[Pic - Sky]
Kingsman was delayed yet again....  but at least we got some new promo images of Matthew’s character - Captain Maximillian Morton.  (Morton? Hmm - someone on here (not me!)  spotted the relation to Roxy!]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[Pics - Total Film/Empire]
In September Matthew’s new movie ‘The Duke’ received glowing reviews at the Venice Film Festival and we got confirmation of my speculation that he would play barrister Jeremy Hutchinson.  
Tantalisingly goode info about Matthew’s up coming movie Silent Night came from Baz Bamigboye from the Daily Mail as he called it ‘the most astonishing Christmas movie ever made’ - hopefully he meant it in a goode way!  We had fun spotting Matthew’s body parts in the pictures accompanying the article ...  
Tumblr media
[Pic Daily Mail] 
Production on A Discovery of Witches season 3 started under strict Covid rules and Matthew was seen filming for ADOW Season 3 in Bristol - 
Tumblr media
[Anthony Ward]
October was a very goode month!  
It kicked off with The Wine Show Season 3 teaser - 
Matthew ‘sub-section’ Goode joined in with the ADOW cast Q & A.  He was a funny and engaging as ever including an unforgettable impression of a ‘wafter’ and a hasty exit at the end!  
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
We had the official ‘first look’ trailer for season 2 of A Discovery of Witches - 
Tumblr media
[pic - my edit]
The Wine Show season 3 landed on Amazon Prime in the UK and it is SO goode even tho’ there is less Matthew than usual due to filming clashes with ADOW.  Matthew was still his adorably goofy self and gave us the usual interesting fashion choices and jokes.  
Tumblr media
[My Edit] 
October also brought us a new tie in cover for Shadow of Night - 
Tumblr media
[Pic - Deborah Harkness Twitter]
And as if that wasn’t enough excitement for October we got the official news that there will be another Downton Abbey movie - starting to film in March 2021. Hopefully we will see more of him in this one! 
Tumblr media
[Pic - Carnival]
Matthew usually keeps his charity projects private but in November we saw him donating his ADOW ‘wedding day’ boots to be auctioned for the Small Steps Project ....
Tumblr media
...complete with on mud from the set.  Some lucky person is probably stroking that suede as I write this! 
Tumblr media
[Pics - Small Steps project] 
Matthew also recorded some charming contributions to the #SaveJenny campaign.  He evicted the dog from her favourite chair by the radiator in the kitchen and sat there to read the opening chapter of Wind in the Willows - 
Tumblr media
and later ‘The Night before Christmas’ poem complete with music! 
Tumblr media
You can still see these contributions and most importantly DONATE  - links are listed below - 
Tumblr media
December has been all about A Discovery of Witches season 2 - with a stunning second trailer and plenty of teasers and pictures from Sky and Bad Wolf - there are too many to include but here’s a few - 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[Pics my edit / sky/badwolf]
So what of next year?  So many goode things to look forward to.  I’ll do ‘Goode Things coming in 2021′ a bit earlier next year because January is gonna be BUSY for Goode fans!   
Thank you SO MUCH for making time to read this blog.  And a big thank you to Goode fans who create content to share with others on here and on matthew-goode.net.  We really appreciate the effort that everyone puts in to sharing the Goode Stuff.  
Lastly I have to thank Matthew Goode who patiently tolerates the fan nonsense while he tries to pretend that he doesn’t actually have any fans anyway!  
Cheers Matthew! 
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baldingfour · 3 months ago
A girl named Melody got her friends to ban me from a discord server that I was a mod in (they were also mods, probably with a higher rank role) because I made her uncomfortable in another server-
What made her uncomfortable was me saying I judge people who make Dave top,, 😰😰😰
Top Dave and bottom Jack makes me uncomfortable 😣 /gen
Sorry for making a longer post I just wanted to get this out because it's been bothering me grr,,
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beautifulklicks · a year ago
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by Dave GRR •
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godsbeautifulcreations · a year ago
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CADDY - Cadillac DeVille 1964
Dave GRR 
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davemustaine · 4 months ago
Dave girlboss girlfriend Metallica grr bad 🔪 *gif of sick shredding*
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hummels-turn · 6 months ago
Emily’s s2 Ranking (subject to change)
Might as well do another one of these. Genuinely I like most of series 2. Wild. Maybe a few beloved eps are in the dumpster part of this list, idk.
Prom Queen - Wow. Maybe musically it's not the greatest, but plot wise I think this is the pinnacle of Glee. Firstly, this episode is a lot of fun, what with Jesse's return and the Artie getting tortured plotline, but really it's about heart. It's the cumulation of Quinn's s2 arc of trying to regain her former glory, the heartbreak of Santana trying to come into terms with her sexuality, and everything Kurt's gone through. God, Kurt. I love him. This episode just... it makes my heart sink every time, but in the best way. This is Glee actually being good, even if they do Friday.
Duets - Musically, this is hit after hit after hit. Literally everyone has something to do, either a killer song or a plotline or both! I really feel for Kurt in this one, and I love seeing the Glee club get so excited over fucking Breadstix, only to all vote for themselves. I think this episode showcases everyone in the club the best, maybe out of every episode in the show, and almost every song in it is somewhere in my favourites.
Silly Love Songs - Klaine pining! Santana scheming! Finn being a dick but it's sort of the point! Rachel girlboss moment! These love songs are silly indeed, and I love these songs, this episode and the amount of fun I have watching it! Strangely, my only complaint with it is that Blaine sings the titular song. Idk. It's a great ep!
Born This Way - I can't explain this one. It's too long and could've cut the flash mob, but I think self acceptance was a good plotline to have, all the songs are some type of amazing and uuuh yeah!!! Yeah!!! Yeah!!!
Furt - Sadly this one missed out on my top 5 when I did my glee tag, and I might make a gifset of it eventually, but I love this episode. My only issue with it is Sue's mom, because their duet is boring, but other than that it's very good! I adore the wedding, I adore the boys standing up for their boy, I love uuuh Sue being ridiculous. Just... sort of similar to Prom Queen, it's a heart episode.
Original Song - Down a little in my estimations because, although I still adore the Klaine stuff and think any performance that wasn't for a competition in this one was amazing, the competition performances for both the Warblers and the New Directions were weak, and I hate the MVP thing being some way of boosting Rachel. And I just... I prefer the above, even though I still love this ep!
Rumours - I love Fleetwood Mac. I do enjoy all the... rumours. It's one of the best tribute episodes in my opinion, and it has my favourite Santana solo for sure! I just grr at the fact that they pressured Sam into revealing he was homeless. Musically wonderful though!
Grilled Cheesus - Chris Colfer's acting alone puts this so high. It's musically pretty good and although I have issues with the way that it handles Kurt's storyline and his specific requests not to be bombarded with religion, I do think it's powerful. Finn's stuff I do find funny, even though it's like... really dissonant compared to Kurt's plotline and probably shouldn't have been Kurt's brother. But still. I have the same kind of relationship with this episode that I have with Bash.
The Sue Sylvester Shuffle - It's really, really good. The songs are all standouts, the girls are adorable and I'm actually glad Brittany didn't get shot out of a canon. But eeeh I wish they did more with the Dave stuff, which I thought was so good. It's the sleeper hit though, it's to series 2 what Throwdown is to series 1. I wouldn't think to watch it but I truely enjoy it when I do.
Never Been Kissed - I hate the Beiste plot, but it's one of my favourite Artie episodes ever, and the Kurt one still makes me gasp and it still makes my heart sink. Also, the songs are great other than Puck's one. Those mash-ups were wonderful and I think the girls' one specifically hypes me up.
Blame it on the Alcohol - Everything up to and including the party I absolutely adore, and also I think Figgins is hilarious in this one! The party is literally one of the funniest things glee pulled, but everything after it is just... fine or angering. Kurt being biphobic IS in character and the scene with Blaine was a good callout that he needed, but I wanted to see him apologise or show some growth. Uuuh and yeah the performances and the whole anti-drinking psa, I kind of just turn off. Rachel's cute though.
Funeral - I like this more than most people do. I enjoy all the songs and the auditions and the weird Jesse plot, and I like Kurt and Finn helping Sue out. There's just nothing to say about it.
A Night of Neglect - I like this more than most people do. I enjoy Mercedes' plot a lot, and I enjoy all the songs, even though Tina getting cut off is pretty homophobic to me specifically. But yeah, it's boring.
New York - For Good kept it from going any lower. What a weird episode that makes me angry. Schuester was like,,, "guys write some original songs" and locked them all in hotel rooms and got their hopes up that they'd win. But like... I enjoy the magic that Rachel and Kurt felt being in New York.
Special Education - I forget about it. Sorry. It's nice of Will to give people who aren't Finn and Rachel some songs, but everyone at McKinley was being awful in this ep. Songs were good though. I guess. I don't remember it and I watched it two or three days ago.
A Very Glee Christmas - Not bad, just cheesy. And weird. Oh so weird. Whatevs.
Comeback - I actually sort of like this episode. It's funny and I love that everyone's dressed as either Rachel or Justin Bieber. I just wouldn't choose to watch it.
Sexy - I just don't like it. Straight up. Had me worried about Brittany's health because she's got an active sex life yet believes in the stork. Wait I've just realised that three of the last four episodes all had Britt believing in stuff... magic comb, santa, stork. Wild. I don't hate Brittany but when she's being treated like a child it's uncomfortable. Landslide is great though! I just don't like Holly and wouldn't chose to watch it.
The Substitute - Idk. Baby does not like her Substitute. Or the soup.
Audition - No idea why it's so low but you can't hate me because I can't think of a single thing I like about this episode. That's a lie, I like the first scene with Jacob. But other than that, Rachel is awful and it's just weird. It's just a milestone. I watch it and go "oooh... Grilled Cheesus, Duets and Never Been Kissed are soon!". It gets me excited to meet Blaine and he's not even in it. I just... sigh. Rachel is awful in this episode specifically and I hate her dramatic solo about what she did for love when she just did it for herself.
Britney/Brittany - I hate Will not being supportive of Emma's relationship with Carl. I hate that it's not even about Brittany. I do find it funny but it makes my breasts ache with rage and I just can't have that. The songs are good though.
Rocky Horror Glee Show - Everything I said about Britney/Brittany but doubled, and add the fact that it's too sexual to have underaged characters playing those roles and I just... I watch it and scream. At least the songs are good.
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ask-twinstuck-au · 2 years ago
Dave are you a vampire? You are very pale like holy heck, how can someone be so pale? I mean, look at Dirk. Dirk has a tan. How the heck are you so very pale, Dave. You must be a vampire.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Caption and image description under cut)
[Image description: The first panel shows Dave looking at the reader. There’s two thought bubbles around his head. One shows him dressed in a cliche vampire outfit with black bat wings and large fangs, and a HISS sound effect. The other shows a zombie Dirk with a GRR sound effect.]
Dave: wow rude
Dave: do you go up to random people on the street asking them if theyre zombies cause they look dead inside
[The second panel shows Dave looking off to the side with a troubled expression. There’s a thought bubble next to his head. It shows a cartoony sun holding a tiny gun with one of its sunrays.]
Dave: for real tho
Dave: i guess albinism is kinda like being a vampire in the way that sunlight wants to destroy my whole career
Dave: but as far as i know no im not a bloodsucker
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t-lostinworlds · a year ago
I just need to ramble about the quiz for a sec so pls ignore lol
I genuinely did think Chris Hemsworth was the tallest but Dave Batista man. ALSO, I freaking forgot that T’challa is a KING, therefore he is richer than Tony Stark and ugh. And I forgot J. Jonah Jameson’s first name so I just wrote ‘Jameson’ lmao AND AND AND I will never forgive myself for forgetting Jeff Goldblum, like why, whyyyyyyy. I knew he played the grandmaster and I knew his face but the name left my fucking brain and ugh. Can’t believe I forgot what J.A.R.V.I.S. stands for either. AND S.H.I.E.L.D. fucking enforcement logistics division grr.
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wrooom · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
"Pagani Huayra Roadster"
By Dave Grr
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carpr0n · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Starring: Porsche 911 GT2RS
By Dave GRR
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triforcey · a year ago
grr bark bite et cetera the only part of klaus' storyline in s2 that made any sense was him trying to save dave and also getting ray out of jail
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borrelia · a year ago
ppl tagging my comics that just Have dave and hal in them as h4lman.... that better b just bc thats their name and not bc ur tagging all my stuff as ship grr snarl
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urlocaldavestrider · a year ago
0, 26, 28, 39, and the last two i think (but i kinda forgot) //grranon
hewwo grr anon
0. physically we r 5'1.5" but in the headspace i (dave) am 5'2 and david is 5'8
26. hmmm probably discoursers in general. they get on my nerves a lot
28. male, tall. honorary boomer. just overall a piece of shit. dunno how he ended up married tbh
29. vanilla. or smthn less boring... like mint chocolate chip i guess
last 2:
43. oh u kno 👉🏻👈🏻 bro
44. there are about 45 peanuts per oz of peanut butter
ask game
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mio-chan125 · a year ago
Pesterquest - Landing on our feet, Nepeta’s route part 4
In this part, we decide to deflect and introduce Nepeta to new friends, teens that we didn’t see in a while. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t go well.
Commentary thread
“Hahahaha, wild. it’s really wild that she doesn’t see you in her dreams, no reason.”
Hmmmm, what? I finished the other path, and it doesn’t make sense. It’s after you pick an option that she talks about her dreams, right? So how could they know this information before hand. Was it done on purpose, and they remember? or does the writer got lost in the chronology of their own writing? Weird.
“Oh, by the way, does she want to see your sweet powers? You have super sweet powers.”
Lad! Could you not! At least warn her. Urrghghhh!!!
*pulling viciously my hair out*
“okay so lets see what we got here”
Oh hey! Long time no see! :D
“Jade’s room is bright and cheery, fresh flowers in the hanging pots,”
I’ve got one in my room myself. If mom didn’t take care of it, it would be dead ._.
“curtains pulled open wide to let in the afternoon sunlight.”
Yeah, that’s pretty much the opposite of Nepeta’s hive, nice mood shift.
“Jade sits on her bed while Dave paces in front of a line of squiddle toys, carefully assembled in neat ranks.”
Haha, are you assembling an army? Not sure if dave would be hype about it.
“this blue one is clearly in charge look at his dominant posture”
Pffff what? That’s so silly! :p
“also hes the only motherfucker not tentacle deep in his homie”
hahaha see, I know you Dave. He’s really sicked about Squiddles or any squid.
“hes an untangled buddy that is some shit really cuts to the core of like
Wow, that’s so unnecessarily deep here :/
“its actually because the magnets in him are messed up, and always have been!!”
Haha makes sens… wait a minute. What if it was subtle and deep?
The blue one. Who is the blue one among their friends group? John.
“cuts to the core of like emotions”, “the magnets in him are messed up, and always have been!!”.
Look, the squiddle is even a “him”. John’s has been in denial, and hid his issues deep inside him.
Is “cut from the core of emotions” refers to depression?
Also, not gonna lie, “tangled buddies” are a flagrant erotic reference: ”hes the only motherfucker not tentacle deep in his homie”. We can perhaps add the repressed “hot thoughts” to the pile (sorry I have to censor myself a bit, you know how Tumblr is…).
“harley you are ruining the magic come on”
haha, yeah, stop being realistic >:p
“oh hey mailman”
“did you bring another stray alien”
They aren’t stray! Karkat was in danger, and Nepeta was fine, until we executed an impromptu teleportation that will definitely freak her out, if she’s not already is.
“because the last one has a fucking attitude and also a surprisingly good snack sense”
Haha, glad you had fun with Karkat. And also shared your snacks with him.
“Snack sense?”
Yeah, I’m also curious about what it entails.
“yeah sense for snacks”
Learn today synonyms with Dave Strider.
Tumblr media
“like youd think it would have occurred to me before to combine mnms with popcorn but it never did”
Wow, that’s sound so weird! Like, salty popcorn and sweet ones? Candy snack with corn. Chocolate…corn. Ewwwww you both have bounded over being weirdos.
……I wanna try it someday.
“guess cause i wasnt raised right”
You should worry about affection and health care instead of sugary snacks. Like real things that come with raising a kid.
“but yeah karkat has a good tongue”
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA buddy rewind and listen to yourself! ;)
What a slip, so delicious~
*whisper* the thrilling saga continues…
thats not what i meant”
haha I liked how Jade went :o, then mmmmmm.
“anyway hi troll girl”
Finally! Yeesh, I was wondering when you would stop talking about yourself, and Karkat.
“Dave: sup
Jade: ooh yes! i wanted to meet you guys!”
“are they the same aliens who harrassed us for years and then stopped for seemingly no reason,”
Yes, they are.
“but actually probably because the fake mailman ruined everything?”
Wow there Harley!! Damn, you didn’t have to put it this way. Ouch. You’re still pissed about it, don't you?
“Wow. Damn, Jade.”
Yeah. We even make it up to you and bring y’all together. We did messed up at first but, talk about ingratitude!
“sorry! thats not how i meant it!!”
:/ but that’s a slip that came from deep within your heart. Like Dave.
“:33 < who--who are you people?”
Me, whenever I go to a party or start a new scholar year.
“:33 < where am i?”
Also me, 5 minutes after wandering in the corridors.
“Jade takes a step toward Nepeta, who bristles and hisses, her back arching.”
Awww, she’s scared :(
“At this point you’re pretty confident in your assessment of the bug theming for trolls, but they really continue to be cat-adjacent, don’t they.”
Yeah, some of them. but is this really the place and time to think about it?
“Maybe cats are just the only cultural touchstones you have for fierce but skittish creatures with a lot of hair.”
No. Lioness, tiger, lynx, leopard, cheetah, they all are feline. Feline is the word you’re looking for buddy.
“While you’re busy pondering cats, Nepeta does a wild scamper for the window. Oh fuck. This is a tower this is a tower this is a tower--”
Oh SHIT SHIT SHIT, she doesn’t know that. Quick, teleport her!
“Fuck. You really didn’t think that one through. Sorry, Nepeta, you really should have warned--”
Yeah you should have! Now she has trauma. And pretty sure we can say goodbye to her friendship ://
Though her safety is more important right now.
“holy shit somethings sure as hell on fire”
Wo-- what the fuck is Dave doing here?! What?
“little timmys dad fell asleep at the grill dude had one too many bud light limes and burned the whole fucking rack of ribs”
Dude, why must you make everything you say so hard to understand? I had to decipher it for several minutes there! Couldn’t you just said that someone left the fire and meat unattended? Awwww, waste of food in each path :(
“ribs aint cheap dad”
Who said we bought it, and who said it was a guy? Nepeta killed for these!
“now the barbecues up in smoke whos gonna eat that walmart potato salad without ribs”
Yeah..what a fucking waste of fresh good food. But come on, we need to focus on Nepeta here! Not everything’s about you, Dave!!!
“no one thats who”
While I completely agree about food and all, I really need to focus bud.
“Oh damn. You got a little overzealous with your zaps and brought Dave along with you.”
Ok, let’s agree that we were both mesmerized by Dave’s speech and move on.
“so this is where karkats from”
The planet, yes. but not here-here.
“no wonder hes such a spastic pile of personality disorders”
Pretty sure those words together didn’t make sense. Also, wow rude. Show a bit of respect when you arrive at someone’s place, especially when you’re uninvited >:/
Hey! I checked this word, and it sounds like a ableist insult!! No cool, dude.
“pretty rank in here”
If you have nothing nice or constructive to say, just shut up. I won’t say it again.
“Well, at least Bec prevented you from bringing Jade along.”
You sure about that?
[Jade’s PQ sprite appears from beneath the dialog box]
HAHAHA fucking hilarious :D
Okay, time to bring those two back on Earth.
“this isnt the ruins”
Tumblr media
“this isnt the island!!”
Are you done pointing out the obvious? Cause we have some serious damage control to do.
“Sorry to just crash your party like this, Nepeta. You didn’t mean to bring like half your alien friend group into her house.”
Okay, you apologized, but maybe just teleport them back quickly before more grave shit happen?
“Nepeta is standing beside the dying fire, […] Her hands are twisted in the layers of her coat, and she is shaking from head to foot.”
Damn, we need to comfort her.
“God, you just completely invaded her space,”
Or maybe leave her alone for a bit.
Oh uh.
“Oh. Oh no. Pounce has placed herself between Nepeta and the rest of you. […] Her hackles are up, her two mouths hissing. oh fuck. Does she smell Bec on Jade? This sucks, actually?”
This sucks at the max!! We need to do something, teleport them back!
“:33 < pounce, wait. don’t do anything yet just--”
I don’t think she will listen this time, Bec’s smell + you shaking, she wants to get rid of the threat.
Aaaaaaand we’ve got ourselves in quite a predicament here.
Do you get there in time?
[> Yes] In progress!
[> No] Coming maybe
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playlistobscura · 12 days ago
Playlist Obscura Review of 2021
Chiptune of The Year
"Sunken City" BY EX-LYD
Honourable Mention: "Missing Link" by Wool Pool
Losses to Music
Mick Bolton (Mott The Hoople), Gerry Marsden (Gerry and The Pacemakers), Mark Keds (Senseless Things), Duke Bootee (co-wrote Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five's "The Message"), Sylvain Sylvain (New York Dolls), Phil Spector, Jimmie Rodgers, Hilton Valentine (The Animals), Stefan Cush (Men They Couldn't Hang), Sophie, Double K (People Under The Stairs), Jim Weatherly, Mary Wilson (The Supremes), Prince Markie Dee (Fat Boys), Bunny Wailer (The Wailers), Alan Cartwright (Procol Harum), Barbara Ess, Paul Jackson (Herbie Hancock's Headhunters), B.B. Dickerson (War), Brett Bradshaw (Faster Pussycat), DMX, Black Rob, Jim Steinman, Les Mckeown (Bay City Rollers), John Hinch (Judas Priest), Shock G (Digital Underground), Lloyd Price, Pervis Staples (The Staples Singers), John Davis (unseen vocalist for lip-syncing band Milli Vanilli), Juini Booth (Sun Ra Arkestra), Biz Markie, Joey Jordison (Slipknot), Johnny Solinger (Skid Row), Dusty Hill (zz top), Dennis "Dee Tee" Thomas (Kool & The Gang), Nanci Griffith, Bill Emerson (The Country Gentlemen), Don Everly (The Everly Brothers), Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones), Lee "Scratch" Perry, Sarah Harding (Girls Aloud), Susan Anway (The Magnetic Fields), Sarah Dash (Labelle), Julz Sale (Delta 5), Richard H. Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire), Pee Wee Ellis, Alan Lancaster (Status Quo), George Frayne (Commander Cody of the Lost Planet Airmen), Sean Kilkenny (Dog Eat Dog), Paddy Moloney (The Chieftains), Ronnie Tutt, Tommy Debarge (Switch), Jay Black (Jay and the Americans), Sonny Osborne (Osborne Brothers), Nelson Freire, Ronnie Wilson (The Gap Band), Astro (UB40), Andy Barker (808 State), Graeme Edge (The Moody Blues), Dave Frishberg (songwriter for Schoolhouse Rock!), Stephen Sondheim, Robbie Shakespeare (Sly & Robbie), Mike Nesmith (The Monkees), Steve Bronski (Bronski Beat), Wanda Young (Marvelettes), Leonard Hubbard (The Roots), Kangol Kid (UTFO), Drakeo The Ruler
Also special mention to Janice Long & Lou Ottens (inventor of the cassette tape)
Welcome Return of the Year: "Good Day for a Good Day" by Michael Franti & Spearhead
Honourable Mentions: Alice Cooper, Amon Tobin, Andrew WK, Barenaked Ladies, Billly Bragg, Billy F Gibbons, Bonnie Tyler, The Boo Radleys, The Chemical Brothers, Counting Crows, Crowded House, Damon Albarn, Debbie Gibson, Dubstar, Duran Duran, Eels, Elvis Costello, Evanescence, Feeder, Franz Ferdinand, The Fratellis, Gabrielle, Garbage, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Jarvis Cocker, Joan Armatrading, Juliana Hatfield, Manic Street Preachers, Pendulum, Rob Zombie, Susanna Hoffs, Tears For Fears, Teenage Fanclub, Tindersticks, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Tori Amos, Toyah, T'Pau, The Wallflowers, The Wombats, The Vaccines
Reggae Track of The Year
"Free" by Khalia
Craziest Thing To Come Out of Japan Award 
"Nippon Kara Konnichiwa" by BABYBEARD
Honourable Mention - "Origin Avoidance" by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
“Stop, Collaborate & Listen” Award for Best Collaboration of The Year
"Nothing Else Matters" by Miley Cyrus ft WATT, Elton John, Yo-Yo Ma, Robert Trujillo & Chad Smith
 Cover Version of The Year 
"Birdhouse In Your Soul" by The Burning Hell
Wordplay Award for Best Spoken Word Track of The Year
"Hold My Hand" by Sophie Sparham
Honourable Mention - "Last Breath" by Carolle Smith
Indie Perfection Award 
"Overflow" by Emperor of Ice Cream
Brother Bill's "Future Flashback Award" 2021 
"Moon, 1am" by Silk Skin Lovers
Funkiest Joint of The Year
"Monkey Funk" by Monkey Bizzle
Nerd Rock Track of the Year 
"Grr Argh" by The Dolly Shakes
Board Game based track of the Year
"Dice Hate Me" by The Meaples
“That’s In Canada” Standout Canadian Act of the Year 
"Tides" by Men I Trust
Zeitgeist Encapsulating Track of The Year
"New World Order" by The Alien Cormorant feat Ponchita Peligros
Ambient Soundscape of the Year
"All Great Things Must Grow Through Dirt First" by Forest Robots
Psychadelic Trip of The Year
"Zoo" by Stargirl
Honourable Mention - "Psychadilly Circus" by The Bablers
“Leather Jacket” Award for Best Rawk & Rawl
"Gimmie Gimmie" by Charlton Lane
Fuzzbox Award for Best Dirty Sound of The Year
"I Like You" by NRVS
Honourable Mention - "This Is Now" by Armchairanarchists
Besst Song About Trains of the Year
"Steam Engine" by Eels
Album of The Year
"Exotic Monsters" by Penfriend
"The Bowery" by Oh Paulo
Reason To Be Hopeful For 2022
"Endless Summer" by Superchunk
Also notable by not able to fit on the show:
"Brand New, You're Retro" award for Best Throwback Sound
"Wolf" by Power Glove
Honourable Mention - "Bats In The Woods" by Johnny Dynamite and the Bloodsuckers
Namecheck of the Year
"Richey Edwards I've Seen You In Bangkok" by Art Dave
Best Pun-Based Band Name
"Can You Hear Me?" by Margot Polo
Radio Themed Song of the Year
"Radio" by Dance The Misery
Comic Themed Song of The Year
"The Merry Marvel Marching Society" by MJ Hibbett & Frankie Machine
Concept Act of the Year
"Critical Mass" by Spidercat
Motivational Track of The Year
"I Will Be Your Sheild" by Billy Bragg
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visionshadows · 3 years ago
What do the Flyers need to do in the coming season?
So I honestly didn’t think anyone was going to let me rant about the Flyers so eee! yay! I can rant about the Flyers and what they need to do this upcoming season. I know that most of the people that follow me don’t like the Flyers and really don’t care what they do as long as they lose to the Pens when they play so I appreciate you humouring me.
So the Flyers core is Giroux, Voracek, Couturier, and Simmonds. Except for Couturier, everyone is heading towards or over 30 which means the window is getting smaller for those guys. Couturier is only 25, but has been in the league since he was 18 (2011) so it seems like he’s been around forever. They have some young guys, Nolan Patrick and Travis Konecny, who are going to be really good. Nolan Patrick was the 2nd pick in the 2017 draft and once he was fully recovered from his hernia and other injuries at the start of the season, really started to pick it up later in the year. He should really be the 2C this year which Voracek on one of his wings and probably Raffl on the other unless they really want to move Raffl down to the 3 or 4 for depth. He’s a good defensive forward. TK was shifted all over the lineup which meant his production fluctuated all year which is a shame. He played really well opposite Giroux on Coots line. He also played well with Voracek. Hopefully this year they’ll put him somewhere and keep him there so he’ll get some stability. I’d love to see a top line of him, Coots, and Giroux.
The defense has two really good young guys in Provorov and Gostisbehere. Ghost is smaller and much more of an offensive defenseman. Provy can score as well and he’s going to be elite once he plays more. He’s still really young and he’s made his mistakes. He played the Pens playoff series with a separated shoulder and blamed himself for the loss. This kid is going to be a stud. Now after these two things get a little dicey. Manning is hopefully gone. Gudas is probably still here, but he’s a liability most of the time. MacDonald is not terrible. His analytical numbers aren’t the best but if he’s paired with Provy he plays pretty well and he’s a good team leader. They’re also not getting out of his contract yet. So he’s still here probably either on the 1 or 2 line. Hagg played pretty well so he’s most likely on the 3rd pairing again this year. Sanheim will hopefully stick this year as well.
I’m hoping Morgan Frost makes the team this year. He’s not quite ready, but he’s fast and I think he could really bring some speed and offensive skill to a team that really needs it. We need a solid defenseman to come up, but I’m not sure who will. Sam Morin who was hopefully going to make the jump this year tore his ACL. They drafted Adam Ginning this year in the 2nd but he’s got another year in the Swedish league before he could come over. He’s been playing professionally since he was 16 so he’s pretty NHL ready even at 18. Sam hasn’t been what the Flyers hoped he would be so maybe Ginning could be what they wanted.
Now, the big one - goalie. The Flyers have had a revolving door at goalie for a long time. This past season was a combination of Brian Elliott, Michael Neuvirth, Petr Mrazek, Alex Lyon and Anthony Stolartz. Elliott and Neuvirth are still here, Mrazek was not extended so he’s gone. Stolartz is a solid #3 and I’d like to see him get more time with the big club but he has to prove he’s healthy. Lyon did well when he had to play. The real treasure is Carter Hart. He’s not quite ready yet, but he’s the #1 goalie prospect in the country. He’s currently playing in Everett and he’s only 19. Honestly, he could challenge to play this year but I think he’s going to stay in the minors for another year and we’ll probably see him in 2019. Goalie is going to be a problem again this year. Elliott played okay when he was healthy. Not great, but not terrible. Neuvirth can hold it together for a game or two provided he doesn’t get hurt but he tends to get hurt if someone breathes on him too hard. Elliott had core muscle surgery and came back for the playoffs but was not ready so he looked awful.
Now what the Flyers didn’t do was get themselves involved in the Tavares sweepstakes which is inexcusable. They have cap room and need. There is no way they should have passed on this, but they did. They aren’t going to try for Karlsson either even though they have a stacked farm system and Karlsson would change the team entirely. Hextall has sat back and refused to move on big free agents for years now. His signings have been awful - Dale Weise, Val Filppula, Jori Lehtera - and none of them have made an impact on the team. If anything, they’ve blocked younger players and lost games. Don’t even get me started on how often Filppula was on the ice at the end of close games which led to tying/winning goals. Grr.
And the coach. OMG I hate Dave Hakstol. I hate the way he deploys his lines. I hate how boring he has the team play. I hate the way he yanks players in and out of the line up. I hate the way he sits young guys in favor of veterans who don’t offer anything. I hate that he is the coach. He has done one positive thing and that is move Coots to the top line center and Giroux to wing. That’s it. They’re judging him on how players are progressing and the big one is that Nolan Patrick got better this season but I contend that it wasn’t so much he got better it was that he got healthy. He was recovering from core muscle surgery, an infection in his face, and an early concussion. He had a slow start learning to play in the NHL, but once he got healthy he got better. I don’t really think that was Hakstol’s doing since he tended to have him center a line with Weise and that doesn’t help anyone. They also need to figure out something with their penalty kill this year. It was horrific. Like soooo terrible. I always assumed the other team was going to score. They exposed Bellemare in the draft last year and Vegas took him and he was their best PK guy and it showed last season.
If I had things my way the Flyers would be wooing John Tavares, figuring out how to steal Karlsson from Ottawa, finding a new coach, and bringing along their kids at the same time. What are the Flyers actually going to do? Probably signing someone like Ryan O’Rielly or Tyler Bozak as their 3C. Neither of them are bad, but they’re not going to really make a huge upgrade. Calvin de Haan and Mike Green are on the radar for defense and de Haan makes much more sense. I do not want Green. That’s another aging defenseman who isn’t going to be able to keep up with the speed of the game. de Haan is younger and has more offensive upside. They’re going to stay pat with their horrible coach who is probably going to continue to move the young kids up and down the lines, pull them in and out of games with no rhyme or reason and not let them really get into the groove of playing.
If Giroux, Coots, and Voracek have another year like they did last year, they’ll make the playoffs again. Simmonds will most likely have a bounce back year and I’m betting Nolan Patrick will be a lot better since he’s healthy this off season. But it’s going to be the same old song come playoffs time - bounced in the first round because our goalies aren’t good enough, our d can’t stop anyone, and we can’t score when we need to. Same old Flyers. Until Hextall decides it’s time to put his foot on the gas and really make some moves, they’re going to continue playing second fiddle to the Pens and Caps in the Metro division. We’re not looking at a team that can compete. That’s what the playoffs this year showed us. The Pens outclassed them and the Pens didn’t have much gas this year. The teams that were in rounds 2, 3, and the Finals were stellar and the Flyers are still playing minor league compared to them. I never thought I would be saying that I miss Ed Snider’s win now at all cost attitude. It cost us players and left us in cap hell a lot of the time, but he always swung for the fences and tried to win every year. The Flyers have been mediocre for a long time now and they’re going to continue to be that way and that makes me so very sad.
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leanstooneside · 8 months ago
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