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#Dave the cat

Volume up for weird Dave noises

Does anyone else have a cat who wanders the house carrying a toy making these noises? Dave usually does this at like 3am, I’m surprised he was doing it now. I think he does it when he is lonely? It’s super cute even though it’s weird.

You can briefly see him walking down the hallway with his horse webkinz but othereise the video is just his noises.

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I don’t think I’ve reached a point where the cats are bombproof or anything- whenever we go on walks I expect the possibility of them being spooked. That being said, taking it slow and starting out somewhere quiet really helps. Training both the boys I started out in the backyard, and then slowly extended our radius farther from home. If they come to see your yard as their territory and safe place, they’ll be a little more comfortable with new stimuli that is introduced there. 

Keep a favourite toy or some treats on hand, and when you see a potential stressor try to distract your cat with those. If possible, don’t wait until after your cat is already scared, as I don’t think it works quite as well (but if she is scared still give her the treat). 

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Do you ever take a photo that just sums your pets up perfectly?


Cause I don’t think I’m gonna find anything better than this one for my boys

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Sometimes things seem hard but at least I have two adorable cats to help me get through it <3

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The leash I use a flexilead and the harness is the surfer cat mav harness from Etsy!

We have a few different lengths of leashes and a few different patterns of harness. They’re all the same basic shape though.

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Dave walks fastest once we’re on the final stretch home. He knows treats wait for him there!

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That happens a lot here in the winter too, it’s so frustrating! People post on the lost pets FB groups like “if you see a cat outside NEVER bring it inside. EVER. It might be someone’s pet. You could TRAUMATIZE THE CAT”

If it’s someone’s pet they in theory should care if kitty is freezing it’s whiskers off outside. Pretty sure that’s more traumatizing than being brought inside a warm house. Most of the time the cat wants to be inside anyways. 🙄

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For hiking I use the catexplorer ranger backpack! To be honest, it is not perfect. It definitely hurts my back on longer hikes, as im a bit short and it’s a little too long for me to sit comfortably. If you’re taller than 5’5” it would probably be more comfortable. It also doesn’t have a water bottle holder which is a bit of a bummer. If you want one like mine, I’d wait until catexplorer releases their updated line of backpacks later this year.

The cat soap I use is the Earthbath Light Wild Cherry 2 in 1 Conditioning Cat Shampoo.

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If you see Kepler and Dave in person it’s clear Dave is quite a bit larger. In photos though he looks tiny next to Kep and I have no idea why. It happens in every photo I take of them and it’s so bizarre.

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I have not! I think IBD and IBS in cats are a bit different. Usually IBD symptoms are treated with steroids and diet management. I appreciate the thought though!

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Apologies but the blog might slow down for the next week or so. Since it’s so cold we aren’t really doing much or going on many adventures! Stay cozy and we’ll see you on the other side of this cold snap. ❤️

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I think some cats just latch on to something as their Favourite Enrichment and will act as if they’d die without it. For Dave it’s his outside time- he’s nearly unbearable if he doesn’t get to go on a walk or spend a couple minutes in the catio each day.

I’m glad you’re able to provide them cat grass inside so they can satisfy their desire to eat it!! It’s definitely much better that they eat grass rather than a house plant.

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🤷‍♀️ just cause cats like to eat things doesn’t mean they need it. If left unsupervised Dave eats grass until he pukes. The only thing a cat needs in their diet is meat, any plants they eat are supplementary.

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I gave Dave and Kepler cornish h.en necks because I figured it would keep them busy while I made dinner.

Dave didn’t want his. Kepler finished his in less than 5 minutes. I thought he would just chew on it, not eat the whole thing.

I’m keeping an eye on him now in case he throws it up or something. He was eating while I gave Dave his so I didn’t see if he chewed it or swallowed it whole. He seems fine (and still hungry for supper).

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It’s too cold to go outside so Dave’s gone into hibernation.

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