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davidskam · 2 days ago
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druckscreencaps · 2 days ago
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Season 7 ➤ Clip 28 ➤ “Was ist Dysphorie?"
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sotorubio · 2 days ago
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livinglifetheskamway · 2 days ago
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tomberensonsghost · 2 days ago
People like to get onto Cassie for manipulating David when she said ‘look, even Marco can morph a roach’ but maybe she was just being honest. Maybe she meant ‘Marco is absolutely the worst morpher I know, and even he can morph a roach, it’s like literally the easiest thing in the world, and you would not believe how absolutely garbage Marco is at morphing’. Did you ever think of that?
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anderwater · 2 days ago
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who even looks that good
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nope-nora · 2 days ago
david post on da_vid.gif challenge
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shaysangelfish · 6 hours ago
An Alpha’s Mate’s Job
First Redacted ASMR Fic to be posted! This one was fun! (~2,700 words, rated T I guess, for mentions of bullying and hazing)
I glanced at my phone as it lit up with a call on the couch next to me, pausing my game. “Hey Milo. What’s wrong?”
“Who says anything’s wrong?” He sounded defensive and his accent got thicker.
“You’re calling me and not David. I assume that’s because something’s wrong.”
Milo’s end of the call was silent for a moment. Then he sighed. “Is David home?”
“Not yet.”
“Good. I actually, uh, wanted to talk to you about something.”
“If this is about his birthday, Asher and I already spoke.”
“No. This is about… me.”
“You know the pack meeting two nights ago? How, when you and David walked in, everything got quiet?”
“Well, it’s because… the other guys…” He sighed. “They make fun of me. For being the smallest wolf in the pack.”
“Milo, please let me phase into their houses and move all the furniture three inches to the left!” His mate’s voice was distant but I could hear it.
“Sweetheart, not now,” he said. “Anyway. I’ve been advised by the smart mouth Stealth in the room to talk to David about it—but I don’t want to bother him with pack drama because my stupid feelin’s got hurt. Is he busy with everything right now? It can wait.”
I set my Switch to the side on the couch and stood up to pace the living room. “Milo. I will say this from experience with living with him: David will want to know this. He takes his job as the alpha very seriously—and you know he loves you as family. If you don’t tell him, and he finds out some other way, he will be pissed at the pack and disappointed that you felt you couldn’t trust him with what’s been going on. And he won’t be disappointed in you. He’ll be disappointed in himself that he’s not the alpha that his pack trusts with issues like this.” I paused. “Does Asher know?”
“Yeah—but he’s always the first one to stick up for me.”
“But he hasn’t put the other pack members in line as beta?”
“I mean… it’s Ash,” Milo said slowly. “He’s not the authoritative type.”
“That and he probably doesn’t realize he can,” Milo’s mate snarked from the background.
I snorted. “Fair enough.” I cleared my throat. “Listen, Milo, I know I haven’t known you guys very long compared to how long you’ve known each other. But at this point I think I know David pretty well. I won’t tell him you called me. I won’t tell him what we talked about. But you should. That’s an issue that David will find important. It’s his job to keep the pack running smoothly. 
“And yeah life is hectic and he’s busy a lot—but we all are. That doesn’t mean that he won’t make time to do his job as alpha and keep the rest of the pack in line. He prides himself in the fact that the pack is well-respected in Dahlia, and he won’t stand for the pack members disrespecting one of their own in a way that is genuinely belittling. 
“He doesn’t care that you and Asher give each other crap all the time because he knows you don’t mean it. But with the others bullying you like it’s middle school? That’s not behavior he wants pervading his pack. His family. I know him. He’ll shut it down. Make sure it never happens again. The pack respects him as their leader, but I know a lot of them hold a healthy amount of fear for him too. With good reason. He can be terrifying when he’s genuinely angry. He’ll put them in their place and let them know that if it ever happens again, there will be consequences.”
Milo’s end of the call was quiet for a minute, but I could vaguely hear Aggro, his remarkably vocal cat, purring. Probably sitting on his lap while he petted it. I quieted my pacing and leaned against the archway separating the open-concept living room, dining room, and kitchen from the hallway that led back to our bedroom.
“Milo? Still with me?” I hedged carefully.
“Yeah-yeah. Just thinkin’. Sorry.”
“Don’t apologize. It’s alright.”
“I’ll talk to him.”
“Good,” I said at the same time as his mate did in the background. A small smile drew up the corners of my mouth. At least his mate and I were on the same page.
The sound of the garage door opening sent my head snapping up. Headlight beams moved over the living room blinds and I heard the familiar engine of David’s car pull into the driveway. I swore, rushed back to the couch, and grabbed my Switch. “David’s home. If you’re gonna call him tonight, do it in about an hour so we can make and eat dinner, okay? Or, hell, if you wanna come over you can. Whichever.”
“Yeah. Thanks, by the way. I needed to hear… everything that you said. You’re really doing the job of the alpha’s mate well.”
“Thanks. And it’s no problem. I’m glad I could help. Talk to you later, Milo.”
“Bye.” He hung up.
I managed to get my phone in my pocket and my game unpaused before David came in through the garage door, looking like I’d been sitting there building the Minecraft castle I’d been working on recently for a while. I didn’t like keeping secrets from him—especially after the last time I tried regarding my old cat and he blew up at me—but this was different. This was Milo’s story to tell him. Not mine.
When David came in, I grinned, paused my game, and got up to greet him. “Welcome home, Davey,” I said, putting my arms around his neck and giving him a kiss. He returned the kiss with a sigh, hands resting on my hips. “Everything okay?”
“Everything’s fine, angel. It’s just been a long day.”
“Would you tell me if everything wasn’t fine?” I needled. “Or would you not want to worry me?”
He leveled an irritated glare at me. “You are my mate, you little snot. We’re in this together. Of course I would tell you. Whether or not I’d let you do anything about whatever would be on my mind is another matter entirely.”
I rolled my eyes. “We promised when we bought this house that we’d share each other’s burdens,” I reminded him.
He moved one hand up from my hip to the back of my neck, flexing his fingers in my hair and nuzzling his nose into the other side of my neck. “I know. It was just a long day and I missed you,” he said softly. An admission I usually had to pry out of him with a crowbar and a lot of name-calling thrown my way. But he’d promised to try and work on his attitude, and he’d been better about it recently.
I kissed his cheek. “I missed you too, Davey,” I replied. “How about I get started on dinner for once, and you can go change or shower?”
He lifted his head from my neck and raised an eyebrow at me. “You’re going to cook?”
“Hey! You’ve been teaching me. I’m not that hopeless anymore. Give me some credit.”
He chuckled, burying his face into my neck again. “You’re right. You are doing better. I’m proud of you. Proud to call you my mate.”
“Awww,” I said.
“Don’t ‘Aw’ at me,” he retorted.
I gave him a pat on the back of his head. “Go shower, baby. Unwind a little.” He wasn’t a big fan of me calling him any pet names—including Davey, most of the time—but I could tell he was tired when he didn’t even grunt in protest at it.
He kissed my neck. “I think I’d rather shower with you a little later,” he whispered, still kissing my skin between his words. A breathy chuckle escaped his lips as I shuddered. “I’ll be right back, angel.”
With that, he disappeared down the hallway.
I stood still in the kitchen for a moment, blinking hard and getting a hold of myself, before bustling around to get dinner started.
“Alright, angel. I admit it, that was a pretty good dinner you made,” David said with a small grin. I beamed and got up from the dining table, grabbing his empty plate to put in the dishwasher.
“Well, I had the best teacher,” I replied.
He snorted, folding his arms.
His phone rang. I kept loading the dishwasher after a brief glance over my shoulder. “It’s Milo,” he said. “Do you mind?”
“Go ahead,” I said.
He got up from the table and answered the call. “Hey Milo, what’s up?” As he spoke, he left the room to go back to his office. Technically it was our office but I was more of a do work on the couch with a laptop kind of person so my small desk in there didn’t get much use—except as an extra surface for David to spread papers out on when he was really working on something.
From the office, I could hear his voice but couldn’t make out any words.
He emerged from the office, phone in hand, still on the call. “Are you okay if Milo stops by, angel?”
“Of course,” I replied.
He put the phone back to his face. “Come on over. Bye, Milo.” He hung up. “He’ll be over in a few minutes.”
“Sounds good.” I closed the dishwasher door. “You going to talk to him out here or in the office?”
“Office. He wants to speak in private.”
“Okay. I’ll stay out here then.” I moved to the living room and plopped down on the sofa, holding my hands out for him. “But, before he gets here, do you wanna cuddle?”
David sighed and came over to the couch, sitting next to me and letting me wrap my arms around him and rest my head on his chest. “Did Milo say what he wants to talk to you about?” I asked. One day, in a few months maybe, I’d tell him that Milo called me in advance. But it was important for the next little while that Milo be the one to bring it up to David himself.
“No. Just said it was important.”
We cuddled for a while, winding down. Occasionally exchanging kisses. I was trying to get him to relax as much as possible between dinner and meeting with Milo, so I rubbed his head, neck, and shoulders while we waited.
Finally, Milo’s distinct knocking pattern echoed off the door. David got up and went to answer it. I leaned back on the couch, picking up my Switch. “Hey David,” Milo said as the front door opened.
“Evening, Milo. Come with me. We’ll talk in the office.” He led Milo toward the back of the house.
“Hey Milo,” I greeted.
“Hi,” he replied with a wave, following after David.
I continued building my Minecraft castle while they talked in the office, listening but finding it hard to make out words. I heard Milo’s voice break twice and a tone from David I’d only heard a few times. The one where he was so angry he sounded completely calm. It was a terrifying control he had over his temper. Milo probably knew him well enough to know David wasn’t just being soft-spoken.
I completed the interior of my Minecraft castle’s bedchamber, including a carpet pattern made to look vaguely like the Ender Dragon, in the time it took them to talk.
The door to the office opened. “Thank you, Milo, for telling me about this. Thank you. For… trusting me with this information. I’ll talk to the pack,” David said. There was that tight control on his temper, tone too even to be mistaken for calm.
They reappeared in the living room. “Hey Milo, wanna stay for dessert? We’ve got ice cream,” I offered, looking up from my Switch.
He shook his head, pushing a hand through his hair. “No, thanks. My cute sweetheart’s making cookies. Thanks for the offer, though,” he replied. He looked at David. “Thanks for listening. I should get going.”
“I’ll walk you out.” David followed Milo out the door. I got up and peered through the blinds. And almost fell over from shock. David was giving Milo a hug.
“Awww,” I said to myself.
They let go, shook hands, and Milo climbed into his car.
I went back to the couch.
David came inside and sat down heavily next to me, pulling me onto his lap with a sigh. “How much of that did you hear?” he asked.
“Just that you appreciated him trusting you with whatever it was.” Not a lie.
He cleared his throat. “Apparently, the rest of the pack makes fun of him. For his wolf form being the smallest. Asher sticks up for him, but they haven’t stopped.”
I stiffened, like this was my first time hearing the news. “How long has this been going on?”
“A while. But… it’s been getting worse recently.”
I swore softly. “So, what are you going to do about it?”
David rested his forehead on my shoulder. “What the alpha is supposed to do. Keep the pack in line. I’m going to put them in their place. And tell them bullying is not tolerated in my pack.” He groaned into my shirt. “Which means calling a mini pack meeting with the members who’ve been hazing him and telling them off.”
“Can I go with you?” I asked.
“Why would you want to? I don’t want you seeing me being the bad guy.”
“Actually, it’s a bit of a turn-on. But also because I want to tell them off too. Or threaten to sic Marie on them.”
David barked a surprised laugh. “Oh, if I told Milo’s mother about this, I could just sit back and watch. She’d tear their heads off without shifting into her wolf form once,” he said. “But we’ll keep the circle of those who know small for now. I don’t actually want Marie getting involved in this just yet, amusing as it would be to watch her go Mama Wolf. Yeah, she raised Milo to be tough—and God knows he is—but she’s still his mother and she’ll always protect her son.”
“Yeah. All that aside, though, I think I should be there to support you. I’m… your mate. It’s my job, right?”
“Nothing to do with this pack is your job, unless you choose to take it on. You have no obligations.”
“David. You’re my boyfriend. I want to support you because that’s what we do. Unempowered humans in healthy relationships support each other. It’s nothing to do with shifter packs and their dynamics or magic or anything like that. I love you. I want to do whatever I can to help you. And if that means playing the support part, being the alpha’s mate and filling that role to its full extent, even without powers? That’s what I’ll do.” I cradled his face between my hands. “Do you think you can trust me to do it?”
“If you promise not to be an irritating snot about it in front of the other pack members.”
I snickered. “I’ll do my best. But sometimes I can’t help it. Irritating snot is in my nature just as deeply as claws and fangs are in yours.” I smirked and gave him a kiss on the cheek while he rolled his eyes.
“You’re lucky I love you,” he moaned in complaint.
“Yep. And I count my blessings every day that I get to have you in my life.”
David gagged. “Enough with the mush.”
I kissed his other cheek. “You’re lucky I love you too,” I teased. “Who else would have the patience to put up with your attitude?”
He snorted—but then his expression softened into a slight grin. “I am lucky to have you, angel.” He nuzzled his face into my neck. “Now let’s eat that ice cream and then have a little… fun in our room. We can talk about disciplining the pack later.”
I climbed off his lap. “Don’t have to tell me twice. Ice cream, here I come.”
He rolled his eyes again but followed me off the couch.
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epocalyps · 2 days ago
david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david
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duciss-animi · a day ago
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David (Raphael's husband)
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auvtre · 3 months ago
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david, commission. 2019
i am aware that this piece of mine has been re-posted a thousand times, but now you can re-blog it from the original artist! :~D
edit: since people asked you can now get a print of this here!
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gaygalore · a month ago
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Brandon and David for SeanCody
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infected · 10 months ago
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David of Michelangelo, Florence, Italy, photo by bioldave
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justjensenanddean · 9 months ago
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Jensen Ackles’ Filmography.
 “I certainly wanna continue performing, an actor, I wanna work with people I can learn things from, I wanna work with people who push me and make me better... I love what I do and I love telling stories, I love playing characters, I love creating, film and television and I will keep doing it into some capacity for as long as I can.”  —  Jensen Ackles, SDCC 2018
Happy Birthday, Jensen Ackles! March 1st, 1978.
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davidrosesource · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
Hi Patrick! Yeah, I think I - I think I called you David. Which that's not - that's not your name. You can just delete that text, the - the me - the voicemail that I left you.
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