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slytherindisaster · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
“I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life is, now you're in the world”
Alright, Daywood is one of the cutest ships out there and It’s been so fun drawing these two! It’s also my first time properly drawing Penny, and let me tell you, that girl’s hairstyle is wild lmao. Anyway I love these two together and @amerrymystery I hope you like it! <3
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amerrymystery · 25 days ago
Robbie: Okay, go, shoot your shot.
Penny: Right now. Okay...
Penny: Damn, baby, you looking kinda-
Robbie, already blushing: With your wand, Penny.
Penny: Oh, yeah, sorry, of course.
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haywoodsbiggestfan · a month ago
I made this blog to ship Penny with Luca Fawley but none of us should sleep on Penny with Robbie Donovan either ❤️
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amerrymystery · 15 days ago
Penny: Ringo? You would name our child Ringo?
Robbie: Yeah, you got a better name?
Penny: I sure do. Jane.
Robbie: No son of ours is gonna be called Jane!
Penny: Our daughter's name is Jane! Our son's name is Elliot.
Robbie: Elliot? You might as well name him Jane!
Penny: Elliot!
Robbie: Ringo!
Penny: Elliot!
Robbie: Ringo!
Penny: El... Wait, when did we have a kid?
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amerrymystery · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I was having a bad day but I am now cured.
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amerrymystery · 18 days ago
Penny: There is only one thing worse than bullying.
Penny: *Rips off paper to reveal 'bullying Robbie'* Boom.
Robbie, gasping: Me!
Penny: nO
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amerrymystery · 27 days ago
A Random Soulmate AU
Okay, alright, so I've been weirdly obsessed with those soulmate AUs that are floating around online and I've just gotta get this stupid idea out of my system. And who better to do it with that the one true pairing, the loves of my life, the one and only daywood?
The basic premise here is that every night you visit your man the soulmate in your dreams. The catch here is that there's only so much you can tell them before the both of you wake up. For an example, you can talk to them about your day and shite but as soon as you give a detail that could help them find you the dream ends.
The dreams started when they were both six. Now, obviously they're tiny idiot gremlins but Penny puts two and two together rather quickly. Robbie is a fecking eejit and doesn't know how to process information like this, so he just kind of freezes up and stims like the autistic icon that he of course is. But weirdly enough Penny doesn't mock him for it, no, she's kind about it and doesn't ask too many questions. And just like that six year old Robbie is already head over heels for this lass.
Penny does enjoy his company, don't get her wrong, but she can't help but ponder how this bedraggled, haggard Irishman is meant to be her other half. But, hey, it not like he's especially disgusting or unlikable. Quite the contrary, he was a sweet boy, if a little bit socially awkward. The realization that he's sort of handsome didn't come until a fair few years after they first met. But that's getting ahead of ourselves here.
So within the first month of these dreams starting pretty much all that they know is each other's first name and favorite color since, once again, they'd idiotic six year olds. The flow of information doesn't get much faster. They were eight when they learned each other's surnames and they were both approaching ten when they told each other of where they lived. Oh, how their hearts fell when they realized they were separated by the Irish Sea. But they don't really care all that much about finding each other, because there's just something about the slight mystery but intimacy that simultaneously entices them but frightens the bejesus out of them.
That is, until age fourteen. Penny is what professionals like to call 'desperate'. And, let's be real here, this dude was meant to be her other half, right? Robbie was, in theory, perfect for her. So she gives up with the little childish games, she's getting serious about this. She's tracking this son of a bitch down if it kills her.
It won't kill her, though it may just end up killing him.
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amerrymystery · 29 days ago
All's Well That Ends Well
Tumblr media
Robbie found himself guffawing out of control as his eyes adjusted to the sudden darkness. He hadn't been out of the house since June of 1996, he had almost forgotten how it felt to have the wind beating against his face and hear sounds made by someone other than his family. Oh, the sheer giddiness was overwhelming, but given the circumstances pretty much anyone would be.
Less than an hour ago the Donovans had received the news that the Second Wizarding War was finally over and they were safe to come out of hiding at long last. The first thing that Robbie did was dash to his bedroom, grab something and promptly Apparated off without so much as a farewell. Without thinking ahead, Robbie went to the very place he'd wanted to be for countless months on end, London. He didn't even consider how it may seem a tad suspicious for a scruffy, twenty-five year old man to come scampering out of an alleyway, but he was too overjoyed he couldn't give two flying fucks what someone may think of his behavior.
With a smile so wide it hurt, Robbie scurried down the congested sidewalk with countless people starring him down. He felt as if the weight of the world had been lifted off of his shoulders, and he had only one more thing on his mind, a pair of sparkling sapphire eyes and the most stunning smile he had ever seen.
It took him practically no time at all to reach the Haywood residence since he had learned the instructions by heart years ago. Robbie wasn't the type to forget, especially when it came to Penny. He giggled like a madman as he scurried forward. Rather abruptly, he skidded to a stop when he finally reached the steps. One hand was shoved inside of his pocket to check for something as the other raked though his hair, desperately trying to tame it.
I'm really doing this. He thought. Fecking shite, I'm really doing this. What am I thinking? Panic seemed to slam into him like a semi-truck. Several scenarios were flashing though his head, each one worse than the last. Maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe he should just give up now. But no, no, he had already came this far, he didn't have time to turn around. He just had to troop though it. So before he lost his nerve, Robbie lolloped up of the steps, inhaled as deep as he could manage and knocked on the door...
He knocked again, beginning to worry. He didn't want to think it was possible, but the war had only just ended. And he hadn't heard a word from her throughout the entirety of it. He had to consider the possibility that... No, no this is Penny. She couldn't be hurt by something like that. There was no way. His hands seemed to become suddenly sweaty and his vision started to blur. Fuck, why did he have to meltdown today of all days? This was supposed to be perfect, it was meant to be special for fuck's sake!
"Hello?" A voice groaned. Robbie snapped out of his little fantasies and looked up to see mister Haywood looking at him as if he had three heads. "Oh, you're Penny's friend, yeah? Robbie?" Friend? Okay, they were already off to a bad start. He had time to salvage this, he needed this man to like him in order for his plan to ever work. He had to act normal.
"Y-Yes, hello, mister Haywood." He stammered while sticking out his clammy hand for a handshake. "I'm R-Robbie D-Don-D... Donovan. Robbie Donovan."
"Okay, calm yourself down, will you? I don't bite." Awkwardly, he tried to shake Robbie's hand but quickly pulled away when he realized how sweaty it was. "Are you alright there? Would you like a glass of water, or something?"
"I-I'm fine, sir, thank you, um..." He gulped before shaking his head. "I'm sorry, I'm just really nervous. My family has barely been out since the war kicked off." Mister Haywood nodded slightly. He probably didn't know what to say, he couldn't blame the man. Most people didn't know how to handle him. "Is, uh, is P-Penny in?" Penny's father quirked an eyebrow at the question. Robbie assumed that he didn't like the idea of telling this strange, nervous, Irish fellow where his daughter was.
"Yes, she is, yeah. Won't you come in?" Okay, alright, he'd gotten past the door. Good, good, it was going fine. Nodding swiftly, he shuffled though the doorway. The first thing he noticed was a very near overwhelming aroma of baked goods. Almost sickly-sweet. "Penny! Some Paddy wants to talk to you!
Mister Haywood quickly abandoned him, going right back to the kitchen that he had only just left. Robbie glanced around trying to find some kind of clue as to what he was meant to be doing or where he was meant to go. His hands wrung as he started panicking yet again. It couldn't be that hard to find her, right? Right?
"Robbie?" His heart stopped. He glanced over his shoulder and in a second was right back to his incessant smiling. Penny Haywood, alive and well. Penny Haywood, just as drop dead gorgeous as she was in his dreams. Penny Haywood, Penny bloody Haywood. Without a word, he pulled her into the tightest hug he could physically manage and felt every muscle in his body relax. It was really over. She was really safe in his arms. This wasn't another dream that would quickly turn to a nightmare, this was reality. She was really still here.
"Penny." He breathed. "Oh, you're... Penny." She giggled softly in his ear, making his hairs stand on edge in an instant. "Pen, I-I was so worried! I thought you had- but you're here! Oh, oh, you're here!"
"Yeah, I am." She smiled. "And so help me god, I am never leaving your side again." He assumed that she was exaggerating. But weirdly enough, he couldn't help but think that there might just be a bit of truth to that claim. And, oh, how that excited him. "I had almost forgot what your hugs feel like. They're amazing, I've told you that, right?" He hummed softly. "Good. Because it's the truth." Wonderful, blissful silence. Just the two of them after all of this time. Just as he had dreamed. "You know, there's one thing I doubt I'll ever forget..."
Her hands cupped his face making his breath hitch in an instant. He had it bad, yes, but could you really blame him? He adored that woman with his entire heart and all that he wanted to do was kiss her again. Then it would all go back to normal, and he could put his plan into motion. Her lips hovered just next to his when a voice came from the doorway.
"Ugh, get a bloody room." Beatrice grimaced. Penny seemed to jump away from him, groaning in frustration. "Oh, it's Robbie. Hey."
"Hi, Bea." He waved awkwardly.
"Bea, could you just... You know." Penny made a series of hand gestures, none of which Beatrice seemed to understand. "Leave, please leave. We're trying to have a moment here." The younger Haywood seemed to consider for a second before taking a sip of the energy drink in her hand.
"I dunno, Pen, I haven't anything better to be doing." Beatrice gave another lopsided, devil-may-care grin as Penny rolled her eyes. "Fine then, go on, snog your boyfriend." She took another chug before motioning for them to continue.
Penny sighed before grabbing Robbie's hand with her own and pulling him into the next room. Her touch was like fire. How he had missed the feeling of her skin against his. There was always something about her hands that made his heart race. But he didn't have the time to be reflecting upon that, for she had already pulled him into the living room and slammed the door behind them.
"Robbie, honey, I'm really sorry. She's had such an attitude since the war started. This isn't how I planned this going at all-"
"Hey, Pen, dear, you're fine. Really. The same thing happened with my pa."
"Well, that's a relief. Bea is acting like a fifty year old man. That's just great." Her grasp on his hand tightened, willing him to come closer. "I'm sorry, it's just, you know, there's kind of a lot going on. Up until right now I was scared that you were..." She shifted her weight from one foot to the next and Robbie had to stop himself from hugging her.
"It's fine. I'm fine, nothing bad happened. I'm here now, okay? And if I can help it I won't leave you alone again, princess. Alright?" Her eyes landed on his, blue meeting brown for just that second too long before she started leaning in.
"I love you so much." She breathed, her lips getting dangerously close to his. Perhaps trying to mess with him, she rested her forehead against his and smiled. That arresting, spectacular, astounding sensational grin that made her look like an angel. How he had ached for one last kiss with her for all of this time. And here she was, alive and well and in his arms once again. It was like a fantasy.
And then she kissed him. It was the most extraordinary thing he'd ever done. Fuck those Vaults, fuck finding Jacob, fuck all of that R shit, kissing this woman made him feel like he was high off of ecstasy. It was almost like the space between them just exploded. The world melted away, all of the hardships of war were gone in an instant. And it was this kiss that made Robbie certain that he was going to follow through with this idiotic plan of his.
He was going to get over all of those senseless nerves and ask her to marry him. The odds of her saying yes were slim to none, but he figured that he had to at least try. After all, she'd be ravishing in white, he was nearly sure of it. She'd be the world's greatest mother, he was absolutely convinced. And he would be the happiest man in the world with her by his side. That was simply a fact.
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amerrymystery · a month ago
8 and 9 for daywood
by the way I love the couple, they are so cute robbie deserves someone as pure as penny haywood
Thank you very much for sending in an ask! Yeah, I love these two idiots as well. They're such sweethearts and I honestly spend too much time thinking about them.
8. What were their first impressions of each other?
This is going to sound really weird, but just stick with me here. The first thing that Robbie thought about Penny was that she had a really cool name, since his mind instantly went to the song Penny Lane by The Beatles. Yeah, eleven year old Robbie didn't have his priorities straight. Once he got over that, Robbie was sort of afraid of her since she was among the group of popular girls who were always ranting about his brother and how he was cursed. To top off the fear, in his first year Robbie was deathly afraid of the English students since his mother told him horror stories of all the horrible things the English did to the Irish (brought about a famine, several wars, took away their freedom, that kind of thing). So, yeah, he definitely didn't think that this girl was the love of his life.
From the very start, Penny was fascinated by Robbie. Of course she knew about all of the stories of his brother's expulsion and how his whole family was cursed, and at first she was inclined to believe them. But then she saw the boy, a frail mess of a lad with a mop of curly hair and perhaps the kindest eyes she had ever seen. Try as she might, Penny couldn't convince herself that he was as horrible as the other kids in their year made him out to be. To her he just seemed lonely. Like he needed a friend. And Penny, being the absolute sweetheart she is, wanted to help. But she knew that she'd be giving up her entire social life if she hung out with him. So she kept to herself and just tried to discourage the bullying and gossiping about him. Once again, she had absolutely no clue how in love with him she'd be one day.
9. Have they made each other cry?
This one hurt to write. Why do I have to be so mean to them? They have, and they both hate that fact. The first one that springs to mind is when Penny snapped at Robbie in fifth year since she thought that he wasn't taking the Cursed Vaults seriously and that he was putting Beatrice in danger. The second she left the room Robbie broke down, sobbing his eyes out until he could hardly breathe. After that point he's an absolute mess, hellbent on breaking the portrait curse no matter the risks. That backfired horribly, but that's another story for another day.
Robbie's made Penny cry as well, normally because of the Vaults. Basically, Robbie is an idiot who never thinks about his own safety, only that of others. This has lead him to get injured more times than he can count while trying to find Jacob. Penny hates seeming him like that, so bloody, so bruised, but not accepting help. She tries to put on a brave face, but at night she can't stop herself from weeping. Normally she'll grab the Quidditch jumper that she borrowed from him and 'forgot' to return and bury her face in it. It smells just like him and that only makes her cry more.
OTP Asks
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amerrymystery · a month ago
Like a Fool
Pádraig Donovan,
It feels wrong to call you Robbie after all that I've done. I just want to talk to you. Hear your little accent and that stutter when you get flustered. I want to see you do that thing where you're about to smile but stop yourself. You never knew just how amazing that smile was, that grin that could light up my day in an instant.
But I went and fucked it all up. I regret every word, I do. But that isn't enough, is it? I can see the way that you hang your head and drag your feet when you walk. You're broken and it's my fault. I'd ask you to forgive me, but there's hardly any hope of that. I wouldn't blame you for not forgiving me. After all, I can see how hard you were affected by those horrible words.
How much it hurts to see you barely struggling by. To watch as the bags under your once keen eyes slowly grow darker and darker. To imagine the weight pressing down on your shoulders, bearing down on you hellbent on making you collapse under the burden of carrying it.
I miss you so much. You kept me sane, really. It felt so nice to be around you. I had never met someone like you before, someone brave but gentle and intelligent yet humble. You're truly one in a million, Robbie. I suppose that's why I was so infatuated with you and all of those little quirks about you. People get so confused when I mention that I like you. I don't know why, though. Because you are honest to goodness the greatest thing that's happened to me. And I went and threw you away like a fool.
There's no point in feeling sorry for myself. I've already broken you, you're already risking your life yet again and we're both acting like nothing ever happened. I fucking hate that, but that's just how it works now.
So, I suppose that's it, really. I'm sorry and I love you. Such simple words. So why did I make them so long-winded? Who knows. All that I know for sure is that I miss you.
I'll never post this letter. It'll probably just sit at the bottom of my trunk for months before I find it again. I don't know what I'll think then. Maybe I'll be numb. I hope to God that everything will be normal by then, but I really doubt it. My point is, my heart is yearning to see you smile one more time.
I miss you. I miss you. I miss you,
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amerrymystery · a month ago
Help me please I need help
[Alright, okay, so this is just pure angst. Fair warning, there is some very intense swearing, casual ableism, usage of the R-slur and descriptions of poor mental health. With that being said, here's a gif of Duncan that I relate to on a spiritual level.]
Tumblr media
"Welcome back to Defense Against the Dark Arts, everyone." Rakepick announced from the far end of the classroom. To be quite honest, Robbie wasn't paying any attention to her little monologue. All that he could focus on were just how heavy his eyelids felt. No surprise there, the boy hadn't had a full nights sleep in just under a month. He didn't plan to anytime soon, for there were curses to be broken and siblings to be saved. It was his duty for Merlin's sake, he couldn't just give up. Suddenly, he was thrust back to the real world when he heard mention of his name. "Thankfully, mister Donovan and and his friends broke the curse on the so-called Vault of Fear-"
Oh no. Oh no, no, no, she was't planning to talk about Boggarts, was she? His last experience with those beasts was traumatizing enough, he didn't need more of them to haunt his subconscious. He tried to crane his head to see what page Rowan's textbook was on as Rakepick continued with the lecture.
"While the majority of the Boggarts have been vanished, some were kept for future lessons in this very class." Fuck! She kept ranting about protection and shite as Robbie felt the sweat forming on his face. He hadn't even seen anything yet, what was wrong with him? "Fortunately, mister Donovan is an expert on the subject," No, not him, anyone but him- "and can demonstrate the most effective method." Fucking shit! What had he done to her?
It took longer than it should had for him to muster the courage to speak with the entire year around. It wasn't them as a collective he feared, no, it was one student in particular. For he knew exactly what she would think if he wasted time on this instead of breaking that godforsaken curse already
"You want..." He stammered before clearing his throat. They thought he was a wuss, he knew it. "You want me to face another Boggart?"
"Unless you're too afraid..."
His mind wandered to what he had seen in the Vault of Fear. His brother, writhing in agony, clothes bloody and tattered, screaming for mercy, for his life. It had haunted every dream he had for the entire summer. Every time he closed his eyes he was greeted with his dying brother, a sharp and painful reminder of what might happen if he didn't get his act together and find those Vaults.
But then he felt a pair of eyes staring at the back of his head. He couldn't see them, of course, but he could only imagine the disgust and resentment engraved in those once bright eyes. Perhaps that scared him more.
"No, of course not." He lied. Rowan seemed to be worried, but Robbie didn't have enough time to ease him. Rakepick was already back on the lecturing.
"When you open this cabinet, a Boggart will emerge, and you will demonstrate the proper banishment technique." He'd try to, he knew that, but a part of him severely doubted that it would work. "Please cast the Unlocking Charm..." Okay, alright this was happening. He couldn't back out now.
His feet seemed to wobble uncontrollably as he stood up. Maybe it was the terror, perhaps the exhaustion, he didn't have a clue. All that he was sure of was that he was dreading this. So, with every fifth year in the castle staring him down, he stumbled to the front with his wand grasped in his clammy hands and cleared his throat about five times.
"Sometime today would be ideal, mister Donovan." A few students gave a polite laugh but most of them were still watching intently. He couldn't help but think that they were excited to watch him suffer. He was the cursed kid, after all. Hogwarts's punching bag.
"Alohomora." He blurted just after shutting his eyes as tight as possible. He didn't actually have to see Jacob, right? Only picture him doing something funny. He heard the lock click open and he took in a deep breath. The air wasn't simply cold, it was like inhaling ice. "Riddik-"
"How could you?" Wait... Wait, no. "How could you waste so much time frolicking around with a bloody poltergeist while my sister is dying!?" His heart stopped entirely. He opened a single eye and felt it come back tenfold, hammering against his ribs. "Every time! Every time I think you've done one fucking thing right you go and you mess it up, you bastard!"
Standing where he had expected to see his brother was Penny Haywood, her face contorted with rage and eyes filled with revulsion, as though the mere sight of him made her sick. He couldn't stop himself from trembling.
"I swear, you are the most idiotic person I've ever met! Every word out of your mouth sounds like absolute nonsense! You can't even communicate, what's the point of being alive if you can't do anything?!" Every word was spat out like a curse. He couldn't recall seeing someone this irate at him. Even when his mother threatened to kill him she was nowhere near this angry.
"Mister Donovan, cast the spell!" Rakepick commanded. He could hardly breathe, let alone speak, but he had to power through it.
"One word! You have to say one word and you can't even do that!" The Boggart bellowed. "You can't say a single word! What is wrong with you!? Why are you such a egotistical, maddening excuse for a wizard, you asshole!?"
"Riddikulus!" He tried to yell over the creature, but his voice became hoarse in a matter of syllables. "Riddikulus! Riddikulus! Riddiku-"
"Too late for that, you piece of dog shit! Everyone knows that you're a stupid retard already, getting rid of me won't do anything!"
"Help me already." He pleaded. But Rakepick simply gazed blankly at the sight. He theorized that she was far too caught up in the drama to realize that this wasn't some kind of episode of EastEnders, this was real life.
"Of course, running away crying to the first person you see! You're not brave, you aren't some almighty hero, you are an immature asshole who thinks that everything should be handed to him!" Meanwhile he was jabbering the incantation but was greeted with no results. "You're such a bloody dirtbag! Do you honestly think that I'd would ever-"
"Silencio! Silencio! Silencio!" He yelped. He couldn't let people know how he felt about Penny, he would never hear the end of it. And what would he ever do if she knew? "Silencio! Silencio! Silencio!"
"That won't do anything against a Boggart!"
"I know that, Snyde!"
"Oh, enough of this nonsense." Rakepick sighed before stepping in front of Robbie. "Riddikulus!" He didn't see what the monster turned into, he was to ashamed to even look up from his shoes, but it seemed to do the job as the class quickly erupted into laughs. Though, he could tell from a single second of the noise that one laugh was missing. That of a certain Hufflepuff girl. "Alright then, I'd say that that's enough of all of this. Class dismissed." The class promptly started flooding out the door. In mere moments Robbie heard Rowan scamper up to meet him.
"Robbie! Rob, are you okay? That was bloody horrifying!" Rowan babbled in what seemed like only one breath. "What was all of that? You must be so traumatized!"
"Rowan, I'm fine, lad, don't worry about me." He whispered weakly. He could tell that he didn't believe him, but this wasn't the time or place to delve into all of the specifics. "Come on, Ro, let's just keep our heads down and get to Charms, huh?"
"Are you sure we shouldn't stop by the Hospital Wing? Look at you, you're shivering!"
"I said I'm fine, okay?" Rowan quirked an eyebrow at the retaliation but nodded solemnly. The two scooped up their books in their arms and tried to make a beeline for the exit. On the way they shuffled past a small group of Hufflepuff who were muttering together. He didn't hear everything, but he was pretty sure he heard something like 'what did you do to him?' and 'Are you alright?'.
For just one moment he turned his eyes from the floor to the group and felt his breath hitch when his eyes met Penny's. He couldn't decipher what her expression meant for the life of her, but he was sure that he was terrified of finding out. All he could do was trudge forward and silently pray that this was never brought up again.
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amerrymystery · 29 days ago
My Take on An Enchanted Kiss
[As a registered theater kid I just had to infodump on all of the idiotic ideas I came up with while thinking about this TLSQ. I think my grammar is kind of confusing here, so I don't blame you if you don't understand anything. Okay, anyway there's some foul language, innuendo and threats in here, in case anyone's sensitive to that. With that said let's goooo, lads.]
Tumblr media
Okay, first things first, there’s no way in hell that Robbie is taking part entirely on his own accord. We’re talking about Robbie Donovan, autistic icon. However, we’re also talking about Penny Haywood, the single most neurotypical person in the world.
So Penny kind of wants to try out for the play, but she can’t imagine doing it with anyone but Robbie. She knows better than to bring it up around him, though. She keeps her thoughts to herself until eventually they’re having yet another of their little ‘Hide from the world and complain about shit’ meetings and Robbie finds this book of poetry at the bottom of his schoolbag. Wanting to make her laugh, he starts reading them out as dramatically and pretentiously as he can. Penny is completely enthralled by this side of him and practically begs him to try out for the play.
Now, Robbie’s still hesitant since he was only having a laugh and, besides, no one will want to watch the resident Cursed Kid acting. But Penny is rather... How do I phrase this without offending someone? Persuasive. Next thing Robbie knows he’s scampering into the Great Hall like he’s dying of cancer and Flitwick has the cure.
So he’s sitting there waiting for his turn, sweating bullets when Merula waltzes on in and slumps down next to him. She scoffs out something like “what possessed you to audition for a play, Donovan?” To which Robbie promptly replied “Penny told me that if I did she would l-” He’s then cut off by Penny making a series of hand gestures that he assumed to mean that he had to stop. Merula takes notice.
For the little scene he’s thrown together with good auld Barney. Now, Barnaby and Robbie are by no means close, never have been and never will be, so Robbie’s already scared because he knows that there won’t be any chemistry. So imagine his dread when Barnaby forgets his lines. Robbie, after a fair bit of stuttering, manages to get things back on track. Flitwick honestly wasn't taking Robbie too seriously before that (even when he isn't acting he feels oddly wooden), but perhaps this gave him some kind of notion. A very bad notion, I can tell you that much.
The following morning Robbie is awoken by Andre shaking him wildly. Andre starts blubbering nonsense before shoving a piece of paper into Robbie's face. He's only just woken up and his vision is still blurry, so he grumbles out a complaint.
"Egwu, you eejit, what is it?" "You don't know? Look at this, look at this!" "I'm fecking trying! What does it bloody say?" "Alright, fine, you prat. You got the part, are you happy?" "The part? In the play thing?" "... No, in the marching band. Yes, the play." "Oh. Oh, shite. Fecking shite, Andre. I'm in deep shite, man." "That's nice, Donovan, that's nice." "No, you don't understand, I was only messing around." "Well, your costar won't be too happy when she hears that-" "Please don't be Penny, please don't be Penny, please don't be-" "It's Penny." "SHITE!"
Robbie swiftly books it for the Great Hall as quickly as his little legs could carry him. All the way people keep glancing at him, and he can't tell if it's the same disgusted glares as yesterday, or something related to his newest spot of bother. Just before entering for breakfast he find Penny and spills the tea. Cut to both of them nearly having a panic attack on the off chance that this will tip someone off to their secret. They hadn't thought this through, they were sure that someone else would be cast. They come to the conclusion that they've got to get out of this.
Do you remember that one scene from Nativity where Paul's just been told he's got to direct the play and he yells "I am literally USELESS! Please don't make me do this!"? Yeah, so that was Robbie's reaction. Flitwick isn't buying it though, he goes off on some tangent about how this is his 'chef-d’œuvre' and that he's sure Robbie's the man for the job. Now, he would have fought harder but the thing about Robbie is that he's desperate for validation. So now he's in this for the long haul, but he's still absolutely mortified.
Rehearsal begins, no one is giving Robbie and Penny a break. They're trying to keep their little secret, but it's kind of hard when just a minute ago they were proclaiming their undying love for each other. The only thing keeping Robbie from having a meltdown is Knarl. He's a good boy.
Robbie quickly becomes exhausted with all of Flitwick's little commands and alternations. He cannot sleep, every time he closes his eyes all he can see are pages of a script, send help, please. Andre and Talbott are also descending into madness, so it is not a very fun time in that dorm.
That Calming Draught? Yeah, that isn't for stage fright, that's for the sudden increase in meltdowns and shutdowns. Now, that's not entirely the play's fault, Robbie's going through some other stuff at the same time, but it certainly wasn't helping his nerves. But your man Jae still messes up and Robbie's fucking dying on the floor. Because he's yet to reach rock bottom, I suppose.
Look man, I know that technically speaking it makes a lot of sense for Barnaby to be the one who says the words of ill fortune. But... Like... I can do what I want. So they find Knarl, Robbie is finally content since this hedgehog is his best friend now, and Penny royally fecks up. The room falls silent. Robbie watches as Penny's face turns as white as a ghost. All he can do is mumble.
Knarl gets spooked, he runs about, everyone is bloody raging, the whole thing is ruined, Flitwick goes to sob in his little director's chair. So everyone is down in the dumps when Robbie decides to finally put his different viewpoint to good use. Using all five of their collective brain-cells, the gang is able to just barely scrape together the bare minimum for something of this scale.
But uh oh it's Autism 2: Electric Boogaloo, and Robbie is convinced that he can't do the play without Penny. In his mind, she was the only thing holding this all together and making up for his nonsense. But Penny, like the absolute sweetheart she is, reassures him that all will go well. He's still not sure though so... Um... Remember the reason he's here in the first place? Well, let's just say that Penny ups her offer. Next thing you know Robbie's convinced that he's the next Sean Connery.
Just before your man Flitwick introduces the play Penny comes backstage to give Robbie one of her signature pep talks. She's able to calm what's left of his anxiety in mere seconds. That's what he loves about her. It's as if she knows just how to brighten up his day. Diego comes waltzing in acting like his life is on the line and Penny gets ready to go. Right before leaving she looks around to make sure no one's looking more whispering "you'll be amazing, love" and quickly kissing him on the forehead. But perhaps she didn't look hard enough.
"Oi, Donovan, you're- wait, wait, wait, what's going on here?" "Um, I- that's- I mean, it, uh- no, she- oh, just piss off, Snyde!" "You're shagging Haywood, aren't you? Haywood, are you shagging Donovan?" "No! I-I mean, maybe one day-" "Penny, please, this really isn't the time." "Yes, that's my fault. Um... Goodbye then. I suppose."
Robbie makes a right fool of himself, everyone was just barely stopping themselves from heckling and he knew it. He's the cursed kid, he's the school's punching bag, not some kind of acting prodigy. But whenever he felt himself freezing up he'd turn his gaze to Penny and feel the weight lift from his shoulders. As long as she was there, he was safe. Trust me, you have no idea how much he loved hearing her uproarious cheers amidst the sea of polite claps. His heart soared.
After the show the gang help themselves to a round of Butterbeers, but Penny's nowhere to be seen. Robbie inquires and enter Dumbledore, spouting off his cryptic nonsense. Robbie's able to decode the idiocy and finds out that Penny is in the Great Hall. Already he's worried, but the boy is a simp so he hikes from Hogsmeade to Hogwarts in search of what Penny's been promising since this whole thing kicked off.
She tells him of her amazing idea, he loves it (of course he does, he's got it bad for this girl), and they kick off the fabled true love declaration scene. It's nothing like either of them had been dreaming off, since they're both tired out of their minds and Robbie looks like he was dressed by a toddler and the stage is a mess. But ultimately that seemed to add to the moment. Because love isn't always like a fairy tale. It's messy and confusing and can so easily be ruined. But when it works? There aren't words that can describe it. It's magical.
He can almost feel electricity rocketing though him. There's something about the way that these meaningful and romantic words feel falling from his mouth and the way that she stares at him like he's the stars in the night sky. It feels so right. So natural. Because it's Penny, she makes him feel so safe and understood and loved. She's his soulmate, he's sure of it. And he'd love to think, just for a second, that he's hers.
He'd be right to think that, but he won't know it for a while.
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amerrymystery · a month ago
I don't even know what I'm doing here
Tumblr media
Okay, so @cawforbrandon had an absolutely genius idea and I just had to join in. I'm not really sure how to explain it, but basically you're meant to draw your MC in one of these really cool hoodies, but instead of a frog it's their patronus! I went with my little Gryffindor boy, Cooper, since I feel like I haven't made a lot of Cooper content lately. I wasn't able to color it for a lot of reasons, but I'll get to it soon enough. Brandon, mate, I told you it would be shite and I wasn't exaggerating.
For the craic, I stuck an analysis of a polar bear patronus under the cut!
Those with a polar bear as their patronus are very adaptable individuals, but stubborn. They put up strong emotional barriers and are very oriented on one aspect of their lives, such as a career or volunteer work. This can make them seem cold to others, and they can be blunt in their ways of communication. Despite this, they are very connected to everything, however small that connection may be.
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amerrymystery · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
ALRIGHT, SQUAD, I'M BACK ON MY DAYWOOD BULLSHIT!!! Okay, so I quite literally threw this shit together in five minutes and put pretty much no effort into it, so it looks like shit. My handwriting is illegible and I hate everything that's going on here, but I love these two so much, I'm just going to post it before I loose my nerve. Anyway, here you go.
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amerrymystery · 13 days ago
So, I may or may not have found my old ukulele while I was cleaning up my room... And I may or may not have tuned it... And I may or may not have found the chords for Perfect by Ed Sheeran... And now I'm out here looking like
Tumblr media
Also I'm kind of contemplating recording a video because I'm getting a LOT of daywood feels from this song. No visuals since I'm not comfortable with that, just my stupid voice cracks as I desperately try to keep my voice deep in order to pass. Being nonbinary sucks, man.
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amerrymystery · 28 days ago
A look inside of @amerrymystery's head
'Lemon Boy' by Cavetown was blasting on a seemingly never ending loop. The Everett brothers, Conner and Cooper, were relaxing on a couch, Cooper sitting only the way that an eejit with ADHD ever could. The eldest Everett boy scanned the dark room before clearing his throat.
“When do you reckon Donovan’ll be back?” He whispered in his brother’s ear.
“Eh, you can never know. They might be hyperfixating on him again.” Cooper crossed his arms. “I thought they were finally over their little daywood thing, though. When’s the last time we were out?”
“Ugh, that stupid, stupid crack ship thing. It's like they're trying to mess with me. And you were some little fic, right?”
“Barely a hundred words. I bet they’re writing a bloody book about this dude.” Just as Cooper finished this thought in bounded Robbie Donovan, cheeks tear stained and fighting for air. He has just gotten back from something angsty, by the looks of it. It was about time, that boy was treated to far, far too much fluff.
“Thank Merlin, the eejit’s done for the day!” He remarked before clenching his jaw. “You two seem upset. What did I do?”
“What didn’t you do?” Cooper scoffed. “They were up all night doing nothing but thinking about alternate universe after alternate universe, all of them about you and your girlfriend, it’s exhausting!”
“It’s not like I can help it. I suppose that Joe just likes me the best.” He tried to sit down, but Cooper turned to drape his legs across the entire couch. Reluctantly, Robbie lolloped into the next room. The moment he did he was greeted with a series of unintelligible grumbles.
“Oh, that’s just great. Everyone’s favorite Aspie.” Elias Quintin only briefly turned his unblinking gaze away from his plate of spaghetti. There was always time for sass, apparently.
“That term isn’t applicable, it’s reserved for people with Asperger’s and I have autism-”
“Hey, uncle Pip, I don’t think he cares.” Duncan cut in. A large, fluffy blanket was thrown around his shoulders and his face looked bruised, as if he had been in some kind of brawl.
“Dunc, champ, what the feck happened to you?”
“Oh, Joe’s thinking about the temperance trio again. So, naturally, I have to be tortured.” He went for another bite of spaghetti but stopped himself. “Though apparently not enough for content. No, they’re too busy with you and aunt Penny having the shift."
"To be fair, we're quite the couple, you've gotta admit." Elias and Duncan both shot him a disapproving and tired look, so he shut his trap. When he did he noticed the music that seemed to be blaring on repeat. "Didn't that used to be The Beatles?"
"Oh, one of the muturals accidentally got them hooked on one of bedroom pop dudes. Um, Cave World?"
"Not even close." Duncan scowled. "Like, come on, mate. I know you're from the 1800s and shite, but can you at least try to keep up? You're embarrassing us all."
"It's not like I get to pick how I act, bairn. That's all the weird autist who controls our every action." Duncan couldn't fight there. After all, it wasn't as if he had an awful lot of control over his own actions. "At least I've got a better grasp on this shite than Holland."
"Holland? Like Bernie Holland?" Robbie inquired. "Wow, I haven't heard from him in weeks. What's he up to?"
"Who the feck knows?" Duncan shrugged, his mouth still full. "I think Joe might've forgotten that they even made him. He'll just sort of appear maybe once, twice a day and then he's gone." Just as Duncan finished his bite Cooper came scurrying in, his limbs failing wildly.
"Lads! Lads! Lads! There's a new one!"
"Oh, calm down, will you, Everett?" A voice asked from just outside of the room. Duncan's still bloody face went as white as ghost.
"Wait, no, not her, anyone but bloody-" And then entered Duncan's worst nightmare. Cassandra. "Oh, fuck off, Vole! You aren't even an MC for feck's sake! Get outta here!"
"Believe me, Donovan, I'm not happy with this arrangement. But I was informed that I'd be 'living here rent free'? Something about angst?" Elias rolled his eyes so far back he may have been able to see the back of his head. He had assumed that angst was his job, and he wasn't very thrilled about a replacement.
"Wait, wait..." Robbie lowered his voice before whispering into Cooper's ear, as quiet as he could manage. "You guys are paying rent?"
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amerrymystery · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Daywood own my heart now, by the way.
Ps. Hope you don’t mind me enforcing my faceclaim for Penny on you…
AL, DUDE, THIS IS BLOODY AMAZING!!!!!!!!! HUHBVUOAJVIV IT'S SO PRETTY AND MY HEART IS VERY FULL AT THIS MOMENT AND HVURAHVJFJPVISUVYHG IT'S SO GREAT, MAN!!!!!!! Holy guacamole, Al, I honestly can't believe that you like them so much you'd dedicate your own time to making such a gorgeous, lovely, bewitching masterpiece!!! Honestly, thank you so, so, so much for this! I have no idea how I could ever repay you, but I'll bloody try, I will.
There are so many things to love here. I mean, look at their faces! Fucking hell, they're so bloody in love ahuhvbufojvijjuah and the Beatles songs!!!! You've probably picked up on it, but I'm a sucker for those lads. IT'S ALL SO AMAZING UAHVUAOBUH Once again, thank you so much. This is just so amazing I can't even believe it. You are a gift from above, you bloody angel.
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