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Yo, I'd love some SFW headcanons for Colossus. You're the Queen of the Spank Bank, no doubt, but I really want to know your non-thirsty thoughts about our metal husband! :D

I accept my designation as Queen of the Spank Bank with true pride. I can defs handle non-thirsty thoughts! ❤

— — —

1. He really, really loves when you workout with him, and not just because it’s fun watching you workout in tight pants. He loves the bonding experience, loves spotting you and cheering you on. It’s pretty cathartic to get sweaty and gross together.

2. He’s a freakin’ awesome cook. Running low on food? That’s cool - he’ll grab whatever’s left in the pantry and make you the best meal you’ve ever had, even if it looks like none of the ingredients work together.. He’s excellent at making something from nothing.

3. He lives for breakfast with you. He’ll make you coffee in the morning (he drinks tea instead) and set it out for you. He’ll even make you pancakes if you ask really nicely (otherwise breakfast is probs bacon and eggs).

4. He gets up super early, so he doesn’t always stay the night with you. Waking you makes him feel bad, but he’ll stay if you ask.

5. Even when he stays the night with you, you end up having to sleep on the edge of the bed. He runs hot - it’s like he’s just radiating heat. And he’s snugly, so it’s hard to get away from him. You sleep naked so you don’t overheat.

6. Yeah, he’s a worrywart. You tease him about it. He takes it in stride, but he’s not going to stop. You’re his heart, so he’s always going to worry.

Obligatory Thirsty HC:

7. He may not always be able to stay the night, but he’s definitely taking a shower with you in the morning, especially if you do your morning without with him. It’s a great way to get the day started. It can be nice and relaxing - a good, easy way to wake-up. It can be a little more fun than that - a slow, easy fuck up against the wall. All good ways to set you on the right path for the day.

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“Your move, Big Man.”
Suit crafted by the amazing people of @costumereplicacave
Mask pieced together by the team at @ilustrastudios
@lonnieiiv as smooth voiced God and Gabriel
#Bluepool #BlueDeadpool #Deadpool #DeadpoolCosplay #Mistake #God #Gabriel #funnyvideo #Tiktok #Cosplay #Costumes #Mistakesweremade #Flourish #SinfulSaturday #Marvel #MarvelComics

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