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they put s11 happy-relationship sam and dean on a double date with a pair of married gay hunters. and dean assumed they were brothers because he recognized their bickering dynamic as similar to him and sam. and then they had a discussion about what being married as hunters was like. what was that. i will never get these brain cells back will i

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the thing about castiel is, given the chance, he would do everything the exact same way again if it meant saving dean in the end.

the thing about dean is, given the chance, he wouldn’t let him, because he still doesn’t believe he deserves to be saved.

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There are supernatural episodes with Sam or Dean’s name in the title, but there aren’t any with Cas’ name in the title, and I just think that’s a crime.

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ok and like the thing is is that dean would have been perfectly happy to just live in eternal bachelordom with cas as friends and nothing more, as long as he could have cas being grumpy at him in the mornings and bitching at him and getting to make him dinner and watch old movies with him etc. like literally all dean wants is a life in cas’ shape. and you could give him this and then ask if he wanted anything and he’d say he had everything he wanted. but. cas. cas thee iel. wants. he’d be content with that but he fucking wants dean, dean is the one thing he wants!!! dean is so used to not wanting more than he’s given, he’s been doing it his whole life, and for cas wanting is also new but he just fucking GOES for it. he wants with his whole heart. i’m gonna cry

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things that give me brand new disorders

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Part 2 is up!

When Dean wakes up, he’s cold and stiff and every muscles of his body hurts. He opens his eyes slowly and stretches his neck, trying to ignore the dull headache weighing on his forehead. His eyes fall on his bedside table and that’s how he realizes he’s on the ground, still wearing his old pair of jeans and his red shirt. He groans and raises his body with the help of his left arm. With great efforts, he eventually manages to sit straight and leans his back against his bed. He lifts his hand from his thigh to his head and rubs his temples to try and soothe the pain.

It’s been nearly two weeks since the empty took Cas. Maybe more. To be honest, Dean doesn’t really keep track of time too well lately. His calendar is still stuck on the same day and Dean doesn’t have the strength to change it. Ever since they beat Chuck and saved the world, his body functions on auto-pilot. It’s alive and conscious but his mind is elsewhere, disconnected from reality. Because reality is too hard for him to handle right now and Dean vastly prefers drowning his sorrow in drink. It’s easier and the dull headache he feels every morning is much more preferable to the constant void and excruciating pain following him like a ghost wherever he goes when his body is sober. Time is pointless when you spend it waiting for something you can’t reach.

Dean closes his eyes and tries to chase away the thoughts invading his mind, thoughts all converging towards the same direction, the same person. Cas. That stupid bastard, Dean thinks as he lifts his whiskey bottle to his lips and lets the alcohol burns his throat and fills his blood. Cas and his stupid selfless attitude. Cas and his obsession to sacrifice himself just to save one man. But that wasn’t so surprising of him, was it? After all, it’s always been the central point of their relationship. The sacrifices and the rebellion and the reckless choices. Castiel’s done it all and always with the same motive in mind. Save Dean Winchester. But is he even worth the sacrifice?

Dean huffs out a laugh when the answer appears very clearly in his mind. Of course he isn’t. There’s no way he will ever be worthy of anything, let alone Castiel’s love. Dean raises his head and lets his eyes wander around the ceiling.

“You stupid son of a bitch.” He whispers to no-one but himself. Cas has been selfless even in death and Dean hates him and all the stupid things he’s said to him that day but most importantly he loves him even more.

 Everything you have ever done, the good and the bad, you have done for love.

You’re the most caring man on earth.

You are the most selfless, loving human-being I will ever know.

I cared about the whole world because of you.

I love you.

“You insufferable bastard.” Dean says again, his eyes closed.

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What am I currently crying about? Glad you asked

Just thinkin about that one post about Dean mourning Cas so hard that Jack felt it and brought Cas back and the sudden thought of how despite Dean being the “wanna be just like dad but was too different from him and grew to not want to be him” did actually become John, a widower of the love his life who became angry at everything and even projected it onto his own kids. Like, Dean did get consumed by anger and he did blame the loss of Cas onto Jack. Though John never got Mary back, Dean did but still latching anger onto Jack and not trusting him entirely until finally given that approval from Cas in 15x11

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Hey, darlings!

So, I have a little question for you lot, specifically anyone who enjoys reading my Dean x Fem! Reader stories! Whilst working on my current medieval AU, I had a few ideas for a new series, and wanted to hear which idea you’d most enjoy reading, so in the spirit of democracy, I’ll put it to a vote!

Whichever idea wins will be written first, but the rest will eventually also be written unless no one fancies them.

1. Pride and Prejudice. This would be a series at least four parts long, in an AU where Dean would play the role of Mr. Darcy, and the reader Elizabeth Bennett. Mr. Winchester is handsome and wealthy, but unlike his friend Benjamin Lafitte, lacks any social graces. After snubbing the reader, he comes to realize she’s exactly the woman he wants, but she rejects him- but there’s hope he can change her mind about the content of his character and win her heart and her hand.

2. Mulan. A series where the reader dresses as a man in order to be a hunter, and crosses paths with Dean, loosely following the plot of Mulan. When her secret is revealed, it costs her more than just Dean’s trust, but she might be able to prove herself before it’s too late.

3. Out of the Woods. In this AU, the Apocalypse happened, and the reader has been living alone in the woods for two years until she stumbles across the bunker. Neither she nor Dean trust easy, but together, they might be able to fix the world and themselves.

Let me know which AU you’d rather read. I’ll give this until next Friday for you to vote, or even propose an alternate AU you’d like to see me write!

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funny how it took a dean-coded diagnosis from uquiz for me to realise i maybe wasn’t quite as straight as i thought i was when my childhood obsession with the hex girls was Right There.

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I’ve just started reading Twist and Shout for the first time.

I already know about the big sad at the end and what it is/who, but other than that I went into this blind.

So far it’s really good and should honestly be a TV show. The dialogue and characterisation is definitely good enough! Like it feels weirdly real, as if you could be there too as a bystander, if that makes sense?

Its made me really weepy already because I have the foresight and it suckssss. Honestly scared to read more because I’m gonna be so invested and break my own heart.

What do u all think of it? Have u read it? (I say this like I’m not the noob) Any advice on how to read this and not have a week long breakdown?

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