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#Dean x Reader

Originally posted by cutie---kisses

Summary: After sharing their feelings for one another, the reader and Dean are finally about to get intimate. Only the reader gets nervous about how she might look downstairs…

Pairing: Dean x reader

Square: Pubic Hair

Word Count: 620

Warnings: mature (language, cursed Dean, smut (fingering, touching))

A/N: Written for @spnkinkbingo​​​​​​


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Originally posted by justjensenanddean

Summary: The reader has a bad day at work and needs Dean to help her unwind, even if she might take it too far…

Pairing: dom!AU!Dean x sub!reader

Square: BDSM

Word Count: 960

Warnings: mature (language, smut (dom/sub, masochism, spanking, power dynamic, vibrator use, aftercare))

A/N: Written for @spnkinkbingo​​


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Originally posted by soluscheese

Summary: After a hunt, Dean needs an extra roll of bandages and finds something intriguing in the reader’s bag…

Pairing: Dean x reader

Square: Dildo

Word Count: 833

Warnings: mature (language, smut, mutual masturbation, sex toys)

A/N: Written for @spnkinkbingo​​​


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Dean x Reader series
SPN x TVD crossover

Summary: She always wanted to be his. He always wanted to be her. But what destiny wants?
Words~ 5k
Warning: Angst, hurt
Tag list: @jay-and-dean@missafairy

Feedbacks are always appreciated


Dean’s POV:

- “Thank God. He’s alive and back.”
Sam mocked while he was drying his fresh shaved face, eyeing me from the top of my head to my toes; In a way like he wanted to be sure I’m still in one piece.

-“I’m fine.”
Ignoring his glare at the half empty glass in my hand, I lied. Wrecked, cold, numb, angry, jealous. I was everything but fine.
-“Of course! With this dumb method of yours, who wouldn’t be? But let me give you a clue: Alcohol can’t kill emotions.”
-“Trust me, I know!”
I chuckled bitterly and a little tipsy.
- “No, you don’t!”
He emphasized and reached out to take the whiskey out of my hand but I resisted.
- “What’s it now? You wanna kill yourself?”
He questioned. There was this anger in his eyes that I couldn’t just ignore.
- “I just don’t understand, Dean. The whole time you were totally in control. Even when you saw y/n’s guy in the hospital, later when we found out he’s a freaking vampire, you still could keep it together. I really need to know what happened last night when they released Y/n that could wreck you like this? You look even worse than when you found out she’s …”

- “Don’t call him that!”
I warned, clenching my jaw, looking up at my brother through the flames of jealously burning in my eyes.
- “What? A vampire?”
Sammy was confused by the way I was looking at him.

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I’m following a few amazing blogs and I thought it would be a cool idea to share 3 of them every so often, because they deserve a follow from you!

  1. @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish : My friend and one of my betas, responsible for both Ride With Me and STSS and plenty of my one shots. Liked those stories? Well, that’s also thanks to this wonderful woman, so you can imagine how good her work is!
  2. @mrswhozeewhatsis : Besides that Michelle is a great human being, her work is fantastic too. She also does a lot of work for the SPN Fanfiction Pond and is a Big fish there. If you’re a SPN writer, you should definitely check that blog out too! 
  3. @winchest09: My bestie! Also my beta and my advisor, and vise versa. Her series are really stunning, I adore her storytelling! So if you like my stuff, you should check her out too!

Please share and add your top 3! And don’t forget to follow these lovely ladies!

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Chapter Seven : Running

Jack Kline x Winchester!Reader

WordCount : 1432

Summary : The Winchester’s long lost sister want to leave, will they let her?

Warnings : None


Everyone sat in the car silently as Dean drove back to the motel they all were staying in, tension so thick you wouldn’t be able to cut it with a knife, maybe a saw.

Y/N was in the back in between the prophet and the nephilim, slightly closer to the prophet as she felt uneasy being so close to the spawn of Lucifer. She didn’t miss the glances that were thrown her way through the rearview mirror by Dean every now and then.

“Alright, what’s up with the look?” Y/N snapped at him.

“What look?” He asked her pretending to be confused which made her roll her eyes.

“Don’t play dumb, you know what I’m talking about.” She answered, irritation clear in her voice.

Dean took a deep breath and sighed, “It’s nothing.” He told her, Y/N rolled her eyes again and crossed her arms leaning back frowning at him.

When they arrived and they got out of the impala Jack held the door open for Y/N but instead of leaving from there she got out after Donnatello.

Jack looked at her then, looked at the ground and closed the door, walking inside after the group.

Y/N went to her motel room first and immediately locked the door when she was inside. The rest walked further, a door away from her, and got inside, Dean lingered by the doorway staring at the locked door where his sister was behind before looking at Sam who came up beside him and followed his gaze.

“We’ll figure something out.” He told his older brother who only nodded at him and got inside closing the door.

Y/N went over to her duffle bag beside her bed took clean clothes out since the ones she was wearing got dirty when she fell on her knees while she got choked, for the second time today.

Walking in the bathroom she turned on the water but stopped when she caught sight of the marks on her neck from when she was getting strangled by the demon she winched as she touched them softly with her fingertips, she shook her head and turned away and made her way towards the warm water.

Y/N looked around in the room she had been staying in to make sure she got everything she needed and didn’t forget anything, she then took her duffle bag and swung it over her shoulder, she was about to open the door when it opened up from itself. She immediately snatched her gun from her waistband and pointed it at the intruder.

“Whoah, it’s just me.” The soft voice of Sam rang out as he held his hands up in surrender.

“Is that supposed to make your situation any better?” She questioned with an unamused look on her face.

Sam sighed heavily, “Well, ye-” He started but stopped when he glanced at her and saw her bag in her hand, he pushed past her and looked around in her room furrowing his eyebrows in a confused manner.

“Wait, you’re leaving?” He asked.

“Yeah.” She answered confusion written all over her face not knowing what’s wrong with it.

“Seriously? Just like that? Were you even going to tell us?” Now he was just offended.

“No, Sam.” Y/N rolled her eyes and turned her back to him and began walking out “Now if you excuse me, I have places to be and people to save.”

“Wha- hold on.” He ran after his sister and grabbed her forearm gently turning her around. “You’re not coming with us?”

“No.” She tried pulling her arm out of his grip but he only gripped her tighter not wanting to let go.

“What? Why not?”

“Because I want nothing to do with you, alright?” She pulled back her arm again but still had no succes “ Sam let go.” She began losing her patience.

“Just- Just give me one reason and I’ll let you go.” He begged

“Because, everytime I’m close to you two, I always end up getting hurt.” She shouted at him with fire in her eyes that made him let go of her and step back before he could get burned.

“What’s going on?” Dean stepped out of their hotel room.

“Nothing.” Y/N told him with a shake of her head. Sam started to protest but she was quick to stop him with a wave of her hand. “You wanted a reason and I gave you one.”

“Wha-what you’re leaving?” Dean asked an bewildered look on his face.

“Oh my god.” Y/N groaned rolling her eyes having lost her patience and walked away from them “Yes I’m leaving.” She shouted.

She walked away so fast that if anyone saw her they would think she was running from someone. Well, she kind of was running from her brothers. Unlocking her car, she threw her bag in on the backseats, and opened the door to the driverseat, when it got slammed shut, she turned around ready to start yelling thinking it was one of her brothers but what she actually saw made her freeze, she was scared she wanted to get the hell away from him but she couldn’t. It felt like she was paralized, the only thing she could feel was the tingling sensation on the tips of her fingers, a chill ran down her spine and her breathing got heavier as she realized how close they were, she stepped back to put some distance between them but was stopped by the car door. His hand was still on the window right next to her head as he held the door shut.

“Get the hell away from me.” She whispered not being able to do otherwise.

Slowly he pulled his arm back to his side, his head tilting to the side confused. He knew she was scared of him, but was it really this bad?

“Jack?!” Dean’s voice boomed as he and his brother came into view, the nephilim jumped startled by his voice. “What the hell are you doing?”

“I..I was…I was just trying to help, I heard you didn’t… didn’t want her to go.” He stuttered nervously.

Dean opened his mouth ready to swear at him but before he could Sam stepped in smiling at him.
“Thanks Jack.” A smile danced on his lips, one so cute you would never guess he was the son of the devil, but surprises you shouldn’t be when you do find out. After all they say Lucifer used to be the most beautiful angel.

“Alright.” Sam took a deep breath in before glancing at his brother then back at you. “We know a lot happened to you, bad things. We also know it’s our fault, we knew Adam was still in the cage when I got out and we didn’t even try to get him out, we just forgot about him and that’s no excuse we know that too. You lost someone you loved, you had to take care of yourself, you had no one, you were just a kid and you were all alone. We just want to say sorry, sorry for not being there for you when you needed a brother, or a friend, sorry for not going after Adam, sorry for everything that happened to you because of us. We can’t change all the bad that happened in the past but we can make sure you’ll have a good future.” By now, tears were glistening in both of your eyes. “Please just come with us.” Sam finished his tears running down his cheeks, reality hitting him like a punch in the face, as he gave in to the sadness he had been feeling, he lost his mother, his angel best friend who was a brother to him and suprisingly he was grieving over the king of hell too, he didn’t want to add another person to that list, he wasn’t sure he could handle it.

Looking at the three guys in front of her Y/N made her decision, not sure if it was a good one  but what she did know was that she was in for one hell of a ride.

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Pairing: Dean x Reader (established relationship)

Summary: Sam informs you that Dean’s suffering from temporary memory loss and has forgotten you. Yet, when you meet your boyfriend, it isn’t the cold eyes of a stranger that meets yours.

Triggers: Fear, Worry, Temporary Memory Loss (Next part is fluffy, I swear!)

Y/N = Your name | Y/E/C = Your eye colour

Note: I swear I was just going to make this a fluffy oneshot, but when I started writing the lead up to the absolute fluff, it kind of took on a life of its own and turned into a two-parter. Part 2 will be full of fluff - coming on Tuesday!

“(Y/N), before you go in there… There’s something you should know,” Sam was standing at the door when you nearly threw yourself out of the car as soon as you’d parked the beat-up old truck next to Dean’s Impala. Your phone with the many missed calls from Sam as you’d chosen to focus on the road lying forgotten in the car, telling the same story the younger Winchester was clearly going to force you to stop to listen to.

The big guy had to physically reach out to stop you from trying to rush past him and into the room. Your earlier conversation with the younger Winchester still ringing in your ears and making you deaf to his words. 

“I know you’re a few hours away, but you need to come back to the motel (Y/N). Dean got hit, and… Shit…  Just come,”

Dean was in there, and something was wrong. Hell… You might not have been given enough information to know what was wrong, but that was all you needed. Your Dean, the man you loved more than life itself, was in trouble. There was no way you weren’t going to be by his side. 

“(Y/N)! Listen to me!” Sam stood in your way once more, stubbornly separating you from your boyfriend with just his body and the flimsy motel room door. It hurt you, physically and mentally, to hold your body still and stop from rushing past him to be with Dean. But, as you squared your jaw and set your pained, angry eyes in the youngest Winchester, your anger quickly faltered a little at the worry that has stained his hazel eyes. Quickly replaced with the whispers of soon to be heartbreak.

Oh God… No.

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Summary: A princess and a wolf meet under difficult circumstances. Can they give each other shelter in a cold world?

A/N: prompt/idea by @gypsyjucar​​​: Ulf Johnsen (Dean Winchester) is the leader of his land with the help of his brother. On a trip to Dean gets captured by the king’s guards, the princess, was just walking along the castle when she hears her father and guards talking about a barbarian in the cells and this is where their journey begins…

Pairing: Viking!Dean /Ulfr or Wolf) x Princess!Reader, Viking!Sam (Frode) x Shield-Maiden!Ruby, Castiel, Garth, Ivar (Bobby Singer)

Warnings: angst, innocent reader, longing, language, tension, fluff, bad use of Norse language, gentle Dean/protective Dean, light smut (not the reader), unprotected sex, unintended voyeurism, mentions of sex

The wolf and the princess Masterlist 


Day 8

“Why did you allow them to come with us? One of them tried to sell us to their master. I don’t think it’s a good idea those two knights follow us.” Sam grits his teeth, not liking the way Castiel always stays close to your side.

Dean holds you to his chest, not reacting to Sam’s harsh words. Your Viking, the man who would die for you, urges Sleipnir on to ride deeper into the dark forest to reach the hidden cave.

“Castiel helped to free me, just like the young knight at Ivar’s (Bobby Singer) side, bróðir (brother). I know you see betrayal behind every face, but for now, we have to trust those outsiders.”

“Cas always protected me.” Sleepily glancing up at Dean you play with his braids. “I promise he’ll never betray us.”

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Summary: When the reader’s childhood best friend, Dean, shows up at her door one night after a fight with his roommate, she invites him to stay. But things aren’t as simple as they seem…

Pairing: Mechanic!Dean x reader

Word Count: 20.5K (Individual counts in parts)

Warnings: language, angst, referenced domestic abuse, kidnapping, violence, fluff

A/N: There will be no tag list for this series! 

Part 1 (4/10)

Part 2 (4/17)

Part 3 (4/24)

Part 4 (5/1)

Part 5 (5/8)


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Reader helping Demon!Dean escape the bunker!

The Great Escape

Season 10

Demon!Dean x Reader

816 Words

Warnings: Angst, Show level violence.

Saturday Drabbles Masterlist ~ My Masterlist ~ Become A Patreon ~ Find My Original Works on Amazon


“Oh, Y/N…”

Your breath caught as you turned and pressed your back against the storage shelves. You’d been so careful, so quiet, you didn’t think he knew you were there. 

“I know you’re hiding behind those dusty boxes, Sweetheart. I can smell your shampoo…”

You scrunched your face up, kicking yourself for not realizing he would be able to smell your signature apple scent. 

“Come on, baby…” 

His voice penetrated your core. It was so deep and sultry, so Dean but not. There was an edge to his tone that spoke of mischief and danger; it was all too enticing. 

Shaking away the lust, you took a deep breath and then a step towards the door, trying to sneak away. 

“Please, Y/N!” he called, voice breaking around your name painfully. “Help me.” 

Your blood ran cold and you turned, ready to rush to his aid like the thousand times you’d done it before. But when your eyes met his, you froze, worry vanishing as fear took over. His chin was dipped, green eyes glowing in the dim light, aimed at your face; lips curled into a tiny smile. 

“Hey, sexy.” He licked his lips slowly and your blood burned for him despite the danger, or perhaps, because of it. 

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Square Filled: Rejected Claim
Ship: Dean x Reader; Sam x Reader
Rating : Mature
A/N: this was requested by @kalesrebellion​ hope it hits all your angsty and fluffy dreams!
Warnings: 18+ NSFW,  abo dynamics, marking, knotting, rut, ANGST
Request: Alright I’m feeling angsty but also fluffy so I’m going pick your rejected claim square (my backup would be the fear kink) with my favorite Winchester Dean #knotforlove break my heart if you want (but please put some masking tape on it at the end if you do lol) 
Word Count: 523
Created for @spnabobingo​.

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Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Requested: yes!🖤

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1,168


“Dean!” Sam yelled in annoyance, “I’m your brother, when are you going to let me drive the Impala?”

“Hm.. Let me see….Never. The last time I let you have the Baby, you had a what did you call it? iPod Dock?” Deans voice was laced with frustration, “No cool man.”

“That was one time!”

“One time, too many.”

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Summary: You make a bet with the Winchester brothers.

Rating: 18+ this is smoking hot you need to be an adult fo sho.

Tags: Very serious, hot sex smut 

Warnings: You will need to change your panties.

WC: 640

Writers / Contributors: @me obvs / @firefly-in-darkness / @flamencodiva / @kalesrebellion / @superlockedtimelord​ / @smrttrtl / @nightgirl250 (Let me know if I’ve missed anyone, I’ve added everyone who put their user in the doc but I’m sure there were more contributors?)

A/Ns: We wrote a line (ish) each. Most of us were drunk, the sober ones are to blame for this. We had a laugh though, and we DEFINITELY need to do this again! GO SLEEPOVER CLUB!

- - -

You strutted through the bunker, one thing on your mind. Food. You were fucking starving. Walking along the hall, you made your way to the kitchen. Hopefully, all the burgers weren’t gone with all the boys here. Because all you wanted was the meat. That delicious dish that Dean made the previous night, you couldn’t wait for it to melt on your tongue. Your mouth watered at the thought of the salty taste, the warmth of it soaking into the muscle.  

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Hello beautiful babes! It certainly has been a long time. A lot has happened and unfortunately I lost all of my writing. You can read more on what happened with that here

On the bright side though, time, healing, and quarantine has brought my muse back to me and I am not only ready but eager to start writing again. 

Please note: I will be writing these in no particular order. Previously I prioritized requests firsts, and within that, order of submission. However, I do not want to kill my muse by forcing myself to try and write a story that is not ready to come to life yet. I hope you will understand. Please know, that this does not mean I value your request any less. It is you, the readers, who power my muse, and you who I have to thank for inspiring me. I simply feel this is the best way to get back on track and start writing again. Thank you for reading, and please feel free to submit your requests at this time!

So here is a list of what is to come!


  • Part two for In A Moment! @age-of-avenging told me I couldn’t leave them all sad like this, so I will be writing a second part featuring the reunion between the reader and Bucky. I anticipate that this will be released fairly shortly after numwoon’s request, but since I said that it probably won’t. Who’s to say? Only the writing gods know.
  • @polina-93 submitted a beautiful Dean x reader request. I have thought about this one a lot in the past week, as the request hits close to home with my own feelings. I look forward to writing this one, I will likely be investing a lot of time and soul into it as it is fics like these that I dreamed of writing before I became an author.
  • @toxicskullxxx submitted a Winchesters x Sister!reader request that I look forward to exploring and seeing how the story takes shape once I am able to sit down and start writing. I have a couple ideas for this already.

Muse Contributions:

If you would like to be tagged in any of these when they are published, feel free to let me know!

  • Slow burn Bucky x Reader wherein our favorite Brooklyn boys first met the reader back in the 1940′s only to reunite once more in the 21st century. However with a muddy past, tampered memories, and blurred lines of loyalty, things are far from simple.
  • Once Tony Stark stabilized EXTREMIS and saved Pepper Potts, S.H.I.E.L.D. shut down AIM and seized all their research. Amidst the usual politics surrounding scientific advancements of this nature, EXTREMIS falls into the wrong hands with disastrous results, leading to the birth of a new adversary the avengers must face: The Necromancer. The wounds of the past are brought back to life when The Necromancer hits the team all to close to home, and old sins are brought to light once more.   
  • Bucky Barnes x Bodyguard!Hunter!Reader.  Bucky Barnes does not need protecting. His story is one that is written in the blood he has spilled. Military training. Natural marksmanship. Surviving 70 years in Hydra’s grasp. His skill set alone has made him one of the deadliest people on the team. Until one day where his whole world gets turned upside down, and he finds himself under the protection of a young woman who looks like she could barely fend off a street-side mugger. But if Bucky has learned anything from all that he has faced in his life, it is that appearances can be deceiving. After Hydra, Bucky thought he had seen everything. He’s found himself in a whole new world, and right in the middle of it is her. The woman who proves there is always more to people than what meets the eye.
  • A series of one shot/imagines. Plenty of domestic Avengers content and chaotic hijinks that would make Loki proud.
  • ….and many more.

So, there we are! Once again a huge thank you to all who submitted a request! If you would like to submit one, you can do so here! Let me know if you are interested in any of the ideas I have bouncing around my brain or would like to be tagged in any of the fics above when I do publish them. (Those who sumbitted requests will be tagged in the requested stories and credited for the request.)

I hope you all have a lovely day. Stay safe!

Love ya 💕

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: As Dean realises he’s only got minutes left to live and no way to get help, he calls you; so he can hear your voice and have one last normal, happy moment.

Triggers: Main character death, loss, lethal injury, angst, no happy endings here people.

Y/N = Your Name | Y/E/C = Your Eye Colour | Y/H/C = Your Hair Colour

This was it. End of the line.

Dean had always known he’d die in a ditch somewhere, fighting whatever monster of the week caught him unaware. But that didn’t make it any easier. The pain that had been blinding hot only seconds ago was already growing numb as his body grew colder from the years of life left unlived that was quickly escaping him to bleed out over the country road.

Gritting his teeth against the new shot of pain that seared through his nerves and burned them to ash, he reached into his coat pocket to fish out his phone. Forcing already shaking fingers to keep a tight hold of his last small lifeline to the rest of humanity. Biting off another gasped breath, he put the momentum of pained adrenaline to good use. Forcing himself up into a seated position against the rear right tire of the Impala with a whispered curse.

His eyes squinted against the darkness as he tried to assess the damage. The gravel around him was just a black canvas, matching the rest of the quickly fading world around him. He couldn’t tell how much blood he’d already lost. But, from the numbness slowly seeping into his bones and the dull constant pain, this was definitely it. His side was warm and wet with blood, and as his hand came away from the gravel he’d pushed against to sit up, the blood that coated it told the same story. Refusing to look closer, Dean pushed his palm against the wound. Willing the blood flow to slow down. 

To just give him a few more minutes. 

Calling for help wasn’t an option. By his professional estimate, he had a few minutes at most. Help wouldn’t make it in time. He was in the middle of Podunk, USA and it would take a hell of a lot more than a few minutes for anyone to make it out there. 

Still, as shaky fingers and quickly blurring eyes scrolled through his contacts, he couldn’t help but pray to an unresponsive God. Not for salvation or a promise of heaven. Just… A few minutes.

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A Supernatural Fan-fiction Mini Series


Featuring: Past Dean Winchester x Female!reader

Word Count: 2577

Primo Beta: @itmighthavebeenintentional

Aesthetic and beta’ing by: @thoughtslikeaminefield

Summary: A flashback and some case drama to iron out. There’s breakfast and a confession.

Warnings: Unconsciousness, a gun, man-handling, unresolved emotions

Series Masterlist


               “Nope.” She shook her head, hair mussed against the sheets as he leered over at her.

               “We need to leave. Move your ass.” Dean swatted the mattress, shaking her from her perch of stubbornness. 

                 She kicked away playfully, whining as she twisted to burrow into the pillows. He pounced before she was even situated, hands like magnets to her waist, pinching just so until she was shrieking. Bent in half in his arms, he had her pinned in place, her t-shirt bunched up with her belly spilling over the band of her simple gray sweats. He wasn’t sure when she’d stolen them, but they were unquestionably hers now; they looked too good on her to ever take them back.

               Before he realized it, he was giggling right along with her, out of breath and tangled together on the bed once more. She threw her thigh over his chest, straddling him and claiming temporary victory.

               “Two-point reversal,” she huffed, locking his wrists above his head.

               “You play dirty, anyone ever tell you that?” Dean teased, half-heartedly struggling against her weight.

               She made a thoughtful face. “Uh, only crybabies, why?”

               Dean slipped his right arm out under her calf and flipped her onto her side. “I’m sorry—what were you saying?”

               “We have until ten for check out?” She panted, smile dazzling as she feigned innocence.

               “Nice try.” Dean smacked her ass and held on. “Ten minutes and I’m leaving you here. Move it.”

               “You wouldn’t dare,” she mocked, pushing her thigh between his legs and grinding into him.

               “Don’t tempt me, Y/N. I mean it. I’ve got a case,” Dean warned down his nose, dimples of discontent in full effect. 

               She took full advantage, landing a sloppy kiss to his pursed lips before rolling off the bed and leaving him in the scratchy sheets alone.


               Dean fell asleep remembering the woman he used to know, the one who he had had to let go. A smile on his lips as he tried not to think about the reserved and shell shocked face she now wore. The one that looked at him like it was the first time. The one person he wanted back more than he’d ever admit.


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A list of some of my more fluffier oneshots and short series with Dean Winchester x Reader. No real angst or tears here. Just fluff! (More oneshots and some longer pieces below the “Keep Reading” line.)

Just Fluff - Oneshots

Building a Nest:  Your worry as Dean starts acting a little out of character after you find the Men of Letters bunker.

Date Night: Dean and you decide to confuse a bunch of strangers as you test out some bad pickup lines at a fancy jazz bar.

Morning Person: You try your hardest to get the sleepy hunter out of bed at a reasonable time as he tries just as hard to keep you there, snuggled up to him.

Pickup Lines: Dean tries to stump you, the self-proclaimed champion of anti-pickup lines, with the cheesiest, cringeworthy lines he can think of.

His Rock: Dean finds comfort in the your arms after a hard day. (Fluff with a bit of angst as you comfort Dean)

Try Not To:  Dean challenges you to a try not to laugh challenge using pickup lines, but for you the challenge turns into a bit more of a try not to fall deeper in love with the lovable dork.

Secret Love:  You’re secretly dating a tattooed Dean behind Sam’s back since Dean, who normally tries to act rough and tough, doesn’t want anyone to know he can be soft-hearted.

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Hey loves.

Sorry for being a day late. Lot of shit going on. 

Dean x Reader 


Warnings: Sexual talk, fighting, depression, self issues. 18+ ONLY.

Don’t place my writing anywhere else without my consent. 

“Look who it is, the piece of shit that runs this dump!” You smiled a bit walking over to the bar, giving Gerald a kiss on the cheek. Smiling down at you, scooping you into a large hug. “So, a whole vamps nest. Rumor has it you saved…” Gerald watched Molly walk in with he two men he was just about to announce. “Winchester.” Laughing slightly you shrugged. “Molly get your beautiful self over here and give me a hug!” With a smile plastered on her face, she ran jumping over the bar. She gave Gerald a huge hug, receiving a kiss on the top of her head. “Keeping this one out of trouble?” Molly narrowed her eyes towards you. “Trying too, you know how hard it can be.” Dean watched the man behind the bar. He looked oddly familiar. “You knew Bobby..” Dean spoke up staring at the man who was in his late 40s. “Correct. I knew your father pretty well too.” Sam tilted his head slightly. “What are you two doing around my girls?” “Your girls?” Dean asked a bit rough. “Yes, I care for these two. I help them with lore, a hunt. Whatever they may need.” “Gerald. Can I get a shot of whiskey please?” Nodding the man grabbed four glasses with one large ice cube pouring whiskey over it. Grabbing the class you deemed yours, you walked to the pool tables and wracked them up. “So your headed to Ely?” Gerald asked walking over to you concerned. “Yeah.. I am guessing Wendigo..” Dean spoke calmly grabbing the rim of the glass. “Molly, how is she doing?” Gerald spoke low, making sure you didn’t hear him. “Same as usual. Kill. Drink till passing out. The occasional lay and then a run in the morning.” Gerald squinted when Molly mentioned the occasional lay. “She needs to be careful. Her liver can not be good.” Sighing Gerald watched as you practiced shooting pool. Hearing the door slam, your eyes looked at the front door at the loud noise that covered the bar. “Shit.. Gerald!” Molly hollard, as she turned she seen your sprinting towards the front door. Dean watched this scene play out in front of him. “Sam grab her.” Molly yelled out. Quickly avoiding Sam’s grasp your fist made contact with the man that walk through the front door. “Fuck Y/N!” The man hollered. As you seen the man on the wood floor holding his face. You withdrew your pistol pushing it to the mans head. “Y/N STOP!” Dean hollard. “We don’t kill humans.” “Stay the fuck out of this. This man.. gave the where abouts to the demon that killed my mother.” Gerald slowly walked up to you putting his hand on your shoulder. Then instant it made contact Dean watched your shoulder relax. “We do not, kill Humans.” Gerald spoke gently to you. Grabbing your handcuffs from your belt loop you tied the mans hands together.

“Ill be in the basement.” “Y/N We do not have time. We must take care of that hunt. People are dying..” Molly spoke rationally. “We can find him later..” “Your lucky I don’t shoot you here Josh…” Hearing a crack you bent the mans hand back, feeling the bone break with ease. Dean squinted, taking a deep breath. “I promise… to make your life a living hell..” you whispered in Joshs ear. The mans eyes were wide, groaning in pain from his hand being broken. “You know, for good measure..” As you grabbed the other hand, you felt a hand on top of yours stopping you. “No. We are not this.” Molly spoke looking you in your eyes. “Mom.. would not want this..”

As the trees passed by your face was focused on the road. “You know why she wanted to ride with Sam right?” Dean spoke looking at you as your drove. “I don’t really give a fuck..” your words harsh and short to the point. “What did Josh do?” “Shut up.” “Come on… We at least need to talk we have three more hours to go.” Sighing your looked over at the man next to you. “He… he gave the location to where my mom was staying.. he led to her getting killed. My mom was an expert in not being tracked. Molly and I where taught spells, sigils and everything to make sure our tracks could never be followed.” Dean watched your lips speak. Something about those Cherry red lips stirred something in him. “So, these tracking spells. Is this why Cas couldn’t sense you when he came to see us.” “Yeah.” You nodded to Dean. “How about some music?” Pushing play on the stereo Aerosmith came on.

Pulling up to the Cabin you and Dean has been singing your hearts out. Sam and Molly watched as you two pulled up. You playing air drums and Dean playing the air guitar. “Are you sure this is not some type of alternate universe…?” Sam asked chuckling at the two of you. “Better than killing each other!”.

Turning off the car, you opened the trunk to grab your bag. “Y/N!!” Looking over you seen a familiar woman running into your arms. “Kelly.” You hugged her tightly. Kissing your cheek she slapped your ass slightly. “I will never prepare for that.” You chuckled slightly. Sam looked at Dean who had his lip caught between his lips, watching the two women embrace. Sam slammed his elbow into Deans arm. “Who are the cuties?” The tall black-haired woman kissed Molly’s cheek walking over to the boys. “Winchesters.” “Ah, Johns boys.” Isabell smiled looking at Sam and Dean. She walked over hugging Sam unexpectedly and then Dean. “Well, I got your call. Three rooms.” “Thanks Isabell. For everything.” Isabell shot a wink to you heading to her office.

“Three rooms?” Molly asked confused. “One for the brothers, one for me and one for you.” “Y/N.. I know what your going to do..” Molly was hot on your heels, following you to the room Isabell prepared for you. “Molly not now. I just spent 4 fucking hours with that Winchester so you can be sweet on the nice one. Let me at least fuck the night away.” Dean stood in the doorway over hearing the fight. “You can take it out me baby” Dean smirked staring at you, giving you a wink. “Fuck off Winchester. Stalker.” “No! There is no substance with these men you bring back! You kick them out right away. Like why is that what you want?” “BECAUSE THE PEOPLE I LOVE DIE. IS IT BAD I WANNA HAVE SEX AND HAVE NO STRINGS?!” Hollering in Mollys face, it fell. She took a step back with watery eyes and walked out the door pushing past Dean.  “Did you need to go off on her like that?” “Why are you still fucking here?” Growling at the handsome man looking at you. “Because. Sammy enjoys Molly’s company. Figured we needed a bit of a change up. Plus, you saved our lives.” Cracking your knuckles, your anger was getting the best of you. Something had you angry since you took out the nest of vampires.

Dean opened the bars door. The smell of smoke, regret and whiskey was strong at this bar. Looking to the stage he seen a beautiful face performing. Taking a seat at the bar he watched a dancer take over the stage. “I only wanna do bad things to you. So good that can’t explain it” “Y/N..” Dean whispered watching you walk out in loose fitting black Jeans, a red laced bralette with a small fitting black leather jacket. He watched someone else come out from the back room. A tall man with blondish hair and covered in tattoos. “Nothings that bad. If it feels good. So you come back, like I knew you would.” “Nails scratchin my back tatt” the blond man sang next to you.  Dean watched as you imitated scratching the mans back as you danced with him. “Oh fuck no!” Molly appearing next to Dean. Sam looking at the stage confused. “I cant explain it I love the pain” The man sang on stage in the backround. “What is wrong Molly?” Sam asked slightly concerned. “Him..” Molly pointed to the man you had your arms wrapped around. A large smile with hazy eyes. “He. He is her kryptonite.” Gritting her teeth she watched as the performance wrapped up. “I fucking knew the moment we got here she would meet up with him.” “Bad boy huh?” Dean asked slightly annoyed at your public display of affection for this man. “It was the one she can’t seem to drop. The who always comes around when she is at her lowest.” Groaning Molly grabbed a shot of Jack, downing it.  Dean watched the two walked down the stairs of the wooden stage to the bar. “Hey Jill, can we get two more?” The man smiled at the bartender. Pouring two more they took a swig. Dean watched her movements. The way she smiled at him with her hazy eyes. The way his hand groped her thick ass. “The sex must be good.” Dean spoke up. “I have a few girls in different cities that I hook up with when I am near. That is what this is..” “Why cant she just find someone to love.. Like… Like.. Idk a hunter like you?” Molly said with a sigh. “Hahahaha… Like Dean..?” Sam started laughing at the thought. “He is just as fucked as she is in that department.” “Right and a Demon was so much better.” Sam looked at Dean with his famous bitch face. “WHOOO Come on Y/N!” Your friend/friend with benefits drug you towards the door to leave. Who knew what hell you would raise in the small down, but fuck it. Why not?

“His name is Colt. As you know we are from here. Colt, Colt is from here too.” “Wait.. Colt as in like gun?: Molly nodded to Deans questions sighing. “It is his real name. He is a hunter too. His uncle taught him everything he knew. For some reason Y/N and him always had a thing going on. They dated in high school. Both obviously struggling because they where never at just one school and not often together. Colt cheated on Y/N. I didn’t hear anything about him till one day I walked into the motel room she got and low and behold the two where doing the dance.” Shaking her head. “I swear she seeks bad things out, honestly.” Rubbing her temples, Sam rubbed her back. “It will get better. Dean has the same issue.” “You are all about throwing me under the bus huh?” Dean sighed tending to his whiskey once again. “Come on Molly, lets go do some research about the wendigos in the area.” Same smiled down gently at the long blonde hair woman. “Alright Sam.” She nodded feeling defeated. “Dean, remember wrap it up.” Sam whispered into Deans ear.

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