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support · 7 years ago
Everything Okay?
If you or someone you know is struggling, you are not alone. There are many support services that are here to help. 
If you are located in the United States, consider reaching out to the National Alliance on Mental Illness HelpLine.
If you are located in the United Kingdom, The Mix is here to help you with any challenge you are facing.  Reach out online, on social or through their free and confidential helpline.
If you are reading this from within any other country in Europe,  Mental Health Europe has compiled a list of helplines and other resources in your country. 
For more resources, please visit our Counseling & Prevention Resources page for a list of services that may be able to help.
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reachoutusa · 6 years ago
Tumblr media
Support can make a huge difference when someone is hitting a rough patch. Why wait until then to let your friends know you'll be there? Take a stand for Mental Health Awareness and tag someone you care about to let them know you have their back. ‪
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navy-leader · a day ago
Tumblr media
World cold and hard, tiddy soft and warm
Based off the fic "Goodnight, Brothers, Goodnight" by @skitter-kitteruwu
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ex0skeletal-undead · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Funeraldoom album cover by Quentin Weingand
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writingwithcolor · 2 days ago
White Assassin in India/Tamil inspired country
Anonymous asked:
I’m writing a fantasy series, with four countries loosely inspired by/built on real-world historical cultures. One is based on ancient Scandinavia, and one on ancient Tamilkam (now southern India).
MC is an white assassin from the Scandinavia-based country who uses magic. In book two, she takes an assignment in the India/Tamil-based country. The son of a wealthy merchant hires her to stop his father from using a magic ritual to destroy a motha (there is valuable ore under the motha).
The son asks to be there to perform the proper funeral rituals immediately after death, but refuses to be the one to actually hurt his father. He already tried going to the local council, and pleading with the sanyasini to leave, but nobody believes his well-known father would do this, and he doesn’t know how else to stop his father.
MC does, with another (Latine-coded) character’s magic help, succeed in killing the merchant and stopping his magic ritual. The son performs funeral rituals and grieves, while the MC and other character have to flee due to the unrelated second storyline.
1. Would this be a white savior story? How do I avoid that?
2. How can I avoid portraying the Indian-coded people as only victims (plus one bad guy)?
I thought about having the son or another Indian-coded person help MC in the climax instead of the Latine-coded character, but that character is one of the main 3 in the series, and that moment is supposed to be a crucial piece in developing their relationship with MC. Also, it’s key to the plot that the merchant’s son isn’t a high-level magic user, so he wouldn’t be able to fill the same role in that scene.
At the risk of sounding negative, I’m afraid your current premise does read as a white saviour narrative. However, you can still fix that.
Reconsider if it is absolutely necessary to have the Latine-coded character help the MC while in India (why not give them a bonding moment on a mission elsewhere, or in a moment outside of a mission?)? If yes, then consider creating a third character- an Indian who works as a guide and a comrade in the mission. Removing Indians completely from the scene except for their capacity as a grieving, ineffectual son/villainous figure feels like ineffective representation.
Creating an Indian companion can drastically reduce the white saviour tone. They can guide your MC through unfamiliar terrain, get them acquainted with local customs and help them blend in so as to not arouse suspicion before the mission. In any event, it would be quite difficult for a Scandinavian to just waltz into Tamil Nadu and kill an esteemed merchant.
Consider your internalised biases. 
Is the son really helpless? 
Why write him thus? 
Why hire a woman from a far-off land, aren’t local mercenaries available? 
Why can’t an Indian assassin deal the blow, while your MC provides a distraction and/or performs her duty in a separate way, infiltrating archives for example, or trying to evacuate people from the ceremony? 
The only way I see this working out is involving many Indian people as accomplices in the mission. A spy guarding the doorway, a priestess whose loyalties lie elsewhere, a travel companion, a boatman who helps them flee. Don’t make them drip in adoration for the MC, that reeks of white saviour, rather show them eager to get rid of the merchant for their own, well fleshed-out backstories and agendas.
Lastly, a gentle reminder. The figure of the white female assassin killing/taking advantage of people of colour is a very harmful, yet popular trope that seeps through a lot of popular Western thrillers and fantasy. In Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series, two Black women violently die to further the emotional growth of white characters, one of whom is a white female assassin. In the Codename Villanelle novels, as well as the show Killing Eve, white assassin Villanelle mutilates Chinese men (in the books, this horrific murder takes place in Shanghai itself) and terrorises an Asian assassin, proclaiming her own superiority. In Jay Kristoff’s Nevernight series, a young white assassin takes sexual advantage of a Black-coded man to attain her personal goals under training and he is later replaced by a white person as her love interest. Trace your logic and ask yourself if a white woman murdering an Indian man and fleeing the scene is something that is absolutely indispensable to your story
And here is my ko-fi, appreciate a tip. 
- Mod Mimi
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At least the wormhole in the sky is really pretty, seeing as how it’s going to devour the Earth in a few hours. And who knows? Maybe it’ll take us someplace new and exciting instead of killing us.
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eternalsatan · a day ago
Tumblr media
Vlad Gradobyk
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qsy-complains-a-lot · a day ago
The Gibbet of Montfaucon
Tumblr media
  “...An edifice of peculiar form, much resembling a Celtic cromlech, and claiming like the cromlech its human sacrifices. [...]   Let the reader imagine a huge oblong mass of masonry fifteen feet high, thirty feet wide, and forty feet long, on a plaster base, with a door, an external railing, and a platform; on this platform sixteen enormous pillars of rough hewn stone, thirty feet high, ranged as a colonnade round three of the four sides of the immense block supporting them, and connected at the top by heavy beams, from which hung chains at regular intervals; at each of these chains, skeletons; close by, in the plain, a stone cross and two secondary gibbets, rising like shoots of the great central tree; in the sky, hovering over the whole, a perpetual crowd of carrion crows.   There you have Montfaucon. [...]   The presence of this gibbet sufficed to cast a blight over every spot within the range of its accursed view. [...]   The mass of masonry that formed the base of the repulsive edifice was hollow, and an immense cavern had been constructed in it, closed by an old battered iron grating, into which were thrown not only the human relics that fell from the chains of Montfaucon itself, but also the bodies of the victims of all the other permanent gibbets of Paris. To that deep charnel-house, where so many human remains and the memory of so many crimes have rotted and mingled together, many a great one of the earth, and many an innocent victim have contributed their bones.”
--Victor Hugo, Notre Dame de Paris
  The gibbet of Montfaucon was the gallows of the king of France and city of Paris for centuries, with a history of use in one form or another spanning from the 11th to the 17th century, with its ruins still existing up until the French revolution. During this time it always sat outside the city walls, which is fortunate as Paris never really needed to smell more like a rotting corpse.   The first iteration of the gibbet may have been built by and named after one Faucon, last viscount of Paris, as early as 1027. Back then official gallows were made of two wooden posts with a crossbeam, the whole thing being called a fork in French, and their erection was a privilege of the nobility with the number of forks being linked to their rank. A gentleman could raise two posts, a castellan three, a baron four, and a duke eight. As a bailiff of the king however, the viscount of Paris was able to erect however many he damn wanted.   If you were poor you could use a tree.   Turned into a stone building some times later, it was finally turned into its last incarnation in the middle of the Hundred Years War to increase its maximum occupancy, as the person commissioning its upgrade was deeply involved into the infighting in France c.1410′s.
Tumblr media
  In this form, the gibbet was made up a of a rectangular cut stone base 14x10m* wide and 6m* tall, with a gated open-topped staircase leading onto the platform, which itself contained a vaulted basement pierced only by a side door, a window for light and ventilation, and a chute closed by a trapdoor.   On top of the platform, sixteen stone pillars each 10m* tall carried between two and four levels of rafters fitted with iron chains. The pillars were meant to evoke the sixteen neighborhoods of Paris, which I’m sure they did through their smell even moreso than the number of them. Depending on the descriptions they were either arranged in a 4x4 grid or lining three of the four sides of the platform as shown above. The whole building was colored white with lye, which may have marginally helped with the aforementioned smell.  The imposing 16m tall stonework structure on the side of a hill could be seen from as far as Notre Dame on a clear day, if you were into that sort of things.
Tumblr media
  The condemned were made to walk a ladder backward to the first levels of rafters, where the hangman following them would fit the noose around their neck before getting down and removing the ladder underfoot. However not all people exposed on the gallows were executed there, and in fact the top rafters were reserved for high-status criminal, usually from the nobility, who were not hanged for their crimes. In a deeply religious world where proper burial was considered paramount, and because for the longest time people who were hanged there were denied a confession and would do so until nothing remained of their bodies, many suicides, heretics and witches were also exposed. One last type of corpse you could see hanging at Montfaucon were wooden mannequins of people condemned in absentia, because what’s a public mass grave without a little whimsy.   Neither the mannequins nor the corpses could be reclaimed by family without a royal pardon, and archers were stationed on the gibbet to ward off family members as well as students of anatomy trying to reclaim or claim them respectively.   After a corpse had wasted away to little more than a piece of jerky, it was tossed through the trapdoor into the vault below where it was left to decompose with its peers. The gibbet of Montfaucon was used en-masse during the Bourguignon-Armagnac civil war, the various Parisian rebellions and the French Wars of Religion, at a rate of at least fifty corpses at any one time, leading to a putrid smell that could be felt from “leagues away”. It is helpfully stated in chronicles that the vault was “sometimes” cleared, “like one would do with refuse”.
  Following the French revolution, the gibbet of Montfaucon was justifiably considered a symbol of the monarchy’s oppression of the commoners and destroyed. The side of the hill where the stone structure stood for almost four hundred years was then used as a landfill which I’m guessing still improved the sight and smell by a lot, before the city limit of Paris finally gobbled it up which may have made it worse again.   Bones are still found there whenever construction work happens.
(*45ft by 32ft, 19ft high, 32ft high pillars.)
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fuck-customers · a day ago
*Death tw*
An associate died in one of our aisles a couple days ago, and the police are investigating so the aisle has been blocked off temporarily, and we've had SO MANY customers bitch at us because they couldn't get some cheap toys.
I get that it's the time for christmas shopping, but a man has died. Show some goddamn respect.
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cachet · a day ago
Tumblr media
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the-rotting-professor · 2 days ago
Every year on Danny’s death day he fistfights Death, it’s not because Death wants his soul or anything she’s patient, ITA just really funny to both of them
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fairy-vee · a day ago
Although I believe I'm not the first one to think of this for the villain au I don't remember seeing anyone write about this so please do tell me so I can give them credit or something (not sure how it works) .
Imagine mc going along with everyone's apologies because she still has a soft spot for them, hoping they actually changed for the best, but as soon as someone who didn't know that she was actually their 'creator' and treated them like everyone did before, she decided that she would actually not forgive them and as soon as she comes to that conclusion, while there are acolytes crying and begging for forgiveness, there is a great part of them whom is actively threatening her to say it was a joke.
I'm not sure if that makes sense at all so I'll try writing a small story with this in mind.
ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚
You heard a scream, and with the raw anger it had you could only freeze in place.
While you had forgiven the archons and their people for what they had done, your body had not, as it always trembled when near them, even near those that were not actively involved in your hunt.
And this was a reminder of that time, the time when you could only run away, hoping not to get caught, your sorrow turning vengeful as a small (but potent) seed of anger sprouted.
Snapping you out of your trance was a fist, that had come in contact with your face (a face already full of scars, some reopening with how they had still not fully healed), not doing much damage as the person that punched you did not seem to wield a weapon or join battles at all, after all, the impact had only made your face turn slightly, not make you fall to the ground by the sheer strenght as to what you remembered.
Ah, right, you now recalled why anger was even something that sprouted so fast within you.
You remember the time that running for your life was the only thing you did, you remember all their cold glares, their harsh treatment, you remember them calling you an imposter, screaming thing about you faring to impersonate their God, their Creator!
Now the rage you had decided to bury deep down had resurfaced, only this time it was stronger, it had grown stronger when ignored, waiting for a chance to come, waiting for you to snap! It urged you to kill, torture them like they tortured you, after all, it was only right to give them back what they gave you! Right?
So when you turned to face the person who made you realise you were being naive (who forgives their abuser after all?), your eyes glowed gold, the blood seeping from your wounds golden, although a manic smile appeared, whispering a small thank you, this person had helped you realise you were wrong for not wanting revenge before.
Now, you looked like a predator looking at it's pray, the man wimpered, muscles tensing as he looked absolutely tereified. He had made a mistake (at least in his opinion, not yours, you thoughthe had done good), sadly he would not be able to watch the peoples downfall, Teyvats downfall.
At least he had helped you make an important decision.
Hands grabbed your feet, stopping you from moving, sobs could be heard coming from the person below you, as they held to your feet even tighter. Steps could be heard on your left, as soon as they stopped, someone grabbed your arms harshly, holding you in place even more.
You looked at them, focusing on Venti, he looked funny, snot was all over his face! Then looking to your left you saw scaramouche, he looked angry, scratch that, he is angry, his face was slightly red, principally under his eyes, maybe he was crying?
Behind these two you could see about five more people, it would be quite cute fo see them all huddled up together, you could see two holding hands while one put their hands over their mouth, Jean, she looked like she had gotten proposed to, hmm, no, she looked like she just saw a dead body more than that!
And as said before, it would be cute, but the situation did not fit in the category of cute.
Amber and Eula were currently crying, although snot could not be seen like with Venti, they were still crying, loud sobs could be heard. They were holding hands for emotional support though! Isn't that cute? (:
The other two were glaring at you, seemingly cursing you thru their eyes, probably thinking about how ungrateful you were, not receiving their affection and even taking the lives of their people - even if it was only recent, they could not comprehend the why you went on a spree. Well what could you expect from them, Zhongli and Ei weren't as lenient as Venti was when you were announced as an imposter.
Well, they all seemed desperate, shocked, disgusted and much more! After all..
..seeing the dead bodies of everyone that you remembered harming you, piled up behind you. Obviously they'd be shocked, never would they think you'd harm them.
Well, the mangled bodies behind you were proof of what you could do, they should have expected this from you either way.
"Well, you arrived just in time! I was going to go after you at this point, what took you guys so long?" You tilted your head, a manic smile growing on your face. Their reaction was priceless!
You giggled.. there was still more people to find, you remember that some of them ran away too, oh well, the night was long, no need to worry!
Not sure if this helps make sense of what I said before. You can probably just label this as the villain!au and end it there or not.
Sorry if there were parts were the writing didn't make sense, main language is not English :')
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derangedrhythms · 2 days ago
No, her mortality does matter, after all. In the sense that the one thing that she has left to live for is death.
Robert Anderson, from 'Little Fugue'
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