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Wanted to upload what I genuinely believe to be some of the best character v character dialogue in all of gaming. Since Dimitri’s route is the only place you’ll see this debate I wouldn’t be surprised if many people who played Three Houses missed the scene entirely.

Here’s the full upload from DANCHO for anyone interested

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Okay I’ve done Special Effects Makeup Artist Bella, but now I propose; Debate Team Bella

  • Bella, always getting into arguments with her parents
  • At first it was because she wanted to get something, but then it kind of turned into a fun thing to do
  • Renee always lost, of course, not having as much time to prep and think as Bella did
  • When Bella moved to Forks, she thought that Charlie would be easy to win against, like Renee was
  • She’s wrong
  • Although he seems rather soft spoken sometimes, while debating he goes all out, and although Bella wins more often than not, Charlie always gets a few good points in
  • When Bella doesn’t make a lot of friends her first day, she decides to impulsively join the debate team
  • That’s where she meets Jessica and Mike
  • Mike is on the team because he likes debating about topics and thinks it might be helpful in the future
  • Jessica just joined so that she could spend more time with Mike, although she is rather argumentative in nature so she does well anyways
  • Lauren doesn’t like Bella for two reasons:
  • Mike is practically in awe of her debate skills
  • Bella is the only person who’s actually been able to beat Lauren in a debate
  • When Bella first meets Edward he’s glaring at her, and instead of just like, taking it, she practically argues with him for the entire period
  • Because like
  • Bella’s not one to turn down a good argument
  • ESPECIALLY if it might get her what she wants
  • When she’s turned, she has a sort of persuasion power
  • She’s always been able to get people to agree with her, even if it takes a little time, and that stayed with her when she became a vampire
  • She and Emmett can do a lot of crazy stuff because of this
  • All she has to do is say that they belong wherever
  • That’s how they got front row tickets to a Muse concert
  • Anyways
  • Just another headcanon I wish was actually in the books
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    Do not come to my blog and make an ass of yourself…be it on anon or logged in thru your account. Do not come to me and try to argue politics, economics, societal issues, or rights vs entitlement. Communism, socialism, social justice warrior-ing, woke and the like are all dead in the water. President Trump is not a racist, misogynist, rapist, homophobe, Islamophobe, xenophobe (whatever in good fuck that even means), and he is not a nazi…the Nazi party stopped taking in new members back in 1945. The party and their ideology still exists but they now simply call themselves globalists or the New World Order; it is all in the packaging and optics are important.

    This does not mean that I am not willing to debate or discuss…quite the contrary…my doors are always open and I invite you to come in and embrace Me in a little chin-wagging. But if you would like to do such of a thingy…you better come correct. I know our Constitution and much of our U.S. Code, as well as factually what has worked throughout history and what has not; and I did study debate…at Cambridge, no less…and I do have a nose for smelling blood when I’ve drawn it    *nods     

…and I do not abide foul language, or ad hominem and other personal attacks.

    Other than that, it is all good, good buddies   :)



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When you know the truth - evidence-based, verifiable, factual truth - don’t let any amount of naysayers make you doubt it, no matter how numerous or adamant.  Of course, first be sure that what you know really is the truth, and not belief or assumption or anything else.  But if you can be certain of that, or as certain as it is possible to be under the circumstances, then you should never let anyone sway you from that certainty.  Let them expound on their arguments in excessive detail, or shout until they are red in the face.  You stay as steady as a rock.  When you know the truth, when you really know it, stick to that no matter what.

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Reutilizar pjs, ¿a favor o en contra? Tengo un poco de sentimientos encontrados con este tema y me gustaría leer opiniones.

Si interesa mi opinión, para mi hay historias o personalidades que están buenas volver a escribirlas o al menos finalizarlas si no se tuvo la oportunidad. Aunque el personaje y la historia del mismo se tiene que adaptar a la ambientación del foro. 

¿Ustedes que piensan?


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