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Fun Fact
There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.
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the-owl-express · 2 minutes ago
made a few aesthetic changes to my carrd!
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askanalolanninetales · 3 minutes ago
16 and 17
Tried anything new with your writing lately? (style, POV, genre, fandom?)
I jumped into more OC verse writings in the last year or so but my genre and style are generally pretty solid because I love space and adventure so those themes just chase me around FOREVER.
Do you think readers perceive your work - or you - differently to you? What do you think would surprise your readers about your writing or your motivations?
Well for one I’m trans so yeah honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if people started picking up on the queer coding later (because I myself had to find myself before it started making its way into the work! but the meme’s essentially “Why are all my ocs women... OHHHHHHHHH” ). That said, I am pretty sure that people would be surprised at how I structure my worlds, too, because I’ve been slowly shifting that around over the years! So there’s that  :p
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ssuckitlosers · 3 minutes ago
Ahhhhh sometimes I think of far too similar headcanons to the ones I’ve already written and I kinda just wanna go find them again nowwww
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understandably-odd · 7 minutes ago
i finally figured out how to use my drawing app!
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askanalolanninetales · 7 minutes ago
26. UWU?!?!?!
UWU! whomst are you, anon...
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midnight-teatime · 8 minutes ago
not my TA being using stereotypes and incorrect terms for health anxiety in a lecture abt anti-ableism🙄
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bobateastay · 17 minutes ago
not to be dumb on main but i cant figure it out so: how tf long are the kingdom episodes bc :'] im checking various sites to watch it and can't figure it out
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whistled · 19 minutes ago
bro when does this shit get easier
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bookdragonfanish · 20 minutes ago
This is the snow in April.....
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ghostlyanon · 22 minutes ago
I've been blessed by some sudden rain & a few thundering. What's important is that the area already feels refreshing so Imma lie down in bed and enjoy the cool
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yelloworeng · 24 minutes ago
Folks i
Blood test has been done and I even went to the thrift store and OMG they had a bunch of asymmetrical dresses I bought 3 I couldn't help MYSELF AHHHHHG I also got lots of treats n snacks hehe
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minsugagal · 26 minutes ago
Like/Reblog if you post any of the following and I'll check out your blog to follow.
-Ha Sungwoon
-Jeon Somi
-Monsta X
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askanalolanninetales · 26 minutes ago
What do you think are the characteristics of your personal writing style? Would others agree?
I... actually am really stumped on this one, lol, it’s way easier for me to define my art style (cartoony yet painted with a heavy reliance on rendering?) but my writing style? uhhhh... I like to mix in mystery and heavier beats with levity and kinda silly jokes , I know my pacing is a bit on the slower side but it IS going somewhere asjdaskjd. But on the other hand I also like to write about things that are BIGGER than this world yet also just WAITING to be seen aaaaaa
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