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#Deleted Shot

(not sure how the reception of this post will go, so I’m going to delete it later)

I’m still shook by “Mr. Universe” because I find Steven and Greg’s conversation as a great visual example of this one post I saw a long time ago out here (wanna say it was 2015/16?).  To scrounge whatever memory I have of said post, it’s main point was about how two people from very different upbringings can look at one particular moment from a show/movie/book/etc. differently. We have Greg hating his childhood/upbringing and wanted nothing to do with it (and I believe him-doesn’t sound like a great time), then there’s Steven who’s hearing about Greg’s experience and wishing he had that homelife (and hey, I can’t really fault Steven on that-on paper Greg’s life in contrast to his wasn’t quite the worst thing ever).

Like to give another example (however I’m going to do hypotheticals here-I don’t know how that person’s life’s like, but going to do some “what ifs” to further my point): 

I remember back when VLD s8 dropped in 2018, I saw someone say they didn’t like how Allura was portrayed that season-feeling that they were playing on “angry black woman” stereotype in the show.  As a black dork, I really loved how emotional Allura was because I’ve struggled with allowing myself to feel negative emotions, so seeing a black/POC-coded female character being allowed to show her emotions was nice for me to see.  Also, I lived through the Korra/Mabel discourse in regards to people criticizing female characters being human beings, so I have that baggage as well.  Now, maybe that person who didn’t like Allura’s s8 portrayal had a crappy experience where people told them they were “too emotional” so maybe they feel uncomfortable when black female characters/female characters in general get real w/ their feelings, and hey that person’s experience is 100% valid, so yeah. 

(also want to add, while I did enjoy s8 of VLD, I do recognize *in pirate accent* thar be issues w/ that season, so don’t want to come off as thinking like s8 was the pinnacle of perfection)

But yeah-just man that episode and the conversation in that episode *chef’s kiss* 

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oh my god y'all either im really slow or just plain stupid but why am I just now finding out Tumblr increased their animated gif sizes over 3mb? do you know how long it’s taken me to do certain gifsets bc of the limit? 

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I start some lab hours tomorrow for school even though it’s spring break, and I’ll have to miss spring break next year as well to do practicum, so like I might fuck around and cry about it

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show me (l.h)

a continuation of bathroom sink

  • summary: after a questionable bathroom hook up that left you both feeling confused, luke takes you home.
  • warnings: drinking, dirty talk, fingering, slapping, biting, degradation, unprotected sex, anal sex, manipulation, heavy sadism, a bit of blood and best of all, luke roughly fucking you on his dining table. (18+) this is pure smut

this honestly sucks as a part two but i love the smut i’ve written which is why i’m posting it

also luke is rly manipulative and although sexy in a smut fic, irl if ur partner acts like this pls get help also if u think it could be triggering pls don’t read!

oh and if this flops i NEVER wrote it k? k. we can all forget it happened. it is not edited so ignore my mistakes u probably get the point.

s/o to @talkfastdrums i rly do be loving her doe

also look at my daddy, my superhero


{bathroom sink cont.} no other words were shared, only one last nod before he left you in the bathroom, your high wearing off and realization of what you just did hitting you

not long had passed when you found luke again, sitting outside with a cigarette between his lips and a beer in his hand

“are we just not gonna talk about what happened?”

he scoffed, glancing up at you as you leaned against the stair railing before looking back at the bottle in his hand “it was a mistake. better to pretend it didn’t happen.”

“is that really how you feel?”

he stared at the ground for a moment, finishing his cigarette and putting it out with his shoe before standing up in front of you, his height towering your own, sucking his lip between his teeth and releasing it before speaking,

“i think you should get back to ashton, before we do anything else that we’ll regret.”

your voice came out soft and nervous, “do you regret it?”

luke closed his eyes, breathing out of his nose before looking at you once again, “of course i don’t.”

it was a relief, and although ashton was probably looking for you inside, you couldn’t find yourself to even look away from the man in front of you

you softly nudged his fingers with your own, barely whispering “will you take me home?”

after looking around for a moment luke nodded, intertwining his fingers with yours and leading you to his car without another word, driving in silence to his house, knowing exactly what you meant when you asked for him to take you home

his house was dark, the only light coming from the moon through the floor to ceiling windows, luke didn’t bother to turn any on before grabbing your face and kissing you once again, this time slower than before

he slid your jacket off, letting it drop to the floor while you kicked your shoes off, refusing to pull away from the kiss before being led towards the couch

luke sat down and pulled you onto his lap, his hands gripping your hips and his tongue flicking against your own, the only sounds being your lips parting and heavy breathing as he pulled you closer

he slowly pulled away, breathing heavily and pushing your hair out of your face “do you want a drink?”

you nodded and got off of him, following him into the kitchen and taking a seat on a barstool while he flicked the lights on and opened his freezer, pulling out a bottle of tequila and sitting it on the marble counter in front of you, followed by two shot glasses

you stayed quiet as he poured your shot, admiring his messy hair and the sheen of sweat that had begun to form on his forehead while you were kissing

“i’m gonna go change, i’ll bring you something to put on.”

you nodded in response before downing the shot and already pouring another, knowing you shouldn’t drink but unable to stop yourself, it was a lot easier to be honest with luke while intoxicated

several minutes passed till he came back, dressed in a black tank top and basketball shorts, sitting one of his tee shirts on the counter for you before downing his own shot

he shook his head and poured another for both of you, handing you your shot glass and clinking his against it before you both swallowed the bitter liquid

you needed to talk, yet neither of you could find the words to say, especially not with the obvious sexual tension between the two of you, it was taking everything for you to not beg him to take you on his dining table

“what are you thinking?”

luke interrupted your dirty thoughts, making you look at him, pulling his lip between his teeth and releasing it before taking a drink straight from the bottle

you glanced at the dining table, it was the perfect height for him to bend you over and fuck you senseless and you couldn’t get the thought out of your head, unable to stop yourself from blurting out

“i want you to fuck me, on the table.”

when your eyes met his again it’s like a switch had flipped, luke’s eyes had darkened and he was looking at you like you were his last meal

be a good girl and bend over it for me, then.”

you were on your feet immediately, the affects of the shots making you stumble a bit as you made your way to the table, pulling your dress up around your waist and bending yourself over, turning your head to see luke watching you with a smirk, licking his lips and taking another shot of tequila before slowly making his way behind you

the tension was heavy, and it felt like the temperature had went up 20 degrees, but the feeling of his hands on your ass sent shivers up your spine

“did you ever clean up my cum?”

you shook your head, resulting in a spank before squeaking out “no, sir.”

luke slowly pulled down your panties, smirking at the way they were soaked through from your time in the bathroom and the sight of your cunt, glistening with a mixture of his cum and your own arousal

he got down on his knees to spread you open, watching what remained of his cum inside of you drip out and down your thighs, the sight making his cock harden

standing back up straight, he ran two fingers up your slit, collecting your arousal and pushing them inside of you, watching them slip in and out of you with ease and listening to your desperate whines

he pulled his fingers out of you, moving to your clit and circling his middle finger around it, making your legs shake already

“what do you want me to do to you, y/n?”

his words made your pussy throb as he pushed you harder against the table, your cheek pressed against the wood while began slowly taking off his belt “and give me details, or i won’t fuck you.”

“i want to feel you so deep inside of me, i want you to fuck me till i’m crying, just use me however you please.”

he began palming himself before commanding, “keep going.”

“i want you to ruin me, fuck all of my holes and make sure i feel you for weeks, fill me up and mark me, make me all yours. please.”

you were whining by the end of it and hadn’t noticed that luke had removed his clothing, he ran his hand down your spine and pressed a kiss to your hot skin

“you want to be mine?”

you knew his question was no longer part of the foreplay, he meant it, and wanted a real answer

“yes, i always have, it just took losing you to realize it, and i’m sorry for that.”

things got real fast, and luckily you knew your answer was good enough when you felt the tip of his cock nudge your entrance

show me how sorry you are.

he pushed inside of you, bottoming out and letting out a soft moan before pulling out and starting to fuck into you, gradually speeding up until he was full on slamming into your pussy and you were unable to stop yourself from yelping each time he hit your spot

he held the side of your face against the cold wooden table, his other keeping your wrists behind your back

“you really want me to hurt you, little girl?”

you gasped when he tightened his hand around your wrists, “yes please, daddy.”

and with that he pulled out of you, roughly turning you over so that you were facing him before picking you up and sitting you back on the edge of the table

luke kissed you hard, roughly pulling your dress down to reveal your chest before dipping down to attach his mouth to your nipple, sucking and grazing his teeth on the bud

he bit the soft skin of your boobs, sucking and licking till he was sure you’d be left with bite marks and bruises before moving to the next and repeating the process

he moved to your neck, making you gasp when you felt his teeth on your hot skin, nipping before harshly sucking while you held tightly to the table to suppress the pain

you whimpered when he moved towards your ear, ghosting his lips over it and whispering “harder?”


he backed up to look into your eyes “what’s the safeword if it’s too much?”


“good girl.”

every bit of concern left his face as he studied your own, caressing your cheek ever so softly with his fingers before pulling back and smacking you with full force, using his other hand to hold you up by your throat

that alone had been enough to bring tears to your eyes, making luke frown and sarcastically ask “aw, little baby, did that hurt?”

you could only nod in response, a pout on your lips as you stared up at him with teary eyes

“well, pretty girl, you hurt me, so i think it’s only fair if i hurt you too, wouldn’t you agree?”

“yes daddy.” you nodded

he softly kissed your earlobe, “it’s what you deserve for being a little slut and fucking my friend, hm?”

his words hurt but you continued to nod, refusing to ruin the moment

“yes daddy.”

and with that luke pushed you so that your back hit the cold wooden table, spreading your legs and holding them apart by the backs of your knees and spitting on your pussy

you felt it trickle down your slit and watched as luke glanced at you before doing it again and gathering it up with his fingers before pushing two inside of you, pumping them and rubbing your clit at a fast pace, getting you so close before removing them and harshly slapping your pussy

you whimpered and felt his fingers slide inside of you again, this time he used three and fucked you even faster, curling them and kneeling to flick his tongue on your clit, once again getting you close but as soon as he felt your pussy clench around his fingers, he stopped

he held your thighs apart, digging his fingers into your skin to purposely bruise you, spreading your legs as far as you could stand it before lapping at your pussy, your entire body shaking and fingers holding tightly to the edge of the table as you felt your orgasm coming, you were crying out right before it hit you, only for luke to pull away and watch your clit throb with a smirk on his face

he repeated this again, edging you for the fourth time to the point of tears and smirking when you begged him to let you cum

luke stood up straight and grabbed you by your hair, pulling you so that you were sitting up before gripping your jaw tightly

“i’m gonna fuck this pretty little ass, remind you exactly who the fuck you belong to, and you’re gonna watch every bit.”

you felt his finger spreading your arousal around your hole and pushing inside, pumping in and out and opening you up

you looked at him in panic when you felt his tip pushing against your entrance “you’re not gonna get lube?”

“nah, don’t need it.”

he spit on your hole once again before pushing his cock inside of you, the burning pain tearing straight through you as you shut your eyes tightly and bit your lip, earning a smack to the side of your face

“i said to fucking watch.”

you tasted blood in your mouth from biting your lip and being hit at the same time but continued to watch as luke bottomed out, the pain causing tears to stream down your cheeks, which he quickly wiped away with his thumb before slowly pulling out, only to thrust back in harder

“such a good girl, does it hurt enough yet?”

you whimpered and shook your head no, making him smirk and quicken his pace, fucking into your ass roughly till you could no longer stay quiet, crying and whimpering from the almost unbearable pain

“fuck. it hurts so bad.” you cried

luke pulled out quickly after seeing you fully sobbing in pain, the sight of blood around your hole and some mixed in with your arousal on his cock made him stop touching you completely, looking at you seriously

“you’re bleeding. do you need me to stop?”

you were still sniffling and wiping away your tears but shook your head, it hurt but you still wanted more of him

“n-no i’m good, don’t stop, please.” your voice was strained from crying and luke’s eyes stayed on yours, making sure you meant it

“please, daddy.” you whined

luke nodded before entering your ass again, grabbing your throat and watching as your mouth dropped open and more tears fell

“you take me so well, desperate for my cock to be inside of you even if it only hurts. such a slut for the pain, aren’t you?”

you moaned as he quickened his pace, your body adjusting so that his cock was slipping in and out of you with ease, the pain slowly becoming less evident

he pushed two fingers in your mouth for you to suck, moving them in and out of your mouth at the same time his cock moved in your ass before removing them and slipping them in your pussy

you moaned loudly, eyes stuck on luke’s as he fucked both of your holes at once, just seeing the look on his face and the way his hair stuck to his forehead as he fucked you made all of the pain worth it, this man was a god and you’d always do anything to please him

he pulled out once he was done using your ass, ignoring the mess of blood he’d created before leaning in to press his lips against yours, kissing you passionately and pulling away breathlessly

“let’s move to my room.”

is this about to be a 3 part smut… idk :o i’m so sorry for whatever this is. i haven’t written like this in what feels like forever and this doesn’t go well with bathroom sink but whatever. it was meant to be angst but i had an idea and ran with it. sry it ends so abrubtly

i hate this ew god i wish i could just write more but it’s late and it’s long already so i’m just gonna post it and if i feel like it i’ll add a final part



feedback is always appreciated <3 hope this wasn’t ass but lmk if it was so i can delete and not embarrass myself further

taglist: @hemmoniac @lukesflaredpants @luciferatlantic @iovehemmings @lucidlrh @letsfxckingdance @sanrioluke @lukeyskiwi @wokeupinjapanisabop @itjustkindahappenedreally @kyleshouck @wildf0werlive @thephoenixreborn5999 @hazeywrld @xwildflowerlukex @sleepwithdeath @ayymanwtf

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