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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
... Teazer? u ok, hon?
(Leave her alone, she's having a Moment.)
Fr茅d茅ric Norbert as Tugger, Meike Staring as Rumpleteazer, Ellis van Evert as Victoria, Jo毛lle Turcotte as Tantomile, probably Laura Balon as Demeter (on the left); Paris 1989.
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bobotheowl5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Persephone asks Hades one question and gets an answer to a completely different question.
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godsofhumanity6 hours ago
Hades: Every time I see Persephone, my heart clenches and I get all nervous.
Zeus: That's because you love her.
Persephone: Every time I see Hades, my heart clenches and I get all nervous.
Demeter: Don't get close to him again, you seem to have an allergic reaction.
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pack-the-pack6 hours ago
Some Cats headcanons I have!
鈥 Quaxo and Misto are two different cats. They're twins and Tugger being the Himbo he is, doesn't clock into this fact for the longest time. He is very confused why one moment "Misto" hates his guts and in the next is very receptive to his flirting and even teases him back.
鈥 Both Quaxo and Mistofelees are Bustopher's kittens.
鈥 Demeter and Bombalurina are Jellylorum's daughter's.
鈥 Macavity has two daughters. Jemima through Demeter and Electra through Bomba. (@jellylorum-thecampcounslercat has this hcn as well and I couldn't have agreed more when I saw it on her blog).
鈥 Etcetera was found by the tribe abandoned in the streets and Jenny took it upon herself to raise the kitten.
鈥 Mute!Victoria. Just this. No need to say more.
鈥 Plato is Asparagus Jr.'s son, and he never misses a chance to embarrass Plato in front of Victoria (either intentionally or not).
鈥 Victoria is super feminine, delicate and pastel-y but she's impulsive and kind of a little shit. That's why her, Jerrie and Teazer get along so well.
鈥 Both Plato and Victoria are Bi and they Bi panick together as a couple.
鈥 Electra is a great listener and knows everybody's secrets. You want to know anything, you know that she knows. But she only opens her wise mouth when truly necessary.
鈥 Skimbleshanks has no kittens of his own, so he has a huge soft spot for the Toms and lets them play in the express's carrier carriage whenever it's not in activity.
鈥 Cassandra is a suave goddess and a killer business woman and one of those people that don't need to put effort in how good they look, they just look flawless as soon as they wake up.
鈥 Munkustrap receives gifts from nearly all kittens on father's day every year. Because yes, he deserves it.
鈥 Jemima and Electra have an inkling of Macavity's magic. Jemima can feel other people's feelings on herself like a mirror, while Electra has occasional visions and premonitions. Both of them can see Auras.
鈥 Okay but Alonzo x Electra (Alectra?) anyone?
鈥 On the same note Bombalurina x Cassandra because come on you guuuuys. Two beautiful Queens. Alone. No Tom good enough to hold their incredible power. They might as well help each other and become invincible lesbian moms.
鈥 Coritopat and Tantomile are also magical cats. They're telepaths.
鈥 Coricopat has a crush on Exotica and can't talk straight when around her. He stumbles into his words so bad that at some point he entertained the idea of having Tantomile tell him what yo say telepathically so he doesn't look so stupid.
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ray-fen10 hours ago
Nico book this Nico book that. Where is my five part book series starring Meg. Meg likes being a demigod. She鈥檚 probably exploring the world she never got to see before. She would be such a good main character also she has the coolest backstory and deserves her own band of strange demigods. And yes they would all be strange. This is Meg her only friends are Lu(knife hands badass mentor that taught her how to kill), Apollo (a god who was literally her slave for six months), Nico (a rogue demigod son of hades who鈥檚 been everywhere and knows everyone for some reason), Rachel (the fucking oracle), her murder siblings that have been trained to kill and lie since birth, a bunch of trees, and Will. If she were out in the world making her own friends, they would be the funkiest demigods around. Anyways I love her and her character has sm potential for her own series
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Greek Gods Playing Mario Kart 8 HC鈥檚
(Specifically the supergiant hades game characters)
馃彅鉁∣lympian gods鉁 馃彅
Tumblr media
An absolute master at drifting
Gets 1st every single time because of it
鈥楩riendly bantering鈥 except there鈥檚 nothing friendly about it, he means business and he will be mean about it
Always chooses shy guy with the p-wing kart, cyber stick tires and the cloud glider.
Likes ribbon road and ice ice outpost
Tumblr media
On the rare occasion she does play she either gets 1st or 2nd depending on if hermes is also playing or not
Unnecessarily focused while playing.
Really good at timing shielding herself from shells with shells or bananas
Generally quiet but will give a small compliment to whoever it is that may have beaten her.
Knows all the side routes/shortcuts
Chooses botw link and the master cycle zero and glider + tiny roller wheels. Admires the tick-tock clock aesthetic
Tumblr media
He played once and never again, got kinda bored of it (aka he didn鈥檛 win so boo)
Moo moo meadows?? More like see u in my moo moo nightmares
Held first place for the first round but towards the end of all four races he slowly got down to 12th place
鈥淲hy is the movey thingy so tiny????鈥 鈥淗ave you considered your hands are just too big, sir?鈥
He does like rooting for certain people though(ahem, athena)
He chose rosalina, silver arrow kart, gold wheels and the cloud glider
Tumblr media
Really good at aiming green shells and timing banana throws.
It鈥檚 kind of scary
Actually does pretty well but sometimes saves a green shell just to yeet at ares.
(Ares: *silent murderous anger*
His joycon: *cracking*)
Chose bowser, varmint bike, with standard wheels and the waddle wing glider.
Thwomp ruins and moo moo meadows are her favorites
Tumblr media
Claims he hates playing but won鈥檛 stop playing
Veins popping out of his neck everytime someone hits him
his face is red but is it angry red or embarrassed red?
Never gotten higher than 5th place
Karma because before he got to playing he got cocky.
Chose Wario, bone rattler, slim wheels and the bowser kite.
Likes the bone dry dunes track
Tumblr media
He doesn鈥檛 really care too much about his placement
He will lag behind just to hit ares w/shells for 鈥榬uining the mood鈥
Always going into grass, hitting bananas and landing in mud, he just has no idea how to drift around corners pls somebody help this man
Likes watching the highlight reels just to watch ares repeatedly get destroyed by shells in slow-mo
Will not stop talking during the race
Puts the joycon down mid race to take a sip of his wine, falls off the map, says 鈥渙oh yikes鈥 and continues drinking
Somehow managed to end in the top three once
Had tanooki Mario on the mr. Scooty kart with cushion wheels and a paper glider, the only thing he was intentional with about this combo was tanooki Mario.
Will sometimes choose one of the purple/pink inklings for aesthetic purposes
He鈥檚 a rainbow road and electrodome type guy
Tumblr media
He鈥檚 actually quite good but struggles with getting the drifting boosts
Says 鈥渉ey I live here鈥 every time they play in dolphin shoals (it鈥檚 his favorite track)
Was the one who slowly got Zeus down to 12th place
Had koopa troopa in the land ship, monster wheels and the hylian kite
Tumblr media
Has also only played once
Didn鈥檛 do well but she was also really good at drifting
She blamed it on bad luck
Really likes sweet sweet canyon
Chose cat peach w/, badwagon, Crimson slim and the peach parasol
Tumblr media
Has played twice out of curiosity
she got a perfect score both times.
Rlly good at timing her banana throws
She is to be feared
Likes Mount wario and animal crossing tracks
Morton on the master cycle zero with metal wheels and the mktv parafoil
Tumblr media
The first two times he played he was an absolute train wreck
Keeps getting eaten by piranha plants
He drifts into them every time
He鈥檚 pretty chill whenever he looses he鈥檚 just kinda like 鈥渨elp that happened鈥
Sometimes has sarcastic input
Likes using king boo and waluigi paired with the flame rider, tiny wheels with bowser glider
- 馃殻
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scorpiofangirl110920 hours ago
Hello everyone! I just posted past 78 of my kiki series so go check it out (link- I f you haven鈥檛 already. But I want to come on and say that I will be writing another mini series. This will be a human AU mini series! I don鈥檛 want to give away too much. But it will involve Kiki, Demeter, Munkustrap, demestrap fluff and wedding bells. I am working on it still so keep your eyes peel for it!
Tumblr media
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hadesgamedialoguea day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Duo Boon - Demeter & Artemis
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ethannkua day ago
chiron looks at the sky, goes聽鈥渨hy are there clouds in the sky today is not a cloud-y day鈥 and it鈥檚 just smoke from the amount of weed that chb has been smoking
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littlesparklighta day ago
Headcanons for all six of the Kronides, how they are for and with each other!
Hestia with: Demeter - they always spend a couple moment of every feast/time Demeter comes to Olympos together, just the two of them, since that鈥檚 how it started. Hestia might cook for everyone else, but Demeter makes Hestia kykeon (and no one else鈥檚 will do). Hera - they sit and read, or spin, together, quite often. Hera is the only one who could convince Hestia to leave Olympos, or anyone at all behind, since Hera knows what it means to have to leave when you don鈥檛 want to. Hades - they sing together; Hestia is the only one Hades will sing aloud to and with, a holdover from the age within Kronos (even if there were two and then three more people in there with them). If Hestia asks Hades to come up to Olympos for a visit, he will. Poseidon - he turns to Hestia first, whenever he鈥檚 uncertain; it might be just a brief reflexive mental urge, or physically about to turn to her if they鈥檙e standing nearby each other, and usually never goes anywhere, but it does happen. Zeus - she sits him down sometimes and combs his hair (aside from Hestia, only Rhea and Hera have done this). Zeus came to her after chaining up Hera and saving Herakles, while she thought it might have been a bit of an overreaction, she wasn鈥檛 particularly happy with Hera using Hypnos on Zeus just to go at Herakles again, so she said nothing and just fed him some dessert.
Demeter with: Hestia - particularly cold, dark winter nights, Demeter will turn up in Hestia鈥檚 rooms and that is as much about missing Persephone as it鈥檚 a holdover fear of the dark and silence of Kronos鈥 insides. Demeter often keeps pet lizards, and they鈥檒l always be named Hestia (Hestia isn鈥檛 so very charmed by that, but she tolerates it). Hera - they garden together, and they once tried to see how large they could make a single pomegranate fruit; no one else gets why they laugh like loons sometimes when catching a glance of a pomegranate together. Hades - no one else knows, but he used to come up top and just sit quietly with Demeter; they鈥檙e not quite there yet so they can resume this, but it鈥檚 getting there. Demeter still has a piece of ruby, one of the first pieces of mineral Hades called up after taking kingship of the Underworld. Poseidon - much like Zeus, he could make her laugh (he has a better sense of humour than Zeus, however). She used to like to race with him in horse shape; not so much any more. Zeus - he can make her laugh, and, contrary to everything, sit quietly enough she enjoys his company. Zeus was the only one who could get Demeter to dance, and they would wreck absolute shop together during the war.
Hera with: Hestia - the only one Hera has confessed any fear of, not the dark, confining places, to. The rare times Hera likes to bake, she does it with Hestia. Demeter - Titan war duo powerhouse after Hera joined the war later, and they still spar. They talk shit about Poseidon and Zeus together sometimes (most notably after Zeus has cheated), but they don鈥檛 touch either Hades or the situation with Persephone and Zeus involvement in that, Hera doesn鈥檛 actually understand why Demeter was so angry about it. Hades - she tells him the secrets she doesn鈥檛 share with Hestia. They hold each other back, the moments they each need it. Hades chose each and every gem set in one of Hera鈥檚 favourites necklaces himself. Poseidon - they wreck shop, both together, and against each other; in the war they were one of the more explosive but highly effective combinations. When Hera is most furious, she goes to Poseidon and they go race his chariot over the waves and talk shit about Zeus. Zeus - he lights her up; where Zeus鈥 sense of humour and pranks might get on other people鈥檚 nerves or seem inappropriate, Hera loves it. They can be absolutely terrifying if they鈥檙e scheming together, and they usually take a moment every morning, before Zeus goes to sit on a mountaintop somewhere for Important Reasons, to talk about things relating to the sphere (evening is for personal things).
Hades with: Hestia - he鈥檚 the only one who knows she has nightmares about Kronos escaping Tartaros, and so Hades make a point of going to the edge/the locked door and checking it every now and then, sending Hestia a letter telling her it鈥檚 still secure. Hestia makes sure Hades always gets something pastry-like with him filled with the jam of strawberry fruit whenever he鈥檚 been to Olympos. Demeter - they used to wind down during the war drinking mint tea. He tried to offer her Iasion back some time after his marriage with Persephone, Demeter refused even if she appreciated the gesture, and Hades would freely admit he鈥檚 impressed by her refusal. Hera - connected to the secrets one above, Hera is the one Hades talks about when it comes to sensitive things, like the fact he鈥檚 glad Persephone didn鈥檛 want children because, even if he might be able to have them, he鈥檇 fear something similar to the prophecies Zeus has had to deal with (he is still the eldest male, after all). Hera learned about gem stones, both from Hades and because of him, so they could talk about them together. Poseidon - they race together, very rarely. They get along better when both of them are drunk; Poseidon almost managed to get Hades to sing with him once, but Poseidon doesn鈥檛 remember and Hades is Very Thankful for that. Zeus - another powerhouse couple in the war. Zeus doesn鈥檛 lean on Hades as often as he might sometimes wish to do, which makes the moments Zeus does do so mean so much more to Hades. They exchange letters more often than Hades comes up to Olympos.
Poseidon with: Hestia - he helped her build their first hearth, as temporary as it was. Has made her a saltwater spring that feeds a little fountain in her kitchen garden, and he would never admit to it but he鈥檚 very pleased Hestia asked for it. Demeter - used to go to great lengths to come up with ways to get Demeter to laugh; he tested all of his jokes on her first, and if she didn鈥檛 laugh they were immediately discarded. (He still doesn鈥檛 use any of the ones Demeter didn鈥檛 laugh at.) Hera - they鈥檝e cracked half a dozen schemes together, mostly as a way to let off steam. Hera, aside from Hestia, was usually the one Poseidon ended up sitting with in the dark inside Kronos, usually because, even if they鈥檇 bicker, it made him feel alive. Hades - offered to switch kingship domains with Hades, not because he didn鈥檛 want what he鈥檇 ended up with, but because he could feel a draw, despite what cosmic chance-necessity said about it. Asked Hades what his favourite gemstone among his earthly treasures were, and unfortunately laughed himself sick when Hades showed him a piece of pink rhodochrosite that鈥檇 grown so it looked like a flower. Teased him if it was about Persephone, and Hades denied it (it鈥檚 actually not). Zeus - they fight more often than they do not, but if anyone else (not him or their siblings) tried to fuck Zeus up, Poseidon would be on the war path. Thinks Zeus is a bit of a bore not fucking like he does (but hey, more for him!); Zeus thinks Poseidon should think about what he鈥檚 sticking his dick into more often.
Zeus with: Hestia - she knows a lot of Zeus鈥 secrets. Even if she doesn鈥檛 agree with him, he can go to her and get welcoming calm and affection. Was awfully surprised she didn鈥檛 want to marry, since that seemed like something that would suit her well, but Zeus is just as relieved as Hestia is that she made such a strongly formal vow of not marrying and tending Olympos鈥 hearth instead. Demeter - they have (if more rarely now, and certainly not for a good while there in the middle) fun together, which was the reason Zeus attempted to marry her, and the reason Demeter refused, and in hindsight, he agrees with her; they鈥檙e better like this. She gives him flowers, sometimes. Hera - sometimes turns into a cuckoo and comes to sit on her shoulder; when she takes him into her hands he knows she鈥檚 forgiven him. Chose the type of gems to put in the jewellery Hera wore for their wedding (Hades got them for him). She鈥檚 ruthless, and he loves it; until it鈥檚 turned onto him, that is. Hades - almost asked Hades once why he tolerated not just the tripartite rule but also Zeus being given the ultimate kingship; Hades interrupted him before he could and said that Zeus turning this into a tripartite rule was all proof Hades needed that Zeus was in the right spot. Zeus wouldn鈥檛 ever admit it, but he鈥檚 very grateful for Hades鈥 quietly determined big-brother-energy. Poseidon - has taught Zeus more about fighting than anyone else, and that鈥檚 as much from their more proper spars and literally fighting with him. Would trust Poseidon with wife and children and his own life, but not his kingship.
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favorite chorus cat and favorite principal cat?
well my favorite chorus cat would be bombalurina. a least predictable answer. would be demeter
my favorite principal charachter is either tugger or jenny
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