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#Demo Run
underbelly-if · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
surprise! the underbelly demo is now available to play (4 days ahead of schedule!).
word count: ~19k without code
includes the introduction, chapter one and 1/2 of chapter two
fight a monster!
meet your friends!
uncover a mystery!
blow something up!
my submission box is open for any bug reports, and feel free to swing by my ask box with any questions, concerns, theories, or anything else!
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nyehilismwriting · 5 months ago
Not going to downplay it I've been thinking about Nash since I played non stop.. Could you spare us nash simps some fun facts about them?🙏🤲
I did have a fun facts ask about them previously but I think I deleted it so:
insufferable morning person
cat person
generally pretty down to earth taste but they do like expensive cars. will point out nice cars to you on the street, unfortunately.
if they're not in full body armour they Will just wear gym clothes everywhere
does not like to leave things unfinished...this sounds ominous but mostly refers to like. sudoku puzzles. if you ever want them distracted just throw a half completed crossword at them and run
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speakergame · 9 months ago
Game Update - 2/28/21
The next part of chapter 2 is available to play!
Features include:
A fight against a werewolf! It’s our first time getting to use the skills you’ve been building!
Lots of Rory and Kana!
That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s a whopping 15,000 additional words than last month, bringing the word total to just short of 103k! This was a big one, y’all, but also so much fun. A lot of things we’ve been building toward are finally coming to fruition!
The next update will (hopefully) be the conclusion of chapter 2. We’re almost there! If I manage to get as much done next month as I have this month, I should be able to get it finished!
What you can expect from the next update:
Good things!
Bad things!
Romantic things?
Plot things!
As always, thank you for reading! 💙💙💙
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bmpmp3 · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
oh shit a cove!!! thats a cove!!!!!!!!!! there he is
#our life: beginnings & always#cove holden#art#fanart#traditional art#watercolour#i was actually a backer for our life! i know it might seem odd being that im usually not into slice of life stuff#at least not grounded in reality slice of life......usually im more into mountain biking vampire witches from the future#but i was so fascinated by the absolutely NUTS choice systems i saw in the demo and that hooked me in!!#and man im glad i did its such a nice and sweet game it feels like im playing an interactive coming of age movie#like those ones that only ever show at the local independant theatre#i uh.....i still havent gotten to step 3 even though i started playing this run the day it was fully released#and ive only been doing 3 moments per step......#so this cove isnt actually my step 3 cove#i dunno what hes like yet i havent checked lol#hell at the rate im going step 4 might even be out before i finish step 3 fjsdksbhfsjkdfd#i dunno i just used his middle school haircut and a random outfit i saw him in when i googled cove holden our life nkJBFHWEJKDWNSJ#so even though this looks more like a step 4 cove hes probably wearing a step 3 outfit WHOOPS#maybe he just wears the same stuff he wore as a teen. i do that. one of my best fitting shirts is from when i was 12 hjerefnerklfksjrgkfsskj#so far my cove has been kinda cool and reserved#lil quiet dude#i like his shenanigans with my absolutely batshit jamie#i didnt mean to make the main character kinda nuts it just happened#i played my character (who is literally just slightly edited default jamie) like how i acted in middle school HFDJSKaJSdfksa#maybe 13 year olds are just like that
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love-love-you · 2 months ago
rare mika songs
Only Lonely One - demo, magic numbers gig 2011, el rey 2013
Your Sympathy - demo, studio
Instant Martyr
You Made Me
How Much Do You Love Me - video, audio
Holy Johnny - unknown 2008, parc des princes 2008
Ma Jeunesse
Blame It On The Weather
Century Man
Hia Leah
Written for others
Gave It All Away- Mika’s demo, Mika & Boyzone
Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent
Different versions of existing songs
I’m Falling
China Boy (starts at 0:50)
We Are Golden (different intro)
Love Today
Stuck In The Middle
Grace Kelly
My Interpretation
Songs For Sorrow
Lonely Alcoholic
Lady Jane
French TOOL
Un Soleil Mal Luné
L’amour Dans Les Mauvais Temps
Misc. singles
Kick Ass (We Are Young)
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alittleyellowdinosaur · 4 months ago
Change of Plans...
Okay so everyone remembers the weighted dolls I haven’t shut up about, right? Just did a nice update and everything? Well right after that I went to the vet and... Van Gogh, my emotional support cat, got diagnosed with Diabetes. As anyone who has ever had a cat with diabetes or has diabetes themself can tell you, that’s expensive as shit. And I have not been able to work for a few months, and am on a college student’s, working part time for minimum wage while paying student loans, budget. So, I can no longer afford to buy the materials I need for the weighted dolls to make the test/demo dolls so I can set up the store. I barely have enough in savings right now to afford Van Gogh’s vet appointments and special food and insulin, as well as my college textbooks and the things I need for school. My plan to move into an apartment in May 2022 to get out of the toxic household I’m currently in is completely demolished. To say my plans, both long and short term, got massively derailed in about 30 minutes would be the understatement of the freaking century. 
Tumblr media
So... here’s the new plan. I’m speed making a few crochet dolls with extra yarn I have on hand to get a few dolls to sell. I’ll be posting them as I finish them, but just so you can plan if you want them, there will be 3 dolls total, 1 large bunny, 1 medium doll that’ll probably be a cat, and 1 small bunny (What can I say, I like bunnies!!). The price will range from probably about $60 to $25, though it depends on how much yarn I use and that estimate is not final. These will all be made with baby yarn. The large bunny will be two tone and made with baby blanket yarn and the other two with pastel pink, white, and pastel yellow thinner yarn. I might post these on the store to get the store going (one in particular I think I might continue to make and sell because I’m already modifying the pattern so much I might as well), or they might just be for this emergency sale. Either way, I’ll be posting them as I make them on this blog. The goal with them is to get enough funds to cover the materials for the weighted dolls and hopefully enough for a bag of vet food for Van Gogh, depending on how much my vet charges for it. This way, I’m not cutting deeper into my savings and can save that money for him while still not disappointing all of you by needing to postpone the Etsy store opening for even longer. 
If you’d like to help out, either with Van Gogh or with getting the weighted dolls out quicker, you can buy me a coffee (aka buy Van Gogh a couple cans of food) on my Ko-fi, or help me out by getting some of the supplies I need from my Amazon wish list. If you take a picture of your receipt and DM it to me, I’ll deduct the amount donated from whatever you want to get from my store when it starts, or from the emergency amigurumi sale I’ll be putting up AND give you a 10% discount!!. I’ve marked on the list the items for the weighted dolls, and if you get the yarn (Bernat Baby Blanket yarn is what I’ll be going with!!!) then you can get yourself the color you want and get the exact doll I make from the yarn you bought!!! This part of you getting the doll I make with the yarn you bought and the cost you spent deducted, if you send me a screenshot of the receipt, will continue to be a deal once the store opens, however the extra 10% off and deducting the cost of other materials on the list WILL NOT once I finish the emergency sale in a week or two, so if you’d like to take advantage of that, I suggest you act quick! 
Thank you for any help you can give and for your patience. This has all been incredibly difficult to deal with on top of moving to school, moving houses, and my dad’s cancer, so I appreciate it more than you know.
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veirsewrites · 4 months ago
Play Now: Chapter 1/2!
I was going to wait but turns out I can't focus on my job with this just sitting here.
Click here to play!
A few of notes below:
Hi! Thanks for reading more below, here's a couple things I wanted to let anyone who's playing know
It's a WIP, so changes might happen to these chapters
The rating will be changing when I decide what I want to do about certain scenes. For now its kinda like rated M for mature - there may be graphic depictions, violence, sexual themes, and a lot of swearing.
Please let me know if you find anything weird or any bugs or spelling errors etc
I'm only pretty sure I uploaded to correctly, pls tell me if its unaccessible lol
Items you may see for the next update:
Stats page! Well... I need to figure out how to even do this. You won't need to worry about maxing stats in this game. You won't die. I'm not about that. BUT, obviously, eventually you'll want to have more points with an RO or character to trigger certain scenes. I'm not going to punish anyone for wanting to choose a variety of choices. Variety is the spice of life as they may say.
Learn more about Earth and the humans you find yourself in the company of.
More choices to reflect personality. Still at the beginning of the game, but definitely something that you'll see further down the line.
Maybe some UI stuff, I love a sexy design and all but right now I find it more fun to focus on the writing than that. So we'll see.
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toyfriskman · 28 days ago
Demo to Miss Pauling: You can control white people with cheese
The rest of the mercs: Cheese is so good, though!
Demo: I got eight of 'em! Told ya.
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katierosefun · 6 months ago
i don’t want to be a person i want to be a child in a star wars found family because what’s the point of all this enthusiasm and spunk if i’m not a child in a star wars found family
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smashing-cookies · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i am cringe and got the demo of miitopia solely bc Cookies
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locria-writes · 24 days ago
It seems like Nalaantai's life blood is trade, especially the trade between the east and the west. Which means its important that the rulers of Nalaantai maintain good relations with the country's that border them and with Essenia and Zhemingwa in particular.
I'm guessing that the rulers of Nalaantai get most of their wealth, power and influence though controlling and maintaining the east to west trade routes. Which means any large or prolonged disruptions to those trade routes, will start to cause problems for Nalaantai's rulers.
And since Zhemingwa's young King Rudan is a distant relative of the current royal family of Nalaantai, it would make sense to strengthen those ties. I could see one of King Yuwa's advisors recommending to the King, to marry one of his grandchildren into the Zhemingwa's royal family. Bencai's eldest daughter was born in 112 R.A and the young King Rudan is only two years older then the MC. So there's around a 10 year age gap between the two or have her marry a brother/close male relative of the Zhemingwa King. Or they could have Prince Yecai (Bencai's oldest son and heir) marry a sister of King Rudan or another close female relative. (If he's not already betrothed to someone else.)
Either Marriage could also help ease the sting of rejection the Zhemingwa court may feel when King Yuwa choses marry his only daughter to Prince Launcelin of Essenia.
It looks like its possible that Essenia may fall into a civil war over succession when the current emperor dies. And even if county doesn't fall into civil war, the struggle for succession may cause enough unrest and chaos that it effects the Empires trade with other countries.
And because of this, I think King Yuwa knows that his grandchildren won't be able marry for love like he and his eldest son did. (Even though in his heart of hearts he wished they could.) The King and his advisors know that once the struggle for succession starts in Essenia, it will effect every county that borders the Empire and possibly the whole region. Some of them may try to increase their power and influence in this time of chaos.
If King Yuwa wants Nalaantai to survive the coming storm, he should focus on strengthening his kingdom both internally and by seeking to from alliances with some of the surrounding countries and with other powerful or Influential noble family's/clans. And the best way to make and seal these needed alliances is though marriage.
(He know's has to be a King and Ruler first. And a father and/or Grandfather second. The needs of the country have to come before even his own family in times of crisis, unrest and uncertainty.)
jesus christ anon you wrote a goddamn novella what the heck
nalaantai doesn't have much arable land, so yes, trade is the only it can survive. controlling the trade flow between the much more fertile and resource-rich east and west is a huge part of its influence. on the topic of its economy, mining is actually much more important than being the heart of trade. what it lacks in arable land, it makes up for in its bountiful mines -- salt, gold, coal, and iron, to name a few -- as well as animal fibre products from the yaks/camels/horses/sheep that are commonly reared.
zhemingwa’s relations with nalaantai is something of a non-issue. the two kingdoms are fairly close both culturally and politically due to their shared histories. the two royal families intermarry every once and a while, and it’s more of a symbolic gesture than anything. even if they hated each other, it would be near impossible to muster up the support for war due to how intertwined the two countries are. nobles, the gentry, the merchants, the commoners -- there’s constant intermarriage among all classes between the two states, so much to the point that most people can identify relatives living across the border within three generations. on a more practical level, there’s no appetite for sour relations due to the entangled economies, and a strong sense of shared cultural identity.
that aside, the potential marriage between mc and king rudan was never taken seriously. zhemingwa needs the princess to marry into essenia more than nalaantai needs it because if anything were to happen to the secure and reliable trade route through ximoyan desert, zhemingwa won’t be able to handle any potential disasters without risking a massive famine. the whole proposal was drawn up between the two states to pressure essenia into either picking anyone other than vezian to be the heir (by this point, they were even willing to accept some random kid to be adopted into essenia because that’s how badly everyone thought of vezian), or for the emperor to whip vezian into a more respectable and acceptable heir.
the chances of civil war are fairly low, because not even vezian is crazy enough to go all out for succession, but all the other countries are convinced of it lol. it’s why marriage with the northern nomadic tribes were discussed, and why the yetakh kingdom comes about -- it’s all to pressure essenia to not devolve into chaos (this isn’t even going into what the western countries were doing). heck, there was actually talk amongst essenian nobles and merchants of sedition if the succession crisis were to turn bloody, they would ally with neighbouring countries to keep the trade routes running.
at the end of the day, it shouldn’t really matter whether mc marries launcelin or vezian. theoretically, whomever she marries is automatically the crown prince, and nobody’s crazy enough to actually pick a different heir when everyone knows this marriage is the lynchpin of peace on the continent lol.
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smashy-headcanons · 5 months ago
Alright, I’ve gotten the Miitopia demo and made my “self insert” character Luigi for the purposes of the demo. My question is how many different characters will show up throughout the course of the game? Because I would rather not have every NPC be randomized if I can avoid it.
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