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gointothevvater · 5 hours ago
Not to be Cringe, but does this fandom like OCs? Because I have one I’ve been working on, but I’m hesitant to share her with the fandom at large.
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needsmorezass · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Had to make this one after watching Nathan reads Shakespeare 2 (so glad Brendon felt this was an important video to make)
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papabigtoes · 18 hours ago
Aye but what about toki shenanigans with Pickles Band Mom?
Tumblr media
Finals just finished! - here’s what i came up with during le herbage hours;
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sorry charles, you explaining the prophecy to us, wait a sec, we’re late to our nap meeting,
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warteeth · a day ago
Tumblr media
messy pen doodle page for the soul
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makkuart · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I may be in love with lady Dr. Rockso, please dont @ me...
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gointothevvater · a day ago
Mea Culpa
Here we go, my first real foray into writing for this fandom! Let’s hope I did Magnus justice, he’s one of my favorites! 
His chest hurt.
It wasn't a surprise, given he'd shoved a knife into it.
It wasn't his heart, he was sure. Not his actual heart, anyway. He couldn't breathe, though, his chest pressed flat under the pressure and the guilt.
It wasn't supposed to be this way. He wasn't supposed to have survived.
The one who had deserved to die had lived.
It was a cosmic joke on a scale Magnus couldn't even comprehend.
He lay alone in his hospital bed now, his chest bound, IVs and electrodes stuck all over, too weak to even sit up on his own.
He had been here for weeks. Weeks all alone, no visitors, no reporters. He was blissfully alone. Painfully alone. He wasn't sure which it was. It depended on his mood, really.
There was only one person he wanted to talk to, anyway.
Magnus wanted to apologize, as ridiculous as that was.
It was impossible, he knew. He would never be able to say the words. He had tried a thousand times over, whispering into the quiet of his lonesome room, but the words wouldn't come.
It was just as well, he supposed. He didn't deserve forgiveness.
How could he expect forgiveness from Toki when he couldn't even forgive himself?
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revengehascome · a day ago
[Tie in with this post and this post]
I look at the 20 year old that Nathan has started dating… Such wide eyed innocence. During a press conference, she stays by my side after being told I’m The Mainstay, the girlfriend that’s been there for 15 years. She giggles as she talks about having Nathan to herself. Pity fills me.
“Nate’ll never be completely yours. Part of him’ll be yours, a part of him belongs to the road, and part of him belongs to the music and stage,” I finally tell her.
“Did you two date? You seem like you know what he’s like dating wise.”
“No. Nate’s like my brother. I know because he’s like Dick and Mags. They’re not completely mine,” I admit. “You’d better prepare for long nights, groupies, drinks, and drugs. If you’re one of these that wants a 12 hour nap or gets jealous easily, you’d better leave or adapt… quickly.”
“How long have you been with Dick and Magnus?”
“15 years. I was about your age. Maybe a tiny bit younger. This life, the girlfriend to a Metalhead or someone in their inner circle life, isn’t easy,” I tell her.
For 3 months, I watch her struggle to adapt to this life. By the end of that three months, she’s gone. In 3 months, Dick and I have made some leeway in fixing our relationship.
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failedintsave · a day ago
Little break from plugging away at Rejoin because it's eating my brain this week and I'm probably not going to make my self-imposed Saturday posting schedule. So instead here's some light and domestic Skwistok for Friday. I'm still fixating on the whole haircare thing, likely because I'm currently putting mine through color correction right now. Protip: if you're blonde, going purple with a blue-based dye will eventually leave you with a weird green when you give up on it lol.
Shivering, he tossed and turned before giving up entirely on going back to sleep. Most days when Skwisgaar got out of bed to shower, Toki would luxuriate in the satiny bedding, happily sprawling out like a starfish, something his twin bed didn't allow. But it had snowed overnight and right now the open expanse of mattress felt like an extension of the wintry grounds beyond the window.
Yellow afternoon sunshine filtered through the open curtains, reflecting off the gleaming tile and spartan decor and firing a concentrated beam of light directly onto Toki's closed eyelids. He groped the empty side of the bed and pulled a pillow over his face with a huff and curled into a tight ball under the covers.
He sat up bleary eyed and rubbed the crust of drool from the corner of his mouth. Herbal scented steam wafted from below the closed bathroom door and the promise of hot water propelled him to his feet.
Toki stepped around the frosted glass partition and was greeted by the sight of the tall, svelte Swede, face upturned to one of the rainfall showerheads, blonde hair slicked down his back. He took a moment to appreciate the path of the suds rinsing out of the golden locks, trailing the channel of Skwisgaar's spine, eyes lingering on the firm roundness of his backside.
"Cares for some companies?"
Wet hair slapped him across the face as Skwisgaar spun, eyes wide, hand splayed over his chest.
"Tokis! You scares de crap outs of me. What ams you doingk up?"
"I gots cold." He reached out and turned on another tap and stepped into the scorching downpour with a sigh. "T'oughts I'd join you."
Skwisgaar eyed him for a moment but said nothing, popping the cap on a small bottle labeled with some unpronounceable name, finger combing the contents into his waves.
Toki watched, then turned his gaze to the alcove lined with dozens of tubes and phials of exotic grooming products. The labels were incomprehensible, a veritable haircare Tower of Babel. He reached out to touch a an oblong bottle made of dark green glass but Skwisgaar slapped his hand away, pointing to the opposite corner of the shower.
"Noes you don't. Use your own."
Toki glanced at the pump-bottle of drugstore generic two-in-one sitting next to a scummy teal bar of soap. His bottom lip jutted out in a cartoonish pout.
"But yours smells so much nicers."
"Ja, and it cost probablies fifty times as much." Skwisgaar rinsed again, moving on to the next step in his regimen.
Toki huffed and lathered up, rinsed and was ready for the day in under two minutes. Wiping water from his eyes, he turned back to Skwisgaar, still meticulously applying tinctures and potions.
"You use all of dese every days?"
"What's dis one for?" Toki pointed to a tube at random.
"Is a clarifiers."
"Ands dis?"
"Oil treatsment."
"What ams you doing wif dat one?"
Skwisgaar sighed at his badgering, unscrewing a squat cylindrical tub and scooping out a creamy paste. "Hairs mask."
"Masks? What's dat do?"
"You ams always tellingks me you likes how soft and bouncy my hairs ams?"
Toki nodded, mouth curving gently.
"It for dat."
"Oh." He watched in fascination as Skwisgaar began to work the balm into the ends of his hair, then extended his palm. "Can I helps?"
Skwisgaar quirked a brow at him, considering before transferring the remaining product from his fingers to Toki's. "Shore I guess."
He turned and Toki rubbed his hands together, inhaling the clean, slightly floral scent of the mask before reaching out to apply it. Skwisgaar sighed as Toki combed through his champagne-colored tresses, massaging his scalp with calloused fingers. Mask applied, Skwisgaar twisted his hair into a knot atop his head and secured it with a plastic claw clip.
"Wait you don'ts wash dat ones out too?" Toki eyed the sticky-looking bun.
"Nej, dat stays on ten minute."
"Ten minutes! No wonders you always takings so long in here, dis ams a lot of work and waitings! What ams you gonna do for ten minutes?"
Skwisgaar looked back at him over his shoulder, eyes smouldering, a devious grin tugging at his full lips.
"I'm shore I cans come ups wif a few ideas."
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needsmorezass · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pickles keeping Skwisgaar updated on the most important aspects of his and Nate's friender bender
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writermissalot · a day ago
Deserving Of Happiness. Wedding.
Skwisgaar Skwigelf X Reader. Summary: Sequel of the first. Skwisgaar and (Y/n) are getting married at a very small venue. Requested by : anonymous. (A/n) : I'm not really sure how a wedding works, it majorly depends on culture, wealth and what the soon-to-be-married couple wants. Also i made myself cry while writing this.
And keeping the Reader's gender unspecified was really hard in this one. ________________________________________
Tumblr media
The guitarist can't help but feel nervous. perfectly understandable, but there really is nothing to be worried about to be honest. He fiddles with the diamond sleeve-cuffs while looking into the full-length mirror. He stands in a perfect white tuxedo, sky blue bow-tie and a peach colored rose attached to the breast pocket of the steamed white blazer. His hair still loose, but brushed and shining.  He looks amazing, and stunning. Skwisgaar gulps, turning to his band-mates that stand in line on the other side of the room. "never thought Skwisgaar would be the first of us to marry." Nathan comments, messing with is own black tie. The rest of the band being grooms-men. They are all neatly dressed in black suits, waist-coats over a white blouse and black ties. A peach colored rose attaches to their chests. "Ams so excited! Congratulations Skwisgaar!" Toki exclaims with happiness, unable to control the big smile on his face. Except for Nathan, Toki and Pickles have their hair tied up. The whole scene is very formal. Not their typical scene and it feels strange for everyone. "hyugh..." the Groom mumbles. His heart is racing. Never ever has he thought that he would marry. He didn't believe in monogamy at first. But he's very in love with (Y/n), and wishes nothing more bit to spend the rest of his life as theirs, and they as his. "i wonders hows (Y/n) is feelings right nows..." Skwisgaar wonders out loud. "they're probably fine." Murderface says, crossing his arms not looking all too interested.
~~meanwhile~~ "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!" (Y/n) chants in a hurried panic, running circles around the dressing room. their formal bridal wear swaying with every turn they make. "honey please, calm down." (Y/n)'s mother tries to calm down their child. "there is nothing to worry about (Y/n), the whole reception and venue are taken care of by the gears." Charles tries to console the panicking (Y/n). "but-but, what is something goes wrong anyway!" (Y/n) shrieks, waving with their arms to get their point across. (Y/n)'s mother grabs them by the shoulders to help them calm and prevent a panic-attack. "don't think about that kind of stuff my dear. Think about the good things, don't worry." Their mother says, looking straight into (Y/n)'s eyes. (Y/n) gulps away the growing tears and nods slowly. Charles pull back his sleeve and peer at his watch. "it's almost time for the ceremony." He announces to the one getting married. (Y/n) looks at Charles and stern nod and take a deep breath. "I'm ready." ~~~~ The Klokateers have literally put their blood, guts and tears into the ceremony, which takes place on the grounds of Mordhaus. A very small venue, only consisting of very close friend and those who can keep a secret. This whole wedding is a secret from the world. And it will stay that way. Charles has made sure there is high level security around the wedding too. armed Klokateers ready to kill anyone who dares to snoop around.
Skwisgaar and his band-mates are already at the altar. The closest people are here, Knubbler is even part of the crowd, Abigail is also standing by the altar as a maid-of-honor. (Y/n)'s mother is sitting with the guest trying not to cry to hard. Skwisgaar's mother is sitting next to her trying to console her new (daughter/son-in-law)'s mother. The yard-wolves are there too, all of them standing in a row with cool little tux collars on. The guitarist is pulling at his collar, nervous as all hell. He knows he doesn't have too, everything is fine, it's his and (Y/n)'s big day. "Hey Skwisgaar, chill you're only getting married and settled for live." Nathan tries to reassure the groom, but it doesn't help, not at all. By now the guitarist is rethinking his life, all the moments that brought him to where he is now. Despite all the unpleasant things that have happened to him, he doesn't regret anything. ~~~~ "Are you ready (Y/n)?" Charles asks the soon to be married one, who nods nervously. Charles shows a little smile and offers his arm for (Y/n) to take, and they do. "don't be nervous, everything is taking care of, enjoy the wedding (Y/n)." He's starting to feel like a broken record but (Y/n) needs the reassurance. Charles is tasked with 'giving away' (Y/n), for their own father had passed away when they where very young. Lack of father in life is something that (Y/n) and Skwisgaar had bonded over at the very beginning of their friendship.
(Y/n) grabs onto the manager's arm and the ceremony begins. The music starts as Charles and (Y/n) walk down the long carpet and towards the altar. (Y/n)'s and Skwisgaar's eyes lock and they are mesmerized by each other. "Oh my gods..." Toki sobs into his hands, Pickles pats the rhythm guitarist's shoulder. "i know Toki." he comforts while watching (Y/n) with teary eyes. Once (Y/n) reaches their crying mother, they stop walking for a moment and (Y/n) puts a hand on their mother's shoulder to comfort her. They know it's happy tears but still. (M/n) tries her best to muffle their cries in a handkerchief.   The whole band is looking at (Y/n) with big watery eyes. Especially Skwisgaar. There is a smile on his face, and the smile only grows as Charles and (Y/n) near the altar. (Y/n) let's go of the manager and without second thought, the soon to be married take each others hands. The pastor who's here to marry the couple. Is held at gun-point during the while thing. He starts speaking, a obvious shake of nervousness in his voice. "we are gathered here today, to watch these two lovers unite. They shall spend their lives together, carry each other through thick and thin, and the warmth of love shall keep them bonded. anyone who objects this marriage, must speak up now, or forever hold your silence." The pastor speaks. There is a moment of silence, a moment for anyone to object.  But there is nobody who speaks up. The soon to be married couple sighs in relief and the ceremony continues. "It's time for your vows." The pastor announces. And the soon to be married speak their vows to one another, often interrupted by someone sniffling. Toki is full on sobbing into his hands now, Pickles has his arm wrapped around Toki's shoulders to console him. Abigail does her best to wipe a tear away without smudging her make-up. "bring in the rings!" The pastor announces. A yard-wolf in the same tux collar as the other wolves walks up to the altar, it's walking carefully, balancing a little pillow in it's head with the rings on it. The wolf arrives at the altar, the soon to be married couple grab each others rings and slide them on each others ring-fingers. The yard-wolf is escorted to the rest of the wolves by a klokateer. "Skwisgaar Skwigelf. Will you take (Y/n) (L/n) as your spouse?" The pastor asks the groom, Skwisgaar looks back at (Y/n). "i dos." He says with a nod. "and (Y/n) (L/n). Will you take Skwisgaar Skwigelf as your Spouse?" He asks them. (Y/n) gives the guitarist a look of  absolute sincerity. "Yes, i do." They reply. "then i can officially announce you as married." The pastor claims with a smile. The now married couple clash like magnets, kissing passionately. Everyone at the ceremony cheers, applauding the newly married couple. ~~~~ The rest of the party went great. Skwisgaar and (Y/n) are glued to each others sides, inseparable during the whole party. While cutting the cake, (Y/n) takes some whipped-cream on their finger and boop the guitarist's nose with it. Skwisgaar's look of surprise makes them laugh.     Much later in the evening, The married couple are dancing together the rest of the guests are looking on. The rest of the band is happy that there is booze present and the four member are drinking again. "I think they'll be happy together." Pickles slurs, downing his 12th glass of wine. "yeah they would, i mean look at the two." Nathan agrees, gesturing to the married couple dancing and not taking their eyes off of each other. "It'sch juscht gonna be schutid schappy love for them! Dischguschting!" Murderface grimaces, at the romantic display of the married couple. Although he says he's disgusted, he is probably only jealous, the whole band is a little. "i thinks it's real cutes." Toki comments, he has luckily calmed down by now. "they are gonnas be happys!" He beams, and the other agree with a hum. They all agree that their marriage will be good. The band having witnessed their relationship first hand, it's safe to say it's gonna last. __________________________________________ There is a part two of sorts?? Hope you enjoy (I know it looks a little lazy) Thanks for reading. - Missalot.
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hottopicgay · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
murderface test :>
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fishklok · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
baby mag doodle
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waitingforseason5 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Foreshadowing throughout the series; Metalocalypse (2006) - The Doomstar Requiem (2013): Prelude to a dark & twisted dissent
Tumblr media
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pickles-girlfriend · 2 days ago
this is so cool. has anyone seen this?
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n0seblood · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Demented Friendship
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