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#Diavolo and Beel
soft-om · 18 hours ago
demon bros & dateables + MC w/ anxiety
☆ Lucifer:
- when you first came to the Devildom, the last thing Lucifer expected from the human exchange student was for you to be so shy 
- but probably because he was used to his brothers, he got used to you pretty quickly and learned what kinds of situations you were ok in and what was too much for you
- he also let you hide behind him or follow after him if it made you feel better
- in fact, he started to find it endearing about you and came to prefer having your presence nearby finding solace in him
- he would never push you to do something you weren’t comfortable with, which helped you to get closer to him
- if you ever did something that seemed outside of your comfort zone, Lucifer was sure to shower you with praise and tell you how proud he is of you
☆ Mammon:
- he wishes he would have known sooner
- because now he’s worried about all the things he made you do that may have made you feel anxious
- but now that he knows, it’ll be like a switch flipped for him
- he always asks how you feel about doing certain things and he’ll check in to make sure you don’t feel anxious
- he even looked up how to calm someone down when they have an anxiety attack so that he can help you if you ever need it
- this boy just wants to be by your side and do whatever he can to support you
☆ Levi:
- same
- is the first thing out of his mouth when you bring it up
- if you hadn’t figured that out about him by now, then something was wrong with you
- but because he understands what you’re going though, he’s really good at anticipating how you might feel in various situations
- granted his solution is usually just “don’t do anything that might cause you anxiety”
- but at the same time, when it comes to you, he’s surprisingly willing to put himself in situations where he’s uncomfortable in order to make you feel less anxious
☆ Satan:
- Satan actually found out about your anxiety when you had an anxiety attack in front of him
- thankfully, he recalled some books he had read a while back and was able to calm you down
- from that day forward, he started keeping a mental list of the things that could trigger an attack for you
- he also keeps a mental list of things that have succeeded in calming you during an attack or before the attack even occurs
- such has holding your hand in some situations, making you laugh, or even removing you from the situation if necessary
- if nothing else, Satan is really good at hearing you out if you just need to talk for a bit to get all of your anxious thoughts out
☆ Asmo:
- Asmo handled finding out about your social anxiety pretty well considering it happened while he was dragging you out to a busy café
- as he saw you glancing around and fidgeting, he quietly suggested the two of you take your drinks to a park instead
- he put the pieces together on his own when you went back to acting like your normal self once you were seated in an empty corner of the park
- thankfully Asmo knows the Devildom and it’s hotspots well enough that he also knows how to still take you to places without the experience being too anxiety inducing for you
- (he also knows how to use his popularity to make situations better too by convincing the right people)
- plus, he’s good at drawing attention to himself if you ever want to just fade into the background for a bit
☆ Beel:
- Beel likely wouldn’t be fazed at all to find out that you have anxiety
- he might be bit confused by anxiety tics at first, but after a brief explanation he’ll just nod and move on
- it’s not that he doesn’t care and he’s still incredibly thoughtful about it
- he just knows that it won’t do any good for him to stress about it, so he basically just waits for you to tell him what you need from him if anything at all
- in this sense, he’s a great listener and is willing to hear you out anytime
- he also likes to remind you of how strong you are as you deal with anxiety, but if there’s ever a time you feel like you can’t be strong, then he will be strong for you
☆ Belphie:
- for a long time, Belphie though you were just acting that way around him because of everything he did to you
- but then he realized you acted that way with a lot of people and he learned about social anxiety
- he was a little sad that there was still that separation between the two of you, so he vowed to do something about that
- he wanted you to feel safe and calm with him
- before long, he realized that the more time you spent together, the more comfortable you seemed with him
- when the day came when you asked him to go with you somewhere since being with him calmed you down, he could barely hide the happiness he felt
❃ Diavolo:
- being shy and anxious doesn’t make a lot of sense when you’re always by the demon lord’s side
- but Diavolo is always there to protect you from the derogatory comments and defend you
- he has a ‘no pressure, no guilt’ policy
- meaning: he will never pressure you to do anything you don’t want to do for whatever reason, and you never have to feel guilty for saying no to things
- all he wants is to always see your smiling face, and he definitely never wants to see you suffering from anxiety
- so then if you ever say yes to something, he will do everything in his power to lessen your anxiety and make sure you enjoy yourself
❃ Barbatos:
- Barbatos is used to watching out for other people and their needs, so he noticed right away when you started showing signs of being anxious
- as a butler, he’s also used to being by people’s sides, so he does the same with you doing his best to keep you from being too anxious
- he’s really subtle about it though
- without you realizing, he’ll guide you to less crowded areas and he never asks you to make decisions that might stress you out
- if it seems like your thoughts are racing, he knows just how to distract you to get you out of your head
- at the end of the day, he’ll give you a kiss on the forehead and tell you that you did really well
❃ Solomon:
- gotta admit, Solomon as a person and his personality can be cause for anxiety
- when he finds out you feel that way, he’ll probably be shocked and a little upset
- but above all else, he doesn’t want to make you anxious, so he legitimately starts evaluating his behavior and asking you what makes you anxious
- surprisingly good at opening the line of communication so that you feel comfortable confiding in him about your anxiety
- once Solomon understands where you’re coming from better, he becomes your #1 supporter
- his chaotic nature can really come in handy when he needs to pull you out of a conversation or the two of you decide to leave an event
❃ Simeon:
- no presence is more soothing than Simeon’s when it comes to your anxiety
- he just has this angelic smile and warm aura that helps to ground you in so many situations
- at first you weren’t sure about showing your anxiety tics in front of him, but when you did, he said he liked them because they told him how you were feeling
- Simeon has like motherly instincts or something, because he can tell when you’re starting to get overwhelmed and is somehow right there at your side
- he also has a skill for knowing the right time to whisk you away from a situation that is giving you anxiety
- then he’ll wrap his arms around you and provide all the comfort and support you need
❃ Luke:
- this sweet boy would have no idea how to act
- he’d end up overthinking things and worrying about every little thing when it comes to you because he doesn’t want you to be anxious
- there were more than a few times when he went to Simeon or even Solomon for advice on what to do
- he eventually started asking to hold your hand “so that you don’t get separated”, but you know he’s just trying to help you feel less anxious
- if you seem like you have something eating away at your mind, he’ll invite you to bake with him
- he’s still a little clueless, but he’s trying his hardest which is enough to put a smile on your face
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justmywriting1313 · a day ago
HC’s for level of protectiveness Part 2 (Asmo and Beel)
Heyyyyyo you guys!!!! hope you guys have been getting enough sleep and been taking care of yourselves!!!
Here is the next part of the levels of protectiveness for the rest of the bros. I will also put up one more part up, hopefully soon which is for the rest of the characters but anywhooooo hopefully you guys enjoy it. 
Also I am not going to put the long explanation about what this HC is and how i’ve gone about characterising them. Please just refer to the first part to see that which i’ve linked here  I will put the list up soooo yeahhh!!!!
Enjoy and as always please reblog (but not repost), request and like thankuuuuuu!!
Summary: How do the boys take care of you? (The list below is kind of like roughly who is most to least protective so this makes sense though overall they are all bloody protective. Also Luke = Baby therefore platonic )
Solomon and Diavolo (tied)
TW: None (let me know if they are any)
Okieeee so full disclosure, I made this set of head canons mainly because I really wanted to write for Asmo. Just the image or idea of someone who may not seem protective or confrontational just absolutely threatening and battering the crap out of someone for the person they love is just soon cute and concerning but we will just stick to cute. 
Okay getting down to it, so we know Asmo loves himself the most, the life of the party and the prettiest being there ever was therefore to that end you don't think he would ever get physical in a fight. He would never put himself in a position to threaten his beauty right? But I think for you, he most certainly would. I know it sounds contradictory but I genuinely think he would. Asmo in my opinion is not just the most vocal, but the best at voicing his love and care for you. He is constantly telling you he loves you, and unlike the others, his pride doesn't stop him, nor does his tsundere-ness. He is open and proud about it. Sometimes, yes it gets hard to see he is genuine because he is flirty with basically everyone but even then I think its easy later on. With that in mind, I genuinely think his love for you would make him incredibly protective of you especially in an emotional sense. 
One of the reasons for his protectiveness in my opinion is just the idea that you depend on him. I think he is very similar to Mammon in this regard. In Asmo’s case its because he is one of the youngest. I mean you've seen the way he coddles Belphie and Beel. I just think to him he likes playing the big brother role and in his case Beel and Belphie actually do go to him when they need him. In that sense he likes that you depend on him. I think because he is seen as the more feminine brother, a lot of people put him to the side and don't take him seriously. But when you depend on him to protect you it makes him feel seen. Actually Mammon and Asmo are very similar in many of their reasons for protecting you. Both have a love for you that seems very pure, not that the others don't love you, but I think Asmo and Mammon do the best job at separating you from Lilith and, therefore, have their own reasons for loving you. One of which is just that you are you. I think the main area in which Mammon and Asmo differ is Mammon is equally protective of you in a physical and emotional sense whereas Asmo is definitely more emotionally protective. Thats not to say he wont get physical for you, but I think that physical aggression for Asmo happens more when he feels like you are being emotionally threatened. Another reason I think he would be protective of you is that you are the second most beautiful person to him, and he wouldn't want anyone to take that position. I know he believes himself to be the most beautiful being and all that but I definitely think a big part of that is how much you help him believe that. Its just you help him feel like he is the most beautiful being. Saying that, a big manner in which he is protective is making you sure you feel the way you make him feel. He gets incredibly  protective when your sense of confidence is being threatened.
Another thing to note is that I think Asmo is the most vocal about his love for you and therefore seems the most passionate. He is always telling you that he loves you and asks you to love him in return. With that said I definitely think he is more protective on an emotional level rather than physical. I think on a physical level, he gets protective if its just you guys, as in none of the other boys are there. If its just you guys and you are in some form of physical danger, he will obviously step in. But if the other boys are around in he will be much more concerned about not letting you see any of the unpleasantness that comes with someone getting beat up. Like Mammon, Asmo’s emotional protectiveness goes beyond just you getting hurt. He loves your happy go lucky nature, you are the second most beautiful person and just so cute and happy. He doesn't want you to start seeing the depravity of the world and so while the other boys are traumatising whoever scared you or threatened you Asmo would be guiding you away,
“M/C doll this way. Why don't you and I go to madame screams huh love? I hear theres a wonderful new cake they have put out! Oooh Solomon why don’t you join yeah? Can you cover M/C’s ears while you're at it hehe” 
He won’t want you seeing these things and nor does he want you to get upset while looking at these things. So yeah physically he is protective but only if he needs to be. Emotionally though, if you are in any way getting hurt this boy is about to fuck shit up. Honestly none of them can handle you in a state of distress and practically crumble when you do cry but I see Asmo kind of coddling you the most,
 “M/C, oh dear why the tears? Tell me did someone say something or do something? Tell me and i’ll set them straight! Was it Lucifer i’ll go talk to him or we can have a self care day together huh?”
So yeah, if you are ever put in a position of emotional danger, especially if it has anything to do with your sense of confidence, or if anyone makes you doubt yourself, he just cant stand it. He is emotionally incredibly protective and to that end would not hesitate to get physical if it means no one says shit to you.  
Asmo is the kind to have burning raging anger. Wings out, eyes glowing and just burning up with anger. I definitely also think he is more the verbal aggression because he knows he would do more damage verbally. He would just humiliate the other person, kill them with words kind of thing. 
For example, you guys have gone shopping and as you're leaving someone cuts you guys of. The demon is a jealous succubi and just kind of goes at it, berating you and hitting all your insecurities. It takes a moment for both of you register it. Asmo longer than you because he can’t fathom anyone truly not liking you. At first he thinks he is imagining it. He is standing behind you and so he quickly covers your ears. Asmo would just break them down completely, making them question everyone about themselves. He wouldn't hold back. All you see is the person who offended you get progressively more upset and then they are crying and running away as Asmo removes his hand and turns you to him. He smiles and for a second it just seems so sinister but then he is making sure you are okay and then he is guiding you to do some shopping. For this reason he is probably both the most and least scariest brother at the same time. Least because people don't expect him to throw fists (which again he could do but would rather not) which is the very reason that when he does lose his cool, it seems like it came out of nowhere. I also think Asmo is kind of like a mix of Satan and Mammon in that he knows some experiences are needed in life for you to learn and grow but he doesn't hold Satan’s patience to actually deal with the person after so yeah. 
When it comes to his brothers I think Asmo is the one who trusts them the most with you. I think he definitely trusts Lucifer and Satan the most cause he knows they are the most responsible so thats a no brainer. I think he trusts Belphie and Beel a medium amount cause well a) he knows Belphie is soft for you and Asmo is soft for Belphie and b) Beel is the strong one so he knows you should be fine. I do think that he cant decide on where to place himself with the Belphie situation so I feel like Asmo tries not to let it factor in at all when he thinks about you. He trusts Mammon and Levi the least but still good enough. Asmo doesn't like that he trusts them but he does. So yeah, overall Asmo is just such a loving cutie that though he wouldn't like to get physical, he would absolutely do so if he saw you in any kind of emotional pain. He is similar to Mammon just maybe one or two steps down in intensity which is why he is third. I know he doesn't seem like the most protective but I genuinely think, for you, he is is. 
Beely Babyyyy!!!! you already know he is one of my favourites. Anywhooo, we all know this boy is a huge softie and you also already know that nothing will keep him from protecting you. Honestly the only reason he isn't number 1 is cause mammon can be a little loco and that crazy intensity is what puts him on the top. Anywhoooo so its easy to guess that Beel is one of the most protective of all the boys. I feel like unlike the others, he subconsciously, from the beginning felt the need to protect you, before you two even got close (except for the one time, he almost tried to eat you). The others like Mammon were TOLD to protect you but I think Beel from the start felt that he needed to look out for you. Once you two spent time together and got close like when you protected Luke and him from Lucifer, it got more cemented that he needed to look out for you. This is very much tied into the whole Lilith thing. I love Beel a lot, the big teddy bear that he is, but I also think besides Belphie he is the worst in separating you from Lilith. Both of them have said that its not the case but I think it took a lot of time for them to get there and so a little bit of Beels protectiveness is definitely driven by that. I mean he is over it now and especially when you get into a relationship with him but for the start it was a definitely a key factor. 
I think another huge reason for just his level and intensity of protectiveness is very much tied into his perception of human fragility. Not only is he one of the biggest demons in hell but he is also the strongest. He is aware that the world from your perspective is alot more difficult and dangerous. Things that to him may seem like minor scrapes can be a whole different situation for you. He has seen how easily human bodies can break and as handy as it to scare the human scum on earth its something that really haunts him when it comes to you. The idea that really anything can hurt you or worse, makes it hard for him to relax sometimes. It isn't helped when Satan tells him small facts about all the things that can go wrong with humans. Once for a whole month Beel insisted seeing you eat at least three meals a day plus a snack and you never understood why. He would just sit with a concerned expression and make sure you had eaten enough while eating his own share. It was later when Belphie told you that Satan told Beel that if a human goes a couple of meals without eating they faint. You definitely had a talk with Satan later about needlessly scaring the poor boy. Tied into that, I think one of the most obvious reasons is just Beels size in comparison to almost everyone. The only two who come close are Diavolo, who I think is bigger and Lucifer. Its a wonder with Beel next to you and his size how anyone has any kind of guts to say anything to you but oh well.  
Lastly I think its kind of his love language. The way he interacts with all the other boys it kind of makes sense. It makes sense that he is protective of Belphie since he is the youngest but Beel doesn’t need to be protective of Asmo, Levi and even Mammon to a certain extent but he is. He lets them lean on him and jump on him when the are scared even though they are older than him. Its his way of giving back to them in a certain way and I think its the same for you. You take the pain of being hungry away so its only his duty to help you in the best way he can. 
With all that said, I think he is definitely more physically protective than emotional. There are no questions about him simply picking you up if another demon gets even remotely physical. I can just see another demon even angrily waving his hands in your direction and Beel gets that pained or confused looking frown and the next thing you know you're up in his arms being placed on his shoulder or being pushed behind him. If the demon still persists which is insanely stupid then Beel is flicking him away kind of like a little bug. Honestly its not too much of a fight. I also think he doesn't want you seeing him in that state of rage. Its one thing to see him like that for food because thats just a big big tantrum but this is physically beating someone. He never wants you to be scared of him. He understands you may be already from the start but he doesn't want to perpetuate that so he rather not pick a fight and just pick you up and leave. 
Emotionally Beel isn't that protective but I do think that he is the easiest to talk to only cause you can do so without being interrupted or made to feel bad for anything. Unlike the others he wont come across as condescending or judgemental. He would just sit and look at you with that endeared expression and if you need problem solving he would tell you what he thinks. In the moment if the demon is being mean or crass with you rather than saying anything he would rather let one of the other sharp tongued and quick witted boys help and put the demon in place. Instead he would just quietly lead you away and get ice cream with you.
When it comes around to the other boys and whether he feels satisfied leaving you with them it depends. If its Belphie or Lucifer and Satan he is completely fine because he trusts them the most. Also its obviously clear he has forgiven Belphie. I think he was a little iffy at first solely cause sometimes after being away from someone for so long you forget how to gage their emotions but its fine now. With Mammon and Levi he feels a bit iffy cause they do have a habit of being slightly irresponsible but for the most part he is usually there so its fine. With Asmo his only worry is his lewedness. Sometimes Asmo’s suggestive comments can be too much for someone who has known him for literal eons so Beel can only imagine how it must be for you.
 So yeah overall a big big teddy bear is what Beel is. He loves you so much and I feel like seeing you get hurt is something he cant even consider, let alone actually seeing it happen so he is definitely second most protective and you love him for it. 
So yeah thats it for this one. I know i could have added someone else bu i also wanted to post something so here we are!!!! Hope you like and as alway please like, reblog and request stufff!!!!
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writersfailure · a day ago
Obey Me Masterlist
Obey me x reader (No specified relationship/the partner in the relationship isn't heavily featured)-
Sleepy Human
Mystery Date
Prank War
Congrats, you can kick Dia's ass
While you studied demonology, i studied the blade
Diavolo x reader-
Mystery Date
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nonbiananrywrites · a day ago
Real Chocolate
Req: hi, yes hello, i have an obey me request. You know those videos where those sick ass chefs makes those cool looking furniture that's made out of chocolate?? Id like to see Diavolo, Barbatose, Beel, and Luke's reaction to an MC who can make those? perhaps diavolo has a little pastry making competition, and they win by make a full on chocolate furniture and even chocolate plates and cups and they look so real until you take a bite out of them?? thank you, i love you, bye bye  🌺🍄
Last Obey Me Req for a long time. Next up Sylvain cause I love me a Himbo. And Fire Emblem addiction go brrr
-Mans is easily impressed and literally calls anything that looks human as "creature's he probably had low standards for them anyways. (OK Mr. Equality between the realms).
-He's so amused, Barbatos come check this out. Diavolo totally tries to scheme something with his newfound knowledge of your abilities.
-Wanna replace all of Lucifers clothes with chocolate?
-Very impressed by your craftsmanship. He appreciates the fine arts. The sculpting is so nice 
-Compliments your work, he knows now you can help with decorating desserts with him.
-YO O OO O :0
-That's so cool he's kinda jealous. You need to teach him too! 
-Luke loves to spend time with you baking and sculpting and teaching the ways of the chocolate.
-He gets so proud and giddy over the first realistic sculptures he makes its so cute.
-Simeon doesn't have the heart to eat them
-It doesn't matter if its hyper-realistic of not,, you can't hide chocolate from him.
-Man has eaten a watch before you think he would care is he accidentally ate an actual show thinking it was chocolate?
-As long as he's allowed to eat them, he's happy. He does mention how impressive your sculptures are though.
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the-mourning-stars · a day ago
Omegaverse au
Lucifer - beta, doesn't care
Mammon - beta, insecure abt it
Levi - beta, more Alpha like at times
Satan - omega, uses suppressants to pretend to be an Alpha
Asmodeus - beta, able to change for his partner
Beelzebub - Alpha, very shy abt it tho
Belphegor - Gamma, doesn't care
Diavolo - Alpha, quite obvious
Barbatos - Beta, Alpha tendencies
Simeon - Beta, Omega tendencies
Solomon - Omega, hates it
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moemoemammon · a day ago
okkkkkkay so personally I’ve never picked the choices of ‘I wanna go home’ in game, so I guess I mustn’t be that curious right? lol but like I am curious to know how they react to MC being family oriented, being super close to her parents and siblings (i have two and I’m the middle one) and just constantly and out of nowhere being homesick
Homesick MC!
(Feat. GN!MC and the Demon Bros)
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
As a family man himself, Lucifer can understand where you're coming from. After all, you were plucked out of your world without warning, and forced to stay in the Devildom for an entire year.
At first he didn't care much about your emotional struggle, so it wasn't until you two were close that he actually started paying attention. And it was pretty obvious too, with the way you always talked about your family.
He hopes now that you're closer to him and his brothers, they can make up for what you're missing out on. Still, he does his best to comfort you in that 'Lucifer' sort of way.
Did you really think he’d stand by and let you walk around looking so pitiful? There's a teeny tiny heart somewhere in cold chasm of a chest of his.
"It must be difficult for you to be away from your family. But I hope you can rest easy knowing that we all see you as a part of our family, MC. It may not be the same as being with your real family, but we care about you all the same."
Yeah... Mammon gets it. Even though his brothers get on his damned nerves, he loves them to pieces! He needs his space, but he wouldn't wanna be away from home for an entire year.
Especially not if he had to live in a house full of people he didn't know. He can seriously sympathize!
He might not be a master when it comes to comforting you, but you know you can count on him, right? He'll drown you in so much attention, you won't even have time to think about your family back home!
But still... he's got a looming sense of dread. If you're that homesick, you'll surely want to stay home after this, right? Who's to say you'll ever come back to visit him..? Maybe he outta find a way to go with you or something...
"I know you wanna see your family n' all, but don't you go forgettin' about me! And make sure ya come to visit, or I'll go up to get ya myself! I'll miss ya, so...ya know.."
Sorry. Can't relate.
Just kidding. Levi might be a shut in that prefers his personal space, but it's not like he hates his family or anything! He likes their company in small doses.
But it doesn't look like you have that luxury, since you can't even get a crumb of family time. Would a video chat even work from the Devildom??
Well.... for what it's worth, you can always just come to his room whenever you're feeling lonely. You can't really go anywhere right now, but it should be easier if you just stick with him, right?
"Do you wanna play Sims? ...I-I'm not trying to replace your family or anything! I mean, we could make them if you want, or-... I just want to help take your mind off of things. A year should be a breeze if you don't think about it, right?"
He's been surrounded by family since the day he was born, so being away from them for an entire year would be... interesting.
Satan considers himself widely independent so he doesn't think he NEEDS his brothers, and there are days when he wishes they'd all just vanish, and sometimes he comes incredibly close to making that a reality-
But for a human like you, who thrives on social interaction (according to his nerd research) you probably don't feel the same way.
Especially with the way you've been sulking around, longingly talking about your family like it'd magically poof them into the Devildom. He might not be able to relate, but that doesn't mean he doesn't feel bad for you.
"I've heard that retelling stories of your loved ones can help you cope with them not being around. I'd love to hear about them, if you don't mind telling me? Maybe I could write it all down for you to keep as well. Consider it a 'thank you' for putting up with all of us for a year."
Aren't you happy that you have time alone? Asmo couldn't imagine ALWAYS being around his brothers. Maybe Satan and sometimes Beel? But he's fine in solitude!
He prefers the company of strangers roe often than not, but that doesn't mean he hates family or anything. Still, a year away isn't THAT long, is it? Maybe for a human??
But if you're really so torn up about it, you can always come to him for some TLC! Asmo's arms are open wide for you any time of the day. And if that won't do it, he'll gladly hear you out.
If there's anyone who'll listen to your woes, it's the Avatar of Lust. He's good for gossip, and the king of self care. Your mental health is just as important to him as anything else!
"I'm more than happy to give you all the love you need! How about this, I'll spoil you until you aren't lonely anymore, okay? Why don't we have a movie night, just the two of us?"
Beel understands how you can be lonely. It must've been pretty scary, suddenly showing up in the Devildom like that. At first he didn't care about your struggle, but now...
And he remembers how he felt when Belphie was gone. It's sort of the other way around for you, but he can still relate to your sadness.
He hopes you don't mind food therapy, because Beel's compiled a list of your favorite foods, and he's determined to cheer you up by making your favorite meals everyday.
And then he asks you for your favorite meals from home, and enlists the help of his brothers to bring that taste of home to your dinner plate.
"You can always stay with me and Belphie when you get lonely. I don't know if we'll be anything like your family back at home, but... We can still keep you company, too."
Belphie may act like a brat that doesn't like to be bothered by his brothers, but if there's anyone that needs to spend time with them, it's him.
Yeah, after the whole attic thing, he's been especially close to his family. And we all know how he gets with Beel, so being completely isolated in a strange place for an entire year wouldn't do him any good.
And he might be a bastard toward you, but he's not heartless. He doesn't like seeing you mope around all the time. Nosy MC that sticks their nose into everything is his favorite, so cheer up already.
Nap therapy doesn't seem that effective since you tend to dream about your family too, so he's gotta try a different approach. He has to use his... *gag* his heart... 🤢
"What would your family think if they saw that face you were making? When you really miss them, you know you can come to me, right? Why don't you tell me about them? I'll try not to fall asleep."
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beels-burger-babe · a day ago
Beelzebub's Very Bad No Good Day
Tumblr media
***So this is the new format in which I'll be answering requests. In my experience, actual posts get spread further than asks do, so this will hopefully help with that. ANYWAY, I am crazy excited about this request as a major Beel simp and YES I will proudly do this request! Thank you @sinnoman for blessing me with it. -B*** Summary: Beel doesn't get anything to eat one day, and it doesn't go well for anybody.
From the moment Beelzebub woke up, he knew that today was going to be a terrible day. For starters, he had apparently raided the fridge in his sleep the night before, so there was not a crumb left in the house for anyone to make breakfast with. Most of the others had gone and grabbed something from Hell's Kitchen on their way to class, but poor Beel had slept through his alarm due to the food coma his nighttime snack had put him in and had to rush to RAD. The entire school was talking about the monster that they believed had awoken beneath the school. Teachers were on edge ready to evacuate the premises for the earthquake they believed to be happening. Beel avoided eye contact, blushing as his empty stomach continued to rumble and roar throughout the day. He ended up eating a few pencils just to get it to quiet down and even that didn't have much effect. The Avatar of Gluttony nearly cried tears of relief when the lunch bell rang. But it seemed that fate was not his friend that day. He was going to order a gargantuan-sized Little Devil mango slushy, a side of Hellfire curry rice, fried shadow bat, and 108 seed salad and the main course of at least twenty shadow hog burgers with three servings of caramel shadow tart for dessert. Beel was drooling at just the thought of it. He was almost at the ordering station when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Beel growled and turned around, baring his teeth at whoever dared to disturb him.
Belphegor narrowed his eyebrows in concern. "Woah. Beel, relax. It's just me. We've got a student council meeting, and Lucifer has threatened to take away supper from whoever skips out." Beelzebub scoffed as the air around him darkened at the mention of someone taking food away from him. "I'd like to see him try." Belphie raised an eyebrow at his twin's uncharacteristically grumpy behaviour. "Are you alright, Beel?" As though to answer his question, Beel's stomach let out another loud roar, causing several students to flinch and Beel to scowl in frustration. "I'm hungry." Belphie's frown deepened. Beel was always hungry, but he didn't usually let it get to him like this. The younger twin rifled through his own bag before pulling out an obviously full paper bag. "You can have my lunch if you want. I ate a little bit of it during class and swiped a bagel from Mammon during the first period, so I'm not all that-" Before he could finish Beel ripped the bag out of Belphie's hands and devoured it, bag and all. Belphie blinked at his now empty hand and chuckled as Beel chewed. "Man, you must be starving huh?"
Beelzebub merely grunted and continued to chew before swallowing down the small meal. He glanced back at the lineup in the cafeteria and put a hand on his stomach as he thought about the lunch he should be enjoying. Belphie nudged him. "Come on, big guy. We got to get to that meeting. The sooner we get it over with, the more likely it is that we'll end early and you might be able to grab something before class starts again." Only the meeting was not short and quick like Belphie had said it might be. Diavolo wanted everyone to come up with an idea for a school fundraiser, and Lucifer was arguing with Asmodeus on what was and was not appropriate. To make matters worse, you were unable to attend as, according to Mammon, your charms professor had asked you to stay behind afterwards to discuss your progress in the class. The bickering on top of the lack of food in his stomach was giving Beel a migraine and the longer he sat there, the more irritable he had become. Eventually, it became too much and he snapped. "ENOUGH!" he bellowed, flipping the table as he stood. "No one cares about the stupid fundraiser anyway and you're just wasting all of our time arguing over something that will inevitably fall apart and cause an even bigger mess, just like it always does!" "Beelzebub! Watch your tone in front of-" "Shut it, Lucifer!" his brother's gaped at him in shock as he snarled at their elder. "I am sick and tired of you pushing us all around and punishing us when the slightest thing goes wrong just because you-" Beel poked Lucifer's chest hard enough to make him take a step back, "won't take responsibility for your own mistakes!" "Oh shit," Mammon whispered under his breath, as Lucifer's eyes narrowed and his body tensed in defence. The second-born quickly squeezed his way between the two of them and spread his arms to try and create some distance. "Okay! Tensions are high. People are upset. But this is not the place to brawl it out." he glanced over at Lucifer who looked like he was a second away from stringing him up to the ceiling. "Might I remind ya Lord Diavolo is still in the room?" Lucifer looked over at Diavolo, who appeared to be both hurt and concerned by Beelzebub's words, before sighing and fixing his composure. He gave Beel a hard look. "Obviously something is upsetting you, but we can discuss this at home. For the time being, I recommend you work on calming yourself and clearing your head." Beel just growled at him before stomping out of the student council room. He had been about to re-enter the cafeteria again when the bell rang signalling the end of lunch hour. Beelzebub felt his eye twitch before his demon form burst into existence. He let out a deafening scream as he grabbed a table and threw it across the room (students still seated on it, included). Students were yelling and scrambling like mice as the large demon rampaged through the halls. He tore the locked grate off of the serving station and grabbed the nearest server by the scruff of the collar, causing them to squeak in fear. "I'm hungry," Beel rumbled lowly as the demon trembled in his hands. "Get me something to eat now or I will not hesitate to eat you." "R-R-Right away, Beelzeb-b-bub." Beel carelessly dropped the demon, who scattered off to gather as much food as they could. He began pacing like a caged animal. Having been alerted by all the noise, his brothers and Diavolo rushed into the nearly destroyed cafeteria. Diavolo's jaw dropped. "Beelzebub, what's the meaning of all this?" Beel's famished brain didn't acknowledge Diavolo as an authority at the moment. Instead, he was yet another person trying to keep him from eating. "I need food. NOW!" Lucifer's eyes widened in realization as he whispered something to Diavolo. The prince nodded and took a step back. "I'm sure the cooks are doing all they can to get you food right away. But I need you to control yourself before I am forced to take action." Satan had his phone out and was urgently texting someone, as Belphie moved forward.
"You'll get your food shortly Beel. You just need to wai-" "I don't want to wait!!" There was a part of Beelzebub's brain that was aware he was acting like a child. But his stomach physically hurt from how empty it was. He was tired. He was starving. He didn't have the patience for pleasantries. "I've barely eaten anything all day, and people keep staring and talking about me because my stomach just will not stop growling and I'm so hungry that I can barely think straight! I hate it! But I know it won't go away unless I eat, so I NEED TO EAT!" The brothers looked at Beel in shock. They knew that he ate a lot, but they always passed it off as just another quirk that made him Beel. They didn't know it bothered him like this. They thought back on all the instances where Beel had stated that he was hungry out of nowhere, always with a distressed look on his face. Every single time they had brushed him off. Before any of them could respond, you casually walked into the war zone that was the cafeteria. "Alright Satan, what's so urgent that you needed me so badly?" The room fell quiet as everyone's attention snapped over to you and you took in the situation. It didn't take long for you to connect the dots.
You immediately began to rush over to Beelzebub; Mammon stepped forward to stop you. "Woah, MC! I don't think that's a good idea right now!"
You ignored him and continued to make your way to Beel. Seeing you, the small human that you were, made Beel realize just how reckless he had been acting. He held out his hands to stop you and took a step away. "You should listen to Mammon, MC. I-I haven't eaten all day and I-" "You haven't eaten all day?! Oh god, this is worst than I thought." Beel watched as you slid the oversized backpack that he had seen you carry around RAD with you every day off your back and begin to dump out the contents. In a second, dozens of bags of chips, candy, fruits, and other snacks spilled across the floor in front of the two of you. Beel didn't waste a single moment. He instantly began consuming the snacks, causing you to smile happily. "Wha-What?! MC?! Why the hell do you have that much food on ya?!" Mammon sputtered as he cautiously began to approach you. You shrugged. "Beel gets upset when he's hungry, and I don't like it when he's upset. So I stocked up on some of his favourite snacks a while back and always keep them on me just in case," Beel paused his eating to look up at you in awe, "He can't help that he's always hungry. It's not like he asked to be the Avatar of Gluttony." Suddenly there were a pair of arms wrapped around your waist. Lucifer, Levi, and Mammon called out your name as Beel pulled you tightly against his chest. You just grinned and hugged the friendly giant back. "Thank you," he whispered softly into your hair, his arms tightening around you just a little more. "There's nothing to thank me for." As Beel finally began to calm down, the cooks came out with platters of food and shakily laid them out around you and Beel before taking cover back into the kitchen. Seeing that the threat had passed, the other brothers began to approach as well. "You know Beel, I didn't know you had that much pent-up anger inside of you. It was terrifying!" Asmodeus chirped as he plopped down beside the two of you.
"Yeah! You were just like the antagonist in My Boyfriend Turned Into a Cannabilistic Rage Monster, And Now I Have to Stop Him From Devouring The Whole City!!!" Levi began to ramble about specific scenes from the show that matched perfectly with Beel's rampage, causing Beel to blush as he munched on a burger. Belphie sighed and elbowed Beel as he took his seat at his side. "We'll have to make sure that MC's always around you. Just in case you know?" he smiled softly, before looking at his twin with a more serious expression. "You should've told me about all that stuff you said earlier. I had no idea you felt that away about your appetite." Beel looked away uncomfortably as he took another bite of his food and avoided the question. You snuggled closer to him, to provide him with some comfort. Satan tapped his chin as he watched the group. "I'm sure we could talk with Barbatos and come up with some sort of high-protein shake or bar that would better satisfy you. That way you wouldn't have to eat as much." Lucifer glanced over at Diavolo, silently asking if it was a possibility. The prince smiled warmly. "I'll have Barabatos begin working on something right away." Forgetting all about class and the anger that had previously consumed him, Beel looked around at his family. A warm feeling blossomed in his stomach as he felt content with the rare care and affection that they were openly showing. Maybe it had something to do with the thirty burgers he had already ate, but for just a second, Beel didn't feel so hungry anymore. ***Boy that got a little angsty there for a second, but I hope this was to your liking @sinnoman! I definitely enjoyed writing this one, and I think it made me fall in love with my boy Beel even more 🥰*** TAGLIST: @vampwiire @bunna-does-stuff
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Feel your words
Chapter 2 of 8
Summary: Beel feels very bad for what happened. He missed both MC and Luke, so he decides to make it up to them before the guilt takes over
Trigger Warnings: Past bullying, implied eating issues, angst, Beel feels very guilty and sad, serious conversation, a reference to a later chapter, and Luke being sad in his room for two seconds
I've decided these following chapters will be all the boys apologising and Luke tries to cope with his own feelings and MC kicks ass and sticks up for him. This is probably the fluffiest chapter you'll get because were going from easiest to most difficult to forgive. Enjoy it while it lasts.
Beel nearly choked on his food when he heard a sob escape from Luke. He had already eaten the majority of contents within the fridge before he turned around to face the scene in front of him. 
The brothers stood in shock for a moment, staring at Luke as he desperately tried to hide his face through the tears. The young angel's shaking making Beel's heart sink within an instant.
Beel still stood frozen in panic, even as he began to hear laughter coming from some of his brothers. He truly hadn't thought that had pushed the child that far.. or, more accurately, he hadn't paid enough attention to see that they had pushed him too far.
He felt guilty already.. His hunger had distracted him from helping his friend. And now he we just standing there as everyone-! 
Why was he just standing there?
Quickly snapped out of his thoughts he was thrown back into the chaos of the scene. He dropped whatever he had in his hands and rushed over to the still crying child.
"Oh no- Luke we really didn't mean it! Look I'll be nicer, I really never wanted to make you upset... Luke I'm so sorr-"
He missed MC. He wanted to hear MC's voice and rest his head on their shoulder while he ate. He held them in the high regards of one of the few people who made him feel full on the inside and the knowledge that they were so upset at him tore a hole through his body. 
He was cut off as MC walked into the room.
It had been three days since the incident.. MC had been staying with the angels and Solomon, sometimes even staying with Barbatos and Diavolo, but they never came back home... He had already switched through stress eating, to being too upset to eat, that then back to stress eating again. The house was running out of food quick and Beel was starting to get sick to his stomach..
Not only that, but it was also fair to say that he missed Luke a fair amount aswell. Luke was a nice kid, he made tasty treats, and Beel just couldn't get the image of how frightened he looked out of his head..
He took to the gym to try to work through his thoughts. Beginning to lift a rather hefty weight, he ran through his options.. 
He wanted to apologize. He felt like he owed it to them, but he didn't know how he could.
What if he showed up uninvited and got rejected?
What if seeing him only made MC even angrier?
What if it only dug up painful memories for Luke?
Beel let out an exhausted sigh and put his weights down, just trying to think. Guilt ate him up from the inside; it was making him really hungry... But then again, every time he thought of the cupcakes Luke left on the counter, he lost his appetite. It was getting to be a tiresome cycle and he wished it would stop...
He looked down at his D.D.D, scrolling through his DevilEats app to order a few things, when he suddenly got an idea. 
Quickly returning to his homepage, he went to his contents, hovering his thumb over MC's icon.
His hands shook slightly. What would he even type? Before he could make a decision, given that he had big hands, his shaky thumb hit the button before he could make up his mind.
He took that as a sign that perhaps he should just give it a shot..
He began to message them, typing 
"Hello MC... I really feel bad about what happened.. And I miss you a lot. If you're okay with it, can I come to wherever you and Luke are and say sorry?"
Beel gave the screen puppy eyes as he waited for a response, anxious of what was to come. He was wondering what was taking MC so long to respond, but as soon as they started typing back he'd almost wished they had left him on read longer.
He almost bit his bottom lip in anticipation before remembering what happened the last time he'd done that and quickly stopped himself just in time for MC's message to send.
He read over it carefully, nervous that MC would be cross with him again. But to his slight surprise the message read calmly.
"Okay Beel. I'm staying with the angels and Solomon right now, you can come over and we can talk."
Instantly the avatar of gluttony stood up and rushed to his room. He changed out of his gym clothing, tugging on a new shirt after throwing his tank top in the laundry basket, before passing through the kitchen briefly to grab a quick snack.
He wanted to show MC that he was on his best behavior, and he knew very well how distracted he could get when he was hungry..
He walked to where MC said they were, his mind full of worry and his stomach full of food, or, as full as Beel could be. He knocked on the door, and waited patiently to be allowed in the house.
Solomon opened the door, looking a bit shocked to see Beel standing at the entrance.
"Oh.. Beel, you're here?"
He said, almost as if it was a question. He must have heard of what happened.. or at the very least that the brothers were no longer in MC's good graces. He quickly clarified
"MC invited me over-! They said it was okay, I'm just here to talk.." Beel pouted slightly, not used to being in an unfavorable position when it came to his favorite human.
Solomon nodded a bit awkwardly, stepping aside and letting Beel in. "They're in the first guest bedroom down that hall.." He directed, unsure of how to respond to this interaction.
Beel quickly thanked him and approached the door, taking one last deep breath before knocking on the door.
There was no more than a moment of uncertain silence before MC's voice rang through clearly.
"Come in Beel.."
Beel followed those instructions swiftly. He turned the knob and opened the door, only to see MC's eyes already set on where he stood in the doorway. 
There was a moment of stunned silence and Beel realized he didn't think about exactly what he would do once he got here. Words were never exactly his best tool..
He bowed his head slightly, a guilty look on his face.
"I'm really sorry..." He said, that having been the only thing to come into his mind.
He heard MC sigh quietly before they spoke up aswell.
"I know you are.. Come inside and close the door, I'd like to talk to you.."
Beel didn't hesitate to shuffle in the door. MC was sitting on the edge of their bed. They patted the space next to them, inviting Beel to sit down. The bed shifted under his weight.
MC sighed quietly. "Beel..." The demons gaze shifted from his feet to MC upon hearing his name.
"I understand that you did not want to hurt Luke. You're a very sweet guy and you're very susceptible to guilt. I know that you and him are actually somewhat close... But that's one of the reasons it hurt so much that you didn't say anything."
MC could feel the guilt in his eyes. It was difficult to scold someone you knew was genuinely sorry, but they knew Beel needed to hear this.
"Luke thinks you're the nicest of all your brothers. He may not trust demons but.. he's just scared.. He is only a child Beel. You know he was incapable of taking that mistreatment. Anyone would be at his age."
Beel simply bowed his head once more, nodding. He did not want to make MC feel as though he wasn't paying attention, but he felt quite ashamed of himself. He flinched as MC put their hand on his shoulder, though it was gentle.
Their eyes seemed unfocused as they looked to the demon. He furrowed his brows in worry, just about to check on them when they began to speak again.
"I know how it feels to be bullied at such a young age... and you've confessed to me that you've been through something similar.. around his age. Adults have a lot of influence over children.. So you have to show him that he can trust you."
Silence filled the room. It was unclear to both if the other was comfortable in that silence, but it was there nonetheless. Beels voice broke through this stillness.
"I need to apologize to Luke.."
MC smiled slightly, nodding at Beels words.
"Does he even want to see me?.." Beel asked, looking to the human with the same big, guilty eyes that he had carried into the room.
Luke sat in his room, focusing on his school work and attempting to get his writing done. The room was still, quiet, and honestly a bit dull, before he heard a knock on his door.
"Well.." MC sighed, gently holding his cheek to soothe him. "There's only one way to find out.."
"MC? If it's you, you can just come in."
He said, not looking up from his desk as he continued to work. There was a still silence and a hitched breath from outside the door. 
"No.. It's not MC.."
Luke paused involuntarily, setting down his quill next to his half-finished paper. For a moment both boys were silent. Beel waited quietly,anxious as if he had already failed, while Luke just silently waited to get his words out. 
"What do you want, demon?"
It wasn't exactly what Luke wanted to say, but those were the words that made their way out of his mouth.
"I came here to apologize.. I can go away if you want me to.."
There was yet another shared silence. Beel was just about to turn away before he heard footsteps approaching the door. Luke cracked the door open, peering up at Beel through the door, surprised to see him with his arms full of baking supplies.
"I'm really sorry Luke.. I wasn't trying to be mean. I wasn't thinking of how me and my brothers were effecting you and I should have stepped in. You are a very nice young angel and I never wanted to make you feel bad..."
He looked down to Luke with big pleading eyes as the child opened up the door fully. Luke was still staring silently at the baking supplies. Beel took a moment to catch on but once he did he quickly explained.
"I bought these for you. I thought maybe we could do baking.. to make it up to you. We can invite MC, they're good at making me not eat the batter.."
They stared at each other for a moment, before Luke could be heard quietly responding.
"Yeah... we can go baking. We should probably invite MC though, I'd like to get the cupcakes in the oven."
Beelzebub was shocked for a moment at Luke's response, before he smiled brightly, processing the forgiveness. It finally felt like the weight of guilt had been lifted off of his shoulders, and he hoped that this meant both MC and Luke were no longer upset at him.
As they began to walk to the kitchen, Beel commented.
"We probably should call MC now.. I ate some sugar on the way here, I was hungry.."
"Why are ya back so late?" Mammon asked from the couch.
Luke sighed, still smiling slightly. "Silly Demon.."
He felt the room pause, until Belphegor asked "Are they finally over the teasing thing? It was dumb of them to get mad about it.."
The brothers were gathered around in the common room, playfully bickering as usual when Beel arrived home. He hesitated to respond, unsure of how his brothers would react, but directly put, stated.
"I was with MC and Luke.. We were baking."
Beel swallowed hard. He looked down to his feel for a moment, before looking up, now with a noticeably more serious expression.
"I apologized.. what happened with Luke is wrong.. And MC actually told me to tell you all something too."
A silent shock fell over a few of the brothers, and after a moment, Lucifer stood to ask,
"And what message would that be?"
Beel responded without hesitation,
"They will not return until all of us have made things right."
(Tags: @ricemp4 @rainbowcaterpillarlucy @crystal-freak24 @o-o-l-o-n-g @simeons-muse @ivoryclive @yothatsimp @averyaviary @greenlit-mess @gallantys @secretdiplomatspyknight @kaijindesu100 @blessyblade8 @bucky-is-a-gift @royalelusts @gojochan @dragonromes if you'd liked to be tagged in the next update, just comment)
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Tumblr media
No one told me they would have so much cake ✌️😔
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Obey Me Meets Téléfrançais!
Because I introduced @celestialcelestia to the horror that is Téléfrançais and Ananas. 
For those of you that don’t know Téléfrançais was a Canadian children’s show in the 80′s that was widely used as a teaching tool for helping school children to learn French for the past 30ish years; the show features a French pineapple named Ananas, and it usually takes place in a junkyard. For some reason I introduced this abomination to @celestialcelestia​ and we then proceeded to discuss how the Obey Me cast would react to it. I am so sorry in advance.
Barbatos woke up from his nightmare, flashes of a talking pineapple fading from his vision. “It was just a dream,” he whispered to himself, but little did he know that it was anything but. He was doing his chores as per usual when Diavolo started calling him.
“Yes, my Lord?”
“You have to come to the House of Lamentation,” Diavolo laughed. “Don’t ask why!” and he hung up the phone.
Barbatos got a shiver down his spine, but nonetheless, put down his broom and made his way to the House of Lamentation. He heard a commotion behind the doors, and when he opened the doors, he could hardly believe what he saw.
“Bonjour! Je suis un Ananas!” said a walking, talking French pineapple.
Tumblr media
He almost had everything under control; keeping Ananas contained, lecturing Delphine and Dove, and trying to find a way to send the talking fruit back to where it came from.
But then Mammon walks in with one of his crows, and Ananas pulls out a knife and stabs Mammon, and now Mammon is bleeding out on the foyer. How did this happen?! What do you mean the pineapple was Dove’s idea? And Delphine made the potion to bring them here?! Can you get rid of it?!
And then Beel joins in and just eats Ananas; Beel is now possessed by the French pineapple. Chaos ensues.
He just got back from one of his latest schemes, talking to one of his crows, when he just gets stabbed! He didn’t even know who did it, but now he’s on the ground bleeding out!
But then he hears French? He groggily looks around and in front of him is a pineapple with a face, arms, and legs. “Bonjour!” and he gets stabbed again.
But then Beel eats the cursed thing, and here he thinks, that it’s all over; think again. Mammon then passes out due to blood loss; when he wakes up later, Delphine and Dove do confirm that the pineapple was indeed real, and yes, he did indeed get stabbed by said talking pineapple.
He’s live streaming the whole time; Dove informs him of the horrors that they went through years before, with Ananas, Delphine then informs him that Dove introduced her to the cursed show.
So the pineapple is from a French-Canadian TV series that was made for children to learn French? And then you two decided it was a great idea to bring it to the Devildom? But instead, you accidentally summoned the French pineapple that stabbed Mammon? LOLOL
Beel then eats the pineapple, and then the shit hits the fan.
Finds the whole ordeal fascinating! This pineapple can speak! It has arms! It has legs! It stabbed Mammon! Shit, it has a knife!
He was the one the lent Delphine the book that had the potion in the first place, but then he learns that Dove was the one who mentioned Ananas in the first place; how do you end up talking about a French pineapple puppet?! Are you two okay? No, that thing has scarred me for life
The first one to find a reversal spell to somehow separate Ananas from Beel and send it back to its dimension. And now he has a book started on sentient fruit, and he wonders if there are any more out there.
He screams so loud when he first sees it; it’s so unsettling!! How did it get here?! Of course it was Delphine and Dove, why not?!
He’s going back to his room, this is all too stressful! No, he’s not going to try and communicate with it! Yes, he speaks French, but no, he won’t use it to speak to the accursed thing!
Once he’s safely back in his room, away from the pineapple, he will keep an eye on Levi’s live stream; when Beel gets possessed his face pales. Now the thing has Beel’s strength; Asmo now is regretting leaving his room.
He was in the kitchen when he heard all the noise, so he came to investigate what it was all about. He saw the pineapple, and upon instinct, he had already eaten it without realizing his mistake.
“Bonjour, Beelzebub,” Ananas was now a part of him, nothing short of a miracle can stop him now.
Beel is now going around speaking French, rambling about two kids named Jaques and Sophie. Delphine and Dove are working with Satan to try and get the two separated, but they might be too late; Ananas is God now. 
He was asleep on the sofa, but all the noise from the foyer woke him up. A talking pineapple? He’s still dreaming… Right? Honestly, he doesn’t really care.
That is until Beel eats Ananas, then he’s wide awake; nobody messes with Beel on his watch. He’s working overtime on trying to keep possessed Beel out of trouble, and he’s the only one that’s stopping him from world domination.
Once the whole ordeal is done and over with, he’s going back to bed, and dragging Beel with him; this has been one of the more stressful days that he’s had in a while.
He finds it hilarious; Delphine and Dove summoned a talking pineapple! This man is just thriving in the chaos, and he understands nothing that Ananas is saying either.
He now is religiously watching the show which Ananas is from, and will pester Delphine and Dove about it; Delphine loves it, Dove is slowly reverting to 4th Grade. Oh god, we’ve created a monster.
He will now go around the Devildom quoting the show; Barbatos asks him a question, he answers with, “Je suis un ananas.” He also enjoys the Squelettes music, it’s now his ringtone.
Somebody, please give this man a raise; he doesn’t have the time or the energy for this bullshit. Why?! WHY?! WHY IS THERE A F*CKING TALKING PINEAPPLE?!
He is so disappointed, and he is seriously debating whether or not to quit his job, but regardless he stays.
Pineapples are now banned from his sight, but now he also has to deal with Diavolo singing along to the cursed show, and now Delphine and Solomon are joining in! WHY?!
He knows about Ananas, he purposefully left that book out knowing full well what would happen next. He knows about most of the cursed content that’s on the internet.
What he didn’t know was that Beel was going to eat Ananas, and that was just a whole other layer of chaos on top of the chaos that was already happening; he’s living for it.
After everything goes back to normal, he will just randomly sing the theme song, and Dia, no matter where he is, will always chime in.
He has seen many things, but he has never seen a talking pineapple before. At first, he thought it was harmless, but then it stabbed Mammon, so now he’s scared of it (for good reason).
After Beel ate it though and it possessed him, Simeon’s now praying to his father; but it’s only making Ananas even stronger. There is no God, just Ananas.
Now only gets canned pineapple for any of Luke’s baking projects; he’s not taking any risks. He also protected Luke from witnessing the horror show that was Ananas; no Solomon, don’t show him!
I can’t believe I wrote this.
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the-mourning-stars · 3 days ago
My opinion on the OM boys pronouns/sexuality
This is only my opinion
Lucifer - omni demiromantic/sexual, he/him
Mammon - demiromantic, gresexual, neo pronouns
Levi - asexual, omniromantic, bigender- he/him/they/them
Satan - greysexual, bicurious, he/him
Asmodeus - omnisexual, autromantic, gender fluid, polymorous
Beelzebub - asexual, demiromantic, they/them
Belphegor - greyromantic, demisexual, bigender- he/him/she/her
Diavolo - polymorous, demisexual, omniromantic, demiboy- he/him/they/them
Barbatos - asexual, demiromantic, nonbinary- they/them/it/its
Solomon - Ace, demiromantic, neo pronouns - more specifically ze/zir 
Simeon - AceAro. Or ace pan.  he/him
Luke - I don’t put labels on kids. But he’s so supporting!
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allieinwriterland · 3 days ago
Obey Me Fic Request Game!
In the mood to write fic but have no fully formed ideas. So here's a lil game if anyone actually wants to participate.
I've got a randomised list of the Obey Me characters, a list of fanfic genres (like fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, etc.) and a list of cool-sounding english words to use as prompts.
Give me a number from 1-12 for the character, a colour (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) for the genre, and a letter for the prompt word, and hopefully it'll inspire me :)
Note: Luke is included but obvs no romance will be involved with him, he is a CHILD
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belphe-whore · 3 days ago
What I think the Obey Me boys smell like:
a rich deep scent
I’d say like a potent musk but some people take musk as bad and that isn’t what I mean
just a very deep smell 
like wine almost 
definitely has a scent that sticks in the air
ok hear me out
definitely has the most stereotypical “guy” cologne smell
but not like axe in a boys locker room
like those fancy colognes 
and he definitely always smells good 
like even when he’s sweating and everything still smells like cologne 
So I know people say he doesn’t shower much since he is always watching shows or playing games 
but this is the water baby 
I wouldn’t be surprised if he still plays in the tub with like toys and everything
I think he has a sea shore smell 
like salty but without the fish smell 
I just think of those like sea breeze candles or shampoos and that’s it lol
I personally love the sandy salty smell but I am also from Florida so I am probably biased
has the coveted old book smell
and leather from sitting on fancy chairs all day
with a touch of coffee smell or like caramel
smells the best we already know
smells like perfumes and bath salts and oils etc
will where your favorite scent if he figures it out 
or he just asks because it is Asmo
some perfume or cologne Asmo got him for his birthday a while ago 
and food
he’s always eating so his smell changes with whatever he has gorged on
with a hint of cologne
I personally love when people smell like food but am foodie
fresh laundry
my personal favorite smell
smells like sweets and candies
has a hint of vanilla 
fresh soap 
“Simeon you smell so good”
“thanks MC it’s soap”
like bruh always smells clean and refreshed 
more earthy woodsy smells 
just very herbal smells 
and minty 
I see him having a really rich smell like Lucifer 
something that is like the opposite of his childlike personality 
probably incense 
however when you get closer to him (like literally) he smells like sweets 
like he probably munches on sweet stuff a lot so when you get close to him his smell changes a bit 
Thanks for reading. I’ve been lamenting on what the boys smell like recently lol. I will be posting from requests later I just had this one on the brain this morning. 
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demonologistfucker · 4 days ago
People liking my creature post is making me so happy gosssh T~T. Got me some new folk too so!! Hello you wonderful people!! I hope you’re doing well 💛💛
And seriously if you have any requests for headcanons or like… lil things you wanna see from any of the lads? An adventure your like to go on? Send themmm. I would love to write for you
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