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#Dick Grayson

overall, rebirth has been… mediocre when it comes to dick grayson (and other characters ofc) but at least we got the line “you can fight like nightwing, but can you fight like robin?” and i think that’s a good line when it comes to breaking up the roles of robin and nightwing. i just think its neat.

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the batfam as the office characters pt. 1

bruce - stanley (or david wallace)

duke - oscar (or pete)

damian - dwight (or gabe tbh)

jason - jim

dick - andy

alfred - darrel

cass - erin

tim - angela

steph - kelly

barb - pam (or karen)

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i actually could see that going swimmingly well possibly better than ollie and roy even - go check out this post real quick for my reasoning there - the fallout that happened between ollie & roy, when ollie went off with hal, would likely not have happened with dick just because dick would have clocked ollie’s actual intention easily (he’s always been able to see past bruce’s bs and give him the benefit of the doubt, for crying out loud, ollie wouldve been an open book in comparison). that, and. the fact that ollie & dick already had so much in common. imagine the glee, if ollie had had a sidekick that wanted to go by robin. ollie’s total disregard for lax idea of discipline & rules & such, would have been interesting to apply to dick too… he probably would have turned out so different… a lot less hungry for approval, that’s for sure, considering how free ollie is w his praise for his kids.

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Jason: *Slowly rolling the car window down*

Tim: *Sitting next to him and looking out of the window* Is there anything wrong officer?

Dick: GET. OUT. OF. MY. CAR!

Steph: *In the back sit* remember when you told us that share is care?

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SladeRobin Week starts today!

It’s finally here, everyone! Today is the first day of the 2020 SladeRobin event, and we’re super excited to see what you’ve all come up with from our fantastic list of prompts.

The schedule for the week is as follows:

Day 1: Daddy Kink | Reluctant Soulmates | Dom/Sub World
Day 2: (After) the Bad Guys Win | Sex Worker AU | Merfolk
Day 3: Arranged Marriage | Bounty on Robin(s) | Slavery
Day 4: Same Dynamic Omegaverse | Hands Free Orgasm | Identity Porn
Day 5: “What do you want from me?” | Dragons | Pregnancy
Day 6: Trapped Together | Family Intervention | Earth-3/Evil Bats
Day 7: Soulmarks | Meeting the Parents/Family | Captive/Stolen Bride
Day 8: Free day!

When posting to tumblr, please either @ the blog or use the tags #sladerobinweek or #sladerobinweek2020 so we can find and reblog them here. Any works posted to Ao3 should be added to our 2020 collection as well.

Also, if your works are not quite ready yet, don’t worry about posting them late. The event will always welcome any piece of fic/art created for it, no matter how long after the particular day it was created for. Just make sure to use the tags or let us know another way when it’s ready!

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to send us an ask. Otherwise, we hope you all enjoy the event! ⚔

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Word Count:

Based on Like Strangers Do by AJ Mitchell

I miss the taste of your lips on Sunday

And the sound of your laugh when I say something funny

But nobody heard it, except for you

And my mom still ask about you

I lie and say we friendly

‘Cause I don’t have it in me, to tell the truth

It had been a while since you and Dick had broken up but you were still a mess. Even though it was for good reason, you still regret leaving when he got angry at you. He had argued with you after you had been kidnapped by Deathstroke and almost killed. He had told you how unsafe his job was and how badly he wanted to keep you safe so he ended it. Instead of arguing back, you just left.

You had moved so far away from San Francisco, back to your hometown in Michigan. You moved back in with your parents after lying to them saying that you got a job offer that you couldn’t refuse. You told your mother that you and Dick were still friends that it was a mutual decision but that was also a lie.

I miss the way that you looked in your sundress

The way that you looked when you undressed

The sound of your first steps across the room

Now my friends don’t ask about you

'Cause they think I’m fine without you

I say it’s all good but it’s never true

Dick missed you too. He had been in a slump, making irrational and stupid decisions. So much so that Deathstroke won. Donna had told Dick to try and move on. To deal with his personal issues before going back to the superhero life but Dick had refused. He had told Donna he was fine but it was obviously a lie.

Soon after, the Titans were disbanded and Dick moved to Detroit. However, it wasn’t long before his past came back to bite him in the form of Rachel Roth.

A few new team members, some returning ones and a demon later, and Dick was back in San Francisco and Deathstroke was back. Unfortunately for you, Deathstroke hadn’t forgotten about you and had come bearing gifts.

Before you knew it, you were locked in a damp, dark room with ropes around your hands and feet and blood dripping from your head. You looked around and saw a man that you didn’t recognise. He had on a metal helmet and suit, with a large light on his chest.

“Oh, the little princess awakes from her slumber.” The man joked, walking towards you. You panicked and struggled in your chair – a few tears falling from your eyes. “What shall we do with you, eh?”

“Oh, Dr Light!” You heard to your right. You looked up to see a young boy in the Robin suit laughing. Once you saw the suit you thought it was Dick but as you looked closer you knew it wasn’t. “Did you come up with that shit by yourself or did your parents saddle you with that bullshit? I mean come on, what a lame fucking name.” The boy sneered.

“Shut it!” Dr Light yelled in his direction, but then came back to you, creating sparks from his fingers and pointing them right at your face. You whimpered as you felt the heat from the sparks start to irritate your skin.

The boy chuckled again, “What? Is my talking annoying you, dickweed? Cause that’s the thing…” By this point, Dr Light had most definitely had enough of the boy’s constant yapping so moved away from you and towards the boy who continued on his monologue, “I can do it all day, all night. And if you’re nice… twice on a Sunday.”

Dr Light stood directly in front of the boy and glared at him, “I said, shut the fuck up.”

But just as he finished his sentence the boy viciously kicked him in the down-there area, then in the head and strangled him with his legs before saying, “Night, night asshole,” and escaping his ropes.

Once you’d heard the sound of bones clicking back into place, you saw him look in your direction and run over, “Are you okay?” He asked, untying the ropes around your hands. You nodded; your breathing still heavy and fast. “Okay, let’s go.” You ran to the staircase before a sword was held pointing towards you and you were forced back into your chair.

You and me, what are we if we not together?

It could be nothing 'cause nothing last forever

You sat in your chair, tears running down your face as Deathstroke picked up a phone and dialled a number. The phone connected and he started to speak in the voice that gave you chills, “I see you found my gift.”

You heard mumbling on the other side of the line before Deathstroke spoke again, “Oh, you mean your little sidekick?”

“Who the fuck you calling a sidekick, asshole?” The boy, you had learnt was called Jason, yelled before Deathstroke started beating the shit out of him… again.

“As I was saying if you want him back, hand over Rose. Also, I have another gift for you.” He said, menacingly before looking over at you, “Say hello to Dick.”

“Dick?” You asked, your voice trembling, “Please, help me.”

If you saw me on the train would you look the other way?

Like strangers do

Later that evening, or morning, you and Jason were tied to a window cleaning carriage about forty floors up – with an explosive tied to one side – while Deathstroke waited inside for Dick and the Titans to show up.

“You doing okay?” Jason asked, trying to get out of the binds that held him to the carriage.

You nodded, “Yeah. I’m good. Funnily enough, not the first time I’ve been kidnapped by Deathstroke.”

Before Jason could reply, the blind on the inside of the windows rose upwards, uncovering Dick and Deathstroke. Dick’s face went pale as he saw the explosive on the side of the carriage. Deathstroke pulled out the detonator but before he could click it, he was encased by flames – coming from a woman with purple hair, a fellow Titan you presumed.

After the fire lady appeared, a fight broke out. Every time Deathstroke got closer to Dick, your heart sped up slightly as you and Jason desperately tried to undo the binds on your wrists. The fire lady pushed Deathstroke through a wall so Dick got up from his position on the floor and came over to the window, hitting it with his fist but to no avail. However, the fire lady was knocked out with an explosion so Dick ran over to stop Deathstroke from killing her.

Thankfully you remembered something that Dick told you and you screamed as you pushed your knuckle, dislocating it and freeing one of your hands. You freed your other hand before freeing Jason from his binds but as you did, you saw that the fight had ended with Dick and the fire lady on the ground and Deathstroke with the detonator. He pulled it as you both launched forwards grabbing onto the side of the building.

Dick ran to you both, getting down on his knees, “Get her first!” Jason shouted as Dick pulled you up onto the ledge. He then reached back down and grabbed Jason’s hand but it slipped and Jason fell.

It happened in slow motion as your hands clasped over your mouth but before Jason could hit the ground, some superhero grabbed him – saving his life. Dick grabbed your hand, pulling you to run down to the ground with him and the fire lady.

You heard two shots and saw the man who saved Jason fall down. You stood in front of all of them unsure of what to do as Dick tried to figure out if they were both okay.

“What happened?”

“This guy just saved my life.”

And if you passed me on the street

Would you look down at your feet

And move on through?

Like strangers do

“You doing okay?” Dick asked as he entered his bedroom, where you sat in his bed failing to get any sleep whatsoever.

You grimaced, “Not really. Is that Jason boy okay? And the guy who saved his life?”

“Of course that’s what you’d ask. Always worrying about everyone but yourself.” Dick smiled, “And yeah, Jason’s fine. The other guy is in a coma down the hall but Dawn said he’ll be fine.”

“Good.” You replied. You paused for a moment reviewing what you wanted to say before speaking again, “So, is getting kidnapped by your nemesis’ going to be a monthly occurrence. Should I schedule it in my calendar?” You joked.

Dick chuckled, “That’s not funny.”

“But you laughed… It’s nice to see you smile.” You said, without thinking. “Sorry, that was awkward.”

“It’s okay. It’s nice to see you smile too.” He replied. He looked into your eyes for a moment, thinking about something, “Would it be completely wrong to ask to kiss you? I know we broke up months ago but…”

“It wouldn’t be wrong at all.” You replied before leaning into kiss Dick’s soft lips. “I’ve missed you Dick Grayson.”

“I’ve missed you too, Y/N.”

A/N: Sorry I’ve been super inactive lately but I’ve been really busy with college :) Anyways, hope you enjoy, follow my instagram @ cxplqnce and I take requests!

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