#Dieter Bravo x f!reader x Marcus Pike
absurdthirst · a month ago
Night In {Dieter Bravo x F!Reader x Marcus Pike}
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild sexual situation
Comments: After the boys have been gone for weeks, it’s good to have them home. 
A/N: Part of the Love is Love Series
Writer Wednesday Week 18: 6/29/22
Tumblr media
Click Keep Reading only if you have read the Rating and Warnings and understand the warnings may not be complete to avoid listing spoilers. As AO3 says 'creator chooses not to use warnings'. You also agree that you're the right age to be consuming anything here.
Tumblr media
These days, or nights were so rare anymore. Dieter had been in England for filming yet another movie for the past four months while Marcus had been undercover on an important case. You had been left alone for weeks, only talking to Dieter when he was off the set, a five hour time difference between the two of you not allowing for much conversation.
Marcus had been unreachable, for his safety and your own, although it made you worry even more. Even if his team had been incredible with letting you know that he was okay, you still worried. It was your job, your right as one of his lovers.
He had found it at a pride event, one in the city as he had been coming home. The vendor specifically dyed the petals of the flowers to sell to thousands of people that were celebrating. A symbol of your community, a beautiful and meaningful thing to carry or just enjoy the beauty of it.
Dieter wasn’t the type to bring flowers home so it had been shocking in the best kind of way. Making you throw your arms around him in delighted exclamations of seeing him first and being touched by his gift second.
It led to this moment. Marcus had gotten home hours before and now the three of you were intertwined in each other. Kisses and touches exchanged, words and affirmations breathed into one another.
There is something about the way that Marcus’s leg slides up yours while Dieter’s smoothes over your back. Lips pressed to your shoulder, over and over again. The tiny smear of wetness from the tangled kiss that had just been shared between the two men while you watched. Now one of those tongues sliding against yours, the small hum of happiness and contentment in the back of your throat.
Heart beats and breaths shared although you make sure that your hand finds Dieter’s, fingers curling together and squeezing gently while you kiss Marcus.
“I missed both of you.” You admit, not that you hadn’t murmured that same sentiment over the past weeks that you have been apart. They both know that, they both feel the same way. Marcus had been telling you that same thing since he had been able to contact you after being done with his undercover assignment.
Just like Dieter had pouted at you every night you had talked on the phone. Groaning about how he shouldn’t have taken the role and that he was bored when he didn’t have you and Marcus with him. The drug usage had been consistent, some things about Dieter would probably never change, but he wasn’t asking random people to have sex with him.
He had complained that you needed to see him about twenty different times, begging you to come out only two days ago and had whined when you told him that he could last two more days until you saw his face again. Not even the FaceTime of Dieter naked had changed your mind, even though you had definitely been thinking about it later that night when you were alone in the big bed you share with both men.
“Missed you.” Marcus kisses your collarbone, his hand sliding over and stroking Dieter’s hip where he is plastered to your back. “And missed you.” His dark eyes slide off of you to shower the other man with a loving look.
You can’t see him, but you know Dieter’s eyes are soft and misty. Oftentimes unable to believe that he has two people who adore him seems to overwhelm him. As if he doesn’t deserve it or thinks that he doesn’t. The soft shell of the actor’s heart crumbling for the two of you and he shows it with the way that his body relaxes against your back and the soft sigh that he breathes out.
Smiling when you feel Dieter press closer, reaching over you to brush back the longer hair that Marcus has been sporting for the undercover mission. He says he needs a haircut, but you honestly like the definite wave he has in his hair.
“Do you two want to go out?” You ask, wondering if they would be happy going out to dinner or perhaps a wine bar. It was always amusing when Dieter and Marcus started debating the best wines. Dieter was a white wine kind of man where Marcus was firmly red. It was always amusing to see them both look at you in horror when you order rosé, just for giggles.
“No!” Huffing the exclamation in your ear, Dieter’s arm locks around you, pulling you back against him even more. “We are staying right here. No clothes.”
Marcus chuckles and raises his eyebrows as you grin at him. “Sorry, sweetheart.” He teases. “I agree with him on this one. We stay right here and the only time we wear anything is when the Uber Eats driver shows up.”
You giggle when Dieter grunts his approval and tucks his head against your neck. “Wear my robe.” He orders, knowing that he will not be the one going to get the food. It was too much of a risk since his popularity had risen after the Cliff Beasts documentary. Not wanting to have a repeat of the last time he had answered the door, cock ring on under his robe and ended up talking to the driver for at least ten minutes while you and Marcus giggled in the hallway out of view.
“Okay.” You had no interest in honestly going out. You want, needed, to be close to the two of them and be able to touch and kiss and tease at you pleased. Going out would just be twenty minutes of teasing in public until one of you snapped and dragged the other two back to the house. “We will have a night in.” You pretend to pout, although both men there is no where else you would rather be that night here with them.
You look over at the table that holds the colorful flower that Dieter had offered you. Smiling at the thoughtfulness of the gift as well as the symbolism. It was perfectly imperfect, just like the men you loved and the relationships the three of you nurtured together. The three of you bloomed together. 
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vanemando15 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
She's Got The Ticket - (on going) updates on Thrusdays
Tumblr media
The Cabin in the Mountain - (one shot) Writer Wednesday
Tumblr media
For The Love of Kit-Kat - one shot
**If you want to be added to the taglist, join here or let me know!
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whiskeynwriting · a month ago
June Fic Recommendations
Hey babies, it's me again lol
Like in my April and May lists, I am catching up on my recommendations today! Below are some of my favorite pieces from June!
2022 Fanfiction Recommendation List
1. "Fascination" Marcus Pike x f!reader
Tumblr media
I've never read anything like this before, it is so soft and vulnerable and intimate. I love it so much, and I love the relationship displayed between reader and Marky here.
Favorite line: “You want to wear them after me?”
2. "All's Faire" Modern!Pero Tovar x F!reader
Tumblr media
I tagged the first chapter, but honestly I recommend this entire series. It is beyond cute and quirky and something I haven't seen with Pero before tbh.
Favorite Line: “He’s an acquired taste for sure. But I’ve known him for years, so I’m used to his… manners.” 
3. "Playing Nice" Dave York x f!reader
Tumblr media
The angst, the degradation, the smut. It's all so very Dave. This fic is also part of their 1k followers celebration! Go check out all the requests she's done! (and congrats love <3)
Favorite Line: “You belong to me. Do you hear me? Every inch of you is mine, and if you let another man touch you, I won’t hesitate to kill them.”
4. "Rooftop Rendezvous" Sex Worker!Javier Peña x F!DEA Agent Reader
Tumblr media
AHBJDHBADB this is so sexy!!! This fic isn't super long and it literally made me squirm in my seat I LOVE
Favorite Line: “Hear how wet you are?” you quickly nod in response as he continues, “You’re incredible, baby. Almost there.  Ready?”
5. "Dominance!” Dieter Bravo x f!reader
Tumblr media
God, I'm such a sucker for a good Dieter fic right now, and this really did me in.
Favorite Line: “Beg for it, and he might let you suck it” he said before undoing his belt, and pulling it free from his jeans, hands beginning to fumble with his button before stopping, “Come on then. I’m not hearing anything, baby girl.”
I truly enjoy doing these each month, and I'm so sorry I haven't been keeping up with them! Each of these pieces are truly unique and amazing in their own ways, and as always, if you’d rather not be tagged, please let me know (:
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leslie-lyman · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Hi friends! I’m Leslie. Welcome to my masterlist!
A few housekeeping notes:
Fics with smut marked with a **, though this whole blog is 18+, so minors should not interact with anything here as a general rule.
I only do happy endings. If that is ever not the case, I will make that very clear from the jump!
I don’t do requests at the moment, but my asks are always open - come chat with me!
If you would like to read my work on AO3 instead, you can do so here.
Pero x Frankie x Jack x f!reader
Tumblr media
Euclidean Geometry**
They make no attempt to define what this is, who they are to each other. All they know is that now they are together.
Agent Whiskey:
Tumblr media
A Bit of a Fright (Whiskey x f!reader) (Writer Wednesday one-shot)
Despite your hatred of horror movies, you tag along with your fellow Statesman agents to Halloween Horror Nights. Fortunately, one particular agent takes it upon himself to help you out when things get too intense.
Rights and Wrongs** (Whiskey x f!reader)
Whiskey helps you get an abortion.
Part 1. // Part 2.**
Pero Tovar:
Tumblr media
Stranger At My Gate** (Pero Tovar x modern!OFC) [COMPLETE]
A time-traveling Pero. A modern woman trying her best. A kitchen full of possibility. A helping of Midwestern kindness. A dash of magic. And a whole lot of Christmas spirit.
Dieter Bravo:
Tumblr media
Waterproof** (Dieter Bravo x f!reader)
Watched The Bubble. Had a thought. That thought was: I wanna edge Dieter Bravo until he cries and ruins that silly eyeliner.
Marcus Pike:
Tumblr media
Congressman Marcus Pike** (Marcus Pike x f!reader) [Ongoing]
Marcus Pike is young, progressive, unbelievably handsome, and the newly elected representative for Texas’s 27th congressional district. He gave up his FBI badge and successfully ran for Congress to make change and help people, but he never expected that in between meetings and votes and fundraisers that he would also fall for someone again…
Multi Pedro Boys:
Tumblr media
What are the Pedro Boys like at Disney?
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startrekkingaroundasgard · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
July 2022 Reading List
Another month down and here is another list of incredible fics that you should definitely check out. I keep my all time favourite fics on @trekkingaroundficrecs as well, so you can find more great stories there too!
Be sure to read the warnings on each fic, and enjoy!
Key: ^^ angst, ** fluff, “” whump, hurt/comfort, !! smut, ++ personal favourite
*!! French Lessons: Part 2 (Steven Grant x F!Reader) - @thot-of-konshu
** Moonlight Serenade (Steven Grant x Telepathic!Reader) - @cosmicsjoon
** Oh Bollocks (Steven Grant x GN!Reader) - @budcooper
** Dozing (Steven Grant x Reader) - @juneknight 
^^ Not What He Thinks and What He Knows (Steven Grant, Marc Spector, Jake Lockey x Reader) - @starryevermore
^*Something Like A Promise ( Steven Grant, Marc Spector, Jake Lockey x Reader - @softlybarnes
** The Dictionary Series: Slyboots (Peggy Carter x Daniel Sousa, Howard Stark & Daniel Sousa, Howard Stark & Peggy Carter) - @geekruminations
** Pining Like A Tree (Tony Stark x Sam Wilson x Bucky Barnes) - @iam93percentstardust
** Subtle (Natasha x Reader) - @natasha-danvers
Star Wars/Mandalorian 
**”” “I have a feeling you’re trying not to kiss me” (Poe Dameron x GN!Reader) - @disabledameron
** “Being half asleep is a good look on you” (Poe Dameron x GN!Reader) - @disabledameron
^** Little Birdie (Poe Dameron x F!Reader) - @spilledkauffie
** “If you wanted to kiss me, you just had to ask” (Poe Dameron x Reader) - @dailyreverie 
““ Sharing a bed (Obi-Wan Kenobi x Reader) - @milleneumfulcrum
**Unknown Variables (Nathan Bateman x F!Reader) - @the-infamous-coat-of-baron-zemo
**An Ordinary Business Proposal (Nathan Bateman x GN!Reader) - @budcooper
** Drunk Words are Sober Thoughts (Nathan Bateman x Reader) - @elysianrogers
*^ Bateman Begins (Nathan Bateman x F!Reader) - @youvebeenlivingfictional 
** Work of Art (Marcus Pike x Reader) - @flightlessangelwings
**^! Born To Run (Marcus Pike x F!Reader) - @whataperfectwasteoftime
** Slow Dancing (Marcus Pike x F!Reader) - @whataperfectwasteoftime
*” Always (Christopher Pike x Reader) - @make-me-imagine
** Garcy Prompt - @qqueenofhades
** “Quick, kiss me” (Garcia Flynn x Lucy Preston) - @electricbluebutterflies
**! The Arrangement (Dieter Bravo x F!Reader) - @babykangaemoji
“ We Belong to the Future (Eve Baird & Charlene, Eve Baird x Flynn Carson) - @galactic-pirates
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wardenparker · a year ago
WardenParker’s Masterlist!
This blog is 18+ ONLY but you’ll find ** below for pieces that contain explicit smut. Enjoy!
Pedro Pascal Characters, My Beloveds:
Tumblr media
Frankie ‘Catfish’ Morales Triple Frontier
The Alewife Soulmate AU
“Together” Universe (Frankie x female Reader x Benny Miller): Better Together** Taking Care Together Waking Up Together**
Frankie and Maggie Miller: Beach House Gone Fishin’
Tumblr media
Marcus Pike The Mentalist
Ménage à Trois** (Marcus Pike x f!reader x modern!Oberyn Martell)
Sexus, Ars, Amor (Marcus Pike x f!reader x Ezra)
More Than Mistletoe** (Christmas fic!)
Starting Over: Chapter 1 Chapter 2** Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5** Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8** Chapter 9** Chapter 10
I’m Yours: (on hiatus) Prologue: Mondays Suck Chapter 1: Two Terrible Ideas Chapter 2: More Evil Than Genius
Tumblr media
Agent Whiskey Kingsman: Golden Circle
A Second Chance at Love** A Second Chance at Love pt 2**
Bad Moon Rising: pt 1** Bad Moon Rising: pt 2**
Tumblr media
Oberyn Martell Game of Thrones
Ménage à Trois** (Marcus Pike x f!reader x modern!Oberyn Martell)
From Dorne, with Love (modern!Oberyn x female reader) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3** Part 4** Part 5 Part 6 Epilogue
Tumblr media
Javier Peña Narcos
The Meeting Place (Javier Peña x reader x Steve Murphy x Connie Murphy) Part 1: Misleading Tips** Part 2: Fantastic Results** Part 3: Inevitable Outcomes** Part 4: Unforeseen Circumstances** Part 5: Happy Endings
Broken Road: Part 1** Part 2** Part 3 Part 4** Part 5
Tumblr media
Marcus Moreno We Can Be Heroes
Wish You Were Here Soulmate AU
Tumblr media
Ezra Prospect
Sexus, Ars, Amor (Marcus Pike x f!reader x Ezra)
Tumblr media
Dave York Equalizer 2
Table for Four** (Dave York x Carol York x f!reader x Quinn McKenna)
Killer Writing Soulmate AU: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4** Chapter 5** Chapter 6** Chapter 7** (marked explicit for violence) Chapter 8** Chapter 9** Chapter 10** Chapter 11** (marked explicit for violence) Epilogue**
Tumblr media
Zach Wellison Brothers and Sisters
Once Upon a Time... (Zach Wellison x plus size reader)
Tumblr media
Dieter Bravo The Bubble
You’re So Vain Soulmate AU: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7** Chapter 8 Chapter 9** Chapter 10** Chapter 11**
Tumblr media
Charlie Hunnam Characters, My Darlings:
Tumblr media
Will ‘Ironhead’ Miller Triple Frontier
Necessary Arrangements (Royalty AU): Chapter 1 Chapter 2
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artemiseamoon · 5 months ago
What I’ve written & plan to write: March, April, May 2022
Tumblr media Tumblr media
See previous ones (writing roundup ups)
Tumblr media
Steven Grant /Moonknight
Our lonely hearts
Oscar Isaac
Inside Llewyn Davis
Triple frontier
All the guys / Will pairing
A lighthouse in the dark
All the guys appear / Santi focus
A little bit of hope
Santi focused
Soft mornings
Benny only
When birds sing
The Punisher
Billy Russo
Mayans MC
Reader,Manny, Angel
If this is our destiny
Will Medina
headcanon 1
Ez Reyes
The Best Gift
Angel Reyes
One more round
The Chaos of Desire
Ivar x reader , Hvitserk x reader
What do we do with you now
Le vampire pt 1 of 3
Sons of Anarchy
Jax x ofc | omc x ofc (Jon Bernthal)
The longest ride 2 , 3 , 4 , 5
Javier Peña
Room 322
F reader x Javi x Carrillo
How much longer
Pedro Pascal - Characters
Queen of poisons update! Ch 7
Marcus Pike
You are my #1
Second chances
Jay Castillo
Nico (house comes with a bird)
A taste of honey preview
Dieter Bravo
Nothing but trouble
Agent Whiskey
The real you
Love on the green
Ofc & minx crew
Wrap party
Peaky Blinders
Back to life
Tumblr media
Original story - Wisteria & Moonlight - in progress
Original story - Dark Shadows -on hold
Mayans Mc
Moon Knight
Sons of Anarchy
Character - Jay Castillo (see link in section above)
Steven Grant | Moon Knight
Dieter Bravo | preview Nothing but trouble | His muse
Minx hbo - wrap party
Inside Llewyn Davis - 37 letters
Tumblr media
WIPs & upcoming updates
Pero Tovar
The terms of enchantment  ( pt 2 update)
Man with the dark eyes
Max Phillips , Eddie, ofc
How to be a vampire (pt 2 update)
KJ (Mayans Mc)
Omar Assarian
When the lights go out
Ofc, Werewolf Ezra
Queen of Poisons
Ben Barnes
Ofc, Poe, Mando
Oc, vikings, tlk
Riders of the Storm
Rogue One
Tumblr media
*Tags? No longer curating long lists or forms. I will tag on a wip-by-wip basis. Ask to be tagged or sign up for notifs.*
Are you following something that’s not on the list? Don’t worry, it’s likely on my overall wip list
WIP list | wips spring 2022
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pedropascalsx · 4 days ago
some information on upcoming fics;
dave york x f! reader {dark! dave} - dave kidnaps the grown daughter of a man who doesn’t pay up after he carry’s out a job for him.
marcus pike x f! reader x dieter bravo - dieter is commissioned by the director of his new movie to paint a huge painting that is pivotal to the plot of the movie - the painting gets stolen and dieter does some research and finds that marcus is the best of the best and INSISTS he is charge of the case. they clash, they compete and they fuck. good times.
dancing is a dangerous game chapter three - soft! din comforts reader as the seriousness of her situation hits her, and they formulate a plan to get her dad to confess.
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thewayofthemandalorian · 2 months ago
upcoming wip’s
Tumblr media
hi lovelies! i have gone through my individual character masterlists and tidied them up, removing any wip’s that don’t grab my attention the way they once did. the remaining ones, in no particular order, are:
what you are in the dark - oneshot: dieter bravo x assistant!reader (slight canon divergence, employee/boss relationship, f!reader)
burst your bubble - two parts: dieter bravo x script supervisor!reader (enemies to lovers, slight canon divergence, f!reader)
all’s faire - multi-chapter: pero tovar x f!reader (modern au, enemies to lovers, medieval faire)
forever is the sweetest con - oneshot: ezra x f!reader (con artists, angst)
just breathe - multi-chapter: oberyn martell x f!reader (cinderella/ever after au)
forever hold your peace - two parts: dieter bravo x f!reader (accidentally married, rom-com)
you should see me in a crown - multi-chapter: din djarin x f!reader (modern mafia boss!din au) 
second, third, and hundredth chances - oneshot: dieter bravo x f!reader (angst)
what a wicked game to play - multi-chapter: din djarin x f!reader (lovers to enemies to allies to lovers)
keep me hanging on: dieter bravo x f!reader - oneshot (childhood friends to lovers)
just can’t prove it: dieter bravo x f!reader (murder mystery au)
let time be patient: marcus pike x f!reader - oneshot (angst)
there’s a place for us: javi g x f!reader - oneshot (family rivalry)
you’ve got mail: javi g x f!reader - oneshot (pen pals to lovers)
serendipity: frankie morales x f!reader - multi-chapter (daycare guardians to lovers)
untitled single dad!din djarin modern au
untitled author!ezra modern au
please send in asks about any of these fics! 
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supernaturalgirl20 · 3 months ago
Thanks for the tag @misspearly1 and @scorpio-marionette.
Rules: post the names of all the files in your wip folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. send me an ask with the title that intrigues you and I’ll post a little snippet or tell you something about it!
My requests:
Forever Yours - Pero Tovar x f!reader
Running Lines - Dieter Bravo x f!reader
Anything for Love - Max Lord x f!reader
Want to get outta here? - Frankie morales x f!reader
You’re my Happy Place - Javier Pena x f!reader
I was wondering? - Dieter Bravo x f!reader
Never Really Gone - Ghost!Marcus Pike x f!reader
All I need is You - Joel Miller x f!reader
My own works:
What’s a month (part 4)
Love me or leave me (part 3)
Something worth fighting for (part 6)
A year to love me (part 5)
Desire - Din Djarin x f!reader (one-shot)
Addicted - Frankie Morales x f!reader
Tagging: @alberta-sunrise @mandosmistress @queridopascal
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absurdthirst · a month ago
The Club {Dieter Bravo x F!Reader x Marcus Pike}
Tumblr media
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Drug usage, sexual innuendo
Writer Wednesday Week 17: 6/22/22
Comments: While Marcus is working late, Dieter drags you to his old scene. 
A/N: Part of the Love is Love Series
Click Keep Reading only if you have read the Rating and Warnings and understand the warnings may not be complete to avoid listing spoilers. As AO3 says 'creator chooses not to use warnings'. You also agree that you're the right age to be consuming anything here.
Tumblr media
This is not Marcus’s scene. Not even a little. A sports bar with a baseball game playing on a screen in one corner and the news playing in another while the beer bottles sweat on the bar and the rowdiest it gets is the pool game in the back is more his scene. Where he can decompress after a case or just have a quick beer after a long day before he goes home to the two of you. 
No, the dark dance floor with bright flashes of neon green lights and crush of bodies wasn’t for him. The smoke, the very large whiff of weed filling the air, mixing with thousands of perfumes and the sweat and alcohol of people partying. Plus, if you looked closely through the dark, you could see small packets of pills changing hands and folded bills being pressed into hands. 
Tablets slipped under tongues and exchanged through kisses while bodies pulse to the music. All things that would make the federal agent very uncomfortable, even if you had once told him to pretend he was undercover. Marcus just couldn’t relax there and so you were here instead. 
Dieter dances, his body jerking and twitching to the music happily. His sense of rhythm nearly a beat off and it makes him seem uncoordinated, but he doesn’t care. His blood sings with the euphoria of the ecstasy that makes him feel like he is on top of the world. His smiles are easy and his attitude buoyant. 
You don’t mind being here, half keeping an eye on your lover to make sure he doesn’t go overboard and half to just enjoy your night with him. Your drink in your hand, only the second rum and coke that you have had sense Dieter dragged you into the club. 
He had wanted to go out, to socialize. Something that had been relatively limited since the three of you had become one unit. Most evenings were all spent together unless Marcus had to work late or Dieter had to be on location. You hadn’t been able to resist giving in when Dieter had pouted at you and pleaded for you to come with him. He hadn’t wanted to go alone, knowing that he would have a hard time limiting himself to just one acid table or just a few drinks. Having you beside him would keep it mild. 
There are eyes on you, you can feel it as you move with Dieter. Of course he would bring attention to himself. Not just because he’s slightly goofy and off beat to the music. He’s famous enough that people take second and third looks until they figure out who he is. You don’t mind, you are proud to be here with him. 
His hands move up your back, allowing you to throw your own arms around his neck and try to correct his tempo. Dieter might be an amazing artist and performer, but he danced more like a rhythmless bag in the wind. 
He smiles, leaning and you can see the wide set to his pupils, knowing that he’s high and feeling euphoric. And when he’s like this, he’s actually hands and cute. 
“Hmmm.” He hums, leaning in and planting a lucky kiss on your chin when he had been aiming for your lips. “Gonna take you home tonight.” He vows, as if it wasn’t a given that you were going home together. 
“Hey Dieterrrr.” You turn, seeing a nice looking man in a dark, tight t-shirt and leather pants watching the two of you with an inviting smile. “Long time since I’ve seen you here.” 
You feel Dieter frowning more than seeing it, wondering who this man is, but all he does is give him a quick grin and a nod. “Hey.” His hands are still on you, pulling you closer and his hips start a weird gyration that makes you giggle. 
“Christian, remember?” He leans in again and you have to admit the guy is handsome. Several stud earrings in one ear and a single hoop in the other, a tattoo peeking out from under the edge of his shirtsleeve. You couldn’t quite tell what it was but it was colorful. “You can’t tell me you don’t remember me? Not after what we did.” 
Ahhhhh. Now you understand the furrow of his brow as the other man stares at Dieter expectantly. This was obviously someone that your lover either took home at some point or had a moment with them right here. You would never put it past Dieter to take someone into the bathroom and fuck them or hell, even do it right in the VIP area. 
“Oh yeah.” You can tell from his tone that Dieter either doesn’t actually remember him or that it’s more of a vague blur. “What’s up?” He gives Christian a quick lifting of his chin greeting and his hand slides down to squeeze your ass. 
A small cough, brows raised in surprise and he gives the two of you a speculative look. Trying to decide what the deal is between the two of you. He’s obviously surprised to see Dieter with a woman, although you don’t know why. Dieter has been on the red carpet with plenty of women, even that one time where he was with two. That had turned heads. 
“Dieter!” You bite your lip and give him a faux pout before you shake your head and look over at the man who had expected to be greeted much differently tonight. “I’m sorry, he’s a little handsy, I’m sure you know how it is.” You try to play it off and make it seem like it’s just Dieter being Dieter, which is true. 
“Yes, he is.” He looks you up and down, making you bite back a question, wanting to know if there was something in particular he was looking for. It wasn’t like there was any competition. You are his current lover and partner, along with Marcus. This man was someone who had a liaison with him. 
His nose nuzzles against your neck, humming against your skin and he uses his teeth. Nipping your skin and making you jump in surprise. “Damnit Dee.” You huff and your hand slaps down on his back. “Be nice!” 
“I am nice.” He coos, chuckling and giving you another hip thrust that mimics the mood that he is rapidly feeling. He is always horny when he gets high. But then again, you don’t know when Dieter wasn’t horny. Phsyical affection, sex, it was how he liked expressing himself. He hums again, looking back over at Christian and is honestly surprised that the other man is still standing there. 
“Want us to buy you a drink?” Dieter asks, looking back at you for confirmation that this was okay. That he wasn’t overstepping any bounds. He didn’t trust himself not to make any critical mistakes, so he was constantly checking in with you and Marcus before he did something that he could possibly mess up on. “When’s Marcus getting home, baby?” 
You twist your wrist, looking at your watch behind his neck and look at the time. “He said he wasn’t getting home until at least 2.” You tell him, pressing your lips to his. “He will want to just slip into bed with us and snuggle while he gets some sleep. So we have time for another drink if you want.”
When you look back at Christian, he is looking thoroughly confused. Unable to figure out what the hell is going on. Especially with the mention of Marcus. “I - uh, Marcus?” He asks in confusion. 
Grinning, you feel another bump of Dieter’s hips, grinding up against you and his lips find your neck again. “Yeah, ou-our other lover.” You explain. “He’s working late tonight. It’s why we are here.” 
There is a moment where you swear you see the other man’s hopes for the night crash and burn. Dieter must have rocked his world that night, to make him eager to be back in his bed for another go. Although you know Dieter is talented in many aspects. 
“So you want that drink?” Dieter turns, his cheek pressed against your shoulder as he waits for the other man’s answer. 
“No- no, I’m good.” He shakes his head and sighs, rubbing his hands on his thighs before he gives a small shrug. “Good to see you, Dieter.” He manages before he turns around and disappears into the throng of bodies, the sight quickly swallowed up by the crowd. 
“Well that was interesting.” You muse in his ear, making him scoff and tug you just a little bit closer to you. 
“Don’t even remember him.” He admits, pressing his lips to yours. Starting to move with you for the first time tonight while his tongue slides into your mouth. No, this wasn’t Marcus’s scene at all, but you managed to navigate it for Dieter. You dance in the club with him, bodies pressed up against one another as he kisses you. Everything else fades away into the background when you are with him, high off the natural endorphins that hum in your system. 
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Love is Love Series {Dieter Bravo x F!Reader x Marcus Pike}
A drug abusing, sex addicted actor paired with a straight laced FBI and you? More likely than you think. Even though your men are vastly different from one another, it doesn’t matter when your heart is involved. 
**Pride month 2022 had me creating this pairing and I’m enjoying exploring their relationship!!
Love is Love - Writer Wednesday Week 15
Opening Night - Writer Wednesday Week 16
The Club - Writer Wednesday Week 17
Night In - Writer Wednesday Week 18
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absurdthirst · 2 months ago
Love is Love {Dieter Bravo x F!Reader x Marcus Pike}
Tumblr media
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mention of drugs, poly relationships
Writer Wednesday Week 15: 6/8/22 @writer-wednesday​
Comment: Somehow, you, Dieter Bravo and Marcus Pike just work together. What can you say? Love is love.
A/N: Part of the Love is Love Series
Click Keep Reading only if you have read the Rating and Warnings and understand the warnings may not be complete to avoid listing spoilers. As AO3 says 'creator chooses not to use warnings'. You also agree that you're the right age to be consuming anything here.
Tumblr media
There are times where it seems like an impossible thing, the three of you. The actor, the FBI agent and you.
Marcus turned a blind eye to the gratuitous drug paraphernalia that was often littering the house. “Jesus Christ, Dee, please put that shit away.” Would be pleaded along with a very thorough clean up while Dieter pouts and Marcus frets. “I’m a fucking federal agent. I should have slapped cuffs on you a thousand times.”
The inevitable quipped response of “kinky, arrest me later, daddy,” out of the Oscar winner’s mouth never fails to fluster Marcus. Half because he was frustrated that his lover could so casually ignore the reality of their lives, and partly because he wanted to drop the baggie of coke and haul Dieter upstairs to actually handcuff him. To your bed of course.
However they did fit. They fit very well together. Not just because you were in love with both of them and thanked whatever higher being was out there that they were very much into one another, but because they complimented one another. 
Dieter was a free spirit, wild, sometimes reckless with his actions but had been so closely guarded with his heart when you had met the man. Decorated in tattoos and willing to snort or ingest anything someone handed to him, fuck anyone willing to pull their pants down, he refused to fall in love. Ran from it. 
Marcus was more....straight-laced. He rarely got a parking ticket, not that he couldn’t get out of them, but he even answered jury summons without complaint. Even if he knew he would be excused because of his profession. He admitted that he had tried a few things in college but never particularly cared for the way it made him feel (you had your doubts about the weed though - he would be cute as fuck high on weed), and saved most of his curse words for the bedroom or extreme frustration. Marcus was also a hopeless romantic. 
He would search endlessly for love, happy when he had found you and Dieter. Confused at first when he felt his heart being tugged in both directions at the same time and unwilling hurt anyone’s feelings. Until he realized that you felt the same way. And the two of you finally wore Dieter down for the man to admit that he was in the same boat. 
Even standing next to one another, each man couldn’t be more different. Dieter worn ratty- often stretched out clothes, where Marcus would go into the office in a wonderfully fitted suit and tie. Dieter sported an earring and tattoos, chintzy jewelry mixed with a few real pieces. Marcus didn’t have any tattoos and the only jewelry he ever wore was the wedding ring his ex-wife had put on his finger, long since put away. 
None of that mattered when the two of them curled into each other. Their differences were meaningless when breathless kisses and fervored praises where exchanged. Hands caressing and massaging. High pitched cries of pleasure and declarations of love following intense, sweaty physicality that always makes you ache when you are not a part of it. 
Often though, you were. Normally when you are all out together, both men crowd around you. Because of that, sometimes - to others - it seems like you are the glue that holds the two men together. That there was no way that they would be able to be sustained if it weren’t for your presence. All three of you snorted and snickered together later when someone made a comment like that to any one of you. 
Each of you were equally devoted to each other. There was never a feeling of being a third wheel or being left out. You didn’t get jealous when Dee and Marcus went out together, just like Marcus didn’t begrudge you and Dee walking the red carpet with you anchored to his hip. He wasn’t embarrassed of his relationship with the actor, he was just cautious about too much exposure. He had a dangerous job at times and would never want to endanger the man he loves.
It didn’t matter to you if people understood your relationship. Nothing mattered about what anyone else thought. They weren’t in the bedroom with the three of you. They didn’t cuddle with you on the couch and cook in the kitchen with music playing. Wine poured and laughter filling the house the three of you shared. So their opinions didn’t mean shit to you.
“Baby? Honey? I’m home.” You curl your lips up when you hear the door open, keys rattling as he pulls them out of the lock. The nicknames are interchangeable, sometimes you are honey, sometimes you are baby.
“We’re in here.” You call out softly, looking down with a small smile, your fingers carding through Dee’s hair. His eyes are closed, his breathing slow as he sleeps in your lap. His arms are wrapped around one of your thighs, clinging to you while he relaxes. Listening to the sounds of your other lover depositing his briefcase by the door and kicking off his shoes and shrugging off his jacket.
There’s a soft sigh that makes you look up from Dieter, seeing the softest expression on Marcus’s face when he sees the two of you on the couch. Tender affection and love shining through the FBI agent’s eyes as he loosens his tie and strips it off from around his neck. “Our boy is tired, huh?” He murmurs softly, walking over and leaning over the couch, pressing his lips softly to yours. Showing you how much he loves you in that small gesture.
Kneeling down, his fingers brush yours as he also finger combs the curly locks that Dieter prefers. Far different from Marcus’s neat, shorter haircut. Another soft sigh breathes out of him gently, just as gentle as the kiss he gives the actor’s temple.
Humming as Dieter opens his eyes slowly, blinking away the fog of sleep and giving him a sleepy smile. Unwinding one of his hands from your thigh to brush against Marcus’s face. “Hey baby.” His voice is raspy with sleep and that lovely deep tone that is all Dieter.
It doesn’t matter if it seems like it’s impossible that the three of you are together. You are, because love is love.
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absurdthirst · a month ago
Opening Night {Dieter Bravo x F!Reader x Marcus Pike}
Tumblr media
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Language, polyamorous relationships
Writer Wednesday Week 16: 6/15/22 @writer-wednesday​
Comments: In keeping with Pride Month, I thought to explore more of my new thruple. You and Marcus are there to support Dieter on opening night. Where else would you be?
A/N: Part of the Love is Love Series
Click Keep Reading only if you have read the Rating and Warnings and understand the warnings may not be complete to avoid listing spoilers. As AO3 says 'creator chooses not to use warnings'. You also agree that you're the right age to be consuming anything here.
Tumblr media
The theater is impressive. You’ve been here before, in the light of day. Of course you have. To drop off headphones Dieter forgot and begged you to swing by because he couldn’t possibly go one afternoon without them, or to bring your lover lunch during a Saturday rehearsal. Trying to negate the pout of frustration on his face when he realized the two of you had gone to brunch while he ‘toiled away under the  brutal autocracy of the director’. 
Now, with the lights dimmed and the curtain drawn over the stage, there is a sharp air of anticipation filling the illustrious space. Boxes perched on either side of the stage, ready for its patrons to have their eagle eyed viewpoint as the scenes played out below. 
You admire the attention to detail. Giving the theater an old world feel, as if the performers of the past would once again tread these boards. The nods to modernization, the speakers, the lighting, were cleverly hidden up in the catwalks and blended in with sconce covers that didn’t affect the sound. Blending the old and new ways of theater. William Shakespear would have marveled at the conveniences.
Two dozen roses are clutched in both of your hands. Marcus had insisted on a dozen from each of you. Knowing that Dieter might scoff and roll his eyes at the gesture, but the blooms will sit in his dressing room until the last petals fall and every day he will shove his nose in them and sigh happily at the gesture that makes him melt secretly. 
“I’m so nervous for him.” Your Marcus, steadfast and true, looks around the theater nervously, as if it’s his opening night. He knows that this is a big deal for Dieter and wants it to go off without a hitch. If he could, he would be right there next to the director, biting his nails rather than sitting in the audience and taking in the show. 
Your laugh is small, not meant to mock, because you know exactly how he feels. There is so much riding on this. Dieter has not been this excited about a production in forever. The first time he has been on Broadway, making it to the pinnacle of theater on the east coast. “I know, love.” Your arm around his back squeezes slightly and you lean against the broad shoulder of your present partner. “Let’s go back and wish him luck.” 
“Break a leg.” You grin when Marcus corrects you. It had been on purpose, giving him a chance to concentrate on your misuse of a phrase instead of the million and one details that go into making sure this production was exactly what your lover needed. “You say break a leg.” 
“Right.” You roll your eyes playfully and tug him away from the people filing down the rows to find their assigned seats for the performance. You already know where you will be sitting. Right beside the other cast’s friends and family in a section especially reserved for you. Moving over to the seats, you both set your bouquets down in the chairs to give to Dieter after the performance “Come on thespian, let’s go greet our boy.” 
Backstage is a complete mad house. Your eyes widen as you watch people rush around with last minute preparations for curtain call. It’s extra busy because no matter how many times they have rehearsed, this is the big moment. This is what they have worked so hard for months on. 
You edge around bodies, flattening yourselves against walls and moving out of people’s ways as you move closer to the door that has ‘Dieter Bravo’ taped to it. The reviews from the critics tonight will determine if the placards are more permanent. Knocking, Marcus opens up the door to reveal Dieter, standing in the middle of the room in his underwear, crocs and a bathrobe. 
“Oh thank fucking God!” You smile as you both file into the room, watching as your lover rushes over to crush Marcus into his arms, nearly knocking him over in his eagerness for physical contact. “You’re here.” 
Giggling, you shift from behind Marcus so he can hold tight to the other man. Cocoon him in the warm and protective embrace that it seems like only Marcus Pike is capable of. “Of course we are here.” Marcus huffs, halfway amused and halfway exasperated. “Where else would we be tonight?” 
Dieter’s face is tucked into Marcus’s neck, the answer mumbled against his skin right above his collared shirt. Although from the tone, you can tell it's both slightly embarrassed and defensive. Perfectly Dieter when he’s needy. Marcus’s arms tighten around your lover even more, as if he could squeeze the truth depth of his feelings for him into his body. 
After a moment, Dieter pulls back, allowing for a kiss. Passionate and trembling when his lips press against the other man’s, Dieter sinks his fingers into Marcus’s perfectly combed hair at the nap of his neck and clings to him. Allowing himself a moment of comfort from just taking what he is being given. 
Breathing out, maybe relieved that the two of you are here, the same process is repeated with you. Although you had the foresight to set your purse down on the lighted vanity so you can embrace your lover with just as much enthusiasm as Marcus had. Feeling him breathing in against your neck, his muscles unknotting under your hands on his back. Relaxing in the knowledge that his two lovers are here to support him tonight has him finally unwinding. 
Your kiss is just as needy, just as wanting. Cupping your cheek so he doesn’t mess up your hair, Dieter’s lips mold to yours. Making the butterflies erupt in your stomach like they always do when either man kisses you. It’s something that hasn’t gone away over the months of your relationships together. He pulls away with a small smile on his face, sweet and slightly amazed. As if he still can’t believe that he is here. 
“Of course we came, baby.” You coo, wanting to reach up to brush his hair back, but you know it’s styled for the play. “Marcus was ready to go three hours ago.” You tease, winking over at Marcus who tilts his head in acknowledgement of his own enthusiasm. “We just didn’t want to overwhelm you.” 
Dieter huffs, as if that would never happen, although everyone in this room knows that if you and Marcus had been here three hours ago he wouldn’t be ready right now. He would have delayed makeup and hair and be scrambling, rather than just waiting to put on his costume. “I love you.” He murmurs, pulling you against his body and looking over at the slightly younger man. “Both of you.” 
“We love you too.” Marcus is the one that promises that, although your own words were on the tip of your tongue. Ready to reassure and soothe the ruffled emotions of the actor that both of you love. He shifts closer, opening his arms and wraps around both of you as much as he can. “Never worry about that.” 
Dieter’s sober. At least for now. He doesn’t use before a performance and it makes him slightly teary eyed. “Don’t make me fuck up my makeup.” He warns, turning and nuzzling his lips along Marcus’s jaw before turning back to you and kissing your forehead. 
Marcus chuckles, rubbing his back before the three of you pull away, shifting apart so that Dieter doesn’t cry and blame it on the two of you. “We wanted to tell you to break a leg.” He tells him, not mentioning the flowers that are waiting for after the last curtain. Those will be given to him when they come out to take their bow. 
Dieter grin, happy and much more relaxed now than when you had walked in the room. “Prepare to be amazed.” He boasts, sending you both a cocky look. “You can both say you sleep with a Broadway star after tonight.” 
“Yes we are.” You hum happily, leaning and stroking his arm gently. “But we already knew we were sleeping with a star.” You remind him. “You’re going to knock ‘em dead.” 
There is a knock on the door and someone with a headset around their neck sticks their head in. “Five minutes Dee.” Before the door is quickly closed again. He takes a deep breath and looks back over at the two of you. 
“We better make it back to our seats.” Marcus says, moving over to you and going in for another hug. “We don’t want to miss a second of it.” 
“Yeah.” You chime in, your own hug much briefer than the first. “I want to remember every second of tonight.” 
Dieter nods and blows out a happy sigh. “Opening night.” He says, already going over his first scene in his head as he starts to move towards the rack where his costume is ready to put on. 
“We love you.” You remind him, opening the door so the two of you can go back to the front of the theater and take your seats. 
“See you after it’s over.” Marcus hums. “Break a leg baby.” 
You know it will be amazing. It will be the beginning of a long run for Dieter on the stage. Both of you proud and excited to be here for opening night, where the magic begins. 
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Upcoming Fics:
With @storiesofthefandomlovers: 
Life After the Green {Ezra x F!Reader}
The Election {Max Lord x F!Reader}
Tovar’s Treasure {Modern!Pero Tovar x F!Reader}
Hotel Sanguine {Max Phillips x F!Reader}
Meant To Be {Frankie Morales x F!Reader}
Sex, Drugs and....Tacos {Dieter Bravo x F!Reader}
The Nightingale Effect {Marcus Pike x F!Reader}
The Cost of Addiction {Frankie Morales x F!Reader}
Just My Works:
Aftermath {Werewolf!Pero Tovar x F!Reader}
Being Vocal During Sex HC
When They Find Out You’re Pregnant HC
Being Overworked HC
He’s an Asshole, but I Like Him {Dieter Bravo x F!Reader}
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whiskeynwriting · 4 months ago
March Fic Recs
Hi my lovies!
It's that time of the month again! March fic recs are here and I am SO excited about it!! 💚🍀
2022 Fanfiction Recommendation List
1. "Break" Marcus Pike x F!Reader Wife
Tumblr media
Okay this fic was not at all what I expected it to be but it's WHAT. I. NEEDED.
A warning though - this fic has a heavy gun kink
Favorite line: " “Just… how fucking much you trust me,” Marcus said, shaking his head in wonder and staring down at what he was doing. “You’d let me do anything, wouldn’t you?” "
2. "The Crush" Javier Pena x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Ridiculously good, Ren has an incredible way with words. It's truly stunning. The amount of detail and depth she was able to provide within 10k words is honestly astonishing.
Favorite line: I'm stuck between...
" “You’re so sensitive, baby.” You bite your lip as you look back at him from half-lidded eyes. “That feel good?” "
" “Greedy,” he murmurs. “Good.” "
3. "Good to Know" Marcus Pike x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
This was so sensual it literally took me a minute to catch my breath. Amazing imagery and display of emotions. I also really like the timeline they were able to create within 6.8k words!
Favorite line: " As soon as he feels you groan in response, with your throat constricting tightly around him and sending vibrations down his cock, he falls back against the couch and cums, filling your mouth with his seed the longer his balls twitch up and release more of his essence on your tongue."
4. "Hubris" Dieter Bravo x F!Reader
Tumblr media
Jesus Christ, this was so hot. The way this writer emphasizes certain words and describes Dieter and reader's emotions so well, it just makes the entire read so exciting.
Favorite Line: " But still you whisper, “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you,” over and over again, not ready to admit defeat.
He puts a hand over your mouth, sure and steady and warm. “Shut up.” "
5. "My Drug is my Baby" Teacher!Frankie Morales x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Okay, okay okay okay soooo I have been waiting on this fic for a HOT minute. And it was beyond worth the wait. This is an on-going series, with only one chapter out - there's so much to look forward to! It's a perspective I definitely have not seen with Frankie before and the warnings/descriptions above the fic are just *chef's kiss*. I cannot wait for more!!
Favorite Line: " But no matter what else he tries to think of, he keeps thinking of you, you and your eyes and your playful little smirk and the way you felt beneath his hands and the way you looked when you were on your knees in front of him and what it would be like if he’d stuffed his dick in your m– NO.
He needs a fucking reality check. "
I so enjoy doing these each month!! There are so many talented writers on this platform and everyone deserves recognition for their passions and hard work! As always, if you’d rather not be tagged, please let me know (:
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Marcus Pike MasterList
Tumblr media
**All ratings are individual to each story. Read warnings and tags at the top of the stories.
Requested Scenarios
Missing Information Series MasterList
Agent Pike Series MasterList
Love Is Love Series MasterList {Marcus Pike x F!Reader x Dieter Bravo}
Phone Call
Lujuria - Sex pollen
The Favor
Halloween Party - Sex pollen
Pie & Professions
As Time Goes By
Palpable Memories
The Raunchy Raid
What Happens at the Cabin, Stays at the Cabin {Dave York x F!Reader x Marcus Pike}
Locked Up Love - Dark!Marcus Pike
Unfortunate Mistakes, Fortunate Mistakes
Love In An Elevator
Sell My Soul For You - Possessed!Marcus Pike
A Princess for Christmas - Princess!Reader
Francisco’s Wife {Marcus Pike x F!Reader x Catfish}
A New Year’s to Remember
Sugar, Sugar - SugarDaddy!Marcus Pike
Inconvenient Heat - Alpha!Marcus Pike
Home Invasion {Marcus Pike x F!Reader x Dave York}
The Donor {Marcus Pike x F!Reader x Dave York}
Just Friends
Happy Mother’s Day
The Nightingale Effect
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