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#Digital Illustration

hello, hope everyone is having a good day ⭐
this is the second chibi that I drew, based off of the maple sugar magic outfit from love nikki

you can also find me on instagram (@moox.ley) and deviantart (mooxley). instagram is my preferred platform, i will be more likely to respond there

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my oc usagi!! shes a sweetheart i fucking love her. it took me AGES to figure out her character design - and yes the buns are a nod to where i got her name from

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Hello!! I’m Red, 24 (she/her), an illustrator, graphic designer, and web comic creator from Canada.

I’m currently working on the development of a new comic project called Star-Crossed, but until I can share more details about it, I’ll be posting a lot of RWBY fanart. Stay tuned for updates and follow me anywhere you can find me @chaikachi!

Insta  |  Twitter  |  Ko-fi  |  Patreon (Coming Soon!)

Please don’t steal, repost, or use any of my art without my permission. Reblogs and shared links back to my page are okay!

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That’s are mine the arcana mcs ^^

(They don’t have names yet so it will help a lot if y'all give suggestions ^^)

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Was wandering through the Johnny Silverhand tag, and I saw a photoset that @benwishaw posted.

It was a bunch of Keanu Reeves photos that they said someone should totally redraw as Johnny.

And I needed something to draw, so I made a start on one of them:


Not sure when I’ll finish it, or how long it’ll be before I tackle the others, but I wanted to make a start.

Hopefully this is the kinda thing @benwishaw was after, because I’m having a blast.

And I have some very good ideas for the other Keanu redraws.

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