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Happy Halloween everyone, its the day for spooks and this is actually my favorite holiday as I’m a big lover of horror and stuff like that. To celebrate this holiday I made a Halloween themed art piece of one of my personas in a witch outfit. I usually don’t do much for backgrounds but I thought this could be an exception.

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Come into the water
Do you wanna be my baby?
Are you waiting to touch me?
You look so good, but I keep my hands
‘Til you come into the water
-Come into the Water by Mitski (Be the Cowboy album)
Possibly a new spooky character. Trying to think of a name for her. She represents a comfort in things that are scary and sad.

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I’m learning all about the potential to be exploited in the digital media industry.  And the cruel mindset that artists should not want to make money, but should only care about creating art.  

I can’t wait to work in the digital media industry.  

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Goretober day 29:Heart

I know technically the organ in the center of Deoxys’s chest is supposed to be it’s brain but ehhhh whatevs.

Also not sure if this needs a cw since its blood is basically purple goo but I guess I’ll just put a cw on it anyways.

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🌙 Witch Hat Atelier 🍀

I’ve been reading Witch Hat Atelier recently when I have time. Every time I read it, I get really touched and comforted that I start crying…😭😭😭 It also makes me really motivated to draw so I’m going to read it again whenever art block comes…LOL

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Happy Ace Week my Ace and Aro fellows! ♥

Characters (Left to Right, Top to Bottom):

  • Princess of Hearts (Disney’s 1951 Alice) - Asexual Homoromantic
  • Aldebaran (Rise of the Guardians) - Aromantic (still deciding his sexuality…)
  • ME! - Aegosexual Aromantic! 
  • Baby (IT) - Asexual (still deciding their romantic interest…)
  • Carioris (Star People - Original Story) - Asexual Aromantic
  • Débora “Dimo” (Menomo Odissey - Original Story) - Asexual Aromantic
  • Aillan (IT) - Demisexual Grayromantic
  • Einar (How to Train Your Dragon) - Asexual Biromantic


My Commissions are open!

If you like my art, please consider supporting me on Patreon ( or Ko-fi (! ♥

Reblogs are very appreciated! ♥♥

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Since my mother lost her job (thank you 2020), me and my family are currently navigating in very bad seas. From the first day of lockdown here, I am always open for commissions, and this above is an idea.

Squared or round icon of you or your character for €15 EUR. Even a reblog can help so if you want to support me I’ll be very happy!

I’m also taking traditional (and digitally colored if you want) commissions here are two examples



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They’re a-goin’.  

Finally a chance to represent what Gerudo dress like when they’re actually getting out of the house and out from under protective awnings and such. That’s one of the most bafflingly unrealistic (and irritating) aspects of the Gerudo that didn’t get improved (and in fact got… uh… worsened?) in BoTW. Where limitations of polygons are no longer an excuse. XD You do not go around, work, travel, or in general spend more than a half hour outside in an actual desert region… in a half-length sirwal and a cropped top. No no no. At that point, the veil thing is pointless (except as a reference to racist, awful “harem fantasies” by outsiders to middle-eastern and south asian cultures).

So I’ve upgraded these tall peeps. Showed them in what they’d more likely opt for in a desert for reasons of not dying of heatstroke or hypothermia, or having your skin crisp right off in harsh sun, or getting choked by sand being blown up your schnozz. Also, some armor, because a Gerudo’s always ready to go ham. I dunno who’s gonna be ready to assault three 7-foot plus super-muscular Amazon-esque people on horses just as proportionally gigantic? Eh, could happen. Some people ain’t bright. XD

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When I first began studying about technology and digital media, my first instinct was that I was inherently going against my belief system. My morals were anti-consumerist and environmentally driven sustainability; technology felt to me like the antithesis of eco-sustainability, and to me it still feels like digital technology and environmental stability exists in two different spheres. The aspiration behind technology is the desire for immediate and future efficiency, the principal intention for technological advancement is for the purpose for increased global manufacturing. While this is absolutely a win for mankind, is it a win for the earth we live on and the helpless beings that we devastate along the way?

I want to dedicate a tag on this blog (sustainabilityoverthedesktop, check it out) to write about my findings and my opinions about technology in correlation to the environment and sustainability. While it’s no question that technology hurts the environment, I feel it’s equally important to celebrate the eco-conscious companies that use the tool as a way to minimise the harmful and unnecessary human footprint on the earth. It is important to know, realise and acknowledge the inevitable progress of humanity and the morals and immoral that comes with it.

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Lookit those kiddos. ^u^ They learnin’.

More OoT Ganondorf being a young Ganon, and his young horse being so very horsey. XD His name is Sarok, and he’s a pretty 2 year old colt here (Ganondorf is… well, 13 and definitely appropriately-small for a Gerudo. Still well over six foot tho. XD). They are clearly good buddies already–and it looks like horse friendo has caught on that wearing a neck rope is dope.  And it has little jingly bells on it, so he’s getting used to loud noises as well.

XD I just like showing OG Ganondorf in much happier situations/backstory. Plus, it works with the headcanon I’m working with in things.

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