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#She’s not wrong 
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bardcoven · a day ago
nah it’s forever gonna piss me off that disney, the company that canceled the owl house, is inevitably going to use lumity (and possibly raeda) as their rainbow capitalism this pride month
i mean they’ve already used lumity before in their “omg who’s YOUR favorite disney channel couple???? let us know by commenting and boosting our engagement!!! here’s our favorite luzity moments!!!” (yes, they called them luzity at one point for the uninitiated. and yes, people clowned on em for it. including me.)
they make their creators fight for the representation, promptly fuck the creators over, and then turn around and flaunt it all as if the company itself was doing the service, and not the people in the actual community fighting just to be seen for once.
the owl house deserved better. everyone who fought for that rep, especially dana, deserves better.
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itsclolostinstereo · a day ago
tatiana maslany did not flawlessly play 49 twins in orphan black for marvel cgi to do her like this
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hawkofkrypton · 21 hours ago
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MCU She-Hulk
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kittykichi · a day ago
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Whole lotta (Owl) Lady~ 👀
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imaplatypus-art · 2 days ago
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All are available on etsy:  https://www.etsy.com/listing/1170257281/preorder-encanto-accessories
Comment your favorite! I'm so happy with how this series turned out! I hope everyone loves them as much as I do 🥺.
MY PATREONS GOT TO SEE THIS WAY AHEAD OF YOU ALL! You too can sign up to see my art before everyone else 👀. https://www.patreon.com/Imaplatypus
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scurviesdisneyblog · 22 hours ago
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Lilo & Stitch story sketches by Chris Sanders and Dean Deblois → Final film
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rack1e · 2 days ago
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nicktremblaywayfu · 11 hours ago
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Moon Knight party is over when i say it's over
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voidpumpkin · a day ago
I don't keep track of Marvel in the slightest but just look at this:
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Disappointment incarnate. She’s meant to be buff, what did they do to her.
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gravityfallsrockz · a day ago
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It's true! Steve IS related to Mattholomule!!!
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gingerpines · a day ago
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that was the hardest thing
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maxyartwork · a day ago
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i do not take responsibility for the person i’ll become once thor: love and thunder comes out
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justatoast · 2 days ago
Bye Amphibia <3
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bebx · a day ago
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A reminder that Amber Heard was literally caught on tape saying all of these things to Johnny Depp.
Justice for Johnny. Now.
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rain-44 · 2 days ago
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mysharona1987 · a day ago
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Poor Alden
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funneylizzie · 19 hours ago
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The Calamity Trio 💚💙💖
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andejoe · a day ago
“I know humans are industrious, but this seems beyond even your capabilities. Terraforming an entire planet-“
The human who brought forth the question of purchase with intent to terraform, one named Abagail, interrupted. “Dwarf planet. It’s only 600 miles around the entire planet. That’s less than half of our continents, certainly within our competence.”
Therin, the Hywe who led the council, did not show Abagail how annoyed he was at her interruption. “It’s size is not the only concern. This planet has no atmosphere. You humans may be able to adjust an existing atmosphere, but you cannot create one on a planet whose gravity is too small to hold on to it.”
“If you’ll please look at page 47 of the document, you’ll see our plans to build an atmosphere sphere around the entire planet, along with the pressure variable ports to allow for ferrying of passengers to and from the planet surface.”
Therin didn’t move for a moment, trying to judge if this was a human joke. He finally did flip to the appropriate page, and sure enough, the plans were there. In agonizingly human detail. He glanced at his fellow council members.
“All of this would have to be looked at and approved by our technicians of course,” Lowri offered, eager to support Therin.
Abagail easily hid the smile that other species found offensive, the one that proves she knew she was winning. “You should see the stamp of approval from several renowned architects, engineers, and tacticians if you flip to page 54.”
Therin didn’t want to. He did, but he didn’t want to. The page full of approvals from the very beings he was going to use to shoot this nonsense down stared back, mocking him.
“This will not be a cheap endeavor. I assume you have funds available?” Therin guessed, knowing already that this too would be an ineffective block to the insane request.
Abagail nodded. “Yes, we have set aside funds for each section of the project, and will only need a loan for the final phase. Should we not be able to complete the final phase, the planet with its new atmosphere and life-sustaining capabilities will be sold.”
Therin flipped helplessly through the rest of the document. Everything was in order, any concern was verified, and plans to address them were documented. One last glance to his fellow council members and he began the silent vote.
The results were immediate. Therin sagged in defeat.
“Your request has been approved.”
“Thank you.”
“There’s just one last thing we need to know in order to file. What is the new name of this planet?”
Abagail smiled. “Disney.”
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nicostiel · 5 hours ago
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She Hulk + Text Posts
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