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pansexualbabyboysstuff · 2 minutes ago
Odalia Blight *exists*
The Entirety of TOH Fandom :
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corvidkiid · 3 minutes ago
Honestly I don’t trust gay people who are super into Disney or Hamilton
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thegreedygeek · 6 minutes ago
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Badtz-Maru Charm Bracelet Set | Source:
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sunsreign · 6 minutes ago
I am so conflicted with new dream......     the age difference and the..... sorta rushed romance puts me off...
but they COULD be cute........
with proper plotting and stuff ...............................lowkey kinda want a main Eugene.   Even if we rolled with a platonic relationship  
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galacticsads · 12 minutes ago
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The EMPIRE fell… Despite its steadfast dedication to staying in power, it surrendered to the NEW REPUBLIC. The last year and a half since its defeat are as close to peace as the galaxy has known since the time of the HIGH REPUBLIC. All while deep within the UNKNOWN REGIONS, something dark has been growing in power, conquering all that lay in its path, worlds and beings alike. It leaves behind nothing but a path of destruction that few would believe was real.
GALACTICSHQ is an appless star wars roleplay set in 7aby, after the end of episode six. a cataclysm of the force merges the past, present, and future and brings all of our beloved muses into the same time period.   GALACTICSHQ laidback but dedicated group always looking to add to our already diverse cast of amazing characters!
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one-morbid-beauty · 13 minutes ago
Going into the various Princess and the Frog tags are bittersweet because you can tell that it was way more lively between 2014 and 2019. I'll see cute fanart or headcanons and go onto the blog of the person that made it and find out that they either don't create content for it anymore or just deleted all the work they have ever made for it leaving us with the same gifs and screenshots repeatedly. Don't get me wrong; I appreciate the ones still involved and putting out work I'm just bitter that I missed out.
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softlytowardthesun · 19 minutes ago
did anybody else misread Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” as a “Peter Pan” retelling as a kid, or was that just me?
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hersilentlanguage · 20 minutes ago
Baby Dragon 🐲
@fuck-you-i-am-spiderman One baby dragon, coming right up. 💖💖
First impression: “Who is she?” Lmao. I watched the “Rotten to the Core” music video before I watched D1 as a full movie and I just immediately vibed with Mal’s attitude and aesthetic. I was shortly thereafter disappointed when I realized they were forcing her into a Disney princess arc with Ben, but Isle!Mal made enough of an impression on me that I still loved her character.
Impression now: BABY. BABY GIRL. I love Mal. She’s adorable and hilarious and she’s doing her best. I don’t think she should be a queen though. I don’t think she WANTS to be a queen. I wish her arc ended with that realization. I wish she had a chance to go to college and get an art degree or whatever her heart desires. I wish she had a chance to live without expectations instead of going from trying to fit her mother’s mold to trying to fit Auradon’s mold.
Favorite moment: Hmmm, I love during the coronation scene when she takes a moment to address Evie, Jay, and Carlos individually (“you don’t need a prince, stealing doesn’t make you happy, etc”). That scene is so fucking pure and it’s such a sweet vulnerable moment for all of them where, for the first time, Mal makes it abundantly clear that this is her family, not just her gang.
Idea for a story: I haven’t thought out all the potential plotholes, but one idea I’ve batted around like a mouse in my head is where Mal realizes she can’t lie outside the barrier (due to being fae). And unfortunately, unlike Jane or Fairy Godmother, she has no practice with choosing her words carefully, so after getting past the first few incidents where everyone assumes she’s choking (because she was trying to speak a lie), she just… can’t say anything. She’s fucked if Carlos, Jay, and Evie aren’t around to lie for her. It’s so frustrating, she eventually decides, “You know what? Fuck it. I’m just gonna be honest about everything!” Which eventually leads to a situation where, like… Evie asks what Mal thinks of her outfit and Mal, without thinking, replies matter-of-factly: “I want to rip it off and [redacted].” And Evie’s like 😳😳😳
Unpopular opinion: Mal is an abused teenage girl, not a convenient scapegoat for (justified but misdirected) hatred of the white-centric, heteronormative status quo in popular media. She’s not perfect, but neither is anyone else’s fave, and that’s not a bad thing, because perfect characters are boring and unrealistic. This is the hill I will die on, thank you for asking. ;)
Favorite relationship: Rotten OT4 (or just Core Four, either way). I love her dynamics with the whole gang. One relationship I wish we’d seen more of on screen is Jal because the books made me feel so strongly that those two were best friends on the Isle, whether they called it that or not.
Favorite headcanon: Mal is visibly non-human, beyond just glowing eyes. Give my girl some pointy teeth. Give her sharp nails that grow back overnight no matter how neatly she clips and rounds them. Give her patches of scaly skin that appear and disappear on different parts of her body as if her flesh is shifting like sand overtop a second skin. Give her wings that she keeps folded against her back, wings that necessitate custom outfits (courtesy of Evie). Give me a girl and a dragon in one.
Send Me A Character
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schibi12 · 21 minutes ago
José, Panchito and Della
Jose yeah understandable because of my icon.
Panchito i do love my caballeros, he is my favorite and i am mexican
Della i relate to her a lot.
Pretty accurate, thanks for the ask!
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malofrost · 31 minutes ago
Same energy.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nuitthegoddess · 36 minutes ago
Nuit: Idk if I like anyone...
Crowley: Hey how are you— *Trips over a trash can and falls flat*
Nuit:... YES.
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citynightthoughts · 36 minutes ago
Peaceful Nights
Seeing all three residents of Ramshackle is a rarity. Yuki stays up late into the night studying /working while Grim and Yuu go to bed. She usually goes to sleep anywhere between 1 - 3 am. Yuu wakes up and stays awake between 3 - 5am. Grim is the only one who regularly gets a full night's sleep.
But every so often, there is a peaceful night where they aren’t burdened by the day’s hardships. These nights are filled with the soft sounds of Yuu’s lute singing songs of days long ago. Telling the stories of heroes and adventures, but never war.
Occasionally, there will be a silly song about something ridiculous like a tiny giant or a lying bard. Yuki and Grim love dancing to these songs or making up their own.
Afterwards, they will tuck each other into bed and get the rare full night’s sleep.
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fairestwriting · 39 minutes ago
How would Leona, Azul and Malleus react to Yuu beating up or arguing with another student after they said something insulting and personal to the dorms leaders?.
Leona Kingscholar
News about fights travel quickly through Savanaclaw, so it doesn’t take too long until someone comes up to him excitedly to break the news. And when they do, Leona is... floored, to say the least.
His eyebrows raise up to his hairline, almost. The Ramshackle Prefect? In a fight? He demands details. The second it leaves that student’s mouth that it was something about them saying he’d never be king, Leona already has a foot out of the door.
He just needed to talk to you himself. Why? Even he doesn’t really know, a part of him is insulted that you thought he needed someone like you to defend his honor, the other is flattered that you did that exact thing. When he gets to Ramshackle, none of these things end up actually spoken.
“You got into a fight, huh?” Leona looks at you with narrow eyes, seeming vaguely amused. “Nice bruises. But don’t go playing bodyguard for just anyone, Herbivore, you wouldn’t be able to handle it.” And then he leaves with a scoff. Neither of you know what happened, really. Maybe he just doesn’t know how to express gratitude properly.
Azul Ashengrotto
Azul was in the middle of work when he got the news, sorting through some papers. Floyd had gleefully barged into his office, announcing the news like it was a job assigned to him “Hey, did ya hear? Shrimpy got into a fight!”
And he’s about to say he couldn’t care less, until he realizes that could be good blackmail material, so he urges Floyd to talk more, then in comes the information about, y’know, I dunno the details, but it was something about them calling you a liar and a scammer? Ahaha, it’s pretty funny! and he just feels... weird.
Well, that wasn’t the most useful information, except maybe for the underlying fact you may be fond of him? But still... why? Azul doesn’t understand why you’d do something like this. Even then, a part of him feels a little giddy, because it’s so rare that someone would protect him like this--
He ends up visiting you at Ramshackle, under the pretense of caring about a classmate that was injured, and he’d brought you some of your favorite dessert from Mostro Lounge and everything. “I heard you got this defending my name.” He says amicably, pointing at one of your bruises. “Which I’ll have to thank you for, but I’d prefer if you didn’t get into any more trouble because of me, yes?” 
Does he just not want to feel in debt to you, or is he actually grateful? That’s for him to know... maybe.
Malleus Draconia
He’s drinking tea in Diasomnia’s lounge, immersed in a novel, when Sebek opens the doors with a bang, yelling in absolute outrage about that 1-A student who sullied the young master’s name and how shameful it was that he couldn’t stop them, which piques Malleus’ interest.
He doesn’t really need to ask him about it, Sebek just starts going on and on about the horrible 1-A student that kept talking about how Malleus’ achievements were totally bought, he’s such an insufferable rich kid, that’s why he’s alone, and then promptly begins to cry about how he wasn’t there to defend his name, which had been done instead by another 1-A student, who--
Malleus stops him right there. What 1-A student? Sebek gives him your name and is about to continue the very dramatic retelling of the story, but Malleus tells him to save it for later as he needed to leave. Next thing you know, you have a Malleus in your doorstep, smiling at you with a sort of fondness you hadn’t seen before.
“I’ve heard about the fight, Child of Man.” He speaks. “I wanted to advise you to not do something like this again, however... I also wanted to express my gratitude.” He says, and it’s hard to believe he feels guilty over it at all, because of the smile he still has when he presents you a gem in his gloved hands. Malleus is that attention starved, being protected by someone who isn’t hired to do it just hits different to him.
Tumblr media
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taletime · 39 minutes ago
10 Fandoms, 10 Characters, 10 Tags
Thank you for tagging me @babinicz! And I will steal @hypknosis smart move to start a new post because of chaos!
BBC Merlin: Sir Leon
Lord of the Rings: Sam
The Good Place: Chidi
MCU: Wanda
Umbrella Academy: Klaus
The Iron Druid Chronicles: Halbjörn Hauk
Gravity Falls: Bill Cipher
Anne with an E: Cole
Disney: Rapunzel
The Dragon Prince: Amaya
Umm yea, so Idk if I'll manage 10 tags so feel free to assume you have been tagged. I'd like to specifically tag @beautifultypewriter/ @beautifulfigment @gremlinbehaviour @gwainegwainegwainegwainegwai @streets-in-paradise @thetempleofthemasaigoddess
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iampikachuhearmeroar · 43 minutes ago
i know it’s cool to hate harry potter now and everything but like….. nothing will make me loathe the whole streaming service frenzy or whatever the fuck you want to call it….. because of how netflix australia had FINALLY gotten the hp movies to be available for the first time since the netflix australia launch in 2015…… in early 2020 or late 2019……
but we literally only had them for legit like a month because whatever bullshit fucking media conglomerate that owns warner bros studios fucking pulled the hp movies from netflix australia all because they were adding them to their media partners streaming service which i can’t even remember if it’s available in australia or not now lmao.
fuck capitalism and fuck streaming services. at least i still have my bootleg/pirated version of hp and the half blood prince on my high school ipod touch and also the dvds.
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nuitthegoddess · 43 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Asexual Epel Felmier Icons
Bc my son is also an asexual king
Look at how happy my boy is
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cybersickcutie · 48 minutes ago
So based on mha and Disney's Hercules, can you draw Momo but dressed up as Megara please? What do you think?
Tumblr media
this was so fun, it fits Momo so well 😭
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bronan · 50 minutes ago
Lavender, pink, red and sky blue! <3
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