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Friendly reminder for everyone to please TAG YOUR SPOILERS! Not everyone will be able to watch the episode right away, so please be considerate.

Tags are #dt spoilers and #ducktales spoilers 

I don’t know if one more widely used than the other (honestly we as a fandom should pick one so we’re not all tagging everything twice). I use #dt spoilers fyi!

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Headcanon time!!

Ok but Ian definitely gets anxious or panicky when the school bell goes off right? After the battle with the bell roaring dragon and hearing that bell go off every hour, 5 days a week??? I’d be getting panic attacks like there’s no tomorrow. Insert protective older brother Barley driving up in Guinevere the Second and hugging a panicked Ian.


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There’s a moment in Frozen (the first one) that I really like, and it’s when Elsa is seeing Agnarr and Iduna off for their ill-fated voyage, and before she speaks to them, she curtseys–a deep, formal curtsey. They may be her parents, but they are also the king and queen, and as their subject she is obligated to show them certain courtesies.

It’s just so rare for Disney, the Princess factory, to acknowledge that royal families aren’t just “you and your family, only with nicer stuff,” but exist within a societal framework that makes entirely different assumptions about hierarchy and an individual’s place within it, than modern nations whose leaders are elected rather than hereditary. Reigning monarchs occupy an elevated position within a society that takes such things very seriously, and there are formalities that must be observed even with their own family members.

Elsa, in that scene, is one of a very few Disney Princesses who actually behaves as the princess of a European monarchy would be expected to behave, and I wish Disney did that sort of thing more often,

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