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froggyhoodie 2 days ago
This is the last thing you see after shipping the family madrigal with each other
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lafamilia-madrigal 23 hours ago
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They all look so good like this! 馃ズ.
Artist: @zhukong24 on Pinterest :)
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1851notesong 2 days ago
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Madrigal Triplets
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maradeur a day ago
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for my isabela enjoyers 馃拹鉁
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tofkarts 2 days ago
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Luisa VS Hercules 馃馃 Who will you bet on?馃槒
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cassiebones 2 days ago
You know, when Bruno disappeared, both Isa and Dolores would have been, at most, 12 years old, so when he told Dolores that "the man of my dreams would be just out of reach, betrothed to another" she was likely a preteen. 11 or 12, most likely. Maybe she already had a crush on Mariano at the time and he saw this. He saw this and had a vision and saw that Mariano getting ready for a proposal to Isa and was like "yikes, I should warn Dolores"
Only, Bruno has very little tact for a grown man. He probably sidled up to Dolores in the middle of town while she was gazing at Mariano and was like "um, I don't think that's gonna work out." And Dolores is like "what? Idk what you're talking about. Who's Mariano?!?! Pfft! I don't have a crush! Lame.....why not?"
But Bruno doesn't want to cause any animosity between his nieces, so he tells her that Mariano is going to marry somebody else in the future, so Dolores should look elsewhere. He thinks he's being gentle when he says this, but he's actually rather blunt about it.
Dolores is, of course, devastated, because she really likes Mariano, because he's sweet and a little bit of a Mama's boy, and she can hear him recite his poetry alone sometimes.
So she's upset and runs away crying and Bruno knows he fucked up and now Pepa is gonna come after him and he already ruined her wedding day which, 12 years later, she still has not forgiven him for.
So he stays in his room for a few days, avoidant, but Pepa never comes for him and there are no big storms. It seems Dolores never told her mother about what her T铆o Bruno said.
Anyway, within the year, Mirabel doesn't get her gift and Bruno refuses to destroy the family with another one of his visions, so he "leaves" and starts building a life with his rats in the wall.
Less than a month in, there's a knock on the wall near him and he jumps out of his skin, terrified that his mother or one of his sisters has found him.
"T铆o Bruno?" It's Dolores. "Are you in there?" He doesn't respond, can't even breathe. "I can hear your heartbeat, T铆o." He lets out his breath. "I won't tell anybody," she promises. "I know how...I know you weren't happy."
Bruno sighs. "Thanks," he says. Then, "Dolores? I'm sorry about Mariano. I just...I didn't want you to get hurt when you were older and he...I'm so sorry."
"I know, T铆o," she says. "It's okay. Maybe it's better to know now than to find out when it's too late."
Bruno chuckles. "You're the only person who's ever said that about one of my visions. Everybody always blames me for the bad things that happen."
"Like Se帽ora D铆az and her goldfish? Even I could have told her that Teodora was going to die soon. Her water was yellow."
"Right?!? You get it."
"Father Delgado still complains that you told him his hair was gonna disappear, but Mam脿 said that he was already half-bald when you told him that." She giggles. "He's been trying to comb it over. It looks funny."
"That's because he has, like, four hairs left." Dolores snorts. "Thanks for not telling anybody, Lo. It means a lot."
"I know," Dolores says. "Sometimes people give me dirty looks in the streets because they think I know all their secrets, like it's somehow my fault they don't know how to shut their mouths when they're alone."
"The line between a gift and a curse is razor-thin."
"Not for Isabela," Dolores says, and for the first time Bruno can hear some bitterness in her voice. "All she does is grow flowers and everybody loves her."
"True," Bruno concedes, "but you don't know what's going on inside her head. Or the pressure she may be under from your Abuela. When we were young, when we first got our gifts, Julieta was the perfect one. Anything she made, even the tiniest tortilla, could heal a sickness that had scourged somebody for years. She was expected to cook day and night so that anything the townspeople needed was at their disposal. If they had the tiniest little paper cut, they came here for an arepa."
"Really?" Dolores asked. "Just for a paper cut?"
"There's a reason Dante has such a big gut now. He would think of any reason for food. I warned him he'd get fat."
Dolores giggles again. "So what did T铆a Julieta do?"
"She refused to cook for a full week," Bruno said. "She refused to even come out of her room."
"Was Abuela mad at her?"
"At first," said Bruno, "but eventually she realizes that she was pushing her too hard, so they came up with a compromise; Abuela cooks breakfast and Julieta cooks lunch for the townspeople. At dinner, either Pepa or I will help her prepare food. And she gets at least one day off per week. No cooking."
"That's a good compromise," Dolores said.
"I agree. She's much happier now."
There's a long moment of silence.
"Why didn't Mirabel get a gift?"
Bruno sighs. "I don't know," he admits.
"Abuela says the magic may be all gone. Or that there's something wrong with her."
"There's NOTHING wrong with her," Bruno says, fiercely. "Nothing. She's perfectly fine. Just...Casita doesn't make these decisions lightly. If they didn't give her a gift, there's a good reason for it, okay?"
"Take care of her for me, will you? She needs a friend more than anything right now."
"I will," Dolores promises, because she's already seen the way that Abuela is pulling back from Mirabel since her failed gift ceremony and Isabela is being a bit cold, too. "I'll be her friend."
"Thanks, Lo," Bruno says. "And thank you for keeping my secret, too."
"Anytime, T铆o."
A few years later, Dolores starts to notice how Mariano gazes at Isabela and she gets mad at both Isa and Bruno. She knows it's not either of their fault, but she can't help how she feels.
Bruno knows immediately that she's upset and asks what's wrong, but she ignores him for a full week, before finally breaking.
"Why didn't you tell me it was Isabela?" She's 17 now. Almost marrying age. She hasn't been able to get over Mariano. He's the nicest boy in town. He's sweet and a little accident-prone, but cute. She's in love with him and it hurts to see him fawn over Isa, who barely notices him.
"I didn't want you to hate her," Bruno admits. "You two were always close, like sisters. I can't imagine hating either of my sisters."
"I could never hate Isa," Dolores says. "But I...I don't know how to be okay with this."
"It will get better," Bruno says. "Hopefully."
"No, it won't," Dolores says. "She doesn't even like him. She likes..."
She goes quiet for so long that Bruno thinks she left.
"She doesn't like Mariano at all. She never will," she whispers. "They'll both be miserable."
"Maybe you can change that."
"No. Your visions always come true. Nothing can change them."
It's Bruno's turn to be quiet at that. He can't tell her about his last vision before he left. He can't panic her like that. So he's quiet for a long moment.
"I'm so sorry, Dolores," he says. "I really am."
Dolores sighs. "I know, T铆o. I know."
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caramelkoala012 2 days ago
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Can we talk about Bruno?
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honeymilkbubbletea a day ago
鉁 it's finished 鉁
I based this on one of Alphonse Mucha's posters
I wanted to make Pepa and Bruno as well but we'll see about that
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Tumblr media
Can I just say that this is one of my favorite subtle moments? Notice how Pepa instinctively, without looking, pulls Bruno鈥檚 wrist to gently detach his hand from holding/rubbing at his left arm - that anxious habit/protective gesture/stim we see him do multiple times throughout the film, and in even in his Gift Photo.
Whether this is to make him aware of it (like 鈥榟ey you鈥檙e grinding your teeth again hon鈥), or to silently let him know she can tell he鈥檚 anxious and that he doesn鈥檛 have to be nervous or ashamed, or some mix of both, I think this is something she and Julieta did often as they grew up - a silent show of support and comfort.
Notice also how much physical touch he鈥檚 receiving in this last ten minutes, particularly from Julieta. (She out of everyone most obviously has Physical Touch as a love language, look at how she interacts with Mirabel throughout the film too) Lots of hugs, gentle proximity, compression and assurance and overflowing affection. These three have known each other since conception, they know each other鈥檚 tells and triggers intimately, they know how to soothe them, and even with a ten year absence those sisterly instincts came back immediately. And I think that鈥檚 beautiful.
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echo-bleu a day ago
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I think the triplets鈥 50th birthday was a particularly hard one鈥 Bruno watches his sisters blow their candles from his peephole in the walls, and his only companion on his birthday is a rat 馃槶
[ID: Two digital paintings of Encanto characters. In the first, the whole family except Bruno is gathered around a table, watching Pepa and Julieta blow candles that say 鈥50鈥 on a birthday cake. Mirabel is a little to the side, with her arms crossed, looking unhappy. We can see that this is viewed through the planks in the wall. In the second drawing, Bruno is sitting at his little table just on the other side of the wall, holding a candle, looking down, and a rat is sitting on the table.]
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artsyfio 2 days ago
Design available in my Redbubble shop!
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notthatadi 2 days ago
Abuela Alma:
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Bruno pt. 2:
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yazdaye 2 days ago
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can鈥檛 stop drawing them
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totallyawesomeomens 2 days ago
Dolores: "A few years ago, we lost our dear uncle Bruno"
Bruno, inside the wall: "stop telling people I'm dead!"
Dolores: "Sometimes, I can still hear his voice"
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clwnstim 21 hours ago
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encanto icons! (part one of three)
free to use without credit
-madrigalcest, proship, anti-anti dni-
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lafamilia-madrigal a day ago
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ichigobunsss 2 days ago
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My Dolores Cosplay! 馃憗 馃憚馃憗馃憘馃徏鉁ㄢ櫏锔
I鈥檓 having so much fun with these encanto lewks馃ズ馃 (also new chapter will be up tmmr night!)
heres my insta i love meeting new amiguitos!! Feel free to dm me! I don鈥檛 bite 馃ぃ https://www.instagram.com/natasharomeroo/
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the-awkward-feistypants 2 days ago
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Isabela is the one who started the fight. She's feral now, she doesn't care. Se帽orita Perfecta? Don't know her.
Mirabel is her #1 hype girl. She's in the corner cheering her on and commenting on her moves just like a boxing coach
Camilo cheers even more loudly than Mirabel but he soon gets maybe a bit too excited and jumps in the fight and shapeshifts into the people fighting just to mix things up a bit. He just wants to create chaos
Dolores at first is annoyed by the fight, mostly because of the sound (and because she can't get to Mariano who's just by her locker) but after a while she gives up and ok maybe she's a little invested too. So who better than her can notice the others when a teacher is coming?
Luisa of course tries to stop the fight. She doesn't like them at all. And yet people always expect her to get in one, and they're always a bit disappointed when she jumps in to stop them. Most of the time she succeeds in her intent, but sometimes not even the strongest girl in town can stop the menace that is Isabela Madrigal
Antonio, bless him, goes to get a teacher because of course they are an adult, and adults solve problems, and he doesn't like fights (especially when his family is involved) so he does thst with the best intentions at heart. Had it been anyone else everyone would have called him a snitch, but he's Antonio. Nobody can stay mad at him
Pepa doesn't always start the fight (because you know, her powers), but she sure as hell wont back down from one. It's not really wise for people to start a fight with her because well, they could get electrocuted...but still people do so that's their problem
Bruno is in the fight but against his will. He would like to stay away from fights as much as possible but well he's Bruno so he's either 1 getting bullied 2 he just gets caught it because that's just his luck
Felix, as always, continues to be Pepa #1 supporter. Good husbands support their wives in everything they do, and he's a very good husband. Like Mirabel, he's in the corner cheering her on by shoutings of "YOU GO MI VIDA!!! YES JUST LIKE THAT!!! I LOVE YOU!!!"
Julieta has tried to stop fight way too many times. She feels it's her duty to do so, even if sometimes she just wants to give up and let them do their thing. She'll just toss them an arepa later
August铆n tries to stop the fight too (absolutely not because he wants to impress Julieta) but, of course, he gets knocked out after a second
Abuela is the teacher ofc
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thedarkromance 2 days ago
Secret Night Dates
Camilo Madrigal x Male Reader
Tumblr media
Plot: Camilo and M/n secretly meet every night to have romantic strolls through the town.
Warnings: None. It's just fluffy fluff.
Word Count: 600+
Every night in Encanto, two figures lurk through the shadows, careful not to be seen by those awake at such late hours of the night.
One might assume the pair is up to no good, suspiciously hiding in the darkness.
Unbeknownst to them, it鈥檚 just two young boys who are in love, meeting far from the judging stares of the waking world.
Camilo and M/n only started dating a few months ago and they were the most perfect fit for each other.
Even though most of the townsfolk would disapprove of their relationship, it didn鈥檛 stop them from being together.
In the daytime, they just acted like normal friends and they must've been amazing actors seeing as no one had caught on yet.
The only person who knew about them was Camilo鈥檚 older sister, Dolores. She knew everything about everyone, and thankfully wholeheartedly supports them.
Currently, the two were walking hand in hand through the streets, footsteps very light and quiet.
They would often exchange whispers, but just being together was enough for them both to be happy.
鈥淟et鈥檚 go over there.鈥 Camilo spoke softly, pointing at a bridge dimly lit with lanterns. Quite the romantic place. M/n only nodded in approval before they both set off towards it.
Now that they were further from any houses, they could finally speak a bit louder.
Through it was dark, there was just enough light for them to see their blurry reflections in the river, huddling closely together to stay warm.
It was dead silent. Well, apart from the sound of water flowing, the occasional noise of crickets and the pleasant breathing of the two boyfriends. That is, until Camilo spoke:
鈥淚 wish we could stay like this forever.鈥
鈥淢e too, but鈥︹
鈥淚 know. The people won鈥檛 accept us.鈥
Camilo looked down, feeling very gloomy after thinking of all the horrible things the town would say if they found out.
鈥淗ey Cami, don鈥檛 feel sad. We still have have each other and that's all that matters, right?鈥 M/n comforted, planting a kiss onto his boyfriend鈥檚 cheek.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e right. I have you, and you have me.鈥
Just when they were about to settle back into the relaxing mood, they heard the singing of birds, meaning that dawn was approaching soon.
鈥淲e鈥檝e got to get home.鈥 Camilo pointed out.
鈥淚 guess so. I see you tomorrow then.鈥
Just as M/n finished speaking and turned to walk in direction of his house, he was pulled back by Camilo.
鈥淎ren鈥檛 you forgetting something?鈥
鈥淚 am?鈥
Camilo then proceeded to connect their lips together in deep and loving kiss before he retracted his body away from M/n鈥檚.
鈥淚 love you. See you tomorrow.鈥 He waved as he ran towards Casita, leaving M/n standing there flustered.
The next morning, it was difficult for Camilo to wake up seeing as he only slept for 4 hours. So, his mother came by to check on him. 鈥淐amilo, wake up. Breakfast is ready.鈥
He only groaned and turned away, covering his face with his blanket. 鈥淛ust a few more minutes, mami.鈥
Pepa wasn鈥檛 having it, she just started ranting and ranting about how she already gave him time to wake up and how he should be energetic and ready for a new day.
鈥淪ee? This is exactly why you shouldn鈥檛 go on walks with your boyfriend so late at night.鈥
This immediately caught Camilo鈥檚 attention. He never told Pepa about his night strolls, let alone him having a boyfriend. He quickly got up and stared at his mother in shock.
鈥淵es, I know you and M/n are dating, the whole family knows. It was very obvious too."
鈥淵-You know? And You鈥檙e not mad?鈥
鈥淥f course I鈥檓 not mad. Why would I be mad at my hijo for finding love?鈥
Pepa then hugged her son and kissed his forehead. Camilo was still in shock but returned her embrace.
"Thank you, mami."
鈥淲hy do you look so shocked? And why am I the only sleepy one?鈥
鈥淢y whole family knows about us dating.鈥
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welovebruno a day ago
imagine being five years old, your one sister can cook magical food and your other sister can control the weather and you get to tell people their grandma will die tomorrow
Tumblr media
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