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lancxxx · 21 days ago
Everyone's talking about Encanto so here's some angst Encanto headcannons:
Alma can't bring herself to not be perfect because she's scared that she will lose everything all over again
Mirabel sometimes gets jealous of Antonio because he was the only sibling who didn't really have to suffer through any pressure
Isabela sometimes prayed/wished that she didn't have a gift because she didn't want to be perfect or marry Mariano
Camilo doesn't look in any mirrors when he's in his original form because he's scared that something will be out of place or he'll look not how he remembers
Pepa never got the chance to have a lot of friends because when her mood changed the weather changed (bonus fluff: Felix was her first friend)
Mirabel and Isabela begged to switch places every night
Isabela once had a crush on a girl but she never got to tell her because she used to view it as 'imperfect' (bonus fluff: after finding herself she told her and they began dating)
Dolores has a really hard time trying to focus on one sound because she hears everything and it gets overwhelming
(that's all for now, don't worry, I have more)
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ladywitheclecticheart · a year ago
I Will Love Your Thorns
Beast!Actress!Reader x Beauty!Chris Evans
[Part 4 of the Disney x MCU Series]
Warnings: Heavy Angst. Thoughts of suicide. Depressed OC. Degradation. Mentions of inappropriate behavior and past trauma and pain. Has a fluffy ending though. Prepare to have your hearts broken if I did this justice. That's your fair warning.
A/N: My goodness this took me weeks! I was stuck with a heavily detailed ideas but had no idea what to do with it. I almost gave it away until @sweeterthanthis convinced me not to. Thank you for that! I sat with it a few days longer and then my muse finally returned from her vacation (which she did not ask for might I add, the bitch just up and left) and I realized I didn't need to break down the idea, it was already so detailed and long for just an idea alone that I needed to build upon it and turn it into the story itself. Thus at 3:20 in the morning this story was finally completed. 🙌🏻
I hope you all enjoy it.
Tumblr media
Surrounded by the wrong people in the entertainment business was unfortunately, a commonplace thing to happen. Most celebrities had family and friends who were not famous to ground them and snap them out of it. Unfortunately for one young starlet, that was not the case. She came from nothing, and even before she made headlines she was the black sheep of her family; outcast for no reason at all.
Once a soft-spoken, warm-hearted girl who dreamed bigger than those around her, was now living said dream but still surrounded by horrible people, just a new group of them. The only people who seemed to be on her side and have her interests and mental well-being at heart were the occasional co-star that knew the bitchy attitude for paparazzi and neutral exterior she put on at red carpet events and cold, villainous characters she chose to act as on screen were all just that - an act. Unfortunately, most thought that's how she really was and she played those characters because she was playing herself and was a shitty actress on top of a shitty person. Her behavior of self preservation threatened her reputation and in turn threatened her career, so her manager warned her, before putting her in the cast lineup of the newest Disney franchise film.
At first she was furious, truly taking on her spoiled, bitchy persona to a new level. The conversation could be heard echoing through the agency's walls.
"Why did you do that without my permission?!"
"How dare you not talk to me first!"
"Did you ever even consider I might not like the cast you throw me in with? Again?! Need I remind you of the last time you hired me for something without telling me first?!"
Oh that was one her manager and agent of Asylum Agency and Magic Mirror Productions should never forget, yet it seemed they tended to if the money was right. They seemed to forget the last set she had been on, her co-star got a little too way too friendly and handsy, both on and off camera. Gaston was his name. How appros he had gas in his name considering he was a pain in the arse. The producer Mr. Lefoue overlooked all of it because "he's a big star!" and apparently more important than her. She was uncomfortable and got inappropriately groped and touched numerous times, and when she tried to tell people and speak out, do the #MeToo and all that, her posts were quickly destroyed by people more powerful than her. Higher-ups made it look like her account was hacked briefly, and when she went on to complain in later posts the press just called her a whiny bitch, a spoiled princess, throwing a tantrum for not getting her way, when they didn't even know the whole story. It was not pretty.
Now forced into another movie, all she wanted to do was quit at this point. Quit Hollywood, quit her once dreams, run across the country till she found a quiet place to breakdown and cry. Unfortunately she was trapped under a contract that kept her working for these horrible people with horrible abuse and degrading hate from press and so-called fans, for at least another two years. Once her contracts were up, it was up to her if she resigned or not, but until then, she might as well have been called a prisoner, not an actress.
"Just do this one movie and try to clean up your reputation a little, okay? If you're done afterwards, you can walk away then," was all they told her, before she stormed out of the office and the building. Full raging bitch mode. She didn't care what tabloids said anymore about her attitude. No one cared for her feelings. No one protected her heart. No one asked how she felt about anything she was going through. Why should she? They could call her cold hearted all they wanted with a temper, and she wouldn't correct them. Because at this point, after so many years of tearing her apart... it was getting very close to her last ‘Hollywood's Sweetheart’ rose petal falling, and her thorny persona she put on becoming her real personality. She was depressed, and she was done with this life.
… At least her final movie would be Disney. Maybe, just maybe, that would make her smile.
Tumblr media
When Chris first meets her on the set of the film, she's literally pushed towards him by others in the cast. All people he's worked with before and knows are good people. Scarlett Johansson has been cast as a dress maker and designer, a head of wardrobe confidante to the lead. Elizabeth Olsen has been cast as head of housekeeping who makes incredible tea and gives even better advice when it's needed. Tom Holland has been cast as Liz's assistant on a summer internship thing. Tom Hiddleston is the no nonsense self-proclaimed head-of-the-household with something clearly stuck up his butt. Then lastly, RDJ plays opposite Hiddleston as the flashy and showboating overdramatic "second in charge" that purposely annoys Hiddleston's character just for kicks. It's great to see them again and be working together on something outside of Marvel, but they pushed her towards him? Did she not want to meet him that badly?
He politely introduces himself, offering his hand to shake, and isn't at all surprised by her stuck up nose and the way she hesitates before placing her hand in his. He is however, surprised by how her handshake does not match her facial expressions or the sarcastic tone of voice she uses, making it seem like she was still annoyed the others forced her to say hello like that. Upper body she seems crabby and all things he's heard about her on social media and dirt sheets, not that he believes any of it. Her handshake though, is soft, warm and surprisingly gentle. No sharp nails, no claws, like how they depict her. No firm, no nonsense grip. He notices she avoids eye contact with him, only glancing up occasionally to try and seem polite. Is... is she shy? He wonders this curiously to himself. She's then called away to make up to get ready for filming, and he's left standing. Curious. He thought he signed on to a Disney film with hints of romance. No one said anything about a mystery to him.
Her heart is racing after meeting him, not sure what came over her. Weeks go by, months even, and she struggles to keep eye contact unless filming. Because when filming she's someone else, she has a different face on. Her character struggles between good and evil in this film, and it's all to familiar to her life in real life. She wonders if her manager did this as a cruel prank?
She goes home and cries every night after filming, alone, in a large, cold empty house shared only with her dog. Her dog stays at her mother's when she's filming though, and seems more her mother's dog as of late to her at least. The more intense the filming gets, the more her character struggles and fights with Chris' character whose trying to save her's from the darkness, the more she comes home distraught, and things about doing things she will definitely regret.
Tumblr media
It takes a little time, changes appear - small to say the least; working together, meeting her eyes in scenes and seeing them water, seeing the pained expressions that no one could act so good as to fake it, then watch as someone yells cut - startling her - loud noises startle her he discovers early on, and he sees her forcing herself to return to a neutral state the way most actors force tears, and he realizes she really is hurting deep down and something is very wrong.
One day after filming, he follows her off the sound stage to her trailer, as their co-stars look on curiously until he sneaks inside behind her before the door shuts. He's about to apologize for bothering her, when she finally meets his eyes for longer than a second off camera, and suddenly everything clicks into place and confuses him further at the same time. Fear. There's fear in her eyes. Taking in her stance he sees she's trembling lightly too.
"I'm sorry I followed you and didn't knock. I just wanted to see if you were alright? After that last scene?"
"I'm fine."
"You're shaking."
"It's a little cold," she fibs. He knows it's not that cold. They're in her trailer not outside, and this is California not the east coast. Even in Winter, it's not that cold away from the wind chill.
"I'm not going to hurt you," he says cautiously, holding up his hands and keeping a little distance like she's a wild dog that would attack if he got too close. Maybe she would?
"I know that. You're Chris Evans, that's not what you do," she replied.
"Then why...?"
"I just don't do good around male co-stars, alright?" she snaps lightly, a little warning growl.
So there is some life still left in her, outside her cruel roles. Male co-stars? Chris' jaw then clenches as he realizes what that means. He knew, he remembered.
He remembered when she first appeared on the scene in Hollywood and was originally Hollywood's Sweetheart right off the bat. He remembers seeing her follow him on Twitter and tweet political stuff just like he did, with nearly matching viewpoints as well. He remembered following her back and retweeting some things he agreed with years ago. Then she started posting less. When she did post it was snippy and not attractive at all, quite disappointing in fact. Suddenly a #MeToo post popped up and it all made sense. Until it didn't, because it got deleted and she (so everyone thought) said a hacker got on her account and posted it. After that it was just promotional stuff she was forced to post and occasional yelling at trolls. No more moving views on politics or jokes or inspiring thoughts like when she first started.
Now it made sense. Now he could click the pieces into place now that he met her and had time to get to know her a little better.
"That #MeToo tweet a while back was real, wasn't it? They forced you to remove it?" he questioned with a soft voice, not wanting to startle her any further. Though she didn't answer immediately, she blinked back tears, and nodded, and that was enough confirmation for him. She wasn't cold hearted. She wasn’t the monster or the villainous bitch they made her out to be. She was still that sweetheart underneath who was hurt by the people around her, had her trust broken, and probably had some dreams crushed too more than the average actor or actress in Hollywood.
"Y/N, why didn't you say anything?"
"I did. They, nobody listened to me!"
"Not your team who only care about money. Why didn't you say anything to any of us here on set?"
"I... I didn't want to be a burden. Plus who would ever believe the beastly, thorny, spoiled princess?"
"You are not..."
"How would you know?! You don't know me! No one does! No one bothers to stick around long enough to find out! I'm just my body, not my brains or my heart or my soul. That's how they see me at least. That's a woman's worth to all those assholes. I can't quit till my contract is up after this movie is over either," she snapped, then sniffled lightly as tears ran down her face and she rubbed her eyes.
"They are wrong. Okay? Those voices they planted in your head, they're wrong too. You are a good person who bad things have happened too," he said wiping away her tears gently, before carefully pulling her into his arms. Once she realized his touch was to comfort not to harm, she wrapped her arms around him too and broke down, sinking to the floor with him. He waited till she got it out of her system before he spoke up again. He asked, "You want to quit?"
"I just... I can't do this anymore, Chris. I grew up in California but I have to leave. I have to go some place far away from here. I don't want to stop acting, but... if I stay here any longer... I'm going to kill myself," she said softly, hiding away from the world inside his arms.
At her words of utter heart break, he swallowed lightly and held her closer, so she knew she was safe with him. "Please, please don't ever say that again? Try not to think it either," he whispered to her, then kissed the top of her head.
"It's the truth though. I need to get away from it all. Somewhere the trees actually change colors in the fall and it snows in the winter. Some place where there's kind people who are actually happy to have me around and don't treat me like a waste of space unless I do exactly as they say. Some place with a fire going and... and a place where I belong. I wanna go home, but I don't know where that is," she said, tearing up again and getting blubbery towards the end of her statement.
Chris wouldn't say it, cause he didn't want to scare her off, but what she described as her ideal home was what he pictured too. As for the seasons she spoke highly of, that sounded a lot like Boston to him.
"You know I might know a place where those dreams of yours might come true... and it's far away from Hollywood. One of the reasons I love it so much."
"Oh, really?"
"Mm Mmm. …. You know New York and Broadway aren't that far away either. You can sing, I've heard you. You could always act there, be your own agent."
"Ha.... I think I know the place your talking of, Evans," she smiled lightly, pulling back to look at him. For the first time since they met she properly held his gaze and he was able to see the slight green and gold flecks in her eye color. Her beautiful eyes. Eyes are the windows to the soul, after all.
"I think I would like it there actually," she smiled. 
"You would?"
"Yeah. I hear the trees are really beautiful this time of year," she nodded, earning a big grin from him.
"They are. They're gorgeous. You'd fit in there really well as yourself, not the you you pretend to be here. … You'd make a great Belle on Broadway too," he said, earning a real laugh from her, loud and clear. God she was beautiful when she smiled and laughed. Her eyes sparkled with light rather than sadness and tears.
"I think most people would consider me a Beast. Though you've got Beauty down, inside and out," she said, before blushing lightly realizing exactly what she said.
"Oh well thank you. Those people that think that about you though don't know you like I do."
"You think you know me already huh?"
"I know I'd greatly enjoy getting to know you," he nodded, brushing a strand of hair back behind her ears.
"You would?" she asked softly, and somehow Chris knew this was her without walls, this soft-spoken shy woman far gentler than she let on, this was the real her, under all the bruising the world had given her.
"Your beautiful mind? Your beautiful heart? Your beautiful soul? Yeah, absolutely. You aren't the spoiled princess they say you are, Y/N. You're a queen who commands and demands respect. A goddess worthy of worship, not being put down but raised higher. You don't need someone to lead you or follow you. You need a King beside you, a warrior to protect you because you've been through enough battles on your own for a lifetime. You're a woman that needs and deserves to be loved entirely and deeply. I know I can do that for you."
"You know some people say home isn't a place, it's a person. Do you believe that?"
"I do now," Chris replied, petting back her hair, before cupping the back of her head and pulling her into a kiss.
It'd be a couple more months before she could leave the kingdom of pain and broken memories. When she did though, she was relieved to know she wasn't alone, when she entered a brighter phase, a new beginning of her life, as Spring came to Boston and the trees marveled turning pink with raining flower petals all around. Oh, and yes, her dog and Dodger got along splendidly to all those who were wondering.
Tumblr media
Tagging my fellow gals who helped me finish my other ideas for this series.
@sloth-spaghetti @drabblewithfrannybarnes @sweeterthanthis
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arctic4life · 6 months ago
Out of context angst, just for you. Enjoy
Tumblr media
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myreygn · a month ago
Sometimes Antonio rather talks to animals than to people, because they don't expect anything from him and keep all of his secrets.
Sometimes Camilo transforms into other people when they're alone, because it's one of those days when others have prettier hair, faces, bodies and when they can't stand themself.
Sometimes Dolores blasts her music so loud that it hurts her ears, because the air is whispering again and that last secret was just one too many.
Sometimes Mirabel hides in the walls and sits in the dark for hours, because Casita is always there for her and she has to disappear for just a little bit.
Sometimes Luisa lifts tables and wardrobes until her arms burn, because something has to keep her from thinking and she may or may not be losing control.
Sometimes Isabela dances through her room until she has to lie down, because it's one of those days when she can't afford to falter and doesn't dare to look into the mirror, in fear of seeing something wrong.
Sometimes Bruno looks a few minutes into the future, because maybe he will feel better by then and focusing on right now is exhausting to say the least.
Sometimes Pepa lets it rain on her head the whole day, because feeling cold and wet all alone is better than failing to fake sunshine and having other people suffer from her mood swings.
Sometimes Julieta eats all of the food she makes herself, because she feels like she's allowed to be selfish and maybe, one day, it will cure dark days.
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professordickinson · 12 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
We don’t talk about Mirabel.
Did a quick Encanto fanart!  I actually watched Encanto on new year's eve and yeah it was pretty good. I feel like Mirabel would have gotten along with Bruno seeing as both were out casted in a way, he would try to comfort her or cheer her up. Actually i have a lil au coming up abt that. Her coming to terms with having no powers must have rlly suck
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gg-ladybug · a month ago
Tumblr media
SOBBING at the plate in all its HD glory
I’d like you to realise that this is painted on. It isn’t some throw away, or makeshift plate. It’s painted as best as possible onto the table. PAINTED. He spent a large amount of his time just trying to be like the rest of his family when he surely could’ve just stolen his own plate from the drawers.
Hence forth: Bruno’s plate is probably no longer in the house. Someone tossed it once he left. Just imagine that for a moment. Bruno sneaking to the drawers specifically to grab his plate and remain in the family, but it simply not being there. The plates are symbolic of the family. Everyone gets one, always set out every meal. They’re just there. Bruno’s isn’t. Think about it. They made it so he wasn’t in the family anymore, and yet, he makes his own. He’s making the effort to desperately stay in. Not the other way round. Ouch all over again
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maryheart22 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wanted to draw Raine x Eda angst and something wholesome, so did a combination of both.
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piaart · a month ago
Tumblr media
Whatever was running in his mind was overwhelming him. The hunger he was feeling sure wasn't helping.
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peppermint-joys · 17 days ago
Being Bruno’s Child Would Include… Pt. I
Tumblr media
Takes place before the movie. The reader’s age ranges from 0-5. I guess let me know if I should make a second part.
Parts: 1 2 3 4
You’re Bruno’s child. Your mother died not long after you were born, as she became ill with something even you tía Julieta couldn’t remedy.
He disappeared the night you’re prima Mirabel didn’t get your gift. You were only a few months old at the time.
He hated having to leave, but considering his reputation and the death of your mother, he figured you’d have a better chance if he left. That’s not mentioning his final vision, the destruction of Casa Madrigal, he desperately hoped for your sake and Mira's leaving would mean his vision would never come to pass.
You were raised by your tía Julieta and tío Augustín. They treated you as one of their own though made sure you understood they were your aunt and uncle and not your actual parents. A distinction Julieta deemed important, in memory of your parents.
The girls; Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel adored you. Fully accepting and titling you their fourth sister.
When you were an infant and got fussy from bad dreams, Mirabel would climb into your bed to snuggle with you until you settled. When you were first learning to walk and fell bursting into tears, Luisa carried you everywhere for a week refusing to let you down. People would say Isa’s flowers were more vibrant when you were talking, walking at her side.
Isa might have been Encanto’s Senorita Perfecta, but you were Encanto’s darling.
Bruno had to watch you grow from the cracks in the wall. Your first steps, your first words, unbeknownst to you and the family. He watched it all with silent tears.
Before you came of age, he would tiptoe into your nursery at night, careful not to wake you or Mirabel. He’d talk sometimes, but usually he’d tuck a gift beneath your pillow and weep at how big you were getting. The gifts were always small trinkets; bracelets, coins, hair clips, notes of praise. Which you would graciously and excitedly share with your primos.
Despite being young, when you were little, you picked up on the town’s tenderness with you. A tenderness that seemed to stem from a place of pity.
Thanks to Julieta and Augustín, you at least grew up knowing you were Bruno’s child. But anytime you asked about him, most always the answer was “we don’t talk about Bruno.” Tío Félix would sometimes let information slip.
You tried once to peek into your Papa’s room. All you saw was sand falling like a waterfall behind an hourglass arch. Before you could continue sleuthing, Abuela caught you. She had Casita board the door over. You cried yourself to sleep that day and didn’t speak to anyone the rest of the week.
Encanto’s darling, but always on thin ice with Abuela. You weren’t sure why. No matter what you did, she seemed to shun you. When you spoke to her in an attempt to tell her about all the good you did that day, she’d pat your head and dismissively respond, “that’s nice dear.”
Then came your fifth birthday, the day you’d finally receive your gift. While you were nervous, I mean, what if, like Mirabel, you didn’t receive a gift? You were also excited. If you did receive a gift, maybe then you’d be accepted by Abuela.
The whole of Encanto showed up for your ceremony. Eager to see if another Madrigal would go without a gift or even worse, your gift turned out similar to your Pa’s.
When you grasped your door knob and illuminated, glittering like golden, the tension in the room seemed double.
“What’s their gift?” You could hear your primo Camilo loudly whisper from below.
You had the same question.
Then Abuela placed a hand on your shoulder. From your perspective, the world blurs around. You weren’t moving, but everything around you was. It was a blur of movement as everything around you spun backwards.
In an instant, you were in front of a blank wall. You hit it, it felt solid. Looking around as far as you could tell you were still in Casita, it was just smaller. You almost jumped out of your skin when three children appeared from around the corner. They didn’t even seem to notice you, as they walked in a neat line past you down the corridor. Similarly to you, they wore white and gold.
You followed behind the last child, a boy, until he had to break off from the two, rounding a corner up a small flight of stairs. The two girls stood beside a woman, her hair set apart in two neat braids. With a warm smile, she watched the two girls. As she turned, coming into better view, your small eyes grew to the size of saucers. She held the candle. Your familia’s candle.
As the girls reached for their doors, you rushed behind them. Your shock and worry only grew as their doors took shape before your eyes. These were the doors of your tías. You saw the similarities now. These two girls, the same age as you, were your tías. This was the day they got their gift. You’d traveled back in time.
That meant the boy was or would be your papa. This was your chance to see him, albeit a younger version of him. You tried to run back to the steps where he’d disappeared, but an invisible wall prevented you from leaving the hall. You pound your fists against nothing trying to break the invisible barrier, but the world begins to blur once more. Everything around you sped forward.
In an instant you were back, in front of your door, Abuela’s hand on your shoulder, tears pricking the corner of your eyes. It seemed no time had passed at all.
Mirabel was the first to speak. “¿Are you okay, ratoncito?“
You had but one response, “I think I can see the past.”
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encanto17 · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
[ID: A tweet thread that reads:
@DumbBroom2134: @TheJaredBush Hi! If you're still answering Encanto questions, I have one. I've seen a lot of things saying Bruno's powers put him through physical pain to use and I was just wondering if that was true or not?
Jared Bush: I think his powers are very draining and take considerable effort, especially when trying to see something specific. We had versions where he'd pass out or get very very weak afterwards. End ID]
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xieula · a month ago
How they would comfort you if you were insecure
Encanto characters x Female Reader
Tumblr media
A/N: alright, this is a new account.. which is a new start. So I hope I'm welcomed on tumblr in this .. account. First thing I'd like to post a writing of is Encanto. Since it's such a good movie, how can I resist myself? Enjoy.
Also, I do have insecurities of my own. But in this chapter, I'll place SOME insecurities I do not own, because it can't just all be about me.
Tumblr media
Your looks.
Now, don't get me wrong- looks aren't everything. But you fear that Camilo may lose all interest for you.
It's scary to think, "Camilo only goes for looks." But that's what you often think to yourself, which isn't very unusual for people to see you pacing back and forth, thinking ways on how to gain much more beauty.
The people from the village, Encanto started to aware Camilo by telling him all the things you've been doing recently, and has been going on for quite a while now.
Which makes Camilo upset.
Not upset at you, but at himself. He's been so busy with chores recently that he didn't even notice himself any sooner.
"Y/N, can we talk?.."
Now you were trembling, is he planning to break up? What have you done now..? Have you done something upsetting?
"Mi amor.. I fear that you have a.. huge insecurity about.. your looks?"
Oh, this?
How did he catch up ? How did he take notice ? WHO TOLD HIM?!
"waaaaat, me? Insecurity? About my , pfft, looks?! Funny , Camilo."
Now you know he was being dead serious.
"Mi vida , you are perfect in every way, and I want you to never forget that. Alright? No matter how much insecurities you have, my love will never fade for you."
Those words touched your heart fully.
Now, you don't know if your insecurity is going to fade, but all you know is that it will die down for a bit.
C'mon. This guy literally looks at you for 1 second and he has hearts in his eyes already!! He's in love😔‼‼
Tumblr media
Your smile.
Being a good girlfriend as she already is, she caught up to that pretty quickly.
She's always noticed how you'd always look away from her, like turning from the side whenever you'd smile.
From your whole 3 months of dating, I dont think shes ever seen you smile before.
It's either that you cover your mouth when laughing
Or looking away to which she can't completely see your face!
She knows it's just out of habit but she is very sure your smile is as bright as the sun.
"Uhhh, s/o?" Mirabel lightly spoke
"Yes, Mirabel? Need anything?"
"I've been wondering.." Mirabel stops mid-sentence to gather up her words, "why haven't I ever seen you smile before?"
"Huh..?" You asked, knowing full well what she was saying. You just needed to double check if your ears werent fooling you
"I-I mean, it's either th-that or you're always hiding your smile because you're ... insecure?" Mirabel replied rather quickly, in panic of thought that she offended you.
"Oh.. insecure, seems like you've catched up rather quickly than I expected," you spoke.
Mirabel walks up to you and smudges your face in order for you to make a smiley face.
You thought it was adorable and ended up smiling, which you did NOT want.
Mirabel's cheeks started turning red, probably flustered.
"See?! You're so adorable, awhh!~"
Tumblr media
Your teeth gap.
You've always been so insecure about your stupid teeth gap, why does it have to look so stupid?
Due to your insecurity, whenever Bruno made you smile or laugh, it shows your teeth gap- making you cover your mouth.
Bruno's been quite concerned about it for a while
He decided not to make a scene and just ignore it for a while, though.
But that won't help anything, he wants to see your smile, your wonderful smile..
It may seem selfish of him, but he wants to see you laugh without your hand in the way.
He's decided to approach about your certain habit, which he is aware it may seem offensive- which he prevents on making it sound like it.
"Uh.. i-is it just me or you're always covering your hand whenever you smile or laugh.."
"Oh, uh, yeah, just out of habit. Heh, nothing to worry about, Bruno."
Yeah, easy for you to say that.. he just wants to see you smile for once!
"I just wanted to say that.. I wanna see you smile without covering your hand.."
"Uhm." You spoke- not liking the idea of doing so.
"I-I'm so sorry, if it made you uncomfortable then it's alright , again, I am so so sorry-"
You couldn't help but smile, I mean, that was adorable. And you know he's going to apologize for the next few hours if you don't, so you just had to.
Bruno suddenly stopped talking to gaze at you, with love hearts in his eyes. It just like in one of his dreams.
He's indeed lucky to have you, and he sincerely hopes you continue doing this often.
Tumblr media
Alright, that's the end of it. If you want a part two, well I'll try decided that for now.
If you actually want one, do suggest me some characters!
Hope this one was good enough for you, thank you and goodbye!
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writing-fanics · a month ago
@prestongoodplayisbabey Hey! Your request box isn’t working for me for some reason- probably my very bad wifi connection at the moment! I’ve read pretty much all your ENCANTO Fics and I’m in L O V E! Could you do a Camilo x fem reader where Abula doesn’t like her and tells her to leave for some reason and casita literally stops her from leaving the house and makes a door for her?
(My addition: Camilo is aged up to 19, engaged to the reader who doesn’t fit in with the perfect image Abuela has for her family)
Note this takes place during the movie but everyone is older. Before the ending
Tumblr media
(Y/n) giggled, as Camilo picked her up and spun her around. Her arms wrapped around his neck, “Camilo stop!” She giggled, feeling dizzy already.
“Your making me dizzy,” She exclaimed, her head spinning. He stops spinning and she shakes her head, leaning in and kissing him on the lips. She chuckled, leaning her head against his forehead.
She looked down as he set her on the ground, “I-I think your Abuela doesn’t like me.” She said, looking at him and he looked at her in shock.
“What’re you talking about?” He asked, she pursed her lips. Fiddling with her fingers, “S-She looks at me. L-Like.” She stammered.
“Like I’ll never be good enough for this family…..For you.” She said looking down he wrapped an arm around her, kissing her forehead and leaning his head against hers.
“Don’t talk like that, she likes you. Like everyone else.” He whispered. As he kissed the side of her forehead, “I know I like you.. No, I love you.” He said, she giggled turning towards him placing a hand on his cheek and rubbing it.
“I love you too.” She whispered, leaning up to kiss him once more.
“Time for dinner!”
Camilo took her hand pulling her onto her feet, and picking her up bridal style and carrying her down the stairs. She laughs, “Camilo!” She chuckled.
He carried her towards her seat, placing her on it. And sitting in his own right next to her. Ever since they’ve became engaged she moved into the Madrigal home staying in Camilo’s room.
She giggled intertwining her fingers with his, as they sat at the table. Abuela just glared at the girl, Camilo turned his head to look at his grandmother.
“Abuela is there something wrong?” He asked, looking at her and she just turned her gaze towards his lover.
“She needs to leave,” Abuela said, and everyone at the table gasped. (Y/n) looked at her in shock still holding onto Camilo’s hand.
“W-Wha?” (Y/n) stammered. “Mamá?” Pepa said, looking at her mother confused and in shock.
“You really could’ve done better, Camilo.” Abuela said, and Camilo and (Y/n) gasped, the latter of which was looking down at her plate of untouched food. Trying to hold back the tears.
“Mamá?!” Pepa exclaimed. In shock.
“What’re you talking about I could’ve done better?” Camilo asked, glaring at his grandmother his arm wrapped around (Y/n). Abuela looked at the girl then back at her grandson.
“Look at her you really wanna marry her? How is she going to contribute to the family?” She said.
(Y/n) bite her lip looking down at the ground, “What on earth are you talking about?! She’s been helping us ever since I met her.” He shouted. Everyone in the family just looking down at the plate of food and drinking their drinks.
“She isn’t the one for you, they’re so many young girls wh-,.” She said.
“No! She’s the only one for me and I love her!” He shouted, (Y/n) looking down at her hands shaking.
“I-I’ll go,” (Y/n) whispered, lip quivering. “I-I don’t want to rip this family apart. A-And if your grandmother thinks we shouldn’t marry then maybe she’s right.” She whimpered, clenching her dress.
“Y/n.” He said, reaching out for her hand. She stands up from her chair, tears welling up in her eyes. “Y-Thank you, for having me for so long.” She stammered, turning towards Camilo.
“Y/n. Please.” He said, she placed a hand on his cheek and smiled. “I’m sorry, that I’m not perfect enough for your grandson.” She said, looking at Abuela. Not before taking off the ring and handing it back to Camilo, who just looked down as if his heart just stopped.
(Y/n) walked towards the door, crying into her hands. “Goodbye Casita.” She said, and was about to leave when the doors slammed shut. Preventing her from leaving, she tried to open the doors. “Casita?” She said, and the doors remanded shut.
Camilo walked towards her tears in his eyes, holding the ring in his hands. Then there was a sound upstairs, they both turned to look at it and right beside Camilo’s room a new room appeared. One for (Y/n).
“What?” She whispered.
“Y-Y/n, please your the love of my life. I don’t care what Abuela says. Mi mamá loves you my papá as well. Don’t let my Abuela ruin what we have.” Camilo said, holding the ring in his hand.
“Also, casita won’t let you go. So your trapped here nonetheless.” He said, she sniffled looking at him.
“Please, you make me so happy. Singing songs with you, being able to wake up to you every morning, seeing you help around the house.” He exclaimed.
“I love you,” he said, she giggled walking towards him. She leaned into his chest wrapping her arms around him while crying, “Your perfect I’m my eyes.” He whispered, kissing the crook of her neck.
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buckyhoney · 7 months ago
everytime loki uses magic:
Tumblr media
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hup1hty · 25 days ago
hello! I love how you write and for a long time I wanted to request a camilo x reader since you have open requests please ^^
where fem reader arrives with her family in town and is a bit rejected for her sensitive and loving way of being, although it turns out that she also has a gift. The one to change their shape to some animals. I feel like Camilo's reaction to seeing someone with a gift similar to his would be very adorable.
(sorry if there are mistakes, English is not my first language)
dw there were no mistakes! this is a such a cute request! i added slight angst sorry ab that!
You're Just Like Me
camilo madrigal x fem!reader
You could still hear the yelling of the people from your old town, from the night you had been chased out of the place you grew up. All because of your powers. You had to leave your parents behind, thinking they'd be safe because they were 'normal'. Just before you fled, your parents had told you about a town called Encanto that had a family like you, one with gifts. Taking one last look at your home, you ran under the dark night sky.
Arriving at Encanto, you panted, nearly buckling down on your knees. It had taken you four whole days of walking to arrive, and you would rarely ever sleep. You had barely eaten since you left your hometown, which would explain why you collapsed onto the floor, your vision turning black.
When you woke up, you saw about a dozen hovering faces, watching you intently. You sat up, slowly, your eyes still heavy from sleep. After fully sitting up, you scrambled towards the back of the bed, frightened by the faces. An older woman who had her hair in a messy bun, offered you an arepa. You took it, starving but still weary of them. Instantly you felt better after you took a bite.
She introduced herself, "I'm Julieta. This is my family," she said, gesturing to the people around her. Still a bit frightened, you shifted into a bird involuntarily. The whole family took a step back, and a boy your age shifted into you, shocked. You realised you had changed shapes and shifted back into your original form.
"Sorry! I'm (Y/N) and I can do this thing- well, I can shapeshift into animals." You explained hastily. The boy changed back to himself and stepped forward.
"I'm Camilo Madrigal, and I can shapeshift too." He extended his hand out towards you and you took it, shaking it. Camilo sat on the bed, this must be the magical family your parents told you about. Taking turns, they introduced themselves and their powers. They explained how they got them and you were in awe, wishing that your town was as accepting as theirs.
"So, why are you here?" A girl named Mirabel asked.
"I was born with my powers and my town hated me for it. They had a lot of run ins with tigers or wild animals and thought that I turned the animals against the town. They were convinced I was a curse and ran me out. My parents told me about you guys- so I came here." You explained, tears starting to form behind your eyes from thinking about your parents.
Antonio ran up to you and hugged you. "I think you're really cool!" He exclaimed, as you sniffled. The Madrigal family looked at you, sympathetic. You started to get up,
"I should go..."
Pepa stopped you, and offered to let you stay in Casita until you got back on your feet. Having nowhere else to go, you accepted.
----- The Next Day -----
You had just woken up when you heard a knock on your new bedroom door. "Come in!" you answered. The boy called Camilo walked in, greeting you. He sat on a chair before saying,
"You can shapeshift too, huh?"
You nodded, feeling a little bit awkward that you were staying in his house.
"Do you ever get really, really tired after you shapeshift? Like your body doesn't work anymore?" He asked.
Your eyes widened, you had no idea that it was a symptom of your abilities. 
“Yes! I thought it was just a weird genetic thing.” 
He shook his head, laughing a little. Before you knew it, you had spent the whole morning talking to this boy. You laughed and laughed, smiling wider than you ever had before. You thought that you were all alone, and apparently so did he. Luckily, you had found each other and suddenly, you didn’t feel so alone.
For the rest of the day, you occupied Camilo’s mind. Whenever he encountered a problem with his shapeshifting ability, he would think of you and what you would do. If someone said something you had said before, he would laugh to himself, and everyone around him would look at him weirdly. Although Camilo had barely knew you for a day, he felt as if he had known you for years.
That’s when it occurred to him that he had a crush. Camilo had never connected to anyone the way he did with you, and his family members could tell. They saw how you were both so absorbed in your conversations during meals that you would barely ever eat. Dolores would see you play with Antonio, shifting into animals to entertain him, and saw how Camilo would watch, sighing.
----- Two Months Later ----
Camilo was lying in bed when he heard heard sobbing from the next door. Knowing that it was your room, he raced over, not even bothering to knock. You were crouched over on your bed, eyes red from crying. Your head was buried between your knees and you looked up at him, your cheeks stained with tears. Camilo walked over to you and sat on your bed with you. He draped his arm around you, pulling you into his shoulder.
You started crying again before sniffling,
“Today was the day the town found out about my gift,” Stuttering through your sentences, you could barely say the worlds fluently. Your family had become outcasts in the town, vendors not even wanting to sell to them. You had spent your last days in the village surviving on plain rice and old fruit, all because of your powers. Crying yourself to sleep, you became silent with Camilo still holding you. Not wanting to disturb your rest, he closed his eyes too.
The next day you woke in his arms, his yellow ruana still damp from your tears. 
You avoided him for the rest of the day, embarrassed about your emotional outburst. In an attempt to talk to you, Camilo shifted into Mirabel, who you had become very close to after moving in. 
As you were hanging up laundry, ‘Mirabel’ walked over to you. 
“I heard what happened with you and Camilo.” Mirabel said.
You dropped the shirt you were holding, turning around.
“How do you feel about him?”
You arched your eyebrow at Mirabel, she had never asked you anything like this before. She was never this direct before either. Quite frankly, she was acting like Camilo. Oh. Piecing the puzzle pieces together, you smiled, willing to play his game.
“I think your cousin is the cutest boy I’ve ever met in my entire life. He’s super nice and kind and-” you continued to rant, realising that almost everything you said was based in truth. Finishing your little speech, you blushed, before saying,
“I know you’re Camilo.”
Mirabel changed into her cousin, standing awkwardly. 
“So was everything you said true?”
“You make feel happy, like I’ve never felt before. You understand me in a way no one else has. You make me feel accepted. Of course it was true.” Shaking your head, you realised what you had said. 
Camilo grabbed your arms and pulled you in for a kiss. You felt your heart flutter inside your chest. Looking into his eyes, you felt a warmth in your heart and your mind at peace, smiling you said,
"You are my home.”
ooh a long one 😻
i feel like im overusing the sleep trope oops
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kiwidogi · 29 days ago
just say it | camilo x reader!fem
so basically, i headcanon that instead of Camilo being a nervous and awkward person when being in love, he actually likes to hide his feelings thus he becomes very embarrassed and doesn't like to be teased about it
pairing: camilo madrigal x female reader
warning: angst
he/him for camilo and she/her for reader
prompt: Camilo has gained feelings for you and his family teases him while he's denying all of it, he's ends up getting really embarrassed and he says some pretty mean stuff about you to convince his family he doesn't, but unfortunately you overhear. 
don't worry! it's a happy ending :]
Tumblr media
Camilo routinely has certain chores, but as long as he does them, he generally likes to help anywhere around the village, up until now. He’d been having a slight schedule where he would exchange chores with his cousins and or helping the townspeople in a certain area to see her. Of course, his family got a tad bit suspicious but they didn’t seem to mind, thinking not much of it.
“ Oh, hola Y/N,” He says smiling smugly while waving slightly, “ Funny seeing around you here.” 
Y/N was walking back from the market with an empty basket  as she waved and greeted Camilo, “ Hola!” She smiled, “ I should be saying that to you, this is the route I always take after I drop off the fruits to my family's stand.”
“ Really? I didn’t even notice ‘cause I’m usually helping around these areas, “ He lied, “ Mirabel has been wanting to exchange chores, so as a her best primo, I’m always there to help her.” he continues to boast, trying to impress Y/N
Y/N raised an eyebrow and smiled softly before laughing a bit, and Camilo turning a bit flustered, worried about what he had just said. 
Y/N and Camilo had been friends for quite a bit, but only up until now has he started to gain feelings for her.
“ We should hang out more once we actually stop messing around and finish all of our chores though.” She suggested.
“ Uh, Sure!—” Camilo says before stopping, “ I mean, sure, sounds fun.”
Abruptly, Mirabel comes in running after Camilo to relay a message from his mother. “ Hola Y/N!— Camilo! Tia Pepa needs you, we’re cleaning out the house so she wants you to help clean out the living room with her.” Mirabel tells Camilo before panting a bit, “ Oh yeah, is there any important reason you wanted to switch chores? Just asking if you want to only temporarily exchange them.”
Camilo turned wide-eyed before lying, “ What do you mean? You wanted to switch?” He scoffed
“ What?—” Mirabel says before being cut off by Camilo.
“ Ah, whatever, bye Y/N! See you later!” He says while waving at Y/N before grabbing Mirabel at the shoulder to walk with him back to Casita. Y/N shrugs before walking the other way while Camilo looks back to make sure she wasn’t suspicious.
“ Camilo? What was that?” Mirabel says confused, becoming suspicious about Camilo. Her face turns from confused, to smug instantly, recognizing why.
“ Hm, it was as if you almost were trying to impress her back there, not to mention that you switched chores to see her.” She says in a sing-song tune whiling nudging Camilo, smiling smugly.
Camilo looks as Mirabel with a deadpanned look before rolling his eyes and scoffing, “ Sure...”
Mirabel, confused why her primo didn’t respond with something playful, shrugged it off before continuing to Casita.
“ Camilo! There you are!” Pepa exclaims with relief as she hands a couple of boxes to Camilo, signaling to bring them outside so they can dispose of them. Dolores was coming back in through the wide open doors after already helping her mother put some of the boxes outside before waving at Camilo. While he began to walk outside to put down the boxes, Mirabel decided to ask Dolores about Camilo.
“ Hey! Psst, Dolores! Have you noticed anything about Camilo?” She whispered.
Dolores paused before raising an eyebrow aa well as her eyes widening, “ Mhm, I didn’t notice before you asled me, but he’s been asking all of us to switch chores and his hands have been shaking a lot as well as his heartbeat; its been increasing." Dolores whispers back while touching her pointer finger to her lips.
They both stare at Camilo with smug looks as he came back in.
“ What?” He says confused as he noticed their strange smiles. Before the two girls could respond further, Y/N popped up behind Camilo with a basket of produce, “ Hola Camilo! My family wanted to gift these produce for the Madrigals for helping the village and us, we thank you dearly.” 
Camilo surprised, stuttered a bit before thanking her and putting all of the produce into a bowl and giving back the basket. Y/N thanked them once more before walking away.
“ What was that all about?” Mirabel asked.
“ Nothing? She just surprised me, I didn’t know she would be behind me.” He said while shrugging and picking up the bowl of produce.
“ Sure, so primo, any girl catch your eye?” Mirabel continued with a jokingly tune while pointing slightly with her head towards where Y/N ‘walked’ off too.
“ Girl? Ay, if you like anybody right now you better tell me mijo.” Pepa says concerned while grabbing his hand as a gray cloud began to form above her head.
“ No Mama, there's no girl, I don't know what Mirabel is talking about—”He responded trying to calm down his mother.
“ What about Y/N? I heard your heartbeat increase while talking to her.” Dolores added.
“ Now that I think about it, you have been switching chores in the areas where her family is either selling their produce or growing them.” Mirabel also added while slightly giggling and Dolores scoffed.
“ Camilo?!” Pepa’s said while the cloud around her head began to darkened.
“ I don’t—” Camilo says before Mirabel added once more, “ Your attitude has been also changing—”
“ I don’t like her! I don’t know why you keep on insisting it. I only switched chores so I get explore more and my heartbeat increased because she literally surprised me! She’s just another stupid girl and there’s nothing special about her!” He yelled out flustered, his face pink as he stood there huffing. His angered face quickly changed into a regretful one as he just realize what he said.
Surprised and a bit hurt, Dolores and Mirabel’s smiles turned into frowns before Mirabel apologizing. Pepa’s clouds vanished as she felt sorry for pressuring her own son on telling her his personal life.
“ I’m— I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to yell—” Camilo apologizes. 
Dolores was about to respond before she heard something fall onto the ground outside and running footsteps. Wide-eyed, she quickly walked to the open door too see who it was.
Camilo confused, still continued to apologize, “ I,” he says before breathing in and out, “ I do like her, and I just don’t know what to do. Y/N is just really amazing and kind, and after knowing her for a bit I just, I just don’t know.” he says embarrassed. Dolores turned back around with a worried expression, but just smiled and apologized to Camilo.
“ Ay mi vida, it’s alright. Whatever you do, as long as you follow your heart on what you think you should do, it will be fine.” Pepa says reassuring her son while cupping his face gently with her hands.
“ Primo, if you were more upfront about it, we wouldn’t mind or be as pushy about switching chores.” Mirabel smiles softly, “ You honestly should be yourself, she seems to like you a lot already.” 
The next day, Mirabel, Dolores, and his mother, Pepa, had convinced him the day before for him to confess and tell Y/N about how he feels after knowing each other for quite sometime. Abuela was notified about it and excused him of any chores that day. He breathes in, then out before exiting casita and heading to Y/N's house, which was quite a large house next to a farm where her family grows produce.
He took all the routes where Y/N would usually be doing her chores, at her parents market, the route she walking from before, but strangely, she wasn’t there. Camilo didn’t make a big deal about it and just focused on what he was going to say to Y/N, the girl he wanted to be with so desperately.
He got to her family's house and before knocking, he took another deep breath and paused there for a few seconds, listening to the chirps of the birds.
“ Hello?” Camilos said while the door opened.
“ Hm? Camilo! What’s a famous madrigal doing over here?" Y/N's father responded.
“ I’m here to see Y/N? “ He said while fidgeting with the ends of his ruana.
“ Oh! She’s over there, she’s probably just relaxing. After yesterday, she asked if she could be excused from her chores for a bit.” He says while pointing to a prairie past the field of crops.
Camilo thanked him and started walking while looking for the girl. He finally recognized her sitting under a tree reading a book.
“ Hola Y/N.” Camilo says softly while knocking on the tree, but Y/N didn’t give a response, not so much as hm or looking up to see who it is.
“ Y/N?” Camilo says while trying to grab her attention.
Y/N didn’t respond for a minute or two, it became quiet besides the rustling of the wind and the fidgeting of Camilo’s hand. Camilo broke the silence and asked once more, “ Y/N?—”
She sighed before taking a deep breathe, “ She’s just another stupid girl.” Y/N responds with an irritated tone.
“ What—?”
“ She’s just another stupid girl and there’s nothing special about her.” Y/N quoted, before looking up at Camilo with a bitter face.
Camilo instantly realized what she meant and his face turned pale, “ Y/N, that’s not what I meant—” He said worriedly.
“ Then what did you mean? That I’m dumb? Boring? Obnoxious? You know, you really could’ve just said it to my face.” Y/N said whiling huffing angrily, “ Or just at least stop being my friend.” She says before sniffing.
Y/N quickly looked down to wipe her nose and eyes before taking a deep, but shakily breath. They both didn’t say anything for a couple of minutes, and the only thing that Camilo heard were the sniffles of Y/N. Camilo, completely embarrassed and heartbroken about what she had heard, took a deep breath and sat at the opposite side of the tree where Y/N was sitting.
“ Y/N, I genuinely really didn’t mean those things, “ He said before pausing, “ But— But it doesn’t mean what I said was okay. I’m really sorry for those things and— and I actually came here to confess to you.” He says while laughing a bit nervously
Camilo waited for Y/N to respond, but she didn’t, her sniffles did stop though.
Camilo sighed before saying, “ You know, I’ve been exchanging chores with my cousins just to see you more often since we haven’t been able to hang out as much as before.” He scoffed, “ And I’ve also been acting different, if you didn’t notice, I was actually trying to impress you this whole time.”
Camilo got up and walked to the other side of the tree where he sat next to Y/N and continued, “ Again, I know what I said, and it was really stupid and dumb of me, and to be honest your, your the most amazing girl I’ve ever met. Everyday when I meet you, I just want to be around you forever, I just want to hold your hand and—” Before Camilo finished, Y/N kissed him on the cheek before resting her head on his shoulder.
Camilo super flustered and surprised, looked over to her where she just giggled softly. 
“ You know, you made me cry a lot, you owe me.” She said softly while fidgeting with her hands.
Camilo took a deep breathe and said, “ I know, Mi Vida, I know, and I owe you the world.” he proceeded to interrupt her hand fidgeting where he held hers.
“ So, I’d still like to hear your confession.” She says slyly
“ I— I think we shouldn’t,” He stutters while scratching the back of his neck.
“ Camilo, you owe me one.” She says sternly before Camilo sighed.
“ Y/N, I’ve been meaning to tell you this, and you’ve probably already noticed, but, I really like you. I don’t what else to really say since threes not enough words in a dictionary to even describe you, I love how caring you are, I love how funny you are, and I just genuinely love everything about you.” He says while stuttering here and there.
Y/N laughed while Camilo stood there embarrassed, wondering what was so funny about his confession, “ That was the most cheesiest confession ever.” Y/N laughed as Camilo’s face turned red, absolutely embarrassed, hid his face with his other hand.
“ Well, I didn’t know okay!” He responds defensively.
Y/N hugged Camilo, and Camilo hugged her tightly, not letting go, and they stood there just admiring each other and their company.
A/N: I hope you liked this! I apologize if this was bad or anything, I’ve never really written a fanfiction, but I have read a lot lol, if you want a continuation where they continue their relationship but have some struggles, I’d love to write a part 2!!
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prinzesunny · a month ago
Hey, I was wondering if you could do a Bruno madrigal x m! Reader. Like maybe they were lovers before he left and the reader mourned Over him for years. Then it’s like a reunion, erm, when Bruno returns the reader feels mixed emotions like anger and relief. Just a bit of angst at the start then fluff at the end. Thank you, have a nice evening/ morning.
I may have gotten a bit carried away with the angst parts 🥲
Tumblr media
It had been years since Bruno left, and Y/N still want handling it well
Its not easy to just get over a lover when they dissapear out of nowhere, telling nobody
The Madrigal family could tell the toll it took on him, as much as he tried to hide it
Y/N was less interactive with Pepa and Julieta, and the times he did talk to them he was withdrawn from the conversation
Instead he spent his time with Mirabel, Antonio and Camilo joining it sometimes
It was hard to grieve when the the whole town was built on the Madrigal family helping them with their gifts
The house he spent most of his day around now brought so much pain, finding himself subconsciously walking to Bruno's room only to remember he's not here anymore
The family would try to help in their own ways, though there was only so much they could do
All he could do was grieve now, it had been 10 years now with no sign of him
All that was left was Bruno's run down room and unlit door, and Mirabel, who Y/N swore to look after and try to protect from Abuela once Bruno left
It was hard to keep the secret about Bruno's vision about Mirabel, but being distanced from the family for 10 years makes it slightly easier
Until Bruno decides to come back
Y/N was already stressed, the magic was draining, Mirabel had run away after the house collapsed and he wasn't even allowed to help go look around for her
Instead he was stuck comforting the other kids while the other adults tried to sort out what they were going to do
Its not like he didn't want to make sure Antonio, Camilo and Dolores were okay, but Y/N would much rather be out there helping Mirabel
He felt like he was breaking a promise that only he knew about, but it still hurt, almost imagining Bruno the look on his face after hearing Y/N didnt protect her
It was really just a lot of sitting around and calling for Mirabel until they came back on a horse?
Where did they even get a horse from?
Y/N was relieved, heart slowing as he was about to put Antonio down, until he saw Bruno
It was like time froze, but in a conflicting way
Of course he was happy, Bruno was finally back, and his lover wasn't actually dead
But, Brunos back, after 10 years with no contact and he's suddenly on good terms with Alma?
Thank god he wasn't hurt, or dead, but could he really not have any contact with him? Or at most tell him when he left
It hurt even more finding about he'd been living in the walls the whole time. He was so close but there he had been, mourning only a few feet away from Bruno with no clue
With Y/N standing behind the family, it would take a bit of time to notice him
For Bruno it took Mirabel running over to Y/N for him to notice, a little embarrassed that it took him so long to notice his own lover was there
Mirabel only let go when Bruno was near, giving him the space to also crush Y/N in a hug, the tears threatening to spill over his eyes were very obvious, a few having already started trailing down his cheeks
"You're really back Bruno?" Y/N whispered while holding Bruno's face in his hands. Both just as emotional as the other, faces red and eyes swollen. "You're not going to leave me right after this again are you?"
"I'm sorry I didn't want to, I just wanted to protect Mirabel from Alma but I guess it didn't work" Bruno's eyes cast down to the floor as he focused on Y/N's thumbs rubbing his now red and slightly puffy cheeks.
"You know you couldn't do anything, as much as I tried too she got through to Mirabel, now just hold me here for a while please."
"I can do that."
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druigswhores · 13 days ago
gold rush | 5
Tumblr media
pairing: druig x eternal!reader
summary: in which druig found himself falling for the gentle soul who was also known as the goddess of human love and flowers.
warnings: this series will include major spoilers for eternals. angst, descriptions of blood and injuries, slight fluff.
word count: 3.6k
a/n: sorry for going afk for a month :( I’ve had writers block and have been struggling with a lot lately </3 I’ll try get chapters out whenever I can! not spell checked so I’ll probably rewrite this later on
masterlist - series masterlist
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
Flames enveloped their homes.
She could practically feel heat flicker against her skin almost as if she stood next to the flames. It was torture. To hear the screams of pain, to hear the people she promised to protect die in pain, die fighting with one another.
It wasn’t her battle, she reminded herself about Ajax's words.
It was years later since she had returned to her family, once again defeating deviants side by side with those she loved.
Phastos with his powerful wit and even stronger dedication to help others.
Thena and her fierce determination, the only Eternal to truly listen to her thoughts and self doubt when no one else would.
Gilgamesh who was created to defend and protect, the same person she’d go to when she wanted a shoulder to lay on.
Sprite with her energetic personality that could fill a room with laughter.
Kingo and his strong sense of self confidence, who helped her find something similar within herself.
Ajax, the only eternal to have the ability to not only heal the body, but heal the mind with her soothing words and comforting embrace.
Sweet Makkari, who can run faster than the speed of sound but would slow down to be with the people she loves.
Ikaris, who although made it difficult to get to know him, made up for it with his unwavering faith and loyalty towards those he cared for.
Sersi who managed to turn Ikaris’ heart from stone into gold without her powers of matter manipulation.
And Druig.
Heavens, she could talk about him for hours.
He was like a storm, unexpected, loud. Falling for him was as if falling from the skies until your bones crushed and she hated it. The aching need in her soul to feel his touch, clutching onto the feeling she felt of their fingers intertwined on that starry night hundreds of years ago.
How she hesitated to let go, to pull away from him. She was drawn to him and couldn’t do anything to stop it.
“Where are the others?” Ajax questioned the few Eternals that surrounded her whilst Makkari and Thena made their way to the group.
A handful of Eternals were scattered across the globe, in an attempt to wipe out the remaining deviants that prowled the earth. The forest they currently stood in was illuminated by the flickering flames of the buildings nearby, muffled sounds of pain and death as she attempted to focus on the people in front of her.
It’s just a forest, she thought.
It should be the place she’d feel the most herself given her abilities with nature but she couldn’t help the need to go to the villagers and help them, it was as if she had an itch she couldn’t scratch, it took everything in her power to stop her from helping those who needed her help.
She watched helplessly as they massacred one another, sounds of bullets cutting through the air before piercing someone’s flesh. The smell of death continued to strengthen as flesh was torn, blood splattered onto the ground and was soaked up by the dirt. She swore she felt the forest around her cry out helplessly begging for her to stop the damage that had been done as if the forest itself had been wounded.
She had built a bond with the very Earth she stood on, becoming one with the oceans, skies, and the roots in the ground that held onto the trees tightly, keeping them grounded. She’d continue to longingly look at the crowd, unable to heal the feeling of her heart being torn into two, the goddess of human love reduced to nothing.
She had failed them.
She had failed the little girl she’d sworn to protect the first time she stood on this very earth.
She hadn’t realised she wasn’t the only eternal to feel the same way.
“This isn’t war, it’s genocide!” Druig spat out in anger, fingers curled into a fist as he attempted to contain his emotions.
“Their weapons have become too deadly.” Druig paused, glancing at Phastos before continuing his rant, shrugging off Ajax’s grip on his arm. “Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea helping them advance.” Druig suggested, wanting to pinpoint the blame on someone. He glanced at every Eternal that listened to his words, cautiously avoiding her gaze.
He had to blame something, someone. Because it wasn’t fair, it wasn’t fair to him to have the abilities to stop the brutal murders from occurring, only to be instructed to sit back and watch mankind kill themselves.
He mourned, he mourned those who had already been killed and those who soon will be, simply because he couldn’t save them. Druig’s grief weighed down on his shoulders, within a blink of an eye he could have all these people under his will, there would be no more fighting, no more war.
No more killing.
It trapped him, he hated feeling helpless. He despised knowing he had the power to solve everything but couldn’t, why would Arishem force him to experience such torture?
She stayed silent as the two bickered, incapable of staring at anything but the massacre in front of her.
When will all the killing end? She thought.
“It’s too late.” Thena interrupted, voice lacking emotion.
“Thena?” She reached out to grab Thena’s hand to gain her attention, standing beside the Eternal.
“You okay?” She asked, softly.
“Everyone is going to die.” Thena’s monotonous voice stated.
Thena’s eyes flickered a shade of gold before turning white, she could barely acknowledge the weapon Thena conjured until it was aimed at her. Blade piercing into her skin without warning, she gasped in shock, clutching her open wound as she felt her clothes soak up the blood that began to seep through.
Thena twisted the weapon in her hand, once again aiming for the Eternal. Within seconds the injured Eternal found herself laying on the ground, far away from the group. Makkari gently laid her down in a way to avoid the wound before speeding away back to stop Thena from hurting the rest of the group. She winced as she put pressure on the bloodied wound, attempting to sit up as she heard hurried footsteps make their way towards her, Sersi had rushed her way towards the Eternal and helped her up as Ajax attempted to stop Thena.
It was sudden. The blade that went through Ajax before Gilgamesh appeared.
He was the only one that would be able to put up a fight with her. If Thena was created to destroy, then Gilgamesh was created to protect. They kept each other in balance, matching the other’s moves perfectly, always in harmony.
If people were truly destined to be with another person, names written in the stars before you were ever born. Then Thena and Gilgamesh must’ve been the product of that, soulmates.
Made for one another.
Ajax hurriedly made her way towards the injured Eternals, attempting to heal them before more became injured. She graciously thanked Ajax as she felt her wound heal itself. If it wasn’t for the blood on her clothes, no one would’ve known she had just been stabbed.
“Are they okay?” Kingo breathed out, exhausted from the running as he made his way to the trio. Ajax nodded in response before their attention made its way back to the couple.
“Thena please, come back to us.” Gilgamesh begged. She could just about hear, before the fight continued once again, the glow of Thena’s weapons illuminated the small section of the forest that they stood in.
A loud thud was heard before Thena fell to the ground.
It was a while later, the Eternals found themselves surrounded by a table that Thena laid on, staring at the Eternal in grief.
Almost as if they were mourning, grieving for someone who is still here.
They waited anxiously for her to regain consciousness.
“I thought Mahd Wy’ry was a myth.” Sersi whispered after Ajax explained what had happened to Thena.
She was leaning against the wall, next to Druig who stood with his arms crossed, a stoic impression on his face as he listened to the conversation. She knew that although he hadn’t said anything, his mind must be racing. Ajax continued to heal the rest of the Eternals from the injuries that were just obtained.
“There is no cure, so no one really talks about it.” Phastos explained, glancing back at Thena despairingly.
Seconds later, Thena awoke.
“What happened?” She croaked.
“Thena, you attacked everyone.” Ajax began, cautiously approaching Thena.
The quieter Eternal spoke up from beside Druig.
“You wounded Phastos and I, and nearly killed Makkari.” She explained softly before Ajax continued to speak, looking at Thena apologetically.
Thena looked around, panicked. Her eyes fell to the way Phastos clutched the side of his torso where the injury was, she could see the blood on his clothes as well as Makkaris, shaking her head in disbelief.
“I don’t- I don’t remember.”
“You have Mahd Wy’ry, your mind is fracturing under the weight of your memories.” Ajax paused briefly, laying a hand on Thena’s shoulder in an attempt to comfort her.
“All I can do is erase them so that you can start over. I will have to inform Arishem and take you back to the ship where we have the technology to help you.” She continued, voice softening as she explained the process.
Makkari interrupted, stating that Thena wouldn’t be herself anymore if that happened.
“What if it happens again? She could’ve killed you, she could’ve killed all of us.” Kingo argued, recalling how just an hour ago a majority of the Eternals were injured and bleeding at the hands of Thena.
“Please.” Thena begged.
“Please, I- I want to remember, I want to remember my life.” She pleaded, eyes glistening with the tears that began to fall.
As Ajax continued to comfort Thena, she couldn’t help but let her eyes gaze outside, the flames that still burned, hours later. It was difficult for her to tune out the cries for help from the villagers below.
She recalled Ajax’s words from years ago.
“Their fate is now in your hands.”
How can they let the humans continue to kill each other? they were brought to Earth to protect them. She suddenly recalled the conversation she had with Druig weeks ago.
“According to Sprite, they’ve now begun to call me the Goddess of human love and flowers.” She let out a laugh. Druig stood beside her, amusement written on his face as she created flower crowns without using her abilities. She sat against the window of the Domo on the ledge beside it.
He watched as her fingers fumbled with the flowers before taking one out of her grasp, she jokingly rolled her eyes in return, shaking her head.
“They’ve begun to call you Antheia, you know.” He chuckled softly, ocean blue eyes staring out of the window, admiring the view below the domo whilst gently twirling the stem in between his calloused fingers.
She was in awe of his every move, breathing him in as if she’d blink and he’d suddenly disappear. Her eyes fell to his hands remembering the way his hand moulded into hers when their fingers intertwined on that unforgettable night.
She yearned to reach out and hold his hand once more, rushing to move her gaze to somewhere else as she realized he had said something.
“What?” She questioned “But that’s not even close to my true name?” Gazing at him in confusion, eyebrows furrowed as she watched his fingers brush against the individual petals.
She watched as he carefully traced the edges of the petals, so gentle that one wouldn’t assume that he is the same Eternal that can control the minds of thousands.
“It means flower, my love. Personally I think it’s quite fitting.” He paused, handing the flower to her, fingers grazing against her own, an unreadable expression on his face.
“Wouldn’t you agree?”
Druig suddenly spoke, snapping her out of her thoughts.
“Why should she trust you?” He questioned, beginning to make this way to the doorway. “You’re asking her to let you erase who she is.”
“Druig, I know you’re upset but-” Ajax was cut off.
“Upset?” He spat out in disbelief, she glanced at the two, wondering whether she should intervene.
“We’ve trusted you for 7,000 years and look where you’ve gotten us.” He exclaimed.
The Eternals watched in silence, wondering what was about to occur.
“I’ve watched humans destroy each other when I could stop it all in a heartbeat. Do you know what that does to someone after centuries?”
Yes, she wanted to answer.
“Could our mission have been a mistake? Are we really helping these people build a better world?” Druig questioned.
She saw tears escape from his eyes before he quickly turned away to face the outside, the flames continued to burn as humans continued to kill each other. The distant sounds of helpless screaming became deafening as the room fell into silence.
“We’re just like the soldiers down there.” Druig scoffed, back facing the rest of the Eternals.
“Pawns to their leaders, blinded by loyalty.”
“It ends now.” Druig demanded.
Within seconds the screaming stopped, she could just about hear the sound of metal dropping onto the ground as the soldiers silenced.
Then Druig was forcefully pushed against the wall by Ikaris, not phased by his Ikaris’ anger.
“Let them go.” Ikaris demanded.
“You’re going to have to make me.” Druig cockily responded.
“Druig’s right.” She whispered, causing all eyes to fall on her.
“What?” Ikaris questioned in disbelief.
She made her way towards the doorway, glancing at Ajax.
“The day we arrived here you told me something I never forgot. That their fate is in our hands now.” She pointed at the people below in emphasis.
“Since then I’ve wondered, if their fate is in our hands why are we told to sit still and watch as they kill one another?” She questioned, voice wavering as she swallowed her emotions, she couldn’t allow herself to cry now.
“How can you instruct us to be idle as humanity destroys itself? Maybe we aren’t the heroes we’ve been painted out to be.” She concluded, anxiously glancing around the room to see her family look at her in disbelief, in disappointment.
The tears began to fall.
Ikaris towered over Druig, hands balled into a fist before Ajax interrupted.
“Stop.” Ajax demanded, pulling Ikaris’ hand off Druig, Ikaris backed off, walking away from Druig.
“If you want to stop me, you’re going to have to kill me.” Druig announced stoically, before turning his back on the Eternals and walking down the steps and away from the rest of the Eternals. The villagers waited for him at the end of the steps, parting for him as he made his way through the crowd, before following him into the depths of the forest.
She held her breath as she watched him walk away, unable to pull her eyes away until his figure disappeared in the distance, glancing back at the rest of the Eternals she let out a shaky breath, hands trembling as she realised what had happened.
Druig is gone.
He left.
She couldn’t bring herself to move her body, she wanted to leave, to follow him, her body stuck in the place near the doorway. Half inside the room and the other outside of the doorway her arm brushing against Ajax’s as Ajax made her way to the centre of the room.
“I’ll watch over Thena, let her keep her memories.” Gilgamesh decided.
“One day when she attacks you, you might have to kill her.” Ajax simply stated. Gilgamesh glanced over at Thena, eyes gazing into her own, smiling softly before looking back at Ajax.
“We’ll take that chance.”
There was a somber pause in the room, the sounds of the flames from outside could be heard as the room stood in silence.
“You may all go.” Ajax pronounced, causing all eyes to look at her in disbelief.
“The deviants are gone, there is no reason for you to stay with me.”
“Shouldn’t you ask Arishem first?” Ikaris intervened.
“I didn’t ask you for your advice, Ikaris.” Ajax interrupted.
Ajax glanced around the room solemnly.
“This is where we say goodbye, you are free to go and live a life for yourselves, not as soldiers.”
“One day, when we see each other again, I want you to tell me what you’ve found.” Ajax admitted softly.
She couldn’t tell how long she’s been treading for.
It must’ve been a while, she assumed, due to the ache in her legs, but she couldn’t stop.
As soon as the rest of the Eternals parted ways she found herself aimlessly walking, stuck in the thoughts in her head as she made her way through the forest.
Her family was split up.
She was free to live her own life, no longer a soldier who’s self-worth depended on her special abilities.
She replayed the moments in her head, forcing herself to relive the moment the Eternals split up and Druig left.
Forcing herself to remember the disappointment written on their faces as she agreed to what Druig had said, she had only said how she felt yet they were disappointed in her.
She hadn’t realized she’d stumble upon the same villagers Druig walked away with, glancing up in confusion as she had bumped into someone. In front of her was a crowd, a crowd that were eerily silent, navigating their way through the forest in the dark with ease.
“Druig…” she muttered in realisation, attempting to force herself through the crowd to get to the front, she had to see him. She grunted as she pushed past the crowds, wanting to apologise for shoving past only to realise they wouldn’t hear as she recognised the gold glow of their eyes.
“Druig!” She called out as she saw his figure in the sea of bodies, he froze, which allowed her to make her way to him. Druig turned as he heard her footsteps rushing towards him, he could recognise her just by the way she walked towards him.
She was exhausted, wanting nothing more but to lay down, but she forced herself to sped up as Druig made his way towards her.
She fell into his arms, body giving up due to exhaustion, body pressed against his own as he held her up.
Druig sighed in relief as his arms wrapped around her torso, eyes closed, resting his chin at the top of her head. She felt his arms tighten around her as he let out another shaky breath. She opened her mouth to speak only for the words to get stuck in her throat, he hesitantly pulled away from her to take a look at her, waiting for her to say what’s on her mind.
He couldn’t believe she was with him, she made her way to him, even after what had happened.
“You can't just- it wasn’t fair for you-” she stumbled upon her words, he nodded, unable to stop the smile appearing on his face as she stumbled over her words, pulling her back in for another embrace.
“I know.” He responded, nodding his head in response to what she had tried to say.
“I don’t think there’s anywhere I’d rather be, other than by your side.” She confessed.
Druig felt his heart stutter in his chest, wondering whether she could’ve heard his heart skip a beat as she pressed her cheek against his chest.
He wondered whether her lips tasted as sweet as the words she had just spoken to him were. He felt dizzy as he leaned away from her, watching the frown form on her face before he gently held her face in the palms of his hands, pulling her face closer towards his. Her eyes fluttered shut in realisation, he could just about see the skin beneath his fingers turn a shade of pink.
She felt his lips hesitantly hover over her own causing her patience to disappear, leaning up, hands on his shoulders for balance, before pressing her lips against his own.
Druig felt a weight lifted off his shoulders, he felt drunk, intoxicated by the taste of her. The feeling of her body pressed up against his, and god did he want more, he wanted it all, he wanted her. Every touch, every kiss healed him, he felt as though she healed every broken part of him, every part that had weighed him down, made him doubt himself.
Her lips were soft against his own, Druig lost himself in the taste of her, wanting more and more until he got sick of it. But as he felt her arms wrap around her neck to pull him he knew he never would.
He poured everything he wanted to say in the kiss, all the words that got lost in translation, everything he wanted to say but couldn’t, he poured his soul into the kiss, wanting her to know how enamored he is by her.
She’s waited centuries for this, for him.
The man she had spent hundreds of years in love with, finally in her arms. She felt as though it was a dream, she’d wake up and be in the Domo, still pining over the Eternal she believed didn’t love her back.
“Wait-“ she paused, pulling away from him.
His brows furrowed in confusion as she stepped out of his arms, following her gaze that was pointed towards the villagers that stood around them. To her relief she could see the gold in their irises.
“C’mon, let’s go home.” He offered her his hand to which she took gratefully, the two making their way through the forest together, hand in hand, as the villagers followed them into the depths of the amazon forest.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
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naensut · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Well, here comes the angst train.
If you came here looking for subtlety, you're in the wrong place. I’m a simple gal. I see potential for angst. I draw. This here is definitely for the Bruno stays au. A few artists have already done their rendition of this hypothetical heart-breaking scene so I thought I’d jump in and do my own version.
Wow, they really do have so much trauma, it’s unreal...
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acewithapaintbrush · 9 days ago
I know it is canon that Pedro died back then.
But even after watching Encanto the first time I found it noticeable that we never really see what ultimately happens to him.
Yes, we see him walking up to those soldiers but then we immediately see Alma do her light show and then the hills grow and cut her off from the river and she looks at that closing gap almost like she hopes to see him.
Now, imagine!
Imagine a Pedro, hurt, almost dead, but surviving, somehow escaping their pursuers through his own kinda miracle.
Imagine his recovery being long and hard, not quite knowing what happened but knowing that the path is gone, and knowing that his Alma would have come looking for him if she was still alive.
So they must be dead.
Imagine him growing old and mourning his family, going to that river every year to pay his respect.
Imagine him 50 years after that fateful night, going back to that river and there is the path again, a gap in the hills.
Imagine him walking into the valley, finding a beautiful little village, a kind of place his Alma and him have always dreamed of finding after their escape.
Imagine him meeting people and them telling him about a magical family that lives there.
Familia Madrigal.
Imagine him hobbling up to that house, his walking stick in his hand, sweat on his brow, heart racing.
Imagine him reach that house and seeing...
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peppermint-joys · 13 days ago
Being Bruno’s Child Would Include… Pt. III
Tumblr media
I swear I have a problem all of my headcanons turnout way longer than planned. Takes place before the movie. The reader’s age ranges from 8-9. Stay tuned for part four, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Trying to finish this in a total of five parts.
Parts: 1 2 3 4
Tag list: @jayleneblack @zzzzzzzzzzoom @bozowrites @meyocoko @dog-cats-fandoms @thebadasssass @justagurlintheworld99999999 (I guess if you want to be tagged ask in the comments?)
At eight, you had a better handle on your gift. Due to all of your hard work, you were able to focus it so you could direct yourself to specific events in people’s pasts. With such control came the ability to take others with you into your visions.
It happened for the first time when you were eight 1/2. Mirabel was crying. In an attempt to comfort her, you took her hands, asking her to tell you about the funniest thing that had happened that week.
In an instant, you were watching your primo Camilo attempt to prank Isabel and the Guzmán boy, only to be caught half through the act. Managing to ruin their date but still be caught. It was startling hearing Mirabel laughing beside you, still holding one of your hands. You realised then that you could bring others with you.
When Abuela learned, your gift could be used for good as you finally had enough control over it. She put you to work. You were useful, at last.
You still felt uncomfortable around people and were somewhat fearful of others' touch. Nonetheless, you were made to take people by the hand and bring them back to their past; show them they’re happiest days, funny moments, and childhood memories long forgotten.
You were obligated as Madrigal to serve the community, even at the expense of your personal boundaries.
It angered Bruno to see you made uncomfortable.
There was greater sympathy or you, Encanto’s darling, with your gift. You could only show people what had been. Things were what were and you couldn’t be blamed. Although sometimes people would be upset you’d dig into the wrong memory, but you were eight. Mistakes happen.
You learned that while you dove into people’s past, while stuck in a trancelike state, your eyes would glow. The light stained your eyes, making them turquoise. Another thing to adapt to.
Fortunately, hopping into other’s past you had more chances of seeing your Pa. Unfortunately, he was always just out of focus, a background character in everyone’s history. Except for your family’s, but they rarely asked for you to take them back.
You asked Abuela once if she wanted to go back with you, but you must have miss stepped, mentioning her chance to see Abuelo again made her go tense. Her response was rather curt, “there is no time for reminiscing. Go get ready for dinner.”
In what little free time you had, you continued to search for more information about your Pa. You huddle up in your room, taking the time to recharge and organise what you’d learned. (I don’t think you realised what you were missing.)
Bruno watched you, unsure what you were doing sneaking around Casita, but he could see you drifting from the family. How you’d push away from Mira’s hugs, rejected invitations to walk with Isabela through town, and politely declined Antonio's invites to play. Instead, you spend time secluded in your room.
You were a child with the power to look into everyone’s past, except your own. Obsessed with the mystery of your own history.
It broke your dad all the more to see you fading over something. He couldn’t be quite sure what. The circles under your eyes from late nights reading, the flinches in response to human touch, the quiet and resigned speech.
Around the time you turned nine, you hit a roadblock. You had two small chests hidden beneath your bed. One with notes cataloging all the good of your father and another with all the bad. The bad greatly outnumbered the good, but you had hope.
Then a man named Javier Sánchez began coming to you for your gift.
You heard about the incident not long after it happened. There had been an accident. Javier’s partner sadly passed away. He came to you every day soon after asking, begging you to take them to their last moment with their partner.
In the early morning, the steady patter of rain outside calmed you. Breakfast was fluffy pan de yuca, warm arepa con quesito and steaming chocolate caliente en leche de coco. If only you could eat while back traveling. Day after day you were forced to watch as the two enjoyed boring conversation over breakfast until Javier's partner left. They would never be walking through the door again.
It wasn’t a problem at first, but then they started asking for viewings more and more frequently. Always the same thing. An event neither of you could change.
So you decided to no longer give them viewings. You as gently as possible refused, the next time they asked. Explaining that you could see how upset reliving the same memory was making them, their partner would want them to be happy.
Abuela was not happy when she heard you had turned someone away. She reminded you that as a Madrigal you had a responsibility to the community, to the family. All over dinner.
“Despite what you think, I'm a good kid. I’m a good kid,” you whispered to yourself. Your small fist gripped the fabric of the table cloth, as you tried to swallow the anger that you’d left on the back burner for so long. “I was helping them!” You loudly protested, startling most everyone at the table. You never raised your voice. “They were hurting themselves. I was helping. They were breaking. I was helping.” Hot tears stung at the corners of your eyes. “Not letting go of the past was preventing them from moving on. The longer a person lives in their past, the less time they have to just be. I helped them.”
“I hate my stupid gift.” You venomously hissed. However, this time your animosity was more directed at yourself.
Bruno watched and heard it all, his heart tearing to pieces.
You didn’t speak to anyone in the family for a month. Julieta argued with Alma until she agreed that you were done, for the time, taking people back. You stayed in your room, alone. The family would leave food outside your door. They never saw you take it but the plates were always found cleared in the morning.
Not letting go of the past was preventing them from moving on. Your own words echoed at the forefront of your mind. You stared at the two chests. letting go.
After a month, you emerged from your room. The family watched in shock. It was as if they’d seen a ghost as you walked by them. You wore a turquoise ruana. It matched your eyes. At the moment you looked the spitting image of your papa. Though Abuela always thought you did (but she never said). You walked past them all to the nursery where Mirabel and Antonio stood in the door.
“Do you… want to play pirates with me?” You asked, somewhat nervously. Antonio beamed, hugging you tight. Mirabel scooped the both of you up in a tight hug.
You were ready to move on from the past and enjoy some time in the present with your primos.
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