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馃幎 The beauty and the brawn do no wrong 馃幎
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Just thinking about how F茅lix encourages Pepa to feel her feelings and still warns her when her outbursts are about to hurt someone.
"You're tornado-ing the flowers, the flowers!" He doesn't tell her that her worrying will make the gift ceremony imperfect, he subtly says that she can worry, just not to ruin the flowers with the wind. (although, since the local botanist is in the house, it's not a big deal)
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"Pepi, amor, you're gonna get him all wet!" His only concern is to not get water everywhere, not to tell her not to be sad about their youngest son turning 5 so fast.
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"Abuela, get the umbrellas!" When Pepa is having a massive panic attack at their wedding, F茅lix doesn't mind the hurricane happening, just making sure that the ceremony can still go on without the rain soaking the Bibles or ruining her dress. And, of course, he describes it as a joyous day in the end.
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This doesn't limit him to when her mood affects others. He tries to flap away the snowstorm above her head when the cold is very clearly making her even more uncomfortable, even backing her up that Pepa's doing her best to calm down. "Yes >:(" He knows that her gift makes regular negative emotions even worse as she can be randomly soaked or freezing which is unbearable for her.
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F茅lix Madrigal is the best husband ever.
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Isabela from Encanto 馃鈥嶁檧锔
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isabela (modern version) 鉁煉
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Bruno鈥檚 room?? Analysis??? Theory? Headcanon?? Thingy???
Encanto Spoilers!!!
Okay, I promise this will get to Bruno鈥檚 room but for starters, I think I should talk about how the casita鈥檚 rooms are implied to work. Sorry but it鈥檚 important!!
In both the film and the concepts, it very much seems that the casita鈥檚 rooms reflect a combination of who their owners are to others, and who their owners want to be. We only see a small handful of rooms in the film but this is best seen in Isabela鈥檚 room, which is a perfect, flowery, empty room. There isn鈥檛 any furniture that we can really see besides her hanging bed, the rest is all for show, literally advertising how perfect she is with topiaries of herself making 鈥減erfect, practiced poses鈥. This is who she wants, and strives to be for others, but secretly worries that she is lacking in identity outside of what she portrays to others.
Tumblr media
Why is this important? Because her room changes with her. In 鈥淲hat Else Can I Do鈥 her entire room shifts and changes just as she does鈥 the more she explores herself and the freedom and passions she never knew she was capable of, the room grows more colorful and wild and more difficult to navigate with her.
The concepts for Luisa鈥檚 room were similar鈥 her room concepts consisted of various training areas with a secret room that led to an amusement park鈥 a place where she could just relax and be a kid, but that she felt the need to hide it from others to appear strong. Jared Bush also recently confirmed that Pepa鈥檚 room never had 鈥渁 place for her to let loose鈥, that that was 鈥減art of her problem鈥-- insinuating she鈥檚 been taught to compartmentalize and suppress her emotions instead of letting them go.
So now鈥 we talk about Bruno.
Tumblr media
So firstly. No way did Bruno鈥檚 room always look like鈥 that. Casita would have never given a five-year-old that room. And it logically doesn鈥檛 make sense!! We know from extra content that when Bruno first got his gift he was the 鈥済olden child鈥-- that people were impressed by his gift to see the future, it was only when they believed that he caused bad things to happen that they rejected him. Does Bruno鈥檚 room really reflect that golden child?
One thing I noticed was that the wood to Bruno鈥檚 room is鈥 hardwood. Underneath all that sand and rock is the remnants of the beginnings of a normal room. It seems like such an odd choice and detail to put there when the rest of the room is all built into natural surroundings. It looks like the remnants of a living space that鈥檚 just been covered up to the point of becoming unlivable. And when we examine the specific ways this room has become unlivable, it starts to paint a very interesting picture about Bruno and how he perceives himself.
So we know that over the years Bruno鈥檚 reputation has shifted from the 鈥渟tar child of the family鈥 to the Madrigal that no one talks about except in hushed whispers鈥 the one that people are afraid of and dislike. We know from implications as well as discussions from Jared Bush that Bruno had already started isolating himself long before leaving to protect Mirabel.
So what better way to isolate yourself than a literal mountain of spiraling stairs?
Tumblr media
They鈥檙e so impossibly long that it鈥檚 clearly meant to keep most sane people out (sorry Mirabel, it鈥檚 true). And we know he didn鈥檛 have a shortcut, he used the excuse of the tower having a lot of stairs as a reason to not live there. But again, and I can鈥檛 stress this enough, no way did casita give a five-year-old that amount of stairs (and in such a dangerous fashion!).
They鈥檙e there to keep people out. Now whether this is because Bruno just wants to avoid them and keep people away from him, whether this is to keep people from harassing him for visions, or maybe (and likely) a combination of both, isn鈥檛 explicitly stated. We know that Bruno鈥檚 visions can be both emotionally and physically exhausting and draining鈥 to the point of physical pain and weakness. It isn鈥檛 much of a surprise that he would want to avoid people asking for visions.
But personally? I think it was also out of a desire to protect people as well. He really starts to internalize this idea that he makes bad things happen, so the more he can avoid people, and the visions, the better. The more he hides away, the more a burden it all becomes, the longer and longer the stairs get.
They鈥檙e eventually disconnected completely from the door with an enormous gap. I think this was the last straw when Bruno broke the vision and left, and his door stopped glowing. It disconnected from the inner sanctum completely and the entire room disconnected from the casita. When Bruno disconnected from his family. When he rejected his gift, and with it, himself.
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Mirabel knows the casita to the point of even being able to understand its non-verbal communication like she would anyone else, and she seems shocked that it cannot help in Bruno鈥檚 room, implying that this isn鈥檛 the norm for the magical rooms. His room is cut off because he is cut off. And the deleted scene 鈥淐hores鈥 contributes to this idea. F茅lix says that 鈥渉is room turned all rotten and gross and Abuela was like 鈥榥o one is ever allowed in there again.鈥欌 We know that Alma forbids anyone from going into Bruno鈥檚 room because it鈥檚 鈥榦ff-limits鈥, and we can clearly see how dangerous and unstable the room has got, so this isn鈥檛 out of the realm of possibility for film canon either. Like Luisa said, his room is off-limits for a reason.
His room refused to let anyone find that vision.
Tumblr media
So after Mirabel risks her life to get to the inner part of Bruno鈥檚 room, we finally see these relief sculptures of Bruno on the walls. There鈥檚 no beating around the bush, they are terrifying. Empty eyes, blank expressions, gaping mouths. (And they pretty much prove that Bruno鈥檚 room didn鈥檛 look this way because they display the steps of his ritual, which Jared confirmed he invented himself later on after receiving his gift.) It鈥檚 a terrifying depiction of himself, meant to scare people away. He鈥檚 considered a curse, treated like the village bogeyman, and he鈥檚 clearly internalized these ideas about himself because his room reflects it so much here, in the same fashion that Isabela鈥檚 room flaunts the topiaries of her perfect posed stature.
But here鈥檚 something I have to mention. The designers did not simply pull this design out of thin air. It is heavily inspired by existing Colombian architecture鈥 specifically burial tombs. The Tierradentro tombs, located in the southwest region of the nation in the Inz谩 municipality, were made somewhere between 600 and 900 CE and served as a burial site for elite groups. Their structural and decorative features are entirely unique and not found anywhere else on Earth, and the geometrical patterns within them signify the individuals buried there.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So. Bruno鈥檚 room is based on an existing gravesite. That鈥檚 a lot to unpack.
Bruno feels that he, or at least the version of himself that his family wants from him, is dead. The star child. He had tried to cling to this idea, to be someone they could be proud of, but he just doesn鈥檛 know how. His family no longer understands him. He feels like a stranger who has replaced the person they used to love, who鈥檚 now buried in a literal tomb of self-doubt.
A tomb that Mirabel almost dies in because of how unstable and disconnected it has become. A tomb that follows an infinitely long spiral staircase up to a room filled with spiraling imagery鈥 all to find a man who truly has spiraled. And one who isn鈥檛 there because he is so terrified of hurting people.
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Bruno鈥檚 room looks the way it does because of his warped self-image that has become so twisted over the years. This internalized perception that he hurts people- that he causes these twists of fate- and while I think he knows on a logical level that this isn鈥檛 how his gift works, clearly doubt has infected the way he feels. We can see it in the way he treats Mirabel, wanting to push her away at first because he鈥檚 scared he鈥檒l somehow hurt her, refusing to do visions, refusing to help until she tells him that the family needs him. And that鈥檚 all he ever wanted, really.
Maybe his next room won鈥檛 have all those stairs.
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I wanted to take some time to give Mirabel her own door because I know technically the front door of Casita is her door but I mean she needs her own room right? So here鈥檚 her door! Can you catch all the family members on her door? (And yes ALL family members are on this door, even the fathers) 馃ゲ馃挅馃挅
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鈥淏less me now as you blessed us all those years ago鈥
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sleepy mirabel zzz
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Oldest Madrigal kids this, middle Madrigal kids that, the youngest siblings are all tooth rooting sweethearts. That is all.
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Have u guys noticed just how much the Encanto village adores Mirabel? Obviously the little kids flock to her in 鈥淭he Family Madrigal鈥 but you鈥檒l also notice that all the adults are happy to see her, super happy to join in her song (鈥淕randkid Roundup!鈥), and there鈥檚 that bit where the band just. tosses her an accordion. Like 鈥淔UCK YEA IT鈥橲 MIRABEL LET鈥橲 MAKE SOME MUSIC!鈥 The 鈥渘ot-special special鈥 was super awkward and rude but if you think about it, it does mean that this guy in the village thought to himself that Mirabel would probably be feeling bad today and she should get something special for herself to cheer her up. 鈥淲e don鈥檛 talk about Bruno鈥 unless Mirabel asks then we鈥檒l tell her whatever she wants to know. The last thing they all heard was that Mirabel might destroy the magic that鈥檚 been keeping us safe for years and then the Casita crumbles and mountains break and nobody even bats an eye they鈥檙e just like 鈥渨ell let鈥檚 go help them rebuild the house鈥 with not a single accusation that it could be Mirabel鈥檚 fault. After she disappears everyone is looking for her, apparently all night. Poor girl thinks she鈥檚 a useless disappointment but literally everyone in town thinks she鈥檚 the shit.
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I can assure you there is a fnaf comic coming but would you kindly divert your eyes to thsi lovely wife I would appreciate it if you could
This was part of a collab hosted by @ bethss_bubble on instagram, please give em some love!
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Madrigal triplets in the art style of TTS 鉁
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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imagine Mirabel finding a photo of you in Bruno鈥檚 room in the walls
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鈥淵eah, I always knew I wasn鈥檛 good enough for them. But I.. I love them a lot. Y鈥檏now?鈥
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I like how these former mean girls changed their hairstyle and look to reflect on how they changed for the better :)
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hi what about a camilo x reader (just gender neutral pronouns) where they haven't been acting too great like really stressed out, the whole family picks up on this and they've been like "no no im fine" but they come to casita the next day and it was the last straw they are so overworked and stressed out and they just need comfort
Tumblr media
i, too, have been feeling kinda stressed out馃槩馃槩馃槩
so much to do and so little time to accomplish them LMAO
then again it's pretty much my fault bc i kept procrastinating HAHAHAHAHAHA
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This whole week has been absolute hell for you. You've been running back and forth, gathering the tools and materials your parents needed and assisting them with their carpentry, through taking the exact measurements needed to build or repair the furnitures. It was hectic, you couldn't even stop to catch your breath during the day, the only time you were able to rest was during night time. But it still wasn't enough for you to regain your energy.
The Madrigal Family took notice of this though, especially Camilo, your lover. Everyday they'd ask you if you were okay, if you needed any help, but they would receive the same answer everytime.
"I'm fine, just helping out my family."
Another day went by, it's now Saturday. You woke up at 6am, hurriedly ate breakfast and started getting your chores done. Seems like even on a weekend, you wouldn't be getting any rest. Thankfully, it wasn't as busy as the previous days. There was still work, but things are going slower.
Your parents tasked you with taking a few boxes from Se帽or Reyes. Something about him needing them to repair whatever is inside those boxes, you were too tired to even get a full grasp of whatever they were saying.
As you pick up two of the boxes in your arms, a familiar voice calls out to you.
"(Name), amor!"
A small smile makes its' way to your lips, you don't even need to turn around to know who it is.
Camilo runs up next to you. And without another word, he carries the other two boxes on the ground.
"You don't have to, Camilo. It's a pretty long way back to my parents' workshop, you know."
The boy shakes his head, "It's okay, mi vida, I want to help you. You've been so busy the entire week. So have I, but don't you think you've been overworking yourself?"
You chuckle lightly at his words. "I'm alright, I promise. My mom says I just need to bring this over to them and I'm free to do whatever."
Your lover seems to brighten up at that. "Well? What're we waiting for? Let's get these to your parents, I've been aching to cuddle with you, mi cielito..." He whispers the last part, and your cheeks flush red at his words.
The walk back to your parents' workshop left you feeling... lightheaded. You brushed it off, thinking it was nothing.
"Thank you so much, (Name). You've been great help to us this whole week." Your mother says, placing a gentle kiss to your cheek. "And thank you as well, Camilo, for assisting them." She looks behind you, smiling warmly at your boyfriend.
Your dad comes out of a door, a wooden crate in hand. He had an apologetic look in his eyes as he approached you.
"(Name), lo siento... but do you think you could give this to Julieta? She really needs this."
You take the crate from his hands, it was a bit heavier than the boxes from earlier, but it's nothing you couldn't handle.
Your father gives you a few light pats on your shoulder. "Thank you again, (Name). After that, you can go do whatever now, I promise. Just come home before dinner time, okay?"
"Of course, papi. I'll see you later!"
With that, you and Camilo head to Casita. On the way there, you felt yourself getting dizzy. Each step you took made it worse, yet you refuse to tell your lover about it.
The moment you two step foot into his home, Julieta peeks out of the kitchen. Perfect timing. She walks towards the both of you, greeting you. You hand her the crate and the woman gratefully takes it. Talking about how she's been waiting for this for days, you couldn't understand it. It's as your hearing was muffled.
The lightheadedness that you were feeling gradually worsens, your knees buckle, dark spots cloud your vision and suddenly, everything fades to black.
Your eyes flutter open, squinting at the surroundings.
Camilo rushes to your side, "Mi amor, you're awake? Thank goodness..." He showers your face with kisses, and you try to push him off.
"What... happened?" You ask, rubbing an eye.
"You passed out. Ah! Tia made these for you. Eat, mi vida." The boy grabs the plate full of arepas, holding one to your lips. You take a bite out of it and he hands you a glass of water. "Camilo, I'm fine now." You reassure him, thought it doesn't seem to work.
"You said that a few hours ago, (name), look where that got you." He responds, pouting. "Let me spoil you with my love, yeah? You've been overworking yourself, you need to rest."
Your lover climbs on to the bed, his bed. You only realize now that you were in his room. He lays down next to you, pulling you closer.
"I'll get you home before your dinner time, don't worry. For now, let's just cuddle." Camilo whispers, pressing more kisses all over your face. The tickling sensation makes you giggle. You wrap your arms around him, burying your face into his shoulder.
How could you say no to him? He was right, after all. You really did need to take a rest.
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the grey circle is "songs that are masterpieces written by Lin-Manuel Miranda"
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Julieta Madrigal (Flightless AU)
Ah yes, the best overprotective helicopter mom 馃挋 I love Juli with all my heart and soul, but I found her dress in the film to be鈥ackluster, despite its practical design. So here I am, messing around again in the 鈥業鈥檓 just stealing concept art鈥 department :3 though it鈥檚 not shown here Julieta does still wear an apron in the kitchen, but it stays in the kitchen so she鈥檚 seen in her casual outfit a lot more often then we see in film. Agust铆n was the one to make and enforce this rule as to keep his beautiful wife from becoming overworked. When the apron is off, it means her gift is not open for use unless it鈥檚 an emergency (or Mirabel).
Jin Kim did a beautiful illustration for the art book. And though it was probably back when Julieta still had Pepa鈥檚 weather powers, I really like the skirt and frills. They also did this stunning portrait of our tired beauty which I took a huge amount of inspiration from 鉁
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I imagine Julieta was a striking beauty in her youth, what with her mothers jet black hair, matched to a pair of warm eyes and an gentle, soft-spoken disposition. Though she didn鈥檛 think much of herself growing up, half the village was easily vying for her affections at any given time. Which is why everyone was confused when she ended up falling head over heels for the goofiest boy in town 鈥 who ended up being her soulmate. Also the only boy in town who didn鈥檛 seem to care much about her wings, and cherished her heart more then anything else.
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hup1hty a day ago
Can I request a camilo x reader that's shy but like the family ALWAYs walks in when they cuddle, kiss, hug, or even in? Weird positions and the reader panics and starts trying to say they were like "*insert reader and family hugging*" "*Pepa comes in * *reader pushes him away quickly even though they were caught * " CAMILO W- W- WHY WOULD YOU KIDNAP ME *whole bunch of random excuses-*
Excuses For Loving You
a/n: guys omg its been alot more than a week since i last posted but i will finish my requests and then start writing for diff fandoms (such as marvel or hp or pjo) also this was request reminded me of the end of antman which was super cute lol :))) ty all for your patience!!
You were scooped up in your boyfriends arms, using Camilo's chest as a pillow. You felt happy lying there. You were about to rest your eyes when Antonio barged in, shouting something. Shocked, you pushed yourself up, and shoved Camilo away from you.
He tumbled off of his bed, and you yelled "Wow, I thought this was my bed! Why am I here???" You started to ramble on, in a fruitless attempt to lie about you not knowing how you got into Casita.
You were always quite shy, which was one of the reasons Camilo fell for you in the first place. And although he would never change anything about you, his shoulder was starting to hurt from falling off of his bed every time someone walked into his room. Your face would become flushed as someone entered, and you would try your best to cover up the 'evidence'.
---- unfinished ----
a/n pt 2: IM SO SORRY I DIDNTR FINISH THIS PROMPT!! i had no idea how to finish it and this has been in my drafts for a week or so. also: i now take requests for pjo, hoo, hp, marvel and others!! my school starts again in a week so posts will be even less frequent so sorry ab that!
so sorry i didnt finish this request!!
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