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Tumblr media
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hello! I have a ballerina character who becomes disabled. Its a huge blow to her because dance defined her life and now that she can't do it she basically has no sense of herself. In one scene she refuses to use her cane which causes her a lot of pain. By the end of the story, she hasn't developed a better attitude towards her disability and still misses ballet. As an abled person, I'm not a good judge for deciding if this depiction is ableist or not. I've considered if this is my story to tell or not, but I've decided to go ahead with it because I really love this character. Any thoughts?
Hey, anon! I’m no ballerina, but for much of my life I’ve been a competitive swimmer. There are a couple of things I’d like to look at in this ask.
First, why does your character ‘refuse’ to use her cane? Is another character(s) attempting to force her to use her cane? This might come across as a nitpick, and if I were in a situation where I’d decided not to use my cane, aware of the benefits and drawbacks of doing so, I’d not define it as refusal, particularly if I were newly disabled and still learning my limits-- this happens with many disabled people whose support needs change, and while getting used to new mobility aids. Additionally, if I’d made that decision for myself and someone attempted to make me use my cane (or make me not use my cane), be it a doctor or someone close to me, I’d be offended at their assuming my limits. 
Second, are there two separate statements in ‘she hasn’t developed a better attitude towards her disability’ and ‘still misses ballet’? Accepting one’s disability is not exclusive of missing past capabilities; I still deeply miss swimming, and I imagine that in a similar team/troupe environment, your character would also be spending a lot less time with friends she’d made during dance, another thing I personally miss about swim. Further, I’m leery of any statement made by an abled person about improving one’s outlook on disability; we don’t owe that to anyone, although it can be very freeing to oneself. 
However, an angry, bitter disabled character, with emphasis on their being fictional, is a tired trope. I know you’ve said you’ve decided to go ahead with this story regardless; I’d advise you to tread very carefully.
- Mod Teeth
Hi there! I'm going to chime in as well as I acquired my physical disability after an injury, and as someone who used to do recreational gymnastics (which I also had to quit due to a separate injury many years ago).
If she's in the early stages of living with her disability, the changes can be very jarring and I can understand why she might not use a helpful mobility aid initially due to being in denial about her ability, but as Mod Teeth said, keep in mind that this would be very short-lasting because pushing ourselves too far makes our limitations very painfully (literally) obvious and there's only so long we can put it off.
Since she still has a deep emotional connection to ballet and finds it intrinsic to her sense of self, I would be surprised if a character like this didn't find some way to participate in ballet or ballerina culture that better suited her ability. Lots of former athletes who've acquired disabilities return to the sport as coaches or mentors for their peers (for example, I had a former singer as a choir instructor who could no longer sing due to a throat surgery, but she still had plenty of passion for music and great knowledge to share). I imagine she would still maintain some type of connection like this to ballet, and it would definitely ease some of that initial hardship of acquiring a disability.
That said, I fully agree with Mod Teeth about the framing of her outlook on disability. I would really dislike any depiction of a character grieving their disability that featured abled characters judging them for their attitude or outlook. There's a grieving process involved, especially when a disability comes on very quickly as in the case of injuries, and sometimes it can take a while to sort through our feelings about it. But, in my experience, it's not very realistic for a character to never accept it or try to learn and grow--having a "negative" mindset is our prerogative, but it can be psychologically damaging over time, and lots of us consciously try to focus on the positive things to offset that in order to make our disability and mental health more manageable.
In terms of mitigating the harm this kind of depiction can do, I'd recommend including another disabled character somewhere in your story who is not depressed, self-loathing or bitter about being disabled. That would at least make it so that the only portrayal of a disabled person in this story doesn't cast us in a negative, hopeless light.
To be honest, I'm very, very wary of portrayals like the ones you've described in this ask. This is your story and you can do what you like with it, but please keep in mind, if you're writing to our blog with the aim of better understanding this kind of representation, that many disabled people would probably outright refuse to read or watch something with a disabled character like this and would consider it offensive.
As Mod Teeth said, please tread carefully, and understand that while it can be mitigated somewhat, a self-loathing disabled character who never grows is not a great story for abled people to be telling about us.
-Mod Faelan
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Since you're open for requests, how about a MC who cannot die no matter how much you try? The anime my sister was watching yesterday (I think it's Rezero or Re:zero, I'm not sure which one) had a character like this, apparently she comes back out of nowhere each time you kill her, no matter how. It's kinda creepy, but I think a MC like this would be very interesting!
MC Just Can't Be Killed! (Feat. The Demon Bros)
(Took some liberties on this one and tweaked it so MC just conveniently manages to escape with their life-)
He knew something was up the moment you first avoided being killed by Levi-
He thought it was dumb luck and pure chance that you could always talk your way out of things, or how you were always rescued by someone. But then he started getting suspicious.
How can you, a human, possibly survive so long? Not that he’d allow you do die while under his care, but even HE was impressed when you managed to bounce back from being clapped into the shadow realm by Belphie.
And then you just... kept narrowly escaping death. You crawled out of the jaws of Cerberus, completely unscathed. You tripped on a path (with Mammon) and went tumbling down a hill... and off a cliff. Yet when he went to get you, you were fine. You ate Solomon's cooking and lived to tell the tale.
What are you.... he demands answers...
Probably?? Doesn't notice for a REALLY long time how many brushes with death you've had. Literally thinks your survival is all thanks to his great supervision skills.
When in reality, he's sometimes the cause of a few of your mishaps. Like the other day, when he playfully tripped you on your way out, and thought he fucking murdered you.
And the time he let you help him advertise a shady 'youth potion', and a couple of demons thought you were part of a promotional sampling platter.
How you were still in one piece after all of this was beyond him but hey, he's not asking questions! As long as you're alive, Mammon is a-ok!
Though, he seriously wants to know how you survived that thing with Cerberus. Can you give a guy some tips on how to avoid teeth-induced puncture wounds?
What kind of infinity lives glitch are you exploiting and how did you implement it in real life-
Levi knows a hacker when he sees one and he's NOT letting you off the hook. The moment he realizes that you haven't died despite being manhandled in every sense of the word, he's watching you.
But also hella thankful?? He wouldn't know what to do if you ACTUALLY died.
It's probably because you're so amazing that you keep managing to do impossible stuff, huh? As expected of his best friend!
Still lowkey worried though, and tries convincing you that you're less likely to die if you just stay in his room with him all the time.
Inch resting....
Satan would definitely notice right away that you seem practically unkillable, considering how you walked away from every single brother completely unscathed.
You were a human, attending a school for demons, sometimes completely unsupervised, and you were STILL alive?? Yeah, some thorns me not adding up.
He would purposely lead you into dangerous situations, just to watch in awe as you get out of it without so much as a paper cut. Until he starts catching feelings, of course.
As interesting as it is to test out your lucky abilities, the anxiety that swells in Satan's chest when he sees you doing something dangerous is enough to make him want to protect you. Isn't it safer to just sit down and enjoy a good book?
Asmo literally tried putting you in Lucifer's way in the beginning so you'd get hurt, so he definitely notices how not hurt you are after a while.
But now that he loves you, all's well that ends well! He's sooo glad Lucifer didn't tear you apart like he thought he was going to! Mwah mwah, no hard feelings ❤️
Seriously though, how the hell are you managing that?? You keep being tricked into eating things they're poisonous to humans, and the most that happens to you is bad indigestion. And that time Asmo forgot the hot springs were too hot for you? Yeah, somehow you didn't die that time, either.
What were you made out of??? Were you secretly magical like Solomon and didn't tell anyone?? Or maybe you were super lucky???
Does that mean you're especially sturdy? If so, then maybe he could introduce you to a few "activities" that are bound to keep you out of trouble~
What have you been eating that's making you so sturdy?? Actually, what HAVEN'T you eaten at this point..? The fact that you didn't die after eating Solomon's cooking is enough to tell Beel that you might not need his protection.
Though, that doesn't stop him from following you around. Even if you miraculously bounce back every time, he's getting kind of worried for like.. your overall health?
At this point he's tempted to just zip you up in his jacket to keep you safe. You're like a danger magnet and it's giving him anxiety.
He doesn't mind your adventurous side, but can't you slow down a little? At least make sure he's with you when you decide to do something risky.
If he feeds you enough, you'll get tired and just want to rest. That'll keep you out of trouble. So get ready, because Beel's bringing over a ton of desserts from Madame Scream's.
Yeah uhhhhh he was fucking SHOOK when you came back from the dead after he clearly sent you to heaven with his bare hands??
So yeah. He's convinced you're unkillable for now. But as curious as he is to test those limits, he's realized that you're off limits as far as killing goes. And he might.. like you a little too much to try anything.
Just kidding. He makes it known that he likes you, and once you're comfortable with it, he'll make jokes about how you're immortal. Maybe you're a demon in disguise? Or an angel even?
Doesn't make it known, but he quietly watches over you to make sure you don't kill yourself through one of the millions of ways to die that the Devildom offers for free. Might not be the best bodyguard since he falls asleep all the time, but he's doing his best.
You know what would really keep you out of trouble? Napping with him. So every time you even think about something risky, he's dragging you off to the attic for some quality z's.
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Tumblr media
Featuring Chronic Pain/Illness
Making this list/post was and is pretty personal for me tbh. In my last rec post I know I vaguely mentioned that I was going through something personal that was really intense and pretty scary, I still am tbh, which is why my posts are infrequent. For those who are following me for my recommendation posts - I'm sorry for being a disappointment, but I can explain. The title of this post "featuring chronic pain/illness" may seem morbid, but I needed to make a list for myself first and everyone else who was looking for relatable fics to read. Now we're about to get personal: I'm not well. I have been going through the diagnosis process for debilitating chronic pain. I'm not gonna say any more than that, but the fics on this list have really helped me feel less alone, and whilst I don't have every single illness/issue featured in every fic on the list, I do have some of them. But basically I just wanted to share these, especially as there isn't a lot of representation of chronic pain/illness in the media and books let alone fandom and these fics took a long time and a lot of effort to find. I really hope they can help anyone going through smthn similar to me. To everyone else, please enjoy the list - the fics on here are all really great. 🤕💖🏥🙏🏻
little sicks by violethoure666: Rey and Ben have a good thing going. They meet up once a week to have filthy, casual sex. Everything is totally fine, until Rey gets sick. As Rey's life falls apart, Ben's role in it begins to change; as her control over her situation slips away, her desire for the kind of rough, painful sex that she and Ben bonded over slips away with it. Without that, does she have anything left to offer? (undiagnosed chronic illness)
i will hide you when it gets too much by @dankobah: Rey and Ben are roommates. Somehow they have managed to live in the same apartment with very limited face to face interaction - seriously they communicate over text. One day when Ben wakes up in extreme pain due to his Fibro, he hears Rey puking her guts out in the bathroom, worried ge decides to go check on her and see if he can help. Neanwhile Rey who's has CFS since high school, is struggling with flareups of excruciating period pain. What follows is the two of them trying to take care of themselves and each other, as they realise that they don't have to fight this alone. (Fibromialgia, ME/CFS, Endometriosis)
Hanging by a Moment by @crossingwinter: There are many things that Ben could have tolerated about his parents’ divorce. That his mother had finally had it with his father’s borderline illegal—or rather, as he liked to put it, borderline legal—company, the shady activities it covered that would doubtlessly end her political career if a reporter got hold of them; that his father had finally had it with the way his mother nags, because sure, he’d thought it was hot twenty years ago, but he is in fact an adult who can actually keep his shit together—all that he would have gotten. He’d have been wrecked, but he’d have gotten it. His dad leaving his mom for a nineteen-year-old gold-digger though, and his mother not even putting up a fight—that had caught him by surprise. (MS - Multiple Sclerosis)
Jumping Into The Deep End by AnneAnna: She's his Sugar Baby at Night, his niece and nephews' Nanny by Day, his wife in name to get better Health Insurance. But Rey and Ben are positive this won't get messy. (Diabetes)
Meet Me at the Pier by @impossiblefangirl0632: A commuter meet cute where Ben and Rey are both narcoleptics. Ben was diagnosed years ago but Rey is struggling to accept she even has a problem. She’s a student, she’s just tired, everything’s fine. Until it’s not. (Narcolepsy)
Pressure Point by vuas: After taking a hit in the parking lot after a kickboxing competition, Rey suffers a severe neck injury. She is assigned Dr Ren, a chiropractor to help with her pain. (chronic neck pain) -> this one's also pretty smutty but the rep is there for me
honey sweet (lips zipped) by lachesisgrimm (olga_theodora): Rey had always been good at keeping secrets. Considering her childhood, a husband was a fairly small secret to keep. (Diabetes)
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shionancientsblog · a year ago
100 followers event
I want to thank @katiesstuf for suggesting the mommy kink and to make Katsuki a subby boy. I hope I wrote it well
Tumblr media
Doctor's orders
What to do when your extremely dominating boyfriend gets injured and can't touch you?
You dominate him.
"Fu-ck! Agh! Please, no more…" it was sure a rare event hearing Katsuki, the number two prohero Dinamight, begging and crying so sweetly. You were enjoying your position upon him, legs straddled his lap as you rode him, milking him for everything he was worth.
"Please… I can- I can't cum anymore!" he begged, hands trashing on the sheets, grabbing the soft material in an attempt not to grab you. "Oh, come on darling~ Just one more, I know you can do it" you cooed sweetly, bouncing up and down his shaft without slowing down.
Let's have a quick recap…
Katsuki came home from the hospital with his hands completely bandaged, result of him overusing his quirk to win against a villain. The doctors have been pretty severe with him, imposing him to not make even a single explosion or he'll lose his hands.
His poor hands hurt everytime he tried to grab something, asking you to grab what he wanted; he was completely depending on you, and he was angry about it.
Poor boy couldn't even touch you.
To add more to his bad humour his back started hurting so much since that morning. So when you came back home from the groceries store you found him staring at the ceiling on your shared bed, arms crossed as he huffed annoyed with his nose. "Katsuki? You okay?" You asked, head peeking worried from the door "Back hurts. Can't move" he replied, adding a grunt at the end.
You knew this situation angered him to no limit, being cared for and cuddled like an infant was a sign of weakness to him. To be honest he never let you take care of him when he was feeling sick - not because he didn't love you or trusted you - but because he didn't want anyone to see him weak.
You thought this was a perfect timing for everything you couldn't do to him when he was sick.
"You want something in particular for dinner? It's my turn to cook this week" you asked sweetly. He grunted in annoyance but answered the question anyway "Soup. Make it spicy" you hummed happily. After some time you came back to your shared room and find that Katsuki didn't even sit up, probably his back was giving him more pain than you thought.
"Can you get up?" You asked entering in his field of view, he grunted and tried to get up earning a cracking sound coming from his back "Fuck…" he grunted again. You sighed sympathetically at his poor attempts, placing down his plate of soup and opening your arms to help him hoisting up, you filled the space behind his back with pillows to make him feel as comfortable as possible and feed him soup.
He felt so goddamn embarrassed...
You fed him soup, changed his clothes, massaged his back… in a few words you spoiled him like a little kid. He let out a chuckle as you delicately passed your palm through his dolorant back "What's so funny?" You asked "You look exactly like a nurse. A caring nurse with her unmoving patient" a sly smile painted on your lips as he finished the sentence.
You slided off his back and with a very pathetic excuse you got out of the room, searching frantically through stacks of boxes in the closet for what you wanted.
"I thought I put it here last time… Ah! There it is" you chirped not too loudly.
You held a pastel pink and white box with a little post-it on it signed, non the less, by Mina. She gave you that costume for your birthday and suggested with a wink to put it to good use when you wanted.
Also the post-it declared shamelessly her intentions, spelling "Have fun you two <3" with a big winking face on it.
"I'll never thought to say this in a near future but…Thanks a lot Mina"
You rushed to the bathroom and quickly changed yourself in that costume, before returning to your visibly bored boyfriend. You tiptoed quietly, adjusting the final touches of your costume and seated on his back "Took you long enough" he grumply protested "What did you have to pick that took all this time?"
"Take a guess~" you chirped, but still remaining vague. "Well if you want me to see you have to help me…miss nurse" he mocked, unknowing of the fact that you indeed wore a nurse costume.
You flipped him by the shoulders and his eyes threatened to blow out of his skull, resisting the urge to whistle for how sexy he found you. White thigh-high stockings with garters to kept them secured bitted the plush skin of your thighs, the pale pink uniform - clearly two sizes smaller than yours - accentuated every single curve of your body and the cutesy nurse hat on top of your head completed the picture.
Katsuki bit his lip to remain silent - afraid somehow to be caught red-handed - his body was way more honest than him though.
As you seated on his lower half you immediately felt his prominent bulge poking at your inner thigh. You chuckled at his reddening face, caressing his cheek as you spoke "Like what you see?" he nodded, unable to find any comprehensible words "Very well then. Tell me where it hurts~"
"Hah?" he breathed out, the usual scowl returning to his face. You smiled wider and pinched his nipple, chuckling when he winced "I asked: tell me where it hurts, baby boy" you repeated sultry sweet.
He grinned hungrily and licked one of his fang-looking tooth "My little friend down there hurts so much. Can you help me?" he asked with a fake childish tone.
You ran your hand down his pecs and abs, stopping midway; you gave your boyfriend a glance, enjoying the way his breath hitched and his cheeks flushed. "You're way too pretentious Katsuki" you said awfully sweet, earning an annoyed - and expecting - glare from the blonde "Good boys need to earn their prize…"
He watched you wide eyed as you hoisted yourself slightly and slided off your silky white panties. As he raised his hands to your hips you slapped them away and raised two fingers in his face "Let's settle two rules. First: you can't touch me…" you inched closer, hovering over his head "Second: If you want to be pleased you'll have to call me mommy"
Before he could protest you had already lowered down on his mouth, his hot breath caressed your folds and clit making you shiver with anticipation. He wasted no time, lapping at your cunny with such dedication; he sucked at your clit and made you moan, your tongue rolled out from all the pleasure.
In the meantime you lowered his pants and boxers, letting his fiery manliness bounce free. You touched the tip with feathery touches before grabbing at the base of it with force and stroking it, earning a groan from underneath you. Your free hand grabbed a fistful of his hair before you came on his face.
You raised from him and seated back into his lap, admiring his bashful expression, his chest going up and down to regain his breath; his tongue lapped at the juices left on the corners of his mouth.
"Are you ready to go straight to heaven, my little boy?" you asked, your pussy positioned just above his member "I'll let slide the no touching rule, but never - not even in a million years - you'll hear me beg or call you mommy" he replied with his signature scowl.
"We'll see that…"
You fell down on his member harshly, making the blonde groan at the sensation of your velvety walls around him. You started bouncing up and down his cock at a slow pace, making it hard for him to stay controlled. He gripped at the sheets with force, whining afterwards for the pain he caused himself.
"Fuck! Go faster…" he breathed out shakily, you smiled wickedly raising up each time he tried to push up his hips "What's the magic word~?"
"Hell no! Like fuck I'm gonna beg you" he remained on his idea, he sure was such an hard head. "Fine then" you stopped, grinding oh so slightly your hips and enjoying the way he started to tear up in frustration.
"Come on, Katsuki. It's just two words you can do that" you indulged with a honey coated voice. To be honest Katsuki was enjoying this experience too, he loved seeing you dominating his bratty and arsh side, probing him what he wanted.
"Fucking… fine!" he yelled, face so red and tears streaming on his cheeks.
"Please…" he whispered embarrassed "Please what, darling? I can't hear you ~" you inched closer with a smug grin on your lips "I said please…" he tried again, your walls tightening around him were making him go crazy. "Come on, sweetie. You can do it"
"Please mommy, go faster. I beg you, milk my cock. Let me cum inside your heavenly pussy, please. I can't… I can't stand to be teased so much" he pleaded, his pride reduced to bits "See? I told you it was easy" you said mockingly before moving again at fast peace, making Katsuki scream in pure pleasure.
You made him cum once. Twice. Thrice. At the fourth time he was a babbling mess with his tongue lolled out of his mouth in bliss. At the fifth time he was begging you to stop, that he couldn't cum more than that.
"Come on, one more. I know you can do it" you spelled sultry. His mind was dizzy and his dignity was in crumbles as he begged you one last time "Mommy I'm gonna - gonna cum! Oh, fuck! I'm gonna cum so hard!" he yelled at the top of his poor lungs.
"Do it. Cum for mommy" you ordered and with a strangled whine he painted your walls white before you collapsed on him, tired of your own performance.
"I changed my mind: you're one hell of a nurse" he exalted as you cleaned his face from the tears "But you love me for that too" you giggled poking his nose.
Katsuki grinned from hear to hear with a wild smile
"Hell yeah I do"
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its-me-im-coraline · 11 months ago
Little Puppet // Ethan Torchio, Damiano David
words // 4261, i have never written this much in one go my whole life, holy shit
warnings // smut, degradation, sub!reader, name calling (ya know, slut and stuff like that), threesome, oral, no explicit mention of protection, but obvi that's not how it should go in real life, anyways.... thats all i can think right now. has not been proofread
pairing // Ethan Torchio x F!Reader x Damiano David (leaning more to Ethan)
author's note // if you want to be on the tag list let me know. im going with female reader cause that's how it was requested. here's the smut playlist, def listen to it when you get to the smut part, or the whole time, whatever you want. thanks to anyone who adds songs to the playlist 💘
i feel like i cpupve made it kinkier but at 1 am and with over 4000 words i was a little tired to do that.
request // yes, here
summary // Ethan can not stop thinking of sharing his fwb with his bandmate, Damiano. A thought sparked from a random drunk conversation he had with his best friend will end up with them both pleasing Reader to tears
Tumblr media
Experimenting in the bedroom was nothing unusual for Ethan and Y/N. The two had known each other for quite a while, overtaken by attraction but neither was ready for a relationship. Instead the pair opted for a slightly different compromise, one that had no name, no label, for now. While neither had the intention of an actual romantic partnership, it never stopped them from being loving and affectionate towards each other. Neither would ever have to leave before the morning comes.
Thus, as the light shone through his bedroom window, Ethan opened up his eyes, looking at the person laying by his side. Such a beauty, the shy rays of sun laying over the features Ethan so many times observed. It was common to do this in the morning, it would calm him down, especially on the very busy days.
“Anything particular you are thinking of while staring at me, Ethan?” There was no hesitation, no grogginess coming from Y/N’s voice, Ethan realised how he was not the only one awake previously.
“Well, I am, but I am not sure you could handle it,” he responded, smirking down at the laying figure, leaving a few kisses before finishing his reply, “plus, it is too early in the morning for such sinful thoughts.”
“Mhm, as if our endeavours last night were holy,” Y/N laughed, kissing Ethan back, as his lips crushed into hers.
“Well, you were certainly calling god if I recall correctly, cucciola, no?”
Maybe what made this situation not be awkward was exactly the fact that the two were friends. They thrived from the friendly banter, never missed an opportunity to mess with each other. It was just how they were and it worked perfectly to their benefit.
“I can tell it is troubling you, Edgar. You want to tell me what’s going on?”
"It's nothing amore let's just get ready. I'm quite hungry if you must know," he mumbled on her neck, trailing kisses all the way to her lips before abandoning the bed.
“Come on,” he called, ushering the girl to follow him.
Their feet were bare, no clothing no nothing -at least until Y/N pulled a few pieces of clothing for them both to wear- as they walked into the bathroom to start their day. They stood right next to each other as they washed their teeth, washed their faces, fixed their hair and so on and so forth.
“Isn’t that shirt too small for you, dolcezza,” commented Ethan, laughing at his own joke and poking Y/N’s side.
“Eh, well, I can take it off,” she suggested, pulling at the hem of his shirt that she was wearing. That only resulted in a laugh from the tall man, him shuffling her hair and walking out of the bathroom, putting distance between him and Y/N’s complaining about messing up her hair.
After that everything moved quite quickly. Y/N left the cosy home and went to her own house, leaving Ethan with his bandmates to work on their upcoming stuff. She knew how much it meant to him, but she also knew how stressful this career was to him. She always had something small to do to make his days even a little bit more relaxing, of course one of them being their nocturnal activities.
By the time night got around the drummer was sitting at the side of the pool, next to a small table, a beer in his hand as music played in the background. Everyone was doing their own thing: Victoria was swimming, Thomas was preoccupied with a cigarette and his phone and Damiano was sitting on the other side of the previously mentioned table having a conversation with Ethan. It started with speaking about small things before the subject turned more serious.
“You really like her, don’t you?” Damiano had, very early on, caught on his friend’s emotion, he was not very sure that Ethan was aware of his own feelings. It had become a little stupid in the frontman’s mind.
“I am not sure, Dami. She’s great, she is, and we are really close friends but… I don’t know…” Clueless as ever, thought the older man.
“Well, if anything at least you guys have a fucking amazing sex life, everyone can hear,” he laughed out, semi teasing his friend but kind of revaling a piece of information no one had had the heart to tell the tall man.
It caught him by surprise. He was never shy about his sex life, and truth be told he and Y/N never hid their predicament… He simply never thought they were being that loud; maybe that’s exactly the reason he had not understood the others could hear, the reason as to why they were so loud. “Mhm, didn't think you could,” he responded and took a drag of his cigarette.
Damiano copied his action, inhaling his own smoke and releasing it before he decided to say exactly what he was thinking. “Don’t worry about it. I personally don’t mind it, it’s kind of… entertaining.”
If Ethan was surprised before then now he was shocked and blushing. Of course, it was not in his nature to show it, and make this feeling obvious, but he surely had thoughts running through his head now. “So, what? You jack off to us having sex, though about a threesome? What is it?”
“Maybe a bit of both,” said Damiano, looking down at his beer. He was a bit ashamed but at the same time he could not keep his mouth shut, the alcohol overtaking his proper ability to keep some thoughts to himself. “I have to be honest, the noises she makes, they kill me, man.”
Everyone could see the gears in Ethan’s mind turn. On the one hand contemplating his friend’s confession and on the other thinking of all the ways he could punish Y/N for being as loud as she was.“So, if I asked you to join, you’d be in?”
Now it was the frontman’s turn to get shocked and blush, but he certainly could not lie. He would be more than into it, considering the many times he has thought of that, each and every one of them leading to him either taking a cold shower or taking care of himself hoping that it’d be Y/N instead. “Yes, I suppose I would…”
The conversation stayed at that, neither of the two men knowing exactly what to say or do at the time being. Instead they opted to wait it out, see when the proper time comes to bring it up again before deciding on what to do. And that day came soon, sooner than either anticipated.
Y/N had been especially bratty -just maybe two days after the conversation occurred- pushing Ethan to his limit with the teasing, the innuendos and the clothes she was wearing. It was the perfect occasion. A little punishment was in store and the tall man knew exactly how to execute it.
“What the fuck was that?” Ethan’s voice was stern, not nearly close to a yell but authoritative nonetheless, the stoic expression on his face never failing to let Y/N know exactly what he was thinking of: she was going to be fucked, both literally and figuratively, but she was surely into that.
“Such a little slut,” he voiced, pulling the girl to his body, their faces almost touching and their breaths mixing together. A whine left her lips but Ethan was quick to shut it with his words, “you were not complaining when you acted like one, cucciola. In front of everybody as well. Did you see how Dami was looking at you? I’m sure you flashed him at least once all night.”
The girl shivered at what her friend was suggesting, a tingling feeling was taking over her pussy, legs already ready to fail her.
“Maybe he could help me punish you.” These words almost send Y/N in a frenzy. Her eyes widened and her lips parted, an obvious gasp escaping her lips, causing a deep laugh from Ethan.
“You like that idea, don’t you?” She simply nodded her head, mind racing to all the possible outcomes of tonight.
“I need your words, dolcezza. I need your explicit consent to this,” he whispered, holding Y/N’s face in his hands, leaving a kiss just next to her lips.
She softly responded with a yes, voice trembling and low, unable to come out properly. She had gotten probably a little too excited.
“Be a doll and just sit there, yeah. I’m going to go call Damiano. I’m sure he is dying to see how desperate you are to have both of us.” With that the man left the room, presumably going to call his friend over.
When Damiano walked into the room Y/N was violently taken out of her thoughts, the man’s energy overtaking the whole room, his temperament easing any possible worry the girl could have for this situation.
“I’m here dolcezza,” called Damiano, sitting next to her on the bed with the biggest shit eating grin he could possibly have.
“Don’t be so eager, Dami. She’ll be cocky within minutes, we don’t want that.” Always the stern dom he is, Ethan asserted himself over both people in the people. He did not need many words or strong actions to show them who is in charge, a look and his tone were enough to let that be known.
Damiano looked down, in a similar fashion from a few days prior, only this time he was not really shy, more like a puppy that just got yelled at.
“Why don’t you get undressed Damiano, our little puppet over here can not wait to see what you have to offer.” The man mentioned smirked, his confidence reappearing in a second before obliging to his friend’s request.
He decided to play it dirty, going slow, surely attempting to give the little puppet a show. His hands moved slowly, pulling his shirt up and over his head before traveling from his chest to his waist in a seductive way, stopping for just a moment, making sure Y/N’s eyes were right on his own before removing his belt and opening up his pants. In the meanwhile, Ethan had moved Y/N to be sitting on her knees on the floor, in front of the undressing man, eye level with his pants’ zipper.
“Help Damiano, amore. It seems he’s struggling with his pants and you are right where you need to.” She shivered at his words but followed the orders, slowly unbuttoning his pants, her face having moved a little too close -not that it was not welcome- pulling them down and simply gawking at the view in front of her.
She went to move, to please, but her dominating best friend seemed to have other plans.”Not yet, puppet. Come on. This is supposed to be a punishment for you, but we all know how much a cock shucking slut you are. You’ll get his dick but you have more work to do.”
Damiano opposed his friend, already feeling desperate to get whatever he could from the girl below him, dying to feel her lips around his cock, oh and her tongue, oh that tongue he had seen plenty of times devouring ice cream cones in the most pornographic way possible. Sometimes he wished she was in one.
“I think it’s a good start to a punishment, Ethan. She can suck my cocka and then just simply not get it fucking her, yet.” His plan had some practicality to it, knowing very well how much she’d be dying to have a dick buried deep inside her after getting a feel in her mouth.
“I’ll allow it,” said Ethan, starting the process of undressing himself, and looking around the room for anything that could bring more pleasure to everyone involved.
“Well, what are you waiting for, cucciola. Go on, show him how well you blow whistles.” With that the girl wasted no time, pulling Damiano’s boxers down, taking them off him with his help and getting to work. It started off simple, a few pumps at first to get him even harder than he already was (he’d really bet that any man could get hard in seconds seeing her on her knees in front of him, it was a divine view). Her hand was going slowly, her focus on the man’s face, looking up at him all innocently, making sure that his own eyes were on her.
“I am looking at you, dolcezza, don’t worry,” confirmed the man, as if reading her mind.
So, she continued, entirely encouraged to show her best self, to be a good girl for the two men in front of her. Moving on, her hand stayed pumping the man’s cock for a second before her tongue came onto the mix, licking all the way up the curve, a very thick vein getting special attention and then the head. It was already leaking pre-cum, the girl’s antiques driving Damiano insane by the second -and she had not even started blowing him yet. With a push to her head by the singer Y/N really took his cock into her mouth, starting with the head, sucking and bobbing her head a bit, still moving her skilled fingers up and down, with every bob taking more and more of the length reaching a point where she had taken it all. She paused in that place for a second, relaxing her throat, Damiano’s cock resting deep inside her mouth, before she moved in need of breath. The same pattern repeated itself a few more times before the pace got quicker, following the music that was now playing from Ethan’s speaker.
It did not take long for the older man to cum, unexpectedly, in Y/N’s mouth, some delicious sounds leaving her lips and sending vibrations all through his cock, intensifying his orgasm.
“I could have never thought she’s that good, Ethan. Why have you been hoarding her this whole time?” He laughed, all in one breath and blown completely out of his mind.
“Exactly because I know how good she is. But tonight she has been plenty bad, although she’s trying to act all innocent now.”
“I’m a good girl daddy, see?” She questioned, tongue out, showing evidence of her swallowing predicaments, “I took all of it.”
Ethan smiled, looking down to his friend, his big hand holding her jaw and spitting in her mouth as it stayed open. Swallowing that down as well Y/N showed it to the two men, waiting impatiently for the next orders.
No orders came for the time being, Ethan sitting himself on the bed, back resting on the bed frame, opening his legs and motioning for her to sit between them. She clearly obliged, knowing very well that her punishment was already going to be overwhelming but oh so pleasurable and she wanted nothing more.
In all honesty the drummer was played to her needs every time, the punishments being always the outcome she hoped for (except few occasions when she had gotten Ethan so much she ended up edged on for over a week as a punishment, and although the orgasm was spectacular, the wait was torture). Ethan knew it and he was not opposed to it, instead working with the girl’s deviousness.
As she sat between his thighs, back on his chest and palms resting right on his thighs, Ethan used his calves and feet to keep Y/N’s legs spread open, thankful she was wearing a dress and panties that he could easily replace any time he wanted. He prompted Damiano to move between both their legs, face aligned with her pussy, the frontman practically salivating at the sight in front of him.
She had anticipated this night, having bought a cheap but utterly sexy lingerie set online, wearing said lingerie in an attempt to drive Ethan crazy. It was black, with little orange flowers here and there, some lace with mesh material surrounding her pussy, back piece doing little to cover her ass cheeks. Damiano was currently dying at the, almost, disappearance of the fabric due to the wetness leaving absolutely nothing hidden -not that the material could hide much anyway. He moved up, face just a hair’s distance from the wetness, just about to leave a kiss but the other man had different plans.
“Don’t be so eager, Dami, you’ll get what you want in a bit,” he said, palms massaging the girl’s boobs, kisses being left on her neck. “I think she’s overdressed.”
Damiano agreed to the statement, sharing just one simple look with Ethan, reaping the panties apart, her pussy now fully exposed. The singer looked up to his friend once again, a nod of approval being more than enough to shoot the man into action.
His lips swiftly found her clit, not much effort for the skilled man, sucking and kissing the sensitive bud, tongue lapping the juices of her pussy taking advantage of the wetness to stimulate her clit. Y/N’s head fell back, on the drummer’s shoulder, the man taking advantage of the angle and leaving kisses and marks on her neck, one hand always on her chest, the other currently choking her. She moaned so beautifully in his ear, making him harder than he thought he could get, surprised at how well he held himself together.
Damiano kept eating the girl out, fingers starting to dive into her pussy one at a time. He got up to four, said pussy taking them in wonderfully, practically swallowing them within the velvety confines. “I’ve experienced nothing hotter in my life, dolcezza. This pussy is scrumptious, could eat it for days,” he, himself thrusting on the bed, already having gotten hard again, craving some friction. His mouth was leaving wet kisses to her thigh and his fingers were deep inside her, going in and out, Ethan adding his own fingers, playing with her clit edging her closer and closer to the edge.
All the telltales were there: the shaking, the loudness, the closed eyes… She was ready to cum, but it was not something Ethan could allow yet. He stopped his actions, placing a hand on his band mate’s head, said man getting the memo and pausing as well. “You really thought you’d come this easy, amore? Oh no! You have been acting like a desperate slut all day, flashing Damiano and now letting him taste you, knowing it drives me crazy. You have been very naughty,” he explained before shuffling her off his body, moving to stand up.
Y/N could not help but whine, the sound only enabling the two men. “I think she’s been naughty again. Didn’t you say you’d be a good girl, puppet?” She simply nodded head looking down, but not before seeing the look on Damiano’s face. “I think some spanking would put our puppet in place.”
Ethan nodded in agreement, already moving Y/N to bend over the bed, her legs wobbly from her previously denied orgasm. “Count for Damiano, dolcezza,” said the man, leaving a kiss on her back and then starting his actions.
Although her words were what was asked of her Damiano was not satisfied, giving her one of his own and speaking up. “Say thank you, puppy, don’t be rude.”
Another spank, “three, thank you,” she followed the orders, jumping forward with every slap on her skin.
As she reached ten it got harder to count. Damiano had started fingering her again, opting to pause his actions after every few thrusts, slamming his palms on her ass cheeks or pussy. It’d be a lie if Y/N said this wasn’t enjoyable-after all she could not stop moaning loudly, but the redness of her ass would disagree.
“Why don’t you keep quiet, puppy? These noises of yours are what got you here. You can’t hide how much you like this, can you, slut?”
For the second time that night, Y/N was on the verge of cumming all over Damiano’s fingers, unable to speak yet again.
“Use,” spank, “your,” spank, “words,” spank.
“I can’t hide, daddy,” she responded, this time leaving an almost screaming moan, eyes rolling all the way to the back of her head, once again almost falling apart.
Before she had the chance Damiano stopped, hands retracting from the girl and into his mouth, tasting her on his lips.
“I think you can take at least one more, puppet. Can you?” Ethan, had been quite distanced this whole time, deciding to let his friend get a taste of his sex partner, but deciding this was the best moment to do his thing.
Y/N nodded in confirmation, letting out a simple “green,” to let Ethan know she was not stopping just yet.
“Beautiful, puppy! You have been doing so good for us, taking your punishment so well, but we are not done yet.” A buzz sound is what concerned the girl, eyes widening at the toy.
It was a small remote virator, imitating sucking on the clit. The drummer placed the girl over his knees, stuffing the toy between his leg and her clit, shocking the sensitive bud. “I think you can take a few more spanks,” said the man, landing one at the expanse of her thigh, the skin giggling at the contact.
“Damiano, count,” ordered the assertive man, seeing his friend kneel in front of Y/N, kissing her and then doing as he was told.
“I think we were left on twenty-three. Twenty four,” he began, counting all the way to forty before the ordeal was over.
The whole time Y/N was shaking, just about to fall off the edge, asking for permission to cum but her wishes were not granted just yet. She was exhausted, overstimulated, frustrated, and now unable to move on her own. But, oh man did she need more. The two men were more than willing to assist her.
“You are doing so well, dolcezza,” praised Damiano, thinking of what to do next.
“Why don’t you get up, puppet. I think it’s time you get what you want.”
At that, her head perked up, already jumping from Ethan’s lap (almost falling while doing so) eager to be fucked and to finally orgasm. “I want you on all fours. You suck me off, Dami can fuck your pussy. I’m sure you’d love that.” She nodded, moving to be in all fours as Ethan stood on his knees on top of the bed, Damiano following suit and placing himself behind Y/N.
“Agh,” he groaned, “sei così bagnata, bambina,” he commented, collecting all the wetness on his cock before pushing inside her.
The action and the moans it emitted caused vibrations to Ethan, making him groan in pleasure, Y/N’s talent to shuck not wavering now. “You like this a lot, puppet, don’t you? Being fucked by my best friend while sucking my cock, huh? You like that?”
She could only hum in response, holes being filled to the brim so pleasurably. It was all better than she expected, more overwhelming, so she could not keep it anymore. She released Ethan’s cock, screaming loudly as her release finally overtook her, Damiano groaning in contentment. He pulled out of her afterwards, jacking himself off a bit before coating her back in his own cum.
Now the only one left unsatisfied was Ethan. His pleasure was cut short for the girl’s release, and although he was not mad, he certainly wanted to feel her.
“Can you handle one more for me, cucciola? You did such a good job so far but I need to feel you.” Y/N nodded and changed her position, this time her legs were in the air, soon to be wrapped around the drummer, eyes half closed in bliss.
“Such a good girl for me,” Ethan praised one more time before he started his rhythm slamming into her. This time it did not take long for both of them to reach their highs, the man riding out both of them and after taking a second to breathe he pulled out, falling right next to her.
“Are you ok?” This time the concerned man was Damiano, a bottle of water already in his hands and ready to give it to the girl.
“Mhm… Thank you,” she mumbled, voice almost a whisper but the smile was hard to miss.
“I think I should leave,” said the front man and he went to get dressed, abandoning the room, leaving only Ethan and Y/N in it.
Ethan got up quickly, looking around for a cloth as he got to the bathroom and wet it with some warm water. Coming back, he used it to clean Y/N up; her back from Damiano’s cum, her face from the cum and her dried up juices and her pussy from the left over wetness, a pair of underwear and a t-shirt in his other hand.
“Come one, dolcezza, you did so good. You’ll go to sleep in just a second. Come one, help me get you dressed,” he voiced and started leaving kisses on her face.
“You took both of us wonderfully, thank you.” Another hum as a response.
Ethan realized how at this point she had fallen asleep, fucked out and exhausted, he did not expect her to stay awake.
“I only wish I could tell you this when you’re awake… I think I’m in love with you."
tag list: @bieberhoodforever @tabi-toast @ginny-lily @moriro-da-regina @the-killer-queenie @makapaka11
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bestfriends-cool-cool · 16 days ago
drinking his pain away part 2.
Mentions of underage drinking.
Offensive name.
Wills pov
I woke up and I felt horrible. I had a horrible headache and I was nauseous. My muscles ached. God why did I drink, I'm such a fucking idiot. Suddenly I noticed that I wasn't alone in my bed. I roll over and see my brother laying next to me. "J-Jonathan?" "Yeah buddy?" He says, half asleep. "Why are you in my bed…?" He sits up and looks at me. "Because I walked into your room and saw you passed out next to an empty whiskey bottle." He says. "I- don't tell mom please " I look at with pleading eyes. Last thing i need is my mom on my ass because i was stupid and drank once. "Why did you do it..?" He asks. "I was hurting and I saw mom drinking when she was stressed so i thought…" I trailed off. Jonathan's eyes softened. He hugged me tight. "If you ever feel like that again, come to me. If I'm at work, you know my work number, I'll come home immediately…i have one question." "What is it…?" I ask. "What...was making you hurt?" Jonathan asks me with a concerned look on his face. Should I tell him? Would he understand? I clear my throat as I start talking. "Y-You know how Jane...is dating Mike right?" Jonathan nods as I continue talking. "Well I...like Mike and it's hard seeing him with Jane. I know I'll never get a chance he's too perfect for me, he would never like a dirry queer like me-" Jonathan cut me off by grabbing my hand. He had a stern expression as he began speaking. "Will, you're speaking nonsense! I never want to hear you call yourself that again, you hear me!? You're sweet, caring and the nicest person I know! There's nothing wrong with you. If people can't see that, it's their problem." At this point we both had tears in our eyes. "Thank you Jonathan." He just got up and walked to the door. "You should go get something to eat, that's what I'm doing." I let out a wet laugh. "There is no way I'm getting up anytime soon. I feel like shit." Jonathan laughed. "That's a hangover for ya." "I Love you Jonathan, thank you for helping." Jonathan smiled. " I love you too." He walked out of the room and I smiled. I have the best brother ever. My stomach turns and my head starts to hurt more. I close my eyes and think of the most important people in my life.
             At school the next day
                3rd person limited
Will walks down the hallway, he's tired as ever but his hangover is gone. He opens his locker and gets his math books out and puts his English ones back in. Something slams into the locker right next to him. He jumps and looks over and sees Troy Walsh and Sarah Valo making out. His nose scrunches up in disgust. He sees Mike and Lucas talking by Lucas's locker. Mike is wearing a very flattering outfit. He is wearing a nice button up and khakis and his hair is slicked back. Today is spring picture day and Mike's mom makes him take them every year. Will walks up to Lucas and Mike. "Hey man! We were just talking about you! Did you hear that Jennifer Hayes still has a crush on you? It's crazy!" Wills eyes grow wide. He notices Mike looks kind of...jealous? No, that can't be right. "Really? That's weird." Will laughs slightly. "Well, do you like her or not?" Lucas asks. "No, I don't. I mean she's nice and all but she's not really...my type." Lucas groans. "Then what is your type? You've never even dated a girl, man!" Will looked at Mike, he seemed very interested in the situation. "I don't know man…Not her?" Mike snorts which causes Will to laugh as well. At that moment the bell rings for recess. (Where I live, there is no recess in middle or high school but I need a moment where they can talk lol).
"Sorry guys, I gotta go. I have basketball tryouts for next year." With that Lucas walked away, leaving Will and Mike alone. "You look nice Mike." Will smiled slightly. Mike's face flushed pink. "Thank you. You look good too." Will laughs and looks at his outfit. "How? I'm wearing hand-me -downs from Jonathan." Mike smiles. "I think you look nice in anything." Will turns redder than a tomato and smiles at Mike. "Thank You. You do too." They just stood there smiling at eachother. Suddenly Jane bursts through the door. She has been doing a class that is for catching people up that haven't learned everything yet and need to be ready for the next year. Mike looks away immediately and his genuine smile falters as Jane places a kiss on his lips. "Hey El." "Hi Mikey." She hugs him. Will can't help but be jealous. He loves his sister, he really does. He wants her to be happy. So he walks away with a small smile. He is willing to sacrifice his own happiness for his sisters. He hopes Mike and her are going to be happy forever.
                           The end
I'm sorry it sucks i can't write for shit but here u go @0rph1cv4mp1r3
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evelxtus · 10 months ago
—Scenarios. Cat!Reader bites them.
synopsis: you can turn into a cat form whenever you want, or just stay in a human form with cat ears and tail. However, your cat "attitude" cannot be changed. And you happen to be a grumpy feline. What happens when one day you just have enough and bite them in your human form all of the sudden?
characters: kaeya, diluc, xiao.
warnings: use of gn!reader, slight mention of blood, slight mention of masochism, bite marks, slight vulgar language.
note: ok diluc for me just hits diff, idk why i always add him on my posts. i love himmmmmm. 😭 well i hope u like this. if you wanna request my asks are open for yall.
Tumblr media
You couldn't take it anymore. Either your patience was minimal, or he irritated you easily. To be honest, a bit of both. You were trying to sunbathe quietly. But of course, you were not alone. At your side was the cavalry captain, who occasionally made comments that seemed to be trying to annoy you on purpose, as if testing your limit. The extreme of your tail flapped from side to side in discomfort.
You went on like this for a few more seconds. And then ...zas! You caught Kaeya totally off guard when your jaws closed around his hand, slightly raised as he spoke. You returned to your starting position, as if nothing had happened, but with a slight growl of frustration coming from the depths of your throat. The man was completely silent, assimilating what just happened.
Kaeya looked at his hand, a few small scarlet drops ran down the back of it. One of your ears twitched when you heard him chuckling. "Oh wow, this was more interesting than I expected." he commented, glancing at you and bringing his hand to his lips. "Little do you know that pain isn't something that... exactly upsets me. In a bad way."
You sighed, looking at him quite indifferent to his cocky tone of voice. "I was just saying, kitty." He licked the little blood that came out as he continued to look at you, as if daring you to make another move. But you didn't fall for his game again. "How boring. Is that all? Although I must admit I feel a bit offended by such a rude gesture. Mhm, despicable."
And he kept on. And again. And again. "If you were my cat, I would have raised you properly." He added, if that wasn't enough. Maybe you do have more patience than you thought. You snorted in response. "See? This is not how a pet is supposed to act."
How he loves to see you angry. Especially when he makes his jokes, calling himself your "owner".
You were playing with a ball inside the Dawn Vinery building. You hit it with your hand, as you used to do in your cat form, and you chase it quite entertainingly. And Diluc was just trying to rest on one of the sofa there, his closed eyes indicated that he wanted just a moment of rest, but your running around does not leave him relax.
"Stop, now." Diluc said from time to time, reaching the limit of his patience. It happened like that for a while, but you didn't listen to him. The ball passed next to the sofa, and he took advantage of the situation to extend his arm when you passed and thus hold you by the upper part of your clothes, in order that you obey him at once, even if it wasn't by your own will. But instead he ended up grabbing your tail.
A snort came out of your mouth and then you turned quickly and bite the arm with which he had held you. He released you quickly, realizing his mistake, and letting out a low grunt of pain. He got up from the sofa to face you, you were now staring at him waiting for his reaction. The redhead put a hand on his forehead, letting out a tired sigh.
"When I say stop, you stop." he ordered now crossing his arms, ignoring the bite. "Do you understand? I'm not going to repeat it any more times." He seemed really mad at you. You lowered your ears showing regret. He was right. "Sorry." you whispered, pointing to the side of your arm where he should have your bite mark. He shaked his head.
"It doesn't bother me." Diluc answered drily. He could get very serious with you sometimes, but all the harshness was useless when he saw how you looked at him with those little eyes as if you never did some evil things. —When, actually, you have broken a lot of things, and Diluc has been angry with you for that reason on numerous occasions.— "Ugh... come here."
He then tells you to rest next to him, leaving you one side on the sofa. He will caress your hair until he falls asleep.
With this boy, everything is almost always calm. He gives you your space, and you his, you never have to pull your nails or growl. The bad thing is that there are times when you are simply not in the mood at all, and any slight reaction will be answered with a scratch or a bite. At best, all you have to do is pull your nails out to warn. But well, today is one of those days when you can't take anything.
You think you are alone in the forest, near Liyue. I also have to say that you were off guard, and therefore anything could catch you by surprise. You were sitting on the ground, on a pile of fallen leaves, and doing practically nothing. Mind totally blank. And then... Xiao's voice.
"Y/N." was the only thing he said. And it was the only thing you needed to hear to get up quickly and jump towards him to bite him on the shoulder, as if you were a rabid cat. Xiao squirmed beneath you, growling as well trying to shake you off. "What is this all about?! Get off me, demon!"
When you saw that it was just Xiao, you moved away, finally letting the boy move. He drew his spear, pointing it at you. "What the hell were you doing, you fucking cat?" he asked raising his voice as you lowered your ears slightly and then raised them again.
"I got confused." you simply answered. Nor is it that you could excuse yourself in that situation. The boy sighed in resignation and lowered the spear, sinking the extreme of it into the ground. "You don't have to fear me. I fight for your safety, you know that very well." assured the adepti looking at you seriously, more calmed. "I know." You shifted your gaze to his brand new teeth mark on his shoulder.
"You shouldn't worry. I've had worse injuries. As for you, you should go back to the inner city. If you need anything... call me." He hesitated to say the last part. If you're going to greet him with a fresh bite... maybe next time he'll be more careful when he appears before you.
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anasticep · a year ago
Why Julie and the Phantoms is a masterpiece of a show. Part 1 of 3
· NOTE: if somehow you happen to like my gifs, please, feel free to use them. But, please, don’t crop or change.
· NOTE 2: This meta has been flourishing in my mind for quite a long time, but it was @catty-words meta on Perfect Harmony that inspired me to actually put it all on paper
· NOTE 3: I planned two parts of this, but ended up with far more gifs than a post allows. I dunno. Not sure if anyone will actually be interested in this rumbling. Probably it won’t even be a new and outstanding thinking. I’ll see how it goes.
What sets a good show apart? I’ll tell you exactly this: the pilot and the finale.
Whether it’s a season finale or a grand finale, it doesn’t matter for a scenario. People tend to forget the middle, that’s why all we remember about LOST is this weird full of dead people church that simply left the fans heartbroken. But frankly speaking, LOST ended so much better then most modern shows. And honestly I get why it’s so hard to keep track on things after 6 years and such a long row of characters. That’s why making a season in one take is so much better, when writers do not depend on what the fans think or like or ship. They simply do their job.
Do I need to say that our brain clearly remembers everything we throw at it? We think we forget, but that’s not quite true. That’s also the reason how we distinguish what we like and dislike – we remember all the small things and foreshadowing. Also that’s why we keep re-watching the shows we love: we simply acknowledge what our brain already knows. We simply find that thread that links everything together.
And they can be simple things. But first on what made this script a masterpiece for me: first and last scenes in the studio (+some things from 0102 band circle scene of 0109).
1. The Studio Intro
Tumblr media
In 0101 Julie hesitates to go in the garage. She was reluctant to go in the first place. It signifies everything she’s lost: mother, music, voice. She inhales deeply, steadying herself. She can do this.
In 0109 it’s quite the opposite. She wanted to go there even though she knew the guys had already crossed over. Now this place signifies everything she gained back and more: music, voice, friends and, of course, a way back to her mother. She did it.
And this is a perfect visual explanation of the line “It’s not what you lost, it’s what you gain raising your voice to the rain”
2. The Band Intro
Tumblr media
Can you see it the way I see it? It’s not a coincidence, it’s been done on purpose. Julie is mortified both times but for completely different reasons. In 0101 she is scared OF them. In 0109 she is scared FOR them. It’s so heartbreakingly beautiful it even hurts.
3. Personal space
Tumblr media
In 0101 Julie and Luke are both scared of each other. See that extra step she did to push him away? Or the way he acts as if Julie is really a witch that could curse him? And who needs any personal space in 0109? These scenes show their journey in the best way possible.
4. You have to leave
Tumblr media
In 0101 after accepting the fact that she was sane enough and these three ghosts really existed Julie is simply annoyed. She orders them to leave. She doesn’t what them to exist in her life. She has no time to deal with these dead cute boys. She wants them gone.
In 0109 after acknowledging that their plan has failed she also wants them gone. She orders them to leave again. But she wants to save them and for now that’s the only way she can think of. It’s better than not existing at all, even if it means not existing in her life.
And just look at the directing. The shots are almost twins! Julie mimics the scene from 0101 almost entirely, although it hits on a different level. I don't exactly know why it makes me so excited, probably I'm just very tired of mediocre scripts.
5. Maybe she’s a witch
Tumblr media
I’m sure she is at least to some extent. It’s such a wonderful foreshadowing. I hope in season 2 we'll find out more but I think the perception on this in "Feels like I’ve opened my eyes again" by @pink-flame is very close if not almost entirely accurate to what I thought about season 2 and all this magic thing. Such a masterpiece of a fanfiction btw, I wish I found the show sooner and was reading it chapter by chapter. One of the best things I've read so far in any fandom.
6. Attached to our souls & 7. She's warming up to us
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Do I need to say much? That’s the magic Julie has: her love for these boys. They are attached to her soul.
8. We had nowhere else to go
Tumblr media
To think about it, they didn’t need Julie’s permission to stay in the first place. Like… How on earth would she even get rid of them? But that’s what defined these friendship from the start. They asked for permission in 0101 and in 0109 Luke’s words are almost apologetic that they ended up in her garage again.
9. I'm sorry we came into your life
Tumblr media
Again, look at how both episodes have been shot. 0101 they stand apart, not knowing anything about each other yet. They both are not very comfortable with the whole situation and Luke voices what Julie might be thinking: why me? In 0109 Julie answers her past self that it was a blessing and a miracle. They are the closest they've ever got to be and the most sincere.
10. I have space for only one more gif and I'm simply fond of this parallel. We need a Witch!Julie AU)))))
Tumblr media
Due to the pics limit I have to stop here. But there is so much more to say. So stay tuned to see Parts two and three if you liked this one. God, I hope you did
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jameui · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
part 1 | part 2 | part 3
PAIRING: Sugar Daddy!Jung Yunoh x College Student!M!Reader (featuring: Bestfriend!Lee Jeno)
GENRE: Fluff, Smut
WARNINGS: Unprotected intercourse, huge age gap, a lot of IMPORTANT flashbacks (i think), daddy kink, sex toys, overstimulation
SUMMARY: You were a striving student in Resonance High and had perfect records. Besides your devotion to your education, you were also gifted with a talent. All these stuffs making your sugar daddy, Jaehyun, proud of you, so he decided to give you a night you won't forget.
Tumblr media
He gave Jeno an acknowledging nod for looking out for you for him and carried your smaller body with your legs wrapped around his waist like you were an eight year old. "You asleep, baby?" You buried your head on the crook of his neck and shook them 'no'. "Alright. Cause I don't want dinner going to waste." He made you giggle while you hugged his body tighter that were hanging over his shoulders.
He pulled the door to the passenger's seat and gently seats you down on the comfy chair. He closed the door for you before moving to his side of the car. The driver's. He got inside and made himself comfortable, just as you were putting on your seatbelt. "Are we good to go?"
"Yeap. I'm starving already." You said patting your tummy.
He chuckled with his deep voice that you always find so hot and fascinating. "Were you practicing 'til the late night, again?" He asked you, concern lingering on the tone of his voice.
"Yeah. I stayed with Jeno, though. He was a better mentor, in full honesty." You pouted. "Ah, right. The mentor told me I made him proud." You said like a puppy who was complimented by their owner.
"He did, huh?" He said, before he raised his hand from the steering wheel and patted your head. "I'm more proud of you." You smiled and felt all your insides go giddy as you wiggled cutely on your seat.
You drove through houses and past buildings before you arrived at the older man's house. You were in your first year of college when you ran away from your family's house and moved to a more far off place, somewhere they wouldn't be able to track you down. To support yourself, you rented a room in a boarding house, but had to eventually leave due to you having not enough money to pay for the rent. You tried so hard looking for a job and you did, but it didn't last long. Although, you were paid a good amount of money that helped you with your house renting and food. Of course, you found a very unstable job again, but was fired for your poor performance. Yet again, you were forced to leave the the place you rented and even thought of actually working at a gay bar. Not until you stumbled upon, your now bestfriend, Jeno who offered you a shared room with him in his apartment, which you gladly took.
Jeno was one of your coworkers that you never really got to interact with, so seeing now that he's your roommate, you had to eventually get to know him more and you two grew closer together, becoming the best of friends that you two are now. It was quite coincidental that you two were studying at the same university, so it was a shock for the both of you. You two were roommates 'til the end of your first year, when you met Jaehyun on that faithful day, who was generous enough to invite you to live under the same roof as him. At first, you were very hesitant, but with the agreement he had set between you two, who were you to refuse? Like you said before, you were only up for it because of the money and pleasure.
"Daddy?" You called out to him. In the agreement, you were free to call him anything you wanted if you two were in public, but when it's just the two of you, that nickname should be the one used AND only that. He hummed in reply as his eyes never left the rear view mirror, parking the car in the garage. "Do you ever... er, I know it's a very unnecessary question, but..." You chuckled with hurt on your voice. "... Do you ever get tired of me?"
Jaehyun didn't say anything after he had parked the car. You two only sat there, Jaehyun turning the car engine off, then sighed. "Baby, listen." You were once about to speak again, but he cut you off. "I want to tell you something." The tone in his voice made your heart beat faster, more scared than that recent experience at the dance studio. He held your hand, your eyes falling on them before trailing them up to Jaehyun's who was looking deeply into your E/c orbs. "Don't think of it badly, but a few days into the relationship, I really did thought I wish I shouldn't have met you."
And there it goes. The heartbreak you had always deserved, but his hold on your hand never loosened, rather it tightened and his eyes softening when he noticed your eyes start to prick with tears. "I said, don't think badly about it, M/n."
"How could I not when you're literally breaking my heart?!"
"Baby, let me explain." Jaehyun told you, you letting out a huff.
"Then, explain and if you want to end all this, then just say so. I don't want to get my hopes up." You whined and crossed your arms.
Jaehyun chuckled. "Before I met you, I was always on my desk. Every single day, thinking of nothing, but only work." You side eyed him and huffed, again. "But, now that you're here, you're the only person filling up that space in my mind. All I could ever think of was you and only you. Your smile, your sweet giggles, the way your voice sounded so angelic when you sing, everything about you spiraled in my head, neverending." He softly told you, putting a hand on your thighs that was clothed with the long pants you wore. "You never came to me as just a responsibility anymore. You were my top, number 1, only priority. Now, I regret ever thinking like that."
"Stop, you're gonna make me cry." You shoved your hand on his face to shut him up, to which the older resorted to tickling you. You bursted into fits of laughter not stopping until you two were finally out of breathe. Your eyes locked with each other, your chest heaving up and down, Jaehyun still yet to stop from his chuckling. Once his chuckling died down, you couldn't contain it in yourself anymore and hungrily pressed your lips on his, moving to his side of the car to straddle his thighs.
Jaehyun was taken by surprise from your sudden action, but replied quite faster than you thought. His hands slid down to your ass, kneading it through your pants making you moan in pleasure, Jaehyun using this as a chance to slip his tongue inside your wet cavern mixing his saliva with yours as he danced with your tongue, taking dominance very easily.
His hands went further up your body, sending tingles down your spine making you shudder in your place. He pulled away from your lips, a string of a transparent liquid connecting both of you, whilst his dark brown eyes gazing at you with nothing, but lust deep within those orbs that stared into your soul. "You look so sexy, baby." He told you, before he sloppily placed wet kisses on your jaw, down to your neck making sure to leave hickeys that will be visible for days. The contact of his soft lips on your skin made you sigh shakily from the pleasure he was giving you. He caressed your soft skin from under your large shirt and found its way up to your erect nipples that he always fondly played with whenever you found yourselves in this same exact situation.
An unconscious loud, high pitched noise came out of your mouth, Jaehyun swelling with pride as he smirked, teeth grazing the supple flesh of your neck. "D-daddy.. Mmnh~" You hummed out in pleasure, your hands tangling themselves on Jaehyun's unkempt hair, your head completely empty, but the thought of how the man made you feel so good. "Daddy~"
The way the nickname rolled out your tongue in a very sensual way, earned you a growl from the older male before he bit on that sensitive part of your skin making you scream out a loud moan. He licked on that same area, sucking on it while doing so. Your eyes were half lidded when you felt something under you poke your thighs. He was hard.
Teasingly, you traced your fingers over his clothed member and played with the tip to drive him over the edge. "Stop teasing, baby boy. You know what happens to bad boys, right?" He whispered seductively into your ears, his hot breathe hitting your skin briefly, a minty scent filling your nose.
"Yes, daddy." You nodded your head meekly.
"That's a good boy. Now get to work." He ordered you as you moved back towards your seat in a kneeling position and ducking down to become face to face with the male's crotch. Even from now, you still couldn't get over the fact how he was so huge and how long his dick was. You were still yet to learn how this will fit inside of you. "Come on, baby. Time's a wasting."
You nodded your head submissively and reached over the waistband of his sweatpants and peeled them off only to discover that he was bare on the inside, his sweatpants the only thing that kept his bottom half covered. "Did you expect this to happen, daddy?" You smirked, placing kitten licks on the tip of his semi-erect cock. "You're so hot, daddy." You said, looking up at him while you rested your head on his thighs.
"Baby, please." He begged of you, eyes furrowing.
You smirked before you trailed a small lick from his balls up to his tip, making Jaehyun groan throughout the time he entangled in his hand a fistful of your hair. You can't help, but let a moan slip past your tongue as you continued to place kisses on the head of his cock. You glanced up at him only to see him viewing you with so much lust in his eyes. You understood this as a sign to stop your teasing and wrapped your lips around the head of his cock taking in only a few inches that you could fit into your mouth, using your tongue that sent shivers down Jaehyun's spine as he groaned from the pleasure you gave him.
But, this time, you wanted to make him feel better. You wanted to know how far you can go. You were determined to exert yourself to your maximum limit, so you took all of his cock into your mouth, not even bothering how much you choked around his dick when he reached further down your throat. Upon this, Jaehyun howled. He didn't expect you to take him whole, since you were basically only playing with the head of his member, so this was rather unexpected. "That's right, baby. Make daddy feel good."
You helped yourself first to fully adjust to his size, swallowing around him that made your throat tighten causing to send pleasure through Jaehyun's nerves making him groan out in pleasure, hissing out cusses that made your ego swell with pride as you started to bob your head painfully slowly for Jaehyun's liking.
Occasionally you would look up at Jaehyun who had his head tilted backwards, eyes shut, sighing from the familiar sensation you gave him while he let you do your work. He would take his head back down to you, to peer over you who sucked on his dick like it was a lollipop. "Fuck, baby. Faster."
You followed his command and went a little faster, earning a groan from the lust filled male as he started to guide your head. You stilled yourself, giving him the signal that he can go at his own pace. And so he did. But, you didn't expect that he'd fuck your mouth at a very rough pace.
You held onto his thighs to balance yourself, your eyes rolling back from how much you felt good with just your mouth getting fucked by Jaehyun. The older male grunted and laughed darkly whispering a few curses, letting out chains of groans and sighs that he couldn't help from passing his lips.
His pace didn't stop from increasing its speed, until it became an animalistic pace that made tears fall from your eyes, face reddening at how much stimulation he had put on your mouth. "Fuck, fuck! Baby, your mouth feels so good!"
He peeked over you and saw your eyes staring back at him, as you felt his dick grow bigger in size from inside your mouth. Your eyes were both locked together as he continued to buck his hips inhumanely inside your mouth. "M/n~ Ah~" He moaned out your name, but he was still not near to reaching his climax as he continued to let himself fuck your mouth. You were sure your throat will be sore the day after, but you could careless. This felt like heaven to you and you didn't want anything to stop you.
He finally stopped his harsh movements, letting you move at a pace you can handle. You used your tongue to swirl around his cock, making Jaehyun hiss, knitting his eyebrows causing the small creases on his forehead to appear. "Hah..."
To drive him over the edge more, you continued to suck on the sensitive part of his cock, which was the tip that was now leaking with precum. You slid your tongue over the slit of the bulbous tip of his dick, tasting the saltiness of the juice he produced with your help.
He was so over his head, that he let out a loud curse when his phone started ringing. "Don't stop, baby." You complied, his hand intertwining with the strands of your hair. You repeated the routine and got no reaction from the older male, but you can clearly see that he was just trying to restrain himself from letting out a moan. Feeling challenged, you bobbed your head up and down on his dick going faster and faster each time his tip hit the back of your throat.
Jaehyun, who was still on his phone, smirked down at you at how needy you are for his attention. So, he placed his hands back to your hair and singlehandedly pushed you you even further that made you let out a choked out gasp, but gradually grew accustomed to it, after he gave your head one final push, burying his dick inside your mouth thick spurts of his cum travelling down your throat, some dripping down your mouth. He thrusted a few more times to ride out his high before he let you pull away with a loud pop.
He finally hung up the call and caressed your cheeks, leaning in to whisper. "You did great, baby." He smiled down at you and that's how you eventually fell asleep, forgetting about the dinner that Jaehyun had prepared for the both of you.
Nonetheless, Jaehyun fixed himself up and carried you to his room. He laid you down on the soft mattress of the bed, pulling the sheets over your body before he gives your forehead a small lingering kiss. "Sweet dreams, my little angel." He said, then got up to to turn the lights off, happily watching you sleep one last time, before he went downstairs to finish his work.
The morning after, just as expected, you felt a sting on your throat every time you swallowed or even talk making your voice sound hoarse from the sore throat you were having. Jaehyun kept on apologizing, even though you kept on telling him that it was alright and that it wasn't his fault, but he still insisted and promised you to cook your favorite meal for dinner. Knowing the taller male, you knew there was no way around this, so you just gave in and nodded your head. He was also kind enough to let you hide his bite mark.
"I didn't know your voice could go that deep." Jeno teased you, poking the side of your ribs.
You slapped his hands away. "Fuck you." Your voice came out airy and raspy, sound almost like a broken croak, making you sigh. "Gah... I feel like I shouldn't have—ah—done that a day before the performance." You said, wincing when you felt that rising pain on your throat as you rubbed them to try and ease the sting that was fucking killing you.
"Guess, it's good that I don't do the sucking." Jeno chuckled that made you widen your eyes.
"Lee fucking Jeno. AH!" A rather harsh sounding voice, emitted from behind the said male, taking his attention before he smiled.
"Nana! You came!" Jeno opened his arms and ran to the boy, but he was pushed away by him making Jeno pout.
"Shut the fuck up, Jeno." He groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose, sighing. "You gave me this sore throat." He glared at Jeno. "And, of course I came. After you fucking threatened me to—"
"Yeah, yeah. That's enough, Jaemin." Jeno said, covering the person's mouth. Jeno took his hand back as quick as lightning, when Jaemin licked on the palm of his hand, a smirk forming on his face. "Gross!"
Jeno was wiping his hands when you rolled your eyes and held a hand at Jaemin for him to shake. "M/n. L/n M/n. A 'friend' of my friend, is a friend of mine. Nice to meet you." You greeted him, Jaemin chuckling at the same exact situation you were in.
"What a top, huh?" Jaemin said, before he shook your hand. "Na Jaemin. Pleased to meet you." He smiled at you while Jeno pulled both your hands away from each other.
"No. Just no!" Jeno told you both, while knitting your brows in confusion at him. "Jaemin. You're only mine."
"Of course, he's yours. I don't plan on taking him away from you. I just want to be friends." You said in reply to Jeno's statement who pouted. "Besides, I'm not as handsome as you, Jeno, so I can't compete with you."
"I don't mind cute boys." Jaemin crossed his arms, teasing Jeno and probably you, as well as a blush started to paint your cheeks.
"HEY!" Jeno yelled at Jaemin who rolled his eyes before he gave you a wink and walked off. Jeno glared at you and narrowed his eyes. "Mine. Jaemin's mine."
"Then, take him. Geez Luis, Jeno. I already have my own." You stuck your tongue out at him before you went to the studio to change into the costume you were to wear. You waited for your turn, a makeup stylist approaching you to put make up on you. "Oh." You said and the stylist just smiled and started to dab foundation onto your face that matched your skin tone. She gave you a small amount of blush on, giving you an eyeliner and a dark brown eyeshadow to give your eyes a fiery look to match the concept of your performance.
She immediately packed her things up and moved to another student, you giving her a bow as she left. "Wow, look at you. I didn't even recognize it was you." Jeno teased with his arms crossed across his chest.
You gave him a smile and fiddled with you fingers. "I'm actually feeling really scared right now. But, mostly, I can feel the adrenaline rush running through my veins that I could just scream and run out the stage and dance!" You said in glee, until you realized that you had forgotten telling Jaehyun about your performance. "Oh, no. Da—Jaehyun! I forgot to tell him." You groan and checked your pockets for your phone and remembered you left it at home, since you were to excited to even check yourself. You dejectedly sat down on a chair and whimpered.
"He'll be there, M/n. I can tell." Your mentor told you, when he heard your complaints about forgetting to tell Jaehyun, and you immediately lit up and hugged the person.
"Thank you!" You expressed your gratitude, getting the idea of what he meant. You pulled away from him with a wide smile glued stuck to your face.
"Now, you both need to get changed. The opening's 'bout to start." You and Jeno nod your head and went straight to the wardrobe to get change, seeing only two outfits left on the line.
"Just in time." Their dress stylist both gave them what seemed to be like their costumes that was kept inside a black plastic case with a zipper that attached the layer together.
You made your way to the dressing room, one for you and the other for Jeno. You fit yourself just right into the clothes they have assigned for you to wear. You looked at yourself in the mirror and was shocked to see how good you looked on these clothes you're wearing.
You were fit into a maroon loose silk long sleeved polo, the vertical front of the shirt that attaches it together was replaced with laces that stitched around the holes of your clothes' button hole. The sleeves of your polo went further down, just below your wrist, avoiding it from falling by securing it with a button on the hem of the sleeves. For your lower half, you were given tight fitting slack pants that accentuated the size of your bubble butt with your polo neatly tucked inside the waist of your pants. The length of your pants stopped exactly by your ankle, exposing that uncovered area, the wind tickling your ankles. You wore a closed black shoes that complimented the look. You also wore a display lip ring and earring that completed your look, your whole self changing right before your eyes. The gullible and fun you was no longer there, instead it was replaced with a much more unknown version of yourself.
"Damn, I look fine as fuck." You told yourself as you checked yourself out on the mirror that was placed in the dressing room. "Woah..." You said, tracing your fingers on the outline of your ass.
"M/n. You done in there? We're almost up." Jeno's voice called from the busky studio that snapped you from your thoughts and came out of the dressing room. Jeno's head turn to look at you taking in your new look with a lip bite and a whistle. "Damn, bro. You look so hot."
"Thanks, I guess." You giggled, blushing shyly.
A few more compliments later and your group was being called to move to the venue and be at the backstage to prepare. You just stuck to Jeno the whole time going back to the routine a few times to practice and perfect the dance. Jeno was a good friend to the point where he would always be there by your side whenever you needed him. Even at this time, he never left your side and helped calm you down by offering a bubblegum to you, your mind thinking about nothing, but focusing on chewing the gum. Jeno would always initiate a talk with you making you laugh all the time whenever he made faces or make jokes that weren't even funny making it hard for you not to laugh at.
But, it seemed like all Jeno's work went immediately down the gutter when you felt your nervousness come back at once, when the emcee of the opening program started to introduce you to the stage.
Loud cheers and a round of applause were heard as you made your way to the very spacious stage of the place. Your eyes fell to the crowd, feeling yourself break into cold sweat from all the nervousness you felt. It was too heavy that you couldn't—"Daddy?" You smiled when you saw Jaehyun in the crowd and waved his hand at you when you saw your eyes that was happily looking at him. You subtly waved your hand back at him, to which he smiled at, those deep dimples appearing for you.
You got into your position, which consisted of you lying down on the floor, with your right leg folded up, your knee raised up. You had a cutted satin fabric in your back pocket as a prop for yours and Jeno's solo later. You put your hands over your eyes, as a part of your starting position.
Soon, the music started booming through the speakers and you felt your body get trapped to the rhythm of the song as you felt your hands and legs get overtook by the music as you started to gracefully dance to each beat of the song. Jaehyun, with his phone, proudly deciding to film your whole performance.
The first and second half of the song was just your group synchronized dancing to the choreography of what your mentor had taught you and you leading some part of the dance, until the song made a huge turn to a very sensual groove that had only you and Jeno left on the stage. Your solo, with your partner, Jeno, started and everyone in the crowd whistled and gasped, including Jaehyun who felt a little jealous that it wasn't him with you on that stage.
You started with a freestyle by grinding your hips on the cold newly polished floor of the stage, before you were joined by Jeno who stealthily took the fabric from your pocket and slowly wrapped it around your source of vision. He took your chin to turn your head and face him. One hand, not too tightly held the blindfold up only enough, so it doesn't fall, while the other held the back of your neck turning both of you around, so your back faced the audience and he faced the crowd, smirking before he leaned in close to you and staged to make it look like he bit on your neck, then removing the blindfold from your eyes. Then, ending the performance with you falling down to the floor acting lifeless, while Jeno pretended to wipe his lips.
The audience broke into loud claps and shouting out praises in chorus, while Jeno helped you up to your feet giving him a silent thanks and bowed at the people who was watching your performance. You two walked out of the stage and was greeted with hugs from the students feeling like they made a very big accomplishment from how you made the performance very eye catching. "M/n! You were so great out there!"
"Thanks. Jeno helped me a lot." You said, nudging the older, who only chuckled.
"M/n." Jaehyun's voice grabbed your attention, holding his arms out as he smiled at you. You gave him a wide smile and ran to him hugging him with all your might.
"I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you." You voiced out apologetically, pushing your bottom lip forward into a pout and looked up at him. "Sorry, Jaehyun."
"It's okay, baby." He replied, before leaning into your ear. "Because I'm hoping you kept your promise and that's why I have a surprise for you."
You knew what he meant by that, the reason why you were blushing with your eyes wide open. "I.. er.. Yes, yes." You said, playfully punching on his chest. A week prior to today, you had promised to Jaehyun that if you're performance was successful, you'd finally let him pop your cherry, that's why you're blushing so profusely.
"Then, be ready. I'll be seeing you tonight." He whispered one last time before he kissed your cheeks and excused himself since he was still expected at his work.
The whole day, all you could ever think of was what his surprise was and how he would be able to fit his huge dick inside your ass. It was too impossible, you thought, but you were already feeling just as desperate as the older male. You wanted to know how he felt inside you, how he would fuck you 'til the daylight, how he would break your mind and fuck you until you forget your own name. Just the thought of it made you go crazy as you slapped your cheeks and sighed. "Fuck..."
You felt a presence sat themself beside you giving a loud sigh. "So, I'm guessing you're gonna stay up whole night, huh?" It was Jaemin.
You whipped your head at him and looked at him like he was some type of witch or future teller. "How'd you..."
"Gut feeling." Jaemin said.
You didn't know what you signed up for in that time, until today.
It was currently quarter to seven and you were now at the front of the doorstep, not even bothering to say a word. You could only blink your eyes several times, swallowing the large lump that formed in your throat. You let out a deep breathe and was about to put your hand on the knob when the door let out a soft creak and caught sight of Jaehyun who was dressed in nothing, but his boxer shorts. Your hands didn't left the air as you continued to stare up at him, before your eyes fell down his toned abs that were nothing compared to your flabby stomach. "M/n, baby! You're just in time." He smiled at you, but you were still as nervous as ever. Your eyes never left from taking in the view right in front of your eyes, admiring how much his body was so sexy, licking your lips as your eyes fell down his shorts. "M/n."
Your head snapped up towards him, finally out of your train of thoughts. "Yes, daddy?"
"I left your present on the bed, baby. Go check it out." He told you as you did what you were told and moved upstairs to your shared bedroom and saw a pink colored paper bag on top of the bed. You looked at Jaehyun hesitantly, who gave you a smirk and nodded his head up once to the bag to tell you that you should open it. So, you did. And didn't expect to see all sorts of 'toys' inside them.
"D-daddy... these all are..." You managed to let out, these only few words getting the chance to leave your mouth. Your hands trembled, not because you were scared, mainly because you can already feel yourself start to melt and the desperation to just submit to him already.
You felt a pair of arms wrap themselves around you loosely, Jaehyun's hot breathe hitting your neck. He pressed his lips down to your neck and placed kisses that trailed down to your exposed shoulder due to the large shirt you wore that was barely hanging on your shoulders. You tilt your head to the side, giving him more access to your neck as he started to nip on the skin. "Fuck, baby boy." He whispered into your ear, licking your lobe making you sigh in pleasure, as he started to grind his hard on against your ass.
"Ah... daddy.." You moaned out from the feeling of his clothed member on your butt.
He never ceased his movements until he saw your hands still holding onto the bag, his smirk growing wider. "I'll let you pick two, baby and it'll be our special tool for tonight. How's that sound?" He seductively asked you, his lips grazing the back of your ear.
You weakly nodded your head and checked the contents of the paper bag. You were too clouded with the thought of getting pleasured by the older man that you took out whatever you could take in your hand. The chosen items made Jaehyun smirk. "Good choice, baby boy." He moved away from you, already missing the heat his body radiated against yours. He took the bag away from the bed and threw it somewhere in the corner of the room and took the toys you had in your hand. "I gotta say, you have good taste, M/n." He said. "Strip." His voice fell an octave deeper making your knees buckle from his dominating demeanor.
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akumaalert · 9 months ago
not a request just sharing bc i couldn't stop thinking of just "what if lucky called heis good boy" like how he calls her good girl sometimes but like.. i'm pretty sure he would break
This was supposed to be a mini-fic....but...uh....it'll likely be the first chapter of "Divergence" instead LMAO But hope you enjoy!
Good Boy
Karl Heisenberg x Reader, Explicit
CW: Masturbation, Accidental Voyeurism, Voyeurism, Happy Ending, Virgin!Karl Heisenberg
An AU happening during chapter 19 of "Heavy Metal Lover" but can be read without reading the main story.
That had been the first noise from Lucky besides the scratch of a pencil against paper that he had heard in about an hour.
Stuck in his office with her as he searched for a misplaced - not lost, just misplaced! - core schematic, Heisenberg tried to ignore the nagging thought of how domestic the space had become. Lucky never moved his things - something he was infinitely grateful for. He could recall too well his ever boiling frustration at having his room "cleaned" when living in the castle. The maids were well-meaning, but always adjusting. The room he had held would have felt more his own had he been able to move his own furniture around without the chambermaids fawning over him.
"No, no, young Lord Heisenberg! This is all wrong...off you go...go play...we will fix this mess."
Now on his own and in his element of chaos, he felt comforted, even if secretly so, that Lucky never seemed to complain.
Comforted...but cautious.
The day at the stronghold seemed stamped into his memory...right in the front for all to see. It remained a wonder Lucky didn't see it on his face.
The knowledge.
The horrible, horrible knowledge.
Staring at an old newspaper clip-out that he had saved with a picture of a modern car on its faded pages, he absently pushed the glasses back up his nose.
It tired him - the constant need to flip back and forth between acknowledging his feelings and thrusting them as far down as he could manage. Drowning them out with that beautiful sound of cinching machinery. Allowing them to seep into him with every laugh from her lips.
Heisenberg was starting to fall in love with the woman. The woman he had failed to kill - the lucky one to survive his maze. The woman his mother expected him to impregnate in order for Miranda's mad vessel to be born and to be killed all in the name of misery.
Misery otherwise known as Eva.
Slowly but certainly, Lucky was driving him insane. Reminding him of things he could never, ever have. Teasing him over and over for days on end.
Heisenberg remembered all too well his reason for entering the office. He had nearly sliced his own arm clean off his shoulder when he lost himself to his situation. To the possibility that, despite his body being so ill-suited for the task, Lucky could have his child. Would want his child. His thoughts, as they so often did, snapped back to the need for freedom - for the need for the arms to come loose from his latest corpse to transform them into one of his many soldiers.
But the more he thought of freedom, the more she sat in the background of his mind.
The more she sat there, the more his tired musings began to stitch together.
The more freedom and Lucky - the two dreams of his world - became intertwined.
He had been thinking of her - of Lucky - beside him the day that he won freedom from the village.
Won freedom...and her.
"You did it, Heis! You did it!"
Lucky would never know how dear it was to him...the fact that her emotions ran so freely with her very being. Beaming. She would do nothing less than beam at him. Her eyes would glow and crinkle at their tails as they did when she gave him her most genuine smiles.
"You did it. You're free. Our...our family is free."
She would grab his hand. Just one. He needed the other steady on her cheek.
Lucky would bring that hand clasped in her own to her belly.
"Our family..."
"Our...another...another Heisenberg?"
In his dreams, she shyly escaped his gaze to nod.
"You...you haven't been alone. Not with me. Not with the start of our family. But now...now, Heis..." Her eyes popped back up all soft and sincere. "Now you'll never be alone again. Not with our baby Heisenberg on the way..."
The only break from his reverie was the slice to one of his favorite stained t-shirts. Only the fact that it was Heisenberg's powers directing the saw had it falling to the floor instead of through his tensed skin.
Heisenberg could only stand in shocked silence. The arm that had been spared from the violence came to grab his shoulder. Though no injury had occurred, he felt stabbed all the same.
Family...and joy?
Lucky...with him?
Another Heisenberg...alive?
A thought washed over him like ice entering his veins.
A boy or a girl...would we have a boy or a girl first?
As if Lucky wished to be objected to more of his perverted and preposterous daydreams.
When he left the room, the metal was still shaking.
"Gotta get that fucking schematic...keep forgetting it...keep going to the office and...fuck...keep talking to her. Gotta stop fucking talking to her. Schematic. Get the fucking schematic."
Lucky had been asleep in bed when he first entered. A rushing relief to his soul. But as the search for the schematic went from flipping through one file to frantically reshuffling the wayward stack the paper should have been in, he knew it was only a matter of time before she would appear.
"Oh...ah!" Lucky yawned all cute and squeaky. "Good morning, Heis."
"Morning," he said flatly. "You...you move any of these lately?"
"No," she said sleepily. "I don't touch those...way above my pay grade. What are you looking for?"
"Core schematic," he grumbled. "Not fucking here...where the hell did I put it?"
Though Lucky made a very pointless questioning noise, she said nothing as she sat down and began her daily transcriptions. Hell, he had been grateful. She showed concern because she was simply a good person beneath all of the trauma and the terror she had reigned on his self-image. But she didn't pry or attempt to enter his space afterward where she would clearly only be in the way.
But that was before her second moan filled the office.
"What's wrong with you?" he asked, never looking up from his stack of papers.
A frustrated sigh and a grumble came from the desk chair.
"Think I slept on my neck funny last night," she said. "Doesn't help that my posture is shit. Just making it impossible to find a good angle to work in."
Growing agitated at his fruitless search, Heisenberg whipped around to look at her. "Want some help?"
"Want a massage or something?" he offered. "A...ha! You'll find this funny. Supersized one up in the castle? Used to love to make me massage her neck when I was a kid. Fucking manual labor when I was barely old enough to write. Had maids to do it - an assload at that - and forced me to instead."
Raising an eyebrow at him, Lucky frowned. "Was it...did she...did she hurt you? Like...if you didn't do it?"
"Ah nah," he said, taking careful steps over to Lucky. "Told you...when I was a kid, I was off limits. I whine about it now...but...well...I was a kid. Bitch loves kids. So I had to massage her back...but only part of this stupid salon thing we used to do together. It was nothing. Stupid. Just like her."
He did not know what to make of Lucky's face. Tilting her head, she steadied a look on him that could only be called curious.
"It's...it's a good memory? Of Alcina when you were small?"
Heisenberg scoffed.
"It's a memory," he said, standing behind Lucky with a wide stance and an even wider stare at her neck. "Not good or bad...just...there. Now...where's it hurt, kid?"
Raising a hand, Lucky placed her fingers on a section of her neck before swirling her touch.
"Ah...there...like just this one spot, but fanning out..."
"Okay...looks like your C7."
"My what now?"
Chuckling, Heisenberg moved her hand out of the way. "Your C7 vertebrae. Duck your chin down so I can get in here properly."
Doing as she was told, Lucky's head moved forward and Heisenberg placed his gloved hands against her neck. His thumbs encased the pained area and began to move in slow yet sturdy circles.
Lucky immediately began squirming.
"Can you maybe try without the gloves?" she asked. "Those are like...rough or something."
Casting off his gloves quickly, Heisenberg rolled his shoulders before trying again. "Wah, wah, wah...doing you a favor and you're out here complaining. That better, your highness?"
"Yes, actually," she said, relaxing. "And thank you. Asshole."
Puffing air out of his mouth, Heisenberg merely shook his head as he kneaded her skin.
Heisenberg tried to hide his stillness by immediately starting to massage her skin again.
But the noise could not be ignored.
"What was that?"
"Your hands...they're so warm. Fuck...feels good."
"Oh..." he said dumbly. Blinking down at her, he turned his head away as he kept his fingers in motion.
The fact that his cock had begun to waken in his pants was not lost on him.
"Are you using your electric powers? Is that why it feels so good?"
"Nah...really shouldn't do that on the living above the waist."
Above the waist...but below the waist...
"Ah," he continued, running his teeth over the scar on his lower lip. "Cause of the heart or whatever. Probably your brain too from this angle. Could fry both without meaning to. And I was working...earlier. Probably why they feel hot."
Lucky sighed as he continued to work her neck. His fingers were sweeping but slow. He had started off so intently and so rough. What had happened?
I felt her skin. Felt her beneath me. Felt her neck...for all she knows I could snap it right now and instead of being afraid she's welcoming me...she trusts me...trusts me enough to let me do this...
The next round of his fingers on her neck dipped into skin purposeful in their worship.
Her response was immediate.
"Oh...oh...good boy," she whispered.
To say he was lost for words was like calling water wet.
Though he kept his massage in a rhythmic round, his eyes were wide as they could possibly be behind his glasses. So wide that they hurt.
What the hell did she just do to me?
If he had to go off of physical injury, he would say she punched him in the stomach with all the force of a train running at full speed.
If he had to go off of an attack to his psyche, he would say she wormed her way into some long buried and forgotten wire that sent his entire brain into overdrive.
If he had to go off the erection now straining against his paints, he would say that he was royally fucked.
"You really are so good at this," she said, her voice still breathless. "Good boy...my good boy, Heis."
Heisenberg snatched his hands away as if Lucky were lava.
"Wait! No...what's wrong?" she asked, turning slightly to look at him.
If she looks down...if she sees...
"GOTTA TAKE A SHIT!" he exclaimed suddenly.
Lucky's mouth dropped open as she gaped at him.
Then she nodded with a laugh playing at her lips.
"Yeah. Go. Just come back and finish your massage."
Before he could finish blinking, he found himself storming down the hallway.
Well...intending to storm. His gait was impacted a bit by his dick standing at full mast and his hands hurriedly attempting to unbuckle the straps around his pants.
So FUCKING dumb. A shit? Really? he thought, visibly grimacing. It would have probably been less embarrassing to admit I was about to jack it to her calling me hers.
Hers...her good boy...good...I'm her good boy...hahaha...
What am I? A fucking dog?
...don't answer that.
Rushing into the break room, he considered the couch before catching sight of the bathroom. With a flick of one wrist as his other hand pulled his cock from his underwear and pants, Heisenberg slammed open the bathroom door.
He managed to slide his pants down his legs as he sat on the toilet and closed the door with the weakest of hand movements.
Finally free from judgment, Heisenberg hissed as he fumbled his glasses to the nearby counter and took himself into his hand.
"Good boy...her good boy...fuck...fuck yeah I am, baby..."
A groan and a grunt fell from his lips as he jerked his hand along his shaft.
All too often this act had been nothing but release from tension. An exploration so technical and so tedious as to be boring. But now with Lucky at his side and in his bed - however platonically she slept there - the images that plagued him seemed vibrantly real and tempting in their joyful teasing.
Imaginings - hopes and dreams and fantasies - that he could only cling onto in the moment.
The desk.
He would take her right on that same desk she was taking notes on.
"Oh, Karl," she would say, despite not knowing his first name. "Gonna be my good boy?"
"Yes," he said aloud, eyes closing and mind prickling with sights of her and waves of pleasure.
Lucky would be splayed on his desk - lying on her back and presenting herself to him as if she were a meal to be consumed instead of a darling treasure to worship.
"That's good...only good boys are allowed to fuck me. Isn't that what you want?"
"Yes...yes...god fucking damnit. YES." Huffing and hating the tremble in his thighs, Heisenberg bucked into his hand. "Yes...only me...wanna be your good boy. I'll be so good for you. Only you, Mein Schatz..."
A dirty laugh from her lips. The Lucky of his dreams becoming more and more defined as she palmed one breast and teased her clit with the fingers of her other hand.
"Mmm...know what you're saying you know...my treasure...that's so cute...been feeling the same way about you lately...thinking of you...dreaming of you...my good boy want to tell me what else he's been feeling? Mmn? Big boy wanna tell me before you put your cock inside of me?"
Lips loose along with his pleasure, Heisenberg found he could not build his voice to say the words aloud.
So he mouthed them instead. Mouthed them and stuttered in his quest for pleasure as his hand curled about his shaft at the "lah" tipping silently from his tongue.
"Oh, darling..." A smile. She'd smile. Genuine and sweet and sincere and all for him. "I love you too, Karl."
"Mmnnn....ah...fu-UCK!" With a panicked inhale, Heisenberg quickly pinched the head of his cock to prevent his end from coming too soon. "No, no, no...not yet...not yet...please..."
Though the pleasure was unlike anything he had previously experienced and his calves clenched in protest of a release delayed, his oncoming orgasm stalled and began to fade.
"Such a good boy," said Lucky, eyeing him in his fantasy like she would look at a drink of water on a hot day. "That's right. You don't come until I tell you to. Understand?"
A nod of his head.
"Good, good boy. My good boy. Good Karl. Come on...think it's time you got your treat...here...I'll help you..."
With her fingers moving to fully expose the inside of that wet and preciously pink pussy of hers, Lucky looked up at him with a lidded look.
Heisenberg had no experience with another person when it came to handling his physical pleasure. Hell, with any pleasure or positive feeling at all. Except maybe the triumph of victory over others, he had never had the chance to experience happiness - true happiness and trust and faith in another soul.
Until her.
And for her...for her he would indulge and give himself freely...if only locked away inside of his mind.
Inexperience taking a back seat to passion, he pictured himself guiding his cock into her waiting and welcoming body. Maybe he would steady himself with a hand on her hip or simply with a heated stare into her eyes.
He all but strangled his cock to try to mimic a feeling he had never known and had never thought to miss before her.
"Uh-huh," whined Lucky in his dreams. "Oh...you're so big...fill me up just right. So fucking thick..."
"Hah...ah...your good boy big enough for you?"
"Yes...oh yes...yes...so big...such a perfect dick...please...please Karl...Heis...please, baby, please...Heis?"
When he began to rut into his own hand with a purpose, he felt flames like that of standing directly beside the blaring crucible dancing across his cheeks. Though some of his daydream seemed vague and hard to read, he had enough to know that he could not delay the inevitable for much longer. Lucky - the real and actual Lucky - was still waiting for him back in the office. Waiting and none the wiser to his desperate need for her affection. It sickened him - the want for anything and everything to do with her.
Sickened him...and sent electric shocks of white pleasure down his spine.
"So fucking perfect...you're so fucking perfect for me, Lucky...oh..."
"Huh...ah...already so close...so damn worked up...can't stand it...can't stand you looking like that..."
"Like what?"
Heaving and heatedly squirming where he sat, Heisenberg noticed for the first time that one of his boots jutted up and down on the floor beneath him. As if his entire body refused to be still.
"Most beautiful fucking thing I've ever seen," he bit out. "Please...please, Luck...I know it's soon...but please..."
A tilted head and a gentle grin. A pointer finger that danced around her clit and drew his eyes away only long enough for her to breathe out shallow and short. His eyes snapped back to hers immediately.
"Please what?"
"Please let me come...let me come inside you...wanna...wanna take you...claim you...don't want you with anyone else ever again."
Glinting eyes and lush eyelashes.
"You're gonna be all that to me, Heis? Well...in that case..."
Her lips finding his own. His very first kiss - albeit imaginary. Her lips soft but without taste. His own lips puckering even as they trembled from the need for more.
"In that case," she continued, taunting him in his ear. "Come, Heis. Be a good boy and come for me."
Hindsight would have him chastising himself for not thinking to grab some tissue. In the moment, however, he was too busy panting and watching his cum dot the floor in thick strips. Heisenberg growled...tried to hold on to the image of her with one eye still closed.
Reality settled in on him. Settled in even as his stomach quivered underneath his shirt and his orgasm began to relax into his bones. It was pleasant and his every nerve seemed to stand on edge. Tingles of pleasure radiated from his chest to his feet flat against the floor. Gulping in air, he knew he had never come so hard before in his life. It was good...great even.
But it was not her. It was not enough.
Clean up was a quick and tedious affair. Lucky could not know what he had done in her quarters. The tissues he found too late to wipe his seed from the floor were tossed and flushed away. He checked the room once and then again once his shades were back on his face.
Finishing the belt at the top of his pants, he cleared his throat before exiting.
The television in the break room still hummed though it sat completely dead in the meager light from the ceiling.
Shit...glad she wasn't in here. Never had anyone here to care about when I got down to business...no telling what my powers do with electronics...
The schematic. He had to find that damn schematic.
Trying to level his breathing as he stalked the hallway, Heisenberg considered the day before him. Lucky had not wished to attend a revitalization attempt with him yet. While he didn't intend to push her into seeing something that might scar her again, it might be worthwhile to have her eyes in the room at some point. She hadn't complained about the notes yet. Maybe he should offer? Make it sound like a small deal and let her in when it was near completion? Give her a taste before exposing her to more?
Fucking stupid...it's all so fucking stupid...what happened to me? If she were any assistant, I would just drag her ass there and have her record the whole thing. Fuck me with all this concerned shit.
But she's not just any assistant...
Entering the office, he stilled at the doorway when he saw Lucky facing him from her chair.
"Uh...hey," he said, licking his lips. "Sorry about that. Took...ah...let's just forget it."
"Actually," she began. "I need to be honest with you. Because of what happened before..."
Eyebrows shooting up, he stood in silence before she continued.
"Um...so...I was sitting here...sitting here and trying to rub my neck or whatever..."
"Well...the radio came on and it freaked me out a little bit..." She paused, her fidgety look dropping to the floor. "But...the more I listened...the more I...recognized your voice."
"My...my voice?"
Heisenberg could not move. He shouldn't be looking at her, but he was afraid if he blinked that the tension would break and she would begin laughing or cursing or, worst of all, apologizing.
"Umm...it...I heard you. And I guess you were...I guess it was real time." A tent of her fingers and a swallow in her throat. "I heard your comment and responded and...I think...I think you could hear me too. Possibly? You seemed to...seemed to be replying to what I said directly."
Shame. Shame for a million years fell on his shoulders that had felt so light before.
"Where?" he managed to say. "Where did you come in? What comment did you respond to?"
How she looked at him, he had no idea. She was far braver than he could ever be. Heisenberg planned to face down Miranda without a single hesitation one day on that glorious battlefield where his freedom could be won.
But now? Faced with Lucky standing and walking toward him with the full weight of her eyes upon him?
He looked away.
"You said...you asked me if my good boy was big enough for me."
The purr in her voice. The sound of her steps growing closer. The burn in his throat.
"After that," she said. "I called your name...I...responded to you and you to me."
"That didn't...I..." He shook his head. "I...umm..."
"Can I hold your hand?"
Head shooting up, Heisenberg caught her heated look. The same heated look she had worn in his dreams.
He nodded. Nodded even though he barely registered it until she took his hand and steps to press herself flush against him.
When she spoke, it was hushed and low.
For him and him only.
"I'm going to go to the bathroom...freshen up. Since we know you can communicate from the radio to the television...I want you to tell me when it's okay to come back here. I'm giving you two options."
Heisenberg hung on her every word and looked at her as if she controlled his every movement.
"The first...you can leave. Can give me enough time to go there...find what you were looking for...then tell me you're off to do whatever. I won't mention this again. We won't mention it."
Silence fell between the two of you. A crackle of the radio to the side of the room.
"And the other option?" he asked, voice nearly breaking.
A shy look. A happy tilt of her lips.
"The other option...you can rest for a bit before I come back here and make whatever fantasy you were having come true."
A mouth drier than dry left his tongue feeling too large. Too large and too needed to swipe across his lips.
"You don't have to answer now-"
"The second one," he said. "Second one. Want that one. Screw the first one."
A bright and happy smile. A smile that crinkled the tail of her eyes and lit up her face.
She was beaming at him. Squeezing his hand before parting from him.
Not for long...not for damn long if he could help it.
"You give me the word then, good boy," she teased, walking out of the room.
Legs nearly buckling and sending him to the ground, Heisenberg took uneasy steps to his office chair before throwing himself on it. His entire body buzzed, though it seemed far less like electricity and far more like promise and hope. Not love on her end...not yet. But a maybe. Potential.
Grinning stupidly and looking at the desk, he made quick work of clearing the area for the fun he planned on having from his daydream to come true.
As soon as he picked up the recorder Lucky used to transcribe his notes, Heisenberg saw it.
That damned schematic.
His last visit to this same room. A note on said schematic stating "DON'T FORGET" in large words. A note he carelessly put there before guiding Lucky to sit down to look at her transcriptions and laugh with her over the sixth stable boy in one week to die of drunken stupidity.
Quietly and contentedly, he opened the desk drawer to stuff the schematic inside.
"Mmn...don't think I'll need you for a while yet actually..." Eyeing the radio on the wall, Heisenberg tossed his glasses to the table and tried to slick and perfect the wiry hair about his head. "Oh, Lucky, honey...room is ready whenever you are...and so is your good boy."
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star-anise · 11 months ago
Thank you for your reply. My ask was kind of all over the place. (I've done some dbt before with a previous therapist and it helped! But that therapist was not a good fit I'm at a new one now tho).
Random thing, you mentioned bpd I heard in my abnormal psychology class that a lot of therapists won't treat someone diagnosed with bpd??? It was the teacher who is a grad student studying to be a therapist who said it. And like. I don't understand. They sound like a very in need population who was often abused and there's a whole huge book of treatment resources written by someone with bpd. I've heard they're "hard to treat" and talked about like they're hopeless. but like why be a mental health professional if you don't like mentally ill/different people?
This is also the same professor who insisted trauma is only the few things listed under dsm ptsd definition as traumatic events.. like she said parents getting divorced isn't a traumatic event because you aren't physically in danger... that class really scared me about the mental health field because of all the awful people in it aspiring to be therapists including the teacher.
Sorry for all the asks I love the work you do on this blog
Ahahaha, what IS it about undergrad abnormal psych professors? Mine said he wouldn't touch clinical practice with a ten-foot pole, and told a story about how once a student told him she had schizophrenia, and he knew that she was lying because obviously nobody with schizophrenia could actually manage to attend university.
(It's seriously untrue. I've had both friends and clients with psychotic disorders who succeeded in university. He was being an ableist bastard. Like, I know psych students can tend to over-identify with a disorder they're studying without actually having it, but that doesn't mean no psych student is ever entirely correct about their deal.)
Okay so, BPD. The thing about BPD is that it requires a special skillset that does not come standard in most clinical training. If a therapist who doesn't have that skillset tries to treat someone with BPD, the therapy will not be very effective and the process will be very frustrating for both them and their client. To be very frank, it's just as true that ordinary therapists are bad at treating BPD and don't like feeling stupid, as it is that people with BPD are hard to treat.
(And training to deal with people with BPD clinically is often not included in grad school education. DBT training is expensive and they won't accept you unless you have an adequate clinical placement.)
Also, part of dealing with BPD in particular is... people with BPD often have trouble seeing authority figures with anything more nuanced than "adoration and compliance" or "fear and loathing". As a therapist, you're signing up as an authority figure. Part of the work means letting your client express all their feelings about you, and helping them work to something more nuanced and sustainable, like, "I am furious and enraged that I'm in pain and I wish my therapist could take that pain away, but I realize that's not within her power. I have to admit that she's not being an evil villain here, so I can feel my resentment but let it go."
Which can be stressful to deal with, as a therapist. You have to live with a lot of hurt and anger and rage headed your way, and keep your perspective. Be empathetic without getting carried away in those emotions. You have to be able to face that pain and say, "I can't take that away. I can only help you learn to bear it."
Basically everyone I know in grad school had a nervous breakdown somewhere along the line because we go to therapist school because we're smart and capable and feel good about helping people, so when we encounter a person we can't help, or are put in situations where we have to stop helping, we tend to have existential crises and end up sobbing in the student lounge about What Am I Even Good For Now. I was lucky because I had a version of that breakdown before I entered grad school, and my therapist warned me to get a new shrink when I moved for my Master's, "Because if you don't need one at the beginning, you'll definitely need one by the end." So I was more equipped to help classmates for whom this was a wholly new experience.
In my opinion, the healthy way to approach the problem of A Person You're Not Good At Helping is to practice humility, set reasonable boundaries, recognize the limits of your competence, and see where you can learn and grow. But many therapists and helping professionals use what I consider to be an unhealthy approach, labelling such clients as "defensive" and "resistant" and "hard to treat" and blaming them for the difficulty.
Which like, I get that "practicing humility" is like "doing exercise", sometimes you're tired and cranky and don't want to go for a run. Sometimes you just want to blame the other person for not accepting your magnanimous help.
Anyway, within the field of mental health psychotherapy, complex trauma is a unique sub-speciality that many therapists don't want to touch at all. I had many classmates say, "Woof, you're into complex trauma? You must be so tough, I could never." 🙄
(Technically I have the ethical obligation to represent my profession in the best possible light to encourage public confidence in the field of psychotherapy. But I think it's not undermining the profession to admit what everyone already knows, which is that some therapists are oblivious assholes who do bad work. I've seen it, I've met them, I want them to piss off forever. Jordan Peterson is a blight to our names and Phil McGraw can go choke.)
So people who are on your wavelength about BPD and trauma and What Therapists Are For are out there. They're just a little rarer than the usual run of therapists. For what it's worth, I've found they cluster more in areas like complex trauma, DBT, Narrative Therapy, and the Hearing Voices Movement. Next year (knock on wood) I'l be going to a conference on the treatment of complex trauma with a friend, and this sounds weird given that it's a weekend all about child maltreatment, but I expect it to be a blast, because I'll get to be among My People, talking about the work that fills our souls.
I really wish that as an undergrad, I'd spent more time hanging out with Social Work students, and going to conferences and trainings. Those are where I met some of the coolest people I really clicked with. And in grad school, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting other people who were a lot like me. Those friendships were especially rewarding because as skilled helpers, we ended up playing a game of Needs Chicken, where each tries hide their own needs and caretake for the other, which finally ended up in a standoff where we had to agree to put down our caretaking skills and just be honest about what we wanted, even if that felt new and scary and raw.
(Support me: Patreon and Paypal.)
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gffa · 8 months ago
So much of the criticism against the Jedi is stupid and I do not understand people who try to argue that they are the real bad guys at all. However, there are things I think they did wrong. I think they made mistakes and didn't handle certain situations in this best way. Would that mean I'm considered anti-Jedi or could I still be in the pro-Jedi part of the fandom?
Honestly, that's up to you to decide, not me. An unhelpful answer, I'm sorry. 😂 I might have my personal opinions on stuff, but I don't get to decide whether you're pro-Jedi or anti-Jedi, any more than someone gets to decide if I'm pro-Anakin or anti-Anakin, because I criticize some of the stuff he does. If you want my view on things, for me, what it comes down to (in a very, very broad sense, there are always going to be exceptions and each situation should be taken individually, etc.) is in whether there's empathy for the Jedi in the choices they made and why they made them. With me, I don't think joining the war was necessarily the right thing to do, for example. But I defend their choice because I'm not sure what other feasible choices there were when the Republic was set up the way it was (and wouldn't have allowed them to do whatever else they would have wanted) and when there were real lives in danger because the Separatists were murdering and enslaving people, because the Separatists were using people as living shields, because the Separatists were using bio-chemical warfare on worlds. That doesn't mean I think they were actually perfect angels descended from heaven to the mortal plane (much as I joke about it), but that I understand why they made the choice they did, given the limited options they had and can see why it would come across as the only choice, given what the Separatists were doing and who they were trying to protect. Or, like with Obi-Wan, I don't think his decision to keep Anakin in the dark about faking his death was necessarily the right decision, but I understand why I think he did it and I don't disagree with his reasons, especially considering that--from his point of view--the Chancellor's life was indeed on the line and Anakin telling that secret to people (as he is wont to do) could have cost both that life and Obi-Wan's own, if this wasn't a convincing operation. The above are just examples for me personally, not ones meant to start a discussion or anything, but instead to illustrate where I myself think being a pro-Jedi fan is--I have empathy for the choices made and the circumstances that brought about the decisions and the context of often times a lack of other feasible options that would have worked within the setting of the story. But that's my definition and it's not really up to me to declare you either pro or anti, certainly not when it comes to the broad strokes. As for what you're asking in the final bit, without knowing more specifics about you or your situation (and even then WHO KNOWS, PROBABLY NOT ME 😂), I may be off the mark with this, but from my personal experience, here's what I generally find happens: A bunch of Jedi-critical people tend to make a lot of passive aggressive comments about how pro-Jedi fans are annoying for their opinions or have no nuance or don't really understand Star Wars. A lot of pro-Jedi fans are tired of having a) constant, CONSTANT arguments on our posts (I get comments like this literally every single day and I try to mostly let them go, but after awhile it shuts down any urge I have to discuss things with any criticism because it goes nowhere and it keeps getting shoved onto me when I didn't ask for it, which, you know, fair enough, it's the internet, but also I am but one person and it's A Lot after awhile) and so we start drawing firmer lands in the sand because sometimes we just want to have fun celebrating or talking about our faves and yet we constantly get crap about it, in the way that, for example, a Luke Skywalker Is Pure Human Sunshine fan wouldn't. I have no problem with people who are 100% serious that Luke's never done anything wrong in his life! But if I'm going to hear people snidely saying, "Let! People! Have! Flaws!" about the Jedi well, it's hard not to see a double standard when I never see that being applied to Luke fans or Ahsoka fans. (And I don't think it should be applied to them, either!) Nor do I have a problem with people who have criticisms of the Jedi, because not everyone is like the above, I'm
friends with several chill people! I get along with them just fine! But, generally, they're people who respect others' boundaries, understand that arguing about fictional stories isn't more important than the actual person you're having a discussion with, understand that it's possible to disagree without thinking the other person doesn't ~understand~ Star Wars, understand that Jedi fans deal with a lot of shit in this hell fandom (we're not the only ones by any means, but we do get it) and maybe have a little extra care sometimes. I can't speak for any of the rest of fandom, aside from telling you my generalized observations and my own experiences. I can only tell you that, as long as you're kind to other fans, as long as you're willing to give them the same space that you are due in return, I think you can put yourself wherever you like in whatever section of fandom that you want!  (And, for what it’s worth, this comment didn’t ping my senses at all, so I suspect you’d be fine. 💕)
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irishwolfmother · a month ago
I got some chores done,
Did a stream of art and gaming!
Got doctors booked for tomorrow.
I'm exhausted and sick on top of coping with becoming disabled and to be honest it seems that im coping better than most would in my situation or that most expected I would.
It comes in waves for me these days.
For a few hours I'm super determined to take over the world and push my limits to prove disabled people can do just as much able bodied people..
Then I crashed and I just want to curl into bed,have a cry and nap for the rest of the month and then maybe try again.
I'm in a lot of pain constantly.
My period started yesterday on top of things too.
I'm glad I streamed,did some laundry, hovered , wiped down counters etc.
I'm sad that I'm this sore and sick on top of trying to cope with all the change.
But I am very very tired.
My friends posting grip tape to me so I can put it down and not loose grip on my indoor ramps when my wheels on my chair are wet. 💪🥲
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Could you do a rough, master-pet play with Magnus and Rodimus as a form of punishment? Any version works
This ask is from so long ago- but hopefully you still want it! Let's do animated!
Ultra Magnus was an important figure. This wasn't to honk his horn, this was a mere fact he was reminding himself of. Why? Because it meant he had no excuse doing what he was doing. He was fucking an autobot recruit. An up and coming 'golden child', Kup vouched for his skills in every combat situation, and Ultra Magnus had to see for himself. He was right of course, and Ultra Magnus was impressed by him. So much so, that things got out hand.
It started with a few unprofessional meetings outside of work. A few drinks. Next thing Ultra Magnus knew, he was staying in his apartment here and there, he was sending him inappropriate messages for him to touch himself to. He shouldn't have conducted himself like this. He shouldn't interact with him like this anymore. He should cut off ties to him altogether perhaps-
"Ultra Magnus? Rodimus is here. Please tell me he's not just here to annoy me."
"Send him in."
Dammit. He sat there for a moment, elbows resting on his desk. Rodimus stepped in, immediately giving a salute.
"Ultra Magnus, sir!"
He waited a moment, checking to make sure no one was eavesdropping, before snickering, relaxing from his stance.
"Ah that bit never gets old. How come he's got a crank loose in HIS case? You put a bowl of energon goodies out, shouldn't be a limit."
Cliffjumper DID complain that Rodimus kept stealing more than his fair share of treats from the candy bowl. Rodimus sauntered over to his desk, helping himself to a seat. Primus, he was so pretty. Lithe frame, fresh paint and wax, cute little 'wings' that just drove him crazy to think about.
"So, what do you got planned for us this time, Boss bot? Date night, finishing off with dessert at your place? I got plenty of room for a little bit of cream~"
Rodimus chuckled at his own stupidity, and it was just. So cute of him. Ultra Magnus stood up from his seat, and held onto the smaller one's chin. He thumbed over his lips, recalling just how good they were at sucking his fingers.
"We...should stop doing this."
Rodimus looked as if he didn't understand his words, yet he was amused by it.
"Pfft, what? Why? You don't like your little hot rod anymore? If it's another bot, I don't mind sharing."
"No. Unfortunately it's just us. I assumed it'd make this problem easier, but it doesn't. I want you. I really do. But I'm a Magnus, I can't afford to-!"
Magnus didn't get to finish as Rodimus reached up, grabbed his audial horns, and pulled him into a kiss. It was so abrasive, so sudden, it jump started his spark. Rodimus pulled away from the kiss, yet still held onto him, demanding his attention.
"You can't afford to. But I can. You think you get to just spit me out whenever you feel like it? Nah, I don't give up that easy. Over here, on the floor. Now."
Rodimus wasn't physically stronger than him, but Magnus moved as if he was. Something about the smaller, 'weaker' mech assuming he was superior. The nerve, the boldness of it all. Rodimus forced him out of his seat, only to plop himself down. No one, save for the Magnus before him, were allowed to sit upon his seat. The closest Rodimus had ever gotten to sitting on it was via Ultra Magnus's lap.
"You're not allowed to-"
"Did I fucking say you get to talk?"
Rodimus growled against his face, yanking his audial till it stung. Why did that feel good? He understood that Rodimus liked pain occasionally, but HIM liking it? It didn't make sense. He didn't get much time to think about it however, given the fact that Rodimus wanted his attention, and wanted it now.
"I'm getting real tired of your rules. We're gonna play MY games now. Rule one, I sit in your chair. Rule two, you do what I tell you to. Rule three, you talk about this 'Oh I can't' shit, I'm not going to be nice. And trust me, I'm being very, VERY nice."
Ultra Magnus nodded, as if on instinct, and that seemed to please Rodimus, given the smirk on his features. Rodimus sat back in the chair, and opened his valve panel.
"I always got fucked by that big spike of yours. It's about time you show me you appreciate it. Go on."
Ultra Magnus was yanked right in between his legs. Rodimus always did have such a small, pretty valve. He always thought about it, even while he was supposed to be working. But not once had he actually consumed it. Usually Rodimus got himself ready for his spike. Ultra Magnus thought about telling him no, just for how new this was, when Rodimus gave him another tug.
"One more time. Don't FUCKING make me get mean."
Ultra Magnus shouldn't have had been so excited by that. But he was. By Primus he was. He held onto those thin little thighs, and enveloped him in his mouth. The valve tasted good, it was warm, it was wet. But that wasn't what got him so excited. It was the fact that Rodimus refused to relent. His grip was still tight, he kept bucking into his mouth, as if Ultra Magnus was not a mech, but a toy.
"That's it. You're stupid, but you're a real good boy. A good boy who does what I fucking tell him to."
Ultra Magnus felt his own valve drip at such lewd vocabulary. It shouldn't feel this good, letting his thick tongue stretch that Itty bitty valve. Rodimus moaned in between his foul language. It wasn't as 'cute' as before. It was...sultry, unfiltered. Rodimus had been hiding this crude part of him, and Ultra Magnus wanted to explore more of it. His mouth movements weren't the quickest, but his size allowed a bit of leeway, letting him stretch the valve exactly how he liked it.
He felt Rodimus's grip on his horn loosen for a moment, before suddenly tightening up again.
"That's it. That's fucking it. I'm gonna finish in your mouth. You liked shoving loads down my throat, let's see how YOU fucking like it."
Ultra Magnus liked it. He really, really did. He practically yanked Rodimus to his mouth as the younger mech finished, right onto his glossa. Rodimus looked good as he overloaded, relaxed, satisfied, if only for a second. Rodimus pulled his face away, before snapping his fingers.
"Show me that tongue. You're a dirty, old mech, and you like it. Come on, all the way, like you want more from me."
Ultra Magnus obeyed. His glossa, still dropping with Rodimus's fluids, hung out of his mouth lazily. Rodimus's little fingers against his thick, long tongue, shouldn't have felt this good. Ownership shouldn't have felt this good. And Rodimus could see his conflicting emotions, he could infer from the smirk on his face.
"You like letting someone else take the reins, don't you Mags?"
"I...I suppose there are benefits."
"Uh huh. Says the mech dripping onto the floor."
Ultra Magnus looked down. It was true, his spike had popped out, and alongside the juices from the shut valve, he was making quite a lovely pink smear onto the floor. He cleared his throat, trying and failing to try to save face.
"I...m...may enjoy not having any worries, if only temporarily."
"What I'm hearing is 'I really like being a dirty old mech'. Which is fine, that's exactly how I like treating you, Mags."
Magnus's spike shouldn't have twitched upon hearing that phrase. Dirty old mech. Rodimus caught it too, he saw that glimmer in his optics. Rodimus stood up, letting himself drip all over his seat.
"Come on, you've earned your seat back. Hold your hands out for me."
Ultra Magnus obeyed without much hesitation. Rodimus dug into his dresser, pulling out the cuffs usually reserved for himself. He pulled Ultra Magnus's hands behind his back and behind his chair, and tied them together. Ultra Magnus, not used to being in such a compromising position, wanted to voice his concerns. But Rodimus was talented.
"There we go. Does the dirty old mech like sitting in my mess? Go on. Use your big boy voice."
Ultra Magnus swallowed, before nodding.
"I...I like it."
"Like what?"
"I...like sitting in your mess. So much."
Ultra Magnus had his horn tugged like a good boy, by a very pleased looking Rodimus.
"Good. You've been SO good so far. A little mouthy, but definitely not too bad. Now, here's the real test. I know you like to overload whenever you feel like it, and it's super cute that you can't last too long,"
Rodimus climbed over him, wet valve pressing just against Ultra Magnus's tip. Ultra Magnus wanted to buck against him, wanted to burrow himself in the valve that he knew would make him cum. But he stayed still. Even as he dripped onto him, making him twitch painfully, he stayed still. Because he was a good boy. The best, even.
"But you need to wait till I say so. Got it?"
Ultra Magnus nodded eagerly. At this point, he'd give Rodimus all of Cybertron, just in hopes to give him the overload he wanted. Just in hopes to prove he was a very, VERY, dirty old mech. Rodimus sank down onto him slowly, taking him in FULLY, making a tingle run down both their spinal ridges. Then Rodimus, ever good to him, started to ride him. He didn't bother with foreplay, didn't bother with slow movements or even tease him. No, Rodimus was so kind to him, giving them both what they needed, by absolutely riding the shit out of him. Normally Ultra Magnus would tell him to hush.
But now he didn't care. No, Rodimus could be as loud as he wanted, moan as he wanted, hips clanging as loud and as fast as he desired. It was messy, uninhibited, it was something so unbecoming to Magnus. He felt helpless, watching such a pretty mech use him like some toy. Watching himself be used to another's satisfaction. He loved it. He wanted to cum. He wanted to dump the huge load he knew he had for him, wanted to show just how much of a dirty old mech he was.
And Rodimus adored it. Holding onto his horns still, he showed no lack of speed or passion, seeming to thrive under the fact that he had absolute control. He could do anything to Magnus. Even taunting him by acting as if he'd give him kisses, only to pull away and smirk like a cocky little thing.
"You're REALLY liking this. You're getting all drooly on me. It's cute. You wanna cum, huh?"
"You wanna stuff my little valve full? You wanna see it drip out of me?"
"Y-yes. Please, please."
He knew Rodimus wasn't going to give him that. He just knew. What he didn't know, was that it was going to be SO much better. Rodimus rode him till he knew he couldn't hold it, before peeling himself off. Rodimus finished himself off by rubbing at his little node, but didn't completely ignore his vulnerable pet.
He said that, and immediately pressed his foot against his giant spike. Ultra Magnus didn't want to finish under someone's heel, but he was a good boy, who did what he was told. So he finished, cuffs straining under his might and head tossed back as he gave ribbons and ribbons of hot, pink, thick mess. He wanted in the other's valve, but what he wanted was no longer up to him. Rodimus chuckled, leaning down to kiss his cheek.
"You wanna go again?"
"Yes. Please. For the love of Primus, please."
Rodimus dug into his drawer again, pulling out Rodimus's favorite little vibrator. He opened Ultra Magnus's panel, clipped it onto his little node, and started it. His sensitive frame immediately ignited with the vibrations, and Ultra Magnus was ready to prove that he was yet again, a good boy. Only, Rodimus tucked himself away, and jumped off the seat.
"Alright, have fun."
"W-wait! Where are you going?!"
"Out to lunch. Don't worry, I'll be back. And you better be quiet. Hate for Cliffjumper to find you like this~"
Rodimus chuckled as he shut the door behind him. As Ultra Magnus sat there, whining, helpless, he realized something.
It was very hard to be a good boy.
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rcksmith · a year ago
Invigorating — Five Hargreeves
Tumblr media
Request : “Hii so i was thinking about some fic/headcanons where five discover that his powers are stronger when he is with reader.”
A/N: We not tolerate any pedophilia here!!
I write about Five with their 20s. I write the same about the characters of Harry Potter.
I hope I got close to what you wanted. I thought it was better to do it in fic, but it was just out of personal preference, I hope you like it, I found it very adorable to write. Love u❤️
English is not my first language, so I so sorry if have a mistake.
Requests are open. Love you ❤️
Couple: Five Hargreeves/Fem! Reader.
Warnings: Nothing, just fluff.
— — — — —
The superhero life was a mess. Behind all the glamor of HQ’s and the romanticization of the media, there were only people trying to cope with their own lives when everything that was expected of them was nothing short of extraordinary. All the Hargreeves brothers knew this. And they carried the weight of the whole world on their backs. It was like trying to breathe with a rock pressed against your chest, purging all hope of relief.
They would never have a normal life, with normal parents or friends. They would always be chained to that sentence that came with their powers. Sometimes, late at night, some of the Hargreeves wondered how much smoother life would have been had they not been born extraordinary.
Five stopped imagining fantasies that would never come true from an early age. He viewed situations with objectivity, coolness and calculus. But life at the Hargreeves mansion was not easy and the only way for him to deal with the traumas and pressures was to push them under the rug. Then Five started to scoff when the brothers talked about having a normal life.
Who did they want to think about it? They would always be circus attractions. They would never have a normal life. So it was better to get over it, because you can't miss what you never had, and it was stupid want to live a false normal life. They would never be normal, it was the curse of the Hargreeves, and Five accepted that.
But you revoked all of his sentences. You were absolutely normal. Typical life, family, friends and routine. And when you came into the life of the Hargreeves and brought the breath of relief that everyone needed, Five felt that rock be lifted from his chest whenever you were close.
And then he knew normalcy. Five tasted the sweet taste that was enjoying a ray of sunshine, a summer breeze, a sunset, all the normal details that you inserted into his life and that now ... now he had something to miss.
During the months, your presence, for Five, was a sigh of relief amid all the claustrophobic, and he felt a certain envy when he saw how Klaus had a way with dealing with people. How he and Alisson always knew what to say, how to act, and how to captivate you to the point where you want to spend more time with them.
It was hell for Five. because you presence calmed all his nerves, your energy soothed the restless air and removed the rock that prevented him from breathing. Five realized how much he liked fresh air. And he didn't know how to make you want to be close to him too. He felt at peace when you were close. And it was an overwhelming discovery.
“Here it is.” You said, handing Five a mug of coffee, without him even asking.
That was one more thing that made you wonderful in his eyes. You two never had a long conversation, but you knew enough, and whenever you were in the kitchen, helping the Hargreeves for breakfast, you knew exactly what to give him.
Okay, to be fair, you knew exactly what to deliver to everyone. For Klaus, passion fruit juice and hangover aspirin, big and fat pancakes for Luther and Diego, Waffles for girls and strong black coffee for him. It wasn't like Five thought you were treating him in a special way.
But... whenever you gave him coffee and your midday sun smile, that was the best part of the day. And he wished, deep down in his soul, that it was special.
He nodded his head. And he drank the coffee knowing that the taste would be nothing short of excellent. Five concluded that you had a habit of turning everything you touched into gold.
“Are you going to see training today to wait for us?” Alisson asked you.
It was Friday, and Alisson, Klaus, Vayna and you had agreed to go shopping after them training. It was not new you and them to go out together, but it was new for you to watch their training. It was nothing formal, just routine, so it was easier to wait for them finishe than you to leave and return.
“If it's okay with you guys.”
The brothers agreed and Five thought it best not to show any reaction. He told himself it was because it didn't matter whether you saw a workout or not, but, deep in his soul, Five knew it was for fear that if you focused your attention on him, you would end up listening to him fast heartbeat.
But if he knew that everything would start in that training, he would have thought twice about going.
You were sitting on one of the mats in the garden, sometimes reading something on your phone while the brothers practiced the training. It should have been routine for them, as usual, but they all had difficult missions last night and felt exhausted to do their best.
Five came to know his own limits, he knew when his body was entering the last reserves and that it would no longer hold its powers. It was like a big battery that he needed to recharge to keep working. He felt the sting in his muscles, a warning that Five came to understand that signaled that his powers were going to fail.
Five was already orchestrating strategies to dodge Diego's knives when, already knowing that it wouldn't work, he tried to teleport. But the blue flash swallowed him up and when he took him behind his brother, and Five felt his muscles revitalized, the shock left him stunned.
It had never happened. But it hasn't happened again in weeks too.
Five spent days trying to understand how his powers took a turn and then retracted the same stake when he trained again. The bite always hit him in the muscles and then his powers left him in the hand. Five could no longer find the invigorating sensation that followed the hooks.
The second time his powers got stronger was when Luther was pissing him off. They had arrived from an exhausting and difficult mission, and that time you asked them to come to your apartment for dinner. Because you knew that the negativity of the mansion would not do well for a situation that had already brought out the best in the Hargreeves. Always the good person. You knew how to alleviate a situation with the smallest of gestures, and it made you look wonderful again in the eyes of Five.
After dinner, Luther was teasing Five, throwing cushions at him across the room, while everyone talked and rested in the living room. You made them feel like it was just a normal end of day. That they were just tired after work, traffic, and not because they were damn superheroes who fought a nuclear leak and terrorists. It seemed to Five that everything was easy and charming with you.
Then, when Luther threw another pillow at him, and Five felt the sting in his muscles, but tried to teleport to strike back anyway, the invigorating air ran through his muscles and the blue flash swallowed him.
Once again, Five was surprised. And suddenly, he forgot why he teleported.
His mind hummed like a propeller, trying to understand what the hell was going on. And that's when his eyes were drawn to you, like magnets.
The world was seemed to run out of breath, the atmosphere slowed and he followed every move you made until your eyes met his. It was instantaneous. A hot desert wind swept Five from head to toe, and brought the hot, overwhelming thought “It's her.” You were doing it. You were the one who left him invigorated. You removed the rock from his chest and he could breathe. His powers were reacting to you, and the realization it that stunned Five.
You smiled for him and went back to talking to Vayna, oblivious to the overwhelming discoveries that flooded Five.
The third time your presence showed that his theory was right was when you two were alone. It was Tuesday night. You were making cocktails with Klaus and laughing when he gave his verdict:
"I am happy that you are beautiful and intelligent enough to know that you must think about several other professions, because you would definitely make a terrible bartender." Klaus put aside a drink you made after making a face.
You laughed, throwing an olive at him.
“Why beauty would help me?”
“Prostitution, perhaps.”
“KLAUS!” You looked at him with amused indignation and you two laughed out loud.
“I'm going to get something good. Don't get out of here.” He stood up, taking his coat.
“Be careful!”
“I always do, baby.” He shouted at the door, leaving.
You laughed at nothing, cleaning up the mess you had made on the counter, throwing the used lemons in the trash.
That was when Five appeared. The mission mask on his face, the uniform slightly scorched.
“Hey.” You smiled as soon as you saw him, your heart beating faster. “All right?” You pointed to his clothes.
“Fire” Five say, sitting on the stools at the counter you were on and opening the bottle of vodka.
You gave him a glass, and Five thanked him silently while filling a shot and turning it all over at once. You couldn't get your attention off him. His hair was black as the background of the galaxy, his lips were red with drink, the mask adorned his eyes. God, he was beautiful and you felt that you could no longer reason consistently.
This always happened when Five was involved. He is a god of Olympus who had the power to destabilize you with just one look. Now, however, the mask delivered that he could swing you just in the presence.
In fact... that mask just made everything more mysterious and attractive. You felt something humming inside you, like a harp string that connects your heart to your belly.
“What?” Five's voice brought you out of the trance, revealing that you were looking at him for too long.
“N-nothing” You tried not to blush.
You turning around to put away the other bottles that Klaus and you had removed. But the floor was damp from the melted ice cubes you both dropped. And you was so stunned that you slipped.
As soon as the world spun and the wind hit your face, you were prepared to fall to the ground when a blue flash protected you and firm arms held you.
The breath drained, the callus increased, and Five was absolutely sure that it was you who made him stronger. You were the one who reinvigorated his powers because when he came out of that fire, the sting in his muscles hit him hard, and he knew he hadn't been able to use his powers anymore.
But when you looked up at him, and Five felt your warm skin on his hands, he knew he couldn't stay away from you anymore. He thought about doing something, his body was screaming for you, but he didn't have a chance. Your fingers touched the corner of his mask, gently contouring the left edge.
“You're Gorgeous...” Your whispered was a breath, but Five could hear.
Then he leaned over and pressed his lips to yours, because he felt he couldn't live any longer if he didn't. And when you kissed him back, his whole battery was recharged and that rock that was choking him was destroyed in millions of pieces.
As soon as you were apart enough to breathe, your fingers removed his mask and curled your fingers in his black hair. And this time, it was you who brought your lips together in the most passionate kiss.
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barnesbabee · 12 months ago
𝓹𝓵𝓪𝔂 𝓭𝓪𝓽𝓮 - 𝓽𝔀𝓮𝓷𝓽𝔂
|| ᴍᴀꜱᴛᴇʀʟɪꜱᴛ || ⇜ᴘʀᴇᴠɪᴏᴜꜱ - 20 - ɴᴇxᴛ⟿
⟿ ꜱᴜᴍᴍᴀʀʏ: No sensible person would turn down their boss if they looked good as good as Seonghwa. But maybe they would wish they had…
⟿ ᴄᴏɴᴄᴇᴘᴛ: CEO!Seonghwa x reader, bestfriend!Yunho x reader || Social Media!AU || no gender specified for the reader
ᴛᴀɢʟɪꜱᴛ: (send me a DM or an ask to be added) @ateezappreciation @shinyddeonghwa @lilithpooped @[email protected] @wooyoung-a @sanisms @mingismoon @lovelyvitamin @anawwyd @annasbannas @im-just-trying-to-survive-man @uglychildd @oddlittlefandomist @hwahomie @jin-neck-shaft @lovelyvitamin @yeosangmystar @skmoonchild @lovelymultiwrites @sunwooyoung
Tumblr media
The day was long and silent, and although no one had gotten any sleep, no one could close their eyes for more than a minute. The haunting picture of Yunho's dead body and splattered blood clouding their minds. The only one who hadn't seen the body yet was Jongho, but he was too busy trying to make sure Mingi wouldn't freak out again.
The five of you eventually fell asleep, when your bodies finally calmed down and gave in to the temptation.
You were, however, suddenly awoken by a loud noise of something falling. All of you sat up straight in the living room and looked around. There were only four of you. Mingi.
All of you stood up immediately and began searching the house in a panicked state, calling out for Mingi as you did so.
"Are you fucking kidding me!?" Seonghwa yelled, after a couple of minutes of looking.
You all ran towards where he was. You found Seonghwa holding a crying Mingi by the arm, in the attic of the house.
"What happened?" You asked.
Seonghwa roughly pushed Mingi towards you all.
"I got here and this dumbass had opened the skylight and was trying to get onto the roof!"
San held Mingi's hand and moved the man to stand behind him, angrily looking at Seonghwa.
"Hey man, take it easy." San advised.
Seonghwa placed his hands on his hips and widened his eyes.
"Take it easy? Take. It. Easy!? There's already a dead body in my fucking house, from a situation that I had nothing to do with, mind you, and I was about to have a second body to bury because of this fool's bad choices. I am helping you idiots out a lot and you're pushing me to the limits, okay!? I have a lot to lose here. I have a company to run and a lot of people that are going to lose jobs if the CEO goes down as an accessory to murder."
There was only silence, as it dawned on the selfish group what they were asking of Seonghwa.
"I'm sorry." San said, not even able to lift up his head and look Seonghwa in the eye.
The latter shook his head and walked away.
"I'm leaving the house. Keep an eye on that douchebag."
The sound of the front door slamming echoed in the house, and all of you felt incredibly embarrassed. Once you got back to the living room, Jongho surprised all of you. He sat Mingi down on the couch and stared down at him.
"I'm tired, Mingi. I really am. You made those two go out into the woods to fetch a dead body, you made them scrub blood off of walls and off the floor, you made Seonghwa, who doesn't even like you by the way, he's doing this for Y/N, hide a body in his house, and you were going to kill yourself!? Are you that much of a fucking coward!? Mingi you're not 16. You're a grown man, you're almost 22, it's about time you start taking accountability for your actions, we can't baby you forever, 'cause it's getting tiring. We're all desperate here, and we have to worry about yourselves, about dead Yunho, and now about an unstable manchild. Focus on the fucking reality Mingi."
Jongho was straight-up yelling by the end of his rant, eyes nearly bulging out of their sockets and face red, out of anger. He then stormed off, just like Seonghwa, leaving a very quiet and tense room.
San sighed and sat next to his friend.
"You know, he's right Mingi. Maybe should've worded it better, but you really can't do what you were about to do... You were about to screw us all over when we are risking our lives to help you. This isn't just about you anymore."
Mingi could only nod, and cry, as his aching throat wouldn't allow him to do anything else.
You sighed and stood up.
"I'm... I'm gonna go find Seonghwa, I need to apologize."
You picked up your coat from the coat hanger near the door.
"You know where he is?" San asked.
"I have an idea..."
You were sure he was back at the office. He felt comfortable there, it was a place where he could take his head off of all his worries. Also, he kept his best whiskey in his office... It wasn't very far from his house, but you were impatient, you needed some time alone with him desperately. You showed your pass to the security by the entrance and they let you through, as you hurriedly made your way to the CEO's office.
You could hear two voices chatting from the inside, you didn't quite recognize the other person, but you were pretty sure it was Hongjoong. You knocked on the door softly, ignoring the big 'do not disturb' sign.
"I- Hongjoong what the fuck didn't I ask you to put the sign outside!?" You could hear Seonghwa ask.
You heard his heavy footsteps walk closer to the door and for a second you were afraid, maybe you shouldn't have come...
The door opened slowly before you, however, interrupting your thoughts.
"My apologies but I'm currently- oh it's you baby." Seonghwa pulled you in a big bear hug as soon as he realized who you were.
You hugged him back, a little hesitant with Hongjoong seeing you two acting romantically. Seonghwa realized you were a little stiff and pulled away, then realizing what the discomfort was about once he saw you looking at Hongjoong.
"Oh, I told him... I hope it's fine. He's kind of known from the beginning."
You closed the door behind you and followed Seonghwa into his office, as you looked at Hongjoong with an 'oh really?' look, making him chuckle.
"Well I did try to call dibs on you when you got hired but he got salty about it, and then every time I made a comment about you he'd get mad. I still did it though, I knew something was going on and I wanted him to tell me." Hongjoong explained as he smiled brightly.
"Yeah yeah good times, why don't you tell them about 'wanting to bend them over your desk and making them beg'?"
Hongjoong's head perked up and his eyes widened, as his ears turned bright red.
"Seonghwa what the fuck-" He whispered, feeling a little uncomfortable in the room.
You were a little embarrassed, but also proud.
"It's fine, plus," Seonghwa got up from his chair and stood behind you, grabbing your hips in the process "they like it. They love to hear how they want to get fucked, isn't that right, Y/N?"
You pressed your thighs together and kept your gaze focused on the ground. Seonghwa gripped your jaw and forced you to look at Hongjoong.
"I- I do like to hear that..."
Hongjoong chuckled and got closer to you, inspecting your body from head to toe.
"You're one lucky son of a bitch, Seonghwa..."
Seonghwa rolled his hips against your ass, so you could feel his boner.
"Hmm, I am aren't I..."
You chuckled and decided to take the opportunity. You knew Seonghwa liked to relieve his stress with sex, and you owed him at least this much for helping you out.
"What's so funny, doll?" Seonghwa asked, curious about your chuckle.
"I was just thinking about all the times you called me a filthy whore, when you're the one practically begging to have a threesome with me and your best friend... Who's the whore now?" You teased, knowing you were pushing all the right buttons.
"Ooh, are you gonna let them talk to you like that."
Seonghwa chuckled as he gripped your throat.
"No, I'm not."
He turned you around and pushed your body against a wall, keeping you trapped by his own body.
"You know which buttons to push doll, maybe I'll reward you for that later. But now, you're going to take this cock in that pretty little hole of yours, and then you'll suck off Hongjoong. Wouldn't want him to feel left out, would we?" Seonghwa asked, with a devilish smirk.
"No sir, we would not." You replied, wearing the same smirk.
Seonghwa felt as if he was falling in love with you right there and then, he felt like he finally found the perfect match, but he could leave the sappy shit for later.
The man placed a short, but intense kiss to your lips before gripping your hair and guiding you to kneel in front of Hongjoong.
"Come on baby, show him what you can do, make me proud."
You smirked and looked up at Hongjoong, as you worked in taking off his suit pants. You slipped them off, along with his boxers, and his hard dick nearly slapped you in the face. It wasn't huge but damn was it pretty. You teased him a little, licking a long stripe, from the base to the tip, teasing the head with your tongue, causing him to groan.
"They always like this?"
"Yeah, they like to see me suffer, but it doesn't last long 'cause..." Seonghwa paused and knelt right beside you, pushing your head so Hongjoong's cock would be fully in your mouth "I'm impatient. But they like it rough."
Seonghwa sat on his desk, as he watched his best friend fuck your mouth, slowly. He pumped his cock to the same pace your head moved, and you'd soon start hearing small groans from both men.
"Shit, Y/N, on all fours."
You complied, pulling out of Hongjoong. He groaned at the cold air hitting his member, as he missed your mouth already. Seonghwa knelt behind you, and entered you very slowly. Hongjoong was about to put his dick back in your mouth, but your partner stopped him.
"Y/N, colour?"
"Green, very green."
Seonghwa smiled and slapped your ass lightly, then giving Hongjoong the green light to continue.
You had to hold off your orgasm a couple of times, as the feeling of both men filling you up and the sound of their needy moans was too much to handle.
"Do you wanna cum?" Seonghwa asked, figuring it out from how much you were clenching.
"I'm almost there baby, you can cum, cum for us."
A couple more thrusts and a spank from Seonghwa were all it took to take you over the edge. It didn't take both men much to 'cross the line' either, Hongjoong painting your face with his cum, and Seonghwa your ass. Their moans combined was something you secretly wanted to hear again.
Seonghwa picked you up, bridal style, and looked at you.
"Come on man, I wanted to kiss her." Seonghwa complained, as your lips were stained by Hongjoong's cum.
Hongjoong felt embarrassed, after coming down from the high he wasn't as confident as Seonghwa.
"Are you okay darling?" Your partner asked, brushing your hair away from your face.
You just nodded.
Seonghwa and Hongjoong helped clean you up and both got dressed.
"I guess you should go deal with the... situation."
You looked at Hongjoong with a confused face, as you zipped up your trousers.
"Situation?" You asked.
"Remember when I said I told him everything? I meant everything."
You widened your eyes once you realized what he meant.
"Seonghwa are you insane!?"
"Calm down Y/N, he's not snitching on anyone! Plus I needed to tell someone who was on my side. I was going insane with your friends constantly baying Mingi."
You sighed. You really couldn't be mad at him for it. You hugged him and kissed his cheek.
"You're right... I'm sorry I got you involved at all and thank you."
Seonghwa kissed the top of your head.
"It's fine, let's just get this over with so I can be with you."
Your bid goodbye to a (still) very embarrassed Hongjoong and left, so you could go back home and deal with the drama. You wished you could just take the car and run away, and live by yourselves until it all washed away, but it wasn't that simple. And it was about to get even more complicated.
When you got to the house and opened the door, a weeping Jongho stood over San's limp body.
"What!? What the fuck happened!?" Seonghwa asked as you and him rushed to check on San.
"I- I don't know! I left after you did" He said, hinting at Seonghwa "and when I came back Mingi wasn't here and San was on the ground. He's still breathing but I don't know what happened."
"What!? Why did you leave?" Seonghwa asked.
"Everyone was upset at Mingi for constantly behaving like a child and Jongho yelled at him and told him to stop expecting us to baby him and that he had to take responsibility for his actions, it got too much and Jongho had to leave for some air..." You explained.
"Responsibility for his actions?..." Seonghwa repeated to himself, trying to figure out what happened, and suddenly a sad idea popped into his head.
He ran into the garage, leaving you and Jongho confused, and holding San.
The man came back just as quickly, looking preoccupied and horrified.
"The body is gone."
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faulty-writes · a year ago
How do you think Izuku, Tenya and Mirio would react to their crush/SO waking up one day and thinking to themselves, "I'm so tired of being nice... I wanna go apeshit."
And then they do.
The reader is just so sick and tired of smiling and pretending everything is okay, and having to watch bad people get away with doing terrible things, so they just leave U.A. without a word to anyone - and then the next thing the boys know, they hear the reader's gone rouge. Vigilante.
Tumblr media
Alright folks, starting off this list is the one and only Izuku Midoriya. I'm sure given what we have seen of Izuku's nature, he would have sensed something was wrong with them long before they actually reached their limit.
He's very keen when he comes to studying someone and analyzing them to deduce the true problem or root cause of their pain, sadness, etc. He would more than likely want to ask them himself what happened and why they decided to do this, especially if he was romantically involved with them.
He'd more than likely go after them which shouldn't at all come as a surprise. But I can see him actually outracing the other heroes to make sure they didn't touch or hurt the one he loves. He'd make sure he'd be the only hero they'd deal with and though he doesn't want to fight them. He will if he has to, but he'd be tactical about it.
He'd figure out a way to restrain them and get the answer to his questions. Then he'd probably try to convince them how much they mean to him, their classmates, teachers, and the hero world. He wouldn't turn them in, he'd only keep trying to protect them. Especially if they managed to get away from him the first time.
Tumblr media
Next is my favorite baby, Tenya Iida. This one is a bit tricky considering I can see Tenya having more than one initial reaction. Part of me believes he would understand their situation or at least their emotions considering in the past he has allowed his emotions to get the better of him. I'm sure we all know by now of his little hero killer episode.
That being said, I also believe he'd be somewhat selfish. Shocking I know, but I believe he'd be selfish in the aspect of his love not even considering how their actions would make him feel. I think in the end, it would turn into a case of Tenya following his emotions rather than logic. He'd be fully aware that they broke the rules and safety boundaries put there for their and society's protection. He would further believe that such actions should be punished.
But more than anything, I think he'd attempt to track them down, but not to capture or fight them. Rather he'd try to reason with them and express how hurt they made him feel. He'd probably want to know why they did what they did and if it was his fault. More than likely, he'd try to reason with them and state that there is a reasonable way to solve their problems. If that doesn't work, I can see Tenya choosing them over his life as a hero simply because he doesn't want to let them go.
Tumblr media
Finally, I present to you...Mirio Togata! While we all know Mirio is typically seen as a happy and outgoing individual. Always willing to help others and constantly smiling. We also know that he doesn't take kindly to villains and while vigilantes are neither good nor bad, the fact that his significant other is taking matters into their own hands and hurting people that may not be completely villainous would pose a problem to Mirio.
Again, he's all about justice. However, he wants it to be delivered in the correct way and to those that truly deserve it. The fact that they suddenly up and left would probably make him a little angry and concerned, why would his sunshine do that to him? He knows he can't get a straight answer and he'd be conflicted between feeling like a horrible person for not noticing how they truly felt. But this is mostly due to his tendency to have a guilty conscience, and the need to deliver justice.
Much like Izuku and Tenya, he'd go after them. But he'd make it clear that despite his feelings what they did was wrong and he'd probably take to fighting them himself. But he'd hold back, his heart is involved in this equation and that makes it hard for him. He knows he has to stop them, even if that means saving them from themself. He'd more than likely capture them and bring them back to Yuuei where he could get them the proper help they need because he knows deep down they're still that same wonderful hero they always were.
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cheesy-sausage · 2 months ago
The scientist's asistent (ultimis Richtofen x reader)
(Ok this thing is very long... for a one shot)
Location: Siberia base (call of the dead location)
(Richtofen's POV)
From: Dr. Edward Richtofen
To: Dr. Ludwig Maxis
The work with the test subjects goes badly, the progress is minimal and the options left are limited.
The attention and the time that is required to maintain the testing is too much, and the work it takes is a lot for only one person.
I cannot continue working on this alone, so I send this letter to request assistance.
The tests and the experiments that are performed here are of great significance and must be kept a secret, because of this I ask for a person that is highly trustworthy and it would be preferred if I were to know them beforehand.
Thank you for your time
Signed: Dr. Edward Richtofen
I put the letter in an envelope an sent it to Maxis, as much as I like working alone I am left with no other option but to ask for help.
The time I spend working on these idiots is too much and it's making me go insane, even more than I already am.
I've had more than enough of this whole situation and I hope Maxis
accepts my request.
(Narrator POV)
Richtofen heads to his room, which was warm and cozy even though it's in Siberia, he puts a sleeping shirt on goes to sleep, he hasn't had a single hour of sleep for 2 days and he is incredibly tired, but unfortunately his sleep won't last long.
After 5 hours of sleep he wakes up to strong knocking on his door and a man's voice that screams to him saying
"Wake up doctor! We're having problems with the test subjects!"
" yes I'm going! Wait a minute!" Richtofen responds as he gets up and gets dressed in his military uniform and goes see what was going on.
When he enters the room he can see the American screaming weird things to the air as if he could see something that wasn't there.
Richtofen approaches him and looks at him, he seems to be non responsive, as if he didn't see anybody in the room, except for this person he screams to. Richtofen tries to touch him to see if he responds , much to his surprise, The American didn't move a muscle, it was as if he wasn't in the same universe as everyone in the room.
Dr.Richtofen orders the soldiers to put him back in the room with the other two and to keep watching him from the outside.
Edward goes to his desk in the other room and starts writing a report on what happened to Dempsey.
The American test subjects started screaming to a non existent person, it would seem that the 115 exposure has cussed him to have delusions, if this is the case than we have made some sort of small advance, it would mean that the element is making his brain react but not exactly how we want it to.
causing delusions is not something that we can take much profit from, specially because they are random and uncontrollable.
But we could use this as a bridge to control his mind, a way to get in, through a moment where he can't control himself and his mind is vulnerable.
In any case the "progress" is small and almos insignificant, the time it would take to find a way to achieve mind control would be of several years, and we do not have that amount of time.
Just as he closes his journal one of the nazi soldiers knocks the door to his office and gets in.
" we just received this letter for you doctor, it's from dr. Maxis" says the soldier in a monotone voice while holding the letter and giving it to Richtofen.
Richtofen dismisses the soldier and goes back to his desk.
He sits down and examines the envelope, it's big and heavy, Richtofen could already imagine what it was, a big envelope, too heavy to only contain 1 paper, carefully closed and in urgent delivery...
He opens it in a desperate manner and starts reading:
Doctor Richtofen, it has come to my attention that you are in need of support to continue with your work, after analyzing the circumstances I have decided to grant you this request.
At the moment I am in the factory in search of the person that's fit to be your assistant and is trustworthy enough to work in the mind control experiment.
After hours of questioning our scientists I believe I have found the person we need for the job.
(Y/N) (L/N), I have been told by many scientists that you two are close and you trust her enough, I have already asked her if she would take the job and she accepted quiet eagerly, I don't know if I should be concerned about that, anyway you two can do whatever you want as long as progress is made and fast.
I have left her information in the envelope and instructions of things you must do, she should arrive to the base around tomorrow evening. Till then I want you to continue your work alone.
Signed: Dr. Maxis
Richtofen read the letter again in disbelief, instant memories of her started playing in his head and the feeling inside him that he has tried to ignore for as long as his time in the Siberia base, started making itself present.
It took him a moment before snapping back to reality and start looking through the other stuff that was inside the envelope.
It was (Y/N)'s curriculum and a picture of her, Richtofen took the picture and put the curriculum on the side, he already knew what it said... by heart, as for the picture of her, he never got tiered of looking at her, she was very pretty and he loved the way she did things, the way she walked, the way she spoke, how she carried herself around, it made him feel things he never felt before.
As he looks at her picture he remembered something Maxis said. He said that she accepted eagerly... this made Richtofen think, maybe she felt the same way about him and the fact that Maxis said that they could do whatever they wanted as long as they worked made some dirty thought go through his mind.
His mind was clouded with these thoughts, they made him feel that he needed something, now.
He quickly got up and locked the door, he walked to the couch that is directly opposite to his desk, he laid down and starts unbuttoning his pants with one hand while he holds the picture of (Y/N) with the other, he manages to get his cock out of his pants and starts stroking it lightly.
The feeling of pleasure while all these dirty scenarios play in his mind was incredibly good, he starts tightening his grip on himself and starts pumping faster,
The feeling was so good that he let out a small low pitched moan followed by a growl, his strokes were faster and his breathing was heavy.
He knew he was close and started to prepare for his orgasm, he went even faster and tried to keep his noise down, the expression of ecstasy in his face was very noticeable, he was so close he could even feel how his cock prepared to ejaculate, as he was about to cum he heard heavy knocks on his door... again.
The voice of the same man as before echoed in the room and Richtofen stopped stroking himself.
He zipped his pants and put the picture in his pocket, he was angry, he can never do anything without getting interrupted, he opens the door to see the same soldier as before.
The young man was about to speak but hesitated after seeing Richtofen's angered face.
After a couple of seconds Richtofen calms down, lets out sigh and speaks:
"What is it" he says in a tone of disappointment .
" w-well, the test subject started responding as he should, I thought maybe you would like to take a look" responded the soldier in a scared way.
Richtofen looked at him for a couple of seconds, he could see how scared he was and he felt somewhat powerful knowing that it was his presence that had caused the young soldier this feeling.
With a smug expression he gets out of the office without saying a word and walks to the testing area,
Loud clicking noises can be heard upon his arrival with every step he took, it was easy to recognize Richtofen amongst all the soldiers that came in, the way he walked was at a medium pace with very strong stepping, the noise his boots made was also fitting for a man like him, it was almost as if you could hear in each of the steps he took how smug and evil, yet classy and elegant he was.
(Dempsey's POV)
I could hear his steps coming closer, I knew that he had done something to me, what I just experienced was one of the most disturbing things that anyone could ever imagine, the way reality started changing before me and the feeling of not knowing what was real anymore... I wouldn't wish this to anybody. I am afraid of what could happen to me, I am the newest in the group and I can see how the other two have been affected, one of them is always drunk and the other... he... seems to be in a trans, he just repeats a couple of words over and over again, god knows what terrible things he's going through but I know I don't want to go through that.
I was pulled off from my thought by the noise of a door opening and the sight of two nazis that came in and started grabbing me, I tried to fight it, but was of no use, I was put on a chair and secured to it, I could see the nazi general in front of me, he had a smug smile and his eyes fixated on me.
I don't know what's about to happen, but I know it's not going to be something good.
( Narrator's POV)
Richtofen started taking Dempsey's vital signs and started questioning him, the test subject decided not to answer.
After 30 minutes of questioning Dempsey, the nazi general decided to stop and use his time on more productive things, he orders the soldiers to put Dempsey back into the enclosure and goes back to the desk in order to finish the report about Dempsey.
He starts writing in silence for 40 minuets until he is distracted by his own yawning, he finishes the report and closes his diary, upon closing it he looks at his watch, gets up and heads to his room.
(Richtofen's POV)
I start walking to my room and all I can think of is how tired I am, the day has been difficult but tomorrow will be different. (Y/N) will be here, I can't wait to see her again, just the thought of her presence makes me feel warm inside.
I still remember the day I saw her for the first time, I fell in love instantly, it was in der Rise some years ago, before I discovered the mpd , I was very different back then but she has stayed the same over the years, the love I feel for her is even stronger and the fantasies, they have gotten more... sadistic but I like it better that way. When I go to der Rise I always make sure to see her, I can say I've been in love for quite a while and I fell like she has been too but we never say anything.
I want tell her so badly but not yet she'll be here tomorrow and I have to show her how everything is.
I look around my room and decid to get in bed, after all I need to sleep or I won't be able to work tomorrow.
(Narrator's POV )
Richtofen woke up at 8 am, he managed to get 9 hours of sleep which was good for him, upon waking up he started getting ready and went to the cafeteria to get some breakfast everyone that saw him could tell that he was very happy, he ate very healthy food as always and grabbed a bottle of water, he went to check on the test subjects and went to his office to write his report.
The Japanese test subject is still in a sort of trans, the Russian test subject has started to respond to the element but he doesn't show any sign of having the same visions or delusions like the American, besides he only responds to the element when he injected with a 82% vodka and 18% element 115 solution, I think that the amount of element we are giving him is too little so the progress is slow.
It looks like the American no longer knows who he is and can barely remember anything, it seems that like the others his memory was completely erased, now I have no idea if this means progress but it is definitely something that we should investigate.
Just like that he closes his diary and start to walk towards the cafeteria for lunch just as he was about to enter the room he heard his name being called from the entrance, he could see some soldiers carrying bags and suitcases.
Richtofen walks quickly towards the door, when he arrives he can see the woman of his dreams the person that he was so eager to see.
He comes down to her and hugs her, he then realizes that it was a little intrusive to do so but just as he was about to pull away she hugs him back after a few brief moments they both pull away and start walking inside of the establishment the soldiers show her the room where she would be staying, after seeing this room Richtofen noticed how small and cold the room was, even the test subjects had better enclosures, he was pretty enraged by this but he decided to calm down and proceed, he helped her get her things in the room and then he showed her around ending their little tour at the cafeteria so that they could have a meal together.
(Your POV )
He has always been so nice to me he was definitely deferent when I met him but I think I like him better a little crazy, I really can't stop looking at his elegant looks and handsome features he has always been the perfect man in my opinion. I walked right next to him while we were in line to pick up our food we were fairly close to each other some of the other scientists were looking at us but we honestly didn't care, he picked up some food for me and he picked up his own food, we sat down at the table and eat peacefully we chatted for a little and then we went to the human testing room and he introduced me to the test subjects.
"This is Dempsey he is an absolute idiot but he is pretty strong" he said with a hint of displeasure on his voice,"this is Nikolai he smells horrible and is drunk all the time, don't get to close to him, his breath is terrible" he advised and than showed me the last subject " this is subject N3WE, I believe his name is takeo, he doesn't do much really"he then proceeded to show me the lab and his office, we than went to sleep in our respective rooms, I honestly don't know what to feel about this room it's the smallest room I've ever slept in but at least I didn't have to share it, i put on my sleeping gown and did my skin care routine, then I went to sleep.
(Narrators POV)
Richtofen woke up pretty early in the morning and took a shower, he then walked out and started to get dressed. He got up and went to his office grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down at his desk, he started to read his diary and just relaxed for a while.
You were just waking up , it took you some time as you were just getting used to the cold eternal winter of Siberia . You took a shower got dressed, did your hair and then went out to see what was going on , you walked towards Richtofen's office to check if he was there, unsurprisingly he was there, you walked up to him and asked if he needed you to do anything, he then asked you to take a sit and started to explain what his testing with element 115 had caused the subject to react like and what that meant to him.
"So I've had 4 subjects in total that I have worked with one of them is no longer alive but he was showing the same reactions as the other 3 :
Delusions , memory loss and tiredness. Now, the newest subject, the American, has developed these symptoms faster than any of the other men which leads me to believe he has a weaker mind. The Japanese subject says the same thing over and over and it sounds like some kind of proverb. The Russian, he only responds to the element if it's given to him with vodka... what I find interesting is that we've had to give them different treatments to get the same result. But you see, maxis believes that the key to unlocking the human mind would be found easier in a subject who isn't dead yet, I am not convinced, I believe that if we were to test on a zombie it would work" Richtofen explained the entire project and what he thought would be better, you had some knowledge about a secret experiment that was being developed in Berlin by maxis but you didn't want to tell Richtofen as you knew it would make him mad. You believe that mind control would be easier to achieve with a zombie but the entire proses had to be done while the zombie was still alive, while it was still a person. "I believe you are somewhat correct doctor Richtofen but I think we should try experimenting on the subject while he is still alive and then let him turn into a zombie" Richtofen stood there motionless thinking about what you just said he then stood up and looked through the window in complete silence then looked back at you and said "ja, that could work we just need to find a way to give them the element in a better more efficient way" immediately you and Richtofen went to the lab to study the chemical composition of the element, after hours of study you found that the best way to utilize the element would be by bringing it to it's gaseous state, but to do this you needed the equipment.
Richtofen ordered all the machines, gas masks, pumps , etc, that you needed for the project as for the test subjects Richtofen asked for a new test subject to be brought for this experiment. After asking for all the materials and things required and you both went to sleep.
As the week went on you both started the experiments with 115 gas, you were working hard on making this work, it all made sense and Richtofen was incredibly exited because not only would this mean that the undead army would finally be possible but it also meant that he could relax and have some rest. As for the other subjects that were being use for the project, he no longer knew what would happen to them but he was sure he would find a way to further the experiments on those 3 subjects.
It was colder that usual this Thursday morning you and Richtofen got up early and started the experiments on the new subject. You were both walking side to side on the hallway that led to the test labs when you came thru the doors there were four nazi soldiers standing there upon seeing Richtofen all four of them said "Guten morgen Herr general !" You had almost completely forgotten that Richtofen was a major general of the doctors division.
Richtofen just kept walking and when he was in the center of the room he started to give the four men orders to take the subject and place him in the gas chamber, the subject was in his mid 30s he was American his name and rank were unknown but from the way that he looked at the other subject, private "tank" Dempsey, you could tell they knew each other. The test subject was put on a chair in the middle of a room that had only a glass window, a door and some vents. You and Richtofen were sitting watching how the soldiers secured the subject to the chair and left the room, you were a little scared looking at this man with a mask around his mouth, seeing how the tube that connected the mask and the container with the 115 gas moved as he tried to fee himself from the chair, you started to feel uneasy and it showed, Richtofen asked you to get up and he brought you outside of the room for some time, "are you ok?" He asked with a worried tone on his voice, you nodded your head in response " I know this can be a little difficult to take in but it's ok, it's all in the name of science" he said with a devilish smile on his face anyone on their right mind you have thought that this man was a manic but you... you thought it was the sexiest thing on the planet. You took a deep breath and focused on what was about to come, you both went back into the room and started the experiment Richtofen activated the gas pump and the subject started breathing 1.5 kilograms of 115 in gas form, when it was over Richtofen ordered the soldiers to take the subject from the chair and get him into the teleporter.
Inside of the teleporter room there were some guns and first aid kits, you knew very well that the teleporter was safe as you have used it to go from griffin station to eagles nest many times but you also knew that when used wrong you could turn living beings into reanimated corpses. Richtofen put the test subject inside the MTD and teleporter him right next to the machine. When he appeared in the room two of the soldiers were pointing their guns at it but the zombie just stood there Richtofen tried to approach it but just as he started getting close you took his arm and asked him not to get any closer, you feared for his life at that moment you were absolutely sure that this man, was the one. You didn't want him to die, your heart was beating so fast and so hard that he could hear it. Richtofen knew better than to anger you besides he didn't want you to just faint in the middle of the room so he took you hand in his and brought you to a bench and sat down next to you, at this point the soldiers didn't know what to do they were just standing looking at the both of you, realizing that there was much more between you two than they originally thought. Richtofen suddenly looked at them and they all directed their eyes elsewhere. From the bench, Richtofen decided to give the zombie some orders, he started with a simple turn right and surprisingly the zombie did as the crazy doctor said. You two spent the whole evening reporting the amazing discovery that was made soon enough it was late but you knew tomorrow you'd have a lot of work to do.
(Time skip till Friday (so, tomorrow) evening)
Richtofen and you had been reporting and writing down all the information about the experiment with the 115 gas as well as the results of the testing. Soon enough it was time to go for dinner you and Richtofen took a little break from all the work and went to the cafeteria, you sat down and started chatting.
"So, have I helped you in anyway?" You asked "of course, without you I couldn't have done any of this, besides there is nothing better in this world than your company" he said with a little blush on his face, you looked at him in disbelief, you definitely felt the same way but you never expected this crazy, cold and self centered man to say something like this, you laughed a little and said "I guess I could say the same about you. You know, who wouldn't want to help a wonderful person such as you? " you knew how Edward had an incredibly strong need to feel ,well , "needed" he wanted to feel appreciated, and at that moment all you wanted to do was making him feel like the king of the world. you both went back to his office and got back to working... but your mind was far off from the task you were performing, you couldn't stop thinking about how Edward was talking to you it made you fell special. You were cut off by him asking you something, "Liebling, could you bring me a coffee please?" You looked straight at him, your face was completely red and for the first time in that cold hell, it felt hot. You stood up and stuttered a single yes, you then walked out of the office to get him a coffee. As you were doing so you couldn't stop thinking about how he called you "liebling", you were a complete flustered mess you didn't understand any of what just happened that man was the love of your life and at that moment you thought maybe you were the love his life. You came back to his office and to your surprise he was nowhere to be found you looked around the room, still in a dream like state, you then put the coffee on the table he was working in, as you were turning around you saw him standing there just inches away from you, he looked at you and said " oh you have brought the coffee! Danke" you stared into his eyes and though to yourself how beautiful it would be to just kiss him, he was starting at your face as well, just looking at your features and then stopping at your mouth. He wanted to make your lips touch his own, and he was going to do it. His face was only inches away from yours, you couldn't wait any longer, you grabbed him by the collar of his uniform and crashed your mouth onto his.
He put one arm around you and pressed your body against his, you knew that this wasn't only going to be a little kiss so you put arms around his neck and kiss him harder, he lets out a low growl and breaks the kiss. He takes you in his arms and pins you against a wall. You both start kissing roughly and he starts taking your skirt off and starts unbuttoning his pants, you took of you jacket and your uniforms shirt. The only thing you had on was you underwear, you looked at Edward who had only his pants off and started taking off his underwear and look at his throbbing hard cock,  you took it with both of your hands and started stroking it, Richtofen let out a long deep moan and let you continue, you started sucking on it and it, Edward wanted this so bad... you sucked harder and faster making him cum all over your mouth, you liked all of it and got up. Edward took off the rest of his uniform and grabbed you by the hips, he pressed his crotch area against your ass and started fiddling with your breasts. You were so overwhelmed by all the stimulation that you started letting out some tinny moans, he noticed this and whispered in your ear " oh you like this? Bend over the table" you did just as he said you bent over the table and started wiggling you ass so that he fucked you, he took of your panties and your bra and slapped your ass very hard, you let out a moan to show him how much liked that and he slapped You again. He grabbed you by the neck and told you to beg for him, you beg for him to fuck You until eventually you felt hi big had dick slid into your pussy, you let out a scream because of the sudden penetration and he asked you to scream louder. He grabbed you by the hips again and started to thrust deep into you, his thrusts were so strong you could barely breath. He was holding you throat and holding you so tight against him while he thrusted himself erratically into you , he tortured you, and you loved every second of it, you screamed his name only to be told to scream it louder. You noticed how Edwards breathing was heavy and his thrust faster, you could feel all the pressure again your hips, you knew he was about to cum, and so were you. Your moans were long and high pitch , Edward started growing and pushing himself deeper into you until he came with a loud moan, you laid on the floor tired watching how the man got dressed he then helped you . You two walk all the way to your room were you got ready to go to be, Edward wouldn't leave he was looking around him in displeasure he hated your room, he hated that you had to sleep in there, when you were ready to go to sleep he asked you if you would like to sleep with him, you happily said yes and went over to his room, he got ready for bed and laid right next to you, he then kissed your forehead and held you close. "I love you Edward" you said in a soft sleepy voice, "I love you more" he whispered.
The next morning you went to your room and started to get ready for the day, Richtofen was already in his office and he noticed a letter from dr maxis.
From: dr Ludwig maxis
To: dr Edward Richtofen
Dr. Richtofen I send you this letter to inform you that your presence is needed in Der Rise to further the teleportation test a group has been sent to the Siberia base to collect your three subjects, you and (y/n) will be coming today, I hope she has been useful to you and I hope to see you soon.
Signed:Dr. Ludwig Maxis
Richtofen stood there reading the letter and muttered "she is the best assistant a scientist could have". He smiled put down the letter and sat down on his desk noticing a cold cup of coffee that was placed on one of the corners.
Nah it's not the end I plan on making a part two, u know just to make up for how crap this is but ok I guess I hope you have enjoy this 5378 words long piece of certified trash and have a good day or night idk it's currently 2:20am and I'm fucking tired. Well bye
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flypaw · a year ago
c!Jack from c!Tommy's POV as someone who enjoys and has watched both of their POVs for 8 months now, A Thread. This is not talking about Jack's POV. I'm well aware of his thoughts and feelings, this is about Tommy's POV of the events (this isnt as detailed as I want it to be bc I made it for a Twitter thread with limited characters)
Jack n Tommy were close. Tommy begged for Jack to join L'Manberg, even showing him one of his prized discs to show him he trusted him even after Dream had paid Jack to burn all Tommy's items and repeatedly tried to manipulate and get him on his side. Jack n Tommy would hang out a Lot without any conflict other than the usual friendly bullying Tommy would do to even Tubbo. He would mess around a Lot w Jack, it never lead to any bad feelings towards the two. They had the Cartel together, theyd hang out regularly, they were very close on the SMP. Keep This In Mind before I talk about the scene next that has been burned into my mind as I wonder why it's never brought up again
On election day, Jack was there and there's a scene that I feel is kinda important? After Schlatt exiles Tommy, Jack says "I like this guy" and when Schlatt says "I was getting tired of them anyway" n Jack says "that's true". Tommy says "Jack..?" in a heartbroken sounding voice. They did not talk again in canon I believe until after November 16th. Jack believes he was left behind with Schlatt, we all know Tommy wouldve accepted him with open arms like he immediately accepted Techno n Quackity into Pogtopia. Jack doesnt know this
Then we got Exile. Jack attempts to visit Tommy and we get the iconic Lava Scene. Below is a rant I made about it not really explaining any side but I would just be repeating the rant so I may as well just post it here.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's a weird bit of misinformation that Tommy didnt apologise? Bc he immediately said "why did i do that?", joined call and apologised to Jack, like a genuine, sincere apology, and admitted that he thought Jack didnt care about him n was only visiting him out of pity like he thought everyone else did.
The issue is he didnt realize an apology wasnt ENOUGH. Tommy was apologising for being a dick and making him lose his items, not because he killed him bc be doesnt Know he canon killed him. People non-canon kill eachother All the time on the server. Its classic miscommunication. Jack was still hurt, meanwhile Tommy was out there believing an apology wouldve fixed things. Tommy has NO idea just how much he hurt Jack that day, and its p much confirmed by cc!Jack he didnt realize it was a canon death either. This is the part that Hurts to watch as a Jack viewer and a Tommy viewer. Tommy doesnt realize that Jack feels betrayed and hurt and angry and has Already apologised.
So then we have the Nuke. This is where more misinformation comes from, ppl seem to think Tommy is completely oblivious to it but Tommy is more observant than he let's on. He has like. 40 seconds where he thinks about how the nuke Just missed n thinks about Jack and Niki, then brushes it off. This isnt being Oblivious, this is Hardcore Denial imo. He doesnt want to think that Jack, someone he was best friends with, and Niki, someone who he Also was friends with, would do that. So he denies it. He doesnt like change. (By the way, just bc the nuke missed doesnt mean it wasnt attempted murder and didnt happen! Just putting that out there!)
We have the scene w Sam Nook where Tommy tells him Jack's acting weird. We know at this point Tommy knows Something. It's pretty much confirmed Tommy doesnt know he hurt him that badly when Jack asks if he's wronged him and Tommy says No
Then the hotel scene. God the hotel scene. The epitome of miscommunication. So Tommy gets out of prison, he's at his absolute Lowest point, he's told by Tubbo that Jack stole his hotel and made it crappy (Tubbo's words). The hotel was literally All Tommy had. So he then sees Jack. Jack understandably is very shocked n confused that he's alive. Tommy didnt enjoy talking about how he died so he attempted to leave, saying "Anyway", Jack takes this as him belittling him. Jack says, and I quote, "This is why you deserve this" which instantaneously crossed a line Tommy Didnt. (Sorry it Really Bothers me when ppl say Tommy was "verbally abusive" in this conversation, if he was Jack was too sorry to break it to you. Point is I dont see Either as "abusive" here they're both hurt and lashing out) Tommy says he's making it all about himself and he's selfish, Jack says he's the selfish one and all he does is take and he's made the hotel better than he ever did. Tommy is confused bc he thinks Jack was happy with the job, Jack comes out with a bombshell n says "I didn't complain because I was trying to kill you!"
Jack is ranting his heart out to a very confused, disoriented and lashing out Tommy who is Literally Canonically Zoning out at parts bc he just Doesnt want to hear about Jack, someone he Still sees as a friend, trying to kill him after he was in Denial about said situation. I cannot stress this enough, Tommy DOESNT realize how much he hurt Jack. Tommy from his POV has only been uncomfortable with the Nuke thing and was told Jack also stole his hotel. He doesnt know Why. He thinks he fixed things w Jack long ago after he apologised. Of Course he's gonna immediately be on the offensive when he sees Jack who he believes stole the one thing he had from him and Confirms what he was in denial about.
Yo important to note Jack literally says "this is why you deserved being dead" no paraphrasing no taking it out of context he literally says this during their argument. I'm sorry but while Tommy was being an asshole he Was Not The Only One I'm sorry to break it to you. Jack has a warped perception of Tommy, Tommy has a warped perception of Jack. It goes two ways!
Tommy said some shit things to Jack that he needs to apologise for but Jack said some horrible things to Tommy also. Jack doesnt know what Tommy is thinking, Tommy doesnt know what Jack is thinking. They have two very different stories in their head of the same events
So yes, when Jack refuses to give the hotel back, Tommy's gonna be all like "I thought we were pals?" Because he thought they were pals lmao. I See You, Dont compare that to Dream pretending to be Tommy's friend, that's so very messed up and was the main reason I made this essay, along with people saying "Tommy hasnt apologised for canon killing Jack :/"
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