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#Doc Holliday

Wynonna: okay guys, how do I ask Rosita out?

Waverly: roses are red, violets are blue. guess what? my bedroom has room for two!

Wynonna: oh my god, no!

Nicole: twinkle twinkle little star, we can do it in a car.

Wynonna: STOP IT!

Jeremy: row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, I can make you scream.

Wynonna: fuck you all. I’m leaving.

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Definition of an Earper

An Earper is kind caring and loyal. Earpers respect and support each other and understand that the actors are NOT their characters. Earpers respect any choices made by an actor both professionally and personally and do not send messages of hate to them or their families. Earpers truly have no chill

Definition of an Idiot

The complete opposite of the above statement.

Don’t be an idiot BE AN EARPER

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An outlaw walking through the valley of men
Glared with a sunken eye of death
Moved his head from side to side and said
Come on you gutless slugs fight like a man
State your name and business, let’s see what you got
Another body for the hangman’s count
Show me the bar, and show me the cards
Hold on to your guns

Filled with bug juice
The moonshine in his hand
Hot headed with a temperament
The speediest, deadliest man with a gun
A bloody gambler but a gentleman dog
A frontier vagabond who charms all the dames
Hello ladies, how’s your day today?
Let me introduce you to myself
Doc Holliday

The outlaw man’s roar
The outlaw man

A friendly man but without a friend
Fort Griffin, Texas here I am
Supported Wyatt Earp to the very end
Cemented brotherhood
Don’t get in his way
You cannot shake his boots
You cannot scar his fate
Down under you will hear him grin
Greet the man the outlaw himself
Doc Holliday

The outlaw man’s roar
The outlaw man

Filled with bug juice
The moonshine in his hand
Hot headed with a temperament
The speediest, deadliest man with a gun
A bloody gambler but a gentleman dog
A frontier vagabond who charms all the dames
Hello ladies, how’s your day today?
Let me introduce you to myself
Doc Holliday

The outlaw man’s roar
The outlaw man

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Title: Wounding Heaven 

Fandom: Tombstone

Genre: Drama/Romance

Main Characters: Virgil Earp x Wife O.C.

Side Characters: Wyatt Earp, Morgan Earp, Louisa Earp, Mattie Earp, Ike Clanton,  Doc Holliday. Mr. Faiban

Warning: Mentions of Abduction, Physical Harm, Attempted Rape

Synopsis: Hell is the only place a Lawman walks. Knowing not all have the strength to endure the harsher side of livin’ but with hell being the only road one tows Heaven has got to be near by and if that Heaven is wounded in any way a man has got a mind to take the laws of nature into his own hands.

                                                      : :

With a cry of panic I do whatever I can to keep him away from me knowing full well Ike’s intentions. 

Ike Clanton a member of the outlaw band The Cowboy’s and a man who has had his eye on me since my Husband and his brother’s set foot in Tombstone several months ago.

“Hush now pretty girl, I’ma gonna make you feel good.” Ike whispers in my ear the sound his voice causing me to shiver. “Far better than that lawman Husband of yours ever could.”

Tears are streaming down my face at this point the feeling of my dress being ripped away causing my heart to drop to the floor of my chest.

“Y-you can’t do this. Y-you’re not Virgil you can’t do this.” I whimper the sound of Ike scoffing centimeters away from my ear making my terrified heartbeat stutter that much more.

“You bet your fine ass I ain’t noth’n like that cracked leather saddle! I got-” 

It is swift act and ends with Ike laying unconscious on the ground with blood pooling from his head.

Jerking my head to the left I find my abducted companion Mr. Faiban holding out his hand to me, his shoulders heaving as the wack he gave Ike was quite extensive. 

“Come my Lady, we may just have enough time to escape these animals.”

Nodding swiftly I allow Mr. Faiban to lead me away and passed both the Cowboy’s and their tied up horses.

Time is sure to have passed by with night being heavy over the sky I am unsure of how long it truly has been.

“My Lady.” I hear gaze darting to face Mr. Faiban who is on a lower ledge of a hill. 

In absolute silence I take the hand held out to me, the flashy fellow with a gentlemanly  look smiles kindly as he guides me down the slope his next words causing me to glance up towards the shinning moon.

“How can you tell?” I inquire, uncertain of how the man could know which way we are going as there is no sunlight.

“The North star.” he replies pointing to a star currently twinkling brightly in the velvet sky. “All one needs is to follow it and find themselves in safety soon enough.”

“How do you figure that, it has been miles since we have seen a town?”

“I learned to read the sky’s as a child, my Father was an astronomer and taught me what he knew, I have been in this area before long ago and I took it upon myself to memorize the landscape just in case something went wrong and I was the only one to help my Father as he managed to land himself in situations without thinking.”

“It must have been his brilliant mind then, I have heard Astronomers are not ones to observe that which is on the ground as often as they should.”

Mr. Faiban smiles his expression genuinely warm.

“That you are my Lady.”

There is a brief pause as Mr. Faiban glances off into the shadowed distance.

“There is a town several miles down, we may just reach it by morning if we are lucky.”

Nodding I take Mr. Faibain’s arm and allow him to lead the way making it a point not to draw attention the massive bruise which ran down the right side of my ribcage knowing it would be faster for us both if I make no mention of it.

A decision which has me entire side burning in agony within a an hour or so and even before we even reach the town I crumble, unable to take the pain cutting up my side a moment longer.

The last thing I hear is the sound off hoofbeats.

It has been long enough a time that the first Winter in Tombstone has come and gone, the eldest Earp Brother spurred on by only the second worst memory a Husband must endure. 

The abduction of his Wife.

The Cowboy’s are unlawful and highly dangerous and as a former U.S. Marshall the Virgil knows well what may lay ahead for a Lawman’s loved ones. A knowing he had prayed would never come.


Months have followed the affectionate shortening of his name but at this point in time both Virgil’s brothers are well aware that if ever that is to be spoke again his Wife should be the first to say it.

“What ya need Morgan?” the eldest Earp questions his tone even and emotionless. 

“The Doctor is asking to see you.” his younger brother carefully retorts shifting awkwardly as he quietly takes to his feet.

Virgil Earp had been running himself ragged for months and it was only after he collapse from exhaustion that ever stopped looking for his, the local doctor and his brother’s having to keep a close eye on him as they knew he would rush off to pick up the Cowboy’s trail again. He is nowhere near well enough to head out on the trail even with how long it has been, but this does not mean no one is looking, Doc Holliday a friend of the three having gone out in Virgil’s stead taking a few of the former Cowboy’s with him.

In absolute silence Virgil slips passed his younger brother and out the saloon’s door.

Morgan moves after not daring to say a single word.

Louisa Earp is the first to spot the familiar form coming up the walk from outside her heart just about dropping into the grave at the sight and with rushed footsteps she makes her away over to the door and practically runs outside.

“Goodness Amelia! Are you alright?! You look so very pale! Come, let’s get you inside!”

“Call over Mattie if you will please Doc.” Louisa then exclaims as she turns towards the gunslinger after he helps the woman take a seat on the small couch. “I’m going need her help.”

“Where may I ask have the Earp Brother’s gone should they not be here?”

“Out of town, they will be back in a few days.”

Nodding Doc inhales glancing down at Amelia who has already taken to falling asleep.

“She has quite the bruise on her right-side, she will be sleeping quite a lot until it heals up a bit more.”

Louisa’s gaze darts up her worry clear.

“That’s not the only wound she has suffered but I believe Virgil should be the one to learn of those. I shall return with Mattie as per your request.” Doc then utters before tipping his hat just a bit in a bow like manner before leaving the youngest Earp brother’s Wife alone in her house.

Their eyes are on her in seconds and with breathy exclamations of relief Louisa and Mattie Earp lean ever closer to their friend.

“Amelia! Oh thank heaven you’re awake!” Louisa starts her gaze flashing with both ease and tension. “I’ll got get you some water.” she then says swift to take to her feet and hurry off leaving only Mattie to look after her.

There is a silence between the two, the second eldest Earp Brother’s Wife quietly observing the unspoken words set up within her friend’s sphere’s. 

“How are you? Are you’re headaches easing up any?” Amelia then questions a sliver of a smile tugging up on the woman’s lips.

Amelia has always been contentious of others no matter the manner she is in.

“Not really, but Wyatt has set up a appointment with a specialist that we will be seeing at the end of this month.”

There is another beat of silence Amelia’s countering words causing Mattie to smile a little.

“Wyatt does love you Mattie. That I am most certain of.”

“As Virgil loves you just as much.” Mattie replies the light in Amelia’s eyes shifting at the mention of her Husband’s name.

“Where is he?” she then asks Louisa’s voice sounding out in response.

“They all went off to the next town over on some business, they’ll be back by the end of this week.”

Amelia nods her lips curling up just a bit.

“Good, I have some time to become a bit more presentable.”

The end of the week has come and though I am still very much suffering from the wounds inflicted upon me I am doing far better than I was and am able to go out a bit though the Doctor is very insistent that I do not over do it seeing as he has classified my wounds to be on the level of those seen on many gunslingers.

Evening has sprouted fully and as Mattie, Louisa and I make our way up to the Saloon’s front doors followed closely by Doc who has taken it upon himself to escort us everywhere we step in to the bustling bar with only a few taking to looking our way. Though I suppose the lack of response is due to the fact that most have seen me moving about prior to this.

Leading us to the back room where the bar tender has allowed us to have an outing in peace I cannot help wonder if by chance there is something more going on specifically with Virgil and his Brother’s not being home yet.

I do not allow myself to think on this much though deciding to make it harder on myself by thinking to long.

“Are you feeling alright Mattie?” I inquire taking immediate notice of the grimace on her face.

“It’s nothing just-”

“I’ll go get Doc, he’s always got an extra bottle of your medicine on him.” I respond as I take to me feet.

“Amelia.” Louisa begins worry in both her tone and eyes.

“I’ll be alright, Doc is just right outside the door, you just care for Mattie until I can get back.”

I disappear through the door before she can utter another word.

Doc is sitting at a poker table near the bar,  and with my mind singular I start over mouth opening as I prepare to call out his name another voice calls out the sound of it making my blood run cold.

“There you are you fucking whore! I ought to take you right here!”

In a flash I spin around finding myself facing none other than the man who has done his best to try and defile me.

In an instant I forget what I had come out of the backroom for my skin having gone immediately pale, form trembling as I am sure Ike will only get closer.

He reaches out his right and clearly preparing to take a hold of me yet before he can even graze his fingers over even an inch of me at all another form steps in between us, the air growing thick with a death like rage and without having to even look I know it is. The presence one I have felt for years.

It’s Virgil.

He says nothing only stares the outlaw down the flexing of his jaw being enough for me to know.

He is on the verge of murder.

I should do something. I know it but I cannot bring myself to move. I frozen to the spot and the wound at my side is growing hot a deep throbbing ache beginning to spray out over my ribcage and beneath my skin.

The pain is coming. 

I cannot breathe.

“Virgil.” I just barely manage, wheezing out his name as my left hand fingers grip desperately at the edge of his coat. “Virgil I-”

It all goes black.

The Doctor sits beside their bed, his gaze growing sadder as he listens to the Eldest Earp sharply curse the mans form turning away from the sight of the deeply set bruise upon her side.

“She will be alright but I believe that Clanton fellow must have flared the wound back up with he being the one who caused it. Though I suppose all can be said with the rest of her wounds too a new comer by the name of Mr. Faiban informed me of the beatings she received along with the rape attempt made.”

“The rape attempt!?” Wyatt Earp exclaims the look given to the physician by all three men letting him know that they were unaware of any of it.

“Yes, the rape attempt, Mr. Clanton I believe was the attacker and had a hand in most of your Wife’s beatings Mr. Earp.”

Cursing again it is clear to the younger brothers what is on their elder siblings mind.

“We’ll take care of it Virgil.” Morgan speaks up quickly as he takes to his feet. “Amelia needs you here.”

That look, they know it well and Wyatt knows to that they will need to compromise.

“We’ll bring him back for you, but you gotta promise you won’t kill him, it won’t do you any good to end up in jail.” Wyatt adds a slight relent in Virgil’s gaze letting the others know they have come to an acceptable condition.

They are just about to leave when they hear him.



“I may not kill him but I will be damn sure to bring him near to it.”

A nod is the only response.

She wakes in the dead of night her sapphire blue eyes finding his sleepless eyes in moments.

“Virgil.” he voice almost coos left hand coming to lay against his jaw. “You should be sleeping.”

A breath slight and jagged passes the lawman’s lips his tired eyes burning though he refuses to give in.


Again his name leaves her mouth and only then, with her eyes so desperate does he accept it, his need for sleep.

Waking with a start Virgil Earp’s hawk like eyes peer into the face of his youngest brother a soft grunt leaving his mouth as he takes to sitting up, carefully though not to wake his Wife.

“What’s wrong Virg?” the voice and inquire which has the man turning back, a light smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

“Nothing’s wrong darl’n, you just go right on back to sleep.” 

“Hmmm. okay.” Is her sleepy reply the eldest Earp brother taking to kiss her temple ever so gently before slowly taking to his feet.

The command is a silent one but Morgan knows.

He is to watch over her while Virgil is away.

As soon as he has left the bedroom Virgil’s Earp’s expression grows hard and murderous look in his eyes.

No one wounds a Lawman’s Heaven.



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Halloween Headcanons:

• Wynonna challenges  Wayhaught to a pumpkin carving competition against her. Wayhaught will be really dedicated to their pumpkin and they work together really well so Wynonna immediately regrets her decision, so naturally she starts throwing pumpkin innards at the couple. A pumpkin seed ends up in Nicole’s bra which causes her to carve a bigger hole than intended in the pumpkin. Waverly on the other hand now has a load of pumpkin juice over her face and in her eyes so she can’t see the pumpkin and ends up knocking it onto the floor

• Wynonna ends up winning and her pumpkin sits proudly outside next to Wayhaught’s sad pumpkin disaster 

• Waverly will make a soup from what she can salvage from the innards.

• While Waverly is making the soup, Nicole and Wynonna will take Rachel and Alice trick or treating. Rachel is really excited because she used to love trick or treating with her mum when she was little and now she gets to make new memories with her found family. And Wynonna is ready to have the best first Halloween with her daughter. Nicole wears her uniform to get them priority because she wants to make sure she’s the cool Aunt/Mother figure. Wynonna and Alice are dressed as matching vampires (much to the annoyance and amusement of Doc) and Rachel is dressed like Nedley’s puffball monster (Kombucha included) 

• After the trick or treating and when Alice has gone to bed, Jeremy and Robin come over and they all watch a scary movie together. Waverly and Jeremy critic all of the representations of supernatural creatures because of course they’ve both done so much research on them. Wynonna on the other hand tells everyone how she’d kill all of the creatures in the movie. Nicole just smiles with her arms around Waverly because her family is all there. Some time into the Movie Rachel gets tired and falls asleep against Nicole. Doc is still trying to work out how exactly movies work but he just sits back and enjoys whatever is going on. Robin brought so many snacks and somehow gets through half of them by himself while the rest are shared between the others. Jeremy finds it adorable and cuddles into him the whole night.

Christmas Secret Santa HC: 

• the gang decides to do secret Santa this year so they all pull their names out of Doc’s hat and no one knows who is buying their present.

• Wynonna is overjoyed that she got Nicole and she gets her the trashiest lesbian police officer porn she can find 

• Waverly keeps on teasing Nicole to tell her who she got but Nicole won’t give in. Nicole got Jeremy and she gets him a book about gay historical figures.

•Waverly got Rachel and she makes her a homemade vegan recipe book because she knows how much Rachel loves experimenting in the kitchen and she loves making homemade gifts, plus she wants Rachel to know that she cares about her what with how close she is to Nicole.

• Jeremy got Doc and so he gets him a new pack of bullets with a homemade coupon for them to get a drink together 

• Rachel got Wynonna and she gets her a gift card for a clothing store since she stole a lot of Wynonna’s clothes 

• Doc gets Waverly and he gifts her a dream catcher to hang in her room as a reminder that he will always do what he can to keep her safe 

• Robin decides not to participate due to having bad experiences with secret Santa back in high school but he gives them all personalised handmade Christmas cards instead 

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at a cafe

Waverly: [looks at her drink and then at Nicole, adoringly] babe, I didn’t want whipped cream.

Nicole: [stands up] no problem, I’ll fix it for you.

Wynonna: [sips her drink and looks at Doc, adoringly] this isn’t soy.

Doc: sucks to be you.

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