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steve’s girl: steddie x reader
prompt: after an interesting dream, eddie munson finds his way into your boyfriend, steve harrington's, bedroom
word count: 3.4k
warnings: smut (18+), threesome, orgasm denial/ruined orgasm, choking, dacryphilia
authors note at the end :)
Tumblr media
The predicament of having your boyfriend's eyes on you as well as another mans was not how you thought you would end your Saturday night.
Sitting on Steve’s lined comforter where you had been time and time again felt comfortable as he sauntered towards you. Whatever agreement the men had found themselves in had led them here, unbeknownst to you what that included. His lips pressed to yours softly, standing between your sore knees.
“Wanna play a little game?” He asked, a slight glint in his brown eyes, drastically lighter than the eyes of Eddie Munson who stood a few feet behind him, observing the way his hands touched your hip and cheek.
Granting a small nod, he chuckled and glanced back at the leather jacket clad man. Without a word, you were being yanked up by your wrist to sit against your boyfriend's lap. The flimsy skirt did little to cover your beige panties as your legs were forced to spread.
Eddie hadn’t said a word yet, but every time he looked at you, he became quite easy to understand. His gaze wouldn’t detour off your body, the way Steve manhandled you consensually, and ultimately, made you wet beyond belief.
A gasp fell from your plush lips as Steve’s hand shoved its way beneath your underwear, smirking at the warmth, “Always so ready for me, angel.”
“Now, I want you to look at our buddy over here, okay?” Steve instructed, rubbing small circles across your clit, watching as you finally met the other boy's eyes.
“Hi there.” Eddie smirked, index and middle finger hitting his forehead to give a salute. His rings shined under the dim light of Steve’s room, falling back by his side as your breath hitched at the growing pace.
While still slow, it was a foreign concept to have someone else in the bedroom with you, meaning the seemingly lethargic tempo had you falling. His firm hands only left when he went to slip off the thin material covering your soaked center, planting a kiss on your temple as he spread you out again.
“Now, I think you have something you want to tell Eddie, don’t you baby?” Steve cooed, fingers returning to your bundle of nerves, but also to your dripping cunt. Eyebrows furrowing in pleasure and confusion as you looked at Eddie, returned with a look of amusement.
“Not ringing a bell?” Eddie questioned, taking a step forward, watching as you tensed around your boyfriend's fingers. Hands perched at his hips, he watched as you thought, well, as good as you could think with two fingers inside you and two rubbing you.
Steve looked from your face to meet his companion’s, giving a quick affirmation nod that brought his hands to the hem of your shirt. The white blouse was tugged off, lifting your arms and exposing your breasts to the chilly AC. Instinctively, you tried to cover your chest, only to receive a harsh slap on your pussy from Steve.
“Should I refresh your memory?” Steve pondered, “Does that dream you had the other night ring a bell?”
Dammit. That fucking dream.
“Awe, look, she’s already tense. Came home from work to see her asleep, whimpering, and I woke her up to be of some assistance. But my good girl was honest about who was in that dream.” Steve taunted, ignoring when you cried out as he reached your deepest spot. “Tell me again, what got you so worked up?”
You felt warmth rise to your cheeks, simultaneously embarrassed and turned on as Steve played you like a fiddle with Eddie having a front row seat. Watching as he shrugged off his jean vest and leather jacket, you moaned at his exposed arms in his tank top. The black ink across his pale skin rose and fell as he laughed, mumbling, “I think I have an idea.”
“You.” Was all you could muster, earning a tsk from the lap you sat upon.
“Who? What happened?” Eddie peered, leaning forward to have his face meer inches from yours that earned you a shutter.
“You, Eddie.” You whimpered, feeling your slick begin to slip down Steve’s fingers. “I thought about you fucking me.”
At your confession, the pace quickened and had you teetering your end. As soon as your climax started, both hands retreated to your stomach and chest respectfully, caging you to Steve’s clothed body as you cried.
A ruined orgasm could hurt more than edging, getting just a taste of sublime before being yanked to the ground. Steve knew how to be mean, he liked to be in some settings, and you knew this was a part of it.
His hands found their way to your throbbing sex again, resuming the mission that you were now scared would not be in your favor.
“Tell him everything.” Steve gritted, tone much harsher than previous, tilting his head towards the object of your fantasy.
“You ate me out and then let me suck your dick. I-It was so nice.” You mewled, feeling a wave of pleasure run down your body as you grew closer. “You fucked me too, really good. Steve was there too, playing with me while you helped.”
When you had woken from your sleep just a few days ago, the guilt was eating you alive leading you to break down. Were you being a bad girlfriend by having a dream? Would he leave you or be disgusted? The heightened anxiety was instantly picked up on.
Thankfully, Steve was calm about it, finding it fairly entertaining that you had that intense of a sex dream. Expressing your sexual desires with one another was common, the topic of a threesome just hadn’t come up yet.
“Did you like it?” Eddie grasped your chin, forcing you to look upon him as he inched towards you. You agreed, biting the inside of your lip. Steve watched the interaction closely, fingers going to autopilot from how well he knew your body, finding more pleasure in watching the erotic tension between all three of you.
He didn’t even realize you were almost there until he saw Eddie glance down at the mess in front of him. As you attempted to finish again, he yanked his hands away, capturing you against his broad chest. A loud whine filled the room as you wiggled against him, much to both of their delights.
A wet smack landed on your cunt before your skirt was tugged off and guided you to kneel on the ground before them.
It looked so sinful, sitting there completely naked at total submission for the two fully clothed men before you. Steve looked at you, petting your head comfortingly against his lower thigh.
“How badly do you want to suck Eddie’s dick?” The vulgarity of Steve’s words made you shutter and Eddie a bit taken back, but undeniably plumping underneath his tight black jeans.
“Really bad.” You said looking up into your boyfriend's kind eyes, he grabbed your cheeks to kiss you before jolting your head towards the man in front of you. Eddie loomed over, hair falling beside him, watching attentively as you meddled with his belt.
Successfully undoing the handcuffs at his waist and pulling his zipper, his boxer briefs did very little to hide his erection. Audibly whimpering, you placed gentle kisses up his groin to reach his naval, placing a wet kiss there.
“May I?” You asked, fingers dipping under his black waistband, feeling the trail of hair beneath too.
“Fuck,” He muttered, “Go for it.” The sight alone made him slightly dizzy, it wasn’t every day that your friend comes up to you and lets you know that his girlfriend thinks you’re ‘really hot’. He had to have been dreaming.
Heaven felt an inch away as you put him in your mouth, grabbing the base as you slowly bobbed your head. Tongue sliding up his slit gently, the taste of him landed on your tastebuds, sighing.
“Now, now, don’t you think he deserves better than that?” Steve challenged, standing to your side, hand cupping the back of your head. Laced in your locks, he shoved you further down Eddie’s dick to hear you choke.
Hands flying to his hips to steady yourself, the loud moan rang through your ears as tears lined your eyes. Feeling the heat intensify, Eddie shrugged off his shirt, leaving black ink exposed on his chest.
Guiding you up and down, Steve watched proudly as you gagged, spit dripping to his plush carpet. But he knew you could take more, shoving you all the way to his naval, nose tickled by his coarse pubic hair.
“Holy fuck.” Eddie breathed, abs flexing at the constraint in your warm mouth, holding onto Steve’s shoulder to stop from falling.
Pulling you off, Steve smashed his lips to yours, barely giving you time to breath. Your mascara was slightly running, salvia all across your chin and some even trailing between your breasts.
Eddie hissed when his rosy length slapped against him, watching as you made out in front of him, which just made him want to come even more. Pulling away, spit connected your mouths, a combination of all three of you.
“Took that like a champ.” Eddie laughed as you smiled, looking down at your hands resting in your lap.
Steve stood, hands under your armpits to all, but threw you to his bed. The sound of his belt unbuckling made you look up, observing as he stripped to his blue boxers that hugged his thighs.
While his gaze focused on you, he glanced over at Eddie, dick now shoved back with his pants undone. Scoffing, he rolled his eyes, “What are you, Munson, a prude? Strip.”
Now, Eddie didn’t consider himself a submissive man, but his pants did come off the minute Steve told him to. Possibly due to this being his dynamic, Eddie is just a volunteer who happened to appear in your subconscious at the right time.
Making his way to the end of the bed, he got a look at you, doe eyed and waiting with a messy cunt that practically dripped onto Steve’s bed. He hummed at the sight, letting his hand wander to your lower stomach, accidentally tickling your soft skin.
“Stevie, can Eddie please?” You asked, fiddling with the gold chain necklace around your neck, head propped up against his firm pillows. Steve went to the head of the bed, pulling down his last article of clothing to sit next to you, tugging you to hover your mouth over his erection.
“That’s up to him, sweetheart. But what you are going to do is blow me twice as good as him, got it?” Steve sneered, feeling you nod against his grasp on the nape of your neck, taking him whole.
Examining the way you took your partner was almost as much fun as watching you clench around nothing before him. Eddie greedily put his lips on your lower set, groaning at the taste and shoving your knees up.
The sudden pleasure made you choke, coming up for a sharp breath, tears streaming down your puffy cheeks. Moaning pitifully, attempting to jerk him off, Steve could only snicker at you.
“Awe, is it too much for you, pretty girl?” He teased, holding your head in one hand and taking his dick in the other, forcing yours to recede. Eddie watched through his lashes as Steve smacked your face with his cock, beads of pre-come marking your face with each hit.
Returning back to your original action, you tried going as deep as you could, swirling your tongue skillfully like you knew he liked. Confirmed by his groan and brief loosening on your hair.
Laying belly down on the bed, Eddie continued to suck your clit, fingers finding their way inside you. You had only been with Steve, taking time to understand each other's bodies as thoroughly as you expressed.
But as Eddie found your point of pleasure inside you and let his tongue dance upon your bud, you found yourself slipping further under their spell. His mouth was enticing, drawing a masterpiece against your smooth skin that was already trembling with need.
You felt Steve was getting close, as you were too, making you pull away from his lower half. The cries escaping you were salacious, eyes squeezing shut, believing to finally be approaching a successful finish.
“Eddie. Off.” Steve commanded, Eddie’s eyes rolling as left a kiss against you. As much as he enjoyed being a bit rough or mean, the tears on your face and dripping center were driving him mad. If Steve wouldn’t let you finish the whole night, he would take care of it himself if you’d let him.
The boys swapped places, Steve resting on his haunches and flipping you onto your stomach. Shakily getting on your hands and knees, Eddie sat in front of you, giving you a soft grin.
“Can I have a kiss please?” You whispered, staring into the boy's deep brown eyes, but he flickered his to Steve, awaiting approval.
Not looking behind, you only knew it was granted when his lips met yours. His lips were soft, tasting a bit like you from his previous endeavors. He set your cheek in his palm, deepening his intensity as Steve shoved his dick inside you.
Eddie pulled away to hear your pretty sounds, smiling ear to ear at your blissed face. He pushed his thumb between your lips, allowing you to suck greedily. As your eyes rolled back, he took his other hand to pump himself, watching you, but also as Steve grabbed your hips and thrust in and out.
“Let me.” He heard you stutter, finding your way to his dick to take him in your throat again. He watched you take him with ease, sliding up and down.
Attempting to give you a breather, Steve kept it slow for the first few strokes, biting his own lip as you clenched around him.
“You love being full, don’t you?” Eddie pondered, feeling the whine around his member, coming up for air shortly after. He went to say another menacing comment until you put his balls into your mouth, sucking them while jerking him off.
A string of curses came from him as he ran a hand through his hair, Steve stuck between watching you destroy a man’s sanity below or the face of the mess himself. As you rocked towards your fourth climax, none prosperous, leaving you overstimulated and unsatisfied concurrently.
The thrusts inside of you quickened, a ring clad hand wrapping around your neck to pull you into a heated kiss. The mix of spit, tears, and pre-come was enough to make a demon blush, but it was intoxicating as your tongues danced against one another.
Just as you were about to conclude, Steve pulled out to come on your lower back, a whine of pleasure harmonizing with your tearless sobs. All Eddie could do was watch as you shook, falling to his shoulder and burrowing against his neck.
“You’re doing so good for us, sweetheart, letting us be greedy.” Steve assured, grabbing his shirt from the floor to wipe himself off you, making sure to put some on his finger for you to suck off.
He stood up, stretching his back, motioning Eddie to stand. You couldn’t help, but giggle at them both standing naked in front of each other, Eddie painfully hard and Steve just recovering.
“What’s so funny, little lady?” Eddie cocked a brow, looking at your glossy eyes, going to the end of the bed where the other man was previously. You scrunch your nose, smiling at him to which he returns, pinching your thigh to make you squeak.
A thud hits Eddie’s chest, a gold foil packet as Steve slid behind you, settling you to his chest.
“I like you, Munson, but not that much.” He joked as the other gave a fabricated pout, “Oh, but I’m the prude, Harrington?”
Too fucked out to engage, you stared as Eddie slid on the plastic covering, settling back into your lovers embrace.
He slid the head of his cock between your folds, letting it toy with your clit to watch you flinch. Admiring the way you coated him, he caved and slid inside, unable to contain the groan crawling from the pit of his stomach.
Easing his way in, he felt every detail of you, enjoying the way you clenched. Your lower lips puffy from the beratement it had experienced over the past hour, your bud just peeking from under its hood.
Lower hairs grazing one another as he settled into you, your legs wrapping around his waist as you mewled. Steve’s hand grasped your breasts, rolling your nipples between his fingers. The attention was now on you, positively, for the first time tonight, both men having their end goal to make you feel good.
The soft ‘uh’s’ were the only thing spoken as Eddie grasped your hips and created his rhythm. His mushroom tip pressed deliciously inside of you, an eruption of pleasure seeping through your veins.
Both of you had been on the brink for so long, the end was nearing as your brain floated into a higher state. Steve smirked as his fingers danced across your clit, eyes wiring shut, but mouth hanging open.
“You got it, go for it.” He mumbled against the shell of your ear as you began to tremble against him. Tears streaming against your cheeks, you started to breathe heavier than before, each hand reaching for each boy to interlock.
“You look so fucking pretty,” Eddie stuttered, quickening his pace, familarizing himself with the way you felt when you got close, “C’mon, babe, cream all over me.”
The dirty words finally sent you over the edge, catapulting Eddie to his finish as well, the sound of your skin smacking his would put any porno to shame. He couldn’t bring himself to pull out of you just yet, enjoying not only his place inside you, but the way his thumb rubbed your knuckles near your hip.
“Shit, she’ll sleep well tonight.” Steve quipped, making Eddie laugh, sitting back with a huff. Tying up the condom and throwing it in the trash, his head hit the wall behind him softly.
Latched onto Steve, he slowly coaxed his way up, standing as you laid with your arms wrapped around his shoulders.
“I’m gonna get you some water, okay? I’m sure Eddie would want to hold you.” He said, rubbing your back, watching Eddie lift his head. Scooting closer, he wrapped his arm around your waist, the cool metal on his fingers leaving a trail of goosebumps.
You exchanged them, finding your way to his lap like a koala, to which he hugged you just as tightly. Your bodies were both warm and sticky, but so blissfully content in each other's arms.
Pushing back some hair, he planted a kiss to your forehead then nose, giving a cheeky smile as you looked in a daze.
“Did you have fun?” You whispered, chin against his pecs and slightly over his guitar pick necklace. He laughed, shoulders shaking, somehow squeezing you tighter.
“Time of my life, sweetheart, you took that like a champ.” Eddie’s lower hand rubbing your lower back soothingly as you shied away in his neck bashfully.
Steve came back in with a few waters, handing one to you first with a kiss to your temple. Even if it was just you two, Steve was always adamant about aftercare, especially if the night had been particularly intense.
Putting on some clothes, their boxers back on whilst you get a fresh pair of panties and a warm t-shirt. Sandwiched between them, backs against the headboard as you began to drift off, enjoying the radiating heat and comfort from the boys.
“Goodnight.” Eddie smiled, kissing your cheek as you hummed.
“You guys should kiss next time.” You mumbled, eyes fluttering shut and sinking further into the bed beneath Steve’s covers.
“Oh my God, go to bed.” Your boyfriend mumbled, an unquestioning blush on his cheeks as he morphed against your body, with Eddie following.
“Don’t want a smooch, Harrington?” Eddie teased, puckering his lips above your head, only receiving a flick on the forehead.
“Your boyfriends a big meanie.”
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authors note: hi so this is a repost from like two days ago but the horndog got unleashed :p feedback is always appreciated!
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Genshin x fem!reader [Volleyball Team AU - Inspired by Haikyuu!] He introduces S/O to the team
Before you read this, might be a good idea to read the introduction first. To give you the whole low-down of the team and their dynamicsssss.
Other works in the Volleyball Team AU Series: Click Here
Scenario: You and him have been dating for a while now. Why does the team not know and what’s their reaction in finding out/when he introduces you?
Warnings: AU if that’s not your thing then don’t read, not proofread...as usual.
#1 Zhongli (Captain/Wing Spiker/Ace)
You’ve been dating for nearly 5 months at this point. Beforehand the two of you were close friends. So the team kind of already knew you guys were close, but you’d never met the team properly.
It’s not that he was HIDING your relationship, its that he didn’t want to pressure you into meeting his team. They could really be an overwhelming bunch of high schoolers sometimes.
As it happens he walks to the gym hand in hand with you one day, his other hand on his duffel sports bag, thinking that he’d be the earliest one there as always. 
But when he slides the gym doors open his WHOLE TEAM greets him “CAPTAIN!” and then there’s an awkward silence that descends as they all catch him with his hand intertwined with yours.
KAEYA AND TARTAGLIA LOSES IT. “C-Captain, you had a girlfriend and didn’t tell us?!” “You finally made a move on her?!” “S’about time!”
Needless to say they both get knocked on the head by Zhongli’s fist. 
Zhongli sighs and turns to you apologetically but you say that you don’t mind meeting them. He perks up and claps his hands to ask his team to line up.
They do so diligently. Kaeya, Tartaglia and Thoma are giddy while looking at you. Xiao and Kazuha have their mouth slightly agape as if you’re some kind of rare species. Diluc and Albedo stare you down. 
You introduce yourself as Zhongli’s gilrfriend and as you do so Tartaglia’s eyes dart towards Zhongli who has a slightly shy expression on his face. 
“Oh, oh question time!” Thoma raises his hand “Does the captain secretly eat sweets behind our back?” You haven’t even answered when Kaeya asks “Does the captain ever glare at you (he mimics Zhongli’s face) and say 10 Push ups NOW!” Surprisingly Diluc raises his hand too “...Is the captain strict with you too?”
Zhongli gets irked the more questions are asked and he finally steps in with an ominous presence. “10 laps around the gym...NOW!” 
He apologizes to you again but you reassure him it’s totally fine and they all seem like such fun. 
#2 Diluc (Vice Captain/Wing Spiker/Defense Specialist)
The vice captain is a very secretive guy.
Not even his brother knew.
It’s not that he was ashamed of you, he just liked his privacy and you already knew that. 
But there was this one time where he forgot his textbooks under his desk and you had to go and give it to him while he was at practice.
Shyly looking into the door the first one that spots you is Albedo.
“...Do you need something?” you tense up at Albedo’s question and shakily hand him the textbooks.
“U-Uhm... D-Diluc’s...”
Albedo tilts his head and turns to shout at the team. “Someone’s looking for the vice captain,”
Everyone stops what they’re doing and snaps there head towards you.
Diluc jogs over, sweat still fresh on his forehead. Without thinking he takes the books from you, small smile on his face and thanks you.
The rest of his team freezes up all thinking: “Hold on, is he...SMILING?”
You’re oblivious to them staring and give him a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving. When Diluc turns back his team is glaring daggers at him, he stares back at them. Doesn’t say anything, and continues practice.
No one is brave enough to ask him about it.
Tartaglia whispers to Kaeya “You didn’t know about it either huh?”
#3 Kaeya (Middle Blocker)
This MF would talk about you whenever he had the chance.
Y/N this, Y/N that, Y/N is so cute. 
Frankly the team is kinda tired of it. 
But when you finally visit one of their practices the team levels their gaze at you and think “Oh shit, he wasn’t lying, she is actually cute,”
Sees his teammates expression and brags even more. “I know what y’all are thinking. You’re thinking, OH! She’s actually really cute! Hm?”
Slings an arm around you shamelessly with a grin. “Back off boys, I’ll block all your attempts,”
Diluc is the one that walks up to you and you blink at him. Kaeya blinks at him, confused as well.
Diluc suddenly bows, “I feel sorry for you but please take care of him,”
The rest of the team either bursts out laughing or snickers behind their hand.
Their vice captain is low key savage
#4 Albedo (Setter)
The team finds out about you cause when they finish practice they find you waiting outside the gym.
Kazuha asks politely while the others look on “Are you lost?”
You straighten up and stutter a little, “Ah, uh, no, I’m...” You’re at a loss for words. 
Then Albedo suddenly appears from the gym doors and sees you. “Ah, were you waiting long? Sorry,”
Thoma tilts his head in question. “Albedo...Your sister?”
Albedo at this point was standing next to you already. “...No, my girlfriend,” like it was the most normal thing in the world.
Everyone is stunned into statues.
“H-How did you get one before me?” Tartaglia looks as if his soul had been sucked out of his body.
“Next time you can just come inside and wait inside the gym, it’s dark out here,” their responsible captain suggests and you’re amazed at his kindness and bow at him with a thank you.
Albedo doesn’t see what’s the big deal and just grabs your hand and starts walking away.
#5 Tartaglia (Middle Blocker/Wing Spiker)
The team already knew since the first date. It’s because he.would.not.shut.up.about.it
That particular day at practice his spikes were a tad bit stronger than usual.
“Oi... you’re getting too excited...” Xiao mumbles at him. Tartaglia just grins and scratches the back of his head. “Aaaahhhh... I can’t help it, I’m so nervous for my date with Y/N!”
A few more dates later he starts showing off his phone wallpaper to the others. It’s a picture of you and him.
Kaeya tries to piss him off by saying, “Huh, we’ve never actually seen her in person. Maybe it’s photoshopped,” The others snicker.
Is so pissed, asks you to come immediately.
You thought it was an emergency so you come into the gym with a worried look on your face only to be hugged tight into his chest. “See? See? She’s totally real and totally cute!”
Albedo crosses his arms and blinks, then looks at Kaeya “...You totally baited him, he’s such a simpleton.”
Kaeya responds with a smirk “Right?”
#6 Kazuha (Decoy/Middle Blocker/Wing Spiker)
The most formal out of all of them and even tells them seriously that he had an announcement to make.
Next day he comes into practice with you in tow.
Properly introduces you as his girlfriend. 
Everyone is wide-eyed at how official it feels. Then you suddenly take out a big container of fruits and tell everyone it’s for them (The captain doesn’t allow sweets, he thinks it’ll fatten them up or some crap.)
EVERYONE IS BLESSED BY YOUR PRESENCE and Kazuha is just enjoying you getting along with them.
Kaeya and Tartaglia try to whisper and bribe you into making cookies for them. 
Albedo and Xiao stares at Kazuha thinking ‘If someone like you can get a girlfriend, we can get one too, right?’
You offer to come back next time with more fruits and some secret cookies.
#7 Xiao (Libero)
Tried to keep it a secret because he knows his team will make a fuss about it.
The team finds out when his phone suddenly starts ringing in the middle of practice and he asks for a timeout to pick it up.
“Mm... Yeah... I’ll pick you up when I finish,” Everyone starts nudging each other when they hear him talk to you in an unusually calm and soft tone. So different from when he plays volleyball and gets angry at them.
By this point everyone tries to keep quiet and enlarge their ears to eavesdrop.
“Idiot... I won’t be late. I promised to take you out didn’t I?” 
Hearing their tsundere libero say something so sweet makes everyone combust.
When he turns back everyone is staring at him with smirks on their faces. “Hey, why not just ask her to come here?” Kaeya sneakily suggests.
Xiao blushes “A-As if I’d let her near you bumbling fools!”
He was worried it would scare you away, actually.
#8 Tohma (Pinch Server/Middle Blocker)
Literally no one is surprised he has a girlfriend.
It would be MORE of a surprise if he DIDN’T have one.
But they find out cause he left his phone out on the bench one day and there’d been a text message while Xiao was conveniently sitting on the bench.
“...Tohma, someone me--” Xiao looks at the screen where the message ‘I love you!’ is clearly written.
Xiao is so curious but is not gunna admit it so he nudges Kaeya or Tartaglia who might be sitting next to him and secretly motions over to the phone.
They read it and ask in a real loud voice “Oi Tohma! Who’s Y/N? They said I love you!” 
Tohma laughs nervously and since it’s already out he might as well introduce you. 
“This is my princess,” he says when you enter the gym to walk home with him that afternoon. You bow and introduce yourself and everyone looks at you thinking... “Ah, they look like the perfect domestic couple,”
Low-key everyone is jealous of how you dote on him.
Hello Hello! Technically this could be counted as fluff, but I understand that not everyone is fond of AUs, so, if you don’t mind being tagged to something like this, please fill in the survey again (I’ve added AU as an option, just click that one if you’ve signed up for the others before!)
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Qui a besoin d'Alexa?
Tumblr media
title: Who needs Alexa?
Summary: Sometimes Spencer gets jealous. Even when he doesn't need to be.
Category: Smut with some fluff
Word count: 2.1k
Warnings: Spencer being a jealous boy, cheating accusations, insecurity, kissing, oral (fem!receiving), pet names, penetrative sex
Spencer hated technology. He hated it. Even though hate was a strong word, a word he very rarely ever used, it was a word to describe his feelings toward technology. This was a recent epiphany for him. His girlfriend had just been given an echo for Christmas and she loved the thing. Apparently, more than she loved listening to Spencer talk. See, before this insufferable piece of tech had been added to their apartment, she would simply ask him her questions. If she needed to know something, chances were he knew the answer. When he asked her why she bothered asking him when she could just look it up, she had smiled, shook her head, and looked at him with a mixture of pride and adoration. 'Why would I do that when I'm dating a genius,' she had answered. But she was still dating said genius. Only now she seems to have no more use for him.
"Earth to Spencer?" I waved my hand in front of my boyfriend who seemed to be completely lost in thought. He jumps a little before focusing on me.
"What? What is it?" he asked me, and he almost looks excited.
"I was just asking what you wanted for dinner?" I repeated my earlier question only to have him deflate.
"Oh uh how about Indian," He suggests and I nod at the idea.
"Hey Alexa what's the number of the closest Indian place to me?" I call out and grab my phone to dial the number as it rattles it off. I glance over at Spencer to ask what he wants to find him again lost in thought, but this time he's also tapping his foot, something he only does when he's annoyed. I quickly order for the both of us and hang up the phone.
I slide over to him and slip my hands over his shoulders, hugging him from behind. I kiss the crook of his neck and he relaxes into the hug. He interlaces his fingers with mine and kisses the back of my hand.
"How are you doing sweetheart," I mumble softly into his skin and he sighs lightly.
"I'm okay," he lies and I know that I shouldn't press the issue but communication is key right?
"You don't sound okay," I say to him, running my hand through his hair.
"I'm fine," His voice is firmer and I figure I should back off a little. I hum softly and slip off of him. I check my phone to see what time it is, only to see a text message from one of my friends, asking how my Russian learning is going
"Hey, Alexa what is "It's good" in Russian?" I ask the machine and type in the answer as it spits it out. As I send the message, I catch the end of a sentence from my resident genius.
"What was that Spence?" I question and he seems caught off guard for a fraction of a second before regaining control of his micro-expressions.
"Did you know that Amazon Alexas' only know very basic Russian? You'd probably be better off just looking it up in a dictionary," He states to me, but his tone lacks the excitement that his facts normally hold.
"Okay, but why would I get a dictionary when I can just look it up?" I ask, which was apparently the wrong thing to say because all it earns me is a scoff and a mumbled: "Yeah, right." I open my mouth to say something but the doorbell rings before I can get a word out.
Spencer practically leaps out of his chair to answer the door. I let out a small sigh before grabbing some plates to set the table. Once he returns with the takeout, we each take what we want on our own plates in silence. We're halfway through eating when I can't bear the tension anymore.
"Okay, Spencer just tell me what's wrong because I honestly cannot take this anymore," I say, putting my spoon down and crossing my arms over my chest as I lean back into my chair. He licks his lips before looking down at his feet uncomfortably. I roll my eyes before standing up.
"Alright well, I'll be in the bedroom so when you wanna start acting like an adult you come talk to me okay?"
With that, I'm turning around and heading down the hall to our bedroom. I keep trying to replay the day to see what is bothering him but unfortunately, I don't have an eidetic memory and cannot for the life of me figure out what happened.
I lay down on our bed, replaying every moment of the last weeks to the best of my ability. He seems fine whenever we're at his place or in public but he's weird when we're at my place. The brief thought of him cheating crosses my mind but before I can dispel the thought the door opens.
"Are you cheating on me?" I ask him and his jaw drops as he stares at me, wide eyed.
“You’ve been acting really weird and-and you keep mumbling under your breath and we’re barely talking! I-if you are you can tell me...” The mere idea causes an ache in my heart. I pull the blankets closer to me and wait for my answer.
“I-I am NOT cheating on you!! I would never!!! I swear it! Y-gosh-you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me! Why-why would I throw that away??” He hurries over to me, slowly sitting on the edge of the bed.
“I don’t know...why-why else would you act like that...” I roll my bottom lip between my teeth, trying desperately to make sure he isn’t lying.
“I...I’m jealous.” He whispers it, so quiet I almost don’t hear.
“Jealous? Of who?”
“N-not of who...” He looks almost ashamed at his confession and it melts my heart. The poor boy had always been a little insecure, despite my constant reassurance. It’s clear that this jealousy was really weighing on him.
“What are you jealous of baby?” I scoot closer to him and slowly interlock our fingers.
“...That-that echo thingy.” He frowns and looks at the blanket with a newfound interest, picking at it. I gently tilt his head up to lock eyes with him.
“Why are you jealous of that thing?”
“B-because...you like it better than me. You always used to ask ME your questions and n-now you just ask that. I can help you learn russian! I know the phone numbers to your favourite take out places! Why-why did you stop asking me?” His bottom lip quivers a little as he awaits my answer.
“Oh sweetheart, I don’t like it better than you. I love you! And I love how smart you are. I just didn’t want you to think I saw you as a computer. You’re a person. You don’t have to know everything. Don’t worry about that thing okay? You’re so much better than it in so many ways.” I kiss his lips softly, smiling at him once I pull away.
“Like how?” There’s still a shine of insecurity in his eyes but also a genuine curiosity.
“Well..you’re so sweet to me, you’re a great kisser, and you make me feel so so so good.” I begin kissing slowly down his neck, shifting closer to him until I can slot myself in his lap.
“I-I could make you feel good now!” He quickly lays me down, smiling at me as our noses brush. I lean up to connect our lips one more time before handing the reins over to him.
Spencer begins slowly kissing down my body, slipping my shirt over my head and tossing it aside. I unhook my bra and drop it off the bed. Spencer smiles up at me as I slide my hands into his hair. He slowly pulls my underwear off my legs, smirking when I whine at him to go faster.
“Alexa can’t do this.” He mumbles before diving in, licking at my clit. My eyes slowly close, basking in the feeling of him eating me out. Spencer was hesitant about oral sex when we started dating, worried he would be bad at it and I would be unsatisfied with our sex life because of it. I had assured him that I didn’t need him to go down on me but he insisted on learning. Funnily enough, he was a natural.
“R-right there baby!” I can’t help but squirm as pleasure shoots through my body. Spencer grips my thighs to keep my body in place, pulling me impossibly closer to his mouth. He pushes his tongue into me, looking up to see me moan at the feeling.
“God Spence d-don’t stop!” I cry and I can feel his chuckle at that, clearly not planning on stopping. He pulls his tongue out to go back at my clit, eager to make me cum. I grip his hair tighter as I feel my orgasm building.
“Fuck!!” I curse as the euphoria washes over me. Spencers tongue slows as he works me through the aftershocks of pleasure. Eventually, he pulls off.
“Was that good?” He eagerly asks, watching my expression to make sure I’m honest.
“Good? Honey that was amazing!” I sit up to grab his face and pull him in for a kiss. He reciprocates happily, pulling me closer. I reach for the buttons of his shirt and begin undoing them, causing him to smile against my lips.
“What are you doing?” He asks, somehow oblivious.
“Getting you naked!” I reply happily, pushing the fabric off his shoulders. I start kissing down his chest but he stops me.
“I-you don’t have to. I didn’t do that just so you would return the favour! We-we could even do something else if you want!” Spencer seems genuinely concerned, my heart melting.
“I know I don’t have to baby. But I really wanna make you feel good. So how about you lay down and relax yeah? I’ll show you just how much better you are than that Echo thing?” I kiss him one more time and he nods, laying down. His head rests on the pillows as he watches me with wide eyes. I take my time undoing his pants, smirking when he pouts at me. He’s eager for me to go faster but I bide my time.
“Please...” Spencer whines and I laugh before finally pulling his pants and boxers down. His cock slaps his stomach. He grips the sheets to keep from gripping it. I smile and slowly wraps my fingers around his base. Spencer sucks in a breath, closing his eyes. I decide to quit teasing and straddle him. His tip is positioned right at my entrance when I start sliding down, moaning softly. His eyes snap open to watch our bodies connect. I can already tell he’s committing this image to memory, something he often does when we’re having sex.
“God you feel so good.” I praise him when I finally reach his base. He smiles up at me, hands delicately gripping my waist.
“Y-you feel incredible.” His hips jerk up a bit and I smirk at his eagerness. I start slowly moving up and down on his cock. His fingers dig into the flesh on my hips, moaning loudly. He’s always been quite loud in the bedroom, much to my excitement.
“S-so good.” I whimper, starting to move faster. Clearly it’s not fast enough as Spencer begins using his grip on my hips to move me up and down on his cock. He plants his feet and starts thrusting upwards, meeting my movements. Now it’s my turn to be loud as pleasure runs through my body
“Are y-you gonna cum?” Spencer chokes out, clearly holding back for my sake. When I nod, he moves his thumb to rub at my clit. The feeling instantly sends me over and my orgasm is earth shattering.
“God!!” I cry as Spencer cums too, moaning at the sensation of me clenching around him. I finally still, my thighs aching from riding him. Spencer’s still catching his breath but pulls me down to lay on his chest.
“I’m sorry for getting jealous...” He mumbles into my ear but I simply smile and prop myself up to look at him.
“You don’t have to be sorry. I promise to ask you all my questions from now on.” He grins at that, kissing me passionately.
Who needs Alexa when you’re dating Dr. Spencer Reid?
taglist!: @spencerreid9 @meganskane @random-human-person @fics4arainyday @sunkissglow @queenofthepouges @luvofyourlifeliv @reidreids @reid-me-a-story @centiaaa @lumosemily @reidsacademia @sweetandsunny @beepbooptoop @mrsobrien888 @happymangospot @anisaxislam @agent—swan @jswessie187 @matthewgraygublerlover @spencersbauboy @this-is-doctor-and-its-calm
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natsfirecat · a month ago
Earth’s Fruitiest Heroes
summary: reader goes to pride with the people she loves most
pairing: Stark!Asexual!reader x Natasha Romanoff
word count: 729
warnings: none, lmk if i need to add any!
A/N: idc if pride month is over i’m posting this anyways 🙄🖐
"I just wanna say, I'm part of the LGBTQ community. And this is my best friend, Valentina. She's an ally. Talk, Valentina,"
You high-fived your father, jumping into the air as you finished filming the TikTok. Tony smiled at you, making the rainbow glitter on his cheeks shine just a bit more.
"Do you wanna do any more? Ooh, should we do one with a cake or garlic bread reference?" He asked.
You grinned,
"I'm proud of you, Dad,"
He smirked, then opened his mouth to say something, before being interrupted by your girlfriend coming up behind you and wrapping her arms around your waist. She kissed your shoulder, burying her face in your neck as you brushed your hands over hers.
She probably would've stayed that way, if it weren't for the unsubtle cough from your father.
Natasha pulled back, but kept her arms wrapped around you.
"I wanted to let you two know that we need to be on the Avengers float soon,"
He nodded, then adjusted his 'token straight' badge on his suit. Just as he began walking off, he turned back to face you again.
"Romanoff, don't be the reason my daughter is late for the parade," he said, narrowing his eyes. Then, he made his way toward the float.
You scoffed,
"Someone seems to be ignoring the ace ring,"
She chuckled, then leaned in to kiss your cheek.
"I might've been at fault for that, sorry detka,"
You turned around, then wrapped your arms around her neck before leaning in to press your lips against hers. There had been times where you both were against PDA, but right here, right now, neither of you cared if all the eyes in the world were on you.
"Remove yourself from my sister, Little Stark," came another voice you knew all too well. "Don't make me stand alone in front of the asexual flag!"
You sighed, reluctantly pulling away from your girlfriend.
"And I need to get in front of the lesbian flag with Carol," Natasha said. "But I'll find you after the flag pics!"
You nodded, standing on your toes to kiss her one last time, which earned a barf noise from Yelena. Natasha kept one arm around you, then pulled back with the other so she could hold up her middle finger.
After pulling apart, Yelena grabbed your wrist and practically dragged you away. She kept dragging you until you were in front of the Avengers float, surrounded by cameras and a giant flag with a black, grey, white, and purple stripe.
Once you got ready, the cameras instantly began snapping. You did a peace sign, lifted your leg up, and even jumped on Yelena's back while holding a fist to the air.
Normally, she wasn't one for engaging in press events. However, she loved showing off who she was and having a good time with it. And when you weren't making out with her sister right in front of her, she loved spending time with you too.
"Ace buddies," you said proudly as you did a double high-five. She grinned, even giving you another high-five.
"Ace buddies,"
When you got the signal that they had gotten everything they needed, it was time to get on the float. You found your father first, so you went up to him and greeted him with a hug.
"Mr. Stark," one of the reporters from the ground said. "How does it feel to know all the people here love and adore you for supporting your daughter for being LGBT+?"
"Uh, they shouldn't be praising me for that," he said, clearly annoyed. "Loving my daughter for who she is is just basic human decency, which isn't something I should be praised for. Instead, I should be praised for saving the world numerous times,"
You chuckled, knowing just how much he liked his praise, so long as it was for the right reasons.
So now, it was time to wave at the crowds below as the float began moving.
Before you knew it, you felt a familiar hand slide into your own. You leaned to the side, resting your head on your girlfriend's shoulder.
"Hi," she mumbled, leaning her head against yours.
"I love you," you told her.
"Love you more,"
"Happy pride, Natty,"
"Happy pride, Y/N/N."
taglist: @lyak12 @thewidowsghost @murderisthesolution @zombies1ayea @plasticl0ve @romanoffscottage @atlas-nex @plasticnacho @ria900 @readings-stuff @nats-dreamland @chiyongberry @xxromanoffxx @milfloverslut @gimaximoff @adi06lena @sayah13 @queerrowantree @bentleywolf29 @animealways @thatonebrazilian
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itjazzbicch · 19 days ago
Bad Acting
Pairing:  Wardlow x Fem Reader 
Summary: Being good friends with Wardlow, the reader helps him in a feud with Sammy Guevara when Tay Conti tries to interfere in their matches. Leading to a bigger story, Wardlow has surprising news that they're going to become a couple and when the moment comes after Wardlow's match, they learn that they are bad actors…
Warnings: SMUT! (18+ ONLY!) 
Word Count: 2k 
Tag List: @demonqueen29 @peachy-satan00 @new-zealand-chic  @crowleysqueenofhell @unoficialy-married-to-ace-austin @thatpanpal @damnnhausen @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @linziland13 @xxx-jazz-xxx @writtingrose @cuzimacomedian @april-jeanette-wagner @starwithaheart @seeingstarks @rubyred1980 
Tumblr media
"Hey Y/N, uhhh-"
Wardlow sounding nervous? What was wrong now?
I was getting ready for his match because recently, Sammy Guevara was trying to come after the TNT title, AGAIN, and that pest Tay Conti kept on trying to interfere in their recent match. I was ending that tonight. But the tone of Wardlow's voice showed there was something more.
"Yes?" I turned around in my chair to face him, the seriousness was real:
"So, we're becoming a couple tonight after the match."
"Wha-" I choked on my words. Did he just say a COUPLE?! Does that mean-:
"After you take care of Tay, I'm going to murder Guevara, of course. And while leaving, we're going to announce the new relationship by kissing."
I needed someone to check my heart rate before I had a heart attack and collapsed. One thing I was good at was hiding my feelings and when it came to Wardlow? Didn't mind kissing him in the slightest. I had the biggest crush on him but like this?
Never did I expect things to go like this, really having to play cool when he looked down at me, seeing that I was a bit puzzled:
"If you're not okay with it, we can go talk to Tony or something."
"No, it's okay," I tried to smile, turning back around to finish my hair, "Someone has to shut up Tay and Sammy, am I right?"
"They won't wanna mess with us after this," Wardlow smiled back, offering a fist bump that I returned.
I wasn't going to be out there during the entire match, not till Tay shows her face, and in the meantime? I was near the guerrilla, pacing like all hell. Trying to play this out in my head like how were we going to kiss? Should I make it hot? What if Wardlow finds out that I actually like him.
Swimming in thoughts, it was nice to be put back into reality and get my hands dirty. Right as Wardlow was about to powerbomb Sammy, Tay ran out there, distracting the referee and Sammy was gouging at Wardlow's eyes.
Running down there, I hurried to yank Tay off of the apron, kicking her so hard that she went head first into the steel steps, then I picked her up and threw her into the other set, taking her out for good.
In the ring, the referee was trying to check on Wardlow and my eye spotted Sammy in the corner with the TNT title. Wasn't sure where he was going with this, but not like it mattered. Wardlow has a code word for when we trained together, sending it out so he knew to keep the referee's back turned a little longer, running up on the apron and yanking the title from Sammy, then smacking him in the face with it.
The time was perfect, right as I dropped to the ground, hiding the TNT title, the referee let Wardlow go, and here came the powerbombs. Sammy never stood a chance against Wardlow when it came to pure strength, Wardlow stepping on his chest to get the pin.
Watch Tay get up on her feet with a limp, I called for Wardlow at the end of the rampway, presenting his title to him and yelling at Tay:
"Better luck never, bitch!"
Wardlow was laughing at how fired up I was and when Tay was picking Sammy up off of the mat, both of their eyes set on us, this was our moment, starting off with another yell at Tay:
"You guys think you're the hottest couple? That you're the shit?!"
Laughing at them more, I jumped right up into Wardlow's arms, even with all of the anxiety, holding his face and kissing him.
My kiss was far from a fake one, the crowd's noise toned out in my mind for a moment, taking the time to kiss him with everything in me, really giving them all something to watch when I swirled my tongue in.
Wardlow was surely feeling it too, his arm growing tight around my waist, hand squeezing my hip with a slight shake and I naturally grinded against him, having to stop myself because I was beginning to drown in my own thoughts.
When we pulled away, there were bright smiles on our faces and when I stared into his eyes, there was something far more than an act there, knowing we were going to have a talk backstage, but he made sure to leave a few last words at Sammy and Tay, raising up his TNT title: 
"You two ain't got shit on us!"
"Losers!" I laughed, throwing up an L with my hand, hanging on to Wardlow while he made his way to the back, having me smiling harder and hiding my face while he kissed me one more time on stage with the crowd still losing their minds.
Just as I expected, Wardlow took us right back to the locker room and I tried to make small talk and avoid the realness that we felt earlier:
"The crowd really loved that, huh?"
"Wasn't just the crowd," Unlike me, he was cutting straight to the chase, "Tell me because you don't kiss a friend like how you kissed me out there."
"My adrenaline was really going," I chuckled slightly, dying down and trying to breathe before I ended up fainting, his hand caressing my chin softly and keeping my head up, putting me at an ease:
"Just tell me. You know that you can tell me anything."
"Maybe I got a little ahead of myself," I began to admit, having to look away with my knees growing weak, "I always liked you, Wardlow. Just didn't expect things to end up like this."
"Me either, but don't feel bad," Reconnecting our gaze, he already had me feeling better about all of this, knocking the wind out of me, "Because I could kiss you all night."
Never have I felt much the same, pressing my lips against his hard when he kissed me this time, needing to feel how real it was without the drama of wrestling around us. Those same feelings from the first time were there, much stronger and only growing stronger when he pulled the straps of his singlet down, throwing me up into his arms with my legs around his waist.
"Also, were you grinding against me earlier?" He recalled, trying to be a tease, but I dished that right back:
"And didn't you like it? You kissed me again right after."
"That should answer your question," He clearly gave way, whispering into his kiss, responding to the slow grinding that I began, "Wanna be grinding against something else?"
"Don't be saying words like that unless you really want to see something new from me," I bit his lip softly, gasping at the spank on my ass, his hand holding along:
"That's exactly what I want and I'm sure you want to see the same from me."
"Hell yeah that's what I want," Jumping down, I was ready to go, beginning to kick my way out of my shoes, tights, and panties, getting stuck on the view of Wardlow's incredible body, defined from head to toe and just that mass of his everything.
I was out of it and got a little dizzy when I got flung around and bent over the couch, raising my right leg up to the top so he could have the perfect angle, not afraid to show some of the things he liked while taking a handful of my hair and I recalled:
"What happened to grinding?"
Just to see what he would say, I back onto his hard-on slowly, rubbing myself against him and humming at the feeling, then panting some when he pulled my head back to whisper:
"I was thinking and I couldn't help but do what I was imagining."
"What's that exactly?" I looked back just to close my eyes, moaning at his cock stretching me far, reaching a high pitch when he pulled my hip back and thrusted into me hard at the same time, feeling the entire shake through my body.
Not answering me just yet, instead feeding more thrusts that increased his pace, I could just tell what he wanted. Once adjusted, I pushed myself to more salacious moans, but threw myself back into his thrusts, feeling his hand take more of my hair, how he stopped for a moment to enjoy it.
"That what you want, big daddy?" I toyed, smirking at him from the side, needing to learn more as he growled:
"Better watch calling me that."
"What?" I breathed in, feeling his tension and knowing I'd be in store for something when I played around more, "That make you feel some kind of way, Daddy?"
"That's how you end up with a limp," His hand latched around my throat, having me gasping and my words awakening something in him.
"F-F-uck," The more I tried to pant, the woozier I became, his cock becoming ruthless and smacking as deep as possible and into my sweet spot, legs shaking and my eyes in the back of my head, "W-War-"
"What was that?" He loosened his grip but still kept his hand around my throat to let me get the air I desperately needed, but more focused on the words he knew were soon to come.
"Wardlow!" I gasped, inhaling deep and trying to keep myself from collapsing, the coil of heat in my core making my walls clench hard and about breaking me in two as if Wardlow didn't do that already, "I-ah fuck!"
If all of that power in him wasn't enough, he kept my raised leg in his free hand, having my entire upper body standing with just his hand around my throat, hips still thrusting his cock into me with the same speed and friction that had me nearly screaming.
"You can tell me, can't you?" He just had to keep playing with me while I was so out of my mind and so close to what seemed like an infinite bliss, getting driven closer with his slight yanks of my body down onto his cock, "I know-"
"Damn, Wardlow! That's gonna make me cum!" That sudden scream came from nowhere, growing more frantic and biting my lip, throwing my head back with one more, "I am cuming, Wardlow!"
Letting go of my throat and keeping me upright in his arm helped me relax more after the earthquake-like trembles radiated out of me, a gush against his cock having me go limp for a moment, only able to breathe.
"I know I said You'd end up with a limp, but-"
"Wardlow, shut up," I had to laugh at that one, making him laugh more when I dropped back into his arms again, "Damn, you fucked me up."
He had to laugh at me too, making me feel better with a kiss on my cheek, "I'll remember to take it a little easier next time for my girl."
"Your girl?" I looked quickly into his eyes, nearly fainting this time when he offered:
"We both know how we feel. You want to be a real couple? Be my girl?"
"Wardlow," I cooed with massive heat in my cheeks, turning softly to hug his head, "Guess we really are the hottest couple, now."
Seeing him smile made me so happy, hugging me back and agreeing along with me:
"The world won't be able to handle us two." 
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mackenzielovee · 11 months ago
my girl (part 4) - rafe cameron
Tumblr media
a/n: SURPRISE! I wrote a part 4 ;) i had this idea right after i said i was only doing 3 parts - but this really is the final one! I really hope ya'll enjoy. It's a little shorter than the rest! (not my gif)
Summary: Nope sorry you have to read!
Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex, kissing, and test anxiety
Word Count: 4.4k
series masterlist
my writing
Your phone buzzing on your nightstand distracts you get again from cramming for your Chemistry final. The exam happens in two days, yet you feel like it might as well be in two hours with the amount of anxiety you have. It's your second year of college, and boy, it hasn't gotten any easier. Thankfully, your roommate is out for the night so you have your entire dorm to yourself to study.
You lean over and check your phone. Another missed call from your fiancee, Rafe. Beside your phone on your nightstand sits your engagement ring. You stare at it for a moment and swallow your feelings, then move back over to your chemistry textbook. Your phone buzzes again - a voicemail from Rafe this time, which you don't bother to listen to.
Chemistry is your focus tonight. Chemistry is what you need to be studying for, what you need to know inside and out. You throw yourself back into it, shutting off your phone when it buzzes yet again. You need absolutely zero distractions.
About twenty minutes into it, you hear a loud knock on the door. You sigh, figuring your roommate forgot her ID or keys again. You pull open the door and sigh, fully shocked when you find Rafe standing at your door. He's out of breath from running inside from the parking lot, and he looks pissed off.
"Oh, good, you're alive," he snaps, pushing his way into your room before you can even invite him.
"What are you doing here?" you ask him, closing the door so none of your nosy neighbors can listen to yet another argument between the two of you.
Things haven't been good. You're sick of him calling and texting you all the time, him begging you to come home, and constantly asking who you're with when you go out. On top of all of that, your classes this semester are harder than they've ever been, but Rafe never respects when you say you need space and time to study.
"Checking to see if my fucking fiancee is breathing!" he shouts, throwing his hands up in the air, "I mean, shit, Y/N, I called you, like, twenty times."
You glance over to the nightstand at your phone, realizing your ring was over there, too. You know he won't like that.
"I shut my phone off. I really need to study, Rafe," you tell him, but he's not listening.
Instead, he collapses onto your bed and puts his head in his hands, sitting directly on your Chem textbook and notes.
"Oh, my God, what the hell? Get up," you snap at him, walking over and pushing him off so he doesn't ruin your notes or textbook pages.
"It's fucking fine," he replies as he stands, barely glancing at your papers.
"No, it's not. I need this shit to pass my exam-" you hold the wrinkled papers up.
"They're literally fine, Y/N," his voice raises, "Stop being so dramatic."
You take a deep breath before you speak again, knowing whatever comes out will not be very nice. You've really been trying to be patient with him, but it's getting harder and harder.
"I'm not being dramatic, Rafe," you say calmly, "I just really need to study and I need peace and quiet."
He sighs and rubs the back of his neck as he debates what to say next. Neither of you want to start a fight, but you both have a lot of shit to say. His eye catches the shiny object on the nightstand and he looks over, figuring out it's your engagement ring.
"What the fuck?" he gasps, picking it up and holding it out to you, "Since when do you take this off?"
You put your hands on your forehead and sigh, realizing this is going to take up a lot of time that you don't have. And the fact that Rafe drove eight hours on a whim because you didn't pick up his calls all day has made you crazy.
"I cannot do this with you right now," you tell him, stepping toward your Chemistry stuff.
You'll just have to go to the library and study if he's going to be here. There's no way you can get any of your shit done with him bitching about your ring.
"Oh, my bad, when can you do it, then?" he rolls his eyes, "Huh? Can you give me, like, a window of time where you're actually available to talk?"
"Rafe-" you start, but he holds his hand up.
"No, because, I mean, I don't hear from you all day, and I'm fucking worried about you, so I make the long ass drive to come check on my soon-to-be wife, and now I'm the bad guy? Yeah, no, I get it now!" he exclaims.
"Jesus, okay, I have to go," you say, grabbing your backpack from the floor and sliding some slippers on.
"Right, to study," he grumbles.
"Yeah, to study," you snap back, "Just because you didn't go to school doesn't mean you can't at least try to understand!"
You rarely raise your voice at him, so Rafe knows you're mad. He stares at you for a second, deciding if he should acknowledge your comment about him not attending school.
"It's not about whether or not I understand, it's about time management," he lectures, making you roll your eyes, "Don't roll your fucking eyes at me."
"Don't show up at my dorm unannounced!" you yell back.
"I wouldn't have been unannounced if you would answer your goddamn phone!"
You take a deep breath and exhale loudly, then step closer to the door. Rafe walks over to you and grabs your arm, spinning you around. You stare up at him like he's crazy, he's never laid a hand on you like that before.
"Put your ring back on," he demands, holding it out in his hand.
"What the fuck is your problem, Rafe? You think I'm gonna get hit on walking to the damn library? Get a grip," you mutter, trying to yank your arm from his grasp but failing.
"I'm not playing," he tells you, holding the ring up in his other hand.
"Neither am I," you snap, "Let go of me."
He stares at you for another few seconds and then releases you, groaning loudly when he does. He steps away from you and runs his hand through his hair, then sets your ring back down on the nightstand.
"What's going on with us?" he grumbles, sitting down on your bed again.
You start to feel bad as you look at him, so you step closer and set your books down on you desk. You open your mouth to speak, to apologize and return your ring to your finger, when he speaks out again.
"Why didn't you answer the fucking phone when I called?"
You close your mouth quickly, swallowing the words you were about to say. You stare at him for a moment, then you decide that it's just best to tell him the absolute, stone cold truth.
"Because I have shit going on, Rafe. I have a Chem final in two days and I'm not at all prepared, I have other finals and an entire paper due by the end of the week, and I have you up my ass about everything in between and it's just a little overwhelming right now."
He brings his head out of his hands and looks up at you. His expression changes from hurt to angry in about one second, so you brace yourself.
"So what do you want me to do to help you, then?" he asks, his voice agitated. You can tell he's trying to be patient, but he really wants to yell.
"I just need you to give me some space right now," you state.
He nods his head, moving his eyes away from yours and down to the floor.
"Space," he repeats, "You want space."
You nod your head slowly, afraid now to speak. You can't tell what his reaction is about to be, but obviously it isn't going to be a good one.
"So, you ignore my phone calls," he holds up one finger, "You take off your engagement ring," another finger, "And now you want space. Do you think I'm a fucking moron?"
He stands up off the bed, now towering over you. Your hands come up to your face, rubbing your eyes to try and relieve some form of stress.
"God, Rafe, you're making this out to be something it's not-"
"Am I?" he shouts, "Do you want to marry me or not? I mean, I really think that's what this boils down to. Am I what you want, or not?"
His yelling combined with your stress and confusion makes you yell back at him.
"I don't know!"
He steps back, almost like you've hurt him, and stares at you with a look you've never seen before. It's anger, betrayal, confusion, and sadness all rolled into one, heartbroken expression. It makes your stomach turn thinking about the fact that you're hurting him.
"Well, there it is," he says, his voice cracking, "I'll just get out of your way, then."
He leans down and grabs the ring from your nightstand, wrapping his large hand around it and then stepping toward the door.
"Rafe, wait," you say, "Where are you going to go? You can't drive home in the dark."
He doesn't turn around, he can't look at you. Not when you're not sure what you want.
"I'll sleep in the truck," he says, his voice weak and quiet.
"No," you protest, "Rafe, I'm sorry."
He stands there for a few seconds, then turns, and you see the tears in his eyes. One has fallen, and rests on the bottom of his cheek. He wipes it away, but not quick enough.
"Why are you sorry? I'm not what you want anymore," he laughs, but nothing is funny.
Another tear falls and you step forward quickly, reaching up to wipe it away. He closes his eyes under your touch, always loving feeling your skin on his.
"I didn't say that," you say gently, tears welling in your eyes from seeing him like this.
"Just..." he trails off, finally opening his red eyes, "Go ace your Chem final. I'll see you at home in a few days."
He reaches up and grabs your hand, removing it from his cheek. He lays a quick kiss on your knuckles, then closes his eyes again when he lets go of you. Not sure if it's his last time feeling you.
He turns to leave, opening the door up before he turns back to you.
"I love you. I always will."
He doesn't wait for your response, he just closes the door behind him. You turn and look at the nightstand where your ring once sat, wishing to God that it was still there. You want to tun after him, but you know you can't. You two just need some cooling off time, you tell yourself. You'll come back again atfer finals when you get home for Christmas break. He'll hold onto your ring for you, you convince yourself of that.
You can't focus. The next day, you spend all your time in the library, staring at a page in your Chem textbook, and all you can focus on is your empty finger. No pretty ring that reflects every ounce of Rafe's love for you. You check your phone, but all you see is an empty screen. Your wallpaper is a cheesy picture of Rafe holding a wine glass. You took it on your anniversary last year and love everything about it, especially his cheesy grin.
Tears start to form in your eyes, so you do what you have to do. You call him. It rings and rings and rings, then you hear his familiar, raspy voice on his voicemail.
Yo, it's Rafe. Leave a message and I might hit you back.
You close your eyes, those two sentences being the most you've heard from him in almost twenty-four hours.
"Hey," you start your message, "Look, I'm sorry about last night. I really want to talk. Please call me back. Love you, bye."
You sigh and hang up the phone, then look down to your book again. You try and try to focus, but you can't. It just is impossible with everything spinning around your brain. You can still see the look on his face when you said you weren't sure, you can still hear him say 'I love you' right before he left.
And it's all you want to hear again.
You slam your book shut and grab your stuff, then make your way out of the library. Once you get outside, you call Rafe again. You hear the same ringing and the same message from his voicemail, so you leave another.
"Baby, please call me. I'm worried about you. I just want us to talk. Please call. I love you."
You hang up and walk back to your dorm, checking every five seconds to see if he's called you back. You really just want to hear his voice, to apologize, and to be able to focus on Chemistry again. Knowing that Rafe is out there hurting is just too distracting.
You call hm again after you get back to your dorm, giving him about thirty minutes to call back before you try him again. When he doesn't answer, you leave another message.
"Hey," you say, your voice sounding more desperate, "I'm going to call Dad and have him come get me. I'm skipping out on my Chem final. I just want to come home and work things out with you. Call me, please. Love you."
And you mean every word. You sit down on your bed and you remember how Rafe had helped you move in on your first day of freshman year. You remember how he made love to you and how he proposed to you in the parking lot before he left. And you remember all the times he came to visit and you two laid in bed and planned out your whole wedding reception together, laughing and joking about who to invite and who to sit together.
As you sit there and remember it all, remember the kisses and the laughs and the feelings you have when you're with him, you've never been more sure in your life. It's Rafe. It will always be Rafe.
You hear a knock on your dorm room door and hop out of bed, rushing over to it. It's him, you hope. Coming to rescue you, coming to hold you, coming to give you your ring back. You pull open the door with a big smile, only to find your roommate, Alex, standing on the other side.
"Hey," she says, looking confused at why you opened the door like that, "Sorry. I forgot my keys."
You drop your shoulders and nod, moving her out of the way. She leaves the door open as she moves over to her side of the room to search for them. You sit back down on your bed, checking your phone once again. He has to call back eventually.
"You're not ditching your Chemistry final."
You look up and see him, standing in the doorway, staring at you. His eyes are tired, his hair is a mess, and he looks like he's hung over. You don't even want to know where the hell he's been for the past day.
"Rafe," you breathe, hopping up from your bed.
You want to throw your arms around him, hug him, and have you hold him. He stops you when you get close to him, holding out his hand to keep distance between the two of you, which practically breaks your heart in two.
"You're not coming home until you take that test," he repeats, "You've been studying for it and if you don't take it, you fail. So, you're staying. I called your dad."
You frown. This is not how you imagined it. He seems colder somehow.
"Okay," you say, "Fine. But I want us to talk."
Rafe shakes his head, leaning against the doorframe. Alex walks up behind you, whispering she will be back later, and leaves with a quick smile to Rafe.
"I'm giving you your space so you can focus. We'll work on us when you're done with the semester."
He sounds firm, but you know you can win this one. You step forward, so close that he can almost feel your skin on his. Your scent fills the air, and you watch as he swallows his feelings.
"Rafe," you say, your voice soft, "I can't focus on anything knowing that I hurt you. I need to talk about us and figure things out. Please."
"Baby," he sighs, and you know you've won just by the return of your nickname. It's your favorite, which is why he calls you it so often.
"Please," you say, taking his hand. Your fingers wrap through his, pulling him inside.
He groans but enters anyway, both of you knowing that he would do anything for you. The door closes behind him, which you're thankful for. You sit him down on your bed and instantly crawl onto his lap, not caring if that's what he wants or not. That's what you need. Your head buries into his chest and your arms wrap around his neck.
"Baby," he says again, this time with more authority.
You bring your lips up to his neck to soften him up, listening to the small moans that come out of his mouth as you work.
"Rafe," you say against his skin, "I'm so sorry for what I said yesterday."
He hums, so you give him a few more kisses on his neck before you pull back to look at him. He stares at you with soft eyes, and you know you've already won him over. But you still need to say what you need to say.
"Truly, baby. I was wrong. I was angry. You are all I want in this world and I couldn't handle any of this without you. I was acting extremely ungrateful and I'm really, really sorry," you continue, watching him smile sadly at you.
"Well," he smirks, moving his hands from your back down to your butt, "I've always known you're a brat, so."
"Hey," you pretend to pout, but really, you just want a kiss. He gives you a slow, gentle one, one that makes you want to melt into him.
"You are the love of my life," he says, "You could never say anything to make me walk. And I'm sorry for being such a dick yesterday and for not respecting your school. I'm gonna get better. This shit is just hard for me, having you all the way here. I just miss you when I'm home."
You nod, reaching up and brushing his hair away from his eyes with your fingers. Even when he hasn't showered, is in the same clothes as yesterday, hasn't styled his hair or even slept well, he still is the most handsome to you.
"I understand. I'm sorry for being so hard on you," you say, kissing him on the cheek.
He smiles against your lips, bringing his hands up to your face to move you down to his lips.
"Are we okay?" he asks you in between kisses.
You hum against his lips, and he takes that as a yes, so he flips you over and lays down on top of you, kissing you like his life depends on it. He quickly moves down to your neck, his hands going underneath your shirt.
"Oh, my God, I missed you, baby," he tells you as you feel him leaving a hickey on your neck.
"Always marking me up," you laugh at him, feeling him smirk against you, "I missed you, too."
"It killed me not calling you back," he continues against your neck, "But I wanted to do right by you, you know?"
You gasp when he bites you slightly, then laugh when you feel his big grin on your neck.
"That's why I love you the way I do," you say sweetly.
He sits up and looks down at you, smirking widely, "Can you love me like you do right now and then get back to your studying?"
You bite your lip and nod, pulling him back down on top of you.
A little while later, you and Rafe lay naked in your bed, just breathing in the other. Rafe is drawing hearts into the skin on your stomach, leaving little kisses every so often on any inch of skin he could reach with his mouth.
"You need to get back to studying," he says, but doesn't stop with his kisses.
"Can I have my ring back first?"
He looks up at you with wide eyes, wondering if you really mean it. He didn't want to bring up the ring, just in case you had changed your mind about the engagement.
"You sure?" he asks quietly.
You grab his chin and pull him up to you, stroking his hair as you give him a couple quick kisses.
"I've never been more sure of anything," you tell him.
He nods and kisses you again, then hops off the bed and pulls the ring out of the zipped up pocket of his shorts. He grins at you and then jumps back in bed, of course landing on you when he does.
"This is a twin bed, you ogre. You can't be jumping and shit, there's not enough room for you!" you say as you try to free your left side from underneath him.
He moves and lets you get situated, then holds out the ring. You hold up your left hand for him ti put it on you once again.
"Will you marry me?" he asks, and you would've laughed at him if his voice wasn't so gentle and nervous.
"Of course I will, Rafe Cameron," you tell him, smiling.
He slides your ring back on your finger and you somehow feel more complete, more whole, knowing it's there.
"It's never coming off again," you tell him, meaning it.
He kisses you softly, "No, it's not."
Rafe takes a shower and then hangs out on your bed on his phone later on to keep himself occupied while you study for Chem at your desk. You ask him to quiz you and he does, even though he knows nothing about Chemistry.
It gets late, so you tell him you'll study the rest tomorrow and hope to be prepared the following day for the exam. You put your book and notes on your desk, then slide into bed with Rafe, who you made stay with you tonight. Although it didn't take much convincing.
"I can't believe your dad is just letting you take all this time off," you mumble against his chest.
"Hmm," Rafe hums, so you know you're wrong, "I've kinda been dodging his calls."
"He'll be mad," you tell him, and he nods.
"I don't care, though. I got what I came here for."
You spend all day the next day studying in the library for Chem and writing your paper, while Rafe packs your things for you. He figures it's one less thing for you to worry about, and then you can just come with him after you finish your exam. He had told you he wanted to be the one to bring you, his soon-to-be wife, home.
Rafe waits for you outside your building on exam day. One by one, students file out of the building, and he gets even more anxious every time you aren't one of them. Eventually, he stops pacing and sits down on a bench, praying that you do well.
He sees you emerge from the building with only ten minutes to spare, and jumps up to greet you.
"So?" he asks, his voice hopeful.
"I won't know for a few days," you tell him, "But I'm confident. I felt like I had most of it under control."
He smiles, taking your hand in his and kissing it, "I'm so proud of you, baby."
You smile and thank him, then put your head on his chest in hopes that he'll wrap his arms around you. With the amount of stress you've been under the past few days, all you want is just for him to hold you right now.
"I'm so proud of you," he repeats, swallowing you up in his arms.
You breathe in his scent and relax, knowing that even if you fail every class you ever take for the rest of your life, you will always have a place in the arms of this boy.
After a few minutes, you move to look up at him by resting your chin on his sternum, staring up at him. He smiles down at you, running a hand through your hair as an attempt to calm you down.
"Take me home, Rafe," you tell him quietly, and he nods.
He reaches down and takes your hand, leading you away from the building. You two go back and grab the remaining items you need to bring home, the rest Rafe already packed in the truck, and then go out to the parking lot to head home.
You feel relieved, ready to spend some quality time with Rafe and really make sure to work on things so that nothing ever gets bad between the two of you again.
He puts you into the truck and closes your door, then hops into the driver's side. He reaches over and takes your hand, staring at the ring on your finger and smiling softly.
"Let's just elope and get it over with," he looks up at you, already laughing because he knows you'll never agree.
"Yeah, I'm glad our wedding is something you just wanna get over with," you roll your eyes, but can't help your smile.
"You know what I mean," Rafe groans, "We don't need all the bullshit and the drama. I just need you. And a minister."
You laugh at him and nod, understanding what he means. He looks down at your hand in his, at the diamond on your finger, and so do you. You honestly can't remember why you took it off, you just know you never will again.
"A small wedding it is," you whisper.
He leans over and gives you a kiss. Then another. Then another. He pulls away and starts the truck, then looks back over a you.
"Baby, I'll do whatever you want."
That sentence combined with the cheesy smile he gives you afterward is what convinces you that, no matter what, Rafe will always be yours, and you will always be his.
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mccnknightstcrdst · 2 months ago
Love Their Heart & They'll Love Your Soul
Tumblr media
Steven Grant x Transmasc!Reader, Marc Spector x Transmasc!Reader, Jake Lockley x Transmasc!Reader
A/N: Moon dividers by @/firefly-graphics. MINORS DNI! Usage of ’and’ as well as ’&’ is intentional. Steven is a tour guide & reader has a pet cat! This fic takes place a little while after Moon Knight (hence his bed not being surrounded by sand etc etc). I do not have DID so if my interpretation does not seem accurate that is why & you are more than welcome to tell me how to remedy it! All I ask is that you’re kind about it. Sorry for taking ten forevers!!!!!! This chapter has a considerable skip in time!
Summary: The boys pop the question during a night in & what happens next truly changes your lives forever.
Word Count: 2.3K
Note: This fic will be written through the lens of transmasculine reader who is not on hormones nor has he had surgeries because that relates to me & how I experience being transmasculine okay? okay. Feel free to read the note left on the last fic if you have a problem with that, otherwise, I hope you enjoy!
Warnings: Fluff, Autistic Steven Grant, Autistic Jake Lockley, Autistic Marc Spector, love, romance, marriage proposals, kissing, all the boys are giving you the love you deserve because they're so happy that you want to be in their lives forever, eloping, do I know how eloping really works? no, am I gonna wing it anyway? hell fuckin yeah I am, you take Steven's last name legally but you are very much married to all three of them
Series masterlist: The Star to Their Moon
Other notes: Please do not steal my moodboard! Please reblog my work if you enjoy it!!
Steven’s been jittery all day unable to focus at work—he can barely keep from knocking into things as he goes about his day “What’s gotten into you, Stevie?” donna asks accusingly gum popping in her mouth–the sound alone makes him cringe involuntarily 
“Nothing, Donna.” he concedes with a huff & she vanishes back into the museum
“I hate that woman..” Marc mutters & Steven hums in agreement sipping his all too sweet coffee & flipping through his tour notes. Everyone in the system is in a bit of a tizzy with the excitement bubbling within it–they’ve been planning this for months, well, really ever since you met Jake three months ago.
“It’ll go fine, Steven.” Marc  comforts & Steven nods again because he knows it’ll be fine but that doesn’t mean he is any less stressed about the entire ordeal regardless
“Think he’ll like it?” he asks tapping the pocket of his jacket where the ring is hidden
“Yeah, yeah I do.”
Tumblr media
“Hiya, lovey.” he chirps awkwardly as you look up from your desk & grin widely at him. 
Christs he’s adorable– rings in his head as he steps into the dimly lit room & plops down beside you “I was thinking…” he starts “...we could skip the party tonight…” he looks at you with his gorgeous brown eyes that make you melt. He has an agenda but he isn’t being too smooth about it thankfully for him you aren’t too interested in work parties anyway
“Do you have something in mind, Mr. Grant~?” you tease & he swears his soul has left his body a second time & returned all in the span of five seconds as he blinks at you. Truly you have just killed & revived this man by saying his last name like he’s some kind of fucking professor
“Uhm..” he clears his throat adjusting the collar of his shirt “..well, lovebug, I happen to have something planned for you–us–if you’re interested.” all of us he wants to say but he'll save that for later. 
“Everything okay, baby?” you ask smoothing some curls from his forehead & he leans into your fingers like a cat
“Aces, beloved,” he murmurs smiling tenderly at you & you smile with the same tenderness.
Tumblr media
“Righ…yeh…okay..” he stammers clenching his hands to his chest in thought “Why is this so bloody nerve wrackin’?” he groans running his hands down his face peeking from between his fingers at the mirror “Oh, don’t give me that look, Jake!” he whines & Jake only laughs holding his hands up in surrender not intending to make Steven feels any antsier.
“You’re worked up,” Jake muses sighing through his nose “--it’ll be fine.” & Steven whines louder splashing cold water on his face from the tap not speaking to Jake further. They had all agreed that since Steven was your boyfriend first that he should be the one to pop the question—this discussion lasted five hours but none of them will admit that.
Steven doesn’t say anything else as he leaves the staff bathroom centering himself before a grin spreads across his face at the sight of you. Wonderful, beautiful, stunning, fantastic—you—you smile back with just as much grandeur. Holding out your arms fr a hug Steven happily gives you as your lips connect as they always do & you both simply sway in the soft space of your worlds colliding.
“Hi, you,” he murmurs running his index finger along the bridge of your nose gazing at you with all the softness in the world
“Hi…” you whisper leaning into his featherlight touch your eyes fluttering shut from the contact. You always miss him when you’re both too busy with work you curating & him touring around—it’s a dance of longing glances & excited lunches until the hour chimes & you’re both in each other’s arms “Shall we?” you breath softly & he hums kissing your lips slowly again.
One of his hands slips into yours & laces your fingers as you both exit the building intent on walking home now that it’s cooler. Your hands sway between you both soft voices chattering away & Steven’s free hands gesturing as it always does when he’s talking passionately about something he loves “Do you think the cat’s going to shrill at us again?”
“Apple has strong opinions, babylove.” you giggle & he rolls his eyes muttering about how overdramatic your cat s about being left to her own devices for too long. Speaking of your cat she certainly is offended that you left her alone but Steven is quick to scoop her up & pepper her furry noggin in kisses
“We should get you a friend, yeh?” he smiles as the feline purrs loudly in his arms bumping her head against his chin “I’ll talk to management about it tomorrow.” with that he sets the sweet kitty free & toes off his shoes watching you as you toe out of your own “Moonlight, can we sit a bit?” he asks & you hum the nickname ringing in your ears before you sit beside him on the bed tilting your head at his expression.
“Moonlight…” he starts again “...you truly are the light of my–our–life.” his hand moves to his jacket pocket carefully as he shifts to the floor & suddenly everything clicks as he kneels taking one of your hands in his “--you see, starlight…..I don’t think we can go on without you. I don't think we’d survive if I’m honest–we—we love you so much.” he can feel a bubble in his throat as he gazes at your wide-eyed expression “I was hopin’ that maybe….maybe you’d marry us?” you stare at him wide-eyed a hand covering your mouth as you see the ring; a simple band covered in stones surely expensive.
“Yes–yes–YES–” you about shriek loud enough to startle the cat as the finger slides onto your finger perfectly & Steven embraces you directly after kissing you hard. You’re both a mess of wet laughter & tears as he whispers thank you over & over into your neck & you wrap your arms around him keeping him close to you.
“I love you,” he says kissing your neck softly “I love you, I love you,” he chants like a prayer against your jaw & you shudder at the sound of it.
“I love you the most,” you whisper & he smiles at you softly running his index finger along the bridge of your nose again
“Oh, my darling little love, I don’t think that’s possible.” he kisses you again soft & slow drinking you up as you drink him up in tandem both of you sighing through your noses. Hands move to tangle gently in his curls & he hums at the contact. He pulls away brushing his nose against yours “Marc is begging to see you.” he laughs moving to nuzzle into your neck & you feel how his body shifts after a few moments of steady breaths, smiling softly as you catch sight of Marc’s kind eyes.
“Hey, baby.” he whispers staring down at you like you’re the most precious thing in his world “I love you, you know that?” you nod at him repeating how much you love him between gentle kisses & soft laughter “Steven was terrified,” he whispers between kissing your neck lazily.
“I could tell.” you sigh & he laughs against the light hickey he’s plastered to your flesh
“Hm.” is all he says between his onslaught of lazy kisses & wandering hands that have no set intention other than to feel you beneath his palms “Marry us right fucking now.” you make a soft sound of confusion as he pulls away to look you in the eyes “We have the wedding bands, Jake cand rive us—we can go get married right now.”
“At 8 o’clock at night?” you whisper cupping his face as tenderly as you always do
“Mhm.” he says nodding as he leans into your soft affection “We can’t wait, dove,” he murmurs & you feel like you are about to explode at the way he looks all soft & tender for your eyes only.
“Okay.” you breathe
“Okay?” he asks breath trembling harshly
“Let’s go, right now.” he smiles wider kissing you hard before he moves & tugs you up with him. You both hug & sway for several moments until he excuses himself & plucks one of Jake’s many hats from the dresser only to return with a soft smile that Jake reserves solely for you & you alone.
“You ready, amado?” he holds out a gloved hand for you smiling when you take it without question “--I take that as a yes.” you nod at him kissing his lips & he smiles against your mouth soft & gentle as he drowns into you like he does whenever he kisses you. As you both pull away you mutually chase after each other's lips “Later, querido.” he breathes kissing you tender one final time before he tugs you out the door & plucks his keys off the hook.
The right is short the four of you far too excited to be bothered by any traffic “Oh shit–” mutters Steven as he plucks off Jake’s hat & gloves a chuckle leaving him with Jake sheepishly apologizing for not removing them before switching. Steven doesn’t really mind he just didn’t expect to be in the driver’s seat in front of a courthouse he’s only ever seen in passing “Ready, moonlight?” he asks & you smile brightly
“Ready, sunlight.” he smiles back at you the contrasting nickname making his heart sore. You exit the vehicle & both of you take a few seconds to collect yourselves, and adjust your clothes, & steven pulls out two gold wedding bands from his pocket “We bought them when we bought the engagement ring.” he admits sheepishly. Stretching out his arm you grab his hand & look up to the courthouse & to Steven—the man you fell in love with back in the silly museum full of old things & bantering coworkers—the same man you sleep beside every night & wake up to almost every morning.
���Off we go.” he nods after he speaks & the pair of you walk in with purpose even though you don’t know how this works. Granted it worked out pretty well as you spoke to a clerk who just beamed at you both & directed you to a room promising to send someone to officiate you both shortly “This is fuckin’ bonkers.” he stammered running his fingers along your own in a nervous stim.
“Incredibly so.” you agree & he looks at you smiling softly again “What?” you ask & his head shakes his curls bouncing with the motion
“Nothing…just takin’ you in.” you look down at his hands holding yours & smile at them wordlessly. You two remain like that for thirty minutes until a very disheveled but excited looking officiate stumbles in–he doesn’t look older than thirty as he waves to you both & beckons you to the altar with him
The ceremony is just as intimate as you both imagined with lots of crying & vows shared between you two, well four, Steven made just to recite everything Marc & Jake wanted to say to you as well. You both can’t stop grinning as the rings are exchanged & that soul-binding kiss sears into your bodies like embers in a freezing night “I love you Mr. Grant.” you whisper against his lips “I love you the most, Mr. Grant.” he breathes back smiling into your mouth as he kisses you again uncaring of any eyes that may be watching.
“Sign here and here and here, please!” the cheery clerk beams at you both as you sign the marriage certificate “--It will take a couple of days, maybe longer, but it’s as official as can be now!” you all beam at each other steven already eagerly tugging you away
“Fuck–fuck we fucking did it–” bubbles out of Marc’s throat as he tugs you into him & kisses you hard once you are outside “We fucking did it–” he says again kissing you feverishly “I love you, fucking christ–I love you.” your arms loop around his neck & you tug as his curls making a soft noise into the frantic kiss
“Easy Mr. Spector.” you purr & he swears he’s died again groaning against your mouth as another kiss plants itself against your parted lips
“Not my fault that I’m in love with my husband–Mr. Spector.” you smile at that liking the way his last name is now yours as well. Running fingers through his hair you smile at him & stare for a long while at his beautiful face, at the way his brows are smooth, the way his frown has long since faded, the way his eyes hold so much kindness you might wail into the night about it.
“What?” he questions tilting his head and leaning into your loving touches
“Admiring,” you murmur & he hums tugging you close for a few more soft kisses. 
The ring feels nice on his finger & he’s sure he’ll never like taking it off.
“Santa mierda,” he grips the steering wheel & looks at you eyes glossy & lips stretched into a smile “Estamos casados–” he whispers & you nod happily whispering the soft phrase back to him. It takes him a few moments to settle before he’s able to drive you back to your shared flat so he can kiss the life out of you over & over muttering sweet nothing’s into your mouth as he drowns in you all over again, his hat hitting the floor along with his gloves.
“Te amo.” he whispers against your neck like a broken record & you whisper it back with the same intensity. Truly you may be the happiest men alive as you both kiss & whisper sweet nothing’s over & over until your brains long since forget what it was like to never be like this.
You’ll love them forever you confirm in your brain, you’ll love them until they’re old & frail & you’ll love them long after that. You’ll love them until you can’t love anything else & even then you will always love them—always & forever.
Tumblr media
Amado = Sweetheart
These could be incorrect but I tried my best!
Querido = Beloved
Santa mierda = Holy shit
Estamos casados = We are married
Te amo = I love you
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dilfwaynes · 10 months ago
durante la notte
summary: natasha always deals the cards first, but always ends up being the first to fold them as well.
✎ word count ; 1.5k
⚢ pairings ; natasha romanoff x fem!reader
genre ; smut
✗ warnings ; mean power bottom!reader, undertones of elitism, strap on use, degradation, pwp.
a/n ; natasha x Italian!reader cos i was finishing italian hw while writing this and thinking in Italian LOL not edited !!
translation: fangool / go do it in an ass, / marone / damn it / il mio piccolo tesoro / my little treasure.
Tumblr media
you lick your lips slowly, lifting the petite glass and bringing it to your lips, tasting the rich krug flat on your tongue. fingers wrapped around tightly as you watch natasha flaunt around the bar end of the restaurant, collude deep with a full view of her little display with your table only a few feet away. rolling your eyes you pick up the cigarette pack aside from you, fumbling down your drink and lighting it up, blowing out the thick french scent smoke.
“excuse me, could you please put out your cigarette,” your eyes flash towards the man some tables away, eyebrow cocked in annoyance and distrain. you stare blankly, tapping away the burnt ashes off the tip and turning your attention back to natasha.” ma’am.”
“marone! leave the fucking smoking section then!” you snap towards their direction, eyes harden and un amusement fading to anger fast, glaring. “proletariat, fangool!” shifting back to the russian, catching her eyes and bridging the intensity of her green, inhaling once more. sliding the champagne again to your lips, raising an eyebrow over the rim with jealousy burning in with the alcohol. are you finished with your game?
natasha smirked over her slightly hauled shoulder, your expression lamely and stoic but faded underneath is the whole reason she’s continuing on her show. still, she peers at you from the corner of her while fingers shims around the younger girl’s arm, your rings grasping tightly against the glass, the cartier sleek love band, and the golden diamond aside it as well a panthère slimed around your wrist. truthfully you looked good enough to eat with the white silk pressed on your tanned skin, giving you more of a glow with the golden  accessories.
brushing back the stray hair behind the girl’s ear she watched as your mien fallen and a rushed snap of your fingers has the waiter ushering you the bill, eyes set on natasha as you mindless throw money for the check and tip. 
“natasha,” waving a hand behind your back to beckon her to tail from a distance, and like always she obeyed. following you into the car, muttering something in Italian before the chauffeur starts the car. you turn your attention back on her calmly, nodding before reaching a hand and yanking her head to rear in your pleasing.” what a show you’ve put on tonight beloved, but i didn’t care much for your co-star.” you laugh softly, pulling her upper to meet her eyes. your nails running along the back of her neck with your lips attaching to the base of her throat.
“but i don’t think it’ll do well,” you sigh, the mock of sympathetic patent with a now pout in place. natasha’s lips quirk upwards, deciding to play along.” that’s mean to say baby.” her eyes trained on your lips, the red curling into a pleasing smile, the hold within her hair loosens, and a soothing hand pushing her streaks back.  
“don’t worry, you can be the main star of my show,” you say quietly, intertwining your hand with hers and bringing it down to your thigh under your dress, your gaze flickering back towards her.” and mine will be a lot better and successful.” your fist tightening withholding her hair once more and roughly pushing her towards you, slamming your lips against hers with a smothering kiss.
“but i don’t know if you quite deserve it, touching that filthy puttana,” you whisper nearing the shell of her ear, voice edged with a low seething.”i shouldn’t even let you touch me. i bet if i let you, you’ve spread that whore out and fucked her, hm? or would you have done that if i wasn’t there?” your words meant to come out as teasing but natasha heard the undertones, and she knew you knew, that she knew.
“no,” natasha lets out shakily, holding back a groan of the feeling of your teeth nipping at her exposed neck.”don’t want her, just you.” your head falls against her shoulder, smoothing a kiss on the blade.
“just me?” your relaxed features now sneering, your grip a little tighter at the movement of the car stopping. nodding,” just you.”
giving her another kiss before opening the door, an unspoken command for her to follow you into the penthouse. kicking off the satin heels, peering over to the entrance where natasha stands.”c’mere il mio piccolo tesoro,” you coo, tapping a spot for her to join, smiling to ace the act. natasha doesn’t need to see the calm before the storm to understand how this is gonna play out. draping your legs over her lap, catching her face between your fingers,”such a pretty girl,” you murmur, shaking your head.”too bad she’s such a little fucking slut.” you finish, though the tone still mockingly sweet, your smile replaced with a lazy grin now.
without any response from natasha you shift towards her lap, your legs between her waist and gripping her thighs with a bruising kiss, wrapping her legs further around her waist. alining your sex to brush right against her bare thigh, sighing out at the friction, the thin panties the only thing keeping your pussy from her warm skin.”stay put.” you hiss, sealing it with a pinch to her arm, laughing at her little groan of pain.  striding towards the chest tucked into the corner, picking up the silicone and a small bottle of lube. 
“make yourself useful for once and lube that bitch up,” you laugh at your own words and take no mind to natasha, she rolls her eyes stripping herself of her top, watching your little tease show of taking off the silk, and as expected a matching white set underneath. rolling her hips up through the harness, squeezing some of the lube into her palms and running it along the fake length. lifting her gaze and meeting your steps to her, your bra unclasped and somewhere thrown but your panties remain. she cocks her eyebrow downwards, silently asking why they’re still on. you don’t reply, simply pooling them down, and reaching for natasha’s face by her jaw and shoving the expensive lace into her mouth, very well enjoying her wide eyes of curiosity and then surprise.”don’t give me those eyes, i don’t wanna hear you after that shit you pulled with that puttana.”
slowly sinking yourself on the strap, slapping a looming hand of the red head underneath you, taking the cock with a burning stretch leaving you aching, moaning when you feel the tip hilts, natasha drooling at seeing the fake cock poke out some from your stomach. waiting a few moments before lightly grinding on the strap.”see, if you weren’t some stupid bitch i would’ve let you fucked me,” you tell her, grabbing her shoulders for support, rising your hips up and slamming them down again. natasha grits her teeth, itching to touch you, kiss you, feel you literally anything.”please.” she muffled out.
you chuckle at her barely audible beg, her eyes glossy and her voice so whiny, you loved her like this. you decide to throw her a bone and grab one of her hands to give some attention to your tits. speeding up your pace with the added pressure of natasha tugging your nipples between her fingers.”fuck, fuck, fuck play with my clit baby.” you gasp out, your eyelids fluttering with the coil in your stomach ready to snap. podding her thumb against your clit, watching your face falls into pleasure and soon you’re crying out and gushing all over her lap. alcohol always made you extra sensitive.
ripping the makeshift gag of your panties from her mouth, she stares at you for a few seconds.”i’m fucking you at least once tonight.”
“if you can even do that right beloved.”
your words get stuck in your throat as your back drops to the couch, natasha between your legs and pushing the tip inside, arousal pulling at the slick coating the strap. holding your hips still she snaps hers, filling you up. her mouth dry seeing tears peak the corner of your eyes, your legs shake around her already and she hasn’t even moved yet. supporting her body weight with her hand against the side of your head, grabbing the arm of the couch and thrusting up, her grunt going straight to your core. she smirks at the strings of high pitched moans she’s getting out of you, your nails dragging across her back and digging in, your legs beginning to shake uncontrollably with the sound of natasha fucking you, the couch dampening under the pressure of natasha’s hips against yours.”don’t stop, i’m gonna cum you better fucking make me cum.” leaning down and smashing her lips down to yours, reaching a hand to where you both connect and rubbing circles on your clit.
your eyes roll to the back of your head, your grip on natasha unbreakable and your body shaking under her from your second orgasm of the night. giving out a few more trusts to ride out your climbmax, kissing the side of your temple and staying inside you. panting slightly, burying her face inbetween your neck and the Italian leather.
“does this make me forgiven?”
“we’ll see.”
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bukojuiice · a year ago
— genshin boys as your late night study buddy
Tumblr media
ೃ ft. childe, diluc, kaeya, zhongli, xiao and albedo x gn! reader
ೃ 200-299 words per character!  (they are your bfs in this! bc MAN do i desperately want one of the genshin boys to cram school works with and shower me with luv and affection.) ♡
ೃ tags: college au, modern au, and lots of fluff. 
ೃ thank you so so much for 1k notes on my very first batch of genshin hcs! i appreciate all the luv it received and i can never thank all of you enough 🥺 i’ll be making a genshin masterlist soon to compile all of my current and future works so pls stay tuned for that!
ೃ if you want to be a part of my taglist, answer this form! ♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
– Zhongli would be a very chill study partner. He will always keep his cool and focus, never letting his attention stray away from less trivial things. If he can focus, he’ll focus. There’s always this sense of comfort surrounding him that brightens up your mood and productivity. The both of you are sat in this long table, papers, books, and cute matching pencils are sprawled about. You lean your head on his shoulder, as he serenades you with his deep and butter voice, explaining all the formulas to you. Being able to study in peace and quiet with him is always a blissful experience. He never fails to brew you green tea (as it helps the brain function) even if that meant going down to the kitchen at 2 in the morning. He always brings a small humidifier and some essential oils with him that can help brighten up the study mood and that emits a wafting vanilla pinecone scent to keep you happy. (He’s just fancy like that.) When he doesn’t understand the concepts right away, he’d turn to you, his sharp amber eyes gazing at yours with nothing but innocent and love, and asks: “(Y/N)... what reference is this supposed to be? pepe the frog? kermit the frog? here come dat boi? aren’t they all just amphibians? what are the differences between them? I am very intrigued.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
  – Childe loves a challenge. An academic challenge. He loves the thrill of finishing school works the night before the deadline, he loves studying for a pop quiz twenty minutes before the bell rings, and most importantly, he loves to pretend he doesn’t know how to solve point a to point b if that means getting to spend time with you as you tutor him on how to do so. He’s at the top of the class, He’s popular and friendly, He’s the captain of the Archery Team, and one of the vice council members of the Fatui Club. But, no other title will ever come close to being your study buddy. You and Childe always chill on the bed whenever you study. Especially when the both of you have the sudden urge to just laze around. Well, it is the wee hours of the night, so just lounging around and trying to resist the urge of sleep is pretty understandable. Sometimes, the two of you would take power naps in between study sessions. This meant cuddle times! Childe will always cuddle with you, (he’s the big spoon and you are the smol spoon) and often times you would be immersed into your textbook while he’s scrolling through his phone and looking for some of the current and popular memes. He’d poke you on the cheek and show you what he’s found. It was quite annoying sometimes and you would reprimand him for it, but it never fails to make you laugh. You jokingly suggested one time that the two of you sneak in the library after closing hours, and your chaotic boyfriend turns to you with the biggest smirk plastered on his face. “Let’s do it baby. I know the law.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
–You and Diluc are the cutest pair of night owls. So, studying late at night is never a problem with him because with the help of each other, the both of you are unstoppable. An actual power couple. Batman and his love interest who? I only know (Y/N) and Diluc. Mondstadt University should be giving you the title of #NoSleepGang for the “Campus Cuties” awards because the two of you are able to ace every test still despite lack of sleep.  You and Diluc are very very organized. The both of you own matching couple planners (that the both of you had gifted to each for Christmas) and have your entire study schedule planned out already. Since the two of you prefer to study at night, your dates are usually done during the day. Which meant never having to worry about the upcoming finals whilst you’re at a cute little café with him. The both of you have respective desks whenever you study together, but you never fail to gaze at your crimson-haired boyfriend with the cutest pout and biggest puppy eyes. He always gives in and next thing you know, your swivel chairs are practically glued next to each other and the both of you are cuddling in your seats. One thing that Diluc never fails to do is pamper you with comfort food or little gifts that you love after a long and tiring week of hell (aka exams) It’s such a sweet gesture and the blissful relationship that you have can’t get any better than this.
“I got you some boba and that necklace from Pandora that you’ve always wanted. I-I’m so proud of you (Y/N). You did great, my love.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- You are the Lawful Good to Kaeya’s Chaotic Evil. Kaeya is always tempted to ask for answers from your professors. He’s quite the teacher’s pet, but with good intentions. That’s just how he rolls. Every time he jokes about going to the faculty to help out and the answer sheets are just out in the open, waiting to be snatched, you always glare at at him and punch him softly on the arm, every time he tries to bring up the idea. To which he would always reply with, “I’m kidding. Just kidding my love.” You and Kaeya have amazing study hacks. He is always able to find a movie that is somewhat related to the topics that the both of you are currently studying about. For example, when the topic was an introduction to different branches of science, Kaeya chose Big Hero 6  as the “Educational Movie Of the Day.” He is always able to find something fun and informative for the both of you to watch. Well, Kaeya does find fun and interest in everything. Another effective strategy that both of you do is every time you or him get an answer right, you reward each other with either a kiss on the cheek or a bear hug. Both of these affectionate gestures give you butterflies in your stomach anyway, so it doesn’t matter which is which. With the ideas that Kaeya constantly makes up every single day of your study sessions, there’s a high chance that you’ll never fluke a test ever again.
“Oh. That’s pretty cool of you (Y/N). You got 30 correct answers! If we count everything, so I basically gave you 15 forehead kisses and 15 bear hugs. Congrats! I know we’re going to ace our finals!”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
– Xiao is extremely intelligent and talented in a myriad of things. However, he lacks self-confidence. You’ve sworn to your boyfriend that you’d help him gain confidence in his academic abilities. Which is why you became study buddies in the first place. It served as dates with him too! Although he stubbornly refused at first, his reasons being that he can do things by himself and he doesn’t need any help. You continued to encourage him that this was going to help the both of you and it was a way for the two of you to bond, and Xiao hesistantly agreed right after. As the captain of the soccer team, “The Liyue Adepti”, The only free time that Xiao has was during the evening which is the reason for your scheduled late night studies with him. This brought so much more intimate and sweet moments with him though! It meant sleepovers with him, midnight snack runs, and casual early morning strolls in the park. It became sort of a routine. Your hand interlaced with his, the crisp morning air, the little chirpings birds, and the tranquil swaying of the trees brought so much comfort to the both of you. Xiao would be the type of student to not speak up unless he’s called. Even if he knows the answer. The both of you sit on some floor pillows whenever you would study. So, whilst you read aloud, Xiao always hugs you from behind, resting his head on your shoulder.
“I don’t deserve the patience and love you give me, (Y/N). I am eternally grateful for everything you’ve done for me. I hope you know, that I’ll always be here for you.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- Being the university’s library assistant has it’s perks. Access to infinite knowledge, quiet solitude within the library walls, and being able to hang out with your boyfriend. It was truly a perfect deal. After classes, Albedo would be heading straight over to the library to do his work. You’d meet him there and wait until he gets his work done, and then the two of you head home together or have dinner. Albedo likes to plan things in advance. He’s quite busy, being a part of university’s alchemist group and as a library assistant, but, he will always study with you. He even brings Klee with him at times too! She’s always an energetic and cute addition, + she tattles on and on about how in love Albedo is with you and how he would never shut up about you at home. Albedo puts a lot of effort into creating review materials for the both of you. He makes very intricate drawings of modules, dioramas of certain science models, and has all the formulas memorized for him to list down. He’s a genius after all, and although you’ve constantly told him time and time again that he doesn’t have to make a review paper specifically catered to you, he still insists. He always gifts you one whenever it’s exam week (he adds extra detail to them during your finals) The cutest thing about these papers are scribbled about in all of the pages. The cutest doodles of the two of you with hearts and flowers drawn all over. Albedo + (Y/N) is even written in the last page, along with a heartfelt message: 
“I put all my faith and belief in you, (Y/N). I know you can do this. I’m proud of everything you’ve reached so far, my beloved. and I know you’ll reach greater heights. Let’s continue to excel and thrive together. I can’t wait to spend the rest of this journey with you.”
Tumblr media
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storyofmychoices · 4 months ago
Open Heart image prompt:
Tumblr media
The Sound of Joy
[Bryce Lahela x Olivia Hadley Masterlist]
Pairing: Bryce Lahela x Olivia Hadley (F!OC) Book: Open Heart Word Count: ~800 Rating/warning: General (no warnings) fluff, comfort/care, surgery Prompts: @choicesmonthlychallenge: doctors; picture/ask above A/N: I wrote this quickly and for fun. It's a little silly. And, I didn't really worry about editing, so apologies for any errors.
Synopsis: Edenbrook has accepted a new surgical intern.
Tumblr media
For a wing filled with children, the melodies of abundant laughter and cheer were seldomly heard ringing in the hall. Olivia didn't have the luxury of seeing them on their best days—but that was the life of most doctors. Doctors saw people on their bad days and often on their worst days. Today was one of those days.
Joy was scheduled for surgery to repair a congenital heart defect. Despite weeks of checkups and visits getting ready for the big day, the young girl spent most of the morning crying in fear of what was ahead. Her parents' best efforts to soothe and distract her were for naught. Nothing seemed to settle her. As her worries grew, her BP climbed out of the acceptable range to be cleared by pre-op.
Olivia hoped Joy would calm herself while she checked on a few other patients. She didn't want to administer an ACE inhibitor to lower her blood pressure unless she had no other choice.
As she approached the room where she had last heard the cries of a frightened girl, she now found squeals of delight. A hopeful smile crept across her face as her heart lightened at the pleasant sound—that was what she liked to hear, the sound of joy.
A few nurses lingered at the door, peering into the girl's room, their hands covering their mouths.
"Everything okay?"
"You're a lucky lady, Liv!"
The nurse simply pointed into the room.
Olivia's gaze followed her gesture. Joy knelt forward on her bed; a smile stretched wide across her face. Beside her sat Bryce, clutching something to his chest. She snuck in for a closer look, only to find him hiding a kitten in his sweatshirt.
Her eyes widened, and her own fingers clasped to her lips at the sight of a cat in a mini mask and scrub hat peeking out.
"She's our newest surgical intern, Cali," Bryce explained, letting Joy stroke her paw. "That means she gets to help me with surgeries to make people better."
"She does?"
"Mmhmm, but only the extra special ones."
"Which ones?" She waited with bated breath.
"Only patients whose names start with J."
She thought for a moment, considering his words. "My name starts with J!"
"It does?"
She nodded enthusiastically. "My name is Joy. J-O-Y!"
"Hmm, that does start with a J! Do you know what that means?" He paused, letting her excitement grow. "That means Cali can help me with your surgery to help make your heart better. Would that be okay?"
Her head shifted up and down eagerly in reply.
"You're going to have to be extra brave, though. Cali can get a little scared."
"I can be brave," she announced, sitting up a little straighter.
"I knew you could! Do you think you can lie back so Cali and I can take a closer look at you?"
She did as requested, keeping on her bravest face. "Like this?"
"Perfect." Bryce took a marker from his pocket. "I'm just going to open your gown a little. I need to make a couple of little marks to remind Cali where your heart is so we can make you all better."
Her smile faltered, her eyes snapping shut as Bryce checked the surgical site, methodically making the necessary marks. "All done."
"I'm all better now?"
"Not yet, but soon." Bryce carefully scooped Cali out of his hoodie, giving Joy more access to her. "Would you like to give her a quick hug before she and I have to get ready to make you better?"
The young girl nodded, accepting the cat and hugging her close. Despite her nervousness, she persevered, holding onto her new found bravery.
"Next time you see me, your heart will be all better." He retrieved Cali, concealing her back in his hoodie. "Remember, this is our little secret. Shh—"
"Thank you, Doctor Lahela," Joy's parents offered as they hugged her close.
"Anytime." He turned to leave, his gaze meeting Olivia's. Her smile of awestruck wonder said it all. His fingers brushed against hers as they walked out of the room together.
"Where did you get a cat?" She marveled.
One of his brows arched challengingly as a smirk played on his lips. "I can't just go revealing all my secrets to just anyone."
"Just anyone, huh?" She folded her arms across her chest.
He stroked the cat's soft fur, keeping her calm. "Luckily for you, she only lets me tell her secret to people whose names start with O."
"Does she now?" Olivia drew closer, petting the cat gently. "I thought it was J names?"
"That's for surgeries. O names are for secrets...and kisses."
"Aren't I just the lucky one?"
He leaned forward, closing the gap between them, his lips hovering over her forehead.
The soft meow Cali stirring between them pulled them apart as Olivia giggled. "I guess it wasn't O names."
"At least not for kisses." He shook his head at the kitten, who licked his finger playfully. "I should have known—like owner, like cat—always interrupting us."
Tumblr media
Thanks for the picture prompt @songsaboutgirls ! What an adorable picture. I love this little surgeon!
A/N2: Again, I apologize for any typos, weird medical things that don't make sense, or general nonsense. Despite that all, I hope you enjoyed this weird little story that just happened for no reason other than that picture lol.
Tags in a reblog, please let me know if you'd like to be added or removed. 💛
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kurayami-eien-no · 4 months ago
Malleus x Female Reader || Part 1
Tumblr media
Notes: Y/N receives a letter from her beloved crush. 1st part of Melt.
Word count: 3.4k
Re-uploading my stories is prohibited.
Tumblr media
The sun is about to rise up into the sky, a beautiful morning indeed. Rays of sunshine on the H/C haired girl's window. Suddenly, the alarm clock beeps.
Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep
H/C haired girl groans softly, and she stops the alarm clock, 'W-What time is it?' Then she looks at the clock and gasps. 'Shoot! I'm going late to class, and Mr. Trein is gonna kill me, forget about breakfast, I must be ready quickly' then she gets up and puts her uniform on.
As soon as Y/N leaves Ramshackle Dorm and steps out from the front gate, she sees her close friends Ace and Deuce. Ace is the first one to notice you coming up to them, "Yo, Y/N-chan, What's up!" as he comes to Y/N. Then Deuce saw her too and smiled, "Good Morning, Y/N" both friends welcomed her warmly. "Nothing much, Ace! And good morning you too, Deuce." Y/N hugs her dear friends, and the boys return the hug too. "It is nice to see you in good health, Y/N," Deuce says as he pats Y/N's hair softly.
Y/N felt a tug from her right arm, and she saw Grim with an angry expression on his face, "Human, you forgot about me, and you left me all alone!" Grim yelled at Y/N then he crossed his arms and looked away, and Y/N glanced at Grim, "Grim! I'm so sorry! I know you didn't have breakfast. I promise I will give you my plate at lunch." Hoping grim would change his mind luckily, Grim quickly made up his mind, "Okay fine, the great grim, I forgive you, Y/N."
Y/N sigh of relief, suddenly the 1st bell rang, meaning the gang have only 5 minutes to go to class. "Unfortunately, I forgot about the class!! Guys, let's go to class before Trein-sensei gets mad at us!!" Y/N worried as she was afraid of getting in tardy, " I never go late to class..." Ace sees Y/N apprehension, without a warning he grabs Grim " Y/N, you go ahead of us, and I will take Grim, Okay?" Y/N glances at Ace with anticipation, then she nods, and starts running, 'I hope I can at least make it to class!'
Before long, the bell was about to ring into 2nd bell, Y/N made it on time. 'Phew, I made it on time. I hope Trein-sensei won't get mad, even I got in time for class, well here it goes.' Y/N opens the door and sees students already in their seats. Y/N sees Mr. Trein looking at his papers and organizing his book, quietly Y/N enters avoiding Trein-sensei. Luckily for her—Trein-sensei didn't notice Y/N coming to class, 'Good thing, Trein-sensei didn't see me, and it would be the end if he did see me.' Quitely Y/N went to her seat.
Right after, Trein-sensei closes the door, heavily running footsteps in front of the class, " Trei-sensei!! Wait wait!! Don't close the door on us." Ace pleaded, then behind him—Deuce and Grim heavily breathing from running. "You are very late to class. I don't like my students going late to class, and you already know the rules, Ace." Trein-sensei seriously glares at him, then turn to Deuce and Grim, "And you two, also late, I won't give you three another change." as he glared at the boys—he moves aside and let Deuce, Ace, and Grim pass, "I would let you in, but you will stay after school, Do you three understand?" looking at boys who are frightening, "Yes, Trein-sensei! Next time, I won't come late and I will try my best to come early to class." Ace responded as he went inside in class, along with from behind follow Deuce and Grim. Trein-sensei close the door and went to his desk and began to class.
As time goes by, it was already time for lunch, Y/N waited for Ace, Deuce, and Grim outside of the classroom, while Trein-sensei was giving them information about their detention about staying after school. "Guys, are you two okay? Y/N worryingly asks and she glances at Ace and Deuce who look entirely tired, "No...but I hope dorm leader of Heartslabyul doesn't find out about this, if he does, I am for sure doom." as he hope, Deuce nodded as well.
Y/N sighs, she looks at her close friends once again, "Don't worry, guys. If Riddle does something bad to you and Deuce, don't hesitate to tell me, Ace." she smiles at him. Deuce and Ace softly shock look at Y/N, and then a few seconds smile at her, "Y/N!! You're the best friend ever!!" Ace bear hugs Y/N as she heavily blushes, then Deuce smile at you. " Hehe...Well, I love my best friends." she returns the hug. After a few minutes, Ace and Y/N are apart from each other, and Y/N glances toward Grim, "Grim, I still don't forget about your promise that I will give you my lunch." she picks up Grim from the floor, and embrace him, "Human! Don't hug me too hard." as he tries to pull away from the hug, but Y/N was too distracted from his fluffy cute hug, then Y/N softly pull away and pats Grim's soft hair.
Ace, Deuce, Grim, and Y/N went toward to lunch, and today's menu is a simple meal; sandwich and white Milk, and a side with an apple and small apple pudding, "Why do they always give us an awful meal, and give us something delicious like give us tacos or something else than this." Ace whine about it, and Deuce look at him annoyed on his face, "Ace, this is not a fancy restaurant or something, we are in a school just like any ordinary school, and of course, they are gonna give us this type of food, so stop whining and deal with it." Ace heavily sighs, "Ahhhh, fine.." then the 1st-year group went toward in lunch line.
As they got their plates and find a tablet, Y/N gave her lunch to Grim, "Here's my lunch, Grim. I kept my promise." she smile at him. " You really did keep your promise, but what about you? Are you gonna eat something?" as he slides the extra plate toward himself and glances at Y/N, "Don't worry about me, Grim. I would make myself food after school." she smiles at him.
Without warning, Y/N feels two hands on her shoulders, and when she turns around—she sees Lilia on upsidedown, "Hello, Y/N!" Lilia happily smiles at Y/N as she nearly chokes, and Ace, Deuce, and Grim stop eating their food for preventing them from choking—then look at Lilia who scared Y/N. "Oh dear, I'm very sorry for scaring you, Y/N." he softly pats Y/N's back. After a few minutes, Y/N manages to catch her breath, "Lilia, w-what brings you here?" as she glances at Lilia who smiling at her, "Nothing much, I was ordered to tell you something important, but maybe I should wait, when lunch is over, fufu, is something you'll love!" Lilia cheerfully says—making Y/N curiously look at him, 'Something I love?' she thought about it.
'Wait..he doesn't about that, right?' Y/N blushes, then shyly gaze away from him, 'Nobody knows about my secret crush, but how does he know that...I wonder...' Lilia chuckles, "Y/N, I would be waiting for you outside from lunch, okay, you don't have classes, after lunch, right?" he wonders—while Y/N properly looks at Lilia then she nervously grins at him, "No, I don't have classes after this, and I only have one class, so pretty much I would be waiting for Grim, so yes I do have free time." she explained.
"Perfect!! This is gonna be so excited, I can't wait to tell you!" Lilia joyously chuckles—at that moment Lilia left, leaving with the two boys next to her and giving her a weird look. "What was that about?" Ace responded as Deuce facepalmed, and Grim did not care what was happening as he eats his food happily. "Nothing, hahaha...Anyway, Are you guys finished with your lunch, already?" she avoids the question and changes the topic. "Yep! I'm already full, and lunch sure was very delicious, unlike someone." Deuce glared at Ace—then Ace eye at Deuce back, "What?" he said as if he wasn't paying attention. "Nothing, I wasn't talking to you, Ace." Deuce remark.
Y/N glances at Grim who has food crumbs on his and she softly chuckles, 'So cute' then Grim looks at Y/N, a faint blush appears on his face, "What are you looking at me, Human?" and Y/N pats Grim's soft hair, "Nothing, is just that you are so cute, Grim." she smiles at him. "Also, are you finished with your food, Grim?" Y/N added as she glances at Grim again—then Grim grab a napkin whipping himself to clean the food crumbs on his mouth, and awesomely stare at Y/N, "Yes, I am already full, and the plate you gave me that was a promise thank you as well." he replies and Y/N pats Grim's hair again, "Stop that, you are making me feel embarrassed, especially in here in the cafeteria, not here, Y/n." Grim softly grumbles while Y/N softly chuckles at him.
After a few minutes, the bells ring and the students have finished their lunch and throw their plates away into the dirty plate basket as they prepare to go to the dishwasher machine, and the first-year group goes into their next class while Y/N stays behind as she waits for them. Y/N was about to go to the garden to enjoy the fresh air, but suddenly she forgot to ask Lilia where she'll meet him. She slightly grumbles as she starts to find Lilia. Y/N hates forgetting when she wants to say something, but silly of her—she was too distracted thinking of her crush.
Y/N walks towards the outside front of NRC and as soon she steps out—a black and pink-haired boy appears beside her, "Boo!" he scares Y/N causing her to almost fall back. Lilia chuckles, "My, my, Y/N. You are a very fragile young girl, but is very fun to see you like this." he smiles at her, and Y/N shily glances at him, "Lilia! you almost give me a heart attack." she cutely grumbles.
Lilia laughs, "My bad, Y/N. This is very cute to see you scared. You sure do make cute faces." Y/N blushes at his flattering comments to her. "L-Lilia!" Y/N embarrassedly stutter, and Lilia laughs again and strokes her hair, "Hahaha, Now, let us get straight to the point." as he smiles at her. "Alright, Lilia-senpai!" Y/N responded as she recover from Lilia's flustering.
Lilia and Y/N went to the nearest bench and they sat there. "Y/N, I have something to give you and I do hope you accept it," Lilia glanced at Y/N, 'Did I do something bad?' she curiously thought about it, 'I do hope not.' Then Lilia got something behind his back and it was a fancy oldish envelope—then he gave it to Y/N. "This is a special envelope just for you, and is not from me, but the Lord himself, and I am very happy that he has someone that he loves, fufu." Lilia proudly looks at Y/N, "I know you love his as well, Y/N". He's happy that Malleus finally asking Y/N to go out with him and maybe those two would have children and him be proud of great-grandpa.
Y/n blush so hard that her face was extremely red "Wait, So you did know I love him?" as she did not beliving that Lilia knew of her crush, "Well, Y/N. Is really obvious that you and Malleus are always together in your dorm at night, and he always goes to your dorm when you are about to sleep or something bad happens to you." Lilia explains to Y/N as she listens to him. "Also, that one time when you got sick from a normal cold—Malleus was so worried about you during the meeting, that he wanted to skip the meeting but he can't since it was really important for him as the future king of Briar Valley," Lilia added.
'Tsunotarou was so about me when I was sick?' a faint blush appeared on Y/N's face as put her hands on her chest feeling the beat sounds of her heart.
"Nobody knows my love him, but never knew that he'll care for me, but I am glad he cares as much I care for him." Y/N smiles as she looks at the beautiful flower blooming on the grass, "Did he say anything liking me yet, Lilia-senpai?" not looking at Lilia as she hopes for a "Yes" answer. "Hmmm, No. I'm sorry, Y/N. But I have a feeling I think he just shy says it to you." Lilia trying not to make Y/N feel unhappy, "But don't worry Y/N, I am sure he'll say it to you himself." as he cheers up with her, "All you gonna do is just be patient." Lilia embraces Y/N, and she embraces him in return.
Then after a few minutes, they are both apart from each other, and Y/N wonders why Tsunotarou didn't give this letter to her in person, "Why didn't Malleus didn't give this to me from himself?" Y/N wonder—as she looks at Lilia—and Lilia looks at her back and laughs, "Maybe because he's shy and he has classes you know—maybe this why he gave this envelope to you." he explained.
Malleus calls Lilia into the throne room—then seconds later Lilia comes into the room, "Yes, Malleus? Do you need something?" he said as he stops near next to Malleus's throne chair, then Malleus takes out an envelope to Lilia and shyly gaze ways from Lilia, "I want you to give this Y/N, only her can open it and no else can't. Malleus explained to Lilia hopefully that nobody won't open it. Lilia looks at Malleus understanding what he's trying to do. " Of course, Malleus. I will give this to Y/N. She's your lady friend." Lilia teases Malleus, as he blushes at the "Lady friend" word. And Lilia laughs and left— leaving Malleus still blushing at the word.
Lilia gets up from the beach and trenches his arms up, "Well I must leave now, and I may now be with my boys since the class is about ring about a few minutes, and I can play with my games, fufu." then looks down at Y/N.
"Alright, Lilia-senpai! Thank you for the letter!" Y/N smile and thank Lilia, "Anytime, Y/N, Well then, bye-bye!" with that Lilia use his magic as he disappears into thin air.
Y/N got up from the bench and went inside, and walks in the direction through to the main hall, and walked toward class 1-A, she waits for Grim to get out, but as soon Grim walks out of the class—Trein-sensei stop Grim from walking out from the class, "Where do you think you're going, hmm?" he grabs Grim from the collar, "Fgggnaaa! I forgot about this." Grim whines and Y/N wanted to do something but maybe she won't put more fuel on the fire, as she looks at the teacher's serious expression on his face.
"Y/N, don't make me stay here!" Grim screamed for help but he failed, as he was taken away, Y/N looked worried at Grim him being taken away, "Why are you screaming? You are just gonna clean the school, as I tell you introduction clean properly, and Ace and Deuce are in another class cleaning, so three of you won't get distracted either." Trein-sensei explains as he put Grim on the floor and uses his magic to appear a broom and other cleaning resources. "I hate cleaning, the great Grim don't clean and wash other people's dirty stuff." Grim complained. Trein-sensei ignore Grim, and he just gave him something easier and smaller broom—since the broom was very tall for Grim to carry, Y/N looks at Grim once last time before she leaves, "Grim, cleaning is easy, though. I'm gonna wait for you at Ramshackle Dorm." she smiles at him before Grim was about to say something in return—Y/N already left from there leaving poor Grim alone cleaning.
Soon after, Y/N walks in into Ramshackle Dorm, the beautiful sunset shining into the sky and later soon set into the horizon, as stars sets in. Y/N goes upstairs and goes into her room, as soon she gets in—she takes her shoes and uniform jacket off and sets off aside from the bed leaving it in the chair, only leaving the other half of the uniform on such as the skirt and white T-shirt on. Then she goes downstairs and goes into the kitchen and she grabs the pot and fills it with water put it on the stove on medium fire after that she went toward the cabinet grabbed of noodles bag and put it into the boiling water.
Y/N went back to the lounge and she sees the letter that Lilia gave to her, so she grabs the letter brings to her and goes again to the kitchen, 'I'm gonna read this after this I finished eating noddles' she thought about it—while she grabs the can of tomato and opens it and pour into the soup.
After an hour, the soup noddle is ready, Y/N grabs a plate and serves herself her plate and places it on the table, and she went to the cabinet where the cups are and grab one, then she walks toward the refrigerator and grabs homemade lemonade and place it on the table. Y/N pull the chair a bit, then she sat down and began to eat, 'I wonder, what Tsunotarou say on the letter...' while she grabs her fork and scoop delicious soup from her plate and eats it.
After Y/N finishes her meal, she grabs the envelope and opens it while she drinks her lemonade, and then she read it:
Dear Y/N,
How are you feeling today? I hope you are in good health. I miss being with you, and I wish I could stroll with you again, but you know—me being the future king of my country I can't hang out with you like we used. But I was hoping that maybe at the end of the week we could hang out with just two of us, not here at NRC but maybe more private just two of us alone. If you agree to go out with me sign where the "x" mark at the bottom of the letter, so that's would I know that you agree, and we'll meet after school once everything finishes, and I would wait at your dorm. I hope you have beautiful dreams, Y/N.
Sincerely, Malleus Draconia.
Y/N heavily blush from this letter, 'Tsunotarou wants to hang out with me...?' as her face was burning. Is this a dream coming true!? Suddenly went up to her bedroom to find a pen, and came back again and quickly sign the letter—she was very happy that Malleus is asking her out. She softly kisses the letter and secretly fangirling that she's a lucky girl to get close to Malleus. Honestly, she never knew that she'll get this close to him—when she first arrived here in Twisted Wonderland, but she fell in love with him.
Y/N cleans her mess and put the dirty dishes in the sink, and went toward her bedroom while she has the letter in her hands, as soon she enters her room—she places the letter on the table, also grabs an art book from there, she gets in on her bed and begins to doodle of her and Malleus, while appears a smile have on her face.
In Diasomnia at the top of Malleus's chamber, the future king of Briar Valley himself smile knowing that Y/N sign the letter, he will for sure enjoy his date with her and will confess his love for her.
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peppermint2d · a year ago
Gorillaz Headcanons: When they get drunk around their s/o
just assume that we always include ace bc he is a part of the band and our hearts ♥ tw: alcohol and Murdoc
Tumblr media
is super clingy and possessive
loves pda, he constantly is touching you with his hand on your butt or up your shirt
will tell anyone who is willing to listen how awesome you are, but as the night progresses, he slurs his words more and eventually no one can understand him, but he still gets his point across: he loves you
one time bought an alpaca while drunk
has been banned from most pubs and some cities entirely
has jumped into a dumpster multiple times to avoid getting caught by the cops
After enough to drink, he will dress up in a full stripper costume: thigh-high boots, fishnets, feather boa, and little else
the tiger thong makes an appearance
puts on a pole dance show for you with multiple numbers and costume changes (although he needed help with the boots "they were too kinky, love, toooo kinky")
his performance is the most chaotic yet sexy thing you've seen
almost breaks his nose again by falling on his face
he is so hammered
his thighs are sore afterwards so he has you massage them ;)
his drink of choice is tequila or fruity cocktails
Tumblr media
is a sleepy drunk (as pictured in Strobelite)
super cuddly, always wanting to touch, but not as possessive as Murdoc
call you his teddy bear
gives you so many Russel ™ hugs
is secretly a lightweight, but people always assume that he is a heavyweight so they never challenge him to a drinking competition
his drink of choice is some sort of American beer if he misses home or some sort of sipping liquor
Tumblr media
is a party drunk and goes hard
belly shots
blackout drunk every time
even if he could count, he wouldn't be able to keep track of how much he's had to drink
he is always crossed, never just plain drunk or high
it's why he always wears sunglasses, to hide his red eyes
he is not the centre of attention at parties, but the party doesn't stop until he gets there
his texts literally make no sense, but you have learned over time to understand it
"aldfhj fgdk fdj"
"love you too Ace"
he one time bought you an engraved ring while drunk and the engraving was literally gibberish, but you wear it everyday
you know what he needs before he knows he needs it
Tumblr media
is a competitive drunk
she will partake in every drinking competition and SHE WOULD WIN
all the other patrons terribly underestimate her abilities
she gets into bar fights and she beats anyone who is willing to fight her without even getting a scratch
you know she would win, but you get nervous anyway
if the bar has a mechanical bull, she is riding it and if she wants to flex (which is often) she will stand on it
she drags you along too and you mainly hang on for dear life
when someone hits on you, Noodle hits them
"please babe he barely touched my leg"
next thing you know she is dragging you to another club because she got you both kicked out for starting a fight
she drinks hard liquor and never seems to get drunk
Tumblr media
Stuart 2D Pot
his medicine interacts weirdly with alcohol and he always forgets that he isn't supposed to mix the two until its too late
it makes him feel weird, dizzy, and like he is tripping on acid
you're essentially his trip guide
he is an emotional drunk, in that he feels every emotion ever known over the course of the night
he does, at some point bust out his 2D ™ dance moves
you end up hugging him the whole night since you cannot leave him alone, he will freak out
this resulted in you taking him into the ladies' restroom
you have to help him walk since his field of vision is just abstract shapes and colours
he is draped over you because of his height, so it is difficult
he's a chatterbox too
he mumbles sorry love near constantly
while you were struggling to get into a cab, he was telling you a story about a frog he once saw
almost like clockwork, he has a breakdown every five minutes, which he completely forgets about as soon as it passes
a night with 2D is dancing, cuddling, panicking, and absolute chaos
the hangover the next morning is brutal too
less next morning and more like next afternoon since he doesn't wake up until 4 p.m.
but he is half-dead and you have to bring him back to life, which means a lot of liquids and throwing up
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Almost Had Me Believing It - Part 5
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader    
Word Count: 1658
Warnings: Mutual pining, angst
Summary: An undercover operation playing Bucky Barnes’ wife is a dream come true. Playing house in the suburbs while trying to take down a drug ring brings you and Bucky closer but a nosy neighbor causes trouble in paradise.
A/N: Divider by @whimsicalrogers
Almost Had Me Believing It Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Frank had a makeshift office in his spare room that you worked in. He gave you his credit card and told you to go buy any office supplies you needed. His paperwork was a mess and he had given you free reign to organize things as you see fit. In the few days since you began, you had gotten a filing system set up, cleaned up his accounting system, and organized everything. He repeatedly called you a wonder, always while caressing your shoulder suggestively. You wanted to break his hand but you let it slide each time. 
You currently had him signing checks to pay the month's bills. More than a few of them had fallen past due from his lack of organization. However, he was constantly interrupted by his phone and had barely signed two of the ten checks over the last thirty minutes. The man was unable to let a single ding go unchecked. When his phone rang you lunged for it before he could get a hand on it.
“Jefferson Properties.” You answered while sticking your tongue out at him. 
“Can I speak to Frank, please?” A halting voice comes through the line. 
“I’m sorry. Frank is unavailable at the moment. I’m his assistant. Is there something I can help you with?” You give Frank a pointed look and point to the checkbook sitting open in his lap.
“Oh, okay. This is Ann March. I’m in the house on Gardenia street. I’m having an issue with the air conditioner.” The woman on the phone says. 
“Can you tell me about the issue?” You get the info from the woman, reassure her it will be taken care of, and hang up. “Who’s your AC guy?”
“You’re amazing.” Frank grins. 
You laugh, “Who does the ac work?”
Frank gives you the name and you redirect him, yet again, to sign checks. You call the repairman while Frank finishes the checks. He brings them to you and then leans over you as he asks questions about a couple of them. He makes sure to touch you often during the exchange.
“You have beautiful eyes, you know that?” Frank smiles down at you. 
“You are a flirt, you know that?” You laugh.
“”Yeah. Can’t blame me though.”
“Bucky would.” You giggle. 
“He seems a little possessive.”
“In all the right ways, he is. He’s a very good man and he’s stuck by me despite my mistakes.” You say quietly. 
“What mistakes could you possibly have made?”
“I’m a drug addict, remember? You might want to rethink me working with your money.” You laugh humorlessly.
“I trust you. You’ll be fine.” Frank says. “If you need anything, you let me know.”
“I need your bank statements to reconcile them in the system.” You say. 
“You got it, gorgeous.” Frank says.
A few hours later you return to your house to find Bucky on the couch. 
“Hey,” you make your way to him and lay down with your head on his thigh. 
“Hey Doll. You okay?” Bucky asks as he looks down at you. 
“Frank and his constant touching, ugh.” You grouse. 
“So, you are laying on me for…?”
“Sorry. Am I bothering you?” You start to lift up. 
“No!” Bucky says quickly.
You lay back down and feel his hand begin stroking your hair. “Mmm, that’s nice,” you sigh. “Because you’re comforting.”
“I’m laying on you cause it’s comforting. I’ve been accosted all day. It’s nice to be touched by someone who’s touch I enjoy.” You shrug. Bucky smiles above you at the words. He continues to stroke your hair and wonders after some time if you’d fallen asleep until you ask quietly, “What do you want for dinner?”
“How about we just order a pizza?” Bucky asks.
“As long as I can stay right here until the pizza gets here.” You giggle.
“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Bucky says sweetly. He stares down at you as his hand strokes your hair. His heart swells at how much you trust him. Laying vulnerable to him, eyes closed, as you blindly trust him to give the comfort you seek. With his free hand he calls to order the pizza and makes sure to get your favorite. Somehow, he had begun to hope that maybe you could have feelings for him because he knew he had surely fallen for you. 
The next morning as you pour coffee for the two of you, you tell Bucky about the work with Frank. "He gave me his bank statements yesterday. There's nothing that seems suspicious about the rentals yet but I want to do some more investigating." 
“Do you think you can get to his personal bank statements?” Bucky asks. 
“I’m going to see what I can find.” You wink at\ him. 
You spend a couple of hours that morning dodging Frank’s advances when he gets a call and leaves the room. You try to listen from where you are but can’t make out the words. His urgent tone of voice does carry. 
When he returns he lays a key on the desk, “I have to run out. Here’s a key. Keep it. That way you can work on your own schedule. Which, by the way, is supposed to be part time. You don’t have to be working this much.”
“Oh, now that everything is straightened out for the most part, I’ll cut it down. I wasn’t trying to take advantage or anything, I just wanted to get everything set up.” You feign nervousness as you continue to babble, “I love projects and organizing things and I really wanted to just get everything-”
“Whoa, whoa, I didn’t mean it that way. I appreciate everything you’ve done. My business has never been so organized.”
“Thanks. Are you sure you want me to have a key?”
“Yeah. It’ll be helpful. I’ll be back.” Frank says as he exits.
Once he’s gone you take a deep breath and move out to search the other rooms of the house. You had been over everything in the office, so you move to the second bedroom. There’s a bed, but not much else in the room. The closet is full of junk, but nothing of interest. You quickly move to the master bedroom. The bed is a mess, the nightstand has a store of condoms and lube, the dresser is full of clothes and yet nothing incriminating. You move to the walk-in closet and find it full to the brim with more clothes and shoes but the closet is smaller than it should be. Now that you think of it, so is the one in the office that backs up to this one. The utility closet has to be the entrance. 
You move quickly and check the GPS tracker on Frank’s truck to ensure he’s still gone. Confirming his position, you find the utility closet door locked. You grab the key Frank left to try it but it doesn’t work. Your phone rings and you see Bucky’s name flash across the screen. 
“Hey,” you say into the phone as you consider your options.
“Just saw Frank drive by the shop.” Bucky says. He was at his cover job at the body shop. “You okay?”
“Yeah, thanks for the heads up. I’ll tell you about it later.”
“Okay, doll. Be careful.” Bucky says before hanging up. 
You double check that everything was as it had been and head back to the office. You shuffle some things around and put the computer to sleep. You grab your things and the key and wait. When you hear Frank’s truck pull up you head to the door, “Oh, hey. Everything okay?”
“Just fine, gorgeous.” Frank smiles, “It’s nice coming home to someone being here.”
“Maybe you should get a girlfriend.” You giggle.
“Or a mistress.” Frank raises an eyebrow. 
“Don’t you already have one of those?” You say and then cover your mouth. “I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”
“What did you mean by that?”
“Nothing. Nothing, I’m sorry.” You try to walk to the door but Frank steps in front of you. 
“Oh, no no no. You can’t say something like that and think you’re going to walk away.” 
“I, um, I’ve seen Melissa sneaking over here a few times.” You smirk. 
Frank’s eyebrows raise quickly and he runs a hand through his hair while chuckling nervously, “Uh, it’s not what you think.”
“Oh, really?”
“I only have eyes for one woman in this neighborhood.” Frank lifts a hand to your face. 
You cover his hand with yours and say as kindly as you can, “She’s happily married and very much in love with her husband. Besides Mrs. Thatcher was a bad hip, I doubt she could keep up with a young stud like you.” You give a little laugh at your joke. The Thatchers lived a few houses down and were like the grandparents of the neighborhood. 
Frank chuckles with you, “Yeah, that’s true but she’s got a full set of dentures and I heard you’ve never had it till you’ve had it toothless.”
You bark a laugh at him and pull him in for a hug hoping this little interlude would end his constant touching for the future. “We good?”
“Yeah, gorgeous. See ya tomorrow?”
“Yeah, see ya.” You walk to your house and find Bucky inside. “Hey. What are you doing home?”
“Came home for lunch to check on you.” Bucky isn’t looking you in the eye and is shifting uncomfortably.
“Great. I have some things to tell you.” 
“Later, I should head back.” Bucky makes for the door.
“Wait, Bucky, Let me make you something to eat first.” You offer.
“I have some of that turkey you like.” You say, 
“I said no.” Bucky says coldly and then leaves before you recover enough to say anything. 
You stare out the window as he drives away on his motorcycle. What the hell just happened?
Part 6
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natsfirecat · 10 months ago
Okay! Here’s my request:
Natasha x asexual reader (female),where Natasha confesses her feelings for the reader, but the reader reluctantly rejects her. So after turning down Natasha’s declaration of love, the reader can’t stand seeing Natasha all beaten down and upset, so the reader confesses that she is asexual, telling Natasha that she deserves to be with someone who can give her everything and satisfy her needs. That the reader won’t be enough, no matter how much in love she is with Natasha. But little does the reader know, Natasha doesn’t want those needs, but you.
What do you think? 😃🖤💜🤍
pairing: Natasha Romanoff x asexual fem reader
word count: 3.5k
summary: much to her dismay, r has to reject her crush, natasha
warnings: swearing, drinking, mentions of sex and sexual attraction, lmk if i need to add any more
A/N: thank you for this request! i love writing for asexual reader sm! i hope you like it, and remember that aces are valid and amazing! :D
also not proofread very well. i'm tired and too lazy rn lmao
You fiddled with your ring, staring blankly at the wall. You had just gotten home from a mission, and needed some time to rest up.
The mission had gone well, you went with Natasha. Your task was to stop a HYDRA attack on civilians. Everything went as planned, and there were no casualties.
Now that you were back, all you wanted to do was rest up and relax.
So, you did just that.
You only woke a few hours later because of Natasha calling you, saying that you had to debrief the mission.
So you reluctantly got out of bed, and made your way to the meeting room.
Fury was there, reading files, and Natasha sat in her usual seat. Her face lit up when you walked in, then she waved and motioned for you to sit down.
As Fury started going over the mission, you just gave short, straight to the point answers to his questions.
It wasn’t until Natasha gave a detailed summary that he let you leave.
While walking out the room, she stopped you.
“Are you going to Tony’s party tonight?”
“Wanda’s making me,”
She laughed, knowing that you most definitely would not be going to a social gathering unless one of your friends forced you.
“Well, I think it’ll be fun. I’ll see you there,”
You were about to shrug and go on a rant about how Tony’s parties were very much overrated, but she simply waved goodbye and made her way down the hallway back to her room.
You were about to do the same before you felt someone tap your arm from behind.
You whipped around, then grinned to see Carol.
“You’ve been back and haven’t seen me yet?”
“Sorry…” you muttered, suddenly feeling guilty.
“You can make it up to me by getting me food,”
You rolled your eyes, then agreed, knowing you would get yourself food too.
She gave you a satisfied smile before beginning to walk down the steps towards the garage of cars.
She stepped into the driver’s seat of course, while you followed behind in the passenger’s seat.
“IHOP?” She asked, despite the fact that it was 3:00 in the afternoon.
“Great, you’re buying!”
You rolled your eyes, already knowing she would say that.
“So how’d the mission go?” She asked.
“It was fine, nothing exciting happened.
“As soon as we convince Fury to let you come to space with me for missions, things will get a lot more exciting for you,”
You smiled, then chuckled at her statement.
She would talk to you about space all the time, and you had often expressed interest in it. So she took it upon herself to make a slideshow presentation about why you should be allowed to go with her to space. It still needed some work, but she was absolutely planning on presenting it to Fury when it was done.
“Where will you take me?”
“Well we’d start off with something close, maybe not exit the galaxy neighborhood quite yet,”
You laughed again, looking forward to your space adventures with your best friend.
Carol had eaten about a quarter of her food before she broke the silence,
“So I heard you tell Natasha that you’re going tonight,”
“Yeah,” you said with a shrug, choosing to stare at your pancakes instead of making eye contact.
“Well that’s good, maybe you guys can talk and…”
“And what?” You were beginning to get a little irritated.
“Oh come on! We both know how you feel. Why can’t you just talk with her about it?”
“You know why, Carol,” you said as you subconsciously began to fidget with the black ring you always wore on the middle finger of your right hand.
She sighed, not wanting to fight you on this. So she went back to eating her pancakes, and didn’t say another word about it to you.
As you reluctantly promised, you were at the party that night. Not wanting to engage too much, you stood off at the edge of the room, taking a small sip of your drink.
Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed Wanda and Natasha talking. You thought nothing of it, until you saw Wanda wink at her.
You turned your head to the side, then accidentally made eye contact.
Quickly shifting your gaze to the floor, you took another sip of your drink to hide your embarrassment.
You then decided to walk away, not wanting to create any more awkward tension.
You made your way into the next room until you almost bumped into Sam, who gave you a weird look as he stepped away from you.
“You alright, L/N?” He asked.
“I’m good!” You told him, quickly walking away.
When you finally got to the corner of the other room, you took a deep breath. You finally let yourself relax against the wall, away from the person you wanted to avoid tonight.
You closed your eyes for a minute, pretending you weren’t here.
For just a moment, it worked; you weren’t a loud, crowded party. You were just happy in your room watching movies and eating popcorn. No one was bothering you, and you didn’t have to worry about anything.
Unfortunately, your moment didn’t last.
Your eyes opened again when you heard your name called several times. Standing in front of you, was Natasha.
You noticed both Wanda and Carol standing at the door, watching the both of you.
“Hi, Y/N,” she said, her voice shakier than normal. “There’s something I wanted to talk to you about, can we talk somewhere more private?”
You nodded, then began to follow her back the way you came until you were in another hallway that didn’t have anyone in it.
“Y/N,” she began. “I’ve always liked you as a person, I think you’re brilliant on the field, and I just love being around you. I feel these things around you, and it’s scary. But there’s something between us, I can feel it, and I think you feel it too. I’d like to explore these feelings, so… would you want to go out together… on a date?”
You let out a sigh as your heart dropped. You felt tears coming to your eyes as you thought about what she was saying to you. As much as it would hurt both of you, you had to do it.
“I’m really sorry, Natasha, but no. I can’t.”
“Oh-” she was taken aback from your response, unable to hide the disappointment in her voice. “This was stupid, you’re right. I’m sorry for even asking in the first place, I-” she couldn’t even finish her sentence before walking off, leaving you alone.
Two days later, Natasha had barely left her room. She stayed under the covers, mostly trying to sleep. Of course, it eventually turned into hours of staring at the ceiling while her stomach was in knots.
So, she took a sip from the bottle of vodka she brought up to her room, and leaned back against the headboard.
As soon as she felt tears forming in her eyes, she grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. She watched the saddest movies and TV shows she could think of, and ended up finishing the entire bottle.
If she was going to be sad and cry, it would be from too much drinking while watching sad stuff. It wouldn’t be from you. Natasha refused to let herself cry over a simple rejection.
But it wasn’t a simple rejection.
She’s had these feelings for you for months.
Your smile has made her heart flutter since your first mission with her. She vividly remembers the way your eyes lit up when you found out you were paired with her.
The two of you ended up working so well together. At the end of the mission, you held both your hands up for a double high five. The gesture confused her at first, but she eventually gave in and placed her hands against yours. That’s when you gave her the same smile that still gives her butterflies.
She didn’t even start to notice it until a few months ago, when Clint called her out on it. He noticed that your name was brought up in their conversations a lot. So he blatantly asked her what her feelings for you were.
Of course, she denied everything at first. You were just a friend who was nice to work with. Nothing more.
She didn’t fully realize it until Wanda called her out on it too.
You were eating breakfast, and Natasha’s eyes never left you. You exchanged smiles a few times, and the butterfly feeling in her stomach kept growing.
Wanda saw, feeling a smile grow on her face as she glanced between the two of you. Of course, her powers made this even more fun for her.
While she didn’t usually like to invade people’s private thoughts, especially her friends’, Natasha’s thoughts were loud. Yours too.
So after you got up, and waved goodbye to the both of them, Wanda immediately cornered Natasha. Normally, she wouldn’t do something like that to the assassin, but she felt okay with it considering that her thoughts of you softened her up a bit.
“So, when are you planning on asking Y/N out?” She asked her.
“What are you talking about?”
“You guys would make such a good couple, you should ask her out!”
“Absolutely not! We’re just friends,”
Wanda let out a huff, then rolled her eyes.
“You seem to forget that I’m a telepath,”
This time, Natasha rolled her eyes at her.
“Stay out of my head, Maximoff,”
And with that, she walked away, not wanting to talk about it any longer.
Of course, Wanda had other plans.
The next week, she made mental notes of how the two of you would interact. No matter how much you both denied it, she knew you had feelings for each other.
While you smiled around everyone, you smiled the most around her. Your eyes would light up, and you’d be grinning from ear to ear. And your smile would usually cause her to reciprocate it. She rarely smiled, but she was okay with you seeing her smile.
On top of that, Wanda noticed all the small gestures you would do for each other.
She would pack your bag for missions often, and you would share your food with her.
While both of those things could be seen as platonic, she knew better. You definitely had feelings for each other.
So when she brought it up to Natasha again, she couldn’t even deny it this time.
“Tell anyone, and I’ll make you feel pain you didn’t even know could be felt,” Natasha threatened her.
Wanda nodded, promising that she only wanted to help her.
Eventually, the assassin gave in and let her plan the whole thing out.
It would work out in the end, it had to.
Now, Natasha let out a growl of frustration as Wanda entered her room.
“Can you at least knock?”
“I’m worried about you, Nat,”
Despite her glares, Wanda continued walking towards her until she sat down on the foot of her bed.
“Why do you even care? You lied to me, you said it would work!”
“I really thought it would, I’m so sorry. But you can’t keep yourself locked in here, we’re all worried about you,”
“I can’t face her after I humiliated myself like that. Why would you tell me she had feelings for me too? You said you could tell from her thoughts, but she clearly doesn’t see me that way. Now I’ve probably ruined my friendship with her too.”
“I don’t know why that happened,”
“Please, just leave me alone.”
Letting out a disappointed sigh, Wanda realized this would get her nowhere. Natasha still needed a bit more time.
As she saw her friend leave the room, she finally allowed the tears to fall again.
She hated herself for it, but maybe she actually was crying over you.
It wasn’t like you were doing any better.
You only left your room to train with Carol, and to bring food back up to your room since you didn’t want to eat with everyone else.
You couldn’t help but notice the way Wanda glared at you when you passed her in the hallway. You ended up glaring right back, surprised by her sudden hostility towards you.
The two of you had been relatively close, but she was especially close with Natasha. You knew you had hurt her with your rejection, but in the end, you were doing her a favor.
She’d understand that eventually, and hopefully, so would Wanda.
For now, you lay in bed. You were clinging tightly onto your pillow, letting a few sobs escape.
Even though you knew the rejection was for the best, for both you and Natasha, it didn’t make it hurt any less.
You were only saving the both of you from future heartbreak. It would be worth it eventually. Soon enough, you’d both get over it and go back to being the friends you once were.
However, now you continued crying into your pillow.
You wished you could just turn feelings on and off with a switch, but you couldn’t. It would make things so much easier if these feelings didn’t exist in the first place.
You had tried to suppress and deny them at first.
You ignored the way you felt yourself smiling more at her. You ignored the way you felt like you were on top of the world when she returned your smile. You ignored the way your stomach turned into a knot of nerves whenever you touched; whether it was a full on hug or just fingers brushing past each other in the hallway.
When she sat next to you on movie night though, closer than she normally did, that’s when you realized you couldn’t ignore the feelings anymore.
You wanted to completely close the distance between the two of you, and snuggle completely into her. You wanted to kiss her, and hold her tight. You wanted everything to do with her.
But you couldn’t have her, and it hurt like hell.
After another two days, Carol came barging into your room.
“Y/N, what the fuck?” She said, getting straight to the point.
Your eyes widened, but you said nothing as she sat down and glared at you.
“You’ve been sulking for days, and haven’t done anything about it,”
You shrugged, sinking back father into the bed.
“What do you want me to do?”
“Talk to her!”
“No! I’m just gonna stay here until my feelings go away,”
“Y/N, I love you, platonically, but sometimes you’re the dumbest person I know,”
“Thanks, Carol,”
“Your feelings aren’t gonna magically go away like that. If you don’t wanna date her, then at least talk to her so you can both have some closure on this!”
“I can’t, she’d never understand and it’d just be a whole thing, and I don’t want that,”
“You explained it to me and I understood,”
“Well yeah, cuz it doesn’t affect you at all. It affects her because it’s the reason I can’t be with her,”
“Have you ever thought to consider that maybe she wouldn’t mind?”
“Of course she’d mind, Carol,”
Sighing, your best friend decided she wasn’t gonna win this battle today.
Despite her anger towards you, she still reached over and hugged you before getting up and leaving.
Once again, you were left alone in your own misery.
You began to fidget with your ring, staring at the flag on your wall. The black, grey, white, and purple colors stood out against the wall, adding a nice touch to your room.
You were obviously proud and unashamed of who you were, but that didn’t change the fact that so many people didn’t understand it. So it was just easier to not bring it up. Maybe one day you could find someone like you, who’d understand.
Tears began to fill your eyes as you thought about Natasha. You hated that you had to do this.
You weren’t even sure if you would be able to salvage your friendship at the end of this. That just made everything worse.
You lay back down again, clinging onto the pillow once more.
You remembered the way you felt when Natasha first smiled at you. You remembered the happiness she made you feel. You remembered just how much you wanted to be around her.
Luckily, your thoughts of misery finally stopped when you managed to fall asleep.
The next day, Carol dragged you out of your room. Literally dragged, she grabbed both your wrists and pulled you out of the bed until you hit the floor.
“Ow! What the fuck?”
“No more sulking, you’re getting up and not coming back to your room until tonight. Let’s go,”
You sighed in defeat, then stood up, following her out of your room.
She dragged you downstairs to the kitchen, where she already had breakfast laying out for you.
As annoyed as you were with her, you definitely thought it was sweet that she was going through all this effort for you.
So you sat down and began eating, forcing a smile. You were still hurting, but for now, you could fake it in front of your friend.
She sat down next to you, and seemed satisfied.
You gave a small smile, then continued eating.
It was progress.
When Natasha finally came down, you were the last person she expected to see. Her bloodshot, puffy eyes widened as she saw you with Carol.
She immediately looked away, not wanting to face you, especially like this.
Unfortunately for her, you had already made eye contact for a moment. You took in her appearance, letting out a deep exhale.
She refused to say anything, then turned around as if she had never been there in the first place.
As soon as she left, you turned back to Carol.
“I really messed up, didn’t I?”
As much as the logical part of your mind tried to convince you not to do this, the other part was currently making you.
So now, you stood outside Natasha’s bedroom, hand hovering over the door, prepared to knock.
You took in a few deep breaths, trying to prepare yourself. Just as you were about to knock, the door swung open before you were ready.
“Y/N?” Natasha didn’t expect to see you after what happened. “What are you doing?”
“Can we please talk?”
She frowned, thinking about what happened the last time you two talked. But, she opened the door wider, letting you in.
You walked over to her bed, waiting for her to nod, giving you permission to sit down.
“I just wanted to start off by saying that I’m really sorry for this, for hurting you like that,”
“You don’t need to apologize. You can’t change how you feel.”
“I know, but here’s the thing; I have feelings for you too,”
Her eyes widened in both shock and confusion.
“Then why’d you say no?”
You took in a few more deep breaths, preparing yourself.
“I’m asexual,” you finally got out. “While I feel romantic attraction to you, and really like you, I’m not sexually attracted to you. I’m not sexually attracted to anyone.”
She tilted her head to the side, but continued listening as you went on.
“So as much as I do like you, it’s not fair for us to be together. You deserve someone who can give you everything you want and need in a relationship, and I can’t do that.” You told her, trying to prevent yourself from crying. “No matter how much I love you, I won’t be enough,”
That’s what broke you, causing the tears to stream down your face as they had so many times within the past few days. Telling her everything you had been thinking, and finally getting it out.
You noticed a few tears forming in her eyes as she sat down next to you, wrapping her arm around your shoulder.
“Thank you for telling me,” she said. “I wish you had told me earlier, though,”
“I know, I’m sorry,”
“You’re wrong though,”
“About what?”
“You are enough for me, Y/N. I don’t care about sex, I just want you.”
“Really? You mean it?”
“Of course I do,”
You let out a gasp, then turned and wrapped both your arms around her, leaning in between her chest and neck.
“You’re okay with kisses though, right?”
You smiled, then leaned in and crashed your lips against hers. That certainly answered her question.
It felt like a weight was lifted off the both of you. You loved being like this with her, lips connected and arms wrapped around one another. You never wanted to let go.
When you had to break apart for air, Natasha smirked at you.
“So how about that date now?”
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itjazzbicch · 2 months ago
Princess of The House
Pairing:  House of Black x Fem Reader
Summary: The reader has gone through some changes after being sprayed by Malakai Black's black mist, feeling it slowly corrupting her and during her title match against Thunder Rosa, she lets it take over, brutally attacking and winning the title. Having to make the decision to join the House of Black or not, but when she does accept, they gladly welcome her...
Warnings: SMUT! (18+ ONLY!) (Swearing, Double Penetration, Pet Name a little, oral M&F receiving, fingering, roughness, foursome MMMF, unprotected sex)
Requested by: @alanangels (I know that this was super quick! But I was super excited to write it so, I hope you enjoy! My first time for HOB, I hope I did well for you!)
Word Count: 2.4k
Tag List: @demonqueen29 @peachy-satan00 @new-zealand-chic @crowleysqueenofhell @unoficialy-married-to-ace-austin @thatpanpal @damnnhausen @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @linziland13 @xxx-jazz-xxx @writtingrose @whenimakeitshine1234 @cuzimacomedian
Tumblr media
There was no clear answer to my question, no clear path as to where I was going after a fatal moment struck me hard. It had been quite a few weeks since black mist was sprayed into my face by Malakai Black.
I wasn’t the first, but the effects were different. I couldn’t see out of my right eye, what seemed like a bag under my eye turned into a black mass across the right side of my face, and no matter what I thought, no matter what everyone around me said, I could feel the difference.
Making my wrestling career my main focus helped distract my mind and did pay off, earning myself a title match against Thunder Rosa, who was no easy opponent, till she made a very fatal mistake.
The gasp in the arena was shocking, so drained I couldn’t fight it when Thunder Rosa ripped my eye patch off, tossing it. Initially, I crawled into the corner, covering my eye.
Truth be told, I never even looked at it. Even when I had to take off that eyepatch, I always kept my eye closed.
I scurried into the corner, tired and afraid, kicking and screaming when Rosa kept coming after me.
“STOP!” I pleaded, being pushed to tears; the crowd was dying to know what I was hiding, referee trying to separate us and calm us both down, but Rosa wasn’t having it, pulling me by the hair out of frustration.
Everything around me went silent, a dark feeling striking into me like a lightning bolt. All of the fear vanished and my body went numb, only able to hear the terror in my voice when I stood, screaming:
Her hand began to fall and my body shot up so quickly that the referee fell over and black mist sprayed all across her face.
Instantly, she dropped to the ground holding her face and screaming in pain, with the few seconds I had, I stared out to the crowd, curious as to why I was seeing such horror-filled faces, glancing up to one of the screens and seeing that my eye was now red.
I was trembling, but I wasn’t scared. In fact, I never felt so powerful, so alive, body flowing with energy and I didn’t let that go to waste.
Screams of anger and rage were flying out of me like I was possessed, eyes like a demons, punch after punch to her face, about gauging her eyes while the referee still had his back turned, muscles so tight, the tape around my wrists went flying off and with the free moments I had, I put it around her neck and started choking her to the point where she was barely conscious.
My awareness was at a new height, tossing that tape into the ring apron and out of sight, slowly crawling to my feet watching her like a lioness. She needed the referee’s assistance to stand only to run into a wicked roundhouse kick to the face, making her fall like a ton of bricks.
Before she could fall, I hooked her over my shoulders, throwing her up then down into my bare knee face first, in a matter of seconds, pinning her clean and finally becoming the new women’s champion.
I did feel some joy in my heart, but it was far from ordinary, something from a fairytale dream. Whatever it was, it still felt good, a smile forming when I saw the title, where it belonged when it was placed into my hands, but then the lights cut out. 
Their presence had a force that was out of this world, that feeling familiar when I slowly turned to see a spotlight shining on the three of them in the corner behind me.
Buddy, Brody, and Malakai were proud; the smirks on their faces said it all, being presented with a choice by Malakai offering out his hand, taking a step closer to meet me in the center.
There wasn’t a need for words, placing my hand in his softly, a tight squeeze helping me to my feet and we shared that same smirk, like we became one while staring into each others different colored eyes.
Buddy took my left side, Brody on Malakai’s side while he wrapped his arm around my hip, staring into the camera and smiling more as I raised my title as high as possible, letting the world know that I was now a member of the House of Black.
Despite how good I did out there, making this decision did make me nervous a little. Barely speaking any words at first, but each one of them treating me like a princess from the moment they sat on the ropes to let me out of the ring, to when we reached our destination.
“Y/N,” Malakai trotted forward slowly, entering the house, “Tell me. How does it feel?”
“How does what feel?” I asked hesitantly, not wanting to screw things up already.
“We are all sure you know exactly what he means,” Brody looked down to me, nodding my head and swallowing my breath:
“At first, I was scared, but this energy, strength-; I’m not sure what to call it, but I feel invincible.”
“We’re never wrong when it comes to choosing our members,” Brody informed, smiling to Malakai then back to me, “It was only a matter of time.”
“So, allow us to welcome you,” Buddy smirked, taking my title off my shoulder and holding it delicately.
“I am a part of the house, now?” I needed reassurance, knowing the truth, but I liked hearing it directly; Malakai’s finger tip tilting my head up by the chin, a whisper meeting my lips:
“Welcome to the House of Black.”
 A strong wind flew past me like racing a car with all of the windows down, chilling yet my blood was boiling. I thought I knew what powerful was till I felt his lips against mine, earning pants from me with that kiss along with his lips parting to warn:
“You earned that title and the gift that awaits you. Don’t take any of it for granted.”
My head shook quickly, a slight ache in my knees, heat pooling between my thighs and it all made that new power in me surge, flowing faster than adrenaline and Malakai was quick to notice, exchanging glances with Brody and Buddy, all of them on the same page.
“I don’t know much about the House just yet,” I admitted, unable to hold back any temptations when I felt Buddy take my arm, “But I know one thing.”
It was astonishing how they all could read me like a book, Brody picking me up like I was weightless, momentarily distracted by the all black, Victorian styled room, till I was placed bent over the bed, handful of velvet, ass perking up high at Brody’s massive hand giving a firm spank.
“For a shy, quiet girl, she sure has a lot of fire,” He admired, all of us able to agree with discarding my clothes, feeling the sting of that spank while I laid back, noticing the mirror on the ceiling, but eyes fixing on Buddy.
He was the one who matched the fire I was burning, much impatient like me too, crawling next to me and smiling:
“Better match that fire.”
I was ready for whatever they threw at me, but we all looked to see Malakai shirtless, at the end of the bed and taking my ankles to pull me downward, gazes locked and heated while he kneeled, not even blinking, having to watch how my chest seized, mouth wide open to gasp with his lips closing around my clit.
“Oh man,” Buddy snickered in my ear, nibbling, “You’re really in for it.”
Even when I had a remark to give him, no words could come out, moans turning into sharp whines with that cursed tongue of Malakai’s, as swift as a switchblade, up and down my folds, having a waterfall of slick between my thighs and only adding to it, slipping in two digits, pushing to his second knuckles, but one feel was all he need.
“Malakai,” I cried out desperately, fingers  pumping restlessly while sucking on my swollen clit even harder.
Buddy and Brody made sure they plate their parts, neck and breasts covered in bites; Brody’s hand slipping down to my clit, two fingers feeling like so much while Malakai stood, wiping his chin.
“Master,” He corrected, “When we’re in this room, it’s Master. I’ll let you off just this one time.”
I was listening despite how fast my head was nodding, hips grinding into his fingers, looking and eyes reading my disappointment of me being the only one naked.
Again, mind readers. The sight of temple like bodies completely bare bringing back that fire, losing feeling of my movements much like in my match when I grabbed Brody first, eyes locking on his massive size.
“Buddy, you take the back,” Brody laid back for me, “Don’t want to hurt our princess on the first time. This’ll be the only time I lay down for you.”
“We are-“ I looked back to Buddy while straddling Brody, not opposed, just a little off guard.
“Don’t worry,” Buddy guided my hips back a little, letting his cock run through my slick and spreading the mess to my ass, “You are fucking soaked. You’ll be just fine.
I never thought I’d end up in a situation like this, but open to the new experience, a sharp moan jumping out of me when I felt the tip of his cock there, body tense due to the new stretch, only feeding his tip to let me take in the feeling and adjust.
Meanwhile Brody felt my soaked cunt, letting his tip ease in then shooting right in, earning an even louder moan, having to adjust to two new girths.
Unintentionally, both palms smacked Brody’s broad, built chest, eyes rested on all of the colored in across him, crying out pleasurably, looking up into the mirror to believe it:
“Oh my fucking god.”
“Pray to whatever “god”,” Brody snickered, thrusting up hard, “You’re only gonna get even more tight.”
“Tight?” Buddy laughed, sliding in deeper and growling, “Got me even tighter than a glove.”
“Don’t talk,” I huffed, nails digging into Brody’s chest; my one chance to have some kind of dominance wasn’t going to be wasted, swimming in dirty thoughts, “I want to be fucking ruined.”
“If that’s what you want princess,” Malakai’s voice echoed; Brody nor Buddy having any words, hips almost in sequence.
Nothing could come out when my jaw kept dropping, eyes shut tight and room filled with moans that transitioned into screams, beyond full in both ends, thrusts hard and fast making my body collapse onto Brody, hand taking a piece of his beard and unintentionally yanking, earning me a hand around the throat.
“What’s a matter princess?” Buddy teased, wet thumb circling my clit with his hips smacking into my ass, “Too much for you?”
The two were playing tug of war with my hips, trying to one up their power, and my attention lied else where too.
“You can handle one more,” Malakai cooed, pushing Brody’s hand so he could take me by the throat, holding his cock to my mouth, “Nice and wide.”
I had to push myself, but gladly took him in, mouth sucking the tip of his cock hard, not being able to use my hands and so, deep throating all of him, throat flexing around his shaft hard from moans being trapped inside, pushing me to tears.
None of them had plans to stop till I was ruined just like I said, not far off, choking on Malakai’s cock when Brody and Buddy had me cuming back to back, wet skin slapping and echoing all over the room, all of that slick giving Buddy a better advantage, planking himself and slamming me down into Brody’s ruthless cock that was still pounding up inside to my lower core, having another orgasm come around.
Malakai took a handful of my hair, down to the scalp, tensing up but not that easy, keeping me choking and beginning to fuck my throat softly, but not wasting any time to grow a little rough just like the other two.
“Just a little more,” His hand stroked my cheek, giving me the push to bob my head as quick as possible till he started throbbing.
“I’m sorry,” I cried out with a cough, chin covered with saliva, pulling back to suck his tip hard, hand working his soaked shaft, till the throbbing grew even hard.
Brody’s bites all over my breasts, Buddy delivering few spanks and even pulling back on my hair a little knowing the little room I had, I could only scream, calling out their names like prayers.
“Malakai, I-“ The one brief moment that I looked up, sinister smirk on his face, he came right into my mouth, panting but still enjoying the view when I let my jaw fall, taking all of him and swallow just to revert back to the mess of babbles I was.
“Fuck,” Buddy huffed out, pulling out and pulling me back by the hair, slamming me down on Brody’s cock that had my walls spasming to what felt like no end, cuming all over my back.
“Fuck?” I whined hard, “Fuck me! Brody, I’m-“
My orgasms had no signals at that point, breathless and aching while gushing all over, my body finally getting some relaxation and falling to his chest, eyes rolled back and humming at Brody’s warmth, pulling out and shooting all over the bottom of my ass.
“Surprised you held up that long,” Brody loved to tease, all of them proud of the puddle that they made me.
“Now, now,” Malakai breathed, “Let her have a moment. She’s still adjusting.”
He definitely had a soft spot for me, but I was no saint and sure wasn’t a quitter, eyes closed but smiling and snickering to them:
“I’m going to love being in this room.”
“Just know, we were going easy on you,” Buddy laughed, kind enough to rub my shoulders and ease some tension.
“Who said that I liked it easy?” I shot back, glancing up to read their expressions and I knew they were telling the truth, arousing my curiosity and having me wanting more, Malakai picking my head up to kiss softly:
“Won’t be long till you see what we’re all truly capable of.”
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enhypia · 10 months ago
° 𐐪𐑂 ₒ ˚ HS ; darling dance with me now
Tumblr media
if it's my last day on earth then love me now
pairing: lee heeseung x fem!reader
genre: fluff
word count: roughly 300 words
⊱ ── {⋅. ♪ .⋅binibini (last day on earth)⋅. ♪ .⋅ } ── ⊰
series masterlist ⸺ enhypen masterlist
the soft patter of rain echoed in the living room along with the music. and heeseung couldn't help but stare at you as you waltz around the room, swaying softly to the music playing.
"binibini~" you sang with your eyes close.
"what does binibini mean?" he asks, walking closer to you.
you hummed as he wrapped his arms around you from behind and swayed with you.
"it depends, but generally it's like a formal way to call a woman. i think in this song it's used like that but more affectionate" you answered turning to face him, his arms still firmly on your waist.
"binibini~" he sang to you making you chuckle.
"do you know how much i feel for you?" he started to move you along with him as he continued to sing, never taking his eyes off you.
"don't look at me like that, i will trip and i'll blame you" he grinned and left a soft kiss on your forehead.
"you make my heart skip a beat or two." he made you twirl, your laugh ringing on his mind.
foreheads touching, heeseung continued to swing with you to the beat of music. your heart soared upon seeing the utter contentment in his face. you leaned in and pecked his lips, his eyes fluttering open slowly. a blush instantly gracing your cheeks as soon as you met his gaze.
"every time you look into my eyes i melt inside" he sang softly. not being able to hold his stare any longer, you opted to bury your face in the crook of his neck. his head instinctively leaning on top of your head.
"i love you" you mumbled. and if you heard his heart speed up, you kept quiet about it.
"i love you too" he replied, tightening his grip on you.
i know you love me like i love you now
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ♫ ⋅.} ───── ⊰
series masterlist ⸺ enhypen masterlist
a/n: happy birthday to our ace, lee heeseung !!! i was supposed to post jay's but i decided to just wait until hee's bday (today) and post this in advance in honor of it.
stream tamed-dashed and donate for our digitals if you can !! more instructions on twitter if you want to know more about it.
and !! enhypia is part of enhypenwriters now <33 hihi jay's will be next (for real this time) please look forward to it~
hapi bday heeseung again <33
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ccugirll · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
a/n: this is terrible ik but work with me here😭
warnings: minor cursing and a little violence
count: 463
dating harley quinn, the self proclaimed do-gooder,as like begin on a rollercoast with no end and no safety. she can be really reckless with the stuff she does. one time she wanted to rob a bank,  keep the money, not spend a dime, and return it the next day thinking we wouldn’t get arrested for robbery. but her craziest idea by far was blowing up ace chemicals. 
“ya get all that?” harley and i are in front of ace chemicals, trying to come up with a plan. more so her. “harley. take this with a grain of salt. this is by far the stupidest thing i’ve heard you say since we first met. you can’t just walk in ace chemicals thinking they won’t throw your ass in prison. especially trying to blow up the damn place.” i huff out. “i can and i will. watch me.” “i’m not going to jail because of you.” “just stick to the plan.” she walks up to the two guards who are guarding the main entrance. “hiya boys! rememba me? i was the chick that got thrown in one of the tanks by joker. well, anyways imma need you to let me in-“ “step away from us ma’am.” one of the guards say, raising his rifle pointing it to her head and the other doing the same thing. “guess we gotta do it the hard way.” harley dodges the bullet firing out of one of the bullets while knocking one of the guards on his back. grabbing his rifle, she shoots the standing guard then shoots the other. “you guys need to upgrade your security. this was easy.” harley motions me to step out of my hiding place to enter the place. “sorry you guys.” i whisper. 
“oh have i thought of this moment.” harley exclaims. she stares in awe. “you got the explosives?” she questions finally looking at me. as we make eye contact, i can’t but admire her face. i remind myself that she is mine. my girlfriend. i can’t wait to put a ring on it. “yea. i do.” i mumble. “great. you put them on the back tanks and i’ll put them over here then we meet back here. okay?” “aight buti ain’t gonna enjoy this ya know.” i grab my explosives and place them. “alright, let’s go-” “THEY’RE IN HERE! SEARCH FOR ’EM!” “shit nuggets. let go.” she whispers. 
finally, we escape unscathed. “aight, you ready to see some fireworks?” “jesus you’re crazy.” “crazy in love with you!” she plants her lips on my cheek and presses the button to active the “fireworks”. “i hate to say it but this is beautiful.” “not as beautiful as you. but let’s get outta here before we get arrested again or batsy finds us.
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