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#Dogs Health
better-positive-memes · 2 years ago
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[pictured is a screenshot from a cartoon of two small dogs running side by side. tied to them are sticks, with a sign connecting them. the sign reads, “i hope you get good news on something you’ve been waiting on. you deserve it”]
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eliasericson · 2 years ago
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The Cat has its Heart on the Outside
Available as a fanzine in Swedish with a translation note  here.
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pocketdogs · a year ago
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just saw this on twitter, be careful folks
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chibird · 3 months ago
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Floofy pup reminder that you don’t have to be productive all the time. 💕
Chibird store | Positive pin club | Webtoon
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fragmentedink · 3 years ago
I thought I might not be the only writer out there who likes to put symbolism in their stories so I found some things and what they represent!!
Alligator - stealth, survival
Ant - diligence, industry, community, remarkable strength, hard working, success, patience
Antelope - action
Armadillo - boundaries, self protection
Badger - aggressiveness, passion and drive
Bat - rebirth, longevity, joy, good luck
Bear - gentle strength, dreaming, introspection, power, protection
Beaver - builder, accomplishing goals
Bee - divine messenger, love, service, gathering, community
Bird - enlightenment, perspective, swiftness, vision, prophetic knowledge
Boar - nature-based wealth, prosperity, success, protection, courage
Buffalo - prayer, abundance, survival needs met, good fortune, healing
Bulls' horns - a good symbol in meditation for motivation
Butterfly - rebirth, the soul, transformation, the three phases of life
Cat - feminine energy, mystical power, used to keep the wearer safe in travel, wholeness
Chameleons - ever-changing future, inconsistency
Cheetah - speed, focus
Cougar - power, swiftness, balance
Cows - red cows are a symbol of hope, inspiring symbol for nurturing efforts
Coyote - trickster
Crane - longevity. A pair of cranes symbolizes "Long Marriage"
Cricket - good luck charm, singing, Spring, fertility
Crow - sacred law, gateway to supernatural, shape shifting, illusion
Deer - graceful gentleness, sensitivity, compassion, kindness
Dog - companionship, health, service, loyalty, protection, future prosperity
Dolphin - manna, joy, childlike play, helpfulness, breath of life, harmony, intelligence, self connection
Donkey - fertility, easy childbirth, efficiency, health, well-being, and luck
Dove - peace, innocence, fidelity, love, gentleness, kindnes
Dragonfly - good fortune, magic, vision, dreams, luck, and ancient knowledge, illusion
Dragon - wisdom due to long lives and potent magic, royalty, Emperor, eternity, courage, strength, rain, Spring
Eagle - courage, spirit, bravery, strength
Elephant - commitment, strength, astuteness
Elk - stamina, pride, power, majesty
Fish - miracles, providence, sea/water magic, good luck and prosperity, foresight, fortune, salmon in particular, are associated with knowledge
Fox - camouflage, adaptability, integration, tricksters, shape shifters, and possessors of great magic
Frog - healing, cleansing, messages, health, honesty, fluidity, purification
Gazelle - awareness
Giraffe - grounded vision
Goat - tenacity, diligence, can help to achieve goals, endure criticism, and stay safe. Goat's fur or foot - an anti-evil talisman.
Goose - safe return, love of home
Grasshopper - nobility, prosperity
Hawk - nessenger, strength, foresight, truth
Hippopotamus - emotional depths
Horses - power, stamina, speed, transportation and communication - A black horse with a white marking on its forehead is lucky
Hummingbird - joy, pure love, celebration of life
Ladybug - delight, trust
Lamb - filial piety (dutiful respect or regard for parents).
Lion (baby) cubs - inspire mercy and gentleness.
Lion (grown) - inspire strength, courage
Lions - pride, nobility, cunning, courage, just laws, fairness, the sun, images can protect sacred ground.
Lizard - dreaming, foresight, ancient secrets
Lynx - secrets
Monkey - benevolence, drives away evil
Moose - self-esteem, assertiveness
Mountain Lion - wisdom, leadership
Mouse - frugality, rebirth, scrutiny
Opossum - strategy, diversion
Otter - medicine (woman), balanced feminine energy
Owl - deception, wisdom, clairvoyance, magic
Ox - evil spirits that disturb lakes, rivers, and seas
Peacock - wholeness, dignity, beauty, recognition, self assurance, pride
Pig - rebirth and rejuvenation
Porcupine - innocence
Rabbit - fear, fertility, moon magic, speed, swiftness, longevity, courage, strength
Raccoon - dexterity, disguise
Raven - magic
Robin - growth, renewal
Rooster - courageous, warlike disposition, warmth and life of the Universe
Scorpion - the "fire within" that often needs careful tending
Seal - inner voice
Sheep - sacrifice
Snake - cunning, evil, supernatural power
Spider - destiny, fate, weaving
Squirrel - gathering
Swan - grace
Tiger - courage, bravery, fierceness, strength, being in the now
Turtle - mother earth
Weasel - stealth
Whale - record keeper
Wolf - teacher, A Guide to the Sacred
Zebra - Individuality
Aloe- Healing, protection, affection
Amaryllis- Pride
Anemone- Forsaken
Angelica- Inspiration
Apple blossom- Preference
Arborvitae- Unchanging friendship
Aster- Symbol of Love, Daintiness
Basil- Good wishes
Bay- Glory
Begonia- Beware
Bittersweet- Truth
Black-eyed Susan- Justice
Bluebell- Humility, kindness
Candytuft- Indifference
Red carnation- My Heart Aches, admiration
- White carnation- Innocence, pure love, women’s good luck gift
- Pink carnation- I’ll never forget you
- Yellow carnation- Disdain, disappointment, rejection
Chamomile- Patience
Chives- Usefulness
Chrysanthemum- Cheerfulness
Clover, white- Think of me
Coreopsis- Always cheerful
Coriander- Hidden worth
Crocus- spring, Youthful gladness
Cumin- Fidelity
Cyclamen- Resignation and good-bye
Daffodil- Regard
Daisy- Innocence, hope
Dill- Powerful against evil
Edelweiss- Courage, devotion
Fennel- Flattery
Fern- Sincerity
Forget-me-not- True love memories
Gardenia- Secret love
Geranium- oak-leavedTrue friendship
Gladiolus- Remembrance
Goldenrod- Encouragement, good fortune
Heliotrope- Eternal love
Holly- Hope
Hollyhock- Ambition
Honeysuckle- Bonds of love
Horehound- Health
Hyacinth- Games and sport, playfulness, rashness
– Blue Hyacinth- Constancy of love
– Purple Hyacinth- Sorrow, forgiveness, regret
– Yellow Hyacinth- Jealousy
– White Hyacinth- Loveliness, prayers for someone
Hydrangea- Gratitude for being understood; frigidity and heartlessness
Hyssop- Sacrifice, cleanliness
Iris- A message
Ivy- Friendship, continuity
Jasmine- white- Sweet love
Lady’s-mantle- Comforting
Lavender- Devotion, virtue
Lemon balm- Sympathy
Lilac- Joy of youth
Lily, calla- Beauty
Lily, day- Chinese emblem for mother
Lily-of-the-valley- Sweetness, purity
Lotus Flower- Purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth
Magnolia- Love of nature
Marjoram- Joy and happiness
Mint- Virtue
Morning glory- Affection
Myrtle- Good luck and love in a marriage
Nasturtium- Patriotism
Oak- Strength
Oregano- Substance
Pansy- Thoughts
Parsley- Festivity
Peony- Bashful, happy life
Pine- Humility
Poppy, red- Consolation
Rhododendron- Danger, flee
Rose, red- Love, I love you.
Rose, dark crimson- Mourning
Rose, pink- Happiness
Rose, white- Purity, heavenly, I’m worthy of you
Rose, yellow- Jealousy, decrease of love
Rosemary- Remembrance
Rue- Grace, clear vision
Sage- Wisdom, immortality
Salvia, blue- I think of you
Salvia, red- Forever mine
Savory Spice-  interest
Sorrel- Affection
Southernwood- Constancy, jest
Sunflower- Adoration
Sweet pea- Pleasures
Sweet William- Gallantry
Sweet woodruff- Humility
Tansy- Hostile thoughts
Tarragon- Lasting interest
Thyme- Courage, strength
Tulip, red- Passion, declaration of love
Tulip, yellow- Sunshine in your smile
Valerian- Readiness
Violet- Loyalty, devotion, faithfulness, modesty
Wallflower- Faithfulness in adversity
Willow- Sadness
Yarrow- Everlasting love
Zinnia- Thoughts of absent friends
Red: Excitement, energy, passion, love, desire, speed, strength, power, heat, aggression, danger, fire, blood, war, violence, all things intense and passionate, sincerity, happiness (Only in Japan)
Pink: love and romance, caring, tenderness, acceptance and calm.
Beige and ivory: symbolize unification. 
Ivory: symbolizes quiet and pleasantness. 
Beige: calm and simplicity.
Yellow: signifies joy, happiness, betrayal, optimism, idealism, imagination, hope, sunshine, summer, gold, philosophy, dishonesty, cowardice, jealousy, covetousness, deceit, illness, hazard and friendship.
Dark Blue: Symbolizes integrity, knowledge, power, and seriousness.
Blue: Peace, tranquility, cold, calm, stability, harmony, unity, trust, truth, confidence, conservatism, security, cleanliness, order, loyalty, sky, water, technology, depression, appetite suppressant.
Turquoise: calm. 
Teal: sophistication. 
Aquamarine: symbolizes water. 
Lighter turquoise: a feminine appeal.
Purple: Royalty, nobility, spirituality, ceremony, mysterious, transformation, wisdom, enlightenment, cruelty, honor, arrogance, mourning, temperance.
Lavender: femininity, grace and elegance.
Orange: Energy, balance, enthusiasm, warmth, vibrant, expansive, flamboyant, demanding of attention.
Green: Nature, environment, healthy, good luck, renewal, youth, spring, generosity, fertility, jealousy, service, inexperience, envy, misfortune, vigor.
Brown: Earth, stability, hearth, home, outdoors, reliability, comfort, endurance, simplicity, and comfort.
Gray: Security, reliability, intelligence, staid, modesty, dignity, maturity, solid, conservative, practical, old age, sadness, boring. Silver symbolizes calm.
White: Reverence, purity, birth, simplicity, cleanliness, peace, humility, precision, innocence, youth, winter, snow, good, sterility, marriage (Western cultures), death (Eastern cultures), cold, clinical.
Black: Power, sexuality, sophistication, formality, elegance, wealth, mystery, fear, evil, unhappiness, depth, style, sadness, remorse, anger, anonymity, underground, good technical color, mourning, death (Western cultures), austerity, detachment.
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anxietyproblem · 2 years ago
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anxietyproblem · a year ago
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