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kazuallyy · 2 days ago
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🦋 La Familia Madrigal !!🕯️
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ginnyweatherby · 23 hours ago
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even more Encanto text posts
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djkrel · a day ago
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THE MADRIGAL FAMILY + celestial bodies
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darlingandmreames · a day ago
So obviously it's heavily implied the Dolores always knew that Bruno never left because of her magical hearing. But the thing about Dolores' hearing is that it's only ever stated that her HEARING is magically enhanced, not her ability to place what she's hearing in space. Which means that, though Dolores can HEAR far more than anyone else, she doesn't necessarily know WHERE it's coming from. Moreover, if Dolores "can hear a pin drop" and "can hear this whole chorus a mile away" but also doesn't seem to find regular conversation around her to be overwhelmingly loud then any difference in volume is definitely not proportional to to how far away something is, which would actually make placing sounds in space (at least in terms of distance) HARDER.
All of this is to say that I think it would be hilarious if Dolores always knew the Bruno was still in the village because she could hear him, but never actually knew WHERE in the area he was. She just kinda assumed that he found a little place in the woods and is vibing by himself watching rat telenovelas, and definitely NOT that he was living in the walls of the house because WHY would he be doing that. Never even occured to her as an option.
When she finds out that he was, in fact, vibing to his rat telenovelas in the walls of Casita for 10 years and THAT'S why she could still hear him she's just like, "hey what the FUCK"
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Dolores: My boyfriend is too tall for me to kiss him. What should I do?
Isabela: Punch him in the stomach. Then, when he doubles over in pain, kiss him.
Camilo: Tackle him.
Mirabel: Kick him in the shin.
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Dolores! (Also on Twitter )
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carlaerosie · a day ago
some chaotic Madrigals to make your day better
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*not sure if “chaotic” is a proper word*
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dragon-spaghetti · 2 days ago
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Some encanto emotes, they're free to use!! Though reblogs would be appreciated if you use them :0
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camilosluvr · 2 days ago
Omg i love the camilo, dolores and isabela with a s/o who's mute, can you make one where their s/o talks for the first time and how they would react hearing their s/o voice for the first time?? Thanks! :))
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Pairings: Camilo Madrigal x GN Reader, Dolores Madrigal x GN Reader and Isabela Madrigal x GN Reader
Genre: Fluff
Synopsis: Camilo, Dolores, and Isabela hear their mute s/o's voice for the first time
Taglist: @doloreshearsyou @fairytale-writes @jjk-ily @dai-tsukki-desu @maximuscofi @el-1-jah @onthr-dream @kenzi-woycehoski @ais-little-teacorner @maileylikesducks @whyyarewehere @ynfromencanto2430 @sunnth
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Camilo Madrigal
It all started with camilo mentioning your voice and joking about if you talked and you thought that it would be nice to respond in your actual voice
But, you didn't just talk because camilo asked because he literally asks you to talk or what your voice sounds like all the time and because you've been mute for a long time and you weren't just going to break that vow because he asked, you actually thought about it for a while
When I tell you camilo was shocked when you spoke, he literally questioned if there was a ghost in his room or not but when he realized that it was you, he hugged you and told you how much he loved your voice
He literally loved your voice and asked you to talk more but if you weren't going to speak around anyone else then that's fine because whenever he wants to hear your voice, he can just drag you to a secluded area
You and camilo were chilling in his room together and just enjoying each other's presence while you two sat on the floor and camilo had his head in your lap as you brushed through his curly brown hair, he had purposely tangled his hair just so you could brush it.
You looked at Camilo's pajamas that sat beside you and you tapped Camilo's shoulder as you set the brush down making him look back at you and you signed "Cami, do you have pajamas to throw them on the floor or to just look at them because every time I come over here they're on the floor" and it took camilo a bit to realize what you said because he's not that good as reading and understanding it as he is when it comes to speaking it.
Camilo chuckled a bit "I do wear them, they're just not my favorite." Camilo explained making you chuckle a tiny bit and camilo then thought of something "What if you just randomly responded to me with your voice like I'd probably shit myself out of surprise." Camilo said as he turned his entire body around to face you which made him lay on his stomach "Well, that would be quite a surprise." You said making him freeze and look you in the eye, he looked around the room to make sure that no one else was there because he didn't believe that it was you speaking but then when he realized it was you, he looked back at you and he shifted into you then back into himself.
He then grinned and hugged you "Aw, your voice is so cute!" He yelled as he hugged you tightly making you chuckle at his actions as he sat up to hug you fully and not just your torso "Your voice truly did almost make me shit myself though." He whispered in your ear making you burst out laughing while camilo snuggled into your shoulder "But talk more! I like your voice!" He yelled as he smothered your face with kisses "Okay okay! That tickles!" You yelled as you laughed from the tickling feeling of Camilo's lips pressing every inch of your face.
Dolores Madrigal
Dolores always hears everything so she's always prepared when someone wants to tell her something but she was not prepared for this, she didn't hear you debating whether you should or not because she can't hear your thoughts
When you spoke, dolores literally froze and dropped the basket of fruit she was holding because she literally couldn't believe her ears for the first time ever
It started when you two were picking fruit from an apple tree and she was asking did you think that they were ripe, she expected you to sign an answer but instead, you said an answer with your actual voice
Dolores loved your voice so much and would ask you to talk so that she could hear it or even whisper it, everytime you go to sleep, you whisper a small "Goodnight mi amor' for dolores because you know that she can hear you and because you love to wish her goodnight and before you were never able to tell her with your voice
If you're not comfortable with talking around other people then that's fine too! She'll just settle for your whispers because even whispers are loud for her, it's just as good!
Dolores and you were just looking up at the apple tree observing the apples to see if they had any worms in them "Do you think that they're ripe?" Dolores asked as she picked one of the branches and looked closely at the shiny red apple. you hummed as you looked at the apples "Yeah, they do." You said as you picked off an apple and dropped it in the basket full of pears, oranges, and other types of fruits.
Dolores froze and dropped the apple on the green grass that had a few flowers spread out in the field, the apple rolled down the hill you two were on as dolores squeaked as she slowly turned her head to face you "What'd you say?" She asked you as she pursed her cherry red lips together.
You turned your head to face her as you halted your apple-picking "I said, yeah, they look ripe." You said as you chuckled a bit and dolores grinned and she kissed your cheek leaving a red kiss mark on your cheek "Your voice is so nice." Dolores said as she chuckled a bit "Though, you almost gave me a heart attack." Dolores said as she put a hand over her chest as she let out a deep breath making you chuckle more.
Isabela Madrigal
When I tell you that you almost died because of how shocked isabela was, she grew spiky plants and carnivorous plants around you because she was so caught off guard
Though it wasn't like she didn't like your voice, she loved it but she didn't expect you to talk, and just like camilo, she didn't even think it was you
Isabela loves your voice so much and likes to hear you talk about many things especially when you talk about your day while she's making flower crowns and flower necklaces for you
If you don't feel comfortable talking around anyone else then that's fine, she'll just take you to a secluded area or to her room so she can hear your voice or so you two can talk
It started with you and isabela growing flowers and plants in her room when you asked isabela what was one of the flowers she grew and she was about to answer but then she realized that you said that and not someone else
Isabela and you were just chilling in her room, you were sitting on one of her flower and vine strings while she sat on one beside you while she grew flowers beneath both of your feet "Hey isa, what's that plant?" You asked as you pointed at the bleeding hearts that she had just grown over your head "Oh those are bleeding hear-" She said but she cut herself off as she had to make sure that she had heard you and not someone else.
Isabela looked at you with confusion written all over her face then she looked around to see if anyone else was there before looking back at you with the same confusion on her face "Was that you?" She asked as you chuckled a bit at her reaction "Yeah, it was me." You said and isabela froze and stared at you with blank eyes making you laugh more but then the swing you were on came undone as isabela grew yuccas, agaves, cactuses, and different spiky plants along with carnivorous plants underneath the both of you.
Your eyes widened as you started to fall from the air but luckily you two were pretty high in the air so you didn't fall on the ground immediately "Isabela!" You yelled out making isabela snap out of her thoughts and look down at you, she hurried and removed the spiky and carnivorous plants and replaced them with a giant sunflower to catch you, you landed safely on the sunflower as isabela hopped off her swing with only her hand resting on one of the vines as she lowered herself to the sunflower.
Isabela sat next to you on the flower "Mi amor, I'm so sorry, you just caught me off guard is all." Isabela said kissing your cheek as you dusted the pollen from the sunflower off your clothes "It's fine, I would've been shocked too." You said as you leaned on her shoulder with a small smile "Your voice is (beautiful/handsome), talk more, please? I'm not gonna drop you this time." Isabela said as she smothered your face with more kisses as she grabbed your hands, at least you knew that she almost killed you because she liked your voice and not because she hated it.
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the-panda-fangirl · 2 days ago
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the grey circle is "songs that are masterpieces written by Lin-Manuel Miranda"
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Dolores, texting: Nose
Dolores: I just typed “nose” with my nose :)
Camilo: Heart
Dolores: What the fuck?
Dolores: Bro, are you okay?
Dolores: CAMILO?
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magic-madrigals · 17 hours ago
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shadowed-dancer · a day ago
So since Antonio was "an animal guy" before getting his gift, it implies that gifts are related to the person's personality/interests. So here are some headcanons based on that...
This one was confirmed on Twitter apparently, but Julieta was always the caretaker. I hc that she also always loved cooking, and used to watch Alma in the kitchen and follow her around to be her "helper". She would also be the emotional support for her siblings, and would try to comfort Alma if she saw she was sad
Pepa felt her emotions very strongly, and would always be very vocal about how she was feeling. Little 4-year-old Pepa would be stomping around the house like "I'm very mad!" Her emotions could change very quickly though
Bruno was very good at reading people. He was incredibly observant, and was able to make connections between cause and effect very easily. He would take it upon himself to vocalize these concerns, such as "that cup is about to fall" or "if you keep doing that you will get hurt".
Isabela had a fascination with plants, and enjoyed the many pretty colours of the flowers. If any of the townspeople had a garden, she would sit and stare at the plants for hours. Sometimes Agustin would take her into the forest so she could look at the plants. She would always come home with a handpicked bouquet of wild flowers for Alma
Dolores always wanted to be "in the know". She liked knowing exactly what was going on at all times, and hated feeling like she was left out. If she heard the grownups talking but she didn't understand a word, she would ask them to say it again. If the grownups were having private conversations, she would try and eavesdrop on them
Luisa always wanted to be the helper. She was constantly running around the house trying to be useful, and she'd take pride when one of the grownups thanked her. She was also very protective of Camilo and Mirabel when they were babies, and she decided it was her job to keep them safe (usually meaning she would sit and watch them play, driving away anyone who dared risk knocking over their little block tower)
Camilo was a little comedian. He liked making people laugh, and he found a good way to do that was impressions. While he couldn't always get the voices right, his tone and intonation were precise. When he was very little, he would pick a grownup and follow them around the house, mimicking their actions
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ginnyweatherby · a day ago
Consider..... post-canon madrigals looking through the old photo albums together 🥺👀
"So," Bruno laughed nervously, rubbing his hand up and down his arm.  "What did I miss?"
And that was how Bruno found himself in what was once the front lawn of the Casita, Antonio on his knee while the rest of the family rooted through the rubble.
"What're they doing?"  He muttered, causing the little boy to shrug in reply.  It was amazing how quickly Antonio had warmed up to his tío, but Bruno certainly wasn't going to complain.  He was a great kid.
"Here's one!"  Luisa exclaimed, waving a white book over her head.  "Looks like Mirabel's got one as well!"
"One here too,"  Dolores said, the purple-bound book in her hands covered in dust.
"And here!"  Isabela chimed in.
It wasn't until Pepa unearthed a blue one, did Bruno realize what they were searching for.  Photo albums.  From all the time he'd spent hiding away in the walls.
Sure, he had heard bits and pieces of dinner conversation, but he knew he had missed so much.  Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries.  He'd missed his own fiftieth birthday, for God's sake.
Once the family was satisfied with their findings, they returned to the grass and sat beside Bruno and Antonio.
"This one was taken when I turned seven,"  Camilo pointed out, a birthday hat perched on his head, the camera caught him morphed somewhere between himself and Isabela.
"And this one is when I turned seven,"  Mirabel said, pointing to a different shot, where she scowled as Camilo tried to blow out the candles on her cake.
"This one is from Pepa and Félix's anniversary…"  Julieta murmured, her fingers moving gently over the photos, a small smile on her face.
"And here's when Pepa made it tornado just because Félix complimented her that very same day,"  Agustín teased, chuckling at the state of Félix's hair, blowing wildly in the heavy winds.
"If you had heard the compliment, you would have tornadoed too," Pepa said, scowling as her cheeks turned a bright pink.
Bruno half expected some sort of raincloud to appear overhead from the ribbing, Pepa had never taken well to teasing; but he quickly remembered that the magic was gone, as evidenced by Mirabel blowing Casita dust off of another album.
He didn't mind though, as he watched his family laugh and point out different things in the photos.  No magic could ever replace a moment like this.  He hadn't realized how much he had missed.
"Hey, here's one from my Gift Ceremony!"  Antonio leapt from Bruno's lap, grabbing the album and holding it out for everyone to see.
"Antonio, that was only three days ago,"  Camilo said, rolling his eyes.  "Where's one from my Ceremony?"
"But Tío Bruno hasn't seen it,"  Antonio handed the album to the uncle in question, and Bruno took it, looking at each face individually.
Seeing them all after ten years was rather shocking, honestly.  Julieta now had a considerable amount of gray hair, Pepa had wrinkles (although he daren't ever mention it), Agustín had grown his mustache in again, and Félix had put on a few pounds around the middle.  Even his own mother looked different.  Older, more tired.
And that was saying nothing about the kids.  It was amazing how much of a difference a decade could make.  The last time he'd seen Luisa he could still pick her up, and now she was twice his size and three times his weight in pure muscle.
Bruno scanned the picture, doing a quick head count.  Something was missing… no, someone.
"Hey kid, where were you?"  Bruno leaned over to Mirabel, who was occupying herself looking through her parents' wedding photos.  "They didn't make you take the picture, did they?"
"No,"  Mirabel said swiftly, flipping a page.
"What are you talking about, of course Mirabel is in it,"  His mother snatched the album from his hands and Bruno watched as her eyes scanned the page, and could see the moment she realized.  "Oh, Mirabel…"
"What?  It's nothing,"  Mirabel shrugged.
"No it's not,"  Julieta said, crawling over to sit by her youngest daughter.  "That was a family photo, you were supposed to be in it!"
"It's fine, Mamá!"  Mirabel insisted.  "Ew, are these honeymoon pictures?"
Camilo tried reaching for the album, but Agustín's hands were quicker.  "That's enough of that one, thank you."
"Wait, Mira isn't in a lot of these,"  Antonio commented, flipping through a few pages.  There were individual photos of each of the kids; Isabela wearing a crown made of daisies, Camilo contorting his face into funny expressions, but very few of just Mirabel.
Even some of the group shots excluded her, or she was off to the side.
"Mirabel, I hadn't realized…"  Julieta began to flip through a few pages, and Bruno saw tears pool in the corners of her eyes.  "We didn't mean to exclude you."
"I understand, I'm not that interesting,"  Mirabel said with another shrug.  "Hey, here's one of me!"
Bruno winced as he recognized it as from the night he left.
From her failed Gift Ceremony.
Was that really what it all came down to?  Had Mirabel really fallen through the cracks so much that nobody even noticed if she was missing from a family photo?
Maybe his leaving hadn't protected her as much as he thought it would.
"I don't ever want to hear you say that again,"  Agustín said, wrapping Mirabel in his arms and squeezing her until she giggled and blushed red.
"Me either,"  Julieta agreed, wrapping her arms around the two of them and plastering kisses all over her face.
"Hey, quit it," Mirabel protested, squirming in their grasp.
She'd almost gotten away when Isabela joined in, followed by Luisa, and Antonio.
Before Bruno could process fully what was happening, the entire family was suddenly circled around his youngest niece, encapuring her in a giant group hug, whoever was closest to her face pressing kisses onto the available space.
"Get over here, Bruno!"  Félix said, waving an arm.  "Come show Mirabel how much you missed her!"
Bruno wasn't about to deny that.  He had missed her.  He'd missed all of them.
He didn't even have a chance to hesitate as Pepa grabbed his arm, and pulled him into the embrace.
It was cramped, and hot, and everyone smelled of sweat and rubble… but it was soft, and warm, and felt like home.
He'd almost forgotten what it was like to get a hug from the Family Madrigal.
"I think we need another picture,"  Antonio announced, as the hug slowly eased up and broke apart, Mirabel's glasses crooked and hair disheveled from being the center of the heap.  "One with everybody."
"That's the best idea I've heard all day, kid,"  Bruno said, scooping his nephew into his arms, as Dolores retrieved the camera - shockingly still functioning after the house collapsed.
They all crammed together, tight enough that Bruno could feel Isabela's elbow digging into his ribs and Agustín stepping on his foot - but he didn't mind.  Not in the slightest.
"Okay everyone,"  Dolores said, as she set up the timer and quickly moved in front of the camera, squeezing between her mother and grandmother.  "Say 'La Familia Madrigal!"
"¡La Familia Madrigal!"
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c-rose2081 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Dolores: You…you kept it? After all this time?
Mirabel: Of course I kept it. I love you, Lolo, and I’m proud to wear it today.
Mira wearing Dolores’s feather at her wedding makes her cry because I’m soft 🥺✨
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Camilo: This is it.
Camilo: This is the darkest hour.
Dolores: We just ran out of black licorice, you dramatic asshole.
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lalloronamuerte · 2 days ago
Me: I’m not obsessed with Encanto
Me singing What Else Can I Do in the bath:
Tumblr media
Me dancing to The Family Madrigal whenever I’m making food:
Tumblr media
Me singing along to We Don’t Talk About Bruno in Spanglish while driving:
Tumblr media
Me relating to Surface Pressure when I’m supposed to be doing laundry:
Tumblr media
Me channeling my inner theatre kid while singing Waiting On A Miracle:
Tumblr media
Me probably doing some ritual dancing to Family Allies:
Tumblr media
Me channeling my 0.001% Spanish heritage dancing to El Baile Madrigal:
Tumblr media
Me disrespecting my non existent heritage by butchering the lyrics to Colombia, Mi Encanto:
Tumblr media
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carlaerosie · a day ago
Dolores Madrigal the prettiest girl ever
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I can’t anymore
(found those pics on Twitter)
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gh0stlypiano · a day ago
disney i am once again asking you to give us a mini-series for encanto post-canon. please give us luisa opening up to her parents about the pressure she feels. please give us alma reconnecting with mirabel after apologizing and taking responsibility. please give us isabela growing succulents and other funky plants. please give us backstories on how agustín and félix met their wives and fell in love. please give us bruno reconnecting with his family and catching up after his decade long disappearance. please give us agustín félix and bruno being best buds. please give us dolores being able to be seen rather than heard. please give us what happened over the months they rebuilt casita. please give us camilo and antonio being the best older brother/younger brother duo. i beg of you. 🙏
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soloragoldsun · a day ago
After Bruno’s return, there are inevitably some people in the village who still call him creepy and spread rumors about him being a bad omen, sometimes saying awful things to his face. Bruno is quiet about it, but Dolores finds out immediately. The nieces and nephews unanimously become Bruno’s personal protection squad. Anyone who speaks ill of him or makes him feel bad will suddenly find lots of loud birds in the area when trying to sleep, and will find themselves tripping over roots and vines that seem to appear right by their feet. Luisa flat-out ignores any requests from those individuals and Camilo pulls pranks on them.
When Abuela finds out, she is furious. She gives all of her grandchildren a stern lecture on misusing their powers, and forbids them from doing anything of the sort again.
After that, she proceeds to march into the village and drag the people being mean to Bruno to the casita one by one and waits with arms folded while they apologize to her son.
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