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casukaga · a day ago
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huh, i think you installed the wrong version of nord by nordwest featuring…critical role’s campaign 3 characters!?
apropos of my mighty nein redraws of sam’s nordvpn ads from last year, it felt necessary to draw a version with the c3 characters.
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dungeons-and-drawing · 2 days ago
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This scene was so cute. I had to draw them becoming BFFs 5ever.
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sisterofwolves · 15 hours ago
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CR3 Crew vs shopping
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incorrectcriticalrole · a day ago
Dorian: when you're criticised for being short, they're really just saying the worst thing about you is that there isn't more of you
Chetney, trying to move the 'bookshelf': you're not helping, Dorian
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theluckpuck · 2 days ago
I’m convinced Liam and Robbie have some kind of psychic Dorym link there is no other explanation for Orym saying “I run straight at Dorian—“ and Dorian immediately making the move to boost him up w/o speaking
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annemarieyeretzian · 2 days ago
laudna asking “are you alright, orym? you’ve looked a little queasy throughout this conversation.” (bonus: dorian’s pleased little smile) and orym saying “no I’m just concerned for everyone at the table. and I want everyone to find the things they’re looking for. and I don’t want my friend’s brother to die.” and dorian looking down and nodding
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discourteouscuttlefish · a day ago
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Hhhh dorian am I right *passes out on the floor*
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stormstressed · a day ago
Wait I thought they were joking abt the "dorians middle name is second son" thing but the subtitles actually spell it Secondsun so is this man truly named Bronte Secondsun Wyvernwind did his parents truly decide it was a good idea to do this to him I'm dying
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fia-bonkginya · 2 days ago
(a snippet of a fic i might never finish)
"I’m just more used to it, I guess,” Dorian said after a moment. “Leaving things out, I mean.”
Orym tilted his head, considering that. “How do you reach the point where that’s more familiar to you? Isn’t it... isn’t it normal for kids to lie to their parents?”
“Oh, sure,” Dorian laughed, “but, well, my mother has a bit of magic, and zone of truth makes that much more complicated.”
Dorian was smiling, but Orym felt his blood run cold. “What?” he breathed.
“It’s a tricky spell, that one,” Dorian continued, seemingly not noticing the horror slowly making its home on Orym’s face. “It doesn’t actually force you to tell the truth, but it feels like it’s going to. The first few times she used it on me, when I was a kid, I just blurted out every truth I could think of. Not just what I had done wrong in that moment, the thing she was asking about, but any rules I had broken that she hadn’t asked about.”
“How young were you?” Orym found himself asking, unable to tear his eyes away from the relaxed, carefree, casual expression that Dorian wore. Like this was commonplace, normal. “The first time. How young?”
“Oh, five, maybe?” Dorian answered easily. “But I learned pretty quickly, what the spell required. You couldn’t lie, but you could dance around the truth, say just enough to satisfy the questions without really saying anything you didn’t want to.” He lifted a shoulder, a half-shrug, his mouth still turned up in that smile, like they were sharing a joke. “Easy.”
“Dorian, that’s...” Orym hesitated, searching for the word. 
Dorian blinked, noticing, now, the look on his face. His expression faltered, becoming unsure, nervous. “Ah, sorry, did I say something wrong?”
“No,” Orym said quickly, the word coming out in almost a growl, wrenched from his throat. “No, no, you didn’t do anything wrong. But nobody should be casting zone of truth on a five-year-old, let alone their own child.”
“She was just... she was over-protective. She didn’t want us doing things we weren’t supposed to be doing.”
Orym shook his head. “Dorian, zone of truth is... it’s a spell for criminals on trial. Or, if you’re especially paranoid, it’s for dealings with people you don’t trust. It is not for... for children.”
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kettlecliff · 2 days ago
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I just think they're neat
(click for quality)
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ozbian · 2 days ago
Just imagining this from Dorian's perspective ... Ashton the self-professed criminal whom you've known for a week just came back from a mysterious errand, told you who it is that has a massive bounty on your brother's head, that they often work for the person with a massive bounty on your brother's head, that they actually have a professional relationship with and the trust of the person with a massive bounty on your brother's head, that they have a large debt that they have been paying off for years with free labour for the person with a massive bounty on your brother's head, that they just walked the fuck away from the person with a massive bounty on your brother's head after implying that your brother is innocent and getting information about your other job and possibly securing another job to help clear the last of the debt that they still have to the person with a massive bounty on your brother's head.
And they act like it's nothing.
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mercedesrollinballer · a day ago
Dorian: “I would rather leave than—”
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aragaki · a day ago
Rewatching ExU and Dorian got so flustered from meeting Gilmore that he almost used his real name (1:19:20)
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thebookwormhole · a day ago
dorian is so shippable wtf..
he could be talking to literally anyone and I'm sitting there like 😳🤭..
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brondoesart · 2 days ago
If you want it, you can reach the sky💫☁️
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Ok so I know it's been months since the pageant episode but the moment I saw this fabric I knew I NEEDED to make Dorian's evening wear outfit,
and that it had to be done before I visited home for the winter because we have a giant trampoline in our backyard where we could attempt to take some floating pictures 😂
It was 11°F when we took these-- totally worth it
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“I would say you don’t truly know someone until you fight alongside them.”
Robbie Daymond sir I need that on a shirt
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annemarieyeretzian · 2 days ago
chetney: “you [and orym] got a great dynamic.” dorian: “that’s what happens when you’re friends!” :) 
dorian is the most oblivious gay I’m going insane
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imatrisarahtops · 2 days ago
A continuation of my Ashari Foster Dads post because I somehow forgot about the EXU crew the first go around.
When Opal and Ted come to visit, I feel like it’s definitely classic sleepover activities, doing hair and face masks and fun talk. The kids get confused why Opal calls Orym “Nancy” but when she finally manages to tell the story (she has to wait until he’s not around or she knows he’ll stop her) they all cry from laughter. Orym and Dorian also have to spend quite a while telling the kids after Opal that yelling is not the solution to every problem.
Fy’ra Rai always makes sure they know how important family is, whether or not it’s by blood. And sometimes she tells stories that seem to be as old as Exandria itself and the kids are fascinated.
Dariax is basically one of them. He gets so into the imaginary games they play and is willing to go on adventures close to their home. He’s just a big kid and he loves them.
Keyleth always comes to visit, too. Her stories always amaze the kids. Tales about vampires and betrayer gods? She also shows them the most amazing magic and will go Minxy when it’s cold and they cuddle with her.
Also, because I refuse to part with the widower Orym theory… Sometimes they go and visit Riegel’s grave. Dorian explains to them that even though he never met him, he was a great man who loved Orym very much and was very important to him. And Orym tells them about loss and healing. Since the kids came to them at varying ages, I’m sure some remember their birth parents, so so knowing that their amazing, super strong and super brave dad Orym lost someone like that too helps them not feel alone. And he helps them heal and cope.
When I’m not insanely busy with grad school, I’ll actually try to write this. Otherwise, if anyone else wants to… please do.
Or if anyone else wants to send me other ideas and headcanons for this or in general… again, please do. I am living for this idea right now.
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notjustdrwhoboards · a day ago
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Critical Role moodboard: Dorian Storm (requested by: anon)
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lyricnonsense · a day ago
blue boi using mr. daymond's profile, for fun
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