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bueno aqui les dejo mi Headcanon de warioware de que como doris 1 fue abandonada la historia es esta

muchos años antes de que el dr.crygor creara a mike este invento  a doris y la invento precisamente para que la ayudara a limpiar su casa pero cuando llego penny pero un fatal dia un extraño quimico exploto por suerte crygor y penny se salvaron pero doris no tuvo la misma suerte ya que fue aafectada por el humo del quimico al principio todo parecia normal pero todo fue empeorando su cara aveces se ponia rara y amenazaba con matar al dr.crygor hasi que para evitar que lastimara  a penny y decidio abandonarla en el medio de Agate Forest
y pasaron muchos años hasto lo ocurrido en warioware gold.

well here I leave my Headcanon of warioware that doris 1 was abandoned the story is this

many years before dr.crygor created mike this invention to doris and he invented it precisely so that he helped her clean her house but when penny arrived but one fatal day a strange chemist luckily exploited crygor and penny were saved but doris did not she had the same luck since she was affected by the chemical smoke at first everything seemed normal but everything was getting worse her face sometimes she got weird and threatened to kill Dr. crygor hasi to avoid hurting penny and decided to abandon her in the middle by Agate Forest
and many years passed until what happened in warioware gold.

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6- What’s a movie they can quote start to finish?

Well, the thing is, she died in 1922 so, uhhhh…. None? ajhfjfjk she can quote Jane Austen like nobody’s business, but that’s a book not a movie akhfjdks

12- What’s a skill or craft they would like to master, but haven’t?

After death, she gets really into knitting! Aster’s always cold, so she wants to knit her various clothing items to keep her warm!

18- How would they describe their family?

She’d just simply say “They mean well, but they’re not the most loving family.”

24- What event in their life would make a good movie?

All of it after her death honestly?? Which is why i’m focusing in on that ajfhjssk

30- What would be their perfect day?

She’d just want a simple day with Aster, maybe heading down to their favorite cafe on the corner of the block, having some brunch before going on a little shopping trip and getting groceries for cooking dinner together! :3

36- Do they believe things happen for a reason?

She really wants to believe, but sometimes she still gets upset about things that have happened that may be unfair to her !

42- Do they drink/smoke/do drugs?

When she first dies and goes to the afterlife, all of the above, she loses her inhibitions and just goes into a manic state. After she gets out of that, she’ll have an occasional drink, but otherwise she doesn’t use anything.

48- If they were a cryptid, what would they be?

There’s no reasoning behind it, but i think she’d feel a kinship with the loch ness monster! :D


7- Are they more of a leader or a follower?

She’s absolutely a leader !!

14- What’s a personality trait they wish they had?

She wishes she were less abrasive. She loves having confidence and not giving a shit, but she also feels like she pushes people away with her bluntness.

21- If they had to bury treasure, how would they hide it?

She’d just keep it on her person, if she could. Bc she wouldn’t let it go without a fight !!

28- If they turned into their crush/significant other for a day, what would they do?

She’d mostly wanna know if Doris can see out of her discolored eye (she can) and she’d enjoy climbing on counters to reach taller things.

35- What job were they born to do?

Honestly, i dunno!! i don’t imagine her having had a job before she died, just dying young still living with her family, and then after her death i just imagine her living a chill life with doris!!

42- Do they drink/smoke/do drugs?

She definitely drinks! Not excessively, but she’s been known to have A Few Too Many

49- What’s their ideal temperature and weather?

She’s always cold, so she prefers warmer weather and sunshine!!

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50. What topic could they give a 20 minute presentation on with no preparation?

Pre-death, definitely Jane Austen novels. Post-death, she’d make a presentation on what drinks will make you forget the night the quickest, from experience. In her defense, she’s a small lightweight so most things Hit Her Hard.

46. What is something silly they’ve been tricked into believing?

She thought she was straight, that’s something pretty silly !! ajskfjdksk she deffo believed in santa claus WAY longer than she should’ve tho. probably until she was 14, she was homeschooled her whole life and didn’t really interact w others so she wouldn’t have known otherwise !!

44. Can they cook? What’s their favourite dish to make?

I just googled 1920s food and bruh did you know kool aid was a big thing in the 20s???? unrelated, but wowie !!

uhhhhh anyways, she’s not great at cooking, but she LOVES baking!! Especially bread!! She’ll make fancy loaves with rosemary and some lavender bread too!!

5. If they had a theme song, what would it be?

I don’t know if she has a full theme song, but i WAS listening to “Devil Town” by Cavetown when started first designing her. Also i think “Pink In the Night” by Mitski is a good song for her and aster ueu

OC Asks !!

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4. How important is family to them?

To Aster, she couldn’t care less about the family who raised her. She only considers Doris her family now, and she loves her SO fuckin much !! Doris loves her parents as much as you can love people who were distant in your life and passed on the job of parenting to various nannies and tutors. She… Respects them, but she doesn’t carry any affection towards them. And in the afterlife, she’s relieved to finally be away from them, as they were suffocating, and finally be able to choose her family and find that in Aster.

16. If they were arrested with no explanation, what would their friends and family think they had done?

I’ve done it for Aster, but not for Doris yet >:3 Doris would be arrested and Aster would assume she finally snapped and tried to double-kill the asshole ex fiancee Harvey, and she’d be proud and a little disappointed that she didn’t get the chance to see it.

34. What percentage of their life have they felt truly alive?

Aster kept feeling like she was just waiting for her life to actually start, and she didn’t find the start she was waiting for until she went to the afterlife. 🥺 Doris feels like she was living at like 10%, then accidentally rammed it up to 110% after death, and then brought it down to 100 after meeting Aster.

39. Do they believe in the afterlife? How do they picture it?

Oh HO, this is a Sneaky One, Flynn…..

Doris was raised Catholic and believed in a stereotypical Biblical Heaven until she died, and was shocked when it ended up just being a Second Life, but a little to the left. Aster didn’t think abt the afterlife, she just assumed she’d die and that’d be the end of it !! And when she made it there, she was confused, but also felt a little relieved because people saw her for who she was and actually called her Aster, and felt like this was the life she’d been waiting to happen.

OC Asks !!

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14. What’s a personality trait they wish they had?

She absolutely wishes she were more brave and outspoken! She hates that she’s meek and quiet about most things, but she’s just not a confrontational person and doesn’t know where she’d even start !!

15. Do they believe in getting revenge on those who wrong them? If so, how do they go about it?

She absolutely doesn’t, she just ignores those who wronged her and is VERY avoidant. on the other hand, if aster knows someone wronged doris, she’s already rolled up her sleeves and is swinging.

19. If they could shop for free at one store, what would it be?

I think she’d love to go to a jewelry shop !! :3 She adores accessories and wants to be covered in cute bracelets and necklaces at all times.

41. What is the dumbest way they’ve ever been injured?

She wasn’t really one to get injured when she was alive, but she DID almost chop off a pinkie while cooking once !! :0

OC Asks !!

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Daily Listening, Day #132 - May 11th, 2020

Album: Doris (Columbia, 2013)

Artist: Earl Sweatshirt

Genre: West Coast Hip Hop

Track Listing: 

  1. “Pre”
  2. “Burgundy”
  3. “20 Wave Caps”
  4. “Sunday”
  5. “Hive”
  6. “Chum”
  7. “Sasquatch”
  8. “Centurion”
  9. “523”
  10. “Uncle Al”
  11. “Guild”
  12. “Molasses”
  13. “Whoa”
  14. “Hoarse”
  15. “Knight”

Favorite Song: “Pre”

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