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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Ngl tho, I absolutely loved Dorothy. Her entire aesthetic, her goals, her character, etc. Out of everything that frustrated me with season 2, her being alive after the credits did not. I wanna see more from her and I’m glad she wasn’t fridged. And if she gets her memories back I want it addressed that her and Laurent should never have gotten engaged/married. “I won’t allow you to run free anymore” is a HORRIFYING way to propose to someone.

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Great Pretender Danganronpa AU

Case 4, Makoto is in the middle of his speech. Half way through he yawns proclaiming he’s bored. Everyone stares at him even more confused then before. Makoto looks at a security camera in the room “I’m bored with this already, let’s get on to the good part”.

Everyone is knocked out by a mysterious gas that fills the room, Laurent struggling to keep consciousness, the last thing he sees is Makoto, looking down at him wearing a gas mask.

The island they’re on is Jabberwock Island.

Everyone is awaken and met the ulimate despairs, Dorothy and Makoto, who have been waiting anxiously for years to start the killing game.

Dorothy gets off to despair, and is always throwing herself at Makoto.

Makoto seems stone face most of the time, but he gets off to the despair just as much as Dorothy does. He also is always denying her advances. Maybe a few time he will allow it.

Fanfic writers; feel free to use this and make it better.

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I genuinely feel like laurent and dorothy’s relationship wouldn’t have worked out in the end even if their last con went according to plan. it’s obvious laurent was in love with dorothy while dorothy was in love with the moment. maybe that’s why I have hope towards edaurent being canon because I really can’t see laurent and dorothy ever really working out as lovers. maybe it’s just me but yeah-

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I knew dorothy was gorgeous before watching the new season because of the screencaps they’ve released so far but like- she’s So pretty?? that scene in the snow where her cheeks and nose are red and her blue eyes are sparkling i just- no wonder laurent was so in love with her I mean like Jesus

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