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Kind of jumbled thoughts about Road to Goblin War (which would be a kickass band name haha)…

- Ock was adorkable this episode. I’m really starting to like him again!

- He’s Peter’s new “guy in the chair” now, too, which I think is a really unique twist! I’m no comic expert, but that hasn’t happened before, has it?

- The piano theme that played whenever he and Pete had an emotional moment was really pretty; wonder if we’ll ever see a released OST?

- I really like how they’ve been showcasing the similarities between Peter and Ock this arc, it really helps the viewer sympathize with the latter.

- The “Goblin Nation” is just so funny to me, lmao. The name and logo alone just makes it sound like a fanatical YouTuber fan base. I’m sure they’ll be much more threatening next week, though!

- Slide was a fun villain, with a cool costume to boot! The mystery surrounding he and Beamont was interesting all the way through, though I will say they could have made the clues leading up to the real culprit being Dr. Rockwell a bit more obvious. Went completely over my head!

- “This is the part where you say, ‘And I would’ve gotten away with it, too!’” Oh, Pete, never change!

- Another thing I wanted to mention was that I LOVE the body diversity portrayed in this show. A lot of the new side characters, especially this season, showcase figures of all shapes and sizes, and I think that’s really good and important.

- Harry’s coming back! My son boy! My goblin child! …Literally!

- I’m a teensy bit afraid he’ll be evil again… but the promo images show otherwise, so I could be entirely wrong.

- But of course, where Harry comes, everyone’s least favorite goblin FATHER… who we already know is the cultist leader of the Goblin Nation.

I am at once greatly afraid and extremely excited for next week’s episode, and the beginning of… THE GOBLIN WAR!!

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