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If your requests are open. Could we see a Dr. Strange tracking your fertility cycle? Maybe some breeding kink? If not that’s okay. Thank you!
Man On A Mission
Smut - Explicit content - NSFW - 18+ only!
Pairing: Stephen Strange x Reader
Summary: Once Stephen Strange set his mind to something he was going to get it done. Why should getting you pregnant be any different?
Warnings: Smut (NSFW) - 18+ ONLY - heavy breeding kink, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, dirty talk, pet names, language, very romantic cheesy mushy Strange too
I felt odd finishing this after SCOTUS dismantled Roe. I want to make it very clear in this story pregnancy was a choice they both made together. Neither the government, nor a partner, should regulate a woman's body & force her to carry a pregnancy she does not want.
Tumblr media
You had discussed it, after everything that had happened, you both decided that you wanted a family. You wanted a child together if you could have one. You didn't want to get obsessed though, so you had decided to leave it to chance. If it happened it happened.  If not, you two always had America.
Well you had decided to leave it to chance. Stephen had different plans. He was going to make sure it happened. He was going to make sure he got you pregnant as soon as he possible could. The idea of you carrying his baby triggered an irrational need in him. He needed to breed you. The thought of it alone could get him hard. 
There was something so erotic about everyone seeing your swollen belly & knowing he had fucked you full as many times as it took to get you that way. That he had filled you with his cum until you were leaking. That you craved to feel him cum inside you. No, that your body had begged for his cum, & your pussy had milked his cock dry over & over.
So he started tracking your cycle to figure out when you were most fertile, when you were ovulating. It took a couple months to pin it down. To get the dates just right. Between using an app on his phone & the marking you always put in your day planner when you started your period he was able to pinpoint the dates before long. 
He had studied up on what positions would aid in conception too. Both missionary & doggy style could let him cum in you as deep as possible, the deeper he came in you the closer his sperm was to your cervix. He also knew that if you came around the same time he did your body would naturally pull his cum in deeper. 
So when he got the little notification on his phone that you would start your ovulation cycle the next day he got straight to work. He wanted everything to be perfect. He planned to spend as much time balls deep in you filling you up as many times as he physically could. 
First thing was to get everyone else out of the Sanctum. Wong was easy enough. He knew that look on Strange's face & he had no desire to walk in on you 2 mid-romp again. He confirmed he would stay at Kamar-Taj until he was told it was safe. 
America he just downright bribed. Peter he threatened. Both of them could occupy themselves doing teenager stuff or bothering the other Avengers. He knew for a fact that Sam "New Cap" Wilson was in town, & Peter had taken a shine to Bucky. Unfortunately Bucky didn't have the same shine but he appreciated the attempts by the spiderling to get him up to date on pop culture. 
With the Sanctum cleared out he needed to prep your bedroom next. He wanted to turn it into a virtual oasis. He found the softest sheets & fluffiest blankets. Candles & soft lights, your favorite flowers. He went the whole 9 yards. Massage oils & flavoured treats to rub on & lick off each other. Lots of pillows all over the room. He knew if your hips were elevated with a pillow it was supposed to help conception too.  
Even the dinner he prepared, well he ordered & someone else prepared, was full of aphrodisiac foods. The evening would be completed with chocolate covered strawberries, whipped cream, almonds, & of course a little bubbly. 
He was sure of it. Tonight was the night he was gonna get you knocked up. So he wanted it to be special. He wanted to make sure he wooed you & bred you in one suave date night. That would hopefully turn into a date weekend of him pumping load after load into you. Just to be sure.
Needless to say you were shocked when you got home. You knew something was up, he never went this over the top even when you first started dating & he was trying to impress you. He tried his best to stay coy about his motive. Saying he just wanted to treat the woman he loved to a special night. 
It wasn't until you had made it to the bedroom that you figured out the real reason for all the romance. You went to the bathroom to slip into the new lingerie he had picked out, it was a sheer red babydoll that feel just below your ass & matched the color of his cloak. He did have good taste & knew your body so well the fit was perfect. 
As you were changing you remembered the ovulation test kit you had bought together on a whim after you first discussed having a baby. Sure enough it said you were in your fertile window. You couldn't help but chuckle at how slick Stephen thought he was. 
You emerged from the bathroom trying to look as innocent as possible hiding the test behind your back. You bit your bottom lip as you walked towards him with any extra sway in your hips, his pupils now blown wide in lust. He had already stripped down to his underwear & you could tell by the way the fabric was starting to strain that he was already half hard. 
Just by the sight of your breasts through the sheer cups he could tell he had nailed the timing. Your breasts were slightly swollen & your nipples flushed slightly darker, both signs you were ovulating. He groaned as you got closer, already imagining how you would look swollen with his child. 
As he laid him down on the bed & crawled up to straddle him you managed to keep the test concealed in your hand. He was too busy focusing on other things. You gave him one more chance to tell you on his own why he really did all this.
"Seriously Stephen, why did you do all this? You know I was already gonna fuck you anyway." You both laughed as you exchanged kisses. You loved teasing each other & you both had the same sarcastic sense of humor. 
"Is it so wrong I just wanted to spoil you a bit? Show you how special you are." 
It was a very sweet sentiment, & you did love when Stephen bared the sensitive side of his personality, but you also knew it was partly bullshit. Time to call him on it. 
You started pressing his down his neck, mixing in little licks & bites as you moved to his ear. His hands were massaging your ass & slowly grinding your hips against his hardening cock. You sucked on his earlobe for a moment, then pulled your lips away just enough to whisper in his ear. 
"Are you sure it doesn't have anything to do with me being fertile? With you wanting me to make you a daddy?"
As you finished your question you blew on his ear & ellicted a loud moan. His hips thrusting up of their own volition, pretty much answering for him. You sat up straight & kept rolling your hips against his. The friction of him hard against your clit was too good to stop.
"Ah ha, I knew there was something. Well then you will be pleased to know that I remembered we had this." 
You pulled the small plastic stick up & held it in front of you. He recognized it immediately, & he quirked up an eyebrow waiting to hear whether you were ovulating. 
Several weeks later you were having what you referred to as your "family breakfast". It consisted of all the members of you odd little adopted family who made the Sanctum their home in one way or another. It was you & Stephen, Wong, America, Peter, & even the Cloak of Levitation. Sometimes Shawn & Katie would join too, or Ned & M.J.  
You smiled down at him, "Well Doctor Strange, you have some work to do tonight then. I don't want to leave this bed until you've gotten me pregnant Doctor."
He quickly & flipped you over onto your back, positioning himself on top of you with your legs around his waist. He grabbed the test from your hand & threw it over his shoulder before leaning down to focus his attention on your neck & chest. Biting & kissing at it as he kneaded the soft flesh of your side with his other hand.
In between deep passionate kisses he smiled against your lips & said, "well sweetheart, good thing that was already my plan." 
His tongue tangled with yours as your bodies started to move in sync with each other. Your hands running up & down his arms & his back as he teased & tickled your breasts with his tongue & fingers over the lingerie you wore. Eventually sliding the straps down & off of your arms. 
He let the scruff of his goatee scratch across your nipples before taking his time with each one. His tongue lapping & the swirling around them as he felt them perk up. He stopped to blow on one of them, making you gasp in return. 
Sliding your hand down to cup his bulge he ground down into your hand & growled. You stroked him through the fabric of his underwear a few times before dipping your hand under the waistband & letting your fingers tease at the warm flesh of his cock. Running one of your fingers up one of the thick prominent veins on his shaft. You could feel yourself getting wetter as you thought about him inside you. 
He suddenly pulled your hand off of him & pinned it on the pillow over your head. He brought his face close to yours & you could feel pieces of his thick dark brown hair tickling your forehead.
"Wanna know one of the ways I can tell you're fertile right now darling? Because I can smell you are in heat. I can smell how wet you are, how bad you want my cock. I know you are practically dripping through those panties already." 
He reached down & pulled your panties to the side & ran his middle finger up your slit feeling the arousal that had collected for him. He brought his hand back up & showed you the slick glistening on his fingertip. Practically purring when he took the finger into his mouth & sucked it clean.
"Your pussy tastes even sweeter when you're fertile too. As much as I want to bury my face in your pretty pussy & make you cum on my tongue tonight you only get to cum on my cock. You are gonna be my good girl & let me fill your pussy up over & over to knock you up aren't you?"
You whimpered & shook your head yes as you spread your legs wider underneath him. You wanted him inside you so badly. You started to pout when he simply chuffed at you. You noticed his voice had gone gravely when he spoke next & you knew he was just as desperate for you.
"Uh uh, I wanna hear you say it sweetheart. I want you to tell me exactly what you want me to do to you. What do you want me to make you?"
"Want you to fuck me Stephen, knock me up. Want you to fuck a baby into me. Make me a mommy. Swear I'll be your good girl. Need you Stephen. So bad."
"That's my good girl. Now hold still." 
He sat up on his knees & grabbed another pillow from across the bed. He had you lift your hips, you thought to take off your panties but he stopped you before you could lower them & placed the pillow under your hips instead. He snapped the elastic of your panties back into place before taking off his underwear. 
He held his hand to you for you lick & then took his long thick cock in his hand. He knelt between your legs stroking himself a few times as he readjusted your panties so they were pushed to the side. He admired your soaked cunt in silence for a few seconds.
God he was a beautiful man. Lean but well muscled. The fact that he was a genius & a little superhero made him the whole package. Plus he had an amazing package, & he knew how to use it.
He started rubbing the head of his cock through your pussy lips paying extra attention to tap at your clit whenever he would slide himself back upward. Studying the way you tried to move your hips just right to let his head slip inside you. 
"There's one more thing baby, okay? The panties stay on for a bit, because I know you wanna stay nice & full in between rounds right? To help make sure you get pregnant. Just in case that pretty pussy starts leaking it will stay covered in my cum."
He positioned himself at your entrance & slowly pushed his cock inside you. The stretch felt so good as he set a slow steady pace. Thrusting a little deeper each time he pushed forward. You both moaned the first time he bottomed out. Instead of thrusting again he stopped & let you grind against him from underneath, finding the perfect angle so his pelvic bone rubbed against your clit. 
Once you had found the right spot you gave him a little squeeze to move again. He started slowly, fucking you deeply & tenderly as he placed his forehead on yours. Your arms looped around his shoulders & you held him tight. 
You stared into his ocean blue eyes as he whispered to you, "fuck! I love you so much." He lowered his lips to yours & kissed you with such devotion it took your breath away. When his lips finally broke from yours you moved just enough to whisper, "I love you too", back to him.
Then a particularly deep thrust pulled a pornographic moan from you & you felt a new gush of arousal flood you. The sensation spurring him to start fucking you harder. When he started thrusting hard & fast enough he could hear the squelching of your wet cunt around him. Something snapped in his mind at the sound. 
He remembered he was fucking you with the purpose of getting you pregnant. He dropped his head into the crook of your neck & his hips started slamming down into yours. An animalistic growl coming from him each time you mewled in pleasure. He still made sure to keep the extra roll forward in his thrusts to make sure you got the stimulation you needed to cum too. 
He could feel you getting close. Your walls starting to pulse & clench at him every few thrusts. He pulled back onto his knees & pulled your legs up onto his shoulders before leaning forward & folding you in 2. Positioning you so your pelvis tilted back & he could get his cock even deeper. 
You both started lavishing filthy praise on the other. Encouraging each other.
"Oh fuck! Stephen right there. Don't fucking stop!"
"Don't worry sweetheart I'm not stopping until you're knocked up remember? Can't wait for everyone to see your pregnant belly & know I did that." 
His possessive side sometimes took over in bed & you always liked to tease that particular nerve when it did.
"Want everyone to know you fucked me full Stephen? Tell everyone you're the daddy. Tell them that you just couldn't stop fucking me until you bred me?"
That phrase sent him absolutely wild. He was on a hairpin trigger ready to cum & he knew you were too. He reached between your bodies to flick lightly at your clit. 
"Fuck! Say that again baby. Fuck, beg for it!"
"Yeah you want to breed me Stephen? Fucking breed me. Fucking breed me daddy!" 
As you felt him fill you up the sensation of his cum shooting deep into you sent you over the edge. Your cunt clenching & pulsing as he shot rope after rope inside you. 
Eventually you both came down & you started combing your fingers through his hair as you lazily kissed each. He released your legs so they could sit more comfortably around his waist, but he kept himself positioned inside you & on top of you. 
"You know I think I'll just stay like this until we're ready to go again. Just in case. Make sure I keep everything inside you."
You eventually lost track of how many times he fucked you that weekend. By the time you realized Wong, America, & Peter had returned to the Sanctum you were having a hard time walking & Stephen was smiling so big you thought his face would break. 
Now you just had to wait, & maybe keep trying. Even if you weren't ovulating it was awful fun practice, especially with a partner you loved so much who loved you more than anything in return.
It was the one time of week everyone made a conscious effort to have a normal meal all together. No magic, other than the Cloak, & no superhero stuff. Just normal conversation & silliness. It was a mental respite for everyone.
The 5 of you had all gathered in the kitchen. Wong was finishing the cooking with America's help. Peter was animatedly telling a story to Stephen, & the Cloak was draped around Stephen's neck in the form of a scarf. 
You stood at the counter observing everyone & honestly getting a little misty eyed. They were a bunch of weirdos, but they were your weirdos & you loved them all so much. In the moment your overwhelming emotion didn't seem odd to you until America saw you wipe at your eyes & asked if you were okay. 
You assured her that you were fine. There was just something in your eye or maybe your allergies were making your eyes water.
After a moment you realized America was still eyeing you, & everyone else had gotten a little more quiet. You turned back to her with a confused look? 
"Okay, what's up? Why are you looking at me like that?"
"Oh no it's nothing. You just look really pretty today. Did you start using a new foundation or something? You look all glowy." 
You shot Stephen a sidelong glance out of the corner of your eye & before you could register what was happening he had already grabbed your hand & started pulling you out of the room behind him. The echo of the 2 of you laughing carried on as you both ran up the stairs to your bathroom. 
The 3 people left in the kitchen all had small grins on their faces. Already looking forward to having a new member to add to their weird little family. They all moved to sit around the table making sure to leave spots for you & Stephen, even though they knew they probably wouldn't see you for a while if the test was positive. 
They knew it was when the Cloak of Levitation came flying through making excited little swirls & flutters in the air before landing in one of the empty spaces at the table. Stephen had kicked it out of your bedroom so you two could celebrate alone.
America cleared her throat & held out her hand across the table looking at the 2 men expectantly. Both Wong & Peter pulled out $20 bills handing them over to the girl somewhat grudgingly. 
As she went to put the money in her pocket with a satisfied grin on her face she paused & asked, "Wanna go double or nothing on the due date?"
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Y/N: I fell-
Stephen: From heaven? Yes you did.
Y/N: No I actually fell-
Stephen: In love with me? It’s because you have good taste.
Y/N: Stephen I think I broke my arm
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Tumblr media
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x (Fem!)Reader
Summary: You’ve known Wanda ever since she began her time as an Avenger. You considered yourself unspecial compared to everyone else. Even when she chose Vision over you, you never stopped finding Wanda so fascinating to you. 
Warnings: MoM spoilers, Angst, Self-Esteem/Mental Health Issues
A/n: If you haven’t watched MoM yet, I recommend skipping this until you watch it. 
Unconditionally - Katy Perry
Key: +*+ = Time skips
                        -Post Winter Soldier-
Through your mother, she would tell the story of how she met your father. She would often tell you a tale of how ‘special’ people like you and your father would find their form of soulmate. They would find themselves fixated on a specific person, to the point where they would become anyone they wanted them to be.
“The real challenge was for the person to reciprocate the feelings back,” You explain, “Well, call it a little stalker-ish... But, my father got lucky with my mom.”
“Who was your father again?” Natasha asks
“Never met him...” You say, “But, my mother would always tell me how he was the sweetest guy ever. Gave her everything she desired, not just by a snap of his fingers like a king would to woo the heart of their potential queen. He actually worked towards getting her the finer things in life.”
“You being one of them?” She asks
“Guess so,” You smile
                       -Age of Ultron- 
You were split from Clint Barton as you, him, Thor, Steve and Natasha were attempting to stop Ultron and his sentries from taking the Vibranium. But the challenge were his two accomplices: Wanda and Pietro Maximoff. 
-The Girl tried to warp my mind, it would take special care to keep her at bay, I doubt a human could do it. Fortunately, I am Mighty-
Thor says over the comms.
Oh we’ll see about that buddy...
 You became determined. To prove to a god that you, a measly human could keep a woman with telepathic powers at bay. However, finding her was the trick. She could have been anywhere. 
-Y/n, get back to the ship. This could get hairy...-
Natasha became the mother figure you needed ever since losing your own, and since joining the Avengers. However, you still weren’t at full extent with your powers. 
I have to do this... I want to prove my worth to everyone...
Natasha was basically a highly skilled former assassin, Clint had perfect eyesight when it came to a bow and arrow, Bruce was a walking time bomb of Green Anger, Thor was a god, Steve was a super soldier and Tony had a suit of armor he could modify with ease.. You weren’t sure why you were still in this band of people with superior abilities, or why they still wanted you there. 
“It just...” a feminine voice pulls you out of your own self-doubting thoughts
You turn your head towards the voice and there she was... Wanda Maximoff.
“Bounced off...” She says, when she realizes that you had no reaction to her magic
“Well, when you already picture your own self-doubt and fears your little mind controlling thing is very inefficient,” You explain, lightly chuckling 
Wanda couldn’t help but giggle a little bit. Even on the field, even if she was your enemy, you couldn’t help but smile at her little giggle. However, even though you were too fixated on the way she laughed, she tries once more to mind-control you. But like the first time, she watches it bounce right off of you.
“Still not gonna work lovely,” You say
Before you could attempt to bring her in, you thought too late as her speed-powered brother comes to her rescue; punching you, knocking your face onto the ground.
You continuously thought about your small interaction with Wanda back in Africa as you sit in the field of Clint’s house. 
“Clint said you came out here,” Natasha comes up to you
“Nat... Is it odd that I found myself... Fixated on that Wanda girl?” You ask, “It’s like she won’t get out of my head...”
“Maybe she really got to you when she hit you with her mind control trick,” Natasha suggests, sitting next to you
‘That’s the thing... Nat, she tried doing that, twice. But, they didn’t work both times,” You explain
“You already must be going through some dark shit then,” Natasha tries to pass it off as a mood enlightener
However, she looks at you and see no reaction, her smile drops.
“Oh my god y/n, I’m so sorry I-I thought-” She immediately tries to comfort you
“I haven’t even discovered who I am, my powers are still manifesting, I don't know why any of you actually enjoy having me here or unless I am so that I could be used as some kind of secret weapon against these two kids...” You try to spew everything at once
You begin curling yourself into an upward fetal position as you begin uncontrollably hyperventilating.
“Hey Hey Hey y/n it’s okay,” Natasha wraps an arm around you, trying to comfort you
“Who the hell am I?!” You sob
“Y/n, y/n look at me,” Natasha shifts her body to sit in front of you
You finally look up and look at her.
“You are y/n y/l/n,” Natasha explains, “Daughter of an amazing mother and share the special traits of your father. It’s okay that you don’t know who you are yet. You still have a whole entire life ahead of you. I’m with you every step of the way.”
“You,” Pietro calls out to you
You were in the middle of putting on some Armor.
“Me?” You ask
He nods, “I need you to do me a huge favor,” He says
“Shoot,” You say
“My sister seems very fixated with you,” He says, “I always see you at her side. But, seeing her smile when you're around... That’s something my sister hasn’t been able to do in a very long time.”
“You’re implying?” You ask, not catching on to what he was implying
“I need you to look after Wanda, should anything happen to me,” He says, “Although that’s not the goal. But, my point is, just in case.”
“Deal,” You say, “Name’s y/n by the way.”
“I got her back Pietro,” You tell him, “Don’t worry.”
Wanda looks over at you from across the key, looking at you in absolute awe.
“It’s you and me,” You smile at her
You snatch Wanda up into your arms and use whatever leg power you had left. However, you found yourself shifting through a black haze; you were on one of the cargo ships that Nick Fury launched to bring the civilians to the hellicarrier. 
“Wands are you okay?” You ask, looking down at her, still holding her in your embrace
“Yeah, I’m okay,” She replies, looking up at you, “How... How did you do that?”
“I... Don’t know,” You answer, “What matters more is that we’re safe.”
                      -Civil War-
You run over to Wanda as she comes back to consciousness after getting hit with a sonic ray, you pull her into your arms.
“Hey hey are you okay?!” You ask her, attempting to check her for any noticeable wounds
“I’m okay y/n,” She smiles
You two hear the footsteps of the German government coming to apprehend you and your team. You honestly were neutral about choosing to be on team Rogers or Stark. But when you saw that Wanda chose to be on Steve’s side, after Vision attempted to keep her at the complex, you immediately followed behind her. No real reason. Just Wanda. 
“I’m sorry... To the both of you,” Vision comes up to the both of you
“Us too,” You say, knowing Wanda felt reluctant enough
You hear the German government come even closer...
Wanda doesn’t deserve to be locked up again...
The small team coming for you and Wanda stop. Both Wanda and Vision look at you; the brown of your eyes turned a bright blue flame. Your field of vision towards the civilians.
“Y/n... Stop,” Vision calmly instructs you
However, you were in a trance-like state. As if you didn’t hear him, you easily lift Wanda into your arms as you begin easily walking straight past them. A familiar black haze forms a portal as you and Wanda disappear into the other side. 
                       -Infinity War-
You were returning to your shared apartment with Wanda after running out to get dinner. However, when you look up to your window, you saw her with Vision, in a loving embrace. You knew Vision came to visit Wanda often. But, you noted how they became even closer. 
However, even after Vision leaves, everything was seemingly normal between you and Wanda.
“Y/n, what’s on your mind?” Wanda comes up to you
“Nothing,” You lie, smiling
“Promise?” She asks, looking up at you
“Promise,”You smile down at her
You were waiting for Wanda to return from a date with Vision. It was another evening by yourself, even though Wanda promised to have an evening with you. However, you weren’t surprised at that point. You just wanted to make sure that Wanda had a good time.
“Even if the one fell for someone else, you never really fall out of love for them. You just simply become someone they can turn to when they need someone. Whether that is actually their lover or a very close, trusting friend,” Your mother explains
“Won’t it hurt?” You ask her
“Most likely,” She answers, “But, you never really think of yourself. You really think of them over everything else. You would want them to be happy. So you do everything in your power to make them feel as such, even if they have someone in their life. having them know they have one other person that cares about them as much would mean everything to them.”
You thought about how your mother explained the legend of ‘special’ people like you and your father find their soulmate. However, you’ve found yourself fixated on Wanda for the last couple of years, even when she found herself fixated on Vision. You were pulled out of your thoughts when you hear a blast in the distance. You go up to the window and see flashes of red light and two bodies falling from the sky.
“Y/n, I need to ask you for a huge favor,” Vision walks up to you
Wanda attempts to walk up to the both of you so that she could listen in.
“In private,” He turns to Wanda
You look up at him, confused. Ever since the attack, Wanda has been nearly at his side, even throughout the complex. Vision lead you through an empty hallway, looking over to the direction you two had walked through, making sure Wanda didn’t secretly follow.
“I don’t think they’ll be able to get the stone out of my head quick enough before Thanos reaches it,” Vision says, “Wanda though... She’s going to need someone to keep her company once I’m gone...”
“What are you asking Vis?” You ask
“I’m asking you,” He begins, getting on both of his knees
He doesn’t make eye contact with you. As if feeling some kind of shame, he looks down at the ground.
“Please,” He begs, “I need you to look after Wanda once I’m gone. Should something happen to me. She has experienced enough loss. I know after this one, I don’t know if she’ll ever recover from it. I’m asking you to be at her side through everything. Promise me y/n... For Wanda’s sake...”
But, she’ll never be truly happy with me...
That was what you wanted to tell him. You wanted to also tell him that you and the team weren’t going to let him die and that they will figure out a way for him to live and that Wanda would be happy.
“Deal,” Was what came out of your mouth
“Wanda...” Your first thought comes out of your mouth as you regain consciousness
Your vision comes to... Vision... His lifeless... Grey body... 
No no no no...
However, once you look up, Wanda was turning to dust...
“Wanda!” You yelp, launching yourself 
You outreach your arm right as Wanda fully disappears. Your heart thumped against your temples as you try to process the fact that Wanda was dusted right in front of your eyes, under Vision’s lifeless body. You back yourself into a tree as you let out a blood curdling scream, running your fingers roughly across your scalp, through your hair. 
“WANDA!!!!” You repeatedly scream
It wasn’t until Natasha was the first one to pull you into an embrace, trying to calm you down.
“Stop!” You cry out 
The soldiers lower their guns as they stand there. Wanda looks at the irises of their eyes; a familiar blue flame color in them. They move out of the way, making a pathway for you as you appear before Wanda. Her eyes widen as she watches you approach her.
“You’re with them?” She asks you
“No,” You answer, “By may own free will. I didn’t know they were going to do this... I’m here so I can bring you home...”
“I am home,” She tells you
“Keeping all of these people here against their will?” You ask, “I know that you always talked about wanting a life of where you don’t have to be afraid of your own powers, to be who you are...”
Wanda looks at you, unamused.
“I don’t know what’s harder: trying to get you to come to your senses or traveling the world to find you,” You confess
“You... Traveled the world?... To find me?” Wanda asks
You look at her in total surprise, she really thought you gave up after Tony’s funeral.
“Yeah,” You say, “It wasn’t easy to do. Everyone wasn’t willing to answer, or they would intentionally avoid me when I would ask about you... Until Monica contacted me.”
“So you are with them?!” Wanda’s scary demeanor coming back
“No,” You say, “I’m here for you. I don’t give a rat’s ass about what their goals are. One thing I know for sure is that I found you and I’m not going anywhere until you come home.”
“I am home now,” Wanda repeats, “And you don’t have to be without me again.”
She takes a hold of you with her magic, strings of red wrapping around your arms so that you wouldn’t use your pwn powers against her. She begins dragging you along back into the Hex.
                   -Multiverse of Madness-
You return your horse back to his stable after a day out in the field.
“Y/n y/l/n,” Dr. Strange calls your name
You sigh and turn around to face the Sorcerer.
“Dr. Strange,” You smile, “To what do I owe this pleasure?”
“I need your help,” He says
“What kind of desperate help are you in need of now?” You ask
You didn’t mean to call him weak like that but, that was how it came out.
“Wanda Maximoff has turned evil,” He bluntly states
You stop washing your dishes and slowly turn around. Unholy anger begins building up in you as you turn to look at him.
“Tell me you’re lying,” You say, practically growling
“Y/n... Calm down, let me explain,” He says
You look down and see a blue flame-like haze beginning to form around your hands.
“You’ve worked with her the most,” He says
“That’s an understatement,” You say
It was true. You were the last person she is very close with, maybe the only person. You would think Clint Barton would have checked on Wanda, but, after Westview, he didn’t even attempt to try and talk some sense into her, that was you. 
“I’ve been trying to look after her ever since I promised to Vision that I’d be there for her. But it’s hard when she continues running off...” You sigh, “You still didn’t properly explain to me why you insulted Wanda by calling her an evil being.”
“Have you heard of the Darkhold?” He asks
“That book that Wanda was reading?” You ask
”You allowed her to read that?!” Dr. Strange asks, furious
“Strange, I only know so much about the type of magic you work with,” You say, “I was born with mine and I still haven’t even manifested the full extent of them.”
“The Darkhold has the ability to corrupt the reader,” He explains, “I came to Wanda, attempting to have her help us take down the demons after America Chavez who has the power to travel through the multiverse.”
You think back to the moment you and Wanda heard her kids’ voices...
“And since you were the one who allowed her to read that, you can right it by helping us stop her from breaking all laws of natural order,” He demands
“I’m pretty sure this is now a ‘I’m not asking, I’m telling’ kind of situation yeah?” You ask
He nods.
“Okay...” You sigh, “Let’s go.”
You didn’t know when you hit the ground of Mount Wundagore after attempting to talk to Wanda once more, but you knew that your life was slipping before your very eyes. 
I didn’t even tell... Wanda how I felt... 
After the amount of times she threatened you, captured you, even hurt you, you knew better. You knew better than anyone now of what she has been going trough. 
“You’re really giving up here?” A male voice calls
A beam  of light crackles from beneath the earth’s crust.
“Close enough,” He says, “I’m actually your dad. King of the Underworld, overseer of the deceased souls.”
“Not quite either,” He says, “Now are you going to let your sorry ass die here, or will you fight for the one you love?”
How the hell a I going to do that? I can’t move my entire body, I’m slipping into death, And I’m on the ground... She’s all the way up there...
“Fully manifest your powers, save her from the influence of the Darkhold,” He says, “Break her out of your senses.”
“No longer question yourself,” He tells you, “Believe in yourself. Never be afraid of who you are.”
Wanda was continuing to absorb America’s powers. Still clinging onto the hope that she’d be able to be with Billy and Tommy.
“Stop this!” Your voice booms throughout the temple
She looks up towards the cliff and nearly stops. Wanda was attempting to read you... You seemed... Different. Not entirely but, the energy didn’t match what was before. But, the giant beings began putting themselves in front of Wanda, preventing you from getting to her.
“Don’t start,” You speak to them
With a simple wave of your hand; illuminated in a bright blur/black angelic ray of light outline, the beings fall behind you, over the cliff.
“Would Vision want this for you?” You ask, “How would Billy and Tommy see you after what you’ve become?”
“Don’t speak to me about them!” She spits at you, “You don’t know the amount amount of loss I have suffered! You will never understand!”
“Actually,” You start, “I understand it all too well... I never met my father whom I literally just met 2 minutes ago, lost my birth mother to an aneurysm, and my mother figure to a goddamn stone. I understand completely... Wanda...”
“Then I’ll just drop you off in a reality where you can live with them all,” Wanda attempts to negotiate with you
“I don’t want that,” You confess, walking even closer, “Because there is something more that I could ever want in this reality and this one alone...”
“And what could that possibly be?” She asks
You don’t give her a straightforward answer but give her a straightforward stare. 
“W-Wanda Maximoff is gone,” She attempts to hide her blush, “Only the Scarlet Witch is left!!”
“No,” You say, reaching the other end of the enchantment table, “I know you’re still in there Wands... I know you are,”
“You are so naive,” She attempts to hurt you, “You always attempt to find the good in people even when the good in them is clearly gone.”
“You never doubted the good in me, when I didn’t see it myself,” You say, “What makes you think that I’ll doubt your goodness?”
You know it sounded quite selfish of you. But, what else could have been said? You loved her, deeply. The idea of her leaving you behind for another universe with her kids that weren’t even hers hurts enough. 
“I don’t get it,” Wanda begins breaking
“Don’t get what?” You ask, beginning to walk around the table
“Why are you doing this?” She asks, “I’ve hurt you countless times, left you countless times for Vision 
You groan as your vision comes to. You don’t know how long you’ve been out for however, you hear screaming.
You immediately bolt onto your feet and rush toward the portal. But stop. Your Wanda fell to the ground. When you look ahead of her, you notice... Another Wanda, with Billy and Tommy.
“Wanda?” You ask
Both look at you. You actually didn’t specify to whom, but your Wanda noticed how you were staring at the other Wanda.
“Wanda!” A similar voice calls out
Another you... Rushes through the kitchen, immediately embracing Wanda and the boys. 
“What happened to you?!” Other you holds Other Wanda’s face in your hands
“I’m okay,” She says, caressing other you’s face, “I’m okay love.”
You watch as other Wanda begins to make her way over to your Wanda; Billy and Tommy attempting to keep her from approaching her other variant. 
“It’s okay boys,” She assures her kids
Other You attempted to hold her back as well, but you watch her console the other you, so lovingly... Something you never gotten from your Wanda... You watch her walk up to your version of herself and gently raise her fingers to caress her doppelgängers cheek. 
“Know that they’ll be loved,” She tells your Wanda
Her vision changed to you.
“Though it took time... For her and I,” Other Wanda gestures to the other you, “But, I love you... In every universe...”
Her hand reaches up to brush her fingers against your cheek. Tears streamed down your face as the portal began to close. 
“I opened the Darkhold...” Wanda states, levitating herself onto her throne, “I have to be the one to close it.”
You, America, and Wong were preparing to head back to Kamar-Taj to regroup however, when you turned around to check if Wanda was right behind you, she isn’t.
“Go, y/n,” She tells you
You turn back to face Wong and America.
“I got it from here,” You smile at them, watching America close the portal
You run back up to her, attempting to grab at her arm. However, you look around you and notice how Wanda wasn’t going to move.
“Wanda come on!” You gesture
“I’ve hurt too many people,” She cries, “You should leave while you still have the chance.”
Not again... 
You hp up onto the throne, facing the opposite of Wanda. You attempt to gain a grip on her shoulders as she tries to force you off of her.
“What are you doing y/n?! Get out while you still can!” Wanda screams, trying to push you away
“NOT AGAIN!” You scream, finally breaking, “There’s nowhere else I’d rather be than with you in this damn world!”
Wanda stops pushing you and stares.
“You really want to be with someone who has been mistreating you all your life?” She asks
“I don’t care if you’ve mistreated me,” You say, “Mistreat me, make me pissed the hell off, hell, even shatter my heart into a million pieces! I made a promise to Vision... To your Brother... Even vowed to myself that I wouldn't ever let you be by yourself... I love you Wanda.”
You shut the gap between your face and Wanda’s. She widens her eyes as the bright light begins to darken. She realizes silver-y grey wings began appearing before you.
“You... Have wings?” Wanda pulls away 
You turn your head over your shoulders. 
“Huh... That makes sense on how I can fly,” You say, shrugging
“You just now see them too?” She asks
“Well... Guess I never could find a way to believe in myself,” You chuckle, “Knowing you do too guess it’s now visible to us...”
Your arms wrap around Wanda as she continues to bring Mount Wundagore crumbling down. You didn’t know what was going to happen, but you didn’t care. You were with Wanda now. That was all that mattered to you.
“It’s You and Me,” You say
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I’m still so bent over michael waldron shamelessly copying and pasting iconic lines for brownie points in dr strange 2. ‘I can do this all day’ is something a five foot chronically ill asthmatic would wheeze through blood stained lips in the back alleys of brooklyn bc his single mother told him to always stand up, and he did. ‘just because someone stumbles and loses their way, doesn’t mean they’re lost forever’ is what one of the most powerful mutants alive tells his drug adled, bitter, and struggling past self who had not left his practically abandoned mansion in ten years because the world had hurt him so bad in an attempt to give him hope. those lines are memorable bc of context, and should never have been used so freely outside of it.
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writingliv · a day ago
Glimpse of Us
Pairing: Stephen Strange x Reader; Stephen Strange x Christine Palmer
Summary: Stephen has booked a table at one of the fanciest restaurants in the city and you cannot help but hope he will pop the question tonight. Inspired by "Glimpse of Us" by Joji would highly recommend listening to the song while reading.
Tags: Angst
Word count: 1.5k
Tumblr media
masterlist - taglist - please reblog if you enjoy it ♥️
“I am almost ready!” You shouted as a soft smile stretched on your lips. You could not help but look at yourself in the mirror, admiring the long red dress that flowed around you. Your hair perfectly styled to frame you face as the softest make-up brought out your features. A tiny sigh escaped your lips as you wondered if he’d like your look. You could not help but look forward to seeing him, kissing him, dancing with him. Life had come all at once, finally falling into place after so much heartbreak. You had found your soulmate, the love of your life and luckier than most, he seemed to feel the same way. 
“He is downstairs! Come on!” Your sister shouted, opening your bedroom door and stopping to watch you proudly. “You look beautiful,” she declared with a soft smile stamped on her lips, “now get going!” 
You nodded enthusiastically, reaching for your heels on the floor and your bag “yes, yes, I am going!” 
Your sister hugged you tightly as soon as you reached the door, sighing at your shared excitement. “You deserve this, love. He is so lucky to have you. You will make the most beautiful bride.”
“Ssh— we don’t know if that is what tonight is about,” you giggled, feeling the juvenile excitement tighten your stomach. 
“Oh, I can just feel it. It makes sense, my love,” she shook her head against your shoulder, tightening the hug. “He is the luckiest man to have you. My little sister, the sweetest person that has walked this earth.” Your sister felt her eyes grow sore as tears started to form. “Now go! Before I start crying!”
“I love you! See you later!” You spoke, quickly walking towards the door, feeling your cheeks hurt from all the smiling. You could not believe it, it was the day, all the hints were there, and everything seemed to lead you to believe he would pop the question tonight. 
The elevator ride downstairs went quickly as you checked and re-checked your make-up through the mirror, making sure everything was perfect. The doors opened, and you promptly walked to the main entrance, opening it to find him standing at the bottom of the stairs, more handsome than ever. You held your breath, feeling your heart swell in your chest as your eyes met his. 
“Hello there, beautiful,” he gave you a crooked smile, opening his arms as you quickly made your way to him, diving into his arms like they were your only safe place. Your love, your soulmate, Stephen Strange. 
“Hello, my love,” you whispered, lifting your head and looking at him with the idolising stare only Stephen got out of you. He looked at you in a similar way, but never for too long, or else he found something he did not want to confront. 
The two of you started to walk toward the restaurant, your hand wrapped around his bicep as he had to remind you that there was no rush, too excited to walk at a calm pace. You were so lucky, in love with an amazing man, your man, your love. He seemed a little distracted today, almost as if he had something else in mind, it was probably work. You tried to brush it off by asking about his week. 
He looked towards the street as he answered, telling you he had been meddling with time a little too much. It was necessary, but it had made him lose slightly touch with himself. You squeezed his bicep a little tighter, trying to reassure him he was okay. It was hard with Stephen, he went through so much, but very few people acknowledged it. “You are here now, and everything is okay.”
Soon enough, you arrived at the restaurant, and he hesitated by the door, asking for a second to catch his breath. His visible nervousness made you excited. You had to be correct; there was no question about it. You entered the restaurant and were guided to your table, sitting looking toward the entrance windows, observing as he paced down the payment, running his hand through his hair. 
He came to a halt as his eyes met somebody else’s in the distance, and even from this far away, you could see his shoulder relax as he exhaled into a smile. His entire demeanour changed in a split second as you watched a couple approach him. The woman let go of the hand of her date, walking towards Stephen and giving him a hug. You watched him hold her tight and inhale her smell, closing his eyes. 
She was the one to break the hug, and as she walked back, you saw his body stiffen, unhappy with the distance. You felt like you were watching your life play in front of you, like a movie, a romantic one for sure, just not involving you. Suddenly all the excitement in your stomach started to rot, forcing you to slouch to not let the pain in your chest burn you through. 
You inhaled deeply, closing your eyes as they started to burn, hoping the interaction would soon come to an end. It must be Christine, you had thought to yourself. You had never seen the woman before, but it must have been her to cause such a reaction in your boyfriend. 
The sound of the entrance door opening forced you to open your eyes excited, hoping the exchange had ended and Stephen was on his way back to you. Instead, her date walked in lonely, sitting a couple of tables away from you, looking slightly confused. 
You felt your stomach drop as you watched Stephen move one step closer to her and a sense of urgency took over your legs, forcing you to stand up and walk to the door. Your steps were almost too quick, as you barely escaped tripping over your dress. You felt your heart in your throat as somehow your body had realised what was about to happen before you did.
The door sat ajar, leaving you close enough to hear them speak without them seeing you too enthralled in each other. “He will propose to you tonight… I-I saw it. I needed to see you before….” Stephen spoke softly as his hand reached for her arm, caressing her skin. 
“Stephen, we would have never worked out.” She answered softly, almost as if she feared hurting him. 
“T-that is not true. I’ve seen it, I’ve seen the future. We can still make it. Christine, there is still a chance.” His other hand reached for her, too, as the desperation in his voice grew clearer. You were frozen, watching the man you love fight for someone else. 
“You are with someone new, Stephen.” Christine shook her head in shock at his insistence. 
“I-I… it is not you. I-I look at her, and all I see is you. She is lovely, but she is not you. My heart is yours, yours, Christine.” Stephen doubled down, sending your head spinning as you had to hold onto the door not to fall. It was like a punch to your stomach, each word destroying the image you had built of your relationship. “Don’t worry about her; she will understand. She is good; she won’t resent me for it. She’ll be there for me if you refuse me, don’t worry about her.”
“Stephen…” she whispered, exhaling loudly. 
“Just listen to me for two seconds,” he interrupted her, clearing his throat and stepping away from her as his trembling hands moved to his sides, looking for something. “Christine Palmer, I have let life get in the way of us one too many times. I know this is rushed, but I have loved you long enough to know there is nobody else I’d like to spend the rest of my life with.” His hand wrapped around something, pulling it out of his pocket as he lowered himself on one knee, “will you do me the honour of marrying me?” 
You could almost feel your heart shattering. You could hear every single piece break over and over again. You turned away, almost as if the simple sight of that expression of love could disintegrate you. A loud sob left your lips before you could press your hand against your mouth; shocked, you were in shock. 
You fell to your knees as multiple people moved toward you, trying to understand what was wrong, but there were no words to describe it. You simply sobbed as a woman offered her arms to you, “I-I am sorry,” you whispered. Suddenly the sound of the door opening pulled you out of your frenzy, shushing your sobs.
Stephen spoke your name over the crowd, and you felt your whole chest recoil. You could rip your eyes out at this point, scared of looking at him. He would just see her all over again. You stood up as he tried to reach you, “keep him away from me.” The words left your lips, and that’s all it took for the people that had watched you cry to turn his way, stopping him from coming any closer. 
You walked out of the restaurant and saw Christine standing on the sidewalk, arms wrapped around her body and a worried look stamped on her face. 
“Congratulations,” you whispered before walking away.
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shescollateraldamag3 · 2 days ago
Carolina — W. Maximoff
(Based on the song Carolina by Taylor Swift)
Note that this isn't the full fic yet. This is only a teaser (sorta).
"Where are we?"
"A universe similar to yours, it seems... Look." America Chavez pointed at the Avengers photos put up on the billboards. She walked closer, examining it as best she could.
Finding it a waste of time, Stephen Strange cleared his throat to garner the girl's attention. "I would love to stand here all day, kid, but there's a witch coming after you and I'd like to figure out a way to stop her before it's too late."
"Stephen, look." America emphasized again, bemusement crossing her features.
The sorcerer relented, tilting his head to see what the young girl was so bewildered by.
"Wanda Maximoff, one of Earth's mightiest heroes who perished in the hands of Thanos."
Pictures of Wanda flashed through the screen, people around stopping to watch. In just a few moments, chaos ensued in the streets. Some started throwing different objects at the pictures of the enhanced, causing few to panic. Strangers bumped passed each other but it seemed like they had one goal in mind: to ruin the images.
"I wonder what she'd done in this universe. Wanda saved them, right? Why are they throwing stuff at the pictures?" America asked, blocking herself from being hit by one of the flying saucers. "Uh, a little help here, please?" She winced as something sharp hit her in the leg, groaning when she figured out that she was bleeding.
Stephen stepped forward, placing America's arm around his shoulders to help her regain balance. "Let's get outta here."
"Good idea."
"Stop right there!" A voice yelled from behind. Stephen froze up at the sound and America did too. Although, they had different reasons.
With a flick of your hand, the citizens of your town stopped moving, everything was frozen except you and your companions.
America hid behind the sorcerer, eyes glued to your every move. "Who is she?"
"That would be —"
"Y/n Maximoff." You cut him off, taking a step forward as you put your boys behind you. "And you're trespassing. This is not your universe, Stephen Strange." You glared at the two, but mostly at Strange.
"Isn't that Wanda's wife and kids? The ones she's trying to bring back?" The girl let go of her hold on Stephen's cape.
Tilting your head, you asked, "How do you know my Wanda?"
"The Wanda in our universe is on a rampage. She's after this girl's power -" Stephen glanced at the one beside him, "-so that she can travel anywhere in the multiverse she wants. She wants to bring you and your children back. We need your help."
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wint3r-h3art · a day ago
Sun Killer | S.Strange x Villian! Reader
Part 2: The Bittersweet Reunion
Tumblr media
Summary: Stephen found you standing in your son’s room for the first time in 3 years. Many buried feelings revealed. A bittersweet reunion ensured, but things were way too good to be true for the Sorcerer Supreme himself.
Word Count: 5.5K (oops!! sorry)
Warnings: Canon divergent/Alternate reality. Angst then smut (very brief inappropriate used of magic 🥲). Manipulation. some violence and death (not descriptive). 18+ ONLY | MINORS DNI
A/N: It’s a lot to unpacked. Sorry. I hope you enjoyed it!! Reblog and comment are greatly appreciated. No beta, so I apologize in advance. Please follow @wint3r-library​ for new fic update. 
Series Masterlist
*** Do not copy, repost, rewrite and translate any of my works anywhere else!
Tumblr media
“How is she doing?” Stephen asked Wong as they watched over the courtyard. It had been months since America Chavez became the apprentice of mystic art.
“She’s great at hand-to-hand combat….she still struggling with the magic part though,” Wong added while he looked at Strange. He noticed the other man’s expression. He was more tense than usual. 
It had been months since Wanda’s incident. While Wong had no idea the kind of things he faced while Stephen was with America across the multiverse, he noticed his friend grew more somber than before.
“Is it that dream again?” Wong finally asked as he gazed into the distance. In the corner of his eyes, he could see Stephen’s eyes fluttered as if he snapped out of his reverie. 
“I kept seeing her with a baby in that God-awful world.” His voice was shaking and quiet as if he couldn’t shake the thought of it off. 
The thought of you living in that broken world shook him to the core. He wondered if that you is the same as the you that he married…Your smile–the tenderness in your eyes, God he really missed it. 
Stephen rubbed his temples. The throbbing headache was only getting harder. 
“It has been three years, Stephen. Perhaps, it’s time to let her go.”
“I know she’s not dead of anything….I just wish she’d stop by and just talk about it instead of disappearing like that.” His hand shakily balled into a tight fist as he stood there, reminiscing about the past—the part where he was happy with you. It felt so long ago. 
“What would you do if she decided to show up? What exactly will you tell her?”
His question stumped him. The truth was he doesn’t know it either. All this pent-up pain and hurt have been locked up for all these years was all he knew. What the hell was he going to say to her? Could he even say anything to her? 
Stephen sighed. “I honestly don’t know.”
Wong didn’t miss his tone. He was so used to Stephen having the answers to everything that the idea of Strange not having any solution to his problem was kind of sad. 
“Perhaps, it’s better off this way. You’ll get your answer when she decides it’s time to come back.”
Wong offered him a smile as he patted his shoulder. If it was under normal circumstances, Strange would have rolled his eyes at his friend. But at the moment, he appreciated Wong for his wise words.
“Would you have done it differently?” Wong asked Stephen. 
He knew exactly what the other man was asking. “Someone has to make a difficult decision,” he exhaled sharply. “Even if I was able to save him…I don’t think he would ever be the same.”
Wong nodded knowingly. The boy was an exact copy of Strange: a clever boy with a sharp tongue. Despite his brightness and talent in magic, there was also darkness residing inside him as well—the same kind of darkness that resided inside you. 
Wong didn’t want to think about you this way, after all, you were like a little sister to him.
Hiding by the foot of Mount Wundagore, trying to escape the little cult village of yours, he remembered the expression you bore that day. Your body was covered with runes, your face disheveled and you were so scared and so willing to end it then and there, begging frantically to not return to your village. 
With the help of the Ancient One, she managed to conceal the markings, but still, she never disclosed what those runes meant exactly. Knowing it’s from a Chthon worshiping village though, he knew it wasn’t good, but the Ancient One had faith in you, and she entrusted you with Wong. He found out eventually though once the seal was broken.
Stephen’s head suddenly snapped up as he gazed around. A deep frown etched up his sharp features. 
“Something wrong?”
“Someone is in the New York sanctum…”
“Right now? Should we be worried?”
“Seems like whoever this is known about the little spell I use to guard it. Stay here,” he said firmly before he conjured up the portal that leads directly to the New York sanctum. 
“If you hear nothing from me for more than two hours, take America with you and ask her to take you to Earth-838. Someone will be there to help you.”
Before Wong could ask any more questions, Stephen stepped inside the portal and quickly closed it behind. 
His eyes searched for movement, ears for noises. 
He cautiously floated up the staircase, trying his best to listen to any abnormality that he could. He was on edge the closer he could hear the faint sniffle coming from the room that used to be his son’s room. With careful steps, Strange slowly opened the door.
It felt like all the air he breathed was being sucked out of his lungs as he stood there looking at you for the first time in three years. Words failed him at the exact moment when his cerulean eyes met yours. His hands began to shake, and his lips trembled. His eyes were brimming to shed tears as he stared at you.
“Stephen…” you said first, wiping the tears with the back of your hand. It took him a couple of seconds to realize that his feet took a few steps forward.
A mixture of emotions came rushing to him. The hurt and the pain you left him that night hit him like a sledgehammer.
“What are you doing here?” His tone was harsh, but it was to simply conceal the pain he tried to hide from you. Somehow, the thought of being abrasive toward you would somehow make this less difficult.
It wasn’t.
Despite his tone, you could feel yourself trembling at his presence. You thought that you’d be strong enough to resist him, but the moment you see his face and hear his voice, all of your rationality melted into yearning. 
Years of running away and depriving yourself of his touch did nothing but make your heart ache for him, and right now, being so close to him, you couldn’t help but want to fall into his arms and be loved by him once again. 
“Stephen,” you said softly, voice cracked as another tear rolled down your cheeks. He was only a few feet from you, yet you couldn’t bring yourself to reach out to him. “It’s been a long time,” you said softly. “You look well.”
Stephen wasn’t amused though as he watched you carefully. When you finally had enough courage though, you reached out to him. 
Stephen took a step back, and it felt like a knife drove into his chest.
“What are you doing here?” he asked you again. “Disappeared for three years, then decided to come back all of a sudden. What’s your plan, Y/N?”
You didn’t miss his icy cold tone at all. 
“I-I have no plan,” you said softly, reaching to him again. This time he didn't move. Instead, he allowed you to touch him. The warmness of his skin felt familiar and warm. It took you everything to not let your body surrender to him. “I just miss you.”
“You can’t just disappear for three years and come back here like nothing happened, Y/N. It doesn't work that way.”
“I know, but…if you just let me,” you said softly, hand cupping his face, turning him to look at you.
“It’s so easy for you, isn’t it? To just come back like nothing ever happened.” Stephen waited for you to say something, but you couldn’t, so he continued. 
“Do you know what the most painful thing I’ve ever felt?” His voice was shaking, almost close to cracking but he continued anyway. “It’s to feel like I’m hated by someone I truly love. I opened myself up to you, and I truly felt liberated–I felt like I didn't have to run away from this feeling anymore….but then,” he stopped and looked away. You could see a single drop of tear fluttered from his eyes.
Stephen took another deep breath, trying to calm his simmering anger down before he say something even more hurtful than what he truly wanted to say to you. 
“But then you ran away from me the moment everything became too much. And Instead of facing it with me, you ran away.”
Stephen stopped as he inhaled deeply again. It took everything out of him to utter those words out loud. The resentment, the pain he felt the night you left came rushing back to him like an open wound. He wanted to openly weep in front of you, but it didn’t feel right. 
“You told me you feel like I was smothering you, but in reality, I wanted you to comfort me as well…You weren’t the only person that was hurting that night…I was too. But,” he paused again before taking another deep breath, trying to keep his voice from cracking.
“But I have to pretend that I’m strong. Y’know, to truly love someone, you always have to put their feelings first before your own no matter what—Even if you’re hurting…”
His glacial eyes glanced up to meet yours, and the ice fortress that you’ve spent building around your heart, melted. A floodgate of emotions poured out of you as your tears fell on their own. All the hate in your heart melted into hurts once more as you watched him unravel his emotions before you. 
“Stephen,” you sobbed. “I’m really sorry. I was hurt…and scared. We lost so much…I just couldn’t.” 
You reached out to him. Your heart felt like it was about to burst the moment your finger grazed his tear-stained cheek. It was selfish to run away from him, but at the time, you really felt like he didn’t care. You’ve spent all these times loathing him, when he was still holding onto you, hoping that you’ll come back to him.
“He was my son too, you know. You’re not the only one that lost him that night.” 
The admission shouldn’t surprise you, but it did. Somehow hearing him out loud cut deeper than any knife that ever touched your skin. All of your rationality went out of the window when his voice cracked. All you wanted to do was to soothe his hurt–whatever anguish you have caused him. 
Stephen’s breath caught in his throat when he noticed that familiar look on your face–the one he noticed the day you saw Mordo let him into Kamar-Taj, the same look you gave him when he asked you to go on a little date with him, and the same look you gave him when Wong was walking you down the aisle during your wedding day. So full of compassion and sympathy. It would feel much easier if you looked at him with hatred and disgust because those were the ones he prepared himself for all these years. But this–this kind of look weakened him. It touched a part of him that he wanted to bury deep within him. 
Whatever plan he had to push you away crumbled into nothingness as he leaned in to kiss you.
Your hand instinctively cupped his face. You could feel the way the muscles of his jaw worked as his tongue glided with yours. The familiar taste of his lips awakened the familiar ache that you haven’t known of for a long time. He was so warm and so comforting just like you remembered, yet there was an edge to him that set your nerve ablaze.
He felt more powerful, and commanding, yet tender and loving just like he was always with you.
Strange growled lowly in his chest when he felt that you were returning his kiss. The vibration sent chills down your spine as his arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you into him so suddenly. This new sense of possessiveness excites you as you kiss him harder and hungrier than before.
All he wanted was to feel your naked body against him. To have your fingers wrapped around him and stroking him–to have your legs wrapped around his waist as he lost himself deep inside you–to make you make up for all the lost time, and to fill this void in his heart.
Instead of giving in to his urge though, Stephen pulled away. You looked confused–hurt even for your husband to deny you this way.
Lifting his hand, you kissed his scarred hand. You could feel Stephen tremble at the tenderness you showed him. How was he supposed to be angry when all you did was show him, love?
“Don’t do this to me right now,” he said softly when you pulled him down. He could have easily pushed you away, but he didn’t, and that was the problem. 
As much as he tried to, Stephen couldn’t deny you a single thing if you asked him. All of his heart and soul were at your mercy. He loved you so damn much. Even when he shouldn’t.
“I love you,” you said softly, your lips barely brushing against the corner of his lips. You could feel him inhale sharply at the way you uttered the words out loud. All of his resolves were weakened by a simple touch.
“I love you so much, Stephen,” you said softly as your hand grazed at this noticeable bulge. You tried to be as subtle as possible, but you didn’t miss his soft hiss that left his parted lips. “Will you ever forgive me?”
The question hit harder than a boulder. Could he ever forgive you? The logical answer was no, but he knew it wasn’t that simple. 
“Forgiveness needs to be earned,” he said softly. His liquid sapphire eyes surveyed your reaction as if this was a test or something. “You can’t just walk in here and demand it.”
You searched his eyes for a long moment. “Do you want me to beg you then?” Your palm rested on his chest. You could feel the way his heart was hammering against his ribcage. “I know how much you enjoy me begging you.”
Stephen could see the simmering flames that were burning behind his eyes. Your words brought back many memories that made his cock twitch slightly at the image of you moaning and pleading beneath him.
“You feel it too, don’t you?” you asked as your hand trailed down to cup him. Stephen hissed sharply as he tried his hardest to not surrender himself to you. But damn it all. He really fucking missed you.
A low growl left his lips as Stephen pulled you roughly till your frame crashed against his chest. The sweetness that lingered on his breath spurred something inside you. His mouth covered yours not a moment too long, and he was devouring you like a beast in heat–so desperate and so needy, seeking anything he could find. The possessiveness of his kiss made your toe curl as his arms snaked around your waist demandingly.
Your body felt like it was set ablaze by his touch, from your head to your toes–every inch of your skin was buzzing with his presence. All of your buried feelings came rushing back like a tidal wave, drawing you with all of these emotions that you thought you had forgotten.
Tears slipped past your lids when his lips were on your neck. You could feel him breathing hard against your skin. You whispered his name breathlessly, while your hands were on his biceps, holding on to him with every ounce of what was left of your strength.
All of his restraints shattered.
Stephen walked you backward while gesturing to open the portal that led you to his bedroom. You landed on the soft mattress with a soft bounce before his body covered yours. His lips were on you once more. 
With a wave of your hand, both of your clothes vanished. This only spurred Stephen more as his lips trailed down to your neck, kissing, and suckling greedily. His fingers reached down to your wetness, slowly rubbing and circling at your clit. He needed you, he wanted you. The closer he was to you, the stronger than undeniable magnetic pull grew stronger. 
You gasped and moaned beneath him, legs widened, granting him access to your most intimate part. His breath trembled against your skin when he delved his fingers inside. 
“I miss you,” he mumbled as he began to stroke you at a slow, desirous pace. A fire ignited from your core as you slowly rocked your hips to meet his slow thrust. His forehead pressed against yours.
Getting impatient, he entered you swiftly, earning a moan out of you He held you there, pinning you down against the mattress as he withdrew his hips all the way out till it was just the tip, before he plunged himself all the way in, relishing the way your heat consuming him, burning him with your desire. 
Your fingers raked his muscular back, nails dug into his skin as he thrust into you with vigor. A sense of desperation and need practically seeped out of his skin every time he moaned out your name. 
All the pain, the ache, and the yearning all balled up into this moment where both of you wanted nothing more than to be spent in each other’s arms. Torture by your own past and present.
You expected him to be harsh with you–perhaps a rougher fuck from him, but this–this was more like a need to breathe you, a need to hold you close till both of you reach your own release. This was more like he was making love to you. 
And a part of you hated the idea because you didn’t expect him to hold you so tenderly and love when all you brought him was hurt. 
Stephen cradled your body close to him, his heat melted into yours as he continued to thrust in and out of you. Your hand clutched his head as you felt your body begin to tingle, slowly unravel beneath him. Throwing your head back, your orgasm came like a lightning bolt, burning with white-hot pleasure.
He could feel you strained and spasms beneath him as he continued to chase his own until he joined you. Stephen quickly pulled himself out, panting. His lips parted, hands hastily pumped his shaft till the sticky white cum painted your body.
And then there was silence as the two of you lay there, staring up at the ceiling. You didn't know how long it was, but you could feel his hand covering yours. No words were exchanged. It simply felt like the old time when you and he were just dating. 
You turned and looked at him for a moment before you reached out to stroke his face. 
“I’m sorry, Stephen.” Your husband was clearly confused when he looked at you. No words came out of his mouth as the Warmth of your power slowly seeped into his body. Your eyes began to glow softly. His body relaxed as his eyelids felt heavier than usual. Every part of him felt lighter and lighter till he slowly drifted off. 
Your eyes stopped glowing once Stephen was completely unconscious. Taking a deep breath, you pressed two fingers against his forehead, and with your growing power, you searched his memories. Your eyeballs rolled to the back of your skull till the white part of your eyes began to shine with light. Your veins protrude up the surface of your skin, glowing.
You gasped when you pulled your hand away. Your chest rose up and down as you tried to pull more air into your lungs. It took you a couple of minutes to regain your composure.  “I’m sorry,” you said softly before placing another kiss on his lips. “You won’t forgive me this time, but you give me no choice.”
You slowly get up and with a wave of your hand, your clothes materialize before you. You gave Stephen one last glance. Regret filled your heart as this would be the last time he ever looked at you so tenderly and loved.  
With the sling ring in hand, you gestured and opened the portal to the front of the gate of Kamar-Taj. Taking a deep breath, you slowly opened the door into the temple, leading you straight to the courtyard where Wong and a girl were standing, looking surprised and anxious.
“W-what Y/N, as in Y/N Strange? Stephen’s wife?” America looked at Wrong with worried eyes as if she could sense something was off. “I thought she died…”
“Not in this universe, kid.”
“This universe? What are you even saying?” you asked before you rushed in to give Wong a warm hug. You closed your eyes, relishing the way his warmness enveloped you. “I’ve missed you,” you said softly.
America looked at Wong worriedly as he patted his back. There was something about you that made her feel uneasy. “I miss you too…Does Stephen know that you are here?”
You pulled back and shook your head. “No.” A lie that you have to make. “I came here first…Just taking my chances, I supposed. Is he not available right now?”
Wong nodded.
“Ah, of course. The Sorcerer Supreme duty,” you offered him a dry smile before your gaze drifted to America. “Seems like we have a new recruit. What is your name?”
“America. America Chavez.”
“Beautiful name,” you said, offering her your hand to shake. America reluctantly shook it. 
“You know, my son would have been close to your age by now if he’s still alive,” you said softly. Wong didn’t miss the sadness that linger in your eyes. “Just a couple of years younger, but I’m sure you and he would have been friends.”
“Y/N. Why don’t we talk somewhere more private?” Wong cut in to lift the mood up a bit.
“Of course,” as the three of you walk. You couldn’t help but ask her more questions. “So what brought you here?”
“Well, I sort of fell through this universe with my portal.”
“Portal? Portal of what exactly?”
You pretended to act surprised when you knew it already. After all, it was why you were here in the first place. 
“Portal to the multiverse—It was by accident because I didn’t know how my power works, and I sort fell through here unknowingly. Stephen and Wong helped me escape from the Scarlet Witch though.”
“Must be so terrifying. I can’t even imagine.”
America nodded. “Yeah. Well, I couldn’t control my power before, but Stephen really helped me out a lot. I was funny because we sort of ran into another him in another universe, and boy was he more different than this one,” she chuckled softly.
“I see. Why is that?” You were careful with the question. You could sense Wong getting uneasy by your sudden interest in the multiverse.
“Well, he has both the Darkhold and the Book of Vishanti–Kinda really OP of him to do that. Our Stephen didn’t like that at all.”
You chuckled softly. “I can’t say I’m surprised. But…I always thought these two books were nothing but some old tales…” you glanced at Wong. “Was I taught a lie?” you asked.
Wong didn’t react though. “Some stuff isn’t meant for anyone other than the Sorcerer Supreme to know about. This is one of them.”
You nodded, looked down, and apologized to Wong. “Of course. How can I forget? To travel to a different universe though…what a great power to have.”
America looked at Wong nervously. Yup, this felt more and more like the Wanda thing, but her nerves felt worst–it told her to run from you.
“Careful Y/N. You are starting to sound like Wanda,” Wong said cautiously as America slowly took a few steps toward him. 
“Step away from them, Y/N!” Came Stephen’s voice as he struggled to step through the portal, he was panting, hair disheveled, eyes full of anger. 
Both Wong and America quickly retreated and ran toward him. 
You exhaled. Hand rubbing at your temple as you stare at him. “You should have slept, darling. You get cranky when you don’t get enough sleep.” Your tone changed then. There was no need to hide anymore. It seemed like your little spell didn’t work as well as you had hoped for.
“What’s happening? Are you alright, Stephen?” Wong asked as he helped Stephen stand up.
“She tricked me. She was at the Sanctum earlier.”
Wong looked at you. “You lied now?”
“It’s for the better, Wong.” you corrected him. 
“Cut this crap out, sweetie,” Stephen muttered. “Why are you really here?”
“I just need to know where the Darkhold is,” you explained as you shifted to your true form. Your Master of the Mystic Art robe changed to your black, leather armor. Stephen and Wong looked astonished at how both of your hands are now inky black. “I just need America to open up a portal and take me to the universe where I can obtain it. I won’t hurt her, I promise.”
“Promises, promises. Was this what you tell yourself too before you pry into my head?”
“Stephen, don’t make me hurt you. I just need her help. I don’t want any bloodshed here.”
“You’ve done more than just that, Y/N.” 
You wince at his venomous tone. How you hate the way he was calling your name. “I am hurt, darling. Here I thought I was being reasonable…”
“If you travel across the multiverse, there are high chances that you might cause an incursion, Y/N. Do you know how dangerous it is?” 
You looked at Wong. “You don’t get it, and I don’t expect you to. Just help me.”
“Why do you need it? Seems like you’ve already found one.” Stephen pointed out, gesturing at the way the book of the Damn had taken its toll on your physical body. 
“I just want my baby back,” you said softly. “I know he wasn’t lost…he just needed me to find him.”
You could feel your husband’s gaze burning into you. “Don’t tell me you are planning to rip the fabric of reality just to get to him…he’s not where you think he is, Y/N.”
“Liar!” Your voice boomed loudly, making the growing below shake. Stephen and Wong looked worriedly at each other. Your voice no longer sounded like you. It sounded more like a chorus of voices—deep, guttural voices that seemed to emit from deep within. 
“I saw it in your head, Stephen. I saw what happened. You did nothing to stop them from taking him.” Tears rolled down your cheeks at the blurred images of watch scenes from Stephen’s eyes—the way he just stood there as your son slipped into another dimension. 
“He wasn’t our son anymore,” he said softly. “And you knew that, didn’t you?”
You shook your head, denying the thought. “He was still our baby—and you lied to me all these years,“ you sobbed.
“Stop denying the truth, Y/N. That day you decided to break the seal—Chthon had already marked him. The wheel was set in motion the moment that child started breathing…just stop whatever you are trying to do, already. It’s not too late. We can still save you.”
“What is he saying?” America asked Wong. 
“There’s an old tale about an Elder God, whose affinity for dark magic was so strong that he degenerated into a demon. Long ago, a group of powerful magic users managed to defeat him and banished him–trapping him in between dimensions where he’s suspended and prevented from entering Earth. But of course, he managed to trick them. He separated part of his powers to create the Darkhold and carefully placed many copies across the different universes, in hope that his followers will resurrect him.”
“And the other part of his power ?” America asked, though deep in her mind she could already tell.
“The other part was placed into a vessel–a baby girl born the night of the blood moon. She must be sacrificed before she turns 16, or she will become too powerful to control. Just think about it, every 16 years, another girl is being killed off, while another baby is being ripped away from their mother…such a terrible tradition,” you said softly, tilting your head to the side. 
“Do you know what happens when the vessel manages to live past 16? ” She asked America, looking at the girl straight into the eyes. She shook her head. You could see Stephen from the corner of your eye. He was aware of the answer. “She becomes the anchor–the key to his return. Quite poetic if you ask me, going from being an expandable vessel to the key to an Elder God’s salvation.”
“Stop this right now!” Stephen growled deeply.
You turned and looked at Stephen. “You have no right to demand that sort of thing from me, darling. You failed to protect him, so it’s up to me to bring him back.”
“By what? Summoning an Elder God and destroying the world? You know damn well that if you bring our son into this plane, he will not be our son anymore. He will be Chthon himself. Is that what you want?”
“It’s not like you haven’t made such a sacrifice before, my dear husband. You did give Thanos the time stone, which he used to wipe out half of the universe, so don’t lecture me about sacrifice.”
“Not if we can stop you!” Stephen and Wong conjured up a magical chain and had it wrapped around you. More of the sorcerer apprentices and masters alike poured out of the temples and began to reinforce the magic.
You gasped and strained as the chain tightened around your body. 
“Fortify your mind and focus all of your power to aid the Sorcerer Supreme!” Wong yelled out. “Do not lose focus!”
You struggled against it as your body floated up. Purple flames ignited in your palms, your eyes glowed white before you focused all of the energy on yourself. Your body burst into flame, burning the magical chain that was holding you. 
In a fit of rage, you threw a big purple fireball straight to the temple, burning it while people were rushing out of it. Some of the debris fell on them, while some burned in an instance when the flame touched them.
“I’m done asking,” you said, your voice no longer yours as you extended your tendril-like magic and wrapped it around both Wong and Stephen, choking them in the process.
“Hey, leave them alone!” America shouted. “If you want me to send you to where the Darkhold is, let them go!”
You stopped for a moment, looking at the girl below you, then at Stephen and Wong, who were struggling against your hold. Slowly, you descend till your feet touch the ground. America was startled by the tremor you caused. 
“Show me.” 
America’s eyes glowed before she leaped and punched the air, opening up a star-shaped portal. Through it, you could see the sanctum in another universe. “There. Now, let them go,” she said firmly. Her teeth dug into her lower lips as she looked fiercely at you. 
You unclenched your fist, releasing Wong and Stephen. Both men gasped and coughed for air as their bodies landed on the ground with a soft thud.  You didn’t wait for any words as you slowly made your way into the portal, but before you knew it, you felt your body being thrown to one side while you heard America scream.
You didn’t have time to react as you were pushed through the portal, but not to the world she promised you. 
It felt endless as you fell into different worlds. Your body felt like it was out of control before you landed and rolled onto a payment. You winced and gasped at the pain. Then your eyes flutter as you feel snow slowly fall on your face.
Cold seeped into your bones as you slowly got up. Rubbles and debris crunched beneath your feet as your eyes scanned the desolate wasteland. Anger bubbled up inside.
They have tricked you.
Pushing your way through this broken world, your feet took you to the one place you knew well, hoping there was something you could find to escape here. Then a voice made you freeze in your tracks.
A soft, familiar, feminine voice called out to you. You didn’t want to believe it, but when you turn, you see yourself holding a small bundle in your arms. It felt like looking at your own reflection, but at the same time, it wasn’t. She was real–more real than anything you’ve ever seen.
She took another step forward, and you heard soft babbling coming from the small bundle she was holding.
“How did you get here?” 
Tumblr media
 A/N: Surprise?? LOL if you haven’t already, the next part will be an extension to Once Upon A Dream & Once Upon A(nother) Dream, my Sinister Strange fics. I managed to work out a timeline with as less plot hole as possible. OUAD happened before Spider Man: NWH, while this series is after MoM. Obviously, it’s at alternate timeline and reality. Our Stephen didn’t really get trap with Sinister Strange, which explains why he keeps seeing Y/N and that baby. Hope that clear up, if not, let me know. I can always expand on it.!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
PalmerStrange x Mulder & Scully
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Never Worn White [|] Stephen Strange x f! Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Marriage is in the cards for a sorcerer who happens to have a history in brain surgery.
Warnings: talking about marriage, f!reader
part 1
When the realization first hit Stephen that Y/N was in love with him, he felt like he was walking on air. A rush of adoration and realization had only followed throughout the reception; it took everything in him not to kiss you there. The words you had spoken were worth it:
“You are happy, aren’t you?” you had asked, looking into his eyes as if the world would melt away if he had said no. 
“I am.” He took a deep breath in. His dreams seemed closer to reality than ever, and he was elated. “Trust me, I am so happy.”
You grinned, putting your arms around his neck. He pressed you to his chest and buried his face in your shoulder. “Oh, thank goodness. I’d been so worried you wouldn’t be.”
“Do you have any idea how…” Stephen trailed off. He had no idea he had these feelings until now; how on Earth would you know that he’d been pining for you if he didn’t? “Do you have any idea how much that means to me?” he finished. He rubbed your back. 
“If I had known weeks ago that just flat-out telling you I was in love with you would work, I would have done it sooner,” you smiled, pulling away. “Now, let’s party.”
Stephen followed you into the wedding reception, slipping his hand into yours. He was walking on air — he was flying (and he was glad to say he knew exactly how that felt). Nic West’s previous comments about you and him only made him smile wider as the bride and groom danced the first dance of the night. Strange, dreamlike fantasies passed through his head as he imagined what it would feel like to own that dance floor with you next to him. Your fingers threaded through his own, and you smiled up at him. He smiled back down.
“I’m going to be so upset with you tomorrow if this turns out to be a dream,” you whispered as the music only got louder. It was “You’re My Best Friend,” by Queen, circa 1976. Stephen held your face, laughing at what you had said. 
“You’re going to be upset? What about me?” he teased. As other couples began joining in on the dancing, he pulled her into the position. “I’ll be furious. I might not even talk to you.”
“Why wouldn’t you talk to me?” you asked, gaping. You began swaying with him. “If this is your dream, maybe it’s a sign you should talk to me!” You grinned evilly.
“I wouldn’t talk to you because I’d be so upset that I didn’t realize how I felt about you, or how you felt about me,” he said, rolling his eyes without really meaning it. “I’m a Master of the Mystic Arts! I can’t even notice that the woman I’ve had a schoolboy crush on since I reconnected with her hasn’t changed her feelings since my car accident. What kind of multiple-degree magical garbage is that?”
“Yours,” you said honestly. “How long have you known you’ve had a ‘schoolboy crush’ on me?”
“Don’t push my buttons.” He pulled you closer while you danced. He felt normal for once. “It’s more of a retrospect thing, but I think since I realized you were a tangible person who admires me for my personality instead of my status.” He huffed as he remembered all of the women who would hit on him when he was a celebrated neurosurgeon. 
“Like Nick and Jess from New Girl?” 
A smile tugged his lips farther apart. “Exactly like that. Minus me being a drunk slob and you being a crazy English teacher.”
Your jaw dropped. “You actually watched that!?” 
His cheeks felt hot. “It’s hard not to when you have all the time in the world on your hands!”
“And you’re wondering why I’m in love with you,” you sighed, shaking your head. Stephen just kissed your fingers and shook his head. You brushed your thumb against his cheek. He remembered the first time he had run into you since becoming a sorcerer. He had knocked you over, and you had knocked the breath out of him. 
“Suddenly a lot of the aspects of our relationship make much more sense,” he whispered. “Everything’s been…”
“…Magical?” you finished when he somehow managed to trail off again. “Or awful?” 
Stephen would never get tired of that playful glint in your eyes. “I’ll go with ‘magical.’” You laughed again, and you continued spinning and swaying with him like you two were the only ones in the world. 
Before he knew it, then dance ended, and he felt a tapping on his shoulder. “Stephen,” a small voice asked. “Can we talk?”
He turned from you to see Christine. Your hands were still intertwined with his. “Sure,” he said tentatively. “Is something the matter?”
“Nothing’s the matter.” She didn’t look too sure. Stephen didn’t feel too sure, either. He looked back at you, and you shrugged.
“Don’t let me keep you, baby,” you said. You let go of his hands. He just nodded and told you he’d be back, then followed Christine out of the room and into the hall.
“What’s wrong?” he asked, wary of the whole situation. He stopped when she stopped. She didn’t look at him once she turned to face him. His heart started to sink. “Did something happen?”
“No,” she said, shaking her head, “nothing happened… It’s just… Why didn’t you tell me that you and Y/N were an item?” Her hands played with themselves. She met his eyes. “Why haven’t you told me that you love her?”
“I didn’t even know what was happening until recently,” he said, choosing his words carefully. “Besides, it’s not like I’ve proposed to her. You just got married and I had to hear about that from the invitation.” He crossed his arms. “Why does it matter?”
Christine clenched her jaw. “It doesn’t. Not exactly.”
“Then what does matter, exactly?” he challenged. His chest swelled. Christine looked away again.
“You weren’t supposed to… I never expected you to move on so quickly. You said it yourself, you were in love with me like it was yesterday when you came back, so why did you move on so quickly? Was it nothing? Are you going to leave Y/N like it’s nothing?”
“Wait.” He held up his hand. “Wait, wait wait, are you upset that I’m involved with Y/N or are you upset that I stopped having romantic feelings for you?”
“Neither! I’m just upset that you didn’t tell me anything! And I’m worried that you’ll forget all about Y/N when something inevitably blows up!”
“I didn’t tell you anything because there’s nothing new to tell! And this is your wedding!” he argued. “And what do you mean when something blows up?”
“You weren’t exactly the best at relationships, Stephen; Y/N’s been in love with you since she met you.” Christine rolled her eyes. “This is cruel of you, to use her now that I’m married.”
“I’m not using her! What’s wrong with you? Why are you judging me for wanting to be where your new husband is? Is it so wrong of me to want that, too?”
“No.” Christine crossed her arms over her chest. “I’m not judging you for that. I’m judging you for how you’re treating Y/N. You barely know her—”
“If you think that, you barely know either of us.” Stephen pinched his nose. He could see the bride had mixed (or undealt with) feelings. It wouldn’t be fair to bicker with her on her wedding day. “I’m going back in. I’m not going to argue with you over who I am or am not in a relationship with, okay? You’re supposed to be celebrating your marriage, not yelling at me.” 
That was the last time he thought about any future with Christine. It was the last time he thought marriage was out of the question for a sorcerer who happened to have a history in neurosurgery. 
He spent the rest of the reception by your side, and he went home with you, too. Nothing happened, but it was hard to separate himself from you. One thing he refused to leave you without was a kiss. He meant to hit your cheek, but you caught his lips with your own and said simply, “Goodnight.”
“Goodnight,” he managed to say, pulling away from you. You held his hands, and he knew you noticed the shaking. Today was so long… It was good, but it was long. “I’ll get a taxi. I’m not sure I can drive tonight.”
“Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with,” you agreed. You searched his eyes. He desperately wanted to kiss you again. “You’re in big trouble tomorrow morning.”
“If this is a dream?” he filled in, dancing in the mixed breath you both shared. He went in for another kiss, but you stopped him. 
“It better not be.” You smirked. “I’ve dreamt about you for a long time, Stephen Strange. I’m not about to wake up this time.”
“What if I spent the night?” Stephen cupped your face. You closed your eyes. The temptation ate at you—he could tell just by the way your nose crinkled. If he was honest with himself, he wasn’t sure if he wanted you to tell him yes or no. 
“It’ll be harder to believe this is really happening.” You gently pushed him out the door. “Just call me when you wake up; say something like ‘sweetheart’ or ‘my love.’”
“I’m not ready to say that, yet.” He brushed your hair out of your face. You didn’t stop smiling. “I’ll call you sweetheart, though.”
With one last kiss, he left. He knew he said taxi, but the portal would have been just as nice. He debated with himself for several minutes, but eventually just used his sling ring and went home. 
He was too worked up to sit still in a taxi. 
When he got to his bedroom, he stared at the walls and wondered if sleep was an option—if it would transport him back to reality. But this had to be reality, because if it wasn’t, he would never sleep again. 
But sleep eventually claimed him as he stared at his bed frame, thinking about how his life could go so well, and yet so wrong. Sleep claimed him, and he woke up that morning, then the next, and for several months in a row to see you or think about you.
Each day he saw you, he could only see a future with you. He saw your face in children, he saw children without either of your faces, he saw no children. He saw grey in your hair, wrinkles on your hands, and eyes that blazed with everlasting love. 
Stephen wanted to make you his wife. 
The thing was, he hadn’t realized that was what he wanted until he was at one of your friends’ parties, introducing himself to a guest while you celebrated with her. 
“Stephen Strange,” he said, extending his hand. 
“Hey, I’m Marc Spector,” the guest said with a grin. He had curly brown hair, brown eyes, and the look of content about him. His wedding ring felt nice in his hand. “My wife, Layla, she knows Y/N. Are you her husband?”
“Yes,” he said automatically. He practically blurted it. “Wait, um, no. No, I’m her boyfriend.” He sounded lame, saying ‘boyfriend.’ He mentally cursed at himself. He was such an idiot.
“So not the husband yet.” He nodded, grinned, and shoved his hand in his pocket. “That’s exactly how I felt, too, before I proposed. Layla eventually stopped correcting me and just told me to say it.”
He was dumbfounded. He frowned. “I wasn’t planning on proposing any time soon.”
“You should. You two look great together.” Marc turned as his wife called for him. “I better go see what that’s about. Nice meeting you, Not-Y/N’s-Husband.”
That was the moment he knew that he had to do something. He had to do it at the right time. And for weeks, Stephen couldn’t figure it out.
You were in his house, now, sitting next to him as you read something. You were engrossed in it. 
“Y/N, what season is your favorite?”
“(Favorite season),” you answered, not looking up. “Any reason why, honey?”
He took a deep breath in, not looking at you. “Well, I was wondering what time of year we should have our wedding… if you ever wanted one.”
He felt you shift. You grabbed his face and made him look at you, right into your eyes. “Are you serious?”
“Any reason why I shouldn’t be?”
“You want to marry me?” You looked so touched, so happy. It was the perfect reaction.
“Yes, I do.” He felt a smile creep up his face. 
“I’m going to be your wife?”
“Oh, my gosh! Stephen!” you laughed, hugging him. You tackled him onto the couch and he had no choice but to let you. “We’re getting married?”
He smiled. “We’re getting married.”
You kissed his hands and his face. “Why didn’t you ask sooner?”
“You don’t think this is soon?” he accused, sitting up. You looked so in love. He melted at the sight. 
“Stephen, there was never a soon enough time.” You kissed him. “I’ve never worn white, you know.”
“I hope you never have to wear it twice.” He kissed back. “Are you happy?”
“Unbelievably happy.”
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doctorstrangeaskblog · a day ago
if you challenge another sorcerer or other sorcerer challenges you do you have to accept?
I have no idea, but if the sorcerer has to accept I'm totally challenging Wong after this crap-
Tumblr media
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fcbformulaeri · a day ago
This lives rent free in my thoughts
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Benedict Cumberbatch & Charlize Theron in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness
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momocedro · a day ago
Fixation: Epilogue
Tumblr media
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x (Fem!)Reader
Summary: You’ve known Wanda ever since she began her time as an Avenger. You considered yourself unspecial compared to everyone else. Even when she chose Vision over you, you never stopped finding Wanda so fascinating to you.
Chapter Warnings: Blood
A/n: My version of what happened at the end of MoM :) A rather short epilogue but Fluffiness and Romance all the way <3
Chapter Theme: Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis
Part 1
*Wanda’s POV* “Y/n...” Your muffled voice echoes in her brain, “Y/n wake up please!”
[Closed off from love, I didn't need the pain]
“Wanda...” She groans
“Y/n... Please wake up,” You beg, softly
You continue balling up parts of her shirt into your fist as you continue to gently shake her awake.
[Once or twice was enough and it was all in vain]
Y/n slowly opens her eyes to see you, smiling profusely. 
“Y/n!” You exclaim, leaping into her, engulfing y/n in a tight hug, “You’re alive! Thank god!”
[But something happened for the very first time with you]
“What... What happened?” she asks, sitting up whilst still holding onto you
Y/n groans in pain as she clutches her head. Once she draws her hand away, she looks down at her hand to realize that her head was bleeding.
“You don’t remember?” You ask Y/n, “You last minute opened a portal for us to travel through.”
“Oh, that's what happened?...” She asks
She realized that she didn’t remember about opening a portal, but making contact with the grass and something hitting her head...
“Come on, you’re bleeding,” You help Y/n up onto her feet
You put one of your arms around her shoulder as you attempt to keep her upright. The both of you see a cabin in the distance. 
“Is anyone living there?” Y/n asks
“One way to find out,” You say
Using one of your free hands, you attempt to knock on the door, however, it opens.
“Guess it’s vacant,” She sighs
You immediately seat Y/n into the closest seat as you begin searching the cabin for any first aid. Y/n tries to lay her head back to try and ease the pain however, to no avail. 
“Here,” You come over, “Let me.”
She opens her eyes and see streams of red and a faint image of you, standing over her. 
[My heart melts into the ground, found something true]
Y/n lets out a soft sigh and a smile as you allow to feel the soft hum of your magic surround her wound like healing magic. 
“Don’t move,” You whisper
“Don’t need to tell me twice,” She happily sighs, closing her eyes, embracing your easing magic
Y/n didn’t open her eyes until she felt tension in her lap. She opens her eyes and whips her head up but groan in pain. You place your hand on the back of her head, smiling.
“Easy there,” You smile
You lean over and grab the ointment and gauze wrap and slowly presses the ointment onto Y/n’s head. She lets out a light gasp as herr arm instinctively reaches up to grab yours by the wrist. You look at her whilst her hand eases the grip on your wrist.
“Sorry...” She sighs
“Don’t be,” You smile
Y/n continues sitting through the pain as you continue patching up your wound. Awkward silence over the both of you. 
“Piece of debris hit you pretty good right as you and I began falling through the portal you magically opened up,” You attempt to break the silence
“That makes sense,” She replies, “Kind of reminded me of the time when I first saved you... Back in Sokovia; I opened a portal that led us right into the Hellicarrier. And the time where I mysteriously, unknowingly I transported us into hiding after that battle in Germany.”
“You just have a knack for opening portals just at the right time,” You joke
“The it came to your protection really,” She adds
You finish bandaging Y/n’s wound but doesn’t get up from her lap. You just sit there; hands on her shoulders and looking down at you.
“Something on your mind Wands?” She asks
You could feel Y/n’s hands unconsciously make their way up to your waistline as your upper body leans forward. Your head leans down as you rest it in the crook of her neck. Your hips gyrate forward when you felt Y/n’s thumb gently caressing the small of your back.
[But nothing’s greater than the rush that comes with your embrace]
You lift your head and adjust your hips so that you’re facing hers. You see that glow in her eye; that familiar blue-fire-y glow that you always see when you stare at Y/n and she stares back.
[And in this world of loneliness, I see your face] [Yet, everyone around me thinks that I’m going crazy] [Maybe, Maybe]
“Wanda, are you sure you’re okay?” She asks
“It’s been a long day, we should go to bed,” You suggest, finally getting off of her lap
You begin making your way up the stairs, but stop when you turn around, making sure that Y/n was following, however, she remained on the couch.
“Y/n,” You call out to her
She looks up at you.
“You coming or what?” You ask
[And it’s draining all of me] [Though they find it hard to believe]
“Yeah, I’m coming,” She gets up and catches up with you, linking her fingers with yours as you lead her up the stairs and into the bedroom.
[I’ll be wearing these scars for everyone to see]
You turn in the bed and outstretch your arm, hoping to feel Y/n there; you didn’t. Half asleep, you force your eyes open and force yourself to sit up as you search the room for Y/n.
“Y/n?...” You groggily call out to her
You rub your eyes as you trudge your way out of bed and notice a small draft. You rub your eyes once more and see Y/n out on the balcony, sitting on the balcony couch.
“Y/n?...” You approach the doorway
You were about to step outside to sit with her, if it wasn’t for the screen door keeping you from exiting. However, you manage to open it and step outside. You see Y/n turning her head.
“Hey.. Wands,” She says, “Did I wake you?”
“You weren’t in bed,” You say, seating yourself into her lap, “I’d rather have you in bed than not.”
“Can’t sleep,” She confesses
“What’s on your mind?” You ask, leaning close to her face
“You,” She confesses again
Your mouth opens slightly as you feel her hands curl around your thighs. You notice her leaning in and you lean in more; being the first to close the gap between your faces. Your hand runs through Y/n’s hair, making sure you don’t accidentally touch her injured spot as you scoot your body into hers, closing the gap between your bodies.
[But I don’t care what they say] [I’m in love with you] [They try to pull me away, but they don’t know the truth] [My heart’s crippled by the vein that I keep on closing]
You pull away to catch your breath, and too look down at Y/n... The reflection of the moonlight highlighting her tears that were now streaming down her eyes.
“Y/n?... Why are you crying?” You ask
“Do you know how much it hurt?” She asks 
[You cut me open and I]
“What?” You ask, not knowing where she was going
“How much it hurt to see you fall in love with Vision?” She continues, “Knowing I was there for you the most, watching you fall in love with Vision when I couldn’t even tell you how I felt because I thought that would have been selfish of me to, because for someone like me, I always have to think about my soulmates’ happiness... So I wanted you to be happy... Even if it wasn’t with me, even if it was killing me from the inside... Those 5 years without you... Were the absolute worst... Hearing that you had disappeared again, I knew I had to find you again... Because I never wanted you to be alone ever again... Even if you would never feel truly happy with me... So... Do you understand now? How much it hurt?...”
[Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love] [I keep, I keep, keep bleeding love] [Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love] [Oh, you cut me open and I]
“Oh... Y/n...” You begin tearing up, “I... I never meant to hurt you... It wouldn’t have been selfish of you... I knew something was off but, I could never reach into your mind and... I never wanted to ask because... I didn’t want to pressure into you telling me how you were feeling... I didn’t want you to be upset with me... So... I waited until you felt ready to tell me... But, you never did...”
[Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love] [I keep bleeding, I keep, keep bleeding love] [Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love] [I keep]
“Wanda...” She says, “The reason I only thought of your happiness... Is because when people like my father and I find our ‘soulmates’, we find ourselves fixated with that specific person... We’d do anything in order to make them happy... We become anything that person needs... Even if they ended up finding someone to love, it would hurt us entirely. But no matter what, we’d still be there for them in anyway ay we could... Even if they’d never be truly happy with us. Even if I would try to think selfishly, I wouldn’t be able to because that part of me that I inherited from my father, would never allow me to.”
[Oh, you cut me open and I]
“So... You were...” You try to get clarification
“Fixated with you,” She finishes your sentence
“God you should’ve said something sooner,” You let out a chuckle
“What? Why?” She asks
“Because... I was fixated with you too,” You say before closing the distance between your faces once more
[Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love]
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Stephen being goofy, cute, insecure and snarky at the same time.
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bursting-at-the-seems · 2 days ago
Me: I don’t have a type
My best friend: oh yes you do *lists off names of most of my fictional husband*
My best friend: in short your type is traumatized tall skinny white boy
Tumblr media
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thefirstpaleontologist · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Peter really said I can fix them
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vecnacurse · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jjeangrey · a month ago
wanda: why don’t you just bring america here
dr strange:
wanda: you didn’t tell me her name did you
dr strange: …no
Tumblr media
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shesnotreadingbooks-x · a month ago
Tumblr media
unhinged sexy bitches only
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doctorstrangeaskblog · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Based on this video
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imposterogers · 4 months ago
realized last night that stephen strange and matt murdock canonically attended the same university (columbia) AT THE SAME TIME for at least a year if they both went to uni straight out of high school . strange is ~3 years older than matt so it’s totally plausible
Tumblr media
actively losing my mind over this
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