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#Draco Malfoy

I started writing two imagines but I just can’t seem to finish them. I kind of know what I want to happen in it but I can’t seem to write it down in words. That’s so frustrating.

But until finish them, you can always send me some requests of yours. I would love to write them.

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draco malfoy x fem!reader

a/n: people only like my smut but im actually a whore for fluffy stuff so here u go

Sobs racked through your body as you rushed through the bustling corridors of Hogwarts. You held a hand over your mouth to muffle your cries, looking down so people didn’t see the tears streaming down your cheeks, soaking your soft skin. You never normally cried in front of people, only ever in the safety of your dorm, but today you had reached your breaking point.

Your day had started with you waking up late, resulting in you missing breakfast. With your tie not even tied properly around your neck, you’d stumbled late into Umbridge’s Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson, only to be kicked out and told to come back with correct uniform. Then, she’d proceeded to humiliate you all lesson, that stupid giggle of hers making you feel levels of anger you hadn’t been aware existed inside of you before today.

You forgot your homework for Transfiguration, but Professor McGonagall was merciful and allowed you to complete it in your lunch break next period instead of giving you a detention. Your stomach growled at you during double Potions after, and your hunger and lack of concentration had earned you the butt of a snidey comment from Professor Snape, making even your own housemates laugh.

As soon as you left the classroom, after being held back by Snape who warned you that you would probably fail your Potion’s O.W.L at the end of the year at this rate, you couldn’t hold it in anymore. Stressed, hungry, exhausted, and overwhelmed, you did your best to weave in and out of everybody, sniffling and shaking slightly.

“Y/N?” Came the familiar call of Pansy Parkinson. “You all right?”

You ignored her, not that you normally would. You just couldn’t stand to look at her in the state that you were in. There was only one person you were comfortable seeing you like this, and he had taken the day off of school as he did once every few weeks.

Making your way through the Slytherin common room, you ignored the glances you received from some sixth years and marched all the way to the boys’ dormitory. You knocked quickly, trying to calm your cries whilst you waited. You were just feeling so useless and out of control.

The door opened, revealing a rather annoyed-looking Draco Malfoy. He was scowling until he realised that you were on the other side of the door, his eyes softening. However, his face fell completely when he noticed the mascara stains beneath your eyes and how your hands were shaking slightly.

“Y/N?” He hissed, grabbing your hand and tugging you inside. “What happened?”

Immediately, you dropped your head against his chest and wrapped your arms around his torso. Draco was slightly surprised, his arms extended at his sides until he moved them to hold you closer. One of his hands cupped the back of your head whilst you took in the comforting scent of his expensive cologne.

“Y/N,” Draco murmured softly, pulling away and watching as you sobbed louder, wiping your eyes with your hands. He tugged your wrists. “You’ll make your eyes sore if you keep wiping them so hard. C’mere.”

He gently took you all the way over to his bed and laid down against his headboard and pillows, tugging you so that you practically fell into his chest. You curled up, feeling protected as his arms wrapped back around you, his hands stroking through your hair and caressing your skin over your school robes.

“Let’s get you out of these, hm?” Draco muttered, making you nod.

You shrugged off your robes and left them in a pile on his bed. Draco reached forward and kissed the top of your nose, his hand reaching to brush some tears clinging to your wet eyelashes. He was frowning softly, clearly thinking about something, as he began to undo your tie for you, taking his sweet time and not rushing.

As soon as your house-coloured tie was on the same crumpled pile as your robes, you lifted your arms up and allowed Draco to tug your school jumper off, one of his own jumpers slipping on over. It was large on you and comfortable. Better yet, it smelled just like him. You bunched the sleeves past your hands and clung to them as Draco grabbed you again and brought you back down against his chest.

“Are you ready to tell me why you’re upset yet?” Draco whispered, his hand smoothing down your arm in a comforting manner.

You buried your face into his chest. “Bad day,” you muttered, voice muffled.

Draco gently held your face and brought you away from his face. “I can’t hear you when you’re hiding from me, can I, darling? Clearer now.”

You blushed, feeling stupid for crying now. “I- I just had a really bad day,” you admitted, your voice slightly scratchy. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be a bother.”

Draco frowned deeper, brows knitting together. “You are not a bother, Y/N Y/L/N. In fact, you are the only thing in my entire life that doesn’t annoy me. Let’s deal with this together, yeah?”

“How?” You croaked.

“Well, the day’s not over yet, is it?” Draco smiled and turned so that he was lying on his side, you in front of him. His arms wrapped around your waist and his face nuzzled against your neck. “Come on. Let me hold you, darling.”

You liked the sound of that.

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2nd May


A duel in a Hogwarts’ corridor, the names of the dead rising in anger on their lips.


A hesitation. Across the Great Hall, a nod of recognition of shared pain.


A touch, this time, to anchor their soft grief in place. They face it, together.

Written for @drarrymicrofic January 15th prompt: Jubilee

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draco malfoy blurb — fem reader — fluff — masterlist here

“is he that big of a deal?” draco sighs, lowering himself in the foamy water.

“honest?” you sit on the other side of the bath tub, hugging your knees. “he kind of is, draco.”

“what is so special about him? personality wise? he’s an arrogant ass.”

you huff. “arrogance aside, he’s a good person.”

“are you in love with him or something?”

“why would i when i’m already with you?”

he huffs in response with this, satisfied.

“harry doesn’t have anything on you, draco. well, me-wise.” you pop a soap bubble floating nearby. “draco, come here. let me wash your hair.”

he complies almost immediately, moving his back against your chest. you hum subconsciously while tugging at his hair gently.

“alright. i have to go study.” you finish washing his hair, intertwining your fingers with his before stepping out of the tub and putting on one of his sweaters, which is extraordinarily big on you.

you dry your hair off with a towel and before leaving, you stand on the threshold and say a soft, reassuring, “i love you, draco.”

his cheeks rise visibly in color when you leave.

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This is the third week in my self-imposed challenge of Drarry ficlets inspired by Tarot card interpretations. This week, the Nine of Wands:

“The Nine of Wands invites you to find your cheerleaders and personal bodyguards, those who will protect you from the ongoing challenges and cheer you on to the finish line. Even if others oppose you, you have many more people who support your cause. Let them help you.”

Crickets chatter in the blooming field around the house as Harry’s worn muscles burn in opposition to his climb up the tattered front steps. The soreness slows his movement as he trudges in the door and meanders through the silent house, letting his soot-covered Auror robes fall behind him to the floor.

He finds Draco on the back porch, surrounded by a plume of cigarette smoke as he lounges on the bench. He’s reading Proust this time (in the original French, of course). His husband throws him a welcoming smile before recognizing the signs of exhaustion on Harry’s face. Brows furrow in concern as Draco dog-ears a corner and pats the spot next to him in invitation.

Harry wordlessly curls into Draco’s side. It’s not long before they’re both sprawled along the bench, Harry resting his head on Draco’s chest as they  melt under the summer heat. Draco’s lit cigarette dangles from his lazily outstretched hand, the sunset in the distance providing a colorful backdrop to the glowing embers. Harry anchors himself in the sinking sun, the rise and fall of Draco’s chest, the ash at it falls to the ground.

Long after the cigarette is gone, Harry hears Draco’s words echo in the ear pressed to his husband’s ribs.

“Long day at work, babe?”

Harry can only groan in response, words and sentences requiring too much effort.

“Do you want to talk about it?”


“That’s alright. What can I do?”

Harry waits a moment and summons the energy to respond. The words escape his lips as a croak, barely audible over the chorus of crickets. “Just this. Stay here.”

Draco exhales before tangling his fingers in Harry’s sweat-soaked curls and pressing a kiss to his forehead. “Okay, we’ll stay here.”

🔙 Previous fic: The World

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Harry: Draco, sweetheart I love you.

Harry: but please don’t ever call knives ‘people openers’ ever again.

Draco: but it’s an accurate description!

Draco: you don’t hear me complaining about the time you forgot the word wand and called them ‘magic sticks’.

Draco: in front of mother.

Draco: ‘Draco, where’s your magic stick?’ She left so fast I could barely say goodbye.


Harry: okay I can see where the misunderstanding could stem from.

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Shit my friends have said as Harry Potter dialogue #16

Draco: sometimes I get mad at how irrational rich people stereotypes are.

Draco: but then I remember my family owns albino peacocks for garden decoration.

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May I present a little 4 part story to accompany this amazing piece of artwork created by LadyScribbles for me ❤🔥

(Based on a famous scene from a famous film … can you tell what it is? 😉)



Rated E

Updated daily until finished 😏


Everything about Malfoy annoyed her.

His hair annoyed her, and his grey eyes annoyed her. The way he spoke annoyed her and his height and his frame especially annoyed her. His confidence and the way his words rolled off of his tongue even annoyed her. And the way he looked in a waistcoat, tie and dress pants made her positively rage.

And she was still looking at him.

Shit… he would not let that lie now that he had caught her.

“Want a picture, Granger?” Smirking again… the utter arsehole. “It’ll last longer…”

Hermione gave him a polite smile before sticking her middle finger up at him.

His teasing did not matter. She was going on a date tonight with Adrian from the Magical Artefacts Division. She was going to go on a date with a man who would make her forget… who would let her forget about Malfoy’s eyes as the way he was looking at her mirthfully.


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One Look (Drarry)

My first fanfic! It’s a fill of Prompt #612 on Drarrypromptoftheday on Tumblr.

Prompt: Soulmates AU where you can tell who your soulmate is by a symbol that forms on the skin when you’re 18. It’s not always in the same place; it could be on the wrist, back, calf, arm, etc. Soulmates share a symbol. One day Draco’s clothing slips slightly when he and Harry are in another fight and Harry sees a glimpse of his mark. He thinks it looks like his own but no, that can’t be right. Can it? Cue awkward attempts to get another look at Draco’s symbol without Draco knowing what he’s doing.

“What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame, but something wild to run with.” ~ Robert Brault.

Or, five times Harry attempts to look down Draco’s shirt and the one time Draco shows him.

But what has Snape got to do with all of this?

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<div> Dramione Trash </div>
(telaşlı bir şekilde) Ne oldu birtanem?!
Sancın mı başladı?
Elektrik mi çarptı?
Yoksa çocuğumuza mı birşey oldu??
Hayır sevgilim. Sadece ne tepki vereceğini merak etmiştim.
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A Dramione Drabble 

Draco slithered down her body, depositing kisses as he went. Just as he started to tug the waistband of her knickers, he stopped and stared at a newly discovered gold outline.

“Is this a tattoo?” Draco’s asked in disbelief. “Of a…time tuner?”

“Have you ever seen one?”

“I happen to have a tattoo, in case you forgot,” he muttered sarcastically into her thigh. At her quirked eyebrow, he gave a gentle nip. “No, of course not. They were highly regulated before they were all destroyed,” Draco scoffed. Then he paused at the question before eyeing her suspiciously. ”Have you?”

“Yes. I’ve used one,” Hermione admitted with a smirk.

“You what?!” She’d never seen his eyes so wide. “Why? When? How?!”

“Remember the day I slapped you?” Hermione asked innocently. “In third year.” Draco’s jaw dropped and he stared at her for nearly 30 seconds before speaking.

“Did you really use one of the most dangerous devices in magical history to slap me?”

“No, it was after that” Hermione giggled. “But both are Buckbeak-related. Can we talk about it after…” Her voice trailed off and suddenly Draco remembered where he was, his mischievous expression returning. He answered in resumed kisses.

Bit of a spicier one for your Saturday! Find my drabble collection on AO3 and FFN

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Saviour by Anonymous

In an effort to get closer to the witch he had been half in-love with for the entirety of Hogwarts, Draco ends up becoming fast friends with a certain Muggleborn witch. When the Dark Lord tasks him with a nearly impossible assassination, her brave and courageous Gryffindor side comes out. At the end of the war, he finds himself constantly being saved by the witch, and when the opportunity to show her his gratitude appears, he jumps on it. An angsty story showing the young couple battling a tumultuous history, abuse and assault, but come out on the other side, happy and in love.

Check out the entire Dramione+ 50K Classic collection

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Alright so I wanted to look up some cliches and see how they compare, if they exist in my line of fics and if they did, how have I done them justice. All credits to this cliche list go to @/Purplemist14 on Wattpad from the third chapter of ‘Everything Wrong With HARRY POTTER Fanfictions’. I may do some more of these, but we’ll see. 

Of course, featuring dearest Willow-Violet Potter along with spoilers for future unreleased books so, you have been warned!!

1. The sister always has red hair and green eyes. Basically the exact replica of Lily.

- Alright, so, I’ll admit, I did fall down the trap of blessing Willow with the red hair and green eyes, and it is mentioned many a time throughout the fics that she looks like her mother BUT here’s a fun fact, if we were to rid her of the red hair, green eyes and obscene amount of freckles, she does actually look quite similar to James, arguably more so than Harry, specifically her smile of all things. In other words, the only reason she looks like her mother is because of the red hair and green eyes. Dye her hair and give her coloured contacts though along with a pair of glasses and she will basically just look like a freckled version of James Potter.

2. Either Harry’s twin, a few months younger or almost a year younger in the rare case.

- Willow is eleven months younger than her brother, although this fits timeline wise. She was also quite obviously an accident - Lily and James wanted another kid, but not during the time they were living in for obvious reasons. Of course she was not told this information, and either way she was loved by her parents and godparents.

3. Either dropped off at an orphanage, taken to Minerva, Remus or Snape, or just completely forgotten about until she starts Hogwarts.

- This is where the first cliche is really broken. Yes, she is initially taken in by Severus (later revealed that this was a plan done by Voldemort, as since discovering the kid existed he was like ‘hey she could turn on everyone she’s supposed to love and serve me’ and so wanted her to be taken in by his most faithful Death Eater) but, contrary to what most fics have, this f*cker abandons her with the only people he knows where to put her and that’s with Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy!! Some people who have not read the series or my previous posts may be confused as to why they would ever even consider taking this half-blooded kid in, but I’ve explained before and will do it again; Narcissa is a mother, she has very maternal instincts which have been seen throughout the main HP series, and Willow, at the time was barely five months old. To add to that she was found practically dead on their doorstep having been left out in the freezing cold with nothing but a thin blanket overnight. Narcissa was prejudiced, most definitely, but completely heartless? No (I mean, she risked her life to save Harry’s life in DH). And she was sure to make Lucius raise Willow the same way they were raising Draco because Narcissa was also a Black; I think she can see well enough and feel well enough what it’s like to be raised different from the other siblings.

She is, upon turning eleven, adopted by Remus but of course, naturally, he is her godfather and therefore rightful guardian, later parent.

4. She has a lightning scar on any other part of her that isn’t her neck, aka, the Girl Who Lived trope.

- Completely eradicated. Voldemort was there to kill Harry, not Willow. It’s as simple as that. Read your canon children or, if you really want to do this trope, please for the love of god develop a suitable plot in which this can take place.

5. Sorted into either Gryffindor or Slytherin.

- Now this one I did use BUT the thing is, the house she was sorted in matches with her personality and traits (Slytherin). So in this case it’s excusable, but if it’s just being done for the hell of it … yeah, I’m not impressed.

6. Socially more active and is friends with the Trio, the Malfoy gang, the Weasleys and almost the entire school population.

- Guilty as charged, although once again I have done it in a way that makes sense according to canon. She considers Draco a brother because they spent eleven years being raised together; Crabbe and Goyle aren’t even friends of Draco in this fic, as Draco ultimately grew up a little less prejudiced knowing who and what Willow was; yes, Willow is friends with the Weasleys, specifically Fred and George, but none of their relationships are the whole nice straightforward sh*t you read about in every other fic. The three of them have perhaps the most complicated relationship between them ever (toxic to some degrees, sometimes even, especially as the 2WW takes place), something actually realistic that keeps to all of their characters. Now when it comes to the trio, Willow isn’t really friends with either Ron or Hermione?? She was one of Ron’s better mates to begin with, as she was on of the first friends she had, but they drifted apart more as they grew (and also after they broke up because Willow was honestly left pretty heartbroken after that), and Hermione, well, she’s only ever really been a mutual up until Willow’s fifth year and her sixth when they begin to form more of a friendship due to her (Hermione) being so alone all the time, and Willow needing someone that can emotionally support her when need be.

7. Sister nearly always replaces Hermione in the trio.

- Willow barely ever interacts with the trio. I could honestly count all the times they properly interacted on my fingers. 

8. Loneliest person alive, if she’s in Slytherin she’s bullied, and nearly always ends up in dangerous situations.

- In the series Willow is never actually alone, although feels that she is during her later teenage years, due to the simple reason that no one can truly understand what she has to put up with (also she does sorat force herself to be allienated from others, due to wanting to protect them and keep them out of harms way). She is bullied, yes, but once again it’s entwined into the canon, and by her fourth year no one f*cks with her because they all know that if they do she will not hesitate to bite back and hard. Now I suppose she does end up in dangerous situations, but once again, it isn’t always, and when she dos it fits the canon. 

9. Always falls for Draco Malfoy.

- I was guilty of this in the very first drafts, 100% but now that I’ve grown and matured and learnt to understand characters more all I can say is that a) they’re basically siblings (covered in a previous point) and b) you honestly cannot convince me otherwise that Draco is one of the gayest beings in existence. Like you cannot tell me this f*cker isn’t at least a very male-attracted bisexual. You just, you can’t. It’s not possible.

10. Or the other love interest is Cedric Diggory.

- Literally ew. I could not, for the life of me, think of Willow and Cedric as a couple. Best buds? Hell yeah. F*ck buds? No way. They loved each other, sure, but it was purely platonic.

11. Lily’s brain, James’ attitude, brightest witch of her age.

- It is true that Willow has higher-above-average intelligence for someone her age but, here’s the thing, she’s autistic! This is never explicitly mentioned until the eighth book, which partially follows her adult life, but, yes, she’s canonically autistic (as is Remus Lupin, Arthur Weasley and, he isn’t autistic, but James Potter has ADHD). Now when it comes to personality and traits, I’d say she’s a healthy mix of both, but there is also that bit of influence from the Malfoys (she is, to say the least, quite prejudiced towards house-elves, for example). There was also a sub-point about knowing hexes and spells and jinxes which can only be found in restricted books, but both Narcissa and Lucius were quite proud to have a kid as smart as her, and if she wanted to learn something, they just let her, which meant there was a LOT of her reading in the library at the Manor about all of the Dark Arts and objects and such like that.

12. Involved in every major event that takes place in the books., and she always saves the day.

- Once again, guilty as charged, although it all works with the established plot and characters and in her case the later things happen from a different and arguably more entertaining perspective (the perspective of a teenaged, forcbly created Death Eater who’s trying her best to save her friends and family while also not accidentally getting murdered by Voldemort in the process). She also never actually saves Harry. I don’t think there’s ever a time where she saves Harry from anything really, especially not the major things that have been mentioned in the HP series.

13. Minerva gives her a timeturner and she goes back to fall in love with Tom Riddle.

- I’ve never actually seen this cliche before, but oh god if this is one that anyone out there uses, once again, please read the canon; Tom Riddle cannot fall in love, timeturners only work for minutes at a time, not to mention if future Riddle saw MC time would f*ck itself up, and also that is a bit creepy imo (the whole MC with Riddle thing).

14. Hermione and Ginny are made jealous individuals who would do anything to rid the sister.

- No chance this will ever happen, nor has it ever happened. That is very OOC, thank you very much, and you ain’t seeing me take characters OOC unless the canon can make up for it.

15. Ron and Neville are never paid attention to; more or less just desperate crushes.

- While it is true that both Ron and Neville are in relationships with Willow at different times, this serves the plot and their character developments. They are also not forgotten about; Neville is barely mentioned after the break up as neither of the two have the courage to interact with one another again (until after the war where they become friends again) and Ron, as I mentioned, slowly drifts out of Willow’s friend circle, after the break up and as they grow older and develop different personalities.

16. Draco Malfoy is OOC.

- Anyone who has read my so far published books knows that Draco, seemingly is a lot better behaved in my series (which, to a degree he is), but all I have to say for this is that once Harry crushed the dude’s heart to bits in the summer before fifth year, this motherf*cker became one of the biggest d*ckheads you would ever meet. Usually he didn’t mean to be, but the dude lost the love of his life, and of course soon after war shit was happening; basically he was more or less going with the flow of things, but yeah, no, Draco sucked, a lot, in the later WV books. Until after the war and his mental state is a little healthier, but until that point, from age 15 onwards, he was more or less of the asshole you see in the HP series.

17. Severus Snape does not hate her.

- Haha, lol. Snape absolutely despises Willow, because she’s never let him live down the whole ‘leaving her on the doorstep to die’ business and you know, she sees enough of how much of a c*nt he is to other students and she may as well give him a taste of his own medecine.

18. All the professors adore her.

- There is only one, and that is Minerva, but even then that isn’t made a major thing until book four. Aside from that, every professor treats her the same way they treat their other students, as they should.

19. Hagrid is not mentioned, or barely mentioned ever.

- The only reason for this in my series is that he is not pivitol to the main plot. If he was, it would be a different story, but he isn’t, so there is no realy need to mention him.

20. Cho Chang is either the best friend or Cedric’s possessive girlfriend.

- Too tired to go further into detail with this, but there is a whole-ass character arc I have for Cho in the series, that abides by canon and plot and character and actually does her justice. 

Anyway, this was really fun to do, I think I’ll do some more but we’ll see. I’m tired now - it is sleepy time. Goodnight guys!

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