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#Draco Malfoy
nikitajobson · 2 days ago
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Dark corners
Digital painting - do not repost or use without permission.
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faevorite-main-blog · a day ago
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The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets
I had the honor of working with @ladderofyears @iero0 and @egggnoodles for the @harrydracobang of 2021! These 3 are such freaking geniuses and it was amazing to see the magic their minds come up with.
Thank you for making a dark summer less dark ❤️
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roseheira · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
"All those years of pureblood etiquette and no one taught you how to deal with a crush without looking like a complete stalker".
"Fuck off, Nott".
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gallifrey1sburning · a day ago
The Stories on our Skin
Harry has a thing about scars.
It’s not, like, sexual or anything. He just finds them fascinating. The stories that they tell, or don’t. The ones with a stark before and after and the ones people look at and shrug and say, ‘I don’t even know how I got that, honestly’.
Harry’s whole life story can be told in scars, he sometimes thinks. Some of the most important ones aren’t even on his own body, but enough of them are that he imagines it would take years to explain them if anyone were to ask. Most people don’t, though. They only care about the one.
Sometimes, Harry finds himself cataloguing the scars of the people he loves most. The vicious word that Hermione stubbornly refuses to cover, and which Luna photographs for them, once: Harry’s hand gently holding Hermione’s forearm, his own messy handwriting next to Bellatrix’s savage scrawl. The strange, swirling patterns that skate up Ron’s freckled arm that speak of his loyalty and determination as well as their combined recklessness.
The Weasleys carry more than their fair share, Harry often thinks; some benign—like the scattered dragon burn marks that Charlie loves to tell the stories behind, or the tiny black dot under the skin of Percy’s palm from where he accidentally stabbed himself with a quill and was too embarrassed to go to Madame Pomfrey, and some less so—like the teeth marks on Arthur’s torso, or the jagged edges of George’s ear, or the reddish slashes across Bill’s handsome face.
Facial scars, in particular, call to Harry. One night in their eighth year at Hogwarts, he and Lavender Brown get roaring drunk together and she lets him trace his fingers along the shiny, pale marks that stand stark against her dark skin—sharp nails and sharper teeth and a too-close call that could have ended so much differently if she had been found three minutes, or bitten three nights, later. She doesn’t usually let people touch them, she tells him, but it’s different with Harry—Harry understands. Her skin is bumpy under his fingertips, but her lips are soft against his and salty with tears.
Malfoy’s scars are subtler, harder to see against his milky-pale skin, and he doesn’t flinch when Harry first notices them—the tiny marks like elongated white freckles from the glass of a shattered chandelier and the starker, straighter lines that cross his face and neck and travel down, down. His silvery eyes glint in defiance as Harry’s gaze follows them to where they disappear under the starched, white collar of his shirt.
“Hoping to see the rest of your handiwork?” he sneers, but he seems unmoored when Harry nods mutely, his pale fingers trembling as he undoes button after button until Harry can see the entirety of what he’s done, the tracks of his mistakes. Harry has been told that he isn’t responsible for so many of the scars that weigh on his soul, but these—these are no one’s fault but his. Draco’s eyes go wide as Harry involuntarily reaches out toward them, but he doesn’t step away, and after hesitating for a few more moments, Harry brushes his hands lightly over them, goosebumps rising in his wake.
It will be years before they share the rest of their scars—the rest of their stories—with each other. The grease burns on Harry’s arms from frying bacon he wouldn’t be allowed to eat. The similar burns along Draco’s legs from sparks of Fiendfyre. A basilisk’s bite and a hippogriff’s claw. The lightning across Harry’s chest that so few people know about and the gnarled, red remainder of Draco’s Dark Mark that everybody does. But one day, Harry’s lips will press against every inch of Draco’s chest, an apology and a claim. One day, Draco will purge every dark childhood memory from Harry’s body, pulling the stories from him like poison until their power lessens. One day, Harry will caress the once-smooth skin of Draco’s forearm absently as they lie tangled together, sweaty and sated, and it will feel like an absolution.
On AO3
Thank you to @crazybutgood for the beta!
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elivorn · 21 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Autumn doodle 🍂
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razielim · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Draco and Harry hovered over the basin, gazing into the marbled liquid, before Harry put his head through the surface of the memory and found himself tumbling down as if through a skylight into the very same office he was standing in.
from The Secret Keeper, by @the-fools-errand for @harrydracobang
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elyonblackstar · a day ago
Tumblr media
Second prompt of the two for my art raffle! Here's Harry and Draco as Auror, after surviving a rough fight! This scenario had been requested by @slytherco hope you'll like the angst! u3u It's my first time drawing Auror uniforms so I tried to design some that looks good too :D
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longlivelupin · 2 days ago
Seamus: What do you say when answering the phone?
Luna: Hello.
Ron: Who is this?
Hermione: Yes, this is she.
Draco: Fuck off.
Ginny: I don’t even pick up the phone.
Harry: No they're dead, this is their kid.
Ron: … Harry we talked about this.
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vonaria2000s · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(⸝⸝⸝ -_- ⸝⸝⸝)  | credit
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mellifluousart · a day ago
Rain and Sun | d.m x reader
Summary: You and Draco cuddle on a Sunday morning.
Warnings: fluff, illusion to sex (just mentioning being naked together)
Word count: 850
a/n: I'm so stuck with my other WIPs, so here I wrote something short that I hope you guys like in the meantime, waiting for me to finish my WIPs. And yeah, I tried to write a poem to have in this fic, hehe.
Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
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As Draco is lying in bed, he feels the morning sunshine through the window hit his face. He had earlier opened up the window, so his naked skin felt the Sunday morning breeze.
Life felt different but in a good way. He had always dreamt about feeling like this, which made him happy because he was deeply in love.
An arm wraps around Draco's naked torso—hugging him lightly. He looks over to see you still sleeping, safe and sound. He smiles for himself at how he could get so lucky to have you.
While you're lying beside Draco, still deep in your dreams, you hear a soft voice calling your name—a voice that is very pleasing to your ears.
"Y/n", you hear it again—the mellifluous voice. You could be listening to it all day, and it would still be pleasant.
The voice gives you a feeling of comfort—making you feel butterflies in your stomach.
It feels like a dream until you feel lightly wet touches on your face. You didn't open your eyes until your brain registered that as kisses.
Carefully your eyes open and are met directly with a bright light—making your eyes want to close again. It takes a second for your eyes to get adjusted and your brain to register everything around you.
But when it finally registers, you see the face that makes you feel this warm feeling in your heart—the face belonging to the person you have fallen deeply in love with.
"Good morning, my love!" Draco chuckles and kisses you on the forehead. Instantly a smile is plastered on your face.
"Good morning!" you say, still a bit tired and closes your eyes again.
"Are you going back to sleep?" Draco asks as he watches how adorable you are.
"Yeah, goodnight!"
Draco chuckles at your sleepiness. The way you are—just being yourself makes his heart feel complete.
He tucks away loose hair strands behind your ear. Draco's hand still resting on your cheek as you face him. His thumb strokes your cheek lightly as he looks at your perfect closed eyes, your perfect nose, and then your perfect lips. It makes him think and feel things. That's why he suddenly says,
"My soul is like the rain. Nothing can grow alone on it. The flowers in my garden would always be overwatered, and never could they stand up again to show their beauty because my soul is like rain. But she, my love, has the soul of the sun. She would remind me that the rain is necessary for the flower to grow. As she comes into my life with her sun, the flowers indeed will grow into something beautiful when our souls come together."
You thought Draco was reading something out loud, but when you open your eyes again, you see him looking at you with a smile on his face.
"I thought you were asleep again", he teases you—still stroking your cheek lightly with his thumb.
"What was that?" you curiously asks.
You felt the open window brought in the chilly wind, creating light movements on the curtains. You drag up the quilt over your naked body as it gets a little bit cold.
"Just a poetry that came into my mind right now when I looked at you peacefully fake sleeping", Draco responds.
"It was beautiful! And for your record, I was not fake sleeping—I was sleeping," you protest.
Draco chuckles and moves closer to you and supports his body on his left elbow. You were lying under him now.
"Still sleeping?" he asks with a raised eyebrow.
"Yes", you answer and drag the quilt even higher up to cover your face.
Draco smirks and drags down the quilt so he can see your face. How would it be possible to have fallen so much in love with a person, as he has with you, he thinks.
"We should get up, darling", Draco says, and right away are wet kisses plastered all over your face and neck.
"Draco, what are you doing?" you laugh, trying to speak between all the laughter and kisses.
"Kissing my love", you can hear Draco's playfulness in his voice, followed by a chuckle.
You try to face the other way while still laughing. It only makes Draco pull you into his arms.
You feel his bare chest on your naked back. His arms wrap around you. The skin to skin makes it feel intimate, safe, and comfortable at the same time.
Draco places a kiss on your shoulders.
"You know, y/n, I love this feeling. Waking up to you and having you in my arms", Draco says with a soft voice. He intertwines his fingers with you.
You feel the same when it comes to him.
"Our garden will be full of beautiful flowers", you say and refer to the poetry Draco told you.
"I love you so much, y/n"
And right away, Draco covers you both under the quilt as he starts to kiss you everywhere.
tag list: @sycathorn-slush @desiredmalfoy @yiamalfoy @im-constantly-fangirling @gwlvr @vrrxn @hufflemoony @littlemissnoname13 @sunkissedfae @dracoscum @riddlesia @mrs-brekker15 @magicchai @theclandestinestars @arcanesdawn @cpetrova @ameliasbitvh @velvetcloxds @dracoslittlesunflower @arcaneofdawn @jochim322 @msfandomfreak @harmqnia @supersasswillobserve @peaky-potter @dracossweetprincess @mattheoswhore @slythermuf @miyunikirii @wingedjellyfishrebel @haroldpotterson @miraclesoflove @cupids-crystals @dilf-lover21 @daedreamss @dlmmdl @pinkcloxds @havenchy — [if your username is crossed over, please check your privacy settings as I can’t find you when tagging]
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badwriterrr · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Full here
I couldn’t decide which one I liked better so I drew both…
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thm-hyuman · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
-Peaceful time-
I'm craving for some eighth years goodness. What are you reading? ☺️
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theshadylaine · 2 days ago
I’ve put together a Dramione collection on AO3 called Peak!Dramione. A collection of stories featuring Peak!Draco and Peak!Hermione being their best selves. Light on angst and high on chemistry. Showcasing their intelligence, wit, and compatibility. It’s got many of the recent popular favorites, but I’ve been digging back through the archives to add some of my favorites from years past, too. It’s an open collection so feel free to add to it if you know of any great at 50 and counting :)
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drayslove · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Happyever afters [ D.M ]
— summary : you always believed in fairytales, draco dosent.
— warning(s) : really short, bullying, soft!draco, idiots in love.
— pairing : Draco Malfoy x Fem!Reader
— a/n : This was supposed to be angst but since I'm in a good mood no, also new format~
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Tumblr media
[ 4th year ]
“and they lived happily ever after.” you smiled at your bestfriend who was currently laying on your lap. “I wish I had my happyever after.” you sigh dreamily. “Happy ever afters don't exist, don't be stupid.” he playfully rolled his eyes, “yeah it does dingus” you hit him lightly and giggling. “yeah sure y/n/n.”
“i believe there's good in everything.”
“good is always the right choice”
Those were your mottos, you a 14 yearold girl always loved looking at the bright side of life, always cheerful. While your bestfriend dosent believe in it, even though you were polar opposites he still loved you.
People make fun of your cheerful aura, it's childish! They say. But Draco dosent want any of that crap. He always stood up for you. You also loved him for that.
People also ask if you and draco are a couple, no unfortunately. You both were idiots who were too scared to ruin a powerful relationship.
Tumblr media
[ 2001 ]
“you may now kiss the bride.” draco leaned in and kissed you passionately. Everyone was cheering and congratulating. Tounges danced in sync, smiley faces. And blushy cheeks were seen for the both of you.
You both broke the kiss, and rested eachothers foreheads. “and they lived happily ever after.” you giggle. And draco smiled. “maybe I do believe in happily ever afters.” he whispers.
Tumblr media
— a/n : This was short, I know. Happy Sunday everyone!
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dr4cking · a day ago
📝 dialogues: send me any ideas, it could be nsfw/sfw with any characters you want.
can i get best friend!draco fucking you rough and hard after your bf cheated on you multiple times? but nothing soft. just like,, super dom where he gets you off by telling you how much better he is than your ex and how your cunt could never compare to the girls' your ex cheated with?
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Tumblr media
“This is why we would always belong together Y/N, but you were too blinded by his charm to see me who could treat you better -fuck- than he can.” Draco grunted, snapping his hips against yours harder giving you his merciless thrusts.
“-Look who can turn you into a fucking mess like this, bet that he can’t even make you cum that you have to fake it to make him happy.” He took your nipple in his mouth, suckling on it with a passion, groaning into it.
“Shit- Draco-” your back were arching at the feeling but Draco quickly pushed you down and hold you still.
“I can feel you clenching around me, tell me who’s the only one that could fuck you braindead like this Y/N, tell me that I am better than him.” He plopped out your breast out of his mouth, letting his hand goes down and circle your clit skillfully making you rolled your eyes to the back of your head.
“I-It’s you, Draco- You are way much better than him! -fuck please..” You were trying hardly to hold your high that will going to snap in a second as he continues with his hard thrusts.
“Go ahead, cum for your best friend Y/N, coat his cock like he always imagined.” with his permission, you let go of the feeling, your body shaking instantly.
“Fuck! You feel so good. It’s his lost that he let go of how fucking good your cunt feels.” the way your walls pulsing and practically milking him enough to make him twitch inside you and spill his load into you making your body shake more.
“Just know that his bitches will forever be nothing compared to your pretty tight cunt Y/N.”
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