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For the Cartoon House arc in “Anime House 5″, I want Aang, early-2000s era Teen Titans Robin, and Ben 10 to team up with Korra and Huey and Riley from the Boondocks in their plan to storm Anime House. Maybe also recruit the gang from Code Lyoko, that’d be rad.

By the way, if y’all haven’t watched it yet, go watch RDCWorld1′s Anime House series. It’s legitimately one of the best youtube series out right now. 

EDIT: Oh, Dragon Prince! Forgot about that series. Add Callum to the list of potential recruits.

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Lujanne and Ellis’s indigenous coding is very important and, I think, often overlooked by the fandom.

Lujanne protects sacred lands and culture from humans— a clear metaphor to Native American preservation and colonialism. She is trying to preserve history and keep this ancient culture alive.

Ellis is designed overtly Inuit, and her story not only revolves around a connection to an animal/ saving said animal, but an upbringing in a small village. There’s also the image of Ellis walking up the Caldera and seeing “monsters” which look like the Aurora Borealis in the sky.


They are so beautiful, and their indigenous heritage is not only part of what allows them to bond, but important to their characterization and their relationship to the world.

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Tagged by @the-nameless-human200 to say my favorite female characters! (Thanks)

Rules: name your top ten female characters from different fandoms then tag ten different people.

1. General Amaya from The Dragon Prince

2. Hawkgirl from Justice League (2004)

3. Danny Tozer from DREADNOUGHT

3. Scorpia from She-ra and The Princesses of Power

4. Sticks from Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic Boom

5. Romelle from Voltron: Legendary Defender

6. Ivy from Carmen Sandiego

7. Inej from Six of Crows

8. Kipo from Kipo: Age of The Wonderbeasts

9. Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender

10. Holly Short from Artemis Fowl

And I’d like to tag @pinpoint-art @superman-more-like-clark-kent @thebootydiaries @thegreenpea @mud-foot @id-prefer-not-to-thanks @handageddon @walrusplatypus @g2kazoo

Thanks for including me!

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Okay, Dragon Prince people of the interweb:

I have a secret,

  • Something that I have been writing
  1. For a very long time

It is going

To have six chapters

And it will be

Pretty magical

If I do say so myself

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I have to say, I did NOT expect to suddenly come out of S3 with this many feelings over Runaan and his amazing husband Ethari that we get exactly one couple scene of but HERE I AM, LET THEM BE REUNITED SHOOOOOW!!!!

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Color symbolism in Callum’s transformation– A meta

Callum’s visual transformation is one of my favorite parts of season 3. It’s not only a beautiful, visual indication of his character arc– coming into his confidence and his identity (where he still has a long way to go), it is also very important in the use of the color red.

In The Dragon Prince, red symbolizes the royal family of Katolis. Harrow wears it as his primary color, as does Ezran. 


And it is the main color of the kingdom of Katolis itself. 

Callum, however, does not wear it (neither does Sarai, but that is a whole other conversation). For most of the series, his primary color is blue. 


His scarf is red, and his undershirt is red, but it’s under the jacket. It’s slightly hidden. He’s part of the royal family, but not by blood, a bit on the outside. He doesn’t quite feel like a member of the royal family. 

His relationship to Harrow and his royal status is symbolized in these coloring choices.

Then, the end of season 3 comes, and Callum ends up losing the jacket. It’s symbolic of his character arc, as stated above. However, it is also incredibly important in regards to red symbolism in the series, as it changes Callum’s primary color from blue to red.


Now, Callum wears the color red promininetly and proudly. The color– or, in other worlds, his royal status– is front an center in his visual design. 

Part of his character growth is, quite literally, visually stepping into his role as prince of Katolis. And I’m sure this changing relationship to his kingdom and his identity will be a huge part of his character narrative in season 4 and beyond. 

It’s a small detail/ change in character design, but it symbolizez a lot. And I am so excited about what it promises, as well as where Callum’s character will go in the future. 

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