jakattax · a month ago
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oldschoolfrp · 2 months ago
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Dragon of Krynn (Keith Parkinson, from AD&D DragonLance module DL3: Dragons of Hope by Tracy Hickman, TSR, 1984)
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atomic-chronoscaph · 2 months ago
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art by Keith Parkinson
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vintagegeekculture · 12 days ago
The oldest big fandom brawl I can clearly remember in the internet age would have to be in the alt.fan.dragonlance USENET group, in 1992, after the release of the Tales of the Lance boxed set. I don’t think people quite understand how ferociously passionate people used to get about their favorite AD&D settings. 
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Some context: Dragonlance was unique in that it was an AD&D setting that never got an official boxed set where everything was all set down in a definitive fashion until a full decade after it started publication. Remember, the world was introduced through a series of adventure modules, followed by tie-in novels that were a hit. Tales of the Lance in 1992 was going to be the big setting box. There’s more, though. The Tales of the Lance boxed set was extra contentious because the original creators of Dragonlance (Hickman and Weis) were forced out because of all kinds of backstage machinations. In other worlds, there was an aura of cold, ruthless commerce and illegitimacy about it all, from an organization that already ousted Gary Gygax from his own company only a half decade before. TSR was also hyper invested into Buck Rogers XXVC, which nobody liked but which existed to be a borderline illegal money pipeline out of TSR (sufficed to say, we are leaving the world of fandom complaint, and entering the world of white collar crime). In other words, the fanbase had some trust issues with TSR. 
So, when Tales of the Lance came out in 1992, which not only set down in stone a world that already existed in everybody’s heads for a decade, but was also defined by a vision that wasn’t the original creators’, put out by a company the fandom didn’t trust...well, there were bound to be problems, and the reaction was disproportionate. Honestly, most of the critiques of Tales of the Lance sounded like the ultimate in nerd nitpicking, back when fandoms were way less concerned with ‘ships and way, way more right-brained (though even then, people loved to speculate if Tanis Half-Elf was gay or bisexual). An example of the kind of mistake they brought up was that the boxed set said all Silvanestri elves have hazel eyes, when probably the intent was that was just the line of Silvanost. Yeah, okay, that’s just the telephone game in operation, but...does it matter that much? But in 1992, AD&D fans were really willing to fight over very, very minor things like that, that’s how real all this was in people’s heads.
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variksenmarja · 24 days ago
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Like a moth drawn to a flame
Image from Dragonlance Legends: Time of the twins
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tabletop-rpgs · 2 months ago
New Unearthed Arcana: Heroes of Krynn
Looks like Dragonlance is happening!
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New Ancestry
New Sorcerer Subclass
Lunar Sorcery
New Backgrounds
Knight of Solamnia
Mage of High Sorcery
New Feats
Divinely Favored
Initiate of High Sorcery
Squire of Solamnia
Adept of the Black Robes
Adept of the Red Robes
Adept of the White Robes
Divine Communications
Knight of the Crown
Knight of the Sword
Knight of the Rose
Not to complain but this was probably the second best time to introduce some Draconic Warlock coolness.
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bugbearbrothers · 2 months ago
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A beauty by Larry Elmore, depicting one of the saddest events in the Dragonlance series.
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9mothsinspace · 23 days ago
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Scribbled this while watching DragonLance Saga on YouTube. It’s a really nice channel, if you’re a Dragonlance fan, you might want to pay them a visit.
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The scam calls are getting excessive...
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Dragons of Triumph Cover Art by Clyde Caldwell
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isolationstreet · 4 months ago
Where do you start with reading dragonlance?
I would highly reccomend starting with the original trilogy also known as the dragonlance chronicles which consists of Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Dragons of Winter Night, and finally Dragons of Spring Dawning.
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After that I would reccomend reading the second trilogy also known as Dragonlance Legends which consists of Time of the Twins, War of the Twins, and Test of the Twins. This is the story arc that the russian musical the last trial is based off of
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Those are the main core books that everyone agrees upon
After that i would reccomend doing what I did and read the Lost Chronicles trilogy if you can find it it fills in a lot of the gaps of the original chronicles. It consists of Dragons of the Dwarven Depths, Dragons of the Highlord of the Skies, and Dragons of the Hourglass Mage
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Or if you're more interested continuing with the main story rather than gaps I would reccomend reading the next generation books which are the end of the classic dragonlance era and it consists of the novels The Second Generation, and Dragons of Summer Flame
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After that the possibilities on what to read opens up even further either by going into the prequel novels or forward into the age of mortals.
I've personally only been reading dragonlance for about a month so I can definitely understand looking how daunting it can be to get into something that's so long running, but hopefully this helps get you started. Just remember there isnt really a right or wrong way to read the books. If you only want to read the 6 core books that's valid. If you only want to read about Raistlin that's valid. If you want to know everything about all of the lore and go way out of your way to read like 200 books that's vaild. If you were into ravenloft and just want more context for what Lord Soth's deal is also perfectly valid. So on and So Forth. I hope you enjoy :)
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gloomycamomile · a month ago
Dalamar: *suggests yet another questionable experiment idea*
Raistlin, in the DMs:
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oldschoolfrp · a month ago
Today much of the focus is on the new release of 5e Spelljammer books and miniatures, including smaller scale ships, as well as a multitude of projects set in the Forgotten Realms, but in the final minute of the D&D Direct event they teased the official return of Dragonlance with an adventure book and a “Battle Game” scheduled for late 2022, as foreshadowed by a few items in the most recent Unearthed Arcana playtest material
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atomic-chronoscaph · 10 days ago
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art by Ciruelo Cabral
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hekuuu · 5 months ago
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dragonlance-raistlin-and-co · 9 months ago
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In January of 2021 I reread the trilogy of Twins and decide to draw my Raislin concept. I really love how he looks on the first picture (with crossed hands) - so I see him then reфd Dragonlance books.
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incorrect-dragonlance · 4 months ago
Kitiara: Don't worry, I've got a few knives up my sleeves.
Tanis: I think you mean cards.
Caramon: She did not.
Kitiara, pulling out knives: I did not.
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bugbearbrothers · 3 months ago
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One of the best, Jeff Easley, for Dragonlance.
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summerflower3 · 20 days ago
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Tasslehoff Burrfoot<33 (Dragonlance)
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rpgsandbox · a year ago
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The Floating Tomb from the Dragonlance module DL4 Dragons of Desolation (TSR, 1984), one of my favourite dungeons from the 1st Edition era.
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Keith Parkinson’s art for the cover, showing the tomb in all it’s glory.
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