gwibart · 14 hours ago
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god complex
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chunkysoup22 · 50 minutes ago
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down and out, i've been on the rocks
i've been having some pretty dark thoughts
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mihhnt · 23 hours ago
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likecarillonbells · 16 hours ago
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deleted scene from tommy’s trial
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lieuxx · 15 hours ago
take me back to 2021 jackbox speedrunners tales of the smp derivakat turn back time feral boys stream train pandering dreamnap meetup dnf roadtrip karaoke era
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senvurii · 17 hours ago
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anyone like..................... apocalypse aus........
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katsutaaki · 23 hours ago
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The real reason why cWilbur blew up lmanburg
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routeriver · 16 hours ago
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[Tina, Hannah, Callahan Design]
Yass women yasssss (and callahan too)
((Inking only below i just love this style))
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If anyone wants to color this or any of my inking, go ahead and tag me! I want to see ^-^)
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dsmpdaily · 20 hours ago
Can I offer your Techno design an arctic fox in these trying times?
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holdin a lil guy
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sbi-clipsarchive · 19 hours ago
Tommy was the one who added “father of 3” to Phil’s offline screen
Stream under cut:
From: Phil’s January 24th 2022 stream
Timestamp: 29:35
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technoblade-updates · an hour ago
Techno commented on a fan animatic on YouTube!
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[Image ID:
A cropped screenshot of a YouTube comment by Technoblade. It reads “this is great”.
End ID]
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ranonymousboo · an hour ago
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i got tired of typing so i spammed the word gay
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kenjo-arts · 5 hours ago
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“what to do when you get tortured: 101" 
presenter: Dream
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absolutelynotsanebaby · 18 hours ago
cClingy come home…
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crimeboyisms · 20 hours ago
The idea of c!Wilbur's arc ending with his self-sacrificing death is so unsatisfying to me. Not every redemption arc has to end with a character's tragic and poetic martyr which neatly concludes their development. While it would mirror c!Wilbur's first perma-death symbolizing his "escape" from the devastation he left (a "selfish" act) by depicting his final perma-death as a symbol of his "atonement" through protecting the rest of the server (a "selfless" act), I feel as if he deserves better. To end it with him being sent back to limbo, or even passing on to the server's afterlife, would be disappointing. I feel as if an ending which allows c!Wilbur to live would do him more justice. Showing the audience c!Wilbur, a mentally ill character whose greatest struggles have been with himself and his own internal conflict, finally be given the chance to heal would be so much more cathartic. I want to see him confront and acknowledge his past, to mend his bonds and reconcile with his loved ones, to be able to change and recover from all that he's been through. I want c!Wilbur to live.
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aliveburs · 19 hours ago
please just give c!wilbur pink heart shaped glasses it would fix him please please please
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discduo · 2 hours ago
There’s been a lot of mcytblr/dsmpblr awards but never one specifically for the loreheads who write whole essays for fun! So I figured why not!
This is just the nominations form! It will be up for 24 hours and then the results will be tallied for the final vote!
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420technoblazeit · 7 minutes ago
it's like ik some people dont like the way c!jack's canon deaths were handled but honestly the idea of them paralleling the original l'manburg members' deaths? the idea of death during war as being meaningless or having to be brushed aside because there's still more to lose and the fighting isn't over yet? it's so good
and jack never realizing this because his anger clouds his judgement
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oh-lordy-lord-save-me · 3 hours ago
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nother ghostboo redesign because im indecisive
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graphitehybrid · 14 hours ago
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I'm manifesting
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