wikimb · 2 days ago
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Loosely based on a meme from this post as yesterday I accidentally met @jorasdottir and her goth boy (on the right of this image)!
Had to draw this meeting moment XD
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salamispots · 3 months ago
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remembers after 2 years that I didn’t share this hAHA
based off these two
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bananaman-1 · 4 months ago
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(click 4 quality) they are having some brotime and bruno is like “oh i have some old music do you want to listen to it. i dont even remeber whats on this record haha” and then as soon as he drops the needle hes just like “how did i not see this coming.”
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fitstud · 5 months ago
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bluemilkcarton · 6 months ago
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koumouby · 2 months ago
The Ruin of The Kingdom AU
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allineedisonedream · 7 months ago
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wally being real smooth...
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killv · 7 months ago
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novelist-becca · 29 days ago
Someone really tried saying Eda’s ugly just because she’s in her 40s.
Ngl I hate that view on age.
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wikimb · a month ago
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Yes I am a fire mage. How could you tell?
AKA Michael.
Elementalist (Catalyst) in GW2. What if elementalists' hair could set up on fire?
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nellavee · 19 days ago
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a lil princess anya and knight loid drawing in honor of episode five
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toaster-fire-art · 2 months ago
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another Xianle trio doodle dump because uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh them
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kumzume · 6 months ago
scenario where eren and armin are both sucking on your strap and maybe making out time to time while doing so 😩😭🙌❤️
literally shitting my pants right now. i am. ill.
cs eren n armin are both whores of the worst degree. i mean we’ve established that eren is an awful attention seeking brat — he’ll purposely ignore you and then cry when you don’t immediately fold under his wet eyes and puppy dog gaze. he knows it can be a lot but he just. hates giving into you easily, prefers to make you work for it, work for him. to him it shows him that you love him enough, care about him enough to fight for him, to push him through his brattiness n give him what he wants. you both enjoy your dynamic, you really do but..
armin is armin. sweet, pretty, a little soft spoken with smooth skin and lips you just want to devour. thin and lithe where eren is muscular and built. pale and freckled where eren is tan and clear skinned. they’re almost opposites in some regards but in others.. you see their similarities.
on occasion, when you’re hanging out with the pair of them, you see armin’s eyes go wide and his smile goes sharp, pretty canines poking out beneath plush, pink lips like he wants to do something, wants to act on some urge unknown to you and eren. he looks a lot like eren when he does so, something you absolutely don’t overlook.
the glint in his eyes comes to play most often when eren gets a bit too.. rowdy for you, pushes you a little too hard when you’re in a place you can’t easily reprimand him. you make do with a slap on his ass and a whispered, “behave,” but you know that as he slinks away, he’s just waiting for another moment to get under your skin and make you destroy him. he aches for it. and apparently, armin does too.
you’re not dumb, no matter how much jean likes to tease you. you can tell when armin gets hard, just by watching you take eren’s jaw into your hand and squeezing it with a quiet, “settle down boy.” you see the way he scampers off with a well manicured hand over his tented crotch and, if you’re lucky, when you pass by the bathroom a few minutes later, you might catch the tail end of a moan — sometimes it’s your name, sometimes it’s eren’s. both are a treat.
so, it’s not much of a surprise to you or eren when armin comes into your apartment with pretty, flushed cheeks and the inability to look you in the eye and asks for the both of you to take care of him. please.
and who are you to deny him when he asks so nicely?
you try to start off easy, not to scare him off or make him uncomfortable. you have him sit in the corner of the room by the door (in case he needs to leave if it gets to be too much) on his knees in his briefs, his long cock already steadily drooling precum against the white fabric while he watches you undress eren, piece by piece until he’s completely bare for you.
it’s unusual you can do this without getting a hint of resistance from eren but when you look up at his face, his eyes are focused on armin — armin who’s currently looking at you, at your hands and the way they sit so pretty against eren’s abs. you can’t help the smile that spreads across your lips as you lower yourself to thumb at the head of eren’s cock through his boxers, the sensation making his pupils go fuzzy and a breathy moan to escape from his bitten lips.
the sound makes armin shiver and his hands ball up so tight, his knuckles go white. you long to take pity on him, to make him cum at least once to take the edge off before focusing in on your baby but.. he’s so much prettier like this — desperate and pink all over, his breathing coming out in light pants, his gaze looking at you with reverence. like you can save him. you sigh a little at the prospect before turning all your attention back on eren, slipping your hand down the front of his boxers and, with practiced strokes, bringing him up and over the edge with ease.
he cums with his back arched off the bed and his sheets bunched up in sweaty palms, his long, chestnut hair sticking against his forehead. he’s gorgeous like this and you can’t help but look over at armin to make sure he’s watching this and seeing how beautiful your baby is. your breath catches in your throat when you see him — armin is watching with lust blown pupils as his hips rut up against nothing, fingernails biting into the pale skin of his thighs. you almost don’t call him over but when you spot the glistening of tears against his lashline, you fold, easily, like a house of cards in a hurricane.
he scrambles over before his name ever finishes leaving your lips, his hands immediately pushing your shirt up over your chest to suck a nipple into your mouth before moving to run down eren’s abdomen and wrap around his wet cock in his underwear.
armin is frantic with his movements, moaning against the hardened bud in his mouth and squeezing his soft palm around eren’s oversensitive dick, making him cry out, his eyes squeezing shut. he’s so desperate for the two of you, so needy, but your bedroom has order to it. armin doesn’t get to call the shots. so, you thread your fingers through his golden strands and pull him off of you roughly, tears falling down his cheeks and a harsh whimper being yanked from his chest as he falls back against the mattress.
you aren’t livid, not really, but you put on that face, chastising him for being greedy when eren hasn’t gotten his fill yet (not that it matters when eren is already hard again, his cock leaking against his thigh). armin sniffles out an apology and looks down at the bedsheets, his voice coming out a watery whisper. he asks if there’s anything he can do for you and eren, anything to make it up to you for taking more than he should.
you pretend to think about it but the decision isn’t hard. you know both boys more than either of them like to think and while one was definitely more subtle than the other, you know they both share yet another thing in common — their oral fixations. it’s not much of a punishment if you’re being honest but on occasion, it’s hard to say no to your baby’s pleading eyes. at this moment, you have two pairs looking up at you and you have no choice but to pull out your harness and strap, securing them both against your hips and returning to the bed.
“get my cock nice and wet and maybe i’ll think about forgiving you. if you do a good job, i might even fuck you. what do you think about that?” it’s nearly comical how quickly eren and armin agree to the proposal, the both of them leaping up to begin lapping at the head and shaft of the purple silicon braced against you.
you let your hands slip down to their heads to maneuver them where you please while your head tilts back and they continue to work. your eyes close before you know it but.. the sounds coming from below your waist suddenly change. it’s no longer the sound of slick on plastic — it’s now slick on slick. you open your eyes to take a look and a wave of arousal hits you so hard, it feels like a punch in the gut.
eren and armin are making out with your cock in between their lips — both their eyes are closed as they lose themselves in the sensations, small whimpers and whines escaping them while they suck and lick into each other’s mouths while still trying to get the strap as wet as possible. it’s too hot, so much so that you have to look away, have to give a shaky “that’s enough” to get them to stop.
you think you might have enough willpower to keep on your original plan but when armin slides his tongue against eren’s a final time before looking up at you with teary eyes and a quiet, “did we do good?” all your self control flies out the window.
you are going to break them and you’re going to have such a good time doing it.
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prettyboykatsuki · 2 months ago
fucking look at me rn. look me in my eyes. i am not physically emotionally mentally spiritually ready to recieve dabi backstory. do you fucking understand. fuck everything else. what the fuck. do you know how LONG it's been. im going to fucking pass out from hyperventilating. sweating. my god. my GOD
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swoleisthegoal · 8 months ago
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Gym ratz
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diamond28869 · 29 days ago
Frog twt is going insane over the marcanne doodles Alex(@/raebits) drew. Now everyone is posting marcanne, so I thought why not join them. Anyway, this was a collab between me and a friend on twt, they go by @/KatwithaK246 on twt, go send them a follow and a compliment if you want! I did the line art, they did the coloring!!
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wikimb · 2 months ago
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Sketches of my main - the elementalist Michael - his reactions and other stuff.
His favorite element is fire. No surprise for the ones, who has been following me since Michael is actually my DMC OC known for his abilities being mostly fire based - but they have specific origins.
Michael wasn't really a "commander" until his fate crossed with Aurene. Previously he was one of the people accompanying the first Pact Commander until they died around the time the rest of Pact also ends up killed in Maguuma Jungle. Being chosen by a dragon didn't seem to be a random pick according to the survivors, who wanted to continue the previous Commander's goal. Michael though wasn't very willing to replace them in their role.
The first time he sees Aurene (not as just an egg) his world changes. But on the other hand the joy Aurene's company brings him makes him remember how horribly he misses his brother Gabriel (I will draw him, he is a teenager Necromancer in this universe), who he hasn't seen since he was 18 (Gabriel was 8 at the time).
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