wishfulsketching · 3 months ago
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I really want to make comics about silly, bashful dwarves and their weird friends!!! I feel like dwarves never get anything else but “rough angry miners who hate everyone” kind of stuff so I just want to make soft gay dwarves in a romcom setting.
I still need names but I need to research some norwegian names for it. The shorter hair miner dwarf is best friends with a gem hording dragon who is just the biggest social butterfly! Perfect pair for the miner dude who is a man of few words at times.
Jeweler dwarf has a elf bestie and a small jewel golem pet!
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headspace-hotel · 9 months ago
fantasy biology but it’s weird and kinda horrifying like real biology: reproduction
was thinking of a few posts a while back about fantasy reproductive biology and was Inspired by recent Wikipedia rabbit holes, so
Elves are technically all female, and reproduce by self-fertilization. Elves are long-lived enough that they do not quickly accrue harmful mutations and deleterious effects from this. However, they have another mechanism to mitigate the harmful effects of self-fertilization: they regularly engage in horizontal gene transfer with the endosymbiotic algae that live in their skin! These algae act as a reservoir for genetic diversity. Some elves also have similar exchanges with the parasitic plants that grow on their heads…yeah no, those are not flower crowns.
Dark elves do not have the recourse of algae, and are instead similarly symbiotic with fungi.
Goblins are like fungi: they don’t have differentiated gametes, and thus no real biological basis to call them “male” and “female.” When goblins reproduce, two goblins will come together and merge, splitting into four “sibling” goblins that are combinations of the parents’ genes! The siblings also retain some of their parents’ memories, meaning goblin history is literally passed down biologically!
The exception to this is goblins that live deep underground, adapted to blindly navigate in the darkest caves. It’s pretty hard for goblins to find other unrelated goblins to create offspring with, so instead, some goblins, termed “King” or “Queen” goblins (though as I said, goblins don’t have differentiated gametes like that), will grow to an abnormally large size and roam about seeking mates. When a King/Queen goblin merges with another goblin, it does not split into offspring, but instead absorbs the other goblin, a little like a female anglerfish does to her mates. After a long time, King/Queen goblins begin living a stationary life, producing new goblins from amalgamated genetic material by budding. The goblin hordes will take care of the King/Queen goblin until the horde grows too large, at which point some goblins will migrate to new territory, beginning the cycle anew.
Orcs are all born male. The biggest, strongest orc (or sometimes pair of orcs) in an orc band will become female, much like a clown fish, and will be protected by the rest of the band, spared the risks of an Orc warrior’s dangerous fighting lifestyle, so her genes will get passed on the most, and subsequent generations of Orcs will be strong. Orcs do not, however, share human concepts of gender, and many Orc warriors that spend time in human society decide they feel more affiliated with what humans think of as “women” anyway.
Dwarves, like some reptiles, develop based on the temperature of the caves they are raised in. Dwarves in cooler caves grow up to be male; dwarves in warmer caves grow up to be female. Female dwarves are associated with the fire of the forges and the power of creation. Dwarves are not, however, sexually dimorphic, and asking whether a dwarf is “really” male or female is deeply personal and offensive, since an individual’s ability to become pregnant is invariably none of the asker’s business. It is common for dwarves to reject any affiliation with gender entirely, but those that care for that sort of thing have some very elaborate and colorful genders.
Halflings are a little like slugs; they are all capable of producing both types of gametes simultaneously. They also recombine genes like crazy. A halfling can have a single biological parent or over a dozen—though too many parents is discouraged, because it creates halflings that have to roam about too much to find unrelated partners when they grow up. It also means that inheritance can get pretty complicated.
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eldamaranquendi · 3 months ago
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The Lord of the Rings (first look by Vanity Fair)
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aqueeracademic · 3 months ago
bagginshield moments in the hobbit trilogy:
an unexpected journey:
- bilbo was a simp for thorin the second he knocked on his door
- bilbo hearing gandalf and elrond talk about thorin in rivendell and thorin letting him hear
- thorin fully risking his life to save bilbo even tho he thinks he’s a “burden”
- bilbo being so personally hurt by thorin saying what he said, that he decides to leave (dramatic gay™️)
- thorin realizing he actually hurt bilbo and regretting having said anything (guilty gay™️)
- “why did you come back”
- bilbo saying he came back bc he wants to help thorin find a home
- bilbo being the one to intervene in thorin’s fight w azog despite never fighting before and having every excuse to stay on the tree
- he fully jumps an orc???? like twice the size of him???? to save his boyfriend????
- faces AZOG head on bc thorin wasn’t moving
- thorins first question upon waking being about whether bilbo is okay
- trying so hard to be angry at bilbo
- bilbo becoming a burden on thorins HEART rather than his mind
- “i have never been so wrong in all my life. i am sorry i doubted you.”
- the look™️ after the hug
the desolation of smaug:
- thorin and bilbo having the most willpower out of everyone in the group
- constantly joining at each other’s sides
- the look on thorins face when he realizes bilbo isn’t with them anymore
- thorin being the only one to think that bilbo would come for them
- thorin RUNNING to the cell door when bilbo appears
- bilbo looking to thorin when he asks them to trust him
- thorin being the only one who trusts bilbos judgement w the barrels
- “well done, master baggins”
- bilbo vouching for thorins character
- thorin giving him the Look™️ as bilbo speaks on his behalf
- “you have keen eyes, master baggins”
- “thorin, you can’t give up now.”
- thorin coming back as soon as bilbo calls for them
- thorin trying to dehumanize bilbo as much as possible so he “won’t care” as much about his life, being fully incapable of doing so
- bilbos FACE when thorin turns his sword on him
- thorin being able to really easily read bilbo’s expressions, even when he’s blind by greed
- thorin suggesting they all split up and taking bilbo with him
- bilbo not wanting to go with balin, and calling for thorin as he’s pulled away
- bilbo always immediately responding to thorins commands, not hesitating or doubting him for a second
- “keep going bilbo!”
battle of the five armies
- “i’ve tried talking to him, but he won’t listen.”
- the fact that bilbo took to stone because he knew what it would do to thorin, not caring if thorin found out and hated him after because he knew he was helping him
- the way thorin LOOKS at him when he shows him the acorn
- literally the Look™️
- the way bilbo relaxes under That Specific Gaze from thorin
- bilbo being the only one who cares enough to try and reason with thorin
- “you should never underestimate dwarves” ft. the Look™️
- thorin intentionally gives him one of the strongest pieces of armor they have
- “i look absurd,” “it is a gift, a token of our friendship. true friends are hard to come by.”
- never assuming for a SECOND that bilbo would be the one to betray him
- the SYMBOLISM of thorin backing away and them being separated by the other dwarves
- “i’m not afraid of thorin”
- thorins face when he realizes bilbo was the one to betray him
- bilbos voice being the only one thorin hears clearly in his head, the only voice that brings him to sense
- bilbos FACE as he says “thorin” when they finally come to fight
- thorins face when bilbo comes to warn him of the fifth army
- the Look™️
- they exchange one look and bilbo knows that he’s meant to go with thorin
- “i’m glad you’re here”
- “you’re going to live, thorin.”
- bilbo holding his hand
- “plant your tree, watch it grow”
- bilbo begging him to stay alive, whispering to him about the sky and the eagles, desperately saying his name as he dies
- cradling his body
- sobbing next to him
- standing alone at his body during the funeral, unmoving
- trying desperately not to cry, being unable to look at his body
- “i know that’s how you must honor him, but to me he was never that. he was... he was...”
- just nodding, balin knowing exactly what he wants to say but can’t bring himself to
- “who is this person you pledged your loyalty to? thorin oakenshield?”
- the Look™️
- “he... he was my friend.”
- bilbo baggins kept that map, thorins map, the for the rest of his life, for it was all he had left of a lost love
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fishfingersandscarves · 4 months ago
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dís daughter of thráin
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fluentisonus · 5 months ago
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Only once before have I seen them from afar in waking life, but I know them and their names
-- The Fellowship of the Ring, Book 2, Chapter 3
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mrkida-art · 5 months ago
I imagine these dwarves would often prefer to live in a much warmer climate than the Longbeards, and that in their eyes, keeping the torso mostly bare is customary.  The Firebeards built the great cities of Nogrod and Belegost together with the Broadbeams, and I like to think that Belegost was mainly a Firebeard stronghold. In my eyes, these dwarves are generally more skilled with metal work than the other clans (as that was something the dwarves from Belegost were famous for), and as an homage to their past they will often adorn themselves with lots of jewelry and metals. They likely also have preserved traditions of old crafting techniques which otherwise might have been lost to time.  Older Firebeard dwarrowdam concepts I’ve made:
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aragornsrockcollection · 11 days ago
Underrated helms deep moment is when Gamling is like “we need to plug the hole in the wall! Master Dwarf! Building with stone is a dwarf thing right?”
And Gimli is like “oh yeah let me just fix the wall real quick with my battle-ax and my fingernails. I will ignore this microsgression and help in a normal way though.”
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evankart · 5 months ago
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glorfindelridesagain · 27 days ago
Dwalin: Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t have feelings for Bilbo.
Thorin: [looking lovingly at Bilbo across the room] I don’t have feelings for Bilbo.
Dwalin: Thorin, you are nowhere near my eyes.
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hobbitsoupbowl · 10 months ago
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when the braincells finally come together and ur helping your brother court his newfound elven love but ur both dumbasses
based on this post:
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ladyofthestarlight · 3 months ago
I love my black elf and dwarven queen but what REALLY got on my nerves it was that neither of them had hair. Elrond is also portrayed with short hair 😭😭. Its like Jeff Bezos is trying to normalize not having hair because he's bald.
Well, i tried giving my queen a beard and my love some traditional elvish hair.
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please ignore the bad Photoshop 😭😭
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feanarotherindion · 3 months ago
Debates in Tolkien fandom are wild. In other fandom you reference the books to fight the movie fans and say "well, the books said... so you're wrong, your father is wrong, your whole family is wrong."
In Tolkien fandom you can't say "well, the books said...." Because the books say Fëanor offed his own son and the books also say Fëanor didn't off his own son, depending upon which book you're referring to.
Everyone is wrong and everyone is right.
We have Schrodinger's DEBATES.
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zero0ycinema · 2 months ago
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You must be Mr. Boggins!
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mysharona1987 · 3 months ago
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Also, people over look the part of the interview where he said this:
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eldamaranquendi · 4 months ago
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Eregion by https://3ampeidd.lofter.com
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fishfingersandscarves · 3 months ago
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amazon eat your fucking heart out (they/them)
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mrkida-art · a month ago
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Kili, son of Dís. The King under the Mountain and the ruler of Durin's Folk
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atomic-chronoscaph · 4 months ago
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art by Ciruelo Cabral
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evankart · 5 months ago
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