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How rare and beautiful it is
To even exist
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[Part One]
Tumblr media
The photo I not mine I just edited. So all credit goes to the lovely person that can draw very well.
Some things that you might not know what it means! I might add a few more later!
(Y/b/f)= Your best friend
(H/c)= Hair colour
(H/l)= Hair length
(E/c)= Eye colour
Today, was just like any other but there were a few key differences. One, it was the last day of junior high and second, my twin brother Izuku didn't want to walk home with me. Which is very unlike him, he hates when I walk home by myself, but I could understand that he is upset. I mean he was not born with a quirk, unlike me who was born with one. With this being our last day of junior high he could be questioning where he wants to go onto for high school.
I have always felt bad that I was the one gifted this quirk and not him. So for my brother I was planning on trying to enter U.A, which is one of the best hero schools in the whole world. It is his dream to attend U.A, so I'll do that for him. I will help Izuku accomplish his dreams no matter what. So, I wasn't going to push him today, I'm just going to let him be on his own, he does deserve it.
I kept walking towards home, I have always wondered how I was born with a quirk and he wasn't. Even if mine is like mom's, just stronger you would think he would get something like dad's or something hereditary. He always waited for something to come, I remember him saying. "(y/n) I'll be just like All Might, I'll protect you and mom from all the villains!" It breaks my heart when I think back on how the doctor said he will never have a quirk, just because of how his small toe is arranged.
"As you can see All Might has made an appearance after a sludge villain has reportedly been causing trouble in downtown. We advise bystanders to stay away and watch from a safe location and not to put oneself in harms way. We will continue on this report as we receive more information about this incident." I heard from behind me and saw a small shop with a television broadcasting local news. I watched as the camera crew tried to stay caught up with the fast pace of All Might chasing after the villain. As the camera followed the two you can see the layout of our city and on-lookers watching the chase. I wonder if Izuku is going to try and hunt him down, knowing him he probably would and get his autograph. Just incase, I want Izuku to be safe when he is coming home so a simple text should suffice as a warning for him. With the sounds of the helicopter covering the noise of the broadcaster I decided to leave the shop and head home. I need to know what the U.A entrance exams are so I can properly prepare or them. Needing to be accepted, so these next few weeks I need to be studying and training extensively.
The walk home was boring, besides the news showing All Might, which I have to admit was pretty awesome to see him here in town. Hopefully Izuku does get an autograph, maybe he will get two to be a great brother. As I started to reach home I could see the stairs which looked tiring, I really didn't want to walk up them, but sleeping on the cold ground doesn't see like fun when compared to a nice warm bed.
"Oh, honey you're home!" I heard mom down the hall and most likely in the kitchen. Before heading in I took off my shoe's and left my bag by the front door seeing that I won't need it for awhile. "Hello mom, do you need any help?" I asked walking towards the kitchen with the sweet smell of dinner being cooked up.
I turned the corner and saw her stirring a pot with noodles most likely in it. Taking a deep breath in through my nose I leaned over her shoulder to see what she was cooking up. As I guess, it was noodles and the sweet smell was coming from the curry. It's one of Izuku and I's favorite dinners, and today being our last day it is a celebration!
"No need just go sit down and wait for your brother to come home." She said waving me away and went back to the stove adding more seasoning. I went to the couch and waited for dinner to be done, I passed the time by watching random shows but mostly watching All Might in action.
That was the last peaceful moment we had, mom cooking dinner without a worry in the world and me waiting for Izuku to come home to talk about our next move for high school. But when Izuku didn't get home until late, and the news showing the sludge villain attacking one of his classmates the break went by quickly. I trained everyday, and study until my eye's went raw. But Izuku, well he did the same thing, he was also training and studying almost or even more vigorous than me.
Izuku was starting the gain more muscle and staying out late. He was starting to cause both me and mom to worry about him, seeing how hard he was working himself to be the hero he wants to be. Even without a quirk he is still planning to go to U.A, so I'll go with him to the exams to help him in anyway I can.
"Wow, look at how big the room is Izuku!" The room was huge holding about 500 students. It looked as though the whole room was already full, it's crazy to think about there are only two testing days. Within those two days there are four exam periods. U.A has one of the lowest acceptance rates only one in one hundred, and I will be one of those for Izuku's sake.
"I know it's crazy how many students it holds. I wonder what the other exam is like, how can it accommodate for almost 500 students? One on one fighting would be too time consuming while a group battle will be to hard to show off unique quirks..." He started off one of his ramblings, and I laughed at the serious look on his face. If only he could see himself now and how deep he looks into these things.
Seeing how Izuku was still rambling I grabbed us a seat and we waited for the rest of the room to be filled. All these kids here, this is their dream to become heroes. Nearly the whole auditorium was filled with students excited to take the test and see where it takes them. I reached down towards my bag and pulled out a pencil.
~~~~~~Two Weeks Later~~~~~~
Mind racing, heart pounding, a whirlwind of emotions flow through my body as I sat there staring off into the distance. The fear of the unknown, but my eagerness was itching at my fingertips. I could tell Izuku felt the same as we both were dazed. My hand was shaking as I held the U.A letter, reading mine name and Izuku's printed on it. Is this really happening, Izuku and I are both just staring and having the feeling of pure panic being sent through us. What if we didn't make it, what if I made and he didn't? So many what if's but none getting answered by just staring.
"Do you... Do you think I made it?" I heard Izuku ask next to me as he started to scramble with the CD as he tried to put it into the player. The itching feeling from my fingers traveled through my whole body, anxiety slowly chewing me up.
"Well if you didn't let's go raise hell." I tried to laugh off my worry, he was starting to stress out more. He looked so scared, but yet confident that he got in. "I'm sure you got in! So don't worry bro." I sat back as the CD started to play, for the first few seconds there was nothing but static noise. But then a bright light and a smiling All Might was shown on the screen.
"(Y/n) and Izuku Midoriya, welcome to U.A high." Holy shit, not only did I make it but Izuku did too, my eyes quickly shoot over to Izuku. How could he possibly of made it in, I mean, I know he is smart and knows everything about Hero's but how did he pass the robot fight. The video kept playing but I wasn't paying attention, if Izuku made it in he must have a quirk. Or something that allows his access to getting into U.A. But if he did wouldn't he tell me, we tell each other everything and never hide anything from each other.
"See, I told you that you could get in." I said lowly as the video still played in the background and he watched the video awe-struck. Either way, I'm happy for him even if he is hiding something. If he wanted me to know I would of know awhile ago.
The rest of our day was spent either making stupid purchases on things we didn't need because we wanted to celebrate, or lounging around at home waiting for mom. But not once, did he bring up anything like a secret quirk, and I've got to say that it is driving me crazy. Not knowing something about Izuku is like not knowing the ending to your favorite movie. You have watched it plenty of times but for some reason you can't quite put your finger on it. It's like that slightly irritating feeling of thinking you are onto something when in actuality you are hopelessly wrong. Well, thats how this feels, I know Izuku better than myself but this throws things down the drain thinking that I know him like the back of my hand. And the worst part of this whole thing, he won't even acknowledge that he passed the test, yes we celebrated when mom came home but other than that he avoids it. Nonetheless in a week, we will be attending U.A high. The school where Hero's are made, and that is a statement that makes me weak in my knees.
I wanna start this out and say I am very sorry I haven't written in awhile. I just lost my motivation for a lot of things but I will try and continue writing. I feel very awful to my followers how follow me for writing fanfiction since I haven't wrote in so long
Alright Imma leave it there, so hopefully you like this chapter and thank you to all who has read it. This story will be very slow updating, so I'm really sorry in advance. I'm very sorry I didn't write the fighting scene, I am just not to hot at it, that I'm lazy, and two I didn't want too XD. But anyways I hope you all have a wonderful day and thank you for reading!
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